The slow paced infrastructural work on the Central American Boulevard is having a negative impact on cargo transportation to and from Port of Belize Limited, the port's chief executive officer, Arturo Vasquez, said this week.

Vasquez told The Reporter that the issue has been somewhat overlooked, but said it was something that needed immediate attention and consideration.

Vasquez said that while he was happy for the concreting of the Boulevard as it would have many benefits, the slow pace of work has created challenges for not only the Port but also truckers and business people shipping cargo.

He explained that Central American Boulevard is an artery for cargo containers because it is the only road in Belize City suitable for large trucks carrying containers and connects the Port to both major highways.
He indicated that the most cargo leaving the Port makes its way to the Northern districts and for that reason easy access to the Boulevard is crucial.

Vasquez explained that since the start of construction on the Central American Boulevard some cargo has been delayed from reaching its destination and in some cases has resulted in people losing business.

He said he would like to see better organization as the works continue, because it has sometimes seemed a bit haphazard.

Vasquez added that once completed, the newly constructed Boulevard would facilitate the easy transportation of cargo to and from the port and would have a positive effect.

"But for the time-being" he said, the focus needs to be on completing the project in as timely a manner as possible.

The Reporter