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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Arson leads to discovery of shallow grave on northern Ambergris Caye
Police told The Sun that upon receiving information of arson in the Sue�o del Mar area located about 13 1/2 miles north of San Pedro Town, they proceeded to the location around 9AM. Upon their arrival, Police noticed charred remains of a building believed to be kept as a lookout post by someone who fishes and camps in the area. The 16�20 wooden structure was built four feet off the ground and had been recently set afire. The owner was at the location and was questioned about the building. He indicated that he was seeking the building caretaker. Officers processed the scene, and concluded that it was arson, and declared the caretaker officially as a missing person.

Police Report
On Monday August 4th, at about 11:00 a.m. one Gabriel Villafranco, Belizean Fisherman of San Juan Area, San Pedro Town visited the station and reported to the Police that on Sunday August 3rd at about 10:00 p.m. he docked his boat, a 20 ft Argos Mexican Fiberglass Skiff name "Iliani" and Registration Number SPR-0425 with a white exterior and blue interior which has a 60 Horse Power 2 stroke Yamaha Outboard Engine with serial number 6K5L-1028636 behind Moses Campos Yard on the lagoon in the San Juan Area of San Pedro Town. On Monday August 4th at about 10:00 a.m. he went to check on the boat and realized that it was missing.

Ambergris Today

Miss San Pedro Delegates Presented with Official Sash at Evening Social
It's the third year that the Miss San Pedro Pageant Committee holds an official sashing ceremony for the delegates of the Miss San Pedro Pageant and this year it was held at Rum & Bean on a beautiful moonlit evening on Sunday, August 10, 2014. It was a cozy social evening that the six delegates of the Miss San Pedro Pageant shared with their family members, their official sponsors and special invited guests. It was a time for the ladies to get to know each other and spend time with their sponsors. Each of the delegates was presented with their official sash bearing their sponsor's name and were addressed by Mayor Daniel Guerrero and outgoing Miss San Pedro 2013 Miss Solanie Graniel.

Pic of the Week: Sunset over Ambergris Caye, Belize
When you take the last water taxi from Belize City or Caye Caulker to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, it is getting pretty close to sunset - around 6:45p.m. So during the short 30-minute ride from Caye Caulker to San Pedro you are treated with spectacular sunsets. The skies have pretty much darkened as you arrive in San Pedro and only the last glimmer of sunlight is casting a glorious glow behinds the island. It's a great spectacle that you can pretty much enjoy every time you are traveling between the islands on the last scheduled water taxi.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
Jambalaya is a wonderful rice dish that is chocked full of sausage and chicken and vegetables. I made my own blend of Cajun spices that made this dish burst with flavor. It's spicy hot and very satisfying.

Channel 7

The Slaying of A Sports Icon
Tonight, the cycling community and the wider society is reeling from the murder of one of our national sporting icons. Ernest Jawmeighan Meighan was killed on Saturday morning at the far end of George Street. He was executed with indiscriminate precision, most likely as an act of retaliation for a crime he didn't commit. And just like that, the father of seven children and the subject of so many nationalist cycling fantasies was killed on a walkway over a drain: a tragic, unthinkable end for one of the country's best known sportsmen. 7News was on the scene, and Daniel Ortiz has the story:..

Raheem Crawford Killed, Could Be Related To Jawmaine
But, first we go to another murder - one that happened earlier on Saturday - before Jawmeighan was killed. Those with knowledge of the threats Jawmeighan was facing believe that early morning killing could be the source of his retaliatory murder. Yes, it's true, one of Jawmeighan's children had been charged for a sensational murder a few days before he was killed - and that is definitely something that has to be considered. But, the murder of Raheem Crawford - who is affiliated to George Street - 7 hours before Jawmeighan was killed is also significant. Here's the story:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting Just before 4 on Saturday, 21 year-old Raheem Crawford, and his cousin 25 year-old Kevin Faber, were shot at the corner of Gibnut Street. They were returning home on a motorbike after a night out when a gunman with a cap pulled low over his face, ran out from behind a parked vehicle and fired several shots at them. He then jumped into a waiting vehicle which sped off.

Man Killed, Cops Looking For Watchman
And in between those two possibly connected murders was another unrelated one where a Honduran man was killed. It happened at mile 7 and three quarter on the Western Highway at a gated warehouse compound on the Western Highway. Police were called there around 9:00 am - and found 42 year old Jose Portillo dead with multiple chop wounds to his head and body. Police are looking for the boat yard's watchman Armando Sosa, also a Honduran national.

Police Change-Up To Combat Crime Spike
Those three Saturday morning murders happened in a 7 hours span, all in the Belize District. So, what are police going to do? Well, significant changes in the Eastern Division are afoot. Senior Superintendent Alford Grinage is being moved up to the Deputy Commander Eastern Division with responsibility for operations. The police command hopes that Grinage's high energy style can increase police effectiveness in the streets. Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson will be moved over form precinct one to precinct two where he will take over Grinage's former post. Superintendent David Chi will the come over from Precinct four to take over precinct two. Superintendent Linden Flowers will then go over to precinct four and Inspector Mark Flowers will take over the GSU. Those are the changes in command to respond to the crime spike and police have also enacted increased traffic checkpoints in the city. A release issued late last night says, quote, "The Police Department extends its deepest condolences to the families and friends grieving the loss of their loved ones as a result of the recent spike of crime and violence in Belize City. The Police department stands in solidarity with you and assures the General Public that they will do all in their power to investigate and prosecute those responsible, for these crimes, to the full extent of the Law." End quote.

1 Dead In Valley Of Peace Accident
7News has confirmed that up until the start of news, Belmopan Police had been out on the Valley of Peace Road to process the scene where 1 of 6 people died in traffic accident. Details are sketchy at this time, but we understand a Belmopan resident died because of the collision. We've since learned his identity, but because police haven't confirmed that they've gotten in touch with his family, we can't release it. What we do know is that the driver of the vehicle lost control, and one his passengers paid the terrible price for it. Police suspect that he was under the influence, and they've since tried to get a specimen from him to confirm, but he's refused.

Crooked Tree Home Invader Caught In Roaring Creek
2 weeks ago, we told you about the brazen home invasion in the Crooked Tree home of the Westby family. In that incident, Betty Westby, a Pastor's wife managed to fight off her attacker, and expose him. Well, we can confirm that the alleged attacker has been caught, and he is in police custody. Belmopan Police under the command of Superintendent Howell Gillett, have been relentless in their search for fugitives believed to be in their jurisdiction, and on Friday night, they caught Tyrone Davis, the Westby's alleged home invader, in Roaring Creek. He has since been sent to Ladyville Police to be charged for that crime, and it is expected that he will be arraigned at the earliest convenience.

Woman Charged For Setting Up Hit on Common Law
29 year old Indira Mejia, an Orange Walk Resident, was charged with abetment to commit murder when she appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. The police say that she put out a hit out on her Common-Law husband, and this afternoon, she barely escaped Prison for it. As we told you, it happened on last week Wednesday Afternoon at around 1:45. Fisherman Brian Clare was driving a pickup on Partridge Street when two men on bicycles pulled up and fired several shots at him. Clare seemed to have been prepared though; he took out his licensed gun and fired two shots back at them. The two men escaped unharmed - one of them leaving their bicycle behind. Clare was shot to the right arm.

We Know About Unemployment, But What About Underemployment?
Belize's level of human development has been increasing steadily over the years, but a rise in educated citizens does not seem to be proportional to the level of opportunity in the country. As a result, many fresh graduates find themselves face to face with an unexpected challenge: underemployment. But what is underemployment? It refers to people with training who can't find a job in their field and have to settle for something else, usually for a lot less money. Our college intern Robin Schaffer sat down with three young graduates who have been unable to find jobs in their area of study. Here's her report: Robin Schaffer reporting Belize has an unemployment rate of 11.1%, but what about underemployment, or particularly, highly skilled Belizeans who can only find low paying and/or low skill jobs? There is no statistic for that, but it is a growing concern in Belize as many young graduates enter the work force with limited options. Inability to find work in chosen field is a matter of anxious worry. Will I be able to use my skills in Belize? Will I have to move or will I have to settle? Well we spoke to three young Belizeans who fall into this category, and while their views range from highly optimistic to a bit pessimistic, they all have had to take a hard dose of reality after years of not finding jobs that meet their skill sets.

More Than a Couple City Shootings
You've heard about the murder, but there are several city shootings to report on tonight. We start off with Friday's night's incident. At 8:45 pm, a construction worker was shot while he was socializing in the Belama Phase 4 area. The victim, 25 year old Mauricio Rodriquez was shot to the left shoulder and the right buttocks. Apparently, Rodriguez was socializing in a yard at #4 Apollo Street when the sound of gun shots broke up the gathering and hit Rodriguez. Police have recovered nine .9mm expended shells from the scene. Mauricio Rodriquez is at the K.H.M.H in a stable condition. Police are seeking two men as investigations continue. We move on to Saturday's incident. At around 10:00 am, 21 year old Joshua Jerome Gallego aka "Shaggy" of Raccoon Street was shot in his left forearm. Gallego was walking on Antelope Street in the direction of Central American Boulevard on Saturday morning when a man dressed in a white shirt, approached him from behind and fired two shots at him causing his injury. Police suspects the motive to be Gang Rivalry as investigations continue.

Shooting After Girls Night Out Party In Hattieville
We've already told you about the 3 murders and 4 shooting incidents which happened over the weekend, but there was another which happened in Hattieville on Saturday night. The homeowners of a house on Yssaguirre Boulevard were having a birthday party, and in the early hours of Sunday Morning, shots were fired into the crowd. The birthday girl spoke to us yesterday, and she explained what happened at the height of the party, when the gun violence blindsided the partygoers: Voice of: Birthday girl "Everybody was on their own ways in the yard because we had a male stripper. After he finish performing, we decide that everybody would get under the tent and start to dance and thing. Everybody was underneath the tent and I was right in front of the young man that got shot. I don't know where the shot came from because at first I thought it was one of those big pop-shot. I just saw him drop at my feet saying that he got shot. Then after that everyone just ran their own ways and two of his friends took him at the health center out there and the ambulance came to pick him up from out there."

Another Charged For Hit
In our last segment, we told you about Indira Mejia who was charged with the murder attempt made on her common-law husband, but there was another person who was taken to court today for it. Mejia is believed to be the mastermind, but police say that 20 year-old Ignatius Williams was one of the two men who executed it. He was charged with attempted murder, 2 counts of grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm. He was arraigned today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, who remanded him until October 1.

Jawmaine, A Unique Talent
Ernest Meighan was one of those very few national figures who went by just one name - just say "Jawmeighan" and everybody would know exactly who you were talking about. More than that, you'd know what to expect because he came to prominence in a time when foreign cyclists dominated Cross Country: and Jawmeighan was one of the few Belizeans who could always hold his own against the foreign riders. So, he was, in effect, our Belizean manhood out there on the Western Highway - defending Of course, he didn't just ride the cross, country, he rode all races, and was still competitive at the time of his murder. But what made him so good? We asked some of his peers today:.. Hon. Santiago Castillo Jr. - Friend of the Deceased "Jawmeighan is one of the few talents in Belize; probably Jawmeighan and Marlon Castillo had they been drafted by a professional team when they were 18 years old they could have both made it to the Tour de France. I am so serious about that statement."

Santi Says "Hang Em High"
And Juniour Minister Santiago Castillo had one more thing to add. After they killed two of his friends, namely Jawmaine and Dangalang Thurton, he says hang them high:.. Hon. Santiago Castillo Jr. - Friend of the Deceased "I will end this interview by saying something that might get me into trouble because as you know I am also a minister of government, but I believe that although it will have international repercussions the government needs to take a stand where crime is concern and probably has to consider reinstating the death penalty."

Clark For Crack
Any amount of crack cocaine over 1 gram is considered drug trafficking, and police say that Fifty-four year old Steve "Mob" Clark had 22 grams on him. The incident occurred on August 8. Police reports are that Clark was riding his bicycle on Cran Street when he was stopped by the police. They searched him and found the drugs in his possession. He was charged with drug trafficking, and he was arraigned today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Clark pled not guilty to the charge. He was offered a bail of $500 and his case was adjourned until October 1.

Broad Daylight Robbery
A 32 year old business man was robbed on Saturday in broad daylight in Belize City. At around 3:30 in the afternoon, Sunil Daryanani was at Gold Star Store along with his two workers when a man with light complexion entered. He then pulled out a black firearm and pointed at him, ordering him and his employees to stay still. Three other men subsequently entered the store, and they stole his Iphone 5 valued at $2000, 3 pairs of Jordan Slippers valued $450, three pairs of black Nike Slippers valued at $80 each, seven Cargo Short pants valued at $420 and 4 Polo Shirts valued at $120. The gunman stole $300 in cash from the cash register. All 4 men then ran out of the store, got on bicycles and split up, escaping down King Street and Prince Street. Police are investigating.

Channel 5

Cycling Legend Executed in the City�
The shooting spree over the weekend is the worst case of violence to grip the city so far this year. Between Friday night and today, four persons lost their lives [...]

Reflections of an Icon�
The heinous murder of Ernest 'Jaw-Meighan' Meighan during one of the bloodiest weekends in recent history has sent shockwaves across the sporting community.� Jaw-Meighan is to cycling what Pulu Lightburn [...]

Youth Gunned Down on Gibnut Street�
The murder of cycling legend Ernest 'Jawmeighan' Meighan was only one of four over the bloody weekend, a weekend which also saw seven persons fall in a deadly hail of [...]

San Pedro Caretaker Killed & Buried�
The lifeless body of fifty-six-year-old Santiago Trapp, a resident of San Pedro, was unearthed from a shallow grave this afternoon by law enforcement officers on Ambergris Caye.� On Sunday night, [...]

Watchman Slashed at Eight Miles�.
The third murder for the weekend occurred on Saturday. Just before nine a.m., Hattieville Police were called out to a boat yard just before mile eight on the George Price [...]

Police increase patrol in Belize City
The shocking murders prompted an emergency meeting of the top brass of the Police Department which was followed by heavy police and B.D.F. patrols in the city's hotspots. The police [...]

Gunfire in Hattieville�Three Injured�
The crime blotter also includes a string of shootings in which seven persons were victims. Early on Saturday morning shortly after four 0'clock, while birthday bash was taking place at [...]

7 Injured in Weekend Shooting Spree�
There were three other shootings over the weekend, bringing the total to seven persons injured by gunfire. The first happened on Friday night. At about eight thirty-five, Police were called [...]

Woman Charged for 'Hit' on Common-Law-Husband�
Tonight there are allegations that a woman living in Belize City aided in a murder attempt on her common-law-husband. Twenty-nine year old Indira Mejia, originally from Orange Walk, was this [...]

Minor Says She Was Raped by Boyfriend's Brother�
Meanwhile a minor claims that she had consensual sex with her boyfriend even though she is only thirteen years old and furthermore that she was raped by his brother. The [...]

Gold Star Jacked at Gunpoint�
There were other crimes over the weekend.� On Saturday, thirty-two year old Sunil Daryanani, was robbed by four men at his business, Gold Star Store, located on Albert Street. At [...]

Burglars Steal Copper from B.E.L. Belmopan�
There is one more incident of crime to report. A Belize Electricity Limited Supervisor says that last Wednesday afternoon at around three o'clock when he checked the Belmopan compound of [...]

Crooked Tree Home Invader Nabbed by Police�
There was a horrific aggravated burglary on July thirtieth at the Crooked Tree home of Pastor Maurice Westby. His wife, fifty-one year old Betty, her mother, Vilma Wade and their [...]

Softball, cycling and basketball stats on Sports Monday
Good evening I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   We begin with the Belize City Senior Female Softball playoffs as B.T.L. faced Beacon in a must win situation [...]


And The Blood Shed Continued
The bloodshed continued on Sunday around 4:00am at a social gathering on Ysaguirre Boulevard in Hattieville, when a shot was fired into the gathering from over an adjacent lot, injuring three persons. 40-year-old Gregory Leslie received injuries to his hand and abdomen; 26-year-old Kevin Staine received injuries to the back of the head and Police Corporal Orlando Bowen was grazed on his hand by a bullet. At night time on Sunday, Scenes of Crime personnel responded to another shooting on Iguana Street. Police report that 35-year-old Calbert Alexander Budd Jr. suffered from an apparent gunshot wound to the left elbow. Police say Budd was shot by a stray bullet.

Corozal Resident Sought For Aggravated Assault
Authorities in the Corozal District are looking for one person for the crime of aggravated assault. The hunt for Rosendo Guy, a resident of Corozal Town, stems from a report made by 17 year old Alfred Interiano, Belizean of 5th Street North, Corozal Town. Interiano reported to authorities that around 8:00pm on August 8th, while at the house of his friend Benigno Loria in the Village of San Andres, Guy approached him with a machete in his hand. Reports are that Guy placed the machete on Interiano's neck while threating to kill him. Guy then left the area and fearing for his life Interiano ran inside Loria's house.

Mayhem In The Old Capital Cyclist Icon Shot To Death
Several hours later, just before midday on Saturday, the cycling world would lose another member of the family with the killing of 42 year old Ernest Dwayne Meighan. He was observed with a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Meighan was on George Street infront of a residence when a lone gun man, wearing a white t-shirt, pulled up from behind and fired the single fatal shot. According to the police, "Meighan is the father of the minor who was recently arrested and charged with the murder of Chryslin Gladden. Police believe the motive to be retaliation.

Belize City Resident Killed In Retaliation
Over the weekend, Belize City was the hub for more bloodshed in the country where a total of 3 murders were recorded and another 9 persons shot, suffering varying degrees of injuries. The impact has not only gripped the crime ridden city but families who are now in mourn in what many are calling 'senseless, baseless killings and shootings.' The blood shed started on Friday night when 25 year old Mauricio Rodriguez was shot to the left shoulder and buttock while socializing in a yard. Scenes of Crime personnel were out once more on the dawn of Saturday, as 20-year-old Raheem Crawford of 50 Gibnut Street, Belize City, was seen with a gunshot wound to the left side of his lower back and 25-year-old Kevin Faber of the same address received a gunshot wound to the left leg and rear of the neck.

Three Men Remanded To Prison For Drug Trafficking
Yesterday we told you about 3 men that were detained pending charges for drug trafficking after police searched a Gold Toyota Camry Taxi at a checkpoint on mile 68 on the Philip Goldson Highway. Inside the taxi was the driver, Jorghino Chan, 20 year old Belizean of Cristock Street, 38 year old Luis Chavez, Belizean Fisherman of San Martin Area, Belmopan City and 26 year old Jose Luis Valladarez, Belizean Labourer of Armenia Village, Cayo District. The search led to the discovery of 1,200 grams of suspected cocaine. The drugs were taken into the station and labelled as exhibit while Chavez, Valladarez and Chan were arrested and charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking. Today the trio were arraigned at the Magistrates Court where they were denied bail and remanded to prison until their reappearance in court on August 26th.

Teachers Complete Outreach Program At UB
Earlier this week we told you about a group of students converging at the Louisiana Government School compound to hold a day of fun filled events. These are students enrolled in the University of Belize's Northern Outreach Program. Three groups of students enrolled in the program this year and are spread in the Certification in Primary Education cert-ed, the bachelors in Primary Education and secondary school teachers' diploma in education programs. Today marked the last day the students were taking the summer course and our news team stopped by to find out more about the program. Dalila Ical - Reporting Doctor Nestor Chan is the Coordinator of the UB Northern Outreach Program and says that the idea of bringing the University to the student came about after the central campus was shifted to Belmopan. What followed was a limited number of students from Northern Belize enrolling at the institution but after the government rolled out training in primary education in 2009, UB followed a similar model and began the outreach program.

Orange Walk Town Council Holds Meeting With Residents
The Orange Walk Town Council held a neighborhood meeting in the San Lorenzo Housing Site last night and made a number of presentations. The following is a summary of what took place. Victor Castillo - Reporting Last night's neighborhood meeting marked the thirtieth to be held by the Orange Walk Town Council. The meetings provide a space for concerns to be voiced and complaints made. During the course of the meeting town councilors gave updates on projects or work being done under their respective portfolios and projected plans. Among these plans is the one to address the need for enhancing the market extension. Rozel Arana is responsible for markets.

Orange Walk Area Rep. Requests Support For O/W Town Council
And to finalize the meeting, Central Area Representative John Briceno commended the council for their work and plans for further improvement and also asked the public to support the team as they near the next Municipal Elections which the entire team will contest with the exception of Neri Ramirez. John Briceno - Orange Walk Central Area Representative "I want to ask you to please give them your support next year, to come out and to vote for the seven of them so that we can continue this excellent job, this work that they have started, the planning that they have started, the vision that they have for Orange Walk town and it needs more than three years to put it really in place to have it set up in such a way that any future town council that can come in will be able to have the plans and they don't have to go through the difficulty that you all went through that they will meet a plan of action that they will have to pick that up and continue the work to continue to take Orange Walk forward."

Women Take Workshop Offered By PSU
A group of approximately 40 women from across the country gathered today at Dreams Hall in Corozal Town as part of the 92nd AGM for the Public Service Union scheduled to kick off tonight. Each year a workshop is carried out to enhance the women within the union in different areas and this year was no exception. Tracey Gillett - chair lady of the Women's Committee at the PSU "Well actually what happened today is the eve of our next AGM which will be held tomorrow right here at the same venue, but at the eve we usually have some type of workshop and this year we are fortunately have a women's workshop and our theme is "Facing more challenges" and celebrate our challenges so you celebrate and you face it, so it is women from across the country coming together with views, ideas and how we can move forward, the negative things we find positive of them and we expand it on, well this session will basically be train for trainers so basically whatever is learnt here, because we are all women's rep by just of being a lady, so we go back to our respective districts and whatever we learnt here we share with our members and then in turn they take that back to their department and their other friends and even if you are standing at the tacos stand but something positive has to come out of it."

PSU To Hold 92th AGM In Corozal
As mentioned before the break, the stage for the 92nd Annual General Meeting for the Public Service Union is set for this weekend in Corozal. The event is being held under the theme "PSU Preserving its Core value while strengthening partnerships with employers to encourage productivity and good characters among members." Tricia Gillett, representative of the Public Service Union, spoke to us about some of the topics that will be discussed during the AGM. Tracy Gillett - Chairlady Women's Committee PSU "We are coming together collectively as a country; we are putting what we have accomplished, what is not accomplished and trying t get a positive way forward."

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More News: Scroll up from here


A Look at Ernest ‘Jawmein’ Meighan
Ernest 'Jawmein' Meighan is a name known to thousands particularly when it comes to the cycling races�..Renee Trujillo sets out to find out more about this Belizean, who worked tirelessly to build his legacy in the cycling arena. "Residents of Belize City and cycling enthusiasts around the country were distraught at the news that circulated on Saturday morning of the murder of a legend in the cycling arena, 43-year-old, Ernest Dwayne 'Jawmein' Meighan. For those who were not close to him, it was undoubtedly an unexpected turn of events but sadly, Meighan was on pins and needles as his life was threatened just days prior to his murder. The expended shell has been recovered and friends and family members are trying to cope with the tragedy and untimely death of this man, who has been dubbed a wonderful father, friend, athlete, son and worker. One of those who attest to the goodness of Meighan, is his confidante, father figure, friend and employer, Santino Castillo."

Reshuffling of Top Brass in the Police Department
And while we are on the topic of the Belize Police Department, tonight we can tell you that there is a reshuffling that is in the process within the precincts in Belize City. It is not sure what the motive is behind this reshuffling that is taking place and we had hoped to get more details on this from the brief that was scheduled with the Belize Police Department. But be that as it may, we can confirm to you that the head of GSU, Superintendent Linden Flowers is being moved to Precinct Four and will be replaced by Inspector Mark Flowers. We can also confirm to you that David Chi is being moved from Precinct Four to Precinct One while Alden Dawson is being moved to Precinct Two. As well, Alford Grinage has been named as the Deputy Officer Commanding the Eastern Division. Headlines

Police Gives Media Hard Time with Information
Today several media houses were informed of a briefing that was to be conducted at Precinct Two by the Belize Police Department. It was anticipated by the reporters, particularly since there was much gun violence in the Belize District this past weekend. So, the reporters gathered in front of the station on Raccoon Street awaiting the senior officers to give them the go ahead to go in and get a briefing�..but instead all they got was a message delivered by Sergeant Roberto Novelo, saying that during the briefing there will only be one case discussed and that is the attempted murder case on Brian Clare. The reporters were, naturally, dissatisfied with the condition and so the powers that be at the Belize Police Department sent away the reporters with just that - one story. It is indeed a difficult task for the media houses as crime has no schedule and when weekend incidents happen as what did over the weekend, our service to deliver these stories to you are at the mercy of the police, who has a press office that only work on weekdays.

Weekend Shootings in Belize City Adds to Urban Violence
The weekend bloodbath started around eight thirty on Friday night in Belize City when a 25-year-old Belizean construction worker was shot. According to reports to Love News, Mauricio Rodriguez was met at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital by police officers who found him being treated for gunshot wounds to his left shoulder and right buttocks. Investigations conducted revealed that Rodriguez was in the Belama Phase Four area on Apollo Street, socializing in a yard with three men when gunshots were fired and Rodriguez was injured. Rodriguez, who resides on Green Street, has been listed as stable. Police recovered 9mm expended shells at the scene and are seeking two men in connection with this incident. Investigations are ongoing into a shooting incident that occurred last night after nine o'clock where 23-year-old, Stacey Shalene Williams of a Kraal Road address in Belize City was rescued by police officers. Reports are that Stacey got into an argument with her uncle Raymond Flowers who reportedly was demanding that she give him food. When she refused to offer him food Flowers reportedly got angry and armed with a shiny metal object attempted to assault her, however, her other uncle managed to restrain him.

More Violence in the City Leaves Gallego Injured
The violence persisted over the weekend, when about six hours after Crawford was murdered, a resident of a Racoon Street address in Belize City, 21-year-old, Joshua Jerome Gallego, also known as Shaggy, was shot to his left forearm. Apparently, Gallego was walking on Antelope Street heading towards the Central American Boulevard when he was approached from behind by a man dressed in a white shirt. That man reportedly fired two shots at him, causing the injury to his left arm. This incident occurred just before ten o'clock this past Saturday. Gallego was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was treated and released for his injury. Investigators believe that this shooting may be gang related as well. Their investigations continue.

Honduran National Found Chopped to Death
A Honduran national lost his life this past Saturday after he was chopped multiple times to his head and body whilst at a boatyard on the George Price Highway. Reports are that just before nine o'clock on Saturday morning, police visited the scene and found 42-year-old, Jose Portillo bleeding from his injuries. Police are seeking the boat yard's watchman, Armando Sosa, who they believe can assist in the investigation

Birthday Party Ends with Three Injured From Gunshots
Police in Hattieville are investigating a shooting incident that occurred during a birthday party in the village this past Saturday night. Reports are that three persons were injured just after four o'clock on Sunday morning on Ysaguirre Boulevard in Hattieville Village, Belize District. While two of the three persons only received superficial injuries from bullet fragments, the deejay took a direct hit. 40-year-old, Gregory Leslie of a Belize City address sustained injuries to his hand and abdomen while 26-year-old, Kevin Staine of Hattieville was injured to the back of the head and Police Corporal Orlando Bowen attached to the Ladyville sub-formation was grazed to the hand. Love News spoke to the young lady whose birthday was being celebrated.

Suspected Murderer Ends Up Dead; Recently Deported Youth Shot
Investigators are speculating that the murder of Meighan may be connected to last week's killing of 16-year-old, Chryslin Gladden, whose body was found in the cemetery on the morning of August two�..but word on the street is that it just may be linked to the August 9 murder of a young man at the corner of Gibnut Street and Central American Boulevard. We rejoin Hipolito Novelo with the details of the Crawford murder. HIPOLITO NOVELO "20-year-old, Raheem Crawford and his cousin, Kevin Faber were making their way home on Gibnut Street in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The duo had just attended a party and had called it a night but they were not aware they were being monitored." PHILLIPA LONGSWORTH, Grandmother "They waited for him at the lane of Gibnut Street and the first one that was shot was Kevin in the back of his neck. After that he fell and then they shot my grandson Raheem Crawford."

Murder of Top Cyclist Shakes the Citizenry
It was one gunshot and one expended shell recovered by the police at the crime scene on George Street�.but the news of this well-known cycling legend shook residents to the core. Here is Hipolito Novelo with the story. HIPOLITO NOVELO REPORTS "A legend in the cycling world was executed on Saturday morning." SANTINO CASTILLO "Words can't explain the loss I have for Jawmein." HIPOLITO NOVELO "With tears dripping from his eyes, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Santiago Castillo remembered the last moments he shared with 43 year old Ernest "Jawmeighan, Meighan. Meighen was executed, cold heartedly, at about 11:30am on Saturday. He was on George Street when his killer, described to be a young man wearing a white t-shirt, lurked up behind him, aimed the gun at Meighan's head, and fired the single fatal shot."


Police shoot man who was trying to harm his own niece
On Sunday August 10th, police officers shot Raymond Flowers, as he was reportedly chasing after his niece with the intent to harm. According to reports, at around 9:30 on Sunday night, 23 year old Stacey Shalene Williams got into an argument with her uncle Raymond Flowers, who allegedly demanded she give him food. When she refused to give him food, Mr Flowers reportedly got angry, and attempted to assault her with a shiny metal object. However, her other uncle reportedly managed to restrain him. Stacey Williams further reported that her uncle chased after her with a knife, and so fearing for her life she ran to a police booth located near Supal Street, Belize City, and reported to the two police officers posted there at the time that her uncle was trying to kill her. As a result the police pulled out their firearm and reportedly ordered Mr Flowers to freeze and drop his weapon, However, he reportedly continued to advance. As a result, police fired a single shot injuring Raymond Flowers on the left leg and left hand. He was admitted at the hospital in a stable condition.

Man found dead at boatyard
A watchman is under suspicion of murder, following the discovery of a dead body on Saturday morning. Around 8:54 a.m., police responded to a report at a boat yard at Mile 7 3/4 on the George Price Highway, where 42-year-old Jose Portillo, an Honduran national, was seen with multiple chop wounds to his head and body. He was transported to the K.H.M.H, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police are seeking the boat yard's watchman, Armando Sosa, also an Honduran national, who they believe can assist in the investigation.

Numerous weekend shootings in Belize City
There were a number of other shootings in Belize City this weekend. According to police reports, at around 8:30 on Friday night, 25 year old Mauricio Rodriguez, a Belizean Construction worker, was socializing in a yard in Apollo Street in the Belama phase 4 area, Belize city, along with three other men, when gun shots rang out. As a result, Mauricio sustained gunshot injuries to the left shoulder and the right buttocks. He is enlisted at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a stable condition. Police have since recovered nine expended shells from the scene as investigations continue. On Saturday morning, around 9:45 a.m, police found 21-year-old Joshua Jerome Gallego, aka "Shaggy," of Raccoon Street, Belize City, suffering from one apparent gunshot to his left forearm. Joshua Gallego was walking on Antelope Street, in the direction of Central American Boulevard when a man, dressed in a white shirt, approached him from behind and fired two shots at him, causing his injury. Police suspects the motive to be Gang Rivalry, as investigations continue.

Patrick JonesPJ

Corozal man wanted for aggravated assault
Police in Corozal are looking for a man following a report of an aggravated assault. Rosendo Guy is believed to be responsible for threatening to kill another man with a machete and then firing three shots in a yard where the man had taken refuge. According to police, [�]

Santi Castillo remembers Ernest Meighan
Belize continues to react to the death of two-time Cross Country champion and KREM Classic champion, Ernest "Jawmeighan" Meighan, who was ruthlessly gunned down late on Saturday morning. He was a local hero, a cyclist whose style and humble demeanor transformed him from simply great to legendary. The man [�]

Man found dead at boatyard
A watchman is under suspicion of murder following the discovery of a dead body on Saturday morning. Around 8:54 a.m., police responded to a report at a boat yard at Mile 7 3/4 on the George Price Highway where 42-year-old Jose Portillo, Honduran national, was seen with multiple [�]

Abetment and attempted murder charges for pair
Twenty-nine year old Indira Mejia, a self-employed resident of Orange Walk Town, was charged with abetment to commit murder when she appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Chief Magistrate Smith did not take a plea because the offence is indictable. The prosecutor objected to bail [�]

Media houses scolded over juvenile reporting
Following the publication in certain media of the name and photograph of a murder suspect last week, there has been backlash. In separate press releases, the National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC) and the Magistracy have reminded local media houses that per the law, neither the name, [�]

Police reassure public after weekend crime
In a rare move, the Police Department has issued a press release seeking to reassure the public after another tough weekend on the City's streets. It begins by "expressing deepest condolences to the families and friends grieving the loss of their loved ones as a result of the [�]

Seventy two new soldiers for Belize Defence Force
Not everyone has what it takes to call themselves soldiers of Belize and of the Belize Defence Force. On Friday the national army's ranks swelled by 72 from an initial recruit intake of 100. But it was noted that 68 persons left the training before its end in [�]

Mostly warm weather this week
Relatively moist and unstable conditions are starting to set it and will influence our weather in the days ahead. The general forecast for Belize and her coastal waters is for cloudy skies with sunny periods this afternoon. Tonight and tomorrow morning skies will be cloudy. Winds over the open sea and along the coast will be easterly to northeasterly at five to fifteen knots. The sea state will be choppy.

Tears � Chaos � Responsibilities
I was listening to the talk shows and I will say this and please understand that Belize is at a very bad place and so I believe we need to keep things real. People die everyday and sometimes it seems that one life is recognized more than the other and that is part and parcel of the problem we have in Belize. A great cyclist died and yes the country lost a great cycling ambassador by all accounts. There are those who want to blame the media, there are others blaming the gangs and there are others blaming the GOB and the lack of justice. I think the blame falls squarely on us.


The Costa Maya Festival Packs Up and Trying to Capture A Super Moon
Yesterday was the official end of what is called the largest festival in Belize - the San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival. Music, a super pageant of Central American beauties in some surprisingly tiny bikinis, food, rides� (I would be remiss not to mention a bit of buzz around San Pedro regarding the lack of sponsorship for the official festival by Belize's beer company, Belikin. Belikin did sponsor some of the beach parties but has always been one of the main sponsors of the festival. This year? They were markedly missing.)

Purple Haze? No Jimi, it's just a bunch of Purple Martins
People around Belize have been wondering why powerlines and tree branches are suddenly weighted down by masses of striking steely blue-black or blue and light grey birds. Is this something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie? Should we be running for cover or trying to appease the invaders with bowls of seed? Nah, not to worry - the Purple Martins are back in town, bigger and more numerous than ever this year. Every year flocks of Purple Martins migrate from North America to warmer climes in the Amazonas regions of Ecuador and Brazil, and Belize is one of their favourite stops along the way, something that tells us these avian travellers are smart. But we digress. Belize is in the martins' migratory flight path, and given the vast tracts of pristine wilderness here they tend to stop and refuel, taking advantage of the abundance of insects that inhabit Belize's forests.

"Safe & Sound" in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
I may not have written an edition for a little while but thought you might like to know that I've still been going through basically the same routine. Up before the sun rises out on the veranda, the western one on the first floor that faces the lagoon, with my mug of black (instant, with no sugar) coffee and the iPad (an Air for those of you that might be interested). I've continued to enjoy the relative quietness -there are the sounds of the leaves swooshing (if there's a breeze of course), the lapping of the water, the birds chattering, the fish jumping out of and then re entering the lagoon, the snarling and grunting of racoons when they fall out with each other. Oh, and the occasional barking of dogs when they are spooked by something. The early morning sounds that let you know that another day is about to begin but it's quiet, very quiet.

10 Jaw-Dropping Photos That Might Convince You to Visit Portofino Beach Resort in Ambergris Caye
A haven of romance, relaxation, luxury and adventure awaits you at Portofino Beach Resort in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Here are ten photos that will compel you to pack your bags and visit this elegant Belize resort right now:

Top 10 Romantic Things to do in Belize
Way back in 2010 I published the Top 10 Things To Do In Belize. Since then a lot has changed, and it's time to update the list! So, without further ado: The Top 10 Romantic Things To Do In Belize - Part 2 10. Private Water Fall For The Day: Making it's second appearance on my Top 10 List, renting a private water fall is still one of the most romantic things you can do in Belize - or on earth, I dare say. You and your 'other half' will be have an enchanting waterfall in the jungle all to yourselves. This uber romantic day also includes lunch and a bottle of wine. The waterfall flows into a swimming hole before continuing on it's way, and feel free to swim as free as can be in the water - you're all alone. The private waterfall rents for only $175 usd per day and lies on the property of a spectacular boutique resort.

The September Celebrations Calendar of Events 2014
CLICK images for larger versions...

10 Things You Didn't Know About Belize
Belize is known as a hidden jewel. Belize is a small country in Central America not known by many. However, in recent years tourism has become a primary source of revenue for the tiny country once commonly referred to as "Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret". Today, Belize is no secret and if you haven't visited Belize - it should be on your bucket list. Here are 10 interesting facts about Belize.

In large pot, boil potatoes in water 10 minutes. Drain and set aside. In saut� pan, cook bacon until crisp. Drain bacon fat and place on paper towel over plate to drain more. Add onion and celery to bacon pan over medium-high heat until celery is tender, about 5 minutes. To the large potato pan, add milk, water, bullion, salt and pepper. Cook over medium-high heat until mixture is very hot, about 8 minutes, stirring often. Do not let mixture boil. In small, heavy saucepan melt butter. Add flour and mix well. Cook over medium-low heat until mixture bubbles, stirring 2 to 3 minutes to make a roux. While constantly stirring soup, add roux slowly until soup is thick and creamy, about 4 minutes. Stir in parsley, reserved potatoes, and cream. Garnish with cheese, bacon bits, onions or all three. Serve hot!

Ambergris Caye northern road
It's official�.. The road going North of the bridge is officially started. It has been graded all the way from Belizean Shores/Coco Beach area to almost the police sub station in Tres Cocos. It is moving quite quickly.

International Sourcesizz

5 Times Sharks Needed Our Help and Amazing Humans Did the Right Thing
Sharks have remained in the oceans for over 400 million years. This means that they are so well adapted to their oceanic homes that they have been able to survive five mass extinctions! As apex predators, sharks are a keystone species of the ocean, as they keep prey populations in check and even keep important habitats-such as sea grass beds-healthy. "So what?" You may think. "Sharks don't benefit me, so why should I care?" Well, contrary to what movies such as Jaws may make you believe, sharks are crucial for the long-term survival of humans. They are ecologically beneficial as well as economically profitable to humans. Research has proven that, without plenty of sharks, fishing industries will collapse. For example, when shark populations experienced a heavy decline in the North Atlantic, cownose ray populations boomed. These rays decimated the shellfish industry by devouring an excessive quantity of clams, oysters and scallops. The industry and its workers suffered economically as a result. In Belize, a reduction in shark populations led to a domino effect, which eventually decreased the health of coral reefs. Without sharks to keep grouper populations in check, grouper fish killed off the parrotfish that play an important role in maintaining the health of coral by eating algae off of the reefs.

Casting Call for Caribbean Music, Model & Talent Showcase
PTG Marketing & Modeling Agencyis poised to launch a new and exciting talent scouting event specifically designed to bring global attention to the vast talent pool in The Bahamas and the Caribbean dubbed, Music, Model & Talent Showcase of the Islands, MMTS. In this vein, a Casting Call goes out to residents in New Providence between the ages of 5 to 65, males and females to attend a free auditioning session at Mario's Bowling Palace, Tonique Williams Darling Highway on Saturday, August 16, 2014 beginning at 11 am sharp. The casting, which will also take place throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean, is the prelude to the inaugural week-long conference scheduled for July 13 to 19, 2015, at the Meli� Nassau Beach Resort on the new multi-billion Bahamian Riviera at Baha Mar.

Losing Maya Heritage to Looters
Deep in the jungle in the north of Guatemala, along deep-rutted 4x4 tracks, the pyramids of the great Maya city of Xult�n are hidden under heavy vegetation and oddly symmetrical hills. But crudely cut tunnels in the sides of the hills signal a modern intrusion. The tunnels are the work of "huecheros"-the local slang term for antiquity looters, derived from the Maya word for armadillo. On a building overlooking an ancient plaza, the looters scrawl a message, brazen and taunting: "We, the huecheros, stuck it to this place." Almost every pyramid in the sprawling site has a looter's tunnel on at least one side. Most of the hieroglyphic panels, the pottery, and the jade from tombs here have been raided and sold on the black market to wealthy foreigners. One of the tallest pyramids-a majestic building that slices high in the air like the Temple of the Great Jaguar-was actually cut in half by looters, making it look like a giant stone napkin holder. Xult�n is part of an international trade in Maya antiquities that spread across much of the region in the 1980s and '90s and has scraped away what little opportunity was left to modern scientists to understand the people who once lived here. This amputation of cultural history-in many ways stretching back to the conquest of the New World-has left us with far more questions than answers about the Maya.


Video: Belize, 5min.

Video: Wild Puma (Cougar, Mountain lion) in Belize jungle cave caught on trail camera, 1/2min.
In the deep tropical jungles of Central America, Belize, I caught this Puma on camera.

Video: NCL Belize Project, 4min.
Oceanside Solutions surveying island project and doing sand research study for beach restoration.

Video: Jael August - My Belize Official Video, 4min.
The official Video for My Belize from Jael August the 2013 Junior winner of the Belize National Song Competition Sponsored by: Atlantic International Bank Ltd. Produced by: Belize National Song Competition

Video: Belize Day in Chicago - Interview with Debbie Schell, 3min.
Cyril Uruwei, publisher of Belize In America, interviews Ms. Debbie Schell at the 34th annual Belize Day in the park event in Chicago. Belize In America (BIA) is an online, multimedia news and entertainment magazine that showcases the richness and cultural diversity of Belize; while highlighting the personal and professional success stories of our BELAM (Belizean American) brothers and sisters throughout the United States.

Video: Community Based Rehabilitation at Hillside, 7min.
Using the Community Based Rehabilitation model, Hillside Health Care International provides free medical care and services to the people in the Toledo District of Belize. Check out this video created by our UW Doctor of Physical Therapy students to learn more. Contact Caroline, our director of development via email, at [email protected], for more details about becoming involved with us!

Video: Jennings Underwater Belize 2014, 7min.
chelsie and kyla scuba certification adventure underwater in Belize

Video: Belize 2014 Basketball Camp, 4min.
Belize 2014 Basketball Camp - partnering with Fishers of Men

Video: GoPro Belize Vacation, 8min.
10 Days in Belize: 5 Days in San Ignacio and 5 Days on Caye Caulker. 100% Shot on the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

Video: Reefs of Belize, 4min.
The fish and coral reefs beneath the waves of Belize.

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