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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Team Yellow Dog takes the Annual Tres Pescados Slam Tournament

SPTC presents financials to public
Although the figures were presented, hard copies of the report were not made available and the audience had to rely on the power point presentation before them. Members of the public managed to cross examine the figures, with one of the issues having to do with Travelling and Subsistence which amounted to $92,781.62 and miscellaneous expenses which added to $545,524.48 last year alone. "I am not an accountant, but any prudent businessman would want to look at a big figure like the case of the SPTC miscellaneous account and break it down. Add the two accounts and you will see that it constitutes 13% of your annual revenue. Do you mean to say that almost two months of your revenue collected is used for miscellaneous and travelling expenses? It seems that the SPTC has to collect two months of revenue to cover for those two expenses and it something that needs to be looked at seriously," pointed Andre Perez, a businessman and a resident of San Pedro Town.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Summer Music Camp
Started this week with music teacher Carlos Perrote. Children and adults are learning percussion, guitar, keyboard and steel pan

Tiburon Rum is coming to Belize really soon!
he Belize Rum is winning awards left and right internationally. Cannot wait for everybody to experience it. Ambergris Today already had a special private sampling and the rum is amazing! Congratulations to Tiburon Rum on its latest award!!! We are very excited !! We just won a Silver medal at the Int'l Wine & Spirit Competition in London !!! We share this and all our awards with Travellers Liquors and the beautiful people of Belize!! This make 6 major awards this year!!!!

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Letter: Garifuna take one giant leap... backward in Barranco, Belize
On July 18, 2014, the government of Belize released through their press office an announcement in essence saying that delivered to the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Mr Gasper Vega from Dr Joseph Palacio, the head of Barranco Village Council, some 39 applications for title to lands in the Barranco area one would presume. See the letter at this site: The release was written by Palacio. According to the statement, by Palacio and released by the government press office of Belize, it is "a vital step in building the foundation of renewed economic development". The statement also said this is the outcome of a meeting with the Hon. Prime Minster held several weeks earlier. In the weeks leading up to this moment the government of Belize (GOB) and US Capital Energy, an oil company trying to extract oil from the area surrounding Barranco and other villages, had been working overtime on the villagers to gain their support and to take support away from Sarstoon Temash Institute of Indigenous Management (SATIIM) in an important court case regarding use of land rights of indigenous peoples in Belize. Barranco village is a village of Garinagu. SATIIM has filed a case against the GOB and US Capital Energy seeking that they properly consult the indigenous people who own the land collectively before issuing permits for the drilling of oil. This is a landmark case that will define the rights of Belize's indigenous groups in accordance with international law to give free and informed consent before the government issues permits to companies which will seek to extract natural resources and their right based again on international law to share in profits from the exploitation of the natural resources within their ancestral lands.

Final series of calculating bagasse prices - Part VI - Cash Flow Savings
Time will tell what these two groups finally agree to do, because the discussion could also look at the cost saved by the factory that uses about 46 percent of the energy in its own facilities. If we utilize BEL's 20 cents rate, we would find that the company saves approximately $10 million [(107,800,00 kWh x 46%) x 20 cents] in energy costs. This additional argument would then suggest that the total figure is closer to $21 million (A figure closer to what BSCFA estimates), instead of $11.7 million. Even if the payment is based only on the cash-flow savings and the 15.41 percent of fibre, the payment would be about $1.43 per ton of cane. The long run - Whatever method is chosen, it is safe to assume that no business person, including the farmers, would agree to a sharing arrangement that would see the Belcogen plant go bankrupt. Instead, there should be interest in seeing Belcogen become able to supply more power and help Belize become more energy independent.

Scarlet Macaws Taking Flight
Some of the scarlet macaws have left their go out and start a family of their own. Big up to Scarlet Six, FCD, and the BWRC, whose update says it all. "Two weeks ago we went in with Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand of the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic and our colleagues from FCD for a health check on our chicks at Scarlet Creek. They looked really healthy and sharp and close to fledging. Well, first one left the nest on Tuesday and the second one fledged on Wednesday! This is what real conservation can do for endangered species. Thanks again to our colleagues at FCD and BWRC. 5 more chicks to go!

AFSOUTH maintainers return from MTT in Belize
Ten Belize Defence Force Air Wing maintainers were given the tools to increase their aircraft fleets capability, thanks to the help of two Air Forces Southern Airmen. Master Sgts. Noel Mendoza and Jeremy Jacobs, Aircraft Managers assigned to12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern), recently returned from a mobile training team event with the Belize Defence Force Air Wing. "By teaching them the basics of aircraft maintenance management we are helping them build their own program so that they can become self-sufficient and handle their own equipment in-house," Mendoza said. While in Belize, Mendoza and Jacobs helped strengthen the partner nation's air and maritime capabilities by teaching 10 maintainers how to establish their own maintenance programs. The MTT was requested by the Government of Belize and the Security Cooperation Office to help the Belize Defence Force Air Wing establish its own maintenance management programs.

Anika Jackson appointed as the new Solicitor g General of Belize
Barbadian attorney, Anika Jackson, who was formerly Deputy Registrar at the Supreme Court in Barbados, has been appointed as the new Solicitor g General of Belize. On August 1st, she will be formally taking over from Acting Solicitor General Nigel Hawke who has been deputizing since late 2013. She was admitted to Bar in 2001 and specializes in Intellectual Property.

Cornerstone's Self Esteem Summer Camp
The Cornerstone Foundation had their Self Esteem and Trust Summer Camp. They posted some pictures of the art that was created for the project. "Art work done by the children in the Self Esteem & Trust Summer Camp Being hosted by Cornerstone Foundation, this art session was also a friendly competition between the kids to see whose art work would be the one used to paint a Mural on Self Esteem and Trust."

Grueling solo kayak run
Yes, I finally made it! - After practicing for several weeks now, yesterday morning, I took the grueling solo kayak run starting by the foot of my house on the Corozal Bay all the way to cerros mayan site and back. Started at 7:15 a.m. and landed back around 11:45 a.m. The sun was scorching and made the trip a bit harder. Covered a total R/T distance of 5.38 nautical miles or 6.20 miles. The purpose of the solo run was in memory of those families and friends that have fallen as victims of crime and violence, for the recovery of family and friends that are terminally ill and for peace in our communities.

Channel 7

Hubert Elrington Speaks On His Fugitive Brother, Dr. Errol
Last night, we told you about Dr. Errol Elrington, the well-known brother of Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington - who has been laying low in Belize - after the US Office of the Inspector General, in the Department of Health and Human Services declared him a fugitive. There is an arrest warrant for Dr. Elrington dating back to October of 2013, in which he is wanted for the federal charges of racketeering, Medicaid fraud and Health Care Fraud. It is alleged that Elrington falsely billed Medicare and Medicaid more than four hundred thousand dollars for services that he never performed, and he employed an unlicensed physician who engaged in criminal sexual misconduct. Those are very serious offences - which carry huge fines and long prison sentences. And, the Inspector General's website says he is a fugitive, who left the states 24 hours after Federal Agents questioned him. We tried to reach Errol Elrington to ask him about the charges but we couldn't find him at the family home where we are told he has been staying. Today, though, we did manage to catch up with his brother, attorney Hubert Elrington, and he told us that Errol's woes were actually caused by an employee, and that Dr. Elrington himself didn't actually do anything wrong:

Tacos Vendor Succumbs
Last night, we told you about the Tacos Lady, "Miss Alida", who was well known to set up near the Atlantic Bank Freetown Branch. She was one of 4 people robbed and shot at her Mopan Street house early Saturday morning. Well, after 2 and a half days, 42 year-old Alida Ascencio passed away just before noon today. Viewers may remember that she was shot in the left side of her chest, and her left abdomen, and she was clinging to life in the Intensive Care Unit. Her family says that the bullet to the abdomen caused massive internal injuries affecting her pancreas, liver, and intestines. In the end, her injuries were too numerous, and she succumbed. As we reported, "Miss Alida" was preparing her chicken for the day's tacos sales at around 4:30 a.m. on Saturday. She was being assisted by 52 year-old Carlos Mayorga, 19 year-old Karina Avila, and 21 year-old Sejhan Avila. Just before 5:00, 2 men barged into the house and held them up at gunpoint. The man with the gun ordered Mayorga to hand over whatever money they had. He opened a locker in his bed room and handed over $2,000 in cash.

Another City Murder, This Time It's An Older Man
Another man was killed last night - and again, it appears to have been a case of wanton violence or being at the wrong place, wrong time. 54 year old Winston Whylie was walking on Victoria Street late at night when a gunman rode up and shot him - for no apparent reason. We went looking for answers today. We warn you that the story does have graphic images of him right after he was shot:.. Robin Schaffer reporting This is Winston Whylie around 11:00 last night, minutes after he was shot on the Victoria street sidewalk. Residents say he was conscious and gasping for air, with a gunshot wound to his midsection. The culprit: a man on bicycle who rode away. Police came to pick him up within five minutes, and the staff at the KHMH tried to save him, but by 1:00 am, he was dead. His family got there too late. Wilma Thompson, Sister of deceased "We went to the hospital me and my daughter and when we got there he was already dead. He was not a person who was violent. His job was fixing bicycles out of Lovely Lane and where he hangs out. I don't know really what was the reason. I can't say until more information comes.

City Has Major Multi-Million $$$ Maintenance Arrears
Up to 4 months ago, Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley was having quite a bit of a headache trying to making payments for arrears to Belize Waste Control. Things got so contentious that Waste Control exercised their legal rights and took him to court ensure that pays them. The council owed them as much as 3 months. But, now the council is in trouble the other sanitation company, Belize Maintenance Limited. The company is reporting that they are owed 18 weeks in arrears. That's approximately 1.4 million dollars, and they're contemplating laying off employees to keep the company in operation. This afternoon, Bradley called a press briefing, and he explained that at $78,000 per week owed to BML, the Council will pay when it can: Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor "Every year we have significant obligations in terms of other priorities and I want to be very clear to members of the public. This is a situation that has resulted through deliberate actions of the council and I don't mean that we've wilfully not paid them, but when I took office I look at the Belize City Council Act and the Belize City Council Act says that the major priority of Belize City is to build streets - that's what we are about - infrastructure. And we are putting a significant amount of our resources aside from just the bond. All the earthen street works that are going on, a significant amount of that is being paid for by City Council funds.

Ashcroft Alliance To Court Over BISL Back Tax
13 months ago, the Government nationalized the International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize, known as Immarbe and the International Companies, or IBC Registry. They were taken from their previous owner, the Ashcroft-Allied Belize International Services Limited, known as BISL. IMMARBE sold the Belizean Flag as a flag of convenience to international vessels, while the IBC Registry, registered offshore companies which are given tax-free status and assured secrecy in their corporate affairs. During that nationalization, the Government assessed BISL and determined that it owed 30 million dollars in back taxes which Government claims were not paid by BISL over the last 20 years. After a year in court, the BISL finally managed to get its hearing fully heard before Justice Shona Griffith. Outside of court, their attorney, Eamon Courtenay explained to us that his main argument is that the Government is seeking to unlawfully use the tax code as a weapon against his clients:

Courtenay Mostly Mum On Tropic Air Settlement
While we had the opportunity, we asked Courtney about the settlement between Tropic Air and Brett Feinstein's Construction Depot Limited in the land dispute on San Pedro. As we reported last night, both sides reached an out of court settlement. We learnt that Tropic Air will get to continue to construction on its new building and Feinstein's Construction Depot Limited will move to another parcel of land along the airstrip. Today, keeping with the confidentiality terms of the settlement, Courtenay was very brief when we asked about it: Eamon Courtenay "As I said very briefly yesterday to another reporter, the agreement reached is confidential, so I will not go into the details, but all I repeat is that my client is happy."

Mayor Mum On Cari-shores
Today we asked the Mayor Darrell Bradley about reports we've picked up that he has submitted his name as a candidate for the UDP Standard Bearer in Caribbean Shores. We know he's been campaigning in the Shores, so it didn't seem far-fetched. Now, as recent history has shown, trying to get a straight answer from the mayor on matters such as candidacy can be difficult. But when we asked him about the Caribbean Shores candidacy, he gave us as direct a response has he's ever given about his political future. Here's what he had to say: Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor "This election right here I am running for Mayor - that's what I am doing and everything that obtains in terms of my priorities is to be an effective mayor. I think from day one I have said and this has been something that I have meant that I want to leave this city better than I found it. We found a city rot with debt, we found significant challenges and I felt as a resident of Belize City that the council could do more and we have done more and so going forward into this next municipal election which will be in March of 2015, my commitment is to residents of the entire city as their mayor and I am asking people to vote for us not because of anything else but our record of proven success.

The Political Future of Eric Chang Is Nil
So, while the mayor is committed to offer himself up for re-election in the March 2015 Municipal Elections, what about Eric Chang? As we reported, reliable sources tell us that the UDP higher-ups took the decision that he will not be allowed to offer himself in the next municipal convention. Is it because of the unanswered questions about his association, whether real or perceived, with the Citizen Kim Scandal? We asked the Mayor about it, and he says that only Eric Chang can answer that question: Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor "Eric Chang as a councilor, he has to be within the jurisdiction, he has to be working as a councilor and if he is not then residents of Belize City can blame me. That's something that I am responsible for. As it relates to anything else that there is out there that Eric Chang has done or may have done, that is not within my jurisdiction. I am Mayor and I have certain functions as mayor and it is my duty to ensure that when he is a councilor that I work with him and I ensure that he is doing the job for which residents of Belize pay him.

KHMH Was In Crisis
Two weeks ago, the news broke that the KHMH was having major financial difficulties - which was resolved with supplementary funding in addition to its regular subvention. At the time, chairman Chandra Nisbet-Cansino said that it wasn't a crisis, but a June second email from the hospital CEO Gary Longsworth to the chairman, wasn't quite so circumspect. He said, quote, "This matter is now at the point of crisis and there is the high likelihood we will not be able to meet next month's payroll�we have maxed out our overdraft facility where no further checks can be cut, we have vendors calling every day and not releasing orders because we owe them." End quote. He closed by asking the Chair to appeal for emergency financial assistance in order to, quote, "avert a looming crisis at this institution."

Cops Take 9 Weapons Off The Streets
It didn't make our newscast last night, but the police department released photographs of 9 weapons that they've seized in the past 2 weeks. While they've not released the details of how all these weapons ended up being taken off the streets, we note that the department now has 4 nine millimetre handguns, two .38 revolvers, one 357 magnum revolver, one .380 handgun, and that 5.56 galil military assault rifle, which we first showed you 2 weeks ago.

YES Affirms School Attendance For Needy Kids
Today at the Youth Enhancement Services' Belize City office, students received books, tuition fees, school bags and school supplies as a part of a joint initiative by the Y.E.S. and community policing. The goal of the project is to reduce youth involvement in crime, and it is funded by the United States Embassy. After the items were handed out, Y.E.S. Director Karen Cain told us that the students were chosen based on need. Karen Cain, Director, Youth Enhancement Services "We had kids from St. John's College, we had from Maud Williams, Ladyville Tech, Gwen Liz. So there is a variety right across the board and I know that most of them left from here very happy." Lillian Novelo "Back in my days, I was going through some situation with my family members and things like that. I got pregnant in second form at Excelsior High School and Y.E.S. was there to support me and carry me through my life and things like that. So I've really been there with Y.E.S. and through my life now I am saying that I want to go back to school and Y.E.S. is here sending me back to school and making me have a better life in my thing with my three kids."

Carnival Group Getting Ready For Road
It's only July but carnival fever is already becoming contagious in Belize City's streets. For the past two weeks we've seen children practicing at the corner of Amara Avenue and Dean St. just a few blocks from the office. Our intern Robin Schaffer thought it looked like fun so she decided to join them. The Trench Town Masqueraders practice for two hours Monday to Saturday Afternoons, with 75 children.

Armed Assault And Shooting In Armenia
Belmopan police have confirmed to us that a man was shot in Armenia Village on Saturday night. He was returning home from selling his vegetables, when 4 men ambushed him in front of his house. They were trying to rob him, and during the attack he pulled his machete from his truck and chopped one of the assailants in the face. Police say the robbers shot him because he fought back. Those in the area believe that these robbers are a part of a criminal network establishing itself in Las Flores, just outside of Belmopan.

Channel 5

Belize City Man Gunned Down…
There has been no end to the senseless violence which continues to plague Belize City despite attempts by the Police Department to maintain law and order. Following the wake of [...]

Police Seek One Person of Interest…
Late this evening, Officer Commanding Precinct Three told News Five that Police have been conducting an intense investigation since Monday night, and are following a number of leads which could [...]

Second Victim of Weekend Bloodbath Succumbs…
Honduran national Carlos Mayorga, a tacos vendor, was brutally killed at his house on Mopan Street. Three female assistants were also targeted in the gun violence that occurred early on [...]

Fugitive Errol Elrington Safe in Belize…
Today, attorney Hubert Elrington confirmed what we reported on Monday night that his brother, Errol Elrington, is in Belize and has been here since he fled the US after being [...]

Missing Ipad Turns Up in Ladyville Bakery…
What was attorney Arthur Saldivar's missing Ipad doing in the home of the Deputy Prime Minister's brother in Orange Walk? That's the million dollar question right now for Saldivar. He [...]

Arthur Saldivar Alleges Political Connection…
According to the tracking feature, the Ipad was taken to this home in Orange Walk. We didn't know it at the time of the interview this morning, but we've learned [...]

Do you believe Elvin Penner is guilty of committing a criminal act?
And our question for tonight is: Do you believe Elvin Penner is guilty of committing a criminal act? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or [...]

BISL Takes GOB to Court Over $30 Million Tax Assessment…
On June eleventh, 2013, the Government of Belize assumed control of the shipping and companies' registries that were managed by Belize International Services Limited. That led to a round of [...]

Mayor Bradley Explains BML Debt Woes…
On Friday, employees of Belize Maintenance Limited were up in arms over City Hall's mounting debt with the sanitation company.� BML had been contracted by a previous city council administration [...]

Bradley Says No Caribbean Shores…For Now…
As it concerns his political future, Mayor Darrell Bradley has always managed to beat around the bush when asked about his intention to return to City Hall in 2015 or [...]

Councillor Eric Chang Bows Out of City Hall Convention…
While Mayor Bradley aspires to a seat in the House of Representatives in the distant future, Councilor Eric Chang will not be running for another term at City Hall.� A [...]

Ladyville Woman Charged in Carnal Knowledge Case…
An unemployed domestic of the Ladyville area, who in September 2013 was charged jointly with her boyfriend for allegedly luring a fourteen year-old minor into their car, was back in [...]

Belize City Man Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter…
Jamie Dawson was twenty-three years when he was first accused of a murder but was instead convicted of manslaughter. Now at the age of thirty five, and after waiting eight [...]

There is a new CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
It is pending official confirmation, but it is known that Alexis Rosado, the C.E.O. in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be moving on as Belize's Ambassador to Guatemala. The [...]

John Morrison is New Director of Archaeology…
A new Director of Archaeology has been appointed to succeed Dr. Jaime Awe at the helm of the Institute of Archaeology.� Following a lengthy board meeting today, Dr. John Morris [...]

New Sol-Gen is Anika Jackson…
Barbadian attorney, Anika Jackson, has been appointed as the new solicitor general of Belize.� On August first, she will be formally taking the reigns from Acting Solicitor General Nigel Hawke [...]

Mayor Bradley on Crime…
The recent spate of crime in Belize City, particularly the unabated rash of gun violence, is cause for great concern and while the Belize Police Department has formulated a plan [...]

YES Donates School Supplies…
In time for the new school year, the Youth Enhancement Services has been offering assistance to youths who would otherwise fall by the wayside. The recipients of the program were [...]

Belize Hosts SICA Meeting…Discusses Way Forward…
The Central American Integrated Economic System, SIECA, as we mentioned is the economic arm of SICA and by joining the offshoot Belize can benefit in a number of ways, particularly [...]

Belize Invited to Join SICA's Economic Arm…
Since assuming pro tem presidency of the Central American Integration System, SICA, a few weeks ago, Belize has wasted little time in addressing the regional needs of the organization's membership.� [...]

Nine Vocalists Move On…Reggae Showdown at the Bliss…
It's Tuesday night; it means we will be live from the Bliss shortly to Bring It to the audience and into your homes.� After revealing who will be moving on [...]


14 Year Old Student Sent To Youth Hostel
On Friday we told you about 15 year old Luz Clarita Carrillo, the standard four student who was reunited with her family after being missing for more than a month. As we have been reporting, Luz went missing in June after she was last seen by her guardians heading to school. Their searches led them to a farm on the Santa Martha road where they found her at a location known as Green Shed Farm. And while her family is happy to have brought her home, Luz apparently did not wish to return with her family. Her guardian, Maria Lucia Carrillo, told us today that the girl was used and abused at the location where she was found and is furious since no chargers were levied on the person, (a much older man), she was with. Maria Lucia Carillo - Aunt of missing teen "I catch a private taxi and I went and I saw personally his father told me that my daughter was there and I went straight to the police and I told the police my daughter is in Santa Martha Area."

Police Dismantles Gambling Ring
A gambling ring in Orange Walk was quickly interrupted by authorities' mid-afternoon today. The video shows several men at the back of this bootleg DVD stall at the market and police advising them of their offence of illegal gambling. This is an offence because gambling rings require a license and permit. While these men have been carrying out this operation for some time, complaints to the station prompted authorities to break it up.

Burlgary Foiled After House Owner Surprised Theive
While those two burglaries are yet to be solved by police, one burglar is tonight behind bars. Around 5:30 on Sunday evening, Reen Thadhani, 46 year old Naturalized Belizean of #43 5th Avenue, Corozal Town, arrived home only to find a male person of Hispanic decent attempting to break into her residence. The individual was about to make himself at home as he had already removed two of the glass louvers from one of the widows. At that instance Thadhani shouted "thief." And that is when her niece and a taxi driver came to her aid. The driver of the taxi chased down the individual who was apprehended and identified as 19 year old Eric Herrera. Herrera was handed over to authorities and was charged for the crime of attempt burglary.

Car Chase At Free Zone Lands Three In Prison
While police officers were on high alert at the Northern Border on Friday before and during the transfer of four Belizean prisoners, their attention was drawn to a grey vehicle that was parked on the left side of the road on an unnamed street within the Corozal Free Zone. As police approached the vehicle, the driver sped off and police set chase. During the chase police observed when a male person who was sitting in the front passenger seat threw a parcel out the vehicle which stopped a few seconds after.

Corozal Resident Wanted For Theft
Over the weekend burglars kept police officers from the Corozal Police formation busy as they reported to four cases of burglary. The first victim to be hit was Can Jin Chen, a 30 year old Chinese Businessman from Corozal Town who reported to police that sometime between the hours of 9:00pm on Friday and 7:50 on Saturday morning, his white Toyota Highlander SUV with license plate CZ-03333 was broken into. Chen told police that he left the vehicle parked in front of his business place where someone shattered the right glass window that had a value of $300.00.

Manuel Castillo Still At Large
There is no doubt that the man most wanted here in the north is 37 year old Manuel Castillo accused of orchestrating the murder of former Senator and Mayor of Orange Walk Town Ramon Cervantes Sr., whose badly decomposed body was found buried in a shallow grave on July 5th at a farm located on the Honey Camp Road. While Castillo, along with three other persons have been charged for Cervantes' murder, tonight he remains on the run and has even managed to make it on Interpol's most wanted list. On Friday, when news broke out that four men who were in neighboring Mexico were handed over to Belizean Authorities, rumors spread like wild fire that one of them was Manuel Castillo. According to Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Formation, Andrew Ramirez, the Corozal Police Department was flooded with calls made by concerned residents requesting information on Castillo's detention.

Mexican National Charged For Assaulting Police Officer
Tonight a Mexican National is facing charges for assaulting a police officer. Around 5:00 Sunday morning, Police Constable #1054 Diego Torres, was conducting special duties at the Princess Casino when his attention was drawn to couple that was arguing. The constable approached the couple, identified himself as a police officer and asked if everything was ok. At that moment, another male person who was standing beside the couple pushed PC Torres. Officer Torres immediately informed him of the offence committed and told him that he will be detained. The Mexican National, identified as Darwin Loria Alcoser, started to struggle with PC Torres and that is when other officers intervened and arrested Alcoser who was under the influence of alcohol.

Corozal OC Speaks On Transfer Of Belizean Prisoners
On Friday four Belizeans who were serving time at a Mexican prison were transferred back to Belize to the Kolbe Correctional Facility where they will continue their sentence. Hillian Martinez and Kevin Lincoln Smith, both 35 years of age, 55 year old Miguel Perez and 58 year old Francisco Nunez will serve approximately six years at the Central Prison before they become free men. As mentioned on Friday, the men were transferred to Belize as part of the Mexico-Belize prisoner exchange program. Representing the Commissioner of Police on Friday was Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Formation, Andrew Ramirez, who told us more about the exchange. Andrew Ramirez- OC Corozal "I received along with the Ambassador from Foreign Affairs, receive four individuals their names are: Mr kevin Licoln smith, Heliam Martinez, Francisco Nunez and Miguel Perez these individuals were transferred after been sentenced in Mexico in July 2007, by the way it was 15 years in prison, so these were the four that we took over from the Mexican authorities, the ambassador signed on behalf of the Belizean government and I as the Head Officer on behalf of the Commissioner where the warrant as basically saying that I will sign on behalf of the Commissioner and I am safely hand over these officers to the prison authorities and I did that in the presence of Mr. Earl Jones, the CEO of prison of Friday last."

Bowen And Bowen Employee Robbed At Gun Point
On Friday afternoon three men of Hispanic decent robbed a duo of Bowen and Bowen employees who were making a delivery in the area of Alta Mira in Corozal. Around 4:00pm, 50 year old Felipe Uk and his sideman were making a delivery in the area of Alta Mira when they were approached by three men of Hispanic decent wearing bandanas over their face and brandishing firearms. Two of the robbers placed their weapons Uk's head and demanded that he hand over the cash. Fearing for his life, Uk did as he was told and handed over a pouch containing an undisclosed amount of cash belonging to Bowen and Bowen. With money in hand the robbers made good their escape by running into some nearby bushes.

Breaking Leaves Lebanese Nationa Out Of More Than A Thousand Dollar Worth In Items
Police is also requesting the assistance of the public in order to recover valuable electronics that were stolen from 24 year old Lebanese Naturalized Belizean, Ahmed Hatem. Hatem reported to police that between 9:00pm and midnight Saturday, his house was broken into and stolen therefrom was a laptop valued at $1,000.00, a black DVD player valued at $100.00, two perfumes valued at $16.00 and a TV remote control.

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Tacos Vendor Near Atlantic Bank Dies Following Home Invasion/Robbery
Yesterday we told you about the brutal murder of 52 year old Carlos Mayorga. As we reported Mayorga was at his home on Saturday morning along with, 21 year old Sijhan Avila, 19 year old Karina Avila and 42 year old Alida Asencio when two men, one armed with a handgun, entered the house and demanded money. After they got over two thousand dollars, they shot Mayorga to the head, killing him immediately. They proceeded to shoot the three women and the news tonight is that Alida Asencio succumbed to her injuries shortly before midday today. Asencio, who is originally from Guatemala was stationed near Atlantic Bank on Freetown Road daily selling tacos. According to her sister, Edith, arrangements are being made to take her body back home. Before passing away, Asencio had undergone surgery for internal bleeding.

Long Time Archaeology Director Replaced
Dr. John Morris is the new Director of the Institute of Archaeology. Dr. Morris who has been in the archaeology field since 1980 was previously the Associate Director of Research at the Institute of Archaeology. Dr. Morris replaces Dr. Jaime Awe who resigned earlier this month. The National Institute of Culture and History and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation thanked Dr. Awe for his years of dedication to the development of Archaeology in Belize. For the past 38 years, Dr. Awe worked tirelessly and passionately unearthing and explaining the mysteries of the rich Maya culture to a countless number of students, writers, researchers, observers and all Belizeans.

Shyne Is Back in Belize
October 28, 2009 - that is the date that Shyne Barrow, now known as Moses Michael Levi, returned to Belize on a deportation order from the United States. Shyne, who is the son of Belize's Prime Minister, was given the title of Goodwill Ambassador to Belize and just in case you're wondering what that means�..the rapper himself was quoted in an online publication of the XXL Music Magazine, as saying, 'I'm a Goodwill Ambassador for my country Belize�.My job is really to go around the world for Belize and get people to invest in the country and to promote the country." Well, since then there has been silence, in terms of what promotion has been done for Belize by Shyne or what, if any, investments were made through him. Today, Love News ran into Shyne at a bakery in Belize City and we ventured to ask him about the progress he has made as an ambassador for Belize��.but he denied us that interview, saying that he just wanted to have his breakfast. Shyne is a Belizean rapper who moved to Brooklyn, New York in his teenaged years and had made a name for himself in the rap industry under Bad Boy Records. His freedom and status in the industry became suffocated in 1999 after he was imprisoned for a shooting incident in a night club while being in the company of P Diddy and Jennifer Lopez. Shyne served just over nine years in prison and was released and deported to Belize in 2009.

Two Years Later, Romero Cleared of Murder Charge
Joseph Romero has been freed of a charge of murder. Romero was charged for murder in connection with the death of Santos Ramirez which occurred on July 23, 2011. Justice Herbert Lord refused to admit a caution statement presumably taken from Romero two days after the incident. Justice Lord felt there was serious doubt as to whether the caution statement was given freely and voluntarily and found that the prosecution and the police witnesses failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Romero had done so of his own free will. Prosecutor Javier Chan rose up to inform the Court, that in light of the Court's decision to throw out from the caution statement, which was the only piece of evidence the Police had against Romero the prosecution could not proceed. Romero walked out of the Corozal Magistrate Court a free man. Romero was 17 years old when he was arrested.

Victoria Street Murder Adds to Homicide Rate
Fifty four year old Winston Whylie was shot last night on Victoria Street in Belize City. He was on his bicycle when a gunman rode up to him and blasted the single fatal shot. Whylie was rushed to the KHMH but died three hours later while receiving treatment. We spoke to his friends and family and all of them seem perplexed as to why anyone would want to kill Whylie. His sister, Wilma Thompson Whylie, spoke to Love News. WILMA THOMPSON WHYLIE "According to what the policeman told me, they were riding down Victoria Street and in front of the Glass Shop is where he was shot in the abdomen. I think that is what caused the injury and I heard that the doctors were trying hard with him." HIPOLITO NOVELO: "Did your brother ever tell you that he had problems with anyone, any enemies, and any feuds?" WILMA THOMPSON WHYLIE "I really can't say. Now and again a one or two threats but nothing really concrete but I didn't really feel that anyone would want to kill him. He's just a bicycle man; he fixes bicycles and hangs out. Everyone knows him for many years."

Forty Cents Per Dollar and City Still Not Clean
Last week Managing Director of Belize Maintenance Limited Laurence Ellis told Love News he was unable to get a hold of Mayor Darrel Bradley. According to Ellis the Belize City Council owed his company in the vicinity of one point three million dollars. Ellis said the non-payment has left a financial strain on the company. Today the Mayor spoke on the issue. DARREL BRADLEY "Reach out with them routinely about certain things. We always with them in relation to the quality of the service that our residents receive we have a committee that supervises their contracts and their work and they are supposed to provide us with a weekly report, sometimes we don't get that report and so we are always in a weekly basis engaging with them on various issues on the quality of service.

Additional Charge Brought Against Woman In Sex Incident with Minor
Twenty-seven year old Stacy Leslie, a resident of Lord's Bank Village, Belize District, who was charged last September with aggravated assault of an indecent nature on a 14 year old girl, was arraigned on an additional charge of abetment to carnal knowledge when she appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. No plea was taken because the offence is indictable. She was released on the same two thousand dollar bail that she was offered when she was charged with aggravated assault. Her next court date is August 5. The incident occurred on September 17, 2013 when the minor reported to the police that she was walking in the Hollywood area of Lord's Bank when she was approached by John Williams who invited her to join him and Leslie in his car. The girl said she accepted the invitation and Williams drove them to Cayo and later they went to Williams' home in Lord's Bank. The girl said Leslie gave her marijuana to smoke and then Williams had sex with her. In September last year Williams was charged with unlawful carnal knowledge.

Senior Counsel Elrington Explains Brother’s Predicament
Yesterday we reported that Dr. Errol Elrington, the brother of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General, Wilfred Elrington and Senior Counsel Hubert Elrington is wanted in the United States of America by the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. According to the US Inspector General's website, there is a warrant for the arrest of Dr. Elrington in relation to racketeering, Medicaid fraud and health care fraud. The warrant, according to the site, is a result of US investigators, who believe that Elrington falsely billed Medicare and Medicaid more than $400,000 US dollars, for services that he never performed. The website reported that Elrington had employed an unlicensed physician and after being interrogated by Federal and State agents fled the United States for Belize. His brother, Hubert Elrington, told the media that his brother is in Belize and he did not do anything wrong, except to employ another doctor to work in his clinic. HUBERT ELRINGTON "I personally am aware that there is a problem because I think about two months ago this report that you are referring to was posted on the internet so you all must have been sleeping like Rip Van Winkle."

Belize City Mayor Says Residents Need to Regain Sense of Security
Over the past few weeks Belize City has seen a spike in crime. This has raised concern among the public at large, law enforcement officials and city officials. Mayor Darrel Bradley weighed in on the topic today. According to Bradley the many infrastructural works going on around the city will not be appreciated to its fullest extent unless residents can regain that sense of security. DARREL BRADLEY "We are very concerned. I think that development has to be looked within the human context and all of development has a human face. Whenever we lose any life that is a significant blow to the prospects of growth in our city. I indicated recently, I came back from Los Angeles and one of the things that they had indicated recently in the town hall meetings is that they keep hearing these stories of rampant crime and lawlessness in Belize, which is something that hurts every single plan and program that we have.

To Pay or Not to Pay….Judgement Reserved for Int’l Business Registry
More than a year ago, the Government of Belize nationalized the International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize, IMMARBE, and the International Business Companies Registry. These two entities were formerly managed by the Belize International Services Limited, BISL. In the process of nationalization, GOB made an assessment of BISL and the results was that BISL owed 30 million dollars in taxes for a period spanning 20 years. The matter was taken to court and it was heard today by Justice Shona Griffith. Attorney for BISL, Eamon Courtenay, outlined their arguments. EAMON COURTENAY "The Commission of Income Tax assessed the company for taxes for thirty million dollars going back for twenty years and this case was a challenge to that and this case was that Belize International Services was an IBC and IBCs are not subject to tax. They are not subject to tax; the Commissioner cannot tax the company.


Additional sex charge for village woman
A Lords' Bank woman faces an additional sexual assault charge for an incident which took place in September of 2013. Stacy Leslie, 27, was already charged with aggravated assault of an indecent nature but now faces an additional charge of abetment to carnal knowledge. Leslie is jointly charged with...

One man killed and three women injured in early morning shooting
Who wanted a group of humble, hard-working men and women to die even after robbing them? Police have detained three men of Belize City as part of their investigations into that question, following a fatal shooting incident around 5:00 Saturday morning, July 26. Police information is that around 4:50...

Security guard at Caribbean Shrimp suffering from pellet wounds
There was another shooting incident over the weekend which took place in the Village of Ladyville. According to police reports, �at about 10:30 pm, Charlie Macintosh received a phone call from Alejandro Calderon, one of his security guards of Caribbean Shrimp located in the Milpa Area, Ladyville Village, who...

Armenia villager fights off robbers
An attempted armed robbery in the village of Armenia, in the Cayo District, was foiled when the victim fought back. According to police, at around 7:45 pm on Saturday July 26th, Salvador Vasquez, a food vendor of Armenia Village, was arriving home in the company of his wife. Upon...

Another Bowen and Bowen truck robbed
Police are investigating an armed robbery which occurred on Friday July 25th in the Northern District of Corozal. According to Police reports, Felipe Uk, 50 year old Belizean Vendor and Deliveryman for Bowen and Bowen and a resident of San Narciso Village, Corozal, was driving a red Coca Cola...

Motorcyclists killed in car collision
Police continue their investigation into a fatal traffic incident which occurred late�on Friday�evening. On the 25th of July, at about�5:45p.m.�acting upon information received of a fatal traffic accident between miles 6 & 7 on the Phillip Goldson Highway, Ladyville Police visited the area where they saw a Gold colored...

Fatal traffic accident in the south
There was a fatal traffic accident in the south on Saturday night. The incident happened between miles 29 and 30 on the Southern Highway. According to police reports, 38-year-old Guatemalan farmer Jose Lopez, a resident of Cow Pen for the past 4 years,� was riding his bicycle in the...

Tropic Air case settled out of court
National airline carriers Tropic Air, based out of San Pedro Town, and�Construction Depot Limited, owned by Brett Feinstein of the Benny’s Group of Companies, have been at odds over ownership of a piece of land on which Tropic Air is building a $6 million airplane maintenance complex near the�municipal�airstrip,...

Machete wielding man shot in the leg by police
A man was shot in his leg when he allegedly tried to attack police with a machete. According to police reports, police received information of a chopping incident in San Vicente Village, Toledo District, at 9:05p.m. on Saturday. The cops� visited San Vicente Village church, where they saw 46-year-old...

Murder accused pleads guilty to manslaughter
The Supreme Court accepted a plea of manslaughter from Jamie Dawson, also known as “JJ”, 35. He appeared before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, who will sentence him on�August 4. Dawson is accused of the death of Maurice Neal on December 7, 2002 at Bismark Club on Queen Charlotte Street....

Errol Elrington wanted in the U.S.
Information reaching PlusNews indicates that Doctor Errol Elrington is wanted in the United States, by the Office of the Inspector General i n the Ministry of Health and Human services. The release from the OIG says that an arrest warrant has been issued for Errol Elrington, for Racketeering, Medicaid...

New Solicitor General takes office this week
Reports reaching�PLUS News�are that Government has identified a new Solicitor General who will take office this week. Anita Johnson of Barbados is expected to arrive in Belize�on Tuesday, and may take office as early as�Friday, but official information is expected to be released later this week. Acting Solicitor General...


2 die in motorcycle collision with truck
Two men, Duane Pelayo, 30, of Ladyville, who is self-employed, and Gerald Gillett, a security guard of Belize City, were declared dead at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after they suffered massive head and body injuries - the result of a collision between a motorcycle on which they were traveling, and a truck owned by the Belize Tourist Board. The tragedy occurred around 6:30 p.m. Friday, July 25, at about Mile 7 on the Northern Highway. Police said that the two men were traveling from Belize City towards Ladyville, when at Mile 7, they overtook a car, and were about to overtake another vehicle when the handle of the motorcycle hit the mirror of the second vehicle they were trying to overtake, causing the motorcycle driver to lose control.

Teacher found dead in his house
Family members and friends of Steven Michael, 28, a teacher of the Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist School, were stricken with shock and grief after he was found dead, lying on his bed in his house at about 6:00 this morning, with blood coming out of his nose. Neighbours who saw him told Amandala that there was a wound in the back of Michael's head. There was no sign of forced entry into the house, at the corner of Jaguar and Tapir Streets, so it is believed that he may have allowed someone known to him into the home.

5 years for .38 Special and ammo
This afternoon, two women and a man were arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer on charges of "kept unlicensed firearm and unlicensed ammunition." The man, Martin Matura, 29, accepted responsibility for the gun and ammunition, while the women pleaded not guilty, resulting in an unprecedented dropping of the charges against them by the court's prosecutor. Matura was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for the gun and 5 years for the ammunition. The sentences are to run concurrently, so he will only spend a total of 5 years in prison. The women went home, freed of the two firearm-related charges. Before the hearing began, Kimberly Bedran, 21, was sobbing in court. The mother of a 2-year-old baby was worried that she had no one to take care of her child if she was sent to prison "for something I know nothing about."

Deadly Mopan Street home invasion
At about 4:50 Saturday morning, two vicious killers entered the home of Carlos Mayorga, 52, a tacos vendor, stole $2,000, shot a kneeling Mayorga to death, and callously shot three females, who were Mayorga's assistants. The women told police that they all were at their home at 47 Mopan Street when two dark-complexioned men entered the house through the back door. One of the men was armed with a black 9mm pistol and the other had a knife in his hand. The man with the gun pointed it at them and forced them into Mayorga's bedroom. The gunman then demanded money, and Mayorga was forced to open a locker which was secured with a padlock.

Company offers $10,000 reward for missing employee
Discoverseis Geophysical Services, the employer of Kevin Carcamo, 43, who disappeared in the jungle behind Freetown Sibun in the Belize District last Sunday, July 21, has announced that they are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the safe return of the missing Hattieville village council chairman. Carcamo had gone on an expedition with a group of 6 other men to work on a survey line within a densely forested area between Hattieville and Freetown Sibun, but mysteriously vanished during their return trip. Since then, intensive searches have been conducted by civilians, along with military and law enforcement personnel, and yesterday, Discoverseis engaged in another aerial canvass, while a team of divers attached to the Belize Coast Guard scoured the depths of the Sibun River in search of the father of four.

$8,000 blackmail attempt lands man and girlfriend behind bars
A Belize City construction worker and his girlfriend, a 16-year-old Honduran minor, were remanded to prison on charges of blackmail and abetment to blackmail, following their arraignment this morning before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Edwin Omar Flores, 23, a construction worker residing at 111 Bain Street, and his girlfriend, who is allegedly in Belize illegally, did not have to enter a plea because their case will be heard on indictment in the Supreme Court. Flores was charged with blackmail, while the minor was charged with abetment to blackmail. The court prosecutor, Inspector Hector Rodriguez, objected to granting them bail. Rodriguez told the court that the offense is a very serious one and carries a prison term of 7 years. He told the court that if they were not remanded, he is of the view that they would interfere with prosecution witnesses.

Editorial: Amandala 45
On August 13, 2014, this newspaper marks the 45th anniversary of our first publication. Amandala began as the newspaper voice of an organization which was called the United Black Association for Development (UBAD), founded on February 9, 1969. In October of 1969, UBAD entered an alliance with an organization called the People's Action Committee (PAC), and that alliance, which lasted until January of 1970, was called the Revolitical Action Movement (RAM). PAC had been publishing its own newssheet, named Fire; so during the time of the RAM alliance, this newspaper was called Amandala with Fire. When the RAM alliance broke up, Amandala returned to being just plain Amandala. The following month, February of 1970, the publisher and editor of Amandala, the late Ismail Omar Shabazz and Evan X Hyde respectively, were arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy because of a front page story in Amandala called "Games Old People Play." The article referred satirically to an election petition case taking place following the 17-1 defeat of the Opposition NIPDM by the ruling PUP. The Amandala accused were acquitted in the Supreme Court in July of 1970.

From the Publisher
The use of history for socio-political purposes in Belize has begun anew with the recent formation of a Belize History Association (BHA) under the umbrella of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), which is itself under the umbrella of the Tourism Ministry. The newspaper of the ruling UDP, The Guardian, reported in its issue last weekend that the executive board of the new BHA met on June 26; that they will hold a meeting at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan on August 2; and that "the first involvement of the History Association will be a lecture and panel discussion on the Battle of St. George's Caye at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts in Belize City on September 3, 2014." There used to be a Belize Historical Association around these parts, you know. The official patron was the Governor-General of Belize, and the extremely low-profile organization essentially served as a vehicle for the pro-Baymen, pro-Battle of St. George's Caye views of a white American who had become a naturalized Belizean - the late Emory King.

Diaspora answer for Major Lloyd
My beloved sister who resides in Belize sent me a link to a letter to the editor in which Major Lloyd Jones demands to know, "Diaspora, What have you done for me lately?" I will share with you what I shared with her. Feel free to publish if you see fit. It seems to me that the Major is poorly informed and in order to sow the seeds of division among Belizean brothers and sisters, he was all too willing to misuse the quote of a famous historical figure who was rallying his people to stand their ground in unity, even in the face of great adversity. The Major appears to be ignorant of certain facts regarding Winston Churchill - who at one time proposed a common citizenship between America and Great Britain and upon whom was bestowed American citizenship.

Garifuna take one giant leap�backward in Barranco, Belize
On July 18, 2014, the Government of Belize released through their press office an announcement in essence saying that delivered to the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega from Dr. Joseph Palacio the head of Barranco Village Council were some 39 applications for title to lands in the Barranco area one would presume. See the letter at this site; The release was written by Palacio and released by the Government Press Office of Belize. According to the statement, it is "a vital step in building the foundation of renewed economic development". The statement also said this is the outcome of a meeting with the Hon. Prime Minster held several weeks earlier. In the weeks leading up to this moment, the Government of Belize (GOB) and US Capital Energy, an oil company trying to extract oil from the area surrounding Barranco and other villages, had been working overtime on the villagers to gain their support and to take support away from Sarstoon Temash Institute of Indigenous Management (SATIIM) in an important court case regarding use of land rights of indigenous peoples in Belize.

We are not Diaspora, but citizens of Belize, and we are doing something for Belize daily
I have always held you in high regard for the service you have provided in the Belize Defence Force to defend our country. Like you and me, there are thousands of natural born Belizean citizens who have served in the uniformed services in Belize and now reside in the United States and possess dual citizenship. Also, there are Belizeans living in Belize who were born in the United States and Belizeans who were born in Belize and became citizens of the United States, who returned home to live permanently. Yet, their rights are being denied due to the ambiguity which exists in our Constitution today. All Belizean citizens are entitled to the same rights and privileges under the constitution of Belize despite their citizenship status. For you and others who think the same, to deny them of their constitutional rights, it is a gross violation of our constitution and a big blow to the principles of democracy.

Dr. Julius Garvey, son of Marcus Garvey, comes to Belize for Centennial tour
Dr. Julius Garvey, son of Marcus Mossiah Garvey, the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), is due to arrive in Belize next week, as a part of a historic tour to Belize which coincides with the centennial celebrations - celebrating 100 years of Garveyism - being held for the Jamaica-born activist of international acclaim. Dr. Julius is a vascular surgeon by profession, but he is also the CEO of the Garvey-Chatuye Initiative. "The centennial tour by Dr. Julius Garvey gives Belize an opportunity to get personally acquainted with the Honorable Marcus Mossiah Garvey and his work to preserve Black Africans and Black African descendants' identity and culture," organizers say. Emerson Guild, spokesperson for the UNIA in Belize and the Mutual Improvement Alliance (MIA), formed by organizations such as Belize Emergent Corp and Rasta Inc., told Amandala that this will be Garvey's first visit to Belize, and they are planning a welcome event for him on Tuesday, August 5, 2014.

San Pedro cop charged with extortion
Constable Elvin Nah, of San Pedro Police, whom police accused of extorting $400 from a man he busted with 4 grams of weed, was charged with extortion in the San Pedro Magistrate's Court today, before Magistrate [...]

Crystal meth precursors seized in Mexico
The precursors are believed to have originated in Belize Mexican authorities have reportedly seized a significant amount of precursor material which is used in the production of methamphetamine, popularly known as "crystal meth", and which is [...]

$8,000 blackmail attempt lands man and girlfriend behind bars
A Belize City construction worker and his girlfriend, a 16-year-old Honduran minor, were remanded to prison on charges of blackmail and abetment to blackmail, following their arraignment this morning before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Edwin Omar [...]

Villager, 18, hacks immigrant, 46, in Toledo churchyard
A teenager who inflicted multiple chop wounds upon a Guatemalan national in San Vicente, Toledo, this past Saturday, July 26, is currently recovering from a gunshot wound that he reportedly suffered at the hands of police [...]

Belize's nightmare continues at UNCAF U-20 qualifiers
In tomorrow's final day of the UNCAF U-20 qualifiers, Guatemala is still in contention, along with Costa Rica and Honduras, for a spot in the 2015 CONCACAF U-20 Championship. Panama and El Salvador are already secure. [...]

FFB calls players for UNCAF qualifiers in September
In preparation for the UNCAF qualifier for the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) Technical Development Department is calling the first (25) players for tryouts on Tuesday, 8:30 a.m., at the FFB [...]

Easy Does It did it; new national cricket champs
It was a late start, due to rain, on Saturday in Lemonal Village for Game 2 in the best-of-3 games championship series between Brilliant of Crooked Tree and the young squad that is making waves in [...]

BDBA Firms Tournament weekend games results
The Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) Firms Tournament 2014 continued over the weekend with 2 games each on Friday and Saturday nights, July 25-26, at Bird's Isle. In the opener on Friday night, Belize Bank/Airport Authority [...]

C-Ray Cycling Club Youth Summer Series 2014 Week 2 results
Week 2 races were held yesterday, Sunday, in the C-Ray Cycling Club's Youth Summer Series 2014 at the Marine Parade starting at 1:00 p.m.   Tiny Mites (3-5 yrs) - � 1st Kyron Staine; 2nd Jayden [...]

Farmer killed in fatal Southern Highway traffic accident
A Guatemalan farmer met his demise this past Saturday night while riding on a bicycle along the Southern Highway – he was knocked down by a motorcyclist who was traveling in the opposite direction. Police reported [...]

Has stalemate b/t Green Tropics and farmers been broken?
It's been weeks since we've heard anything about the land dispute involving the 32 farmers of the Valley of Peace area who had received eviction notices from Green Tropics, ordering them to vacate the premises by [...]

Suicide in San Pedro
�Woman, 30, hangs herself The family of Jorjana Eiley, 30, of the Boca Del Rio area of San Pedro, are mourning her death after she was found dead with a belt tied around her neck, lying [...]

Standstill in court-connected mediation for Maya vs GOB
Last month, Madam Justice Michelle Arana ordered a court-connected mediation in the unresolved dispute between the Government of Belize and the four Maya communities – Conejo, Midway, Crique Sarco and Graham Creek – which had taken [...]

Patrick JonesPJ

Eric Chang will not run for UDP City Council election
Essentially drafted to run for a second term as Mayor by party brass earlier this year, Darrell Bradley will meet the remaining ten candidates whom he hopes will take him to victory next March at the United Democratic Party's municipal convention to be held this Sunday, August 3. [�]

City Council prepares to end BML sanitation contract
The Belize City Council has fallen behind by over three and a half months in its payments of the sanitation contract with Belize Maintenance Limited (BML). After making one week's payment last week, the Council is reportedly down 17 weeks' worth of payments, though it has different figures. [�]

Former registry owners challenge tax assessment
In June of 2013, the Government of Belize acquired the International Business Companies Registry and International Merchant Marine Registry, IMMARBE. At the time of the acquisition, the Barrow administration claimed that then owners Belize International Services Limited (BISL) illegally obtained a 7 year extension of the original contract [�]

Winston Whylie murdered in Belize City
Repairman Winston Whylie, 54, of Police Street is Belize City's latest murder victim. He was shot in the abdomen around 11:00 p.m. Monday night while leaving the vicinity of Victoria Street by a single gunman who was also reportedly on bicycle. Area residents say they heard a single [�]

YES gives out school supplies to needy students
Youth Enhancement Services (YES) has been working with the youth of Belize City and surrounding areas to build their capacity for development. Their latest initiative in conjunction with the Community Policing Unit provided school supplies for more than 100 students affiliated with the program. YES Director Karen Cain [�]

Additional sex charge for village woman
A Lords' Bank woman faces an additional sexual assault charge for an incident which took place in September of 2013. Stacy Leslie, 27, was already charged with aggravated assault of an indecent nature but now faces an additional charge of abetment to carnal knowledge. Leslie is jointly charged [�]

Maya Leaders Alliance still waiting for oil consultation
The Maya Leaders Alliance and the Toledo Alcaldes Association say they will continue to advocate for benefits to buffer communities around the Sarstoon Temash National Park. That is where U.S. Capital Energy will commence drilling for oil next month. The MLA and the TAA issued a press statement [�]

Corozal teen boy reported missing
A 15 year old boy from the Finca Solana Area of Corozal town has been reported missing and his family and the police are appealing to the general public for help in finding him. Yefri Romero left home last week after an argument with his mother and [�]


Major Changes in Caye Caulker? A Bit of Sleuthing Around The Closing of The Split
Rumors have been swirling about the closing of the Split on Caye Caulker. Or more specifically, the closing of the Lazy Lizard Bar and the building of condos and a large hotel in its place. I took some pictures a few weeks ago and posted about some huge cement pilings and got lots of feedback. Mostly people crying "NOOOOOOO!" But none of the rumors have been substantiated. For those who haven't visited Caye Caulker or Belize, let me back up a bit. "The Split" or the narrow waterway that cuts Caye Caulker in two pieces is famous. Deepened by the powerful Hurricane Hattie in 1961, this crystalline blue, deep split is really the center of the caye literally and figuratively.

The 2014 Eco Kids Summer Camp Graduation and Wrap-Up
When we last left our Eco Kids, it was Friday morning, and in spite of being a little sleepy after a very full Thursday learning about organic gardening, turning earth in to mud at the splash party and enjoying another fun filled, creative evening around the campfire, they were up and raring to go. With some happy campers hitting the pool and others opting for more equestrian adventures with Chaa Creek's accommodating horses, everyone had another big day and afternoon, characterised, as one councillor put it "well spent with smiles and laughter" and lots of anticipation as the stage was cleared for the Epic Song Contest. And Epic it was. After making sure everyone was wellfuelled with a big dinner, the competition began with Team Howler Monkey performing their Eco remix of "Magic in the Air". Next up were the Jaguars hitting the high notes with "Moves Like Jaguar�" oops, sorry, Mick, that's "Moves Like Jagger". Team Tapir did "Let her Go", and the Toucans closed with their regal rendition of "Royals".

"Time to Say Goodbye" in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
I know that I'm relatively new to this blogging malarkey but even if I do say so myself I've taken to it like the proverbial "duck to water." Commandeer the iPad (not too difficult because John tends to leave his around within easy access of me), whack out a couple of paragraphs. Include a few photos ((OK, I haven't mastered using either of his two cameras yet (I will though) so I have to depend on others to take them for me)) and, voila - put it "out there" and hope someone reads it. That's been the case with my previous few editions but this one? Well, that's an entirely different matter. I knew that I was going to be leaving my Dad Frank. He told me a few months ago when he was informed that his time serving as a member of the British Army had been extended by two years that I could not go with him, as we'd planned, to live in Scotland with him.

NAFTA and the Future of Canada, Mexico and the United States
The 20th anniversary of NAFTA's implementation on Jan. 1 has revived some of the perennial arguments that have surrounded the bloc since its inception. The general consensus has been that the trade deal was a mixed bag, a generally positive yet disappointing economic experiment. That consensus may not be wrong. The history of the North American Free Trade Agreement as an institution has been one of piecemeal, often reluctant, integration of three countries with a long tradition of protectionism and fierce defense of economic national sovereignty. While NAFTA was a boon for certain sectors of the economy, particularly the U.S. agriculture industry, the net effect of the world's second-largest trade bloc remains somewhat unknown.

What You Can Expect In The Monkey River Jungle Tour
The nature of rivers is the flow of water, carrying nutrients and life from highlands to the sea. During the journey from altitude to sea level, tropical rivers support an astonishing array of life. The headwaters of most rivers lie deep in the Maya Mountains. Here, the forest is dense, tall and mostly untouched. The water is cold and clear as it gurgles out of the group, merging with other streams and eventually growing into a flowing upland river. Wildlife center their activities on these upland waterways. Trails meandering along these rivers are excellent ways to spot wildlife. As you near the mouth of the river, vegetation changes to predominantly mangrove. Some of the mangrove stands lining and the winding rivers are tall and stilted. The mangrove is home to another community of animals. During the migration months, many songbird migrants travel through the mangrove, taking advantage of the large amount of insect life. This habitat is perfect to sit still and bird watch. Easily the most popular river tour is the Monkey River, which winds its way from the Maya Mountains through dense jungle forest and mangrove swamp before emptying into the Caribbean Sea. It is a popular jungle river trip, particularly for its wildlife sightings, jungle walk tours and great tarpon fishing. Both day and night tours are offered from Monkey River Town.

10 Customer Service Tips
The People aspect of business is really what it is all about. Rule #1: Think of customers as individuals. Once we think that way, we realize our business is our customer, not our product or services. Putting all the focus on the merchandise in our store, or the services our corporation offers, leaves out the most important component: each individual customer. Keeping those individual customers in mind, here are some easy, down-home customer service tips to keep 'em coming back! 1. Remember there is no way that the quality of customer service can exceed the quality of the people who provide it. Think you can get by paying the lowest wage, giving the fewest of benefits, doing the least training for your employees? It will show.Companies don't help customers� people do.

Preheat the broiler to high. Arrange the bacon on a foil lined broiler pan and cook under the preheated broiler until well browned and crisp. Let cool, then cut into 1/2 inch pieces. Meanwhile, heat a dry skillet over medium heat and lightly toast the walnuts, shaking the skillet frequently, for 3 minutes, or until lightly browned. Let cool. Toss the pears in the lemon juice to prevent discoloration. Put the watercress, walnuts, pears and bacon into a salad bowl. To make the dressing, whisk the oil, lemon juice, and honey together in a small bowl or pitcher. Season to taste with salt and pepper, then pour over the salad. Toss well to combine and serve.

International Sourcesizz

No-Take Zones in Belize Could Rebuild Conch, Lobster, and Grouper Populations
The islands of Belize are surrounded by vibrant blue waters, beautiful and unusual marine creatures, and the largest barrier reef system in the Western Hemisphere. But even in Belize-one of the least densely populated Caribbean countries-these marine animals and ecosystems are not exempt from exploitative human activities like overfishing. A new report, however, from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) suggests a solution for Belize's marine life-and particularly coral reefs-to recover: expand no-take zones. The report, published earlier this month, shows how no-take zones in Belize can help both economically valuable species like lobster, conch, and grouper recover, and nearby reef areas recolonize. To compile the report, a leading expert on marine protected areas (MPAs) looked at no-take zones of varying sizes, locations, and regulations from around the world and examined their success based on those factors.


Video: CAMP JOY 2014, 4.5min.
This year, 2014, East Lake Community Church took a group of 22 students and adults to lead and operate the first special needs camp in Belize. It was an amazing time of worship, play, and education. We can't wait to go back to catch up with the locals and be prepared to serve these beautiful children.

Video: Belize's Gloria Serrano: Central American Shot-put Champion!, 4min.
Belizean athlete Gloria Serrano became the Central American Shot-put champion in 2013 where she beat the best of the meet from Central America and the Caribbean in the Central American & Caribbean Games in 2013. A dynamic Belizean female athlete, Serrano continues to train hard under the legendary Belizean athletic coach Fred Evans, and has continued a tradition of the rise of Belizean women in sporting disciplines in Belize.

Video: Belize Mission Trip 2014 - Day 1 Vlog, 4min.
So I recently went on a mission trip to Belmopan, Belize with a friend of mine named Frank. We had been on many trips in the US but never on an international one. So I decided to do something different this year and did a daily video blog. I hope you like them!!!

Video: Belize Mission Trip 2014 - Day 2 Vlog, 8min.

Video: Belize Mission Trip 2014 - Day 3 Vlog, 7min.

Video: Belize Trip, 6min.
belize trip, lemon caye

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