According to a new survey of Caribbean countries, Belizeans spends more of their income on cell phone service than anywhere else in the Caribbean.

A recent survey conducted by ICT Pulse reviewed the cost of cell service and mobile internet in 17 Caribbean countries, and Belize stuck out as the least affordable in all categories. Belize's service providers almost tripled the average chunk of monthly income that could be spent on 1 gigabyte of mobile data. And Belize's 2 gigabyte data plan, comes at the highest cost in the region, with users spending approximately 6 percent of their monthly income to get it. This is about three times the Caribbean average of 2.1%.

The final graph compares the 2013 results with those of 2014, but while Belize did have marginal improvement, mobile data still remains prohibitively expensive when compared with the rest of the Caribbean.

Channel 7