Dr. John Morrison

A new Director of Archaeology has been appointed to succeed Dr. Jaime Awe at the helm of the Institute of Archaeology.� Following a lengthy board meeting today, Dr. John Morris emerged to confirm his promotion to the post.� As former Associate Director of Archaeology, Dr. Morris has worked closely with his predecessor, as well as the National Institute for Culture and History, in shaping the objectives of the department.� While he does admit to having big shoes to fill, Dr. Morris says the idea is to expand and build upon a solid foundation that has already been laid down for archaeology in Belize.

Dr. John Morrison, Director of Archaeology

"Well I've worked with Dr. Awe, Jaime, for the last twenty-something years, he was actually my teacher in high school and over the years I've grown together with him.� Both of us received training abroad in archaeology and in the last ten years, well from the inception of NICH, we've worked together, him and director and I have been the Associate Director for Research and Education.� So we worked very closely together.� He has laid the foundation for the Institute of Archaeology in NICH and what I will try to do is just make good on that foundation and enhance some of the areas that need to be worked on, not because of anything else but because of the lack of funds at the time that we wanted to do them.� Like I said, Jaime has left a really rich institution and we've accomplished many goals, many of our objectives we've accomplished.� I am hoping to build on those and where new initiatives arise to enhance on those and to work to make Belize proud of the Institute of Archaeology and the National Institute of Culture and History."

As we reported, Dr. Jaime Awe resigned from the post a few weeks ago to return to the classroom and to continue research in the field of Maya archaeology.

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