Construction of the new Belize City Centre facility is expected to cost $25 M to build and will take between 20 and 24 months from the time it is scheduled to start in early 2015.

Anthony Thurton and Associates (ATA) obtained the contract a few weeks ago to design the new facility.

The company had initially designed the concept of the facility when the plan was for it to be built on the Marion Jones compound a few years ago.

ATA will make the necessary adjustments to fit the smaller and original location of the first Belize City Centre building.

The compound, which sits at the foot of the Belcan Bridge, measures 3.7 acres and the designing contract will now include refining the original one and to deal with whatever urban parameters that come with constructing such a facility.

The multipurpose facility will have the capacity to hold regional and international competitions in volleyball and basketball.

In addition, it will also be a venue for revenue-generating events such as concerts, cultural events and expositions.

Christy Mastry, general manager of Belize Infrastructure Limited, charged to oversee the construction, told The Reporter that BIL hired an expert in January of this year from the International Basketball Association, of which Belize is a part.

His trip was to ensure that the new "Civic" will meet the international standards for competition and other physical aspects including lockers, restrooms and seating capacity to fit 4,000.

The design for the project should be completed by the end of this year, after which BIL will procure a contractor for the construction by January of 2015.

Construction should take between 20 and 24 months after its start.

The money for the project is earmarked from out of the Petrocaribe fund.

The Reporter