USA Embassy in Belize says "Working together to keep Belize safe"

Ambassador Moreno spoke at the U.S.- Belize CARSI Quarterly Bilateral meeting held in Belmopan on August 7th. The meeting was hosted by the Belizean government and chaired by Ministry of National Security CEO Lovell. Senior officials from the Belizean government and U.S. Embassy attended the five hour meeting to review ongoing CARSI projects and examine recommendations for additional cooperative endeavors.

The Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) responds to these threats and supplements the strategies and programs the nations of Central America are implementing on their own and in cooperation with other countries. CARSI is coordinated with other nations, international financial institutions, the private sector, civil society, and the Central American Integration System (SICA). It is a coordinated approach that draws upon the expertise and efforts of like-minded donors supporting the citizen safety goals of Central American countries.

The Five Goals of CARSI in Central America:

1. Create safe streets for the citizens of the region;

2. Disrupt the movement of criminals and contraband to, within, and between the nations of Central America;

3.Support the development of strong, capable, and accountable Central American governments;

4.Re-establish effective state presence, services and security in communities at risk; and

5.Foster enhanced levels of coordination and cooperation between the nations of the region, other international partners, and donors to combat regional security threats.a