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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Psychology Today: Mental Health & Wellness
Well Martha, will you look at that, right in the middle of the street in broad daylight! As they get closer he nudges, not gently, the man sleeping on the street and comments: "You stink! Clean yourself up and get a job like the rest of us! and walks away (Social Stigma). The man lying on the street wakes up momentarily, having felt the blow of the foot and the man's hurtful words, readily agrees with him; saying to himself "I am worthless, what's the use anyway" (Self Stigma). He then finds the bottle he misplaced only hours before and takes another drink. He no longer hurts�oblivion.

WUHS preparing students to become doctors
The Washington University of Health and Science (WUHS) is entering its fourth year of operation on Ambergris Caye, Belize. Having been clouded by speculation during its initial stage, WUHS has maintained strong and determined and are now attracting more students who have enlisted in their medical program. The medical school has also enrolled several Belizean students, many of who are on some form of scholarship. According Malik Soudah, President of WUHS, the medical university is here for the long term and would like to encourage students wishing to pursue a medical degree, to enlist at the WUHS. "We want everyone to know that we are here to stay and we want to be a part of the San Pedro community. We are here to help in any way we can. We have plans for the future, which includes the possibility of opening a nursing school," said Soudah. He also indicated that WUHS have applied to the Government of Belize (GOB) for a license to open a junior college.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Commentary: Transfers in Belize government departments are rampant
By Wellington C. Ramos In Belize, the head of every governmental department has the right to transfer any of the people who work under him or her in the best interests of his or her department. However, there are many times when transfers are done by the heads of departments in Belize because their supervisors did not like the person working under them, racism, insecurity, jealousy, ulterior motives and other unjustifiable reasons. I was a member of the Belize Police Force for five years and I witnessed male police officers who were transferred because the senior ranking officers wanted to have an affair with their wives or were having an affair with a woman the senior ranking officer was having an affair with or wanted to have an affair with. Female police officers were transferred because they refused to have an affair with senior ranking police officers and police officers who were investigating a case against one of the senior officer's friends, relatives or business owner.

Green Iguana Conservation Project
The Green Iguana Conservation Project is going strong. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel is doing some major renovations all around, but the iguanas don't mind at all. Jorge is the newest guide, and he's great. When was the last time you visited?


Union members clarify how trust fund will work
On the 23 of July of this year, the Government announced, through a press release, that all public service workers, teachers, and open vote workers, whose increments were frozen between the periods of 1995 to 1997, were to receive compensation...

Man dies from injury in fight
Police say they have detained two persons and are looking for another, in the continued investigation into a fight two weeks ago which has turned fatal...

Chukka Tour manager robbed
A Location Manager for Chukka Tours reported that on Thursday evening, August 14, he arrived from Water Caye and unloaded some supplies into a van and then drove off...

Hopkins land conflict resolved by court
Last week Thursday August 7th reports coming from the village of Hopkins, Stann Creek District, were that police authorities in the area were replacing the locks of a small beach resort which housed nine people. The building was formerly owned by Luke Castillo who passed away in November of 2011...

Traffic accidents reported on major highways
There were two traffic accidents reported in Belize City on Friday morning, within an hour of each other, on both major highways. The first took place in the vicinity of the Haulover Bridge on the Philip Goldson Highway around 11:00 a.m...

Albert Street taxi driver and traffic officer clash over enforcement
On Friday afternoon on Orange Street, Belize City, �there was a clash over enforcement of the right of members of the Albert Street Taxi Union to park in their designated stand...

CSEC Preliminary results released
The Preliminary Results for the May-June 2014 sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) have been released.� Three thousand forty-nine candidates sat 32 of the 35 subjects offered at the CSEC level. This number represents a decrease of 1.8% from last year...

Michael Gordon exhibit kicks off Image Factory’s 20th year
The Image Factory’s latest art exhibit is a tribute to a hero of the local art community. Self-taught and prolific, Michael Gordon has created more than 2,000 paintings in over 20 years of work, and between 200 to 300 of those are on exhibit for the next two weeks, beginning Friday night...

The Reporter

Fourteenth manatee killed in boating collision for 2014
A boating collision with annother adult manatee has resulted in the animal's death. According to Jamal Galves, program director for the Manatee Conservation Project, they received an alert on Friday morning that a manatee was killed and floated up into the harbour at the Port Authority of Belize. Workers on the compound spotted the dead animal and they said they saw a calf along with the carcas in the area. The manatee rescue crew arrived at the Port around 10:30 a.m. and along with help from the Belize Coast Guard, they tried to lure the calf into a net and take it to safety. According to Galves, the crew spent hours trying to locate and retrieve the living manatee but after hours they could not locate it. Galves indicated that after examining the body of the dead manatee, it showed obvious signs of collision with a boat and had several chop wounds to the body. Galves said that one peculiar observation was that the manatee corpse was a male and that a calf travelling with male adults is not typical. Galves added that due to the fact that manatees could hold their breath for long periods of time before getting away he was led to believe that the other manatee was not a calf.

Man accidentally shoots brother and flees
A man accidentally shot his brother late on Friday night and the currently in critical condition according to police sources. According to police information, Leon Garcia allegedly shot Shane Crawford, 30 at a house at corner Pickstock and Frederick streets. Reports are that Garcia apparently believed Crawford was an intruder and fired a single shot, which caught Crawford in the buttocks and exited through his abdomen. Police are currently seeking Garcia in connection with the incident but so far have been unable to ascertain his whereabouts.

Strong presidential candidate emerges in Brazil
Marina Silva, the former Brazilian Environment Minister is expected to be named in the next few days to run for president in October. Silva would replace former presidential candidate, Eduardo Campos, who was killed in a plane crash on Wednesday. While Silva has agreed to run, Campos's Socialist Party (PSB) still needs to officially approve the decision. The Socialists - the major partner in the opposition coalition established to run against President Dilma Rousseff - are expected to announce their decision after a meeting on Wednesday. Marina Silva and Eduardo Campos announced their alliance in October 2013. Eduardo Campos' plane crashed into several houses in a densely-populated neighbourhood of Santos She fell out with the Workers' Party government and left office to run against Ms Rousseff in 2010. The first round of the presidential election will take place on October 5 and will go to a second round later that month if no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the votes.

Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 84,398
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More News: Scroll up from here

The Belize Times

Crime - Barrow is to Blame
The cold bloodied murder of Ernest "Jawmaine" Meighan on Saturday morning in broad daylight in front of his children's home on George Street has shocked Belizeans. Two days after, Prime Minister Dean Barrow took a plane out of Belize. Supposedly on official business, he quickly announced he was taking an extra two days' vacation leave. He apparently does not want to be questioned about the unbelievable level of crime that occurred over the weekend, and his ongoing failure to provide security for the citizens of Belize. He cannot call another press conference so soon after last week's fiasco over the locking up of 41 sanitation workers at the Queen Street Police Station. Gangs roam free while poor workers get arrested. Crime, like so many other burning issues continue to highlight Mr. Barrow's gross incompetence and woeful lack of leadership. Flying away won't cause the crime problem to go away. Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca has repeatedly offered to join the government in any effort to formulate initiates to deal with the crime problem plaguing the country. Mr. Barrow routinely spurns every such offer. He continues to pretend he has solved the violent crime problem with a few infrastructure jobs. Mr. Barrow has been at the head of the government for six and a half long, hard years.

Murdered Cycling Icon, JAWMEIGHAN, to be laid to rest on Friday
Cycling icon, 43 year old Ernest "JawMeighan" Meighan, a two time cross country champion (1997, 2001) will be laid to rest on Friday at the Central Assembly of God Church on Barrack Road in Belize City. JawMeighan was gunned down in cold-blooded fashion on Saturday - another tragic victim of the bloody violence that has taken siege of Belize City. JawMeighan had stopped by his girlfriend's George Street home. Upon going downstairs and getting into his vehicle with an empty water gallon in his hands, an armed person sneaked on him and fired a single but fatal shot to his head. JawMeighan, a father of 7 children, was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but died on the way. The execution of this sports hero, who carried Belize on his shoulders in many prominent cycling races, shocked the nation. JawMeighan was to Belize what Michael Jordan was to the Chicago Bulls. His murder has been condemned nationwide and by Belizean in the diaspora. Reports of his killing attracted loud cries on online social network.

PUP Team 11 - Ready to Work!
The PUP Team 11 in Belmopan, led by City of Belmopan Mayoral Candidate Jose Chacon, is ready to Work! Last night the team and Belmopan Standard Bearer Patrick Andrews held a planning meeting with the zone leadership teams to plan out meeting schedules with residents. Our people are ready to work voluntarily because they see the great need for change in Belmopan. Have hope, together we will rescue our once "Garden City". Join the Belmopan PUP movement all are welcome! For God, Family and Country!

Darrel to spend $2M on new building in poverty-stricken Belize City
Social and economic inequality, homelessness, joblessness, poverty and crime are at an all-time high in Belize City, but Mayor Bradley Darrel Bradley has chosen to continue spending big money, millions upon millions more, in more concrete. The Mayor announced this week that his Council will use two million dollars donated by the Taiwan Government to refurbish the Commercial Center, which will become the new City Hall. Just some weeks ago, a homeless man died under the blazing son in front of the same building. Bradley has been heavily criticised for his spending of $20 million on concrete streets with very poor drainage over the past months. City residents have been heard saying "we cyaant eat cement�we need jobs and safe neighbourhoods".

Eyes wide open
By G. Michael Reid In 1751, Corbyn Morris of London proposed that "�as the preservation of the health of the people is of great importance, it is proposed that the cleaning of this city, should be put under one uniform public management, and all the filth be�conveyed by the Thames to proper distance in the country". Almost a hundred years after that in 1846, the Nuisance Removal and Disease Prevention Act spurred what was to be a steadily evolving process of the provision of regulated waste management. The Metropolitan Board of London was the first authority that centralized sanitation regulation for that rapidly expanding municipality. In 1875, the Public Health Act was passed in London which made it compulsory for every household to deposit their weekly waste in 'moveable receptacles' for disposal. It was the first concept for garbage cans and dust-bins. Long, long before that however, garbage disposal was of huge importance to even the Mayans, who research shows had a fixed monthly ritual, in which the people of the village would gather together to burn and dispose of their rubbish. It seems unconceivable then, that here we are in 2014 and Belize City is still grappling with the issue of waste management. This has become a perpetual problem and year in year out it seems it is the same cry. The city cannot manage its waste and cannot afford to pay the people who clean up our city streets. Waste management of Belize is done by two primary groups; Belize Maintenance Limited (BML) and Belize Waste Control (BWC). BML workers clean the drains, sweep the streets and clean the parks thereafter bagging the waste which is collected along with regular household garbage by BWC. Working together, both companies do a relatively effective and efficient job and the city is kept fairly clean.

In 2012 Dean Barrow and his UDP managed to squeak through a razor-thin victory at the polls for a second term with a two-seat majority. From a 25-6 victory in 2008, they were down to 17-14 in the House of Representatives. And were it not for turmoil and dissension in the PUP ranks, Dean Barrow would have been a footnote in history. But instead of being chastened by his virtual rejection at the hands of the electorate, Barrow in his second term has become even more pompous and arrogant. Members of his Cabinet have become even more reckless, abusive and corrupt. The man who promised good governance is presiding over the most abusive and corrupt administration. The Lands Department under his Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega is "a hotbed of corruption". Bribery and kickbacks in that Ministry have become the new normal. But the Prime Minister does not hold his deputy accountable. He sees nothing wrong in allowing the brother of the same Deputy to monopolize the exploitation of the rosewood in the Toledo forest. He sees nothing wrong when the nephew of the said Deputy is given a fat contract by Government to pave the road to San Antonio and is fully paid even though no work was done on that road.

Knead Belize preps Lionman swimmers
Knead Belize and veteran triathlete Denise Diaz continued to prepare Lionman contenders for the swimming part of the Lionman event: the 0.9 mile swim, as they organized a 3rd open water swim meet beside the Sandlighters' Promenade in Belize City on Sunday. Anthony Leslie clocked 8:39.10 and 9:06.15 in the 2 swims of 350 yards each, while Karate sensei Leon Guild placed 2nd in both swims, clocking: 9:30.07 and 10:00:28. Diaz completed the 350 yard swim in 8:07. She invites all contenders who may wish to test the waters and their body to the distance; as the Lionman triathlon comes up in early September.

Telemedia scorches Beacon 23-5 in female softball
Belize Telemedia scorched Beacon 23-5 by mercy rule in the 4th inning in the Belize City female softball competition at the Rogers Stadium last Friday night Telemedia pitcher Martha Rhys gave up 9 hits and walked 3 batters, while the BTL diamond made 7 errors, but Beacon managed only 5 runs, leaving 7 runners on base. Licia Ferguson scored 2 runs, Tamara Ramsey scored 2 runs and Shantell Longsworth scored a run. BTL got 18 hits off Kimani Smith's pitching. She also walked 3 batters and the rest of the Beacon made 23 errors. Lydia Cacho and Kimani Williams led the attack scoring 4 runs apiece. Noreica Fraser, Babsy Cadle, and Martha Rhys scored 3 runs apiece, while Rebecca Jones and Earlene Belisle scored 2 runs each and Christine Jacobs and Beverly Hyde scored a run each.

Team Belize wins 1, loses 3 in regional U-23 volleyball championships
Belize's national Under-23 female volleyball team has won one game and lost 3 at the 2nd Central American U-23 female volleyball championships, organized by the Association of Central American Volleyball Federations (AFECAVOL) at the Jorge A. Galeano Gymnasium in Tegucigalpa, Honduras from August 8-13. Team Belize took on the Goliath, Costa Rica. Belize played its best match, scoring the most points of any team against Costa Rica (52) and giving them their toughest match in the tournament. Costa Rica won in straight sets 25-20, 25-19, 25-13. For Belize Maurissa Williams had 13 points (10 kills, 3 blocks), Tichele Solis had 10 points (6 kills, 2 blocks, 2 aces). The team had 20 unforced errors to Costa Rica's 21. Next game is against Guatemala at 3 pm on Tuesday.

Letters: Impotent On Crime
I listened to a most interesting "Morning Buzz" Show on Positive Vibes on Tuesday August 12, 2014. The guest, Major Oscar Mira, a retired BDF Intelligence Officer, disclosed statistics that showed that major crime such as Murder, Robbery, Burglary, Rape, Theft and Carnal Knowledge have seen a sharp increase when compared between January to July 2013 and January to July 2014. In the previous year, there were 1,403 major crimes reported to the Police while there were 1,493 reported in 2014 for the periods mentioned. Additionally, according to Mr. Mira, there were 477 arrests in the same period in 2013 compared to 450 arrests in 2014. These statistics show an increase of 90 reported major crimes to the Police, and a decrease in arrests of 27 between the two years. Mr. Editor, a few weeks ago the impotent Minister of National Security, speaking at a Police promotion ceremony in Belmopan, tried to fooled this nation by quoting statistics on major crimes and saying that compared to last year crime was down and under control. The National Security Minister, who has disappeared in the middle of the violent siege, claimed that the media has exaggerated the situation and has painted a picture that is not real. The Minister insisted that crime is down.

Letters: Problems of an old rusty bike
I would be tremendously grateful if you kindly afford me space in your well-read newspaper to share a message to my beloved family members to heal a problem that started following the death of my husband. My granddaughter was only 12 years old when she requested for my husband's bicycle that he used to go to work at Williamson Factory. He said to her, 'you want grandpa's bike'. She laughed and said 'yes grandpa, when you die please leave it for me'. She got into college in Corozal and graduated. She obtained a scholarship to continue her education in England for three years and when she came back home she brought a dictionary for her grandpa because she knew he loved reading. Though she was no longer 12, she looked at grandpa and asked, 'grandpa is the bike still mine?' and he responded, 'yes'. By then the bike was old and rusty, parked under a shed. She laughed and said one day she'll come for it.

Wrongfully Arrested
On Sunday August 3rd, 2014 the "New Hong" Chinese Store located on St Vincent Street in Dangriga Town was robbed by two suspects between the hours of 7:20PM and 7:45PM. I was inside purchasing a pack of gum. One of the suspects entered the store, pointing a gun in the direction of the Chinese store owner and stating, "please remain calm, nobody move, just relax". A second Chinese lady sitting at the far right corner of the counter froze in position. The robber demanded money and the store owner did not hesitate to comply with his demand. Not satisfied with what he received, the robber demanded more money and once again the store owner complied. While that was taking place, because my phone was on the counter, I tried to reach for it to put it in my pocket without making any obvious movements, however the robber saw what I was doing and asked "Weh yu di do, ah no tel yu noh move" in an annoyed tone. While peering over my shoulder I replied to him that I was putting my phone in my pocket. I then learned that there was an accomplice after the suspect holding the gun who gestured for someone to enter the store. The gun man's accomplice walked in and was preparing to go behind the counter when the person holding the gun told him "no go fi di ting again let's goh". The accomplice continued to walk behind the counter but the person holding the gun again stated in a much harsher tone, "noh goh fi di ting again mein let's goh". The accomplice stopped but did not turn around which caused the suspect holding the gun to say "let's goh a**hole". The accomplice turned around after hearing that. The suspect with the gun then pointed it closer to the store owner and commanded her to stoop down and count to a hundred or she would die. Fearing for her life she immediately dropped to the ground. The robbers then fled the shop and escaped into the night.

The tragic, senseless murder of Ernest "Jawmeighan" Meighan at 11am Saturday August 9, 2014 on the bloody streets of Belize City shocked and angered an already weary and frustrated Belizean citizenry. We have become numb and cold to the seemingly endless and pointless gun violence ravaging the Southside of Belize City but Jawmeighan was not just another victim lying in his own blood on George Street. Did the young punk who busted a shot into the back of Jawmeighan's head know who he was executing? Did he know that this was an elite Belizean athlete, a former Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic Champion? Did he know he was killing a son of the soil who carried our nation's pride on his back on many a Holy Saturday? Did he know that he was killing a father, a son, a husband, a friend, a teammate, a hard working Belizean?

I have recently finished reading "The Economic History of Belize," an excellently researched publication by Cubola Productions of Benque Viejo del Carmen. The volume is in the Belize Collection of texts on our country brought out by Cubola, and it is copyrighted in 2012. I consider this text to be essential reading, having thoroughly enjoyed the writing of joint authors and husband and wife, Barbara and Victor Bulmer-Thomas. Barbara was born at the Melinda Agricultural Station in the Stann Creek District, and is educated to Master's Degree level in microbiology and plant taxonomy. Her husband Victor is British. He taught at Saint Michael's College in the late 1960's, and is now Emeritus Professor of Economics at London University. Together they have produced a fascinating text on Belize, and one which has definitely allowed me to have many new insights about our country from an economic perspective.

An Unjust, Unbalanced, Broken Tax System Part I
A fair and balanced tax system is important for any economy seeking to grow investments�whether domestic or foreign�because it should earn government the amount it needs to provide essential services and infrastructure, while allowing private investments to make honest profit and workers to earn fair wages that can afford the basic necessities of life. Belize has not been doing so well in attracting foreign direct investments (FDI). Neither has it been meeting the Government's needs, since we consistently depend on foreign grants to plug deficits in our national budget and workers have been clamoring that cost-of-living is fast outpacing increases in real-incomes. From 2001-2013, the World Bank estimated that Belize attracted net positive Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), however net inflows went down from US$194 million (2004-2008) to US$89 million (2009-2013), the lowest 4-year record since 1989-1993.

Man Up Herman! - GOB's sports program is a shame
There has been an outcry of shame and disappointment at the Football Federation of Belize for their failure to have the FFB Field in Belmopan ready in time for the CONCACAF Champion's League in which the Belmopan Bandits would have represented Belize. The result has been the disqualification of Belize's participation and many broken hearted football fans. While the FFB President Ruperto Vicente has been selected as the main target of criticism and he has accepted it, we at the BELIZE TIMES were shocked to see the defacto Minister of Sports Herman Longsworth and his shameful attempt to point fingers at Vicente and deflect blame from himself and his Ministry. Longsworth opened his line of statement with the following: "I am extremely concerned, I am very, very disappointed. We were all told that the field would be ready. FFB told us that they would have had this field ready. We were expecting that it would be ready and I'm disappointed that it is not, I'm very disappointed."

Belizeans denounce the bombing of Gaza
A group of Belizeans held a peaceful protest against the bombarding of the Gaza community in Palestine at the Battlefield Park on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014. Israel has poured down military strikes on Gaza, destroying telecommunications systems and power plants, and killing innocent people in their quest to take control of the area. The four weeks of violence killed more than 1,900 Palestinians and 67 people on the Israeli side. The actions have attracted huge protests and anti-war rallies across the world, and in Belize the group of concerned citizens led the anti-intervention movement. Among the protesters was former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Said Musa, who revealed a much deeper connection with the Palestinian people. Hon. Musa has Palestinian heritage. His father, Hamid Musa, was a Palestinian who was brought to Belize by his father following the illegal appropriation of their family land.

Patrick JonesPJ

GSU conducts raid at Belize Central Prison
The Gang Suppression Unit of the Belize Police Department carried out a pre-dawn raid of the Max Section of the Belize Central Prison on Friday. The operation, which started at 4 am, had the participation of members of the GSU, the Special Patrol Unit, Quick Response Team [�]

Teachers undergo professional development training
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has concluded workshops for teachers in the Belmopan Area. These Professional Development Sessions are held yearly all over the country to empower teachers and give them an opportunity to earn credits to keep their Teachers' License. The sessions were held at Belmopan [�]

Under-12 footballers play exciting game in Belmopan
Inclement weather did not stop two enthusiastic under 12 football teams from hitting the field and rolling the ball to the sound of the referee's whistle for play time on the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan. Elite Promos tried for a back to back victory against Medina [�]

Bus and pickup truck collide on the Phillip Goldson Highway
There were two traffic accidents in Belize City on Friday,one of them fatal. The accidents happened within an hour of each other, one on the Phillip Goldson Highway, the other on the George Price Highway. The first took place in the vicinity of the Haulover Bridge on the [�]

Man stabbed to death in Unitedville village, Cayo
A man was stabbed to death early this morning in Unitedville village, Cayo district. The victim has been identified as 38 year old Victor Manuel Vargas. According to reports, Vargas left home on Friday afternoon and that was the last time his common-law wife saw him alive. [�]

Woman dies in vehicles collision on the George Price Highway
A fatal road traffic accident this morning on the George Price Highway has claimed the life of a woman. The crash happened around 6 am in the village of San Jose Succotz. Preliminary information received say that a Pathfinder and a taxi cab collided near Mile 72 on the George Price Highway - also referred to as the Benque Road - resulting in fatal injuries to the woman, whose name has not yet been confirmed. accident2 Woman dies in vehicles collision on the George Price Highway Sources say that the Pathfinder was being driven at the time of the crash by a senior police officer who lives in Benque Viejo del Carmen town.


La Gran Casa Azul in South Ambergris Caye: A Beautiful Rental Home with Privacy and Lots of Space
In fact, San Pedro town is a 15 minute golf cart ride away from where I was staying at La Gran Casa Azul. Nestled between mangroves and palms on each side, with a huge pool, a beautiful balcony, and a massive great room�PLENTY of space, this was a fabulous beach vacation. Just one mile from my actual home. And just a few homes south of this sign. I love having my own dock. Easy pick up if you are going on tours. I spent a bit of time in the low slung hammocks. The best place to catch the afternoon breeze.

Fairy tales and Chandeliers - Belize Wedding
All weddings are special - they really are, but there is no doubt that some are like a fairy tale and this is one of them. First there was the dress - fit for a princess As in all good fairy tales, there was indeed a Prince Charming (yes, they are both handsome, but the Prince in this story is the one on your left). Source:

12 Amazingly Good Reasons Why You Should Have Your Wedding in Belize
Belize wedding requirements are simple and easy to attain The requirements for obtaining a marriage license in Belize is simple and easy and can be obtained in two steps: 1.) one of the parties must be in Belize 3 days prior to getting married and filling the license and 2.) A photocopy of passport showing picture and date of arrival in Belize will need to be presented. Belize's beauty is extraordinary Belize is one of the last unspoiled countries in the world and offers a plethora of picturesque backdrops for your wedding. Proximity Belize is a cost-effective destination within close proximity to the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico thus all family members and friends can attend the wedding.

Finding Fun and Friends at Belize's Cerros Beach Resort
Have you ever had an experience while traveling that kind of changed your life? Not something huge like finding your soul mate or losing a limb. Rather a tiny experience that you never would have seen coming, never would have thought would make a difference, but that you remembered forever. We had such an experience when we stayed at Cerros Beach Resort in Belize and met Bill and Jennifer Bellerjeau. So what drew me to Cerros Beach Resort in the first place? The description in my Lonely Planet Belize guidebook caught my attention. First of all, it said Cerros Beach Resort was the authors' "new favorite spot in northern Belize." You can't argue with favorite. Then it described thatched-roof cabanas in local style along the shore of Corozal Bay. I'm a sucker for cabanas and ocean views. Then there was the part about the owner being a former pastry chef from Miami who makes the best ceviche and chocolate cake in the world. As you know, I love food. Oh, and then there was the price; $40 per night (rates are $40 to $60 depending on the time of year).

International Sourcesizz

Forecaster has tropical storms boxed in
For all of the computer models out there designed to help predict where tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin are heading, there remains a relatively simple way to track whether storms will, or perhaps more accurately, won't impact the southern peninsula of Florida. In the 1970s, National Hurricane Center forecaster Paul Hebert discovered that most strong hurricanes that had struck the South Florida area in the century had passed through one of two squares that were each 335 miles wide and long. The first of these areas is more or less centered over the northern Leeward Islands and Virgin Islands, running from between 15 to 20 degrees of north latitude and 60 to 65 degrees of west longitude. The second box is located south of Cuba and east of the Belize and Mexico's Yucutan Peninsula, running from the same latitude as the first box, and between 80 to 85 degrees of longitude.

The Maya: a 4,000 year-old civilization in the Americas
Obscured by the fame of the Aztec empire or shrouded by a veil of mystery, the cultural history of the Mayas has generally been misunderstood by the public. Maya civilization developed in a territory the size of Germany and Denmark together (nearly 400,000 km2). This vast territory shows three distinctive ecological and cultural sub-regions: the Northern Lowlands, which covers the Yucatan peninsula; the Southern Lowlands, which includes Belize, the Guatemalan Pet�n region and parts of Chiapas; and the Southern Highlands, which refers to the Guatemalan mountainous region. Conventionally, scholars tend to talk of three major periods in the history of Maya civilization: the Preclassic (2,000 BC - 300 AD), the Classic (300 - 900 AD), and the Postclassic (900 - 1550 AD).


Video: Diving Mexico & Belize, 6min.
Diving Mexico & Belize, July 2014.

Video: Snorkeling in Belize, 5min.

Video: Belize and Guatemala 2014, 9min.

Video: The Belize Zoo, 2min.

Video: Belize Raggamuffin Tour 1st Stop - Manatees, 21min.
Belize Raggamuffin Tour 1st Stop - Manatees.

Video: Belize Raggamuffin Tour 2nd Stop - Sharks/Rays, 21min.
Belize Raggamuffin Tour 2nd Stop - Sharks/Rays.

Video: AMAZING PEOPLE Skydiving into the BLUE HOLE, BELIZE, 9min.
Skydiving into the Blue Hole, Belize Skydiving is the only thing that makes you more special than anyone in the face of earth.

Video: This is Julio (Belize Documentary), 12min.

Video: Expo Belize Market Place 2014, 2min.
Expo Belize Market Place 2014.

Video: Belize Diving March 2014, 18min.
Diving compilation from Belize highlighting the Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye, Silky, the North Wall, and some Lionfish hunting.

Video: Zipline at Belize, 5min.

Video: Mayan Jungle Highlights tour - Mexico, Guatemala & Belize, 41min.
This 8-day off-road trip takes you to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize and combines the best of culture, nature and outdoor activities.

Video: Belize Snorkeling Hol Chan, 9min.
Snorkeling in Belize sites include: Hol Chan, Shark Ray Alley, The Split Caye Caulker and the inland side of Caye Caulker.

Video: Diving Mexico & Belize, 6min.
Dive Sites: Cenote Chac Mool, Mexico Varios Dive Sites, Cozumel, Mexico

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