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Marty #490104 04/29/14 05:34 AM
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Belize's refugee children

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

Lord hear my prayer for Belize's children
They are refugees of several wars
For which few can prepare or defend them
Hailing from predatory environs trying to consume them
Violence, incest, drugs, pedophiles and people trying to rape them
Born to unskilled parents to fend for them
Who scarcely have time to play with them
Some don't have the know how to read to them
Lord, hear my prayer for Belize's children!

Young female teachers trying to teach at risk young men and women
The underserved and poverty stricken
The ministry has to equip teachers with new techniques to engage them
To get past the trauma and trust issue affecting them
The dons and cartels are recruiting them
Courting, enticing and vying to get loyalty from them
No wonder our country is such peril and mayhem
Lord, hear my prayer for Belize's children

The juvenile unjust system
Parents are still allow to lock up their children
Simply because they cannot control them
Starting with the police who are afraid of them
Indoctrinated to profile our young black men
To abuse and buy in to the police culture of us-against-them
Magistrates' hands are tied in the judiciary system
But them the laws are there they have to interpret and implement them
A judicial system in peril
A Belizean versus those from foreign
So our youths become causalities
Of a war or refugees just like our Central American neighbours in the 80s

The prison for 13.50 per head per day houses them
Warehousing and criminalizing them
Exposing them to an environment
Where gang recruits them
Senior prisoners indoctrinate them
With hate and venom
Sharing stories and educating them
Creating a new generation of universal criminals
Under the guise of re-integrating them
Lord, hear my prayer for Belize's children

The hospital is killing them
The government is mocking them
Joking about neck and back and ramin
The make laws to make it mandatory to incarcerate them
So they do not benefit from the uncounted welfare system
The education policies frustrate them
Trying to merge a British and American system
Without consulting them about program relevant to them
Pushing out our young men so that the street can recruit them
This is a human rights problem
Lord, hear my prayer for Belize's children

Marty #490199 05/01/14 05:17 AM
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Belize-Guatemala Comics

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

Everything in Belize is politics
A fake nationalism has replaced our logic
Some may call me unpatriotic
But that's because I don't buy into gimmicks
This Belize/Guatemala foolishness
The ruling party tactics has positioned themselves to profit
Denying both countries real benefits
Whiles the governments and the OAS boys
Playing verbal gymnastics, it's time Belizeans do their personal analysis
Creating an imaginary conflict
Blaming the British, when they and the Americans are orators of this comics
They need to put a sock in it!
I'm not buying it!

Guatemalan and Belizeans share the same river
Both can benefit from working together
Fertile lands for agriculture and sharing one border
Similarity in diverse culture
Both have citizens traversing their borders
Guatemalans are benefitting from Belize in every way
With Guatemalans coming to learn English every day
Studying at UB when they go home they earn better pay
Belizean are benefitting, Belizeans studying in their universities the same way

Buses of students cross the border to come the Belizean schools
Whilst the Belize City residents are consumed living on fumes
Bordering communities can enjoy cheap groceries and fresh legumes
Notwithstanding benefitting from gas prices that are reduced
Belize should be preparing for the beef explosion
Opening trade with Mexico, Guatemala, Latin America and the wider Caribbean
But PUDP is about black marginalization
Stagnating production and encouraging importation
Promoting gentrification in the name of tourism
Musa spoke of balkanization, "our border is artificial!" said Elrington

Belize is a blessed nation
But what product do we have that we can call a national product?
We continue to ship out our raw materials
Is this how we equip our children to compete regionally or internationally?
Is this how we will stop marginalization?
This crap is not benefitting either nation
It seems that it is only America that is benefiting from this region
Belize needs to get into the competition
The citizenry need to take back their power from these political traitors.
We need to stop playing into the hands of these comical orators.

Marty #490533 05/07/14 04:29 AM
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Government by default

By Abdulmajeed K Nunez

How can we allow Francis to become PM by default?
No wonder the country is doing economic summersaults
It's gonna be everyone's fault
For failing to think outside the colonial vault
Development is at a screeching halt
The minute you sell you vote
And take the load of sand and the blue note
The citizenry eating five years worth of salt
Because of the contract they made under strain
It's youths committing all sorts of assaults
The entire country is at fault

Where are the country's think tanks?
Why is our prime real estate in the hands of banks?
Think tanks will help to project the country forward
With each passing election we are making five steps backward
As a country we are awkward
A two party system treating us like retards
Treating us like bastards
When we elected Stuarts
Who should in fact be Sheppards?
They are now in fact setting themselves up as lords
While the poor people di starve

It is up to us our to carve out our future
We need an economic food base or we will all starve
We have been dealing with a two party system betrayal
That has been immoral, unethical and sometime criminal
Turning Belize's sons and daughter into prostitutes
Using them then after election cutting them loose
Is it laziness, craziness or helplessness?
That blacks are the ones marginalized
Criminalized, with the highest murder rate on the Southside
To maintain the status quo they are pushing for marijuana to become decriminalized
Others are pushing for it to be legalized
Belizeans open unu eyes
Ask anyone who switched sides
PUDP are allies in disguise
But our people are still infatuated
Think that they will reconciliate and appreciate

These are the same persons
Promoting same sex relations,
Prostitution and abortion under
Their gender policy program
Is this progression or liberation
What about the upcoming generation?
Where is their twenty-five year plan?
We cannot afford a PM by default
We need to get our minds out the colonial vault!

Marty #490819 05/13/14 05:17 AM
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Child abuse reporting legislation!

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

I want to publicly thank Mrs Dolores Balderamos, Faith Babb and Senator Lisa Shoman
For championing the cause and helping to draft the legislation
And all those who made their contribution
To increase the chances of children getting the right protection
Thanks for sharing your passion and giving this the right attention
The biggest problem I see is implementation
But then again some might lack the information
Perhaps it's the time for another round of mass circulation
That might even include some media presentations
To update the people about the Child Abuse Reporting Regulations.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms
But I want to make a special appeal to all moms
In lieu of what happen with the fourteen year student in Belmopan
Kudos to the mother who reported this situation
And followed it up with the institution
I blame the entire institution for failure to report the situation
There is a mandatory reporting legislation
This case requires a full investigation
Some members of staff need to be subject to prosecution
Or at the very least asked to hand in their resignation

However, this is abuse of one's position
Despite the fact that there is legislation
Under this law, "It shall be the duty of any family member, teacher, social worker, school counselor, employee of a certified children's institution (especially the Manager thereof), school administrator, principal and deputy principal of any educational institution, dean of a college, probation officer, police officer or any other employee or officer of the Government whose daily duties entails dealing regularly with children, to promptly report orally or in writing all incidents of suspected child abuse which comes to his knowledge and/or attention to the Belize Police Department or to the Department for Investigation."

Now can we honestly celebrate Mother's Day?
When our daughters are prey
To those in high positions
And even at institutions where they study everyday
Yet you're being invited to ceremonies to serenade
It's all a charade
While they take monies from the coffers that you have already paid
Using it for political mileage while our children are unprotected
Our daughters are being molested,
Remember those jack abducted, raped, killed and mutilated
Perhaps your memories have been arrested
When they bring ham and turkey
Or invite you to Mother's Day party
Ask them about your children's security.

Marty #490944 05/16/14 05:41 AM
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Occupy Belmopan II

By Abdulmajeed K Nunez

Sound the alarm
The prime minister has been informed
He has sixty days to conform
There is too much contradiction with the gender policy and the constitution
Or Independence Hill will be taken by storm
All those in BDF and police uniform
It is time you all join the people's right ranks for reform
When the Mexican police and the NYPD decided on reform
They put down their guns and took off their uniforms

Those who have been analyzing Belize's political climate for years
When you read Louis Wade's "two foot stool�" it will bring you to tears
We are living in a democracy that's on life support
With PUDP, citizens and pressure groups all turning to the courts
Which has become commonplace now; it's no longer a last resort
I want to contend that we are operating in hijacked courts
With a legal system dominated by foreigners
Every single judge, magistrate are all contract workers
Which means they support this government or they'll be terminated like Arnold Schwarzenegger
There has been a role reversal; PUDP has taken over the role of predator

Price hijacked the people's movement
Esquivel was leader of a corrupted government
Musa's G7 was his historical moment
UDP's legacy will be cementing streets
Cause CITCO is getting money from central government
They will go down in history as the most corrupted government, with alleged family enrichment
Now Barrow's government has a combination of corruption and big oil appeasement
Ignoring of court orders without chastisement
No judge in their right minds would challenge this government
They are all lodge brothers and sisters and are loyal to the Baphomet
The PM is ignoring the ruling in Thailand
To President Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra! For corruption!
Barrow is diligently trying to redefine nepotism, cronyism and corruption
Better yet trying to hold to prevent an early election

People of Belize instead of being malcontents
We need to start a movement
We need to select some independents
Register and promote them as the incumbent
Set the people's program and a twenty-five year plan
PUDP has betrayed the nation
Blatantly ignoring the Supreme Court and the constitution
We need to change this situation
We need to occupy Belmopan.

This time the people must win
Since our government is unwilling to do the right thing
They are about their own self aggrandizing
Marginalizing and dividing and conquering
We need to ensure that check and balance is in the system
The integrity commission, the labour complaint tribunal, and the clear separations of power
Democracy dictates we do better
Or our leaders instead of managers have become predators!

Marty #491164 05/21/14 05:39 AM
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Welfare Poli-tricks

By Abdulmajeed K Nunez

Louis Wade's 'Two legged Stool' still has me thinking
I went back into my writings and re-read what Sabino and I were discussing
I found some things quite interesting
That in the following lines I will be sharing
If Belizeans are to truly win
There is an issue that is a fundamental thing that they should be advocating
The prime minister must not be in charge of financing
If we think it through as it stands it's conflicting
It sets him up as king and undermines the entire system

The George Price era was welfare poli-tricks
It was done in the United States
If you look at the parallel in the 50s
When they work toward the blacks to become citizens
Their plan was to re-enslave them by creating a system of dependency
They gave them handouts - welfare
That is what was promulgated, shipped out to Belize, Jamaica, Trinidad in the 60s

Price was a follower and admirer of Nehru from India
So he was influenced by what Nehru was doing in the forties
Nehru was Price's mentor, but he too was influenced by Stalin
Price and those being trained with him around the same time were all influenced by Stalin
His prospective taking over from Richardson this was the direction he took the People's United Party
In 1956 he took over and things changed
This is the reason for the split
When Richardson went as an observer at the conference on federation
Price came back hell bent on collecting on the promises and said, "Let's give it a try!"
Richardson and Goldson left the meeting in September 1956
When they walked out the meeting they had to choose new leaders
Richardson was the first PUP Leader

Our politicians have been doing whatever they want from day one
When you look at the history in the 1960s
The governor who gave a contract to Fred Hunter's ancestors
To dredge the canal when his term was finished in 1966
The contract was given without tender with exclusivity
In recent times we have Novelos Bus Company and Kolbe?
The colonial secretary took it away from Hunter
But due to his conniving negotiation and buttering someone's hand he won
This corruption was been happening since the British
And when we got self government it became outlandish
Price was aspiring for self government from the day of adult suffrage
Because it meant we created our own budget and controlled our own monies
Our country was not running its own budget in 54 as a matter of fact this began in 64

Why does the prime minister have to be minister of finance?
Price wanted it and it continued because that is where the power lies
Belize does not operate the way America does we adopted the Westminister model
They appoint senators, decide the cabinet and have control to appoint the judiciary
Whoever wins the majority controls the legislature and becomes a dictator

The blue and white flag was not the PUP flag
It was in fact the Baymen's flag -- they absorbed it as the forefathers of the country
They adopted it and then Price killed the history of the Baymen
He wanted to look at the future, and our alliances with Central America
To do that he down played and cut out the history of the battle of St George's Caye
Even though his father led that parade on horseback annually
From the time he was a baby, check the history!
Hence we have no real affiliation with the West Indies

The entire Caribbean is in a funk
In an outlandish funk that requires young minds
To come in clean it up and change it up so we can look forward to the twenty-first century
With programs like climate change we are just following the leader
We need to start to ask pertinent questions and stop being beggars
Who is benefiting from these programs?
The citizens must formulate and give the government their programs.

Marty #491505 05/28/14 05:28 AM
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No Show Biz Revolution!

By Abdulmajeed K Nunez

Everyone is looking for a showbiz revolution
When the real revolution is returning to our agricultural orientation
Being able to feed ourselves as a nation
Poverty is not Belize's ailment
Poverty is not having the confidence
To take opportunities for our own development
Why are we waiting for a government?
Why do the people like to lament?
PUDP is not about development
The real similitude of this government
Is that of tenant paying rent, but we have as a people have become decadent
We'll allowed this government to renege on our arrangement

Instead of dividing and conquering the country
We should planning strategically
To set ourselves into sectors for productivity
White corn, yellow corn, red kidney beans, and the cattle industry
This could boost our economy
But we will have to join the disjointed country
Improve the infrastructure to transport in commercial quantity
To the deepest water port in the country without losing so much money
Hindering productivity in country is being done intentionally
To enrich the royal families, they are stifling local industries
To get foreign money

Let's ask the foreign trade minister
Where is the Guatemalans order?
After the meeting with the Guatemalan small farmers at the Radisson
He keeps making excuses for no reason
If we plan strategically, Belize has the capacity
Five hundred young bulls, three hundred pigs, weekly
One million pounds of yellow black and white corn
Ten thousand pounds of RK beans and sugar, this is how the revolution could be born
But our ministry of agriculture is not thinking critically
They are thinking of pickings from a trade show annually
Mind you with no accountability
They are about enrichment of cronies and their families
Tragically keeping the country in poverty
They are not about the country's food security
Not capitalizing on regional cooperation strategies

They are planning to close the Mexican and Guatemalan border
To enrich the Vega empire
His brother and San Cas being two huge importers
At the sacrifice of the local importers
Remember the imported onions from Canada
They killed the local rice industry
By importing rice from Paraguay
Check these facts if you think I am telling a lie

The Belizean people need to seek out startup capital
Belizean needs to start thinking radical
We think international and regional

And start producing in quantity that's commercial
We need to push for a national headquarters for famers
We need to organize cane, sugar, and livestock producers
And operate from our headquarters, that's when we will have true bargaining power
All government is doing is dividing and conquering
And stifling the local importers
Boycotting our local producers and selling out to foreigners

Marty #491625 05/30/14 04:39 AM
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Mergers and Cutbacks!

By Abdulmajeed K Nunez

Oh you minister in charge of the people's finances!
Please stop enriching your friends and cronies
Kindly review the tapes of the Cayo teachers' rally
Listen to Don Hector's suggestions of saving monies
He suggested merging ministries and cutting back on ambassadors' responsibilities
How are you so out of touch with your people's realities?
Don Hector suggested mergers and cutbacks
To get the country back on track
His suggestion was to you despots
Who want to take the citizenry for idiots?

Belizeans must mount a counterattack
We the working poor are enduring the rise in tax
There is talk about merging Excelsior, Sadie Vernon and Maud Williams High
Teachers are of the opinion that their hands are tied
These nonsensical moves must not be allowed to fly
What so many people in this ministry so qualified?
If this is not planned properly we are sending our children to die
More mothers are going to cry

There is talk about merging Youth Cadet Corps and Hostel
When one is mandatory and the other is voluntary
These are dangerous moves by desperate ministries
Who are crying redundancy?
I wonder who are advising these ministries.
They are infringing on the right of the citizenry
Why must innocent children interact with children sent by the court for criminal activities?
Are we creating another criminal university?
Like the one being ran by Kolbe?
Why not merge the Hostel and Wagner's youth facility
And remove those kids from that criminal university?

There is talk about redundancy in apprenticeship programs
One of the suggestions is to merge the Southside Success Project Center with the Apprenticeship Program
They clearly do not share Dianne Finnegan's vision
Who is catering for a more mature population?
I am sure there was not adequate consultation
UNDP has not yet signed off on the Success program
Just desperate ministers giving misdirection
Giving misinformation, going by figments of their imagination
Where is the monitoring and evaluation
Most ministries do not have this mechanism in their programs
Thank God the UNDP has not signed off on that center
They have been successful in catering for fourteen year olds who are underserved
When will you all start giving youths what they deserve?

Marty #491794 06/03/14 05:30 AM
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By Abdulmajeed K Nunez

After one hundred and fifty years of experimentation
America has finally perfected their weapon of mass destruction
After slavery was abolished they did not know what to do with the black population
Some 40 million, so they developed of plan of extermination
Their fears were retaliation and retribution
Following Francis Goltin they came up with the Eugenics solution
Turning the white against the black population
Congress funded this colonization

They tried again with our brothers in Vietnam
Eugene Fisher came up with sterilization
Starting with countries controlled by the Germans
Funded by the Carnage Corporation and Rockefeller Foundation
When that did not work, they put chemical in the food and the water
They solicited Nixon to get help to influence legislation
When that did not work they took it to the United Nations
So they do not have to dirty their hands
Planned parenthood became their new standard of operation

They used Bill Clinton to issue an executive order
To send American dollars abroad to fund sterilization
They target the black and brown populations
Ford, Kissinger and Rockefellers
Then they came up with coercions
By having the blacks buy into birth control and then abortion
Under developing third world nations
Subjecting the Haitians to starvation
Giving ninety percent of their women contraception

The UN is the main promoter of this Maafa
Through organization like Planned Parenthood, UNESCO and UNAID
Urban removal?
That is nothing but black removal
They even withhold aid from countries who suffer natural disasters
Until they jump on board their Planned Parenthood agenda
1997 Guyana after resisting for twelve years, they had to if they were to recover
They did in Africa, and even in New Orleans after Katrina
They even did it Bermuda until people rebelled in the Caribbean
The UN has increased funding 130 percent for family planning agenda

This is cultural suicide, and black genocide
These are some of the hyperbole under which they hide
Family planning, pro choice, reproductive rights
These are code words and marketing slogans
They have even pushed for the legalization of abortion
Using aid to force other countries in conformation
They refuse to recognize Belize as a black nation
Planned Parenthood has been in Belize since 1981
In the form of the Belize Family Life Association
This is how they have been controlling our population
And boycotting our nation, buying out our politicians
Paying for our underdevelopment
Fooling our country's parents

Abortion in Belize has and is decimating our nation
It has killed more Belizeans than HIV, gang violence and cancer
We are consumed with UNIBAM
But we do not understand the sinister plan
Is to annihilate the black population
And steal the wealth from the Caribbean nations
They even come on the platform of climate change
These people are deranged
Now you understand why PUDP behavior is estrange
Since the early day our leaders have been engage
Ever wonder why our population has not reached a million?
Do you find it strange, whenever we borrow monies this is the exchange.

Marty #492094 06/10/14 05:37 AM
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The feeding trough!

By Abdulmajeed K Nunez

I expected better!
From Genitty, Caritas, Aird, Carol and Brenda
Who have been in the school system forever!
More so, in the capacity of administrators
So they know the constraints as managers
But have miraculously forgotten, now that their bread has butter
Now that most of them are doctors, sitting at the table of their master
They now think they are better because they are now the decision makers

We have schools refusing kids
You trying to tell me they can't find space
Majority of these parents are single parents
Many of the children are truants
Pick them up and put them in school
Some kids honestly want to go
Put 50% of them in school and the other 50% in the army
Our children need a structured system
We have to find ways to engage them
Invest in the army for those who do not want to go to school
All the doctors in the ministry of education
Are looking to pad up and help their alma maters
They do not look at the extenuating and overarching factors
They are about helping the Anglicans, the Methodists and the Catholics
They are there for their own self interests
Hence the reason that it is nonsense what they now suggest
Then they are forcing the masses to ingest and digest

We have the same problem with UB every year
The amalgamation of UB was done in a similar manner
Without consultations with all the stakeholders
So people go to UB because they have no other choice
For some it takes six or more years to do a bachelors degree
Having to wait till a certain course is offered
When the campus transferred, some had to go to Belmopan
It's just all sort of confusion and so is this one
Belize lack truly lacks visionary planners and negotiators

Even if this move is a cost effective measure
Look at the CET now ITVET program
There is only one on the way to reaching the bar
Orange Walk ITVET dih function and Belize City dih play catch up!
And in Dangriga, well dat is used fuh hospital, concerts and workshop
These only have some thirty students on an average for what it's worth
So too does the ITVET in Cayo, how is that for comfort?
What surprising is we have former high school educators
Siding with an incompetent minister, singing for their supper
Caritas, Genity, Armstrong, Carol, the chief and CEO
A chief who was principal of Sacred Heart, oh!
All people familiar with secondary schools so they should know better
CEO came out of sixth form, tertiary and higher!
Brenda - Wesley College leader
Caritas - St Catherine's
Carol - primary school manager
Genity - E.P Yorke fuh yearz as headmaster
They know exactly what is facing the secondary schools
And to turn around now and merge three schools into one
They are breaking down an entire community and destabilizing the whole country
Each school able to fit at least three hundred, four maximum, maybe
This merger eliminates five hundred kids already
This was done with the national university
And twice wid south side pickney
I am talking about Excelsior specifically

Whenever our country gets monies for programs
We do not prioritize, we sing the songs of donors
We clearly do not know where we're going as a nation
Three schools with not enough students
There are sufficient kids out here that are not enrolled in schools that can fill these three schools
When we have thousands of students not going to school
We have the population to fill all three schools night and day
That should have been their first priority, followed by getting all teachers qualified to fit into the country's strategy
Because teachers have challenges just as the students, some cannot cope with teaching children from predatory environments
Despite Caritas boasting about principals managing these criminal elements

The finance reform wit places like SCA that took student with 80s and 90s
High-end schools were looking for 50s and 60s to pad up their finances
Now they are the ones getting 20s and 30s this is part of the reality
The bulk is not in school because of social economic issues
Many of them can't pay to go to school
This whole thing about free education is just a lot of talk
There need to be more incentives
The night school is practically free one hundred dollars dah all they pay
If students can do that for the night, then extend it to the day
When last did they give the first top ten graduates a scholarship opportunity
This would be a motivational possibility

They say they are creating something for the south-side schools
But exempt Gwen Liz out of it
Being in the minister's constituency they get everything
What about the caliber of students they are taking in?
You can't expect a student who got 20s on PSE to do ten CXCs
Even on a good day that's an impossibility
We have counselors but have no career coaches in schools
If that would be implemented it would help some people
A lot of kids at the second form level take certain subjects just because of friends
They need to diversify the subjects and create more opportunity

They talk about computer literacy at high school
That is for primary school they should be more advanced at primary school
At high school they should be drawing, making music and manipulating other computer programs
Yet they put the cart before the horse and at high school do reading programs
Notwithstanding this is a new era
Why do we have retirees planning our future?
When we are moving into new millennia
Why not use a teacher 45-50 to create a new curriculum with cadre of new teachers?

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