So, the headline tonight was that San Pedro had racked up another murder – in what has been a particularly violent year for the island.  But this one was a crime of passion, not preventable by event the best policing.  And heightened police activity is what the island has been seeing since the first week in July.  The sustained operation has targeted petty criminals on the island and drug peddlers.  The cops believe those small acts of lawlessness are driving bigger ones – and pushing up the island's violent crime. 

And operation Clearwater has driven a reduction in both major and minor crime.  We got a review of it today:

Sergeant Lenancio Bol - Investigator, San Pedro Police
"The operation clear water is still ongoing in San Pedro Town and it is very successful at this time. If you notice, all the news, or statistics you have, it definitely shows that there is a major reduction in terms of crime across the board, whether it is major crime or minor. We do have, we definitely have a lot of changes in regards to it. The operation targets mainly includes the drug peddlers and especially we had a number of thefts in terms of golf carts and things like those. So it is definitely at a minimum based on the operation we have ongoing."

One part of the heightened police operation has also been to crack down on shady cops, and reports to 7News this evening say that island police are preparing to charge one of their own for extortion.  More on that tomorrow.

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