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The San Pedro Sun

International and National Performers blaze the stage during the second night of Costa Maya
On Friday August 8th, the stage at the 2014 Costa Maya Festival blazed with talent as a number of musical acts took the stage. Opening the night of festivity was Master of Ceremonies Eiden Salazar, followed by an address to the crowd by Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero. The Mayor welcomed Miss Elisa Espinosa Gómez as the newly crowned Reina de la Costa Maya and invited islanders and visitors to enjoy all the night had to offer.Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. spoke of the economic origin and the long standing traditions of the festival, while Reina de la Costa Maya 2014 Elisa Gómez expressed her enthusiasm towards being the cultural ambassador for all the Costa Maya represented.

Rachelle Lisbey participates in Verano Bacalar 2014
Sanpedrana Rachelle Lisbey participated in three day summer camp in Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico. The Verano Bacalar 2014 summer program, which ran from Friday, August 1st to Sunday, August 3rd, saw the participation of 12 30-members teams competing in 10 social and sporting challenges. In the end, it was team New Generation that took the big win, while Lisbey’s team The Boomers’ came in a close second. Organized by Edwin Aguilar Laguardia and Beto Rogel, the camp has been held since 2001 and aimed at stimulating youth by getting them to participate in recreational activities. Fun at the camp included football, volleyball, kayaking and dancing. Winning each challenges earned the teams points that were tallied in the end to decide the team that took the Verano Bacalar Champion’s Cup.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Catch of the Day
Our friend Jorge "Jorgio" Reina Jr. with his catch of the day, yesterday at San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend for those travelling to the island for the festivities.

Channel 7

Common-Law Detained For Attempted Hit On Hubby
On Wednesday afternoon, fisherman Brian Clare was injured in a quite unusual shooting on Partridge Street. At 1:45, Clare was driving a pickup on Partridge Street when two men on bicycles pulled up and fired several shots at him. Clare seemed to have been prepared though; he took out his licensed gun and fired two shots back at them. The two men escaped unharmed - one of them leaving their bicycle behind. Clare was shot to the right arm. Precinct two police looked closely at the crime because the execution attempt didn't fit the profile of other crimes - since Clare was not known to be involved in any gang or underworld activities. Police worked hard to find two main suspects, and also got one of the guns they believe was used in the shooting. But their investigation also led them to Clare's common-law who was detained yesterday - and remains in police custody tonight. Police say she could be charged for attempted murder by Monday.

ASP Noble - Why Was He Unceremoniously Removed?
One week ago we told you that ASP Chris Noble had been transferred effective immediately from his post as Regional Executive Officer in the Belize District. Noble, who had gained a public reputation for vigilance and attention to duty, had been sent to the garage, the transport section - for a department that mostly outsources it's mechanical work. It was an unceremonious and swift departure ordered by COMPOL Allen Whylie himself who pulled Noble out of a meeting and called him to Belmopan to give him the news directly. So, everyone's been asking - what's really behind the sudden move? What did Noble do to the Commissioner, was it personal? Today at a BDF passing out the commissioner wouldn't talk to the press but the CEO in the Ministry of National Security did - and here's what he said:.. Ret. Col. George Lovell, C.E.O., Ministry of National Security "Reposting is a prevue of the commissioner and so it is something that the ministry necessarily interfere with. So he was reposted." Reporter "Did the ComPol gave you any reason as to why he reposted Mr. Noble?" Ret. Col. George Lovell, C.E.O., Ministry of National Security "As I said it is his prevue when I discussed it with him. It is something that is administrative that I would like for him personally if you would ask his that question for him to say. I can tell you that there were some discussions between Noble and him and I am quite certain that Noble and the Commissioner would be better to explain what has transpired in those discussions."

Attorney Arthur Makes Money Allegations Against Melonie
Attorney Arthur Saldivar is making national headlines - after his former client Melonie Coye accused him of making off with none hundred thousand dollars of her money that was recovered from the Central Bank. Saldivar said he did no such thing, but her new attorney Eamon Courtenay is filing suit against Saldivar to get the money back. Saldivar says that he did not take her money, but that he is owed 1.6 million dollars in fees. Last night you saw most of his interview, but tonight we have more - where he explains that the allegation came as a shock, and where he speculates as to what may be behind it:.. Arthur Saldivar. Former Attorney - Melonie Coye "In terms of the latest round of cases I have not been paid not a dime. So when I heard of this news it came as a shock, a real shock to me. The allegation itself is somewhat to me some justification or rationale that perhaps my former client is using to justify not returning funds that may not be hers. I don't know. That's the only thing I can conjure up at this time. That's the only thing I can fathom at this time. I wish her well but I don't understand why it was that she would want to drag my name through the mud like she has done here in this particular matter."

Arthur On Enforcement Of Eviction Orders
Surely, the Arthur Saldivar interview is one of the most memorable sit-down's we've had in a while - and that's because, despite the allegations against him, Saldivar always entertains. He certainly did when we asked him about the court order he went to enforce on Don Blunt in Placencia. But, that's not the first time he's faced complaints enforcing eviction orders on the peninsula. We know of at least one other time that came to our attention and almost made the news. We asked him about it:.. Jules Vasquez "This is the second time that we have been alerted to your activities as an enforcer of court orders on the Peninsula. You will remember the other case that the people captured you on camera which we never aired because I received a satisfactory explanation from you." Arthur Saldivar, attorney "You are going to go there?" Jules Vasquez "No sir." Arthur Saldivar, attorney "Who is paying you? I have to ask you Jules. Every once in a while I need to ask you." Jules Vasquez "Really?"

Attorney Arthur Sidles Up To PM's Law Partner
And while he professes to love Jules, Saldivar, it seems has also taken up a great liking for the Prime Minister's law partner, Rodwell Williams. You may recall that earlier this year, Williams won a Supreme Court judgment against Saldivar for sixty thousand dollars for defaming Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Saldivar payed Williams the first few thousand dollars in coins in May and that was rejected - but the whole sum was due by the end of July. That was a week ago and we asked Saldivar if he had paid up. Instead he told us he had found a new friend:.. Jules Vasquez "I know you have a significant fee to pay for damages to the Prime Minister." Arthur Saldivar, attorney "He is damage? Is he damage? I don't know that he has been damage." (laughing)

Capital Cops Catch Criminal
Belmopan police are reporting that they've caught a man who has been a fugitive for a month after he was the main suspect in an armed robbery in that City. He's 23 year-old Lincoln Bejerano, and tonight, he's at the Belize Central Prison. The cashier of Gas Tomza in Belmopan reported that just after midday on Friday, July 18, she was at work when she saw 2 men approaching the office on a motorcycle. Shortly after, one of the men barged into the office and quickly subdued her at knifepoint. He demanded money, and fearing for her life, she handed over a Belize Bank deposit bag, which contained $1,000 of the day's proceeds inside it.

Belizean "Wesley Snipes" Free Of Murder Charge
38 year-old Wesley Emmanuel – better known as “Wesley Snipes” is free tonight of the charge of murder after 6 years of fighting a trial in the Supreme Court. He was accused of killing 36 year-old Emi-hidio “Emi” Gomez on July 16, 2008.

Albert Vaughan Stands Alone
On Wednesday, we told you how Prime Minister Dean Barrow moved in and made all the criminal charges disappear for the BML Workers. But, one man alone still faces charges: he is the PUP’s Albert Vaughan.

NTUCB Big Behind BML Workers; Disses Cops
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize issued its statement today, supporting the BML workers and calling on the Christian Workers’ Union to immediately proceed with unionizing them. The NTUCB also calls on the Ministry of Labour and the Social Security Board to ensure that their termination is handled properly.

Security CEO Hops Wishes Soldiers Could Stay Off Streets
In early July, the BDF were brought back unto the streets – after being taken off just three months earlier. It’s not a decision that was lightly taken – and today the CEO who engineered their removal, says he hopes the soldiers can be removed from the urban jungle as quickly as they were brought back:…

Norman Rodriguez: Soldier Of Misfortune
BDF Corporal Norman Rodriguez was diagnosed with a rare and serious blood vessel disorder in 2007. He’s been unable to work or lead a normal life. He needs to undergo a surgery, but the BDF can’t afford it the hundred thousand dollar procedure.

Boom Creek Road Culvert "Bus'"!
Our colleagues from PGTV are reporting that for the past 3 days villagers of the Boom Creek Road have been cut off and forced to walk 6 Miles to Punta Gorda Town, because their road is currently inaccessible due to a broken Culvert.

Man Convicted For Weed In Attic
Raccoon Street Resident Nigel Murray is at prison tonight after he was found guilty of drug trafficking before the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith.

Former Customs Officer Remanded
Former Customs Officer Emert Flowers is going through a rough patch after he recently lost his job with Customs was then remanded to jail on a gun charge.

Media Scolded For Showing Minor Murder Suspect
All this week, news has been dominated by the tragic story of the Wesley Graduate Chryslin Gladden who was found stabbed to death in the Lord Ridge Cemetery. As we’ve reported, investigators charged her 17 year-old classmate and the minor’s adult boyfriend for Gladden’s murder. Now, the National Committee for Families and Children and the Magistracy are scolding the media houses who published the 17 year old murder suspects name and face.

The New Crop Of Soldiers
Today was a proud day for the 72 graduates from the BDF Recruit Intake No. 58. The graduates endured 18 weeks of intense training designed to alter their physical, emotional and psychological capacity and transform them into soldiers. Courtney Weatherburne has the story:

NICH Brings Content Provider To Belize
The Belize Film Commission today announced its partnership with Ardomi Media Group to help promote Belize as a film location to the international community. Ardomi is a content provider based in Los Angeles, and by partnering with NICH, the hoping to grow Belize’s film industry. We spoke to Jeff Pogue, one of the Ardomi partners, and he told us that Sony Pictures is just one of the prospective clients scouting Belize:

Hamlet In Belize
If you took English and Literature at High School you might have read Shakespeare's works and, if not, you've definitely heard of the prolific English poet, playwright and actor. Well, next week, Belizeans will have a chance to see one of his works come to life: a production of Hamlet is coming to Belize. The Globe Theater is travelling around the world to share Hamlet with every country. We have a short clip to give you a taste of what it is all about. The Belize performance will be held on Tuesday August 12th at 7:30 pm at the Bliss Center. Tickets range from $20 to $50 and can be purchased from the Bliss or Lifeline Foundation.

A Risk Free Camp For At Risk Youths
CYDP's annual Under 19 Summer Sports Camp concluded today. The camp tries to engage at risk youths from troubled areas of the city towards positive and healthy activities and away from gangs. The camp covers two key components: competitive sport and life skills. This year the coordinators of the camp decided to make things more interesting for the youths by modifying the life skills segment. Courtney Weatherburne went to ITVET to find out more. They started off with 100 youths and they all stayed through until the end. The youths were given school supplies as well as personal items at today's closing.

The Reporter

Cyclist, Ernest Meighan shot
The Reporter has confirmed that former Cross Country cycling champion, Ernest Meighan, has been shot. The incident happened at around11:30 on Saturday morning somewhere in the George Street area of Belize City. The Reporter will have more details shortly.

PUP Leader: Arthur Saldivar could face dismissal from party
Arthur Saldivar, the attorney who is seeking political office on the PUP ticket in the Belize Rural Central constituency in the next general elections could face dismissal from the party. PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, made the announcement publicly on Friday after Saldivar’s former client, Melonie Coye, accused him of stealing over $900,000 two months ago – monies she claims he has refused to return. Fonseca has said that his party will not wait for the outcome of the case against Saldivar. He continued that the PUP will seek to speak to the relevant parties and if Saldivar is found to have violated any of the party’s standards he could face dismissal.

New Brazilian law protects maids
Under a new law in Brazil the rights of people employed as maids are now protected. Employers who do not register their domestic workers can now be fined. The new law is part of new measures to provide basic employment protection for seven million domestic […]

Patrick JonesPJ

Cyclist shot and killed in Belize City
Belizean cyclist Ernest Meighan was fatally wounded in a shooting incident this morning in Belize City. Preliminary information received say the shooting happened in the area of West Canal and Rocky Road.

Gender-based violence training underway in Toledo
The second part of a series of workshops on gender-based violence is being held today at the Julian Cho Technical High School auditorium. Alcaldes, second alcaldes, chairmen and vice-chairmen from different communities across the Toledo district are attending the day-long forum. The forum is organized by the Women’s Department and facilitated by the Executive Director of the National Women’s Commission Pulcheria Teul, with support from Lorraine Johnson, from the Toledo branch of the Women’s Department. During the discussion period, the leaders brought up various issues confronting them in their respective communities including husbands abusing their wives, public drinking, children and youth misbehaving and other concerns. According to the organizers the training is to help all the leaders to acquire first hand knowledge of what could be possible contributing factors of gender-based violence and possible ways of addressing them utilizing the Domestic Violence Act.


Spice up your Belize Vacation
A while back I got an email from Gabriel, he found me on Trip Advisor Belize Travel Forum while doing some research for an upcoming trip to Ambergris Caye He went onto say that his group really wanted to see the blue hole, but don’t want to take a 2.5 hour boat ride and did I know if tropic air does private charters over the blue hole? He was thinking a great way to begin their vacation would be to start at Belize International Airport with a private charter, do a scenic flight over the blue hole and then finish off at San Pedro Airport. I wrote him back and let him know I thought it was a great idea and that Tropic Air Tours were still doing the blue hole and that it could be done from Belize City as well as the leaving from San Pedro Option. Blue Hole Tour The plane follows the reef line south to historic St. George’s Caye, then heads east to Half Moon Caye and Lighthouse Reef Atoll onto the Blue Hole. You will make a few passes of this natural wonder, and return with a great view of Northern Two Caye and north Ambergris Caye near Rocky Point, where the reef gets really close to the island. From there, the plane takes you along the Barrier Reef to San Pedro Town. On this journey you also will have the opportunity to see Turneffe Atoll, the Booby Bird Sanctuary, shipwrecks, Manatees, and other animals.

Snapshots on the Way into San Pedro, Belize
Yesterday I headed into town for a meeting, armed with my camera. Take some photos of the big Costa Maya Festival grounds…some pics around town as it is readying for the weekend of parties, music, drinking and late nights… I first ran into this street vendor. I asked him if I could take his picture and then he politely waited a few minutes as I rooted around for my camera and then realized that I had no camera card in it. Classic. It was home in my computer. I guess my IPhone is going to have to do… So much for my afternoon of what probably would have been genius photos. I like his stern look next to his display of plastic tchotkes.

Top 10 Eco Lodges in Belize
After sharing the immensely popular article on the top luxury hotels, I realized that a list of the best Eco Lodges in Belize was past due. Belize is famed as a beach destination for its diving (Blue Hole) or snorkeling (Hol Chan) but slowly it is gaining recognition for nature-based travel and jungle lodges are getting the spotlight. This is because gone are the days of when only hardcore explorers would wish to be deep in the rainforest. Nowadays, families, couples and solo travelers are seeking the soothing tranquility and nourishment that nature offers the body and mind. And with this change of trend, lodges have become nicer and nicer, making sure to accommodate adrenaline junkies, travellers with kids and even honeymooners keen to indulge in a romantic setting – after all, hearing the sounds of the rainforest at night while failing to count the stars is magical for everyone.

Highlights from the International Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant 2014
The new Reina de la Costa Maya and winner of Best Cultural Costume – Miss Mexico Elisa Espinoza Gomez The Reina de la Costa Maya stage! Miss Belize – Grisel Carballo standing strong in her cultural costume!


Video: Costa Maya 2014 Pageant, 2 hrs 5 min.

Video: snorkeling belize 4 45 10000 vimeo, 5min.
Exploring some amazing spots around Caye Caulker. Many of the fish shown are named... Killer closeups on some rays

Video: Belize Mission Trip 2014, 4min.
A mission team from our church traveled to the island of Caye Caulker for one week in July 2014 to spread the word of Jesus Christ to the children of the community through a Vacation Bible School, community clean-up and life-lasting bonding experiences. An endless amount of gratitude goes out to the giving hearts in our community and church family who made this mission possible through countless fundraisers, offerings and donations!

Video: Caribbean Aqua Terrestrial Solutions in Belize, 11min.
Cooperation between the 'Caribbean Aqua-Terrestrial Solutions' (CATS) program and the Ya'axché Conservation Trust and the Belize Water Services (BWS) in Belize is based on a ridge-to-reef approach. CATS is an umbrella program that brings together two financially independent CARICOM development programs, namely "Adaptation of Rural Economies and Natural Resources to Climate Change" and "Management of Coastal Resources and Conservation of Marine Biodiversity". CATS is funded by the "German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development" (BMZ). The implementing agencies are CARPHA's Environmental Health and Sustainable Development Department and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

Video: US Vacation 2014 Carnival Dream Cruise Mexico, Belize and Honduras, 8min.
This is a personal video, intended for my family and friends.

Video: Private Cave Tubing and Zipline with AlTourNative Belize Services,4 min.
The Staff at AlTourNative Belize Services likes to Welcome you to Belize. We encourage you book with a local tour operator.

Video: Best Day Ever! Ambergris Caye, Belize, 3.5min.
by Julian Rivero. In This Video I Am Testing Out Two GoPro's Hero 2 And A Hero3+ . Went Swimming With couple of Friends For the Day. Shot in Ambergris Caye, Belize Central America.

Video: Industria del amor en la isla bonita san Pedro belize 1, 8min.

Video: Industria del amor en la isla bonita san Pedro belize, 3min.

Video: Belize Filmworks, 6min.
Placencia Humane Society

Video: , min.
Highlights from the trip of a lifetime!

Video: Belize 2014, 3min.

Video: Watching lovely manatees in Belize!, 9min.