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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Six contestants to vie for the Miss San Pedro title
Organizers of the Miss San Pedro Pageant have released the names of the six contestants that will grace the stage as they vie to become the island's next beauty ambassador. They are Michelle Estrella Nu�ez, Doris Celine Soriano, Maria Elma Gonzalez, Daphney Therese Panti, Ileny Linel Aguilar and Janelli Felicta Ack. The pageant has been set for August 30th and will be the first event to kick off the September celebrations. The pageant is scheduled for 7:30PM on Saturday August 30th at the Honorable Luis "Cuz" Silvestre Sporting Complex. Doors will be open as of 6PM and seating must be done by 7PM. Reserve tickets are $25, general admission is $15 for adults and $5 for children.

Belize U-15 Female Football Team leaves for the Cayman Islands
Belize's national Under-15 female football team traveled on Monday, August 4th to the Cayman Islands for the inaugural Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) U-15 Female Championship scheduled to take place from Wednesday, August 6th to Sunday, August 17th. The tournament includes the participation of 16 national teams from Anguilla, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago. Joining the Belizean delegates travelling to the Cayman Islands, are three San Pedro residents. Head coach for the U-15 female football team is Alex Noralez, teacher at San Pedro High School, while Ada Cordova and Chelsea Zetina are team members

Katia Marin adds to her pet-care skills
Katia Marin, owner of Pampered Paws and Director of Saga Humane Society, recently added another impressive achievement to her portfolio in animal behavior and pet training. As a huge animal lover, Katia is always eager to learn new ways to care for and understand them. Therefore, during the month of June, Katia participated in two workshops in the United States of America (USA). The first workshop was hosted at Cesar Millan's Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, California, and it entailed pack walk training, e-collar training, treadmill workouts and swimming workouts. Katia participated as a volunteer, assisting in the organization and administration of events during the workshop. She also participated in mediation practices under the guidance of Cesar Millan, who is a renowned animal behavior expert, best-selling author, public speaker, and internationally acclaimed star of the TV shows "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan" and "Leader of the Pack".

Ambergris Today

Six Beautiful Young Ladies to Vie for Miss San Pedro Title
The Miss San Pedro Pageant Committee officially announces today, Wednesday, August 6, 2014, that six local island ladies will be participating in the Miss San Pedro Pageant and vying for the coveted title of Miss San Pedro 2014. Michelle Estrella Nu�ez, Ileny Linell Aguilar, Daphney Therese Panti, Janelli Felcita Ack, Doris Celine Soriano and Maria Elma Gonzalez will be taking center stage on Saturday, August 30, 2014, as they pursue their dreams of wearing the Miss San Pedro crown and become San Pedro's beauty ambassador. The pageant will take place on Saturday, August 30, at the Hon. Louis "Cuz" Sylvestre Sports Complex under the theme "Beauty in Bloom". Gates will open at 6p.m. with seating at 6:30p.m.; Reserved tickets will go for $25, General Admission for $15 and Kids tickets are $5.

Scholarships for International MBA in Peru Available for Belizeans
The application deadline has been established at September 5, 2014-08-05 The announcement can be viewed at Questions regarding admission can be sent to [email protected] and questions regarding the scholarship sent to [email protected] and [email protected].

25 Years Ago: The Circus Is Coming To San Pedro Village
Circuses are very scarce in coming to town and so it was many years ago in San Pedro but in the 1950's the village of San Pedro had the distinct pleasure of a visit of a circus. You guessed right! The excitement mounted that day from the time the boat arrived to the final minutes when the grand show was to commence. For all of the children and even most of the people, it was the first time we even heard of the word "circus". We noticed a huge tent being set up in the backyard of Mr. Nando Trejo which is the present day the corner of Pescador Drive and Pelican Street. We had never seen such a huge tent and we kept wondering what in the world was going to happen there. Someone had commented that there was a man who would eat a snake and that stirred up quite a thrill.

Saga Hosts Costa Maya Delegates at Furball Fashion Show
Every year prior to the Costa Maya Festival, Saga Humane Society has the privilege of hosting the pageant contestants at a fundraiser for the non-profit organization. The eight beautiful delegates become volunteers for the organization and help to raise much needed funding for their day to day operations and service to the island. This year Saga Humane Society held a Furball Fashion Show that teamed up the delegates with cute furry friends that are up for adoption at the humane society. Donned with apparel provided by Forever Fancy Boutique, the ladies rocked the fashion runway at Wet Willy's as they helped raise money for a great cause. It was a great experience for everybody involved, knowing that all the fun, work and effort goes to a worthy cause.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Mayor Daniel Guerrero hosted the Costa Maya Contestants at the tranquil Blue Water Grill for lunch where they chatted a bit and they shared their experiences in Belize with the Mayor and Councilors present. The Mayor presented each contestant and reigning Miss Costa Maya a welcome gift so that they may always remember San Pedro back home. Miss Guatemala and Miss Belize also presented the Mayor with a gift themselves which contained various items as a token of appreciation. Lastly, the Contestants were given a tour of the Hon. Louis "Cuz" Sylvestre Sports Complex where the Festival will take place.

Vacancy at BEL
A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited for the post of Accounting Clerk III in the Finance Department.

Attention all Corozal Producers
BELTRAIDE continues to promote MSMEs and through EXPORTBelize is requesting contact information for producers of coconut oil, coconut water and cohune oil! There are immense opportunities for these products in regional and international markets and we would like to engage in discussions with producers. This has been validated by queries received from importers and distributers from CARICOM, Central America, United States and Canada, hence the reason to engage producers to these potential business opportunities.

Costa Maya 2014 Delegates Official Bikini Photo Shoot (48 photos)
at Ramon's Village - Miss Belize

Corozal Predators Basketball team head to Escarcega, Mexico
This weekend August 8th & 9th to represent Corozal in Mexico. We wish our Predators and the entire organization, the best of luck. Here is hoping they bring back the gold.

Final course in the Summer Art Wave program
s underway this week at the House of Culture. Traditional Toy making with Mr. Armando Cobb; during the first two days participants produced their own kites and 'caparuchos'( mango seed spin tops)! (8 photos)

Tie Dye Summer Art Program
The Winsom Foundation teamed up with Express Oh to create the Tie Dye Summer Art Program. "ONLY TWO DAYS TO GO....LEARN TO CENTER & LOOK INSIDE USING MEDITATIVE TIE DYE...ONE DAY SESSION DURING WORKSHOP."

Round-about at the entrance to Corozal Town
has been taken down. We hope a more functional and practical one, with its full aesthetics, representing Corozal's history is erected. Sections of the main highway have been concreted and works are in progress. BWSL continues its work on 5th Avenue as well.

Power interruption Corozal District
Power interruption scheduled for entire Sarteneja Village, Corozal District on Thursday, August 7, from 8:00am to 11:00am. This scheduled power interruption is necessary for BEL to relocate a power line structure in Sarteneja Village.

Power interruption Placencia Peninsula
Power interruption 9:00am to 10:00am, Thursday, August 7, Placencia Peninsula: from Coco Plum Development to Caribbean Way, including The Plantation, Maya Beach, Belize Lands Development and Forest Lagoon Estate. BEL to energize a transformer in the area.

Channel 7

Chryslin's Killers Charged
Today a 17 year old girl and her 23 year old boyfriend were taken to court for the murder of 16 year-old Chryslin Gladden - who was stabbed to death in the Lord Ridge Cemetery on Saturday. The female minor is one of Chrislyn's former classmates. Tonight, she and her reputed boyfriend, 23 year-old Clement Bol are in jail after they were arraigned on a joint charge of murder. Both Bol and the minor appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, in a hearing which the media was not allowed to witness - because of the involvement of a minor. Due to the nature of the offence, the Chief Magistrate didn't take any plea, and they were remanded to Belize Central Prison until September 5. As we told you, Gladden had recently graduated from the Wesley High School, and she was getting ready to Attend UB. Last week Friday, August 1st, she told her family that she would be going out with friends, and left her house at 7:00 am. A little over 11 hours later, police found her body in the Lord Ridge Cemetery with multiple stab wounds to the face and neck - the ones to the neck were fatal.

180 Degrees of Difference for BML Workers, As "Daddy Dean" Intercedes
What a difference a day has made for the 40 - plus BML employees. Yesterday, they were facing major fines and multiple criminal charges - ad tonight they are free and clear of those charges - and more than that they are going to be re-hired! How did all this happen so fast? Well there's no other way to say it, "Daddy Dean" stepped in to clean up the mess. That's the news tonight, but to tell you how it all went down - we start at court this morning. 19 of the 41 employees had to return to court for their charges - this is after the first 22 - all of them women - were charged yesterday. But instead of being forced to appear before the magistrates, the 19 had a completely different outcome - all their charges were dropped! Daniel Ortiz has that story: Daniel Ortiz "The other half of the BML workers who hadn't been arranged yesterday, showed up back to court answering their summons, readying themselves to face the charges laid against them. Their family, friends and persons who would sign for them sat down in the shade expecting that it would be another very long day in the sweltering heat, waiting for the magistrate's court to accommodate them. But an hour of so after they had reported to court news came down that the police senior command was in negotiations for all charges to be dropped, reportedly with some not so gentle prodding from central government."

How PM Dean Saved Mayor Darrell
But what about their jobs? After all, that's what started this whole thing in the first place! Well, seems "Daddy Dean" has cooked up a solution to that too�. Prime Minister Dean Barrow hosted a press conference at 4:00 this afternoon to outline how his Administration would intervene into the BML/City Hall dispute to make things right going forward. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "An understanding was reached between government and B.M.L and between the Belize City council and B.M.L. Yesterday evening after I became aware of the details of the situation that saw the B.M.L engage in their protest action and after I had been acquainted back and forth between the Belize City council and B.M.L. I got in touch with Mr. Ellis who's the owner/manager of B.M.L and arranged for my representative in the person of economics affairs ambassador Mark Espat to sit with Mr. Ellis; to try and agree on the contours of the intervention that I have told Mr. Ellis government was prepared to make. Mr. Ellis and ambassador Espat did meet and that meeting resulted later on in the issuing of a letter on the part of the Government of Belize to Mr. Lawrence Ellis and Belize Maintenance Limited. What that letter does and I can read it in full for you if that appears to be necessary. But in effect what the letter does is to commit the government of Belize to pay the weekly salary of the B.M.L workers. Government will do this right through to the end of the contract between B.M.L and the Belize City council.

Bradley's Flip-Flops on Litter Tickets: His Human Side Came Out
So, as we've reported, all charges will be dropped, and the ticket fines for littering will be waived, which means that the workers aren't expected to pay that $500. But yesterday, Mayor Darrell Bradley flatly rejected the idea of doing what the Prime Minister announced that the City Council intended to do. During that interview, when the angry BML workers swarmed him demanding that he speak to them face to face, he was asked that question. He said that abiding by the new policy of avoiding political interference of paying ticket fines to City Hall, he wasn't prepared to entertain that idea. Here's how that conversation went: Reporter "Will you strike off the tickets for littering? Will you continue fining them at 500 dollars each?"

Carcamo Family Makes Heartbroken Plea for His Return
Hattieville Chairman Kevin Carcamo has been missing for 17 days now and his family has gone from despair to desperation. Today they held a press conference at the Hattieville Community center to make a plea to anyone to please bring him home to them, dead or alive:� Georgia Blaire - Kevin Carcamo's Sister "So we just need for all my nieces that are here and all my nephews to have comfort of knowing he's okay. Even if he's gone just let us know so we can do the proper thing. If it' money, let us know; I'm not rich but we can figure it out. If it's something you need let us know we can figure it out just give him back to us, it doesn't matter which way. I want answers from the company. This morning I spoke Mr. Martinez and of course they're going to brush me off, it is what it is, and their opinion; But my question is, how to leave somebody in the bush? When you go in as a group you come out as a group. Do we not do head counts; How do we know that there is not a serial killer out there that's chopping people down in Belize, how do we know that?

Melonie Coye Claims Arthur Saldivar Has 900K Of Her Money
Attorney Arthur Saldivar is under pressure tonight - the Coye family whom he helped recover 1.6 million dollars - is now accusing him of helping himself to more than half the money! It's an extraordinary claim against the well-known attorney and politician, but it's no rumour! 7News has learned that Melonie Coye has retained the law firm of Courtney Coye LLP to recover over nine hundred thousand dollars that she claims he helped himself to. She alleges that on June 12th. she went with Saldivar to the Central Bank to recover 1.6 million dollars of her family's money from the Financial Intelligence Unit. It took them until 8:30 pm to finish counting the money, which was in cash.

BML Attorney Matura Shepherd says All This Chaos Could Have Been Avoided
So, as we outlined at the top of the news - things are returning to normal for the 41 BML workers: they're getting their jobs back - and their criminal charges will be dropped. The Prime Minister wanted to meet with them personally today at the Biltmore to give them his assurances, but based on advice, they decided to send representative, Delroy Herrera. Their attorney Audrey Matura Shepherd today told the media that all this could have been avoided:� Audrey Matura-Shepherd - Attorney "I do regret however from Monday when things clearly was out of control it was all over the media, people knew how bad the conditions were, that the higher ups did not intervene then. Yesterday Tuesday again it was a circus out at court, those people were left out there to punish them all day just waiting. There was no intervention and finally today when were to go back to court there was an intervention. I mean it's not too late but we could have avoided all that resources wasted."

Rt. Hon. Musa "Shocked" At BML Arrests
And, like Matura, the PUP believes that it should not have gotten to lockdown, charges or fines in the first place. Former Prime Minister Said Musa was in the Battlefield Park staging a licensed demonstration on a different issue, and while we had the opportunity we asked him about the decision to criminally prosecute the workers for their protest in front of City Hall on Monday. Now, during the end of the tenure of the Musa Administration's second term in office, his Government faced sustained protest - and not with 41 people throwing garbage! In fact, there was a street riot in 2005 and chaos on at least a handful of occasions. Those cases resulted in arrests and dramatic police action, but, still, he told us that he was shocked to see the BML workers being locked up: Rt. Hon. Said Musa "I was completely shocked. I think the whole thing is outrageous, the way these poor citizens of our country, these poor hard working people are being treated; by the administration, by the authorities, starting with the mayor and the Belize City council. But it shouldn't stop there because the mayor and the Belize City council would not be acting the way they're acting with such arrogance if they do not get the guidance from up above, from the national government, from the prime minister right down.

Did Delroy Provoke?
And one more matter on the periphery of the standoff by BML Workers is the influence of activist Delroy Herrera. He's received some criticism because there is the perception that he provoked the illegal action which the BML workers ended up being charged for. The suggestion is that because there wasn't a permit granted, the workers shouldn't have protested. So, when Herrera was released after 7 p.m. on Monday, we asked him about the way the protest was staged. He said that it was spontaneous, and out of his hands from the beginning: Hipolito Novelo, LOVE News "Why was it that a permit was not attained prior to this day?" Delroy Herrera- Organizer "Because this was nothing that was planned, this was spontaneous frustration by the workers. We were talking about certain information that was passed down on the media and so forth by Darrel saying that he has been in communication with the workers and B.M.L which is a blatant lie. What we wanted to do was to just go in front, when we move first of all spontaneously we were just to go in front and just present the 50 workers who had already been temporarily terminated. It just went out from there with frustration, so it was spontaneous."

Belize City Protest Against The Bombing in Gaza
If you've been following the international news, you will know that since July 8th, Israel has been bombing Palestine in the Gaza territory. And while international conflicts don't usually make local news, today a few members and sympathizers of the Local Muslim community brought the matter to the forefront with a protest in Battlefield Park. They believe that the plight of those civilians in the embattled states should be important to all those who respect human dignity: Rt. Hon. Said Musa "Over 1,900 innocent civilians have been bombed and killed and Belize is a part of the world community and we should express our outrage and our shock at this senseless killing that is going on; Because we want the world to pay attention to what is happening in Belize as well, with all the senseless killing of young people and children taking place in our country. Senseless, senseless death, murder taking place in our country and we believe that the Gaza situation should shock the conscience of the world and that is why I'm out here to protest; also of course the fact remains that I have Palestinian heritage in my upbringing. My father was a Palestinian, my family from my father's side have been disposed from their land and driven out of their land, so I have every reason to show my concern."

Sarteneja Community Supports Killing Of Problem Jaguar
Yesterday morning at 11:00, a jaguar was killed in Sartaneja village. This is the picture which was posted on FaceBook with the caption, quote, "Finally the village will stop being afraid. it was a big one," end quote. This sparked outrage on social media and drew consternation from conservationists. When we spoke to one of the villagers, however, she told us that the animal has been killing livestock for months, and several attempts were made to contact Shipstern Conservation & Management Area, before one of the villagers acted in self-defense when the Jaguar attacked, killing it in the process. According to the villagers, a man was walking his 5 dogs when the adult jaguar attacked. The animal then turned on him, but one of the dogs barked, distracting it. When the jaguar pounced on the dog, the villager, in his panic, chopped the jaguar in its head before running away. They said that this was the last resort after months of waiting for the proper authorities to take merciful action.

Trevor The Trafficker
30 year-old Trevor Gillett is spending his spending the first night of a 3 year sentence after he was convicted of drug trafficking in Magistrates Court today. 3 police officers testified against Gillett before Magistrate Herbert Panton that on June 15, 2013, at around 9 p.m., he was riding his bike on Partridge Street Extension. That's when he encountered the officers who were on foot patrol. They stopped and searched him for drugs and guns. Inside his right tennis shoe they found 2 bags of weed, to a total weight of 220 grams - or 7.76 ounces. In his defence, Gillett denied that he had the drugs on him.

9 Days Later, Dwayne Still Missing
Last week we told you about 24 year old Dwayne Young, a caretaker in Burrel Boom who went missing on July 28th after a domestic dispute. 9 days later, he still hasn't been found. According to a co-worker, he went missing after being threatened and later assaulted by a young man whose car was parked in front of Young's girlfriend's home. Reports say that on Monday night that man was detained, but still, his whereabouts are unknown.

Woman Uses Pregnancy To Escape Police Custody
30 year-old Sandra Thompson and 34 year-old Richard Smith are out on bail tonight after she was taken to court for drug trafficking. But, Thompson almost didn't make it there because she escaped from police by playing on their sympathies as a pregnant woman. Police say that they were on patrol on Hibiscus Street on Monday, they saw the couple on a motorcycle. The officers said that when the couple recognized that they were police, Thompson allegedly threw a bag over her shoulder into the drain. They officer stopped them, and then retrieved the bag that they threw away. They discovered that it contained 7.18 ounces of weed - almost half a pound. The couple was then arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Later that night, police say Thompson concocted a plan to escape.

Remembering Chryslin
All week we have been reporting on the tragic murder of 16 year old Chryslin Gladden, and this evening, her close friends and family honoured her memory and publicly mourned her loss with a candlelight vigil and procession. It brought out hundreds of friends, family members, and supporters who marched in solidarity with a message of peace. Robin Schaffer was there:� Robin Schaffer "When we spoke to the supports, they say that all they want is peace." Andrew Munnings - Spokesperson "We are out there today as youths, as Belizeans to say that we have had enough of the crime and violence in Belize. As you can see this turn out is magnificent. Over 100 people, guys we did not expect this. First time youths have ever come together in Belize to say that we have had enough. And we have had the support of the business community and the adult community. Guys this is beautiful, this is magnificent, Chryslin live on, we love you Chryslin."

City Gets Dumptruck
The City Council and its sanitation woes have been dominating the news all this week. But in the mediums term, the mayor is hoping that when the BML contract expires on January of next year, his worries will decrease because the council will take over the responsibilities for keeping the streets clean. Today, in a move towards that, they got 3 garbage compactor dump trucks, as a donation from the Taiwanese Government. Taiwanese Ambassador Benjamin Ho officially handed the trucks over today, and 7News attended that ceremony. Here's what the mayor told us about how it will be used: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, City Hall "We expect that we will be able fully assume these responsibilities immediately upon the expiration of the contract which is January of 2015. I had indicated we had formed a sub-committee which had councilors and technical staff on there, we've put in place mechanism to ensure we are able to absorb the function. The handing over ceremony today of these 3 compacter garbage trucks increases our capacity to deal with that. We are talking today about how we are going to deal with hotspots, I've had extended meetings about that and about dealing with the sludge and different things like that. We have spoken about requiring residence to maintain in front of their yard. We have spoken about the city appropriating cemetery functions and park functions, so we expect come January 2015, we will quite comfortably move into a situation where we can assume responsibility for these things and we have been planning, its again unfortunate to unfold this way but these discussions are sometimes necessary because it makes us recognize how serious and daunting these challenges are."

Channel 5

A Pair of Belize City Youths Arraigned for the Murder of Chryslin Gladden
The gruesome murder of a sixteen year old at the Lord Ridge Cemetery has dominated the newscast since the beginning of the week. Chryslin Gladden, a promising Wesley High School [...]

City Hall Bailed Out of BML Debt by Barrow Administration
Like on every night since Monday, there is a lot to report in the BML - Belize City Council standoff. We start with the news that government has decided to [...]

G.O.B. Agrees to Only Pay Salaries of Sanitation Workers
The agreement between BML and G.O.B. is signed by Financial Secretary Joseph Waight and BML owner Lawrence Ellis. And just in case there is any ambiguity - G.O.B. will only [...]

Charges Against BML Employees for Loitering and Littering Withdrawn
With the immediate and future financial concerns of the workers addressed, government has also intervened in the current legal issues affecting them. Individual charge sheets were issued to forty-one BML [...]

Mayor Bradley Has A Change of Heart on Workers Plight
Those comments from the Prime Minister came at a press conference at the Belize Biltmore Plaza this afternoon. But shortly before that News Five spoke to a properly chastened and [...]

Female Sanitation Workers Arraigned in Magistrates' Court
So in a nutshell…G.O.B. will assume payments to all one hundred and seventy BML workers. When the contract expires in January, the City Council will hire all workers. Charges of [...]

PM Barrow In the Dark About Lockdown of BML Workers
It was an incredible thing to see as many as twenty-two women packed in a holding cell at the aptly named '[#%!] house' in Belize City. Four workers allegedly three [...]

Former Prime Minister on BML Workers
Said Musa is the former Prime Minister of Belize, and no stranger to controversy or unrest. But he says that even he was shocked by the detention of workers and [...]

Carcamo Family Pleads for Safe Return
As days go by, the disappearance of Hattieville chairman Kevin Carcamo, remains a puzzle for his family. Carcamo, who is employed as a linesman with Discoverseis, did not return home [...]

Greg Ch'oc Says Some Community Leaders Excluded From U.S. Capital Sit-down
The arrival of drilling equipment in Sunday Wood on July twenty-fifth, has brought with it certain discord among members of the Maya communities fringing the Sarstoon Temash National Park.� In [...]

Thieves Break Into C-NET+ Office
Over the weekend the C-NET+ office on Calle Al Mar Street, Belize City was vandalized. On Monday morning when the program coordinator arrived at work, he found that the office [...]

Pregnant Belize City Woman Charged for Escaping from Police Custody
A pregnant woman managed to trick the police while she was in their custody at the K.H.M.H. �Thirty year-old Sandra Thompson, a mother and resident of a Belama Phase Three [...]

Said Musa Protests Ongoing Gaza Conflict
Today, while attention was on the BML workers in front of court, there was another small protest taking place in Central Park. Small protest - but big motive and big [...]

Taiwanese Government Donates Compactor Trucks to CitCo
Both Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley have maintained that the City Council will take over the works currently done by BML when that contract expires [...]

Belize Competes in U-23 Female Volleyball Championship in Honduras
Team Belize arrives in Tegucigalpa, Honduras today ready to compete in the U-twenty-three Central American Female Volleyball Championship. The event takes place from August seventh to August thirteenth 2014.� The [...]

Adventist Youth Mission Returns from Guatemala
A delegation of youths recently returned from Guatemala where they attended a religious forum for members of the Seventh Day Adventists.� While in Guatemala, the group took the opportunity to [...]

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More News: Scroll up from here


Traffic Accident Leads To The Death Of One Corozaleno
His accident never made it on the news, but tonight we are saddened to report the death of another youth from Corozal who passed away on Sunday August 3rd, while receiving treatment at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. Nineteen year old Reiner Campos, Belizean Laborer from Halls Layout, was involved in a traffic accident on Thursday July 24th. As mentioned, the incident never made it on the news as it was not reported in the police sitrep until today. What we understand happened is that at around 7:30 on the night of July 24th, authorities visited an area near the Villages of San Narciso and San Victor in the Corozal District, where they observed a grey Toyota Prado bearing license plate CZL-C-11766 on the left hand side of the road with its four wheels in the air.

PUP Secretariat Opens Application For Candidates For Municipal Election
With approximately seven months away from the date set for Municipal Elections, The People's United Party Secretariat has officially announced the opening of applications for candidates interested in entering the race. PUP Standard Bearer for Corozal Bay, Gregorio Papa's Garcia, told us more about the process of applying. Gregorio Papa's Garcia - PUP Std. Bearer Corozal Bay "We have a date scheduled for a contested convention of course we have been getting feedback and there is more than one person interested for Mayor as well as more people interested for councilors than it is possible to have, you know, we have gotten a date for October 5th which will be the date for the convention and I guess the venue will come afterwards and you can pick up your application form with Miss Thea Garcia, Chairlady for Corozal Bay, Hilberto Camal for Corozal North, as well you can do personally with the secretariat in Belize City so that is where we are right now and of course anyone interested can contact these people, contact the secretariat in Belize City, get your applications fill them out and of course send them back in before the 18th of August."

Andy Rhaburn Was Orderd By The Court To Evacuate The Premises He Set On Fire
In our previous newscast we told you about a fire that completely destroyed a house in Carmelita Village. The house belonged to Sara Pech and was located in the middle of her yard where other wooden structures surround it. The house was apparently set ablaze by Pech's son, 23 year old Andy Rhaburn around one on the morning of Saturday, August second. Fire officials say that by the time they arrived at the scene of the blaze the house was completely engulfed and the family lost everything inside. The total cost of the loss amounts to some six thousand dollars and it was not insured.

Jaguar Officer Speaks On The Killing Of Wild Cats
And while Forestry Officials are monitoring the bird's situation and dialoguing with the family who have reportedly launched a petition on the island to get their birds back, another situation popped up today when residents of Sarteneja Village in the Corozal District trapped and killed an adult Jaguar that had been preying on their livestock for quite some time. Forestry officials say they have been in the village sensitising farmers on two or more occasions about the capture of wild cats. And of course legally farmers are permitted to kill jaguars when their livestock is being killed - but have to notify Forestry Department right away. According to Wildlife Officer, Edgar Correa, they have tried trans-locating cats previously and it didn't work (they either became problem cats in the new area or returned cross country to their original territory. In this case, they are simply trying to get the carcass in their possession since wildlife is government property.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle
Last night we reported on the pickup truck that was stolen from Gilberto Camal's garage in the village of Xaibe in the Corozal District on the 31st of July 2014.Today our news team caught up with Camal who told us how his truck was stolen from his garage while they were asleep. Gilberto Camal - Victim "As we woke up Friday six o'clock we noticed that a hammock went missing and the vehicle, and after investigating the whole day Friday and part of Saturday we manage to find that it was somebody from the village who took the vehicle, he drove it out of the garage."

Rotaract Club Of Belize Represented In 12th Triennal Interota Conference
The Rotaract Clubs of Belize have collectively been active within their communities and the chapter here in Orange Walk is certainly well known within the area. But, they are not the only ones seeking to selflessly serve their communities as thousands of other youth are equally involved in their communities around the globe. Representatives of these clubs met in one country to share their successes and trials in what they call the 12th triennal Interota. Belize sent a representative to attend the conference, which is an international Rotaract conference held every three years. This year it was hosted in Canada from July 26th to Friday August 1st. Angel Cabrera represented the Rotaract Club of Belize.

San Pedro Youth Group Raises Funds To Assist Catholic Church
Iglesia San Pedro y San Pablo, the Catholic Church in the small community of San Pedro in the Corozal District, opened its doors in the year of 1978. After almost three decades, the church's building is in dire need of much refurbishing. Willing to solve the problem, a group of approximately 20 young and dynamic residents, have taken the task of garnering all necessary funds to carry out the project. According to President of the Youth Group, Karina Ya, in order to fulfill the project the group has organized a fair for this coming Saturday August 9th at the Church's compound.

Trio Charged For Robbery Of Bowen And Bowen Delivery Truck
Tonight Manuel Gerardo Sosa, Jovanny Mena and Dardo Chata all of Corozal Town are spending their first night at the Kolbe Correctional Facility after they were charged for the July 28th broad daylight robbery of a Bowen and Bowen delivery truck. When the trio appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court this morning, they were all charged for robbery and remanded to prison until the 7th of October 2014 when they are expected to re-appear in court. The men were denied bail since a firearm was used during the crime.

O/W Police Gives An Updated On Ramon Cervantes Murder Case
Since the heinous murder of 71 year old businessman Ramon Cervantes Sr, authorities remain on high alert on the whereabouts of the alleged perpetrator and mastermind, Manuel 'Pelon' Castillo who absconded from police in the midst of the investigation. Today marks exactly one month since Cervantes' badly beaten body was discovered in a shallow grave on a farm in the Honey Camp area of Orange Walk Town and no closer are the police in closing this case. Three persons were arrested, charged and are on remand but that is no consolation to the family and the community since Castillo is still on the run.


BML Employee Says Even Penner Didn’t Get Treated This Way
Some forty plus Belize Maintenance Limited workers are waiting to be arraigned at the Belize City Magistrate's court. The charge comes after the employees staged an impromptu protest in front of the Belize City Hall demanding that Mayor Darrell Bradley pay the debt owed to the Belize Maintenance Limited. A large amount of garbage was scattered in front of City Hall as a way to send a message to Mayor Bradley. Police were called to the scene and the group was ordered to disperse. However a bus load of employees were arrested and held up to late last night at the Queen Street Police Station. Leading the crowd yesterday was Activist, Delroy Herrera, who was arrested with the crowd. Also arrested was Faith Flores who told us that she suffers from asthma and was unfairly treated. In the mix was also Vibes Morning Show Host Albert Vaughn.

Bradley Says Citco Doesn’t Need an Executive Mayor
Bradley explained his decision to practice law whilst holding the mayoral position for Belize City. MAYOR DARRELL BRADLEY "I have always done that and that's something that I don't foresee as being a problem nor do I foresee myself discontinuing it. The thing that I have always maintained is that the City Council needs to run like a Board of Directors. You don't need an Executive Mayor because when you have an executive mayor who is nitpicking in terms of HR; who you hire, who you fire, who you do, who you this, that kind of invites the political meddling that we've seen in the past which is very destructive to the council so that when I go into the office to deal with the job as Mayor I deal with what I consider are strategic issues, macro issues, the bond, legislative changes.

Mayor Bradley Speaks on Defending Grijalva In Court Against OW Town
Last week we told you about a civil matter for just over eighty eight thousand dollars, filed against the Orange Walk Town Council that was heard in the Supreme Court. It is a matter that came about in 2012 when the Orange Walk Mayor, Kevin Bernard refused to pay Denny Grijalva's company, D Mar's Construction Company, an outstanding balance for works done on some streets in that municipality��what we found interesting was that Denny Grijalva was being represented by Belize City's Mayor, Darrell Bradley. One would think it would be somewhat strange considering that both Bernard and Bradley are on the Mayor's Association. But according to Mayor Bradley, it is not strange and it certainly is not a conflict of interest.

Chief Magistrate Renders Five Years for Firearm Offences
Thirty-two year old Kareem Bennett, a retail salesman charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license, was sentenced to 5 years for each offence today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith after she found him guilty of the charges. But Bennett will only serve 5 years because Chief Magistrate Smith stipulated that the sentences are to run concurrently. Bennett was busted around 3:30 a.m. on June 25, 2012. He was a passenger in the front seat of a black Saturn Vue that had 3 other occupants when the police stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Graduate Crescent and Campus Avenue. Police constable Raul Ico testified that when he searched Bennett he found a Smith and Wesson brand pistol with 6 rounds of ammunition in the waist of his pants. Bennett gave a statement from the dock in which he said that the firearm was found in the vehicle and he had no knowledge of it. But Chief Magistrate Smith in her ruling said that the testimony Ico was compelling and she did find that Bennett had knowledge of the firearm and she found him guilty.

Driver Succumbs to Accident Ten Days Later
Corozal Police are investigating a traffic accident that turned fatal when the driver involved in the incident passed away at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital this past Sunday. The incident occurred on July 24 just after seven o'clock in the evening on the San Narciso/San Victor Roads. When police arrived at the scene, they found an overturned grey Toyota Prado on the left shoulder of the road, bearing extensive damage. The driver, 19-year-old, Reiner Campos was already taken to the Corozal Community Hospital in an unconscious state with severe body injuries. Campos was listed as critical and was transported to the KHMH for further treatment. Campos, who resided on Fifth Avenue in Corozal Town, was traveling alone at the time. A post mortem examination was conducted today by Dr. Mario Estradabran.

BSI Says No to Independent Consultant in Bagasse Issue
The next major hurdle cane farmers face does not have to do with weather elements but with its main partner in the industry over the payment for bagasse. At a meeting on July 20th farmers rejected the BSI proposal of 51 cents as the quantum to be paid for a ton of cane. Farmers then sent a letter to Sugar Industry Control Board, SICB, to seek an international expert to help solve the problem between BSCFA and BSI. At a press conference last week Prime Minister Barrow said he met with BSI representatives who expressed their rejection for an international expert to intervene in a matter they consider "private" between commercial partners. Also last week, BSI's CEO Jose Montalvo confirmed that rejection when he spoke with LOVE NEWS. In speaking, with Alfredo Ortega of BSCFA, he said that if BSI does not accept their proposal then they should propose a better solution to the problem. ALFREDO ORTEGA "Funny to note that they have come out with this - that they don't want to accept an international consultant. This brings many things to mind. I think that if we are looking in good faith and we are really working forward that there is nothing to hide I think that they should at least they should come with something different than saying a complete No to an international consultant. I think that those things can really spark certain situations. We're looking forward to negotiating something just for the farmers.

Minor Charged With Murder of 16-Year-Old, Chryslin Gladden
Tonight, we can tell you that there has been a leap in the investigations into the murder of 16-year-old, Chryslin Gladden that occurred sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning. This news came just after five o'clock this evening from the Belize Police Press Office. Unfortunately, we won't be able to give you the identity of who is being charged as she is a minor. Earlier today in an interview with the lead investigator, it was indicated to the media that charges would have been filed against the female minor. Here is that interview with the NCO of the Criminal Investigations Branch of Precinct Two, Roberto Novelo. ROBERTO NOVELO "So far our investigation revealed that the female had left home on Friday, August 1 around 7:00pm. Thereafter she was seen in the Boots Crescent area socializing with another female and others. So far we have a female and a male person detained and we should hear positive results in the next hours. We had a police officer detained in reference to this murder however his name has been cleared and he has been released. As I mentioned we have one female person and male person detained and we are compiling the statements at this time and we will forward it to the DPP for legal advice. Our investigation is that this female was socializing with another female and others at a certain area in the Boots Crescent area and from there was last seen leaving with the female. Both cell phones are still missing at this time and some of her jewelry as well. The police is in possession of some of her jewelry. We believe that this murder is a result of jealousy and hatred."

Drought Affecting Cane Farmers in Northern Belize
During the scheduled start and then the latter part of the 2014 crop delivery season there was excess rainfall that had negative implications in the industry. For one, excess rain damaged the sucrose content in the cane, lowering the quality. Secondly, the heavy rainfalls had major impact on the sugar roads networks that connects the 60 thousand acres of sugar plantation to the sugar mill. While that dilemma is in the past, there is another major obstacle affecting some farmers, the shortage of rain need during the replanting season. Alfredo Ortega of the BSCFA told us how farmers are coping. ALFREDO ORTEGA "Well yes it's a very difficult situation to those farmers that planted lately, those that managed to farm when we experienced the rain, they are doing very good, and the cane is starting to come up. Those that planted a month ago are really suffering because as you can see the drought that we are experiencing is really damaging and some of those farmers will lose almost 100% of what they have planted others it might be less but they have to go through a replanting process so it will definitely cause loss to those farmers."


Jealousy leads to the Murder of promising Teen
The body of 16 year old Chryslin Gladden was discovered in Lord Ridge Cemetery Belize City sometime around 6 on Saturday morning...

BML workers arrested over protest
As we reported on Monday, 43 employees of Belize Maintenance Limited (BML), plus activist Delroy Herrera were held for more than 7 hours at the Queen...

Workers confront Belize City Mayor
On Tuesday we also spoke to the Mayor outside the Magistrate's Court, surrounded by several of the workers charged over Monday's protest...

Government Driver Busted with Weed
The driver for the Foreign Minister and the Auditor General was reportedly busted with weed at the UDP convention on Sunday August 3rd...

Another Successful Robbery in Dangriga
Two armed men made off with over 32 thousand dollars worth of items when they robbed a Madisco truck which was parked at Chaleanor Hotel situated on M...

Kareem Bennett jailed for firearm
Kareem Bennett began a five year concurrent sentence for keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license, after being found guilty by Chief Mag...

Belize City man assaulted at Someone Else's House
Police are investigating reports of an aggravated burglary that occurred at around 4:00 pm on Monday August 4th...

Traffic Mishap Claims life of 19 year old
Corozal Police are investigating a road traffic accident that occurred on Thursday July 24th at the San Narciso/ San Victor Road in the Corozal Distri...

National Song Competition finalists meet the press
The National Song Competition is in its final stage and on Tuesday the fifteen finalists from across the country met with the press...

Patrick JonesPJ

Government driver found with weed
Dorian Avilez, employed as a driver for Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General Wilfred Elrington, was detained while attending Sunday's UDP convention in Belize City. A police officer searched him at the entrance of the ITVET compound and recovered a transparent plastic bag containing 7.1 grams of cannabis in his right side pants pocket. Avilez pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to possession of controlled drugs and was offered bail and a surety of $800. But he owes the court $2,900, part of a fine given in 2003 for a conviction for possession of unlicensed ammunition which he had failed to clear.

BREAKING: GOB to pay BML workers for remainder of contract period
The Government of Belize will pay he wages of the workers of Belize Maintenance Limited for the remaining life of the current sanitation contact with the Belize City Council. The announcement was made this afternoon by Prime Minister Dean Barrow during a press conference at the Biltmore Hotel. Prime Minister Barrow, in making the announcement, said that the decision to pay the wages for the BML workers is not a political gesture but a response to the situation facing them. The Prime Minister also announced that the Belize City Council has committed to taking on as many of the BML workers as is needed when the sanitation contract expires in Jaunary, 2015.

Skills training for Toledo youth
A five day workshop for young people is underway in Punta Gorda town. Close to 30 young people are taking part in the event which is being held at the PG Methodist School. They are learning about various subjects including technology and the advantage to their use, business entrepreneurship , self esteem and leadership. These are all issues that affect young people. One of the organizers Yvonne Nixon told the Belize Media Group that the week of having youths learning about themselves is very much needed.

Police halt charges against BML workers pending negotiations
Reports from Belize City say that the police is suspending the process of bringing charges against the male workers of Belize Maintenance Limited who were arrested on Monday. According to information received, the decision to suspend charges at this time is because negotiations are ongoing. When those negotiations are completed, the police will determine whether to continue with the charges. It is not sure if the charges against the women who were arraigned on Tuesday will be suspended as well.


Magical, Magical Sleeping Giant Lodge in Belize's Maya Mountains
Sunday morning, I reluctantly boarded a private van for the 1 hour, 15 minute ride through the valley lined with citrus groves and then the twisty, turny Maya Mountains. We turned in at the rather unremarkable Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge sign. 2 minutes later we were there. Immediately surrounded by flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds, I climbed the stairs to the lodge, bar and dining area and met Eugene, the manager and my host. He took me on a quick tour of the lodge - showed me the view from the dining room� I was totally enchanted. It almost makes sense that a giant is sleeping right in front of you. After first seeing the suite and the pool, I wasn't sure that much else would shock me. But about an hour after arriving, I took the guided 20 minute hike up the hillside, to a three story lookout tower called The Gazebo�

A Belize Zoo Jabiru Rescue - With assistance from other wildlife friends!
Over two months ago, juvenile jabiru stork, "Donovan," was rescued within the forests of the Orange Walk District. The young fellow who found the badly injured stork was Donovan, and so to honour his heroic actions, his name became the name of the jabiru. It was thought by all that young stork Donovan took a tumble from his nest. In doing so, the baby bird's wing was severely injured. Luckily for "Donovan," after a quick stop at Cheers restaurant so that an effort could be made to get some badly needed water into the weak stork, Donovan was taken to the Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic. Intensive care was provided. Dr. Isabel and her crew of assistants, attended to "Donovan's" injured wing, but sadly noted that it was way beyond repair. Medications and food became a daily part of "Donovan's" life. Belize Zoo Animal management supervisor, Humberto Wohlers, became the "fish delivery man", taking bags of fish to the clinic, assisting in the dinner needs for "Donovan." Oh, how the youngster loved those fish!

International Sourcesizz

Miami's port tunnel to open in August
More than two months and $7 million in contractor fines after it was supposed to open, Port Miami's billion-dollar tunnel is finally about ready to handle traffic, officials said Thursday. "It'll be open in early August, no later than two weeks from today," said Chris Hodgkins, vice president of MAT Concessionaire, the consortium of companies that built the tunnel and will operate it. The tunnel was scheduled to debut on May 19, pulling a projected 16,000 port-bound vehicles a day off Miami's downtown streets. But various glitches, including malfunctioning exhaust fans and a leaking drainage pipe, have prevented it from opening. "I know it's a clich�, but whether it's your kitchen or a tunnel under Biscayne Bay, you don't let the contractor leave until everything's perfect," Hodgkins said, reciting a phrase that's become a mantra to nearly everybody connected with the tunnel project over the past two months.

Weddings in Belize are Hot Hot Hot!
When we say weddings in Belize can get hot - we're not exaggerating. Everything about this particular wedding was hot. Welcome to weddings in the tropics where it all gets a bit steamy, blazing and well..downright decalescent (ok we admit to consulting a thesaurus on this one, but it is a real word and it sounds good!)

Rashida Jones, Cobie Smulders, and Angela Kinsey Dive in to Help Oceana Protect Belizean Reefs
A trio of Hollywood celebrities recently took their star power to Belize to help Oceana protect the largest reef in the Western hemisphere. Cobie Smulders, Rashida Jones and Angela Kinsey traveled to coastal Belize, where they raised awareness for this delicate ocean ecosystem and promoted Oceana's ongoing work in the country. Cobie Smulders of "How I Met Your Mother" fame filmed a new Oceana PSA in the stunning South Water Caye Marine Reserve where she visited a unique island made of mangrove trees. She swam through this critical habitat that is home to juvenile reef fish and provides shelter for them to grow before they settle on the nearby barrier reef. Once back on dry land at the Pelican Bay Resort, Smulders remarked on how amazing it was to see such a diverse and important habitat just beyond the surface of the water. "Maybe because it's underwater people don't really think about it as much, but this reef is Belize and you just want it to always be there," said Smulders. "It was really interesting to see how necessary these habitats are for the good of the reef. Oceana works really well with local governments and communities to empower them and educate them in how to preserve their local marine habitats," she added.

FCC Youth Mission Team to recap recent Belize trip with special program
The youth mission team from First Christian Church Rockwall just returned from working in San Lazaro, Belize. In the 8:45 am and 11:00 am morning worship services on August 17th at the First Christian Church in Rockwall, the youth missionary team will give a presentation of their trip to share their experiences and spiritual journeys, as well as a slide show of the trip. Immediately following the 11:00 am service, the youth group will serve a Belizean meal. During the mission trip, the group replaced the roof on a church in the community of San Lazaro and participated in a food ministry where they went into town and bought staples in 100 lb. bags and repackaged them for 20 different families - rice, flour, beans, masa, soap, etc. They delivered the packages to indigent families in the community.


Video: Costa Maya Furball Fashion Show Hosted by Saga Humane Society, 4min.
Every year prior to the Costa Maya Festival, Saga Humane Society has the privilege of hosting the pageant contestants at a fundraiser for the non-profit organization. The eight beautiful delegates become volunteers for the organization and help to raise much needed funding for their day to day operations and service to the island.

Video: Love Belize, 2min.
Roxana Alcoser a Belizean singer from Sugar City Belize. This is a short clip which was made from a performance onstage here in Los Angeles and also from segments of her existing video... This is basically an advertisement for her Sept.20th. & 21 st. appearance at the Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood Ca. -Mellowvision-

Video: Angela Kinsey & Rashida Jones Talk Protecting Belize's Hidden Treasures, 2min.
"The Office" co-stars Rashida Jones and Angela Kinsey traveled together to the island of Ambergris Caye and swam with Oceana along the second-largest barrier reef in the world. See what they have to say about the reef's beauty, biodiversity and need for protection.

Video: Belize City, Belize oft als andere Karibik, 5min.

Video: Shipstern behoud van een natuurgebied in Belize | Burgers' Zoo in de Wereld, 3min.
Belize heeft een omvattend systeem van beschermde gebieden, sommige goed beschermd, andere slechts op papier. Het grootste (drie keer het oppervlakte van park de Hoge Veluwe) en best beschermde natuurgebied in Belize is in handen van Burgers' Zoo.

Video: Belize Tropical Adventure - S03E06, 20min.
Belize was relatively expensive for us to travel so we decided to cut down on time and ramp up on energy. This episode may have only taken a couple of weeks to record but 2 weeks in Belize is 2 weeks packed with adventure!

Video: If You Can Sing It... Bring It (August 5, 2014), 1hr50min.

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