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US Ambassador Comments on Doctor Elrington's Case
Yesterday US Ambassador to Belize Carlos Moreno held a media round table at the US Embassy in Belmopan when he was fielded with a number of questions by the media. Unfortunately none of media representatives were allowed to record the session and it was until this afternoon that the U.S Embassy made available the video to media houses. Among the many questions asked yesterday to US Ambassador Moreno was if the U.S will make a move to have Doctor Errol Elrington, brother of Minister of Foreign and Attorney General, Wilfred Elrington extradited. As you may recall Doctor Elrington is now considered a US fugitive now living in Belize after an arrest warrant was issued for him in October, 2013. Doctor Elrington is wanted on charges of racketeering, medical fraud and health care fraud after he allegedly billed Medicare and Medicaid more than $400,000 for services that he never performed, and he employed an unlicensed physician who engaged in criminal sexual misconduct. So will the US seek Errol Elrington's extradition? Here is what the US Ambassador had to say on the matter.

When Will O/W People Stadium Be Upgraded As Promised
Presently there is much discontent across the country after news broke out that the Belmopan Bandits will not be taking part in the CONCACAF Champions League which sees the participation of all Central American champions and sub-champions. As previously mentioned Belize did not meet FIFA's requirements again, which include a FIFA certified field, infrastructure, lighting and access to changing rooms. All this was to have been set in place with the renovation of the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. But despite the close to 2 million dollars already spent on the stadium, Belize's boys will not play in the CONCACAF, because despite the fact that FIFA gave Belize over two months pass the deadline to meet FIFA standards required for Champion's League, bottom line is the stadium was not ready. Actually if we rely on the words of FFB's President Ruberto Vicente, we should say the field was not ready. According to him and we quote "the television companies that run the Champions League will not televise on a field that has brown spots on it."

Steady Decline In Production Of Oil In Belize
Belize Natural Energy, the only oil producer in Belize after hitting a crowning in 2011 of 146 million in profits is seeing a steady decline in production, the Amandala Newspaper reported today. And since the company started producing commercial crude oil in 2006, 1.5 billion dollars' worth of the black gold has been sold to local and foreign markets around the world. The publication reports that an estimated volume of 9 million barrels resulted in the Government of Belize netting $424 million in receipts and landowners netting $5.3 million in royalties. But after hitting its peak in 2006, crude oil sales have been on a rapid decline. The Government of Belize now hopes that a commercial oil find in the south of the country could result in a rebound in petroleum earnings. And while BNE continues production at its two oil fields namely in Spanish lookout and Never Delay, the hope for commercial find rests with Maranco and US capital, says Andre Cho, Director of Petroleum and Geology.

Will Elvin Penner's Visa Be Revoked?
During the media round table Ambassador Moreno also spoke on another issue of national interest, the Elvin Penner case. Ambassador Moreno was asked if the US will revoke Penner's visa as they did back in 2003 to former PUP Minister Maxwell Samuels after he was involved in an immigration scandal. While the Ambassador did not go into details on the issue, he did mention that Belize's Government should take the matter seriously. H.E. Carlos Moreno, US Ambassador to Belize "I can't comment on individual cases. That question is probably be directed to Minister Penner or Mr. Penner himself as to whether his VISA has been revoked. As to any efforts by the US Embassy to revoke his VISA since that's a matter - it really raises questions of privacy and the institution and workings of the counselor section. I should not really comment on that. Let me add, I think that the integrity of the process whether it's in the issuance of the passport or VISA - any kind of official document that has the of a government official should be scrutinize carefully, should be treated very seriously the government in question. I say that because countries rely heavily on the authenticity and the integrity of documents that are presented to us when that traveler comes to another country and if we don't have that essential element of rule of law with respect of the integrity of these documents then I think we are in serious trouble."


Tour Company Employee Robbed on Coney Drive
A manager of Chukka Tours has told police that he was robbed in the Coney Drive area yesterday evening. According to 31-year-old Derrick Hemmans, he had just come into the city from Water Caye, unloaded some supplies into a white Chevy cargo van and then drove off�.but upon reaching the NAPA roundabout he was approached by a dark skinned man, who entered the van and pointed what appeared to be a .38 revolver at him and demanded money. Fearing for his life he handed over (2) black bags one of which contained a black Lenova brand laptop computer valued at $1,500.00 and the other contained $6,500.00 in cash the property of Chukka Tours. The robber also took off with Hemmans' licensed 9mm pistol and a magazine containing sixteen 9mm live rounds, valued at $3,300.00. Police are investigating.

Espat Fined 10K and Confined for Five Years for Drug Trafficking
San Ignacio Police, upon the strength of a search warrant, conducted a search at the residence of Nelson Flores on the George Price Avenue in Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District. As a result of the search four persons were detained and charged for drug trafficking. 30-year-old, Nelson Flores, 36-year-old, Alma Reyes, 19-year-old, Justin Espat and 26-year-old, Jose Garcia were all charged for the offence of possession of a controlled drug with the intent to supply. During the search conducted mid-morning last Friday, the officers attached to San Ignacio uncovered a black plastic bag in a space between the wall and the floor board that contained loose green vegetable substance which was suspected to be cannabis. Following the discovery of the suspected drug, the four, who were present at the time of the search were informed of the offense committed and were placed under arrest. The drug was weighed in their presence and had a total weight of one hundred and twenty six point eight grams of cannabis. The four were arraigned in the San Ignacio Magistrate's Court where Espat pled guilty and was fine ten thousand dollars and sentenced to five years in prison.

CXC Results Released
Today the Ministry of Education released the CXC Examinations Preliminary Results for May and June 2014. The Preliminary Results for the May-June 2014 sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) shows that three thousand forty-nine candidates divided into 1,344 males and 1,705 females registered for 32 of the 35 subjects offered at the CSEC level. The candidates registered for the May-June 2014 CSEC sitting represent a decrease of 56 candidates or 1.8% compared to the May-June 2013 sitting. Candidates from 53 centres registered for 20,960 CSEC subject entries in May-June 2014 which is equivalent to 0.16 percentage points less than those registered for the 2013 sitting. Of the 20,960 subject entries, 18,878 received a grade which is about the same as 2013. Seventy-six point five percent of the 18,878 graded entries received Grades I-III which is a satisfactory level of performance at the CSEC level. The number of subject entries receiving Grades I-III has steadily increased for the past three years. Home Economics Management maintained 100% of the subject entries with Grades I-III for the past three years. Similarly, Physical Education and Sport has maintained its subject entries receiving Grades I-III close to a perfect score for the past three years. Six subjects maintained an average of 80% and above of its entries earning Grades I-III for the past three years.

Serrano Family Wants Refund From Arthur Saldivar
He is an aspiring Area Representative for the Belize Rural North area under the umbrella of the People's United Party and he has been no stranger to the local media in Belize, whether on a positive note or otherwise. Tonight, we bring to you another story involving Attorney Arthur Saldivar and a family in Dangriga that is asking for a refund of monies paid to Saldivar for services not rendered. Here is Hortence Serrano, who is fighting on behalf of her 93-year-old, mother, who has been undergoing some land issues. As a result, Serrano and her family acquired the legal services of Saldivar to help fight the matter. HORTENCE SERRANO "I called Clinton Hernandez because I had no idea more or less about attorneys and because I see Dickie Bradley all the time on TV; I asked Clinton, do you have a number for this gentleman. He said, 'what's the problem', I said, 'it's a land problem'. He said, 'well the best person for you to give the job to is Arthur Saldivar because he's dealt with these kinds of issues' and that's when we settled with Arthur.

Sommerville Goes Before PS Commission For Hospital’s Missing Monies
She was relieved of her responsibilities temporarily in the latter part of October last year after hundreds of thousands of dollars went unaccounted for at the Southern Regional Hospital. It is a case that has been followed closely by the local media and tonight, we can tell you that the matter is finally being reviewed via a Public Service Commission's Tribunal. Nasley Sommerville played the role of Administrator at the Southern Regional Hospital but when an audit revealed that fraudulent cheques were cashed from the institution at the Belize Bank, she was suspended. The first hearing of the Commission was held yesterday at the Sir Edney Cain Building in the City of Belmopan. In the hearing, three persons were called to testify, those being Randolph Young, a senior auditor in the AG's office, Maria Rodriguez, an auditor in the AG's office as well as Barbara Nicholas, who served as an Administrative Assistant at the Southern Regional Hospital.

The Reporter

Senior police officer involved in fatal traffic accident
Police have served Assistant Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura with a notice of intended prosecution following a traffic accident that occurred shortly after 5 a.m. on Saturday in Benque Viejo. Segura, 48, was reportedly travelling alone from San Ignacio to Benque Viejo in a Grey Nissan Pathfinder and Yanie Evan Cu, 28, a taxi driver was driving a Toyota Corolla car in the opposite direction with passenger, Yolanda Consuelo Valencia, in the front passenger seat when the two vrhicles collided, killing Valencia. Cu is in a critical condition and police have taken samples from him and Segura for alcohol testing.

Belize Taiwan fight human trafficking
Belize and Taiwan have signed an agreement aimed at improving human-trafficking combat efforts. Belize Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse and Taiwanese Interior Minister, Chen Wei-zen signed the agreement in Taipei, Taiwan on Friday. Taiwan has made similar arrangements with other countries, including Mongolia, Honduras, Indonesia, Vietnam, Paraguay, the Gambia, the United States and the Solomon Islands. Chen noted that Taiwan has been listed as a Tier 1 country in the United States'Trafficking in Persons Report for five years in a row due to its good performance in the prevention and control of human trafficking.

Former Haitian president faces charges following protests
Supporters for former Haitian President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide have clashed with UN peacekeepers in Haiti. Dozens of Aristide's supporters had set up barricades outside his home, fearing he could be arrested. UN troops fired smoke grenades to disperse the protesters after they allegedly attacked a car carrying UN staff. Aristide faces charges of money laundering, but his supporters say the charges are politically motivated. A crowd of demonstrators, said to number around 150, blocked the route to his home with rocks and burning tyres on Thursday to prevent his arrest.

Patrick JonesPJ

GSU conducts raid at Belize Central Prison
The Gang Suppression Unit of the Belize Police Department carried out a pre-dawn raid of the Max Section of the Belize Central Prison on Friday. The operation, which started at 4 am, had the participation of members of the GSU, the Special Patrol Unit, Quick Response Team [�]

Teachers undergo professional development training
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has concluded workshops for teachers in the Belmopan Area. These Professional Development Sessions are held yearly all over the country to empower teachers and give them an opportunity to earn credits to keep their Teachers' License. The sessions were held at Belmopan [�]

Under-12 footballers play exciting game in Belmopan
Inclement weather did not stop two enthusiastic under 12 football teams from hitting the field and rolling the ball to the sound of the referee's whistle for play time on the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan. Elite Promos tried for a back to back victory against Medina [�]

Bus and pickup truck collide on the Phillip Goldson Highway
There were two traffic accidents in Belize City on Friday,one of them fatal. The accidents happened within an hour of each other, one on the Phillip Goldson Highway, the other on the George Price Highway. The first took place in the vicinity of the Haulover Bridge on the [�]

Man stabbed to death in Unitedville village, Cayo
A man was stabbed to death early this morning in Unitedville village, Cayo district. The victim has been identified as 38 year old Victor Manuel Vargas. According to reports, Vargas left home on Friday afternoon and that was the last time his common-law wife saw him alive. [�]


Belize National Song competition 2014
With The September celebrations just around the corner, Belizeans have been preparing for a colorful month of parades and dancing. One of the most important activities leading up to the seemingly endless festivities is the National Song Competition put on by the the National Institute of Culture History, Atlantic Bank and National Celebrations Commission. It sets the stage for the coming month, this year's celebrations were themed "Industrious Hands, Intelligent Minds together for Belize." The evening was filled with loads of family friendly fun and great entertainment celebrating our beautiful Belize.This was the sixth year and the party was packed with Belizeans from near and far, as many fans came from other districts to cheer on their favorite talent. Memorial Park in Belize City quickly came alive as eighteen performers wowed the crowd and the judges. We saw performances by four juniors, eight in the Belize Song category, and six in the Carnival Song Category. The Gillharry 7, also known as the G7 band from Corozal and MC Dillon Jones of Universal Radio in Orange walk were also a continuous and enjoyable part of the evening's entertainment.

Belize: The Planet's Best Diving Destination has recognized Belize as one of the top diving destinations in the world along with The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Bonaire, Mexico, Honduras, Turks and Caicos, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and Grenada. "The planet's best places to find pulse-pounding big animals, deep walls, massive wrecks, fascinating caves and more," reads the article entitled "Scuba Diving Top 100: Best Overall Diving" on, the largest scuba diving website on the Internet. You can read the full article here.

International Sourcesizz

Actun Tunichil Muknal: the Belize cave of ancient human sacrifices
DEEP in the Belize jungle of Central America lies a cave with creepy human remains more than 1000 years old thought to be victims of ritual sacrifices. Discovered in 1989, Actun Tunichil Muknal, or ATM as it's locally known, is not easy to reach. Brave travellers must take an hour's ride from San Ignacio in Belize, then walk another hour through shallow rivers and jungle to reach the mouth of the cave. From here visitors have to swim into the cave and wade up the river for another kilometre past huge boulders and cavernous rooms.

Sony Pictures launches feed for Central America, the Caribbean
Sony Pictures Television Networks' new feed will bring exclusive programming features to Central America and the Caribbean, including live schedules and promotions designed specifically for the needs and preferences of the region. From 1 September, viewers and partners of Canal Sony and AXN in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Belize, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic will receive the new Spanish signal. Sony Pictures will offer seven different feeds for Latin America. "We are always looking for new ways to connect with our audiences across the region, and our research indicates that viewers in Central America and the Caribbean share unique consumption patterns, which is why we have created this new feed to properly meet their needs," said Nathalie Lubensky, senior VP at Sony Pictures Networks Latin America. "In addition to creating a special schedule and programming, we are using this opportunity to launch events and advertising opportunities for our partners."

Want to get under the skin of Belize? Blancaneaux Lodge has launched a series of caving adventures to take travellers deeper into this Central American land. The lodge - one of Francis Ford Coppola's hotels - sits in the Maya Mountains, surrounded by rainforest and tumbling waterfalls. Five explorations to nearby caves range in difficulty, and can be undertaken by everyone from beginners to more experienced adventurers. Nervous cavers are advised to start with the Rio Frio Cave, which is blessed by plenty of natural light; while all four and a half miles of Barton Creek Cave - where pottery shards, ceramics and even Mayan remains are found - can be travelled by canoe. Cave tubing - floating through the caves in a rubber ring - is popular at Nohuch Che'en Reserve (the lodge starts its trips early in the morning to avoid the crowds). The lesser-explored Offering Cave at Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park was once a sacrificial site, and contains tools and ceramics left by the Mayans.


Video: Entrapment plasticity of the infinity sea, 5min.
"Entrapment plasticity of the infinity sea" is a video art that deals with the notion of being entrapped and trying to survive, keep going. This situation is always changing its form as the sea is always in movement and changes its state. The images of this video were recorded on different places of the Caribbean Sea (Los Roques in Venezuela, San Andr�s in Colombia, Ulila in Honduras, Caye Amberguis and Blue Hole in Belize), the Red Sea (around Hurghada) and the Atlantic Ocean (Bahia, Brazil). A mosaic of the sea and personal struggles form this imaginary trip indo the underwater world.

Video: Dangriga to Belize City Flight, 2min.
Taking off from Dangriga on our return to Belize City. Tropic Air. GoPro HERO 3+ Black. 1080p.

Video: Dennis Wolfe - Just Another Gringo in Belize, 3min.
Dennis at Fido's in San Pedro, Belize 2013.

Video: Belize Raggamuffin Tour 3rd Stop, 21min.

Video: BELIZE 2014, 5min.
Summary video of our adventures in Belize. Scuba Diving, Snorkling, Spearfishing, Cave exploring, Cliff Jumping, Hiking, and much more.

Video: Belize Misiones, 5min.
Un Poco Del Trabajo Que Hemos Realizado Como Misioneros.