After a local recommended this tour group, we booked a day long Hol Chan lobster spearing/sailing/snorkeling trip, cave tubing/zip line trip, and rocky point jungle/snorkeling.
1. I came to Belize to fish. My plan was to purchase rods (I brought my reels) for a day of fishing. While booking the trips, David offered his rod and reel to me to fish. end to fish on DAVID'S suggestion. Only to find it no different than the docks by the hotel. Worst yet, after renting an OVERPRICED golf cart from him, we drove on awful roads in a golf cart to the south both reels were barely functional and the handle broke on one of them. The next day, I explained this to David, and he wanted to charge me $90US for a cheap rod/reel combo sold new, locally, for $55US (I found it in Capt. Sharkey's across from airport). He got nothing but a piece of my mind.
Suggestion: David knows NADA about fishing, seek advice and equipment elsewhere.
2. Sailing/Hol Chan trip was another joke and scam. We had a Hol Chan snorkeling trip included with our condo booking. The only reason we went on a second day of snorkeling was the promise of lobster spearing (it was in season) and a lobster dinner. Midways into the trip, I asked the crew about lobster and they had no knowledge of lobster spearing or dinner was sold as part of the trip. To make matters worse, they did not have fins large enough to fit me. When I notified the mate he gave me a different pair - SAME size, this made for a painful day of snorkeling. Also, on two occasions, they sent me and my friend in the water with faulty masks!!! The FREE trip ($25US locally) offered by hotel the previous day was a much better bargain and experience than the $150 we paid for the David snorkeling disaster.
Suggestion: The half day to Hol chan and shark alley is sufficient�sailing to the other reefs weren't worth the effort, time, or money. And do not book though David Gonzalez at Caribbean Adventures.
Note: Prior to the David's sailing trip we decided to cancel the Rocky Point...3 days of snorkeling is a bit much�and we are so glad we did�read Jake M's review
3. The Cave tubing/Zip lining trip ($230US by plane) was a good experience thanks to Michael the tour guide. He was great. David Gonzalez did nothing but provide a ride to the airport (10 min walk from condo), negative energy, and a bad attitude at 630AM. I believe he was sore because we cancelled the third trip and he mentioned the fishing rod mess again.
Suggestion: Trip was good�Compare prices with other tour companies. Consider flying to Mainland yourself and getting tour company over there. Most groups (in August) were 6 or less.
4. I take full responsibility for my mistake of not shopping around thoroughly before purchasing. I will still be in Belize for a few more days if David would like to come and discuss this review with me. Safe travels.