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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Maestro Perrote hosts second music camp graduation in San Pedro Town
On Friday August 15th, the Angel Nu�ez Auditorium saw the graduation for Maestro Carlos Perrote's second annual music summer camp. Over 60 registered students, from six to 40 years old, showed off the skills they had learnt in the four weeks of music camp. Perrote's lessons involved a range of instruments from guitar, bongo drums, Garifuna drums, standard drum sets, keyboard and steel pan. Proud parents and invited guests cheered on as each group presented their item, showing the versatility taught in Perrote's program as the students exchanged instruments and jammed on.

Belize Earns A Host Of Top 100 Readers Choice Awards
The August 2014 "Scuba Diving" magazine has outlined Belize as the "Central American paradise" who "earned a host of 2014 Top 100 Readers Choice Awards." Belize earned Readers Choice Awards for the Caribbean and Atlantic's best overall destination, big animals, wall diving, and underwater photography. Some of the highlights from the three-page spread include mentions of our barrier reef "bowing only to Australia's great one." It also talks about the wall dives that can be done along the atolls, which "turn into an underwater Lollapalooza." Also among the highlights was Gladden Spit which placed in the top 5 list for "best big animals in the Caribbean and Atlantic region." Apart from our "big animals," Belize was also recognized for its "macro critters." Belize, known for some of the most authentic experiences, was also pointed out as a destination for tours from luxury yachts, to explorations through the jungle and to the archaeological sites.Capping off the notable highlights was our Great Blue Hole, which is described as a "landmark that warrants crossing off a list."

Ambergris Today

Celebrity Spotting - Angie Harmon Vacations in Belize
Law and Order fans take note, American model and actress Angie Harmon is vacationing in Belize and she is not shy about posting her pictures on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. She is showing off how much fun she is having in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye as she swims with the sharks at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, visits the Maya archaeological site of Altun Ha in the mainland and relaxes at the celebrity getaway private island of Cayo Espanto, Ambergris Caye. Angie Harmon is an American model and actress who has starred on the series Baywatch Nights, Law & Order and Rizzoli & Isles.

Where's the Beach? - Sargassum Problems!
It's everywhere! It's Smelly! And it's a bit of an inconvenience to enjoy a swim along the beaches. Island residents have been dealing for about a month now with a smelly and slimy Sargassum Seaweed that has been lining the coastline. La Isla Bonita, San Pedro, seems to be experiencing a larger seaweed influx than usual, with deposits accumulating several feet high for miles along the coastline. And as fast as the Town Council, resort owners and beachfront residents are clearing the beach, it keeps piling up just as fast. So where is all this seaweed coming from? More than likely it is coming from the Sargasso Sea which is a vast patch of ocean named for a genus of free-floating seaweed called Sargassum. While there are many different types of algae found floating in the ocean all around world, the Sargasso Sea is unique in that it harbors species of sargassum that are 'holopelagic' - this means that the algae not only freely floats around the ocean, but it reproduces vegetatively on the high seas. Other seaweeds reproduce and begin life on the floor of the ocean.

In Love With Belizean Sunrises
We say it time and time again and we will never get tired of repeating ourselves - "We just LOVE Belizean Sunrises". It's just a spectacular experience when you take the time to wake up just before sunrise, head to the beach, sit on a hammock or go up a pier and wait for the sun to rise. It is a perfect beginning to your day as you take in the colors, the smell of the Caribbean Sea and the warmth of the sun. If you have not done this in a while, we encourage you to do so. But let us warn you - it does become addictive!

25 Years Ago: Things We Take for Granted - Electricity and Ice

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

San Pedro Invitational
This past weekend two of our Corozal Bay Sailing Club sailors were part of an International Regatta held in San Pedro Belize on Ambergris Caye. This regatta was a small group of sailors (only 24) five coming from outside the country. Mexico brought in 4 very hot sailors and it should be noted that 3 were young girls. The US was represented by Brice, a real honcho from Florida. Brice is blessed with lots of training and has sailed since he was barely out of diapers. So going in we knew none of our Belize sailors were not going to win but they all learned much from these much better sailors. I don't have the final tabulations in front of me but overall our Jazmine and Christopher finished the six races in the top 15. Commodore Gerard and Mr Bill worked on the finish boat with the Belize Coast Guard, lucky for the Regatta there was no water emergency. Claire Kyler Cordts and Loreta Randall will be supplying photos from the event. CBSC wishes to thank Tammy Peterson and the SPYSC for a fun filled weekend and special thanks to those members of your club for the extra training days you offered our sailors and for feeding and housing them. This is really what the youth sailing programs are all about. The kids making new friends and learning skills that they never would have without the sailing clubs of Belize.

Protest in Succotz
People of Succotz, Cayo make resounding protest by blocking the main highway with burning tires and demand the Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura be arrested forthwith. Let's hope that cooler heads prevail.

DCP Miguel Segura Arrested
Today, August 19th, Superintendent Daniel Arzu, Officer commanding Benque Viejo Police Formation arrested and charged Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura with: 1.Manslaughter by Negligence 2.Causing Death by Careless Conduct 3.Drove Motor Vehicle Without due Care and Attention 4.Driving with Alcohol Concentration above the Prescribed Limit 5.Negligent Grievous Harm

The organizers thank the Police Department as no incident was reported. Thanks to everyone for the huge support.

This morning, Deputy Commissioner of Police found under the sauce [our emphasis] and people of Succotz block George Price Highway
As we have mentioned in our initial report yesterday, Deputy Commissioner Miguel Segura is on suspension from duties as the #2 Police officer after he was involved in an accident which killed 54 year Consuelo Yolanda Valencia and put her taxi driver, who is also one of her family members, in the hospital in a critical condition. There are credible reports this morning that Segura was under the influence of alcohol while involved in the fatal accident. Unofficial reports reveal that Segura was driving with alcohol levels of 208 while the prescribed limit is 80. Obviously, he may have been disoriented and impaired by the high level of alcohol in his system while driving. While the alcohol test is with the Police from yesterday, Officer commanding ASP Daniel Arzu, attached to the Benque Viejo Formation would not disclose the results to the media until he receives instructions from his boss, Commissioner of Police. In speaking with George Lovell, the CEO in the Ministry of National Security, he told the media that the results will officially be released sometime today. So what about the man at the center of this sad situation? An amateur video footage that we shared yesterday when the news first broke, shows DCP Segura standing right outside of the driver's side of his Government issued Nissan Pathfinder. With a vacant expression, he pulls out a cigarette and pulls up his police issued unbuttoned pants.

FISHING REPORT: Week of August 10th - August 16th, 2014
The tagging expedition will be going on through next week with some more anglers joining the effort. Nightly seminars, included a few with tarpon guru Stu Apte sharing his tarpon fighting philosophies, the right knot's ( really all you need to know is the Stu Apte improved blood knot!), and Dr. Jerry Ault from The University of Miami, shared some tagging results from the Florida effort. Thanks to all that participated, you add inspiration to our fishing community. A special shout out to our dear friend, Adam Marton, who organized the event. Check out links from our El Pescador facebook page! The wind is blowing east. All the fish are in town, but it's hot late in the day. Angler's have been getting up early and returning early as it appears the fish are more active in the cooler morning conditions. The lodge renovation is right on track and the rooms look amazing. The girls in the kitchen are as sassy as ever and laughter is always in the air here at El Pescador. Thank you Ed for everything you do. It's great to back.

The project, which is funded by the Ministry of Works and Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, consists of paving the road from the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge up to Belizean Shores area and is estimated to be completed in an approximation of 3-4 months.

Sugar barge sinks near Corozal
A salvage operation continues in the Cerros Point area of the Corozal Bay where a sugar barge (not sure if full or empty) has apparently sank. We called the Corozal Police Department a few minutes ago and we were told that no official report has been made on the incident or if any person was hurt and the extent of the damages and losses.

Queen of the West Presentation
The Queen of the West pageant is this Saturday at 6:00pm, at the Octavia Waight Center. They had the presentation last Saturday at the Cayo Welcome Center. Pacz Tours took them all to Rio On Pools for their photoshoot. Best of luck to all contestants! "The six delegates for Queen of the West 2014-2015. They were formally presented on Saturday, August 16 at the Cayo Welcome Center."

Channel 7

Rage and Riot in Succotz!
Tonight the village of Succotz in Western Belize is going back to normal after a day of civil disobedience. Succotz was the home of 54 year old Yolanda Consuelo Valencia - the market vendor who was killed in on Saturday morning at 5:30 when Deputy Commissioner Mike Segura crashed into the taxi she was in - killing the mother of five instantly. The fact that Segura - who is from nearby Benque Viejo was driving drunk -incensed the villagers - and when they saw that police didn't charge him fast enough - they took direct action - and this morning at around 7 a.m. that meant setting tires on fire, and blocking the Benque Road. Traffic was blocked for at least a mile on both sides for over 7 and a half hours. It caused major business disruption because Benque Viejo leads to the busy Western Border crossing.

DCP Segura Faces 6 Criminal Charges, Including Drunk Driving
So, at around 3 p.m., Assistant Superintendent Arzu made his way from Succotz Village to Belmopan, where the police high command decided that Deputy Commissioner Miguel Segura should be arraigned. As you saw, there was a mob just outside of Benque, and so, taking him near to that location could be a major security concern. He was therefore whisked to Belmopan Magistrate's Court where the press had a bit of difficulty getting into the hearing. That's including other minor preferential treatment he received to try to shield him from the media.

Eyewitness: Segura Was Veering Across Road Before Crash
So that's where it stands tonight - the situation in Succotz has been defused and the mob somewhat placated. Deputy Mike Segura has been criminally charged and remains on suspension. But, of course, a mother's life was lost - and observers probably won't be satisfied until and unless there is a conviction - and, the matter is before the courts, so that is a wait and see. But, pubic sentiment doesn't have to wait and see; their verdict is in: Deputy Segura was driving drunk and endangering drivers. One eyewitness who Segura just barely missed, told 7News that seconds before the accident Segura was veering wildly across the highway:.. Eric Can - Eyewitness (translated) "I was going about 75 yards ahead of the taxi when I saw the car snaking it's way, I moved to the bush, 75% of my car came off the road and I saw the car passed and only heard the roaring of the engine and I kept looking in the mirror and saw the vehicle crossing the road side to side. Well I went up the hill and when I did, my son told me "dad, dad ,dad the car already crashed" Then I said "left that car, that car is.

Savage Home Invasion Hopkins: Wife Murdered, Husband Critical
Last night when we ended the news we told you about an outlandish killing in Hopkins Village - where a couple was beaten up and butchered during a home invasion, leaving the one dead and the other critically injured. More is known tonight. At 6:20 last night, an attacker charged into the vacation home of Dudley and Josephine Augustine, both Belizean teachers. He stabbed them both repeatedly, killing 47 year old Josephine, and critically injuring 71 year old Dudley. Family members say Josephine was found in a fighting position as though she was defending her husband. Nothing inside the home was stolen, except for the couple's vehicle - which has not been located as yet. Today, their cousin Conrad Lewis told the media what the family knows at this time:.. Conrad Lewis, Cousin of Dudley Augustine "Yesterday evening about 6 apparently 2 guys entered the premises of Dudley Augustine and his wife and murdered his wife and severely injured Dudley Augustine. They escape taking along the Trooper of the couple. They did not take anything, absolutely nothing from the premises."

Are Soldiers Roughing Up City Youths At BDF Camp
Last night on 7News, you heard the explosive allegations about the Boot Camp for at-risk city youths that the police and BDF had set up at Camp Belizario in Cayo. Well, today the Commander of the BDF General David Jones invited the media to the camp to see for themselves what's happening. We found out that discipline and punishments were given out after an all-out gang war broke out at the opening of the camp. Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Deputy Commander - Eastern Division "I as you can see I came here personally here to visit and I saw the program being run here and I can assure parents that their children are safe. We had couple brawls and the BDF got them under control." Lt. Col. A. Loria, Camp Commander "We got an initial 30 kids that ages range from eleven to sixteen. They were here for about a week and then another group of 14 were brought but they were a little older, they were about from sixteen to eighteen years of age.

Teenager Resuscitated After Drowning
What some might call a miracle or divine intervention others may call pure luck, but whatever you call it, a young man is alive because of it tonight. On Saturday August 16th at around 5:30 pm, 16 year old Antholyn Vellos along with 4 others were relaxing on a pier in Corozal Town. One of his female friends decided to take a swim and that was when Vellos realized that she was struggling under the strong waves and he jumped in to save her. He managed to rescue her, but soon found himself in the same situation and was going under the strong currents. His other male friend then jumped in to help him but things took a turn for the worse. Vellos was carried under while his friend was able to grab hold of the rocks along the sea wall. Agents from ThunderBolt charter service, which was docked nearby, saw the commotion and rushed to assist. They managed to get Vellos's body out of the water, but he showed no signs of life. Still, they administered CPR vigorously and after 5 minutes of that, he, sort of, came back to life! There's no other way to describe it, because after showing no vital signs, he was suddenly revived. Still, he had to be hospitalized for a few days to get all the water out of his lungs. He was released from the KHMH today.

27 Year Old From Lemonal Missing Ten Days
It's been 10 days now since 27 year old Denvo Banner went missing according to family members. The six-foot-four cricket player from Lemonal village was last seen at a victory party in the village on August ninth. After that, he said he was going to see his sister in Guinea Grass but since then, no one has seen or heard from him. It is the first time he has gone missing and his family is very concerned about his safely. They made a public appeal today. Arlene Banner - Sister of Denvo Banner "We are missing our brother from the 9th April at a victory party in Lemonal Village. One of my sister got a call from one of the villagers trying to locate him and she started to text the other family member and to no avail - nothing." Monica Bodden "His phone was ringing or was it off?" Arlene Banner - Sister of Denvo Banner "He doesn't have a phone, but he is a person if he is Belize he will visit one of us, that is not if, but or maybe. Somebody will know that he is down here definitely. That's very unusual for us - 10 days. On Facebook we have flyers out, it's on the news and nothing? I think that is really unusual."

Theft At Upscale Housing Community
A woman was robbed of over $7,000 dollars yesterday morning. The 37-year-old Belizean manager of River Walk Residential Estate on Mile 60 on the Western Highway reported that around 8:45 am she was carrying $7,600 dollars divided in two separate envelopes - one envelope contained $1,800US dollars and the other contained $2,000.US. She was moving the money from a safe in her house to another residence a few minutes away. But as she opened the safe someone approached her from behind, covered her mouth with his hand and threatened to kill her if she moved. The culprit then took the envelopes and as she was turning around to get a glimpse of her attacker, the culprit hit her in the head with an unknown object. Thereafter, the robber escaped. Police investigations continue.

First Ever Jazz and Culture Show
And tonight we have a package of highlites from Saturday night's first ever Belize Jazz And Culture Show at the Biltmore. Seasoned performers Jackie Castillo, Tricia Gabourel, and Tremett Perriot along with a bevy of newcomers were backed by a band with complete with a horn section, a rhythm section, a string section and a djembe drummer. Here are highlites: The show's producers have plans to stage it several more times around the country through the rest of this year.

FFB, An Executive Divided
What is the status of FFB Executive members Sergio Chuc and Michael Blease? Well, reports we've received are that both of them might be suspended, but no one we've been able to speak to could say that they are. Michael Blease is the General Secretary of the FFB, and those within the football community believe that he was supposed to be on a suspension. They got concerned when saw him in the office as if though the suspension has no effect. What we've been able to find out is that he was supposed to be on administrative leave while President Ruperto Vicente is out of the country. We've also been informed that over the tenure of his service to the Football Executive, many have complained that he is incapable of handling all the duties as General Secretary. And then, there's Senior Vice President Sergio Chuc, who, according to reports, was suspended by a meeting called by President Ruperto Vicente. No one knows exactly wha the charge against him is, but that suspension has been retracted, because the Congress members have intervened suggesting that it was improperly done.

Channel 5

Deputy ComPol arraigned for the manslaughter of Yolanda Valencia
In Succotz this morning, heated protestors set fire to used rubber tires along the George Price Highway.� The blockade was the result of residents demanding justice in the case of [...]

Retired educator butchered during grisly home invasion in Hopkins
Hopkins Village in southern Belize is a peaceful, picturesque seafront community, a thriving but laidback tourism destination. But the community has been devastated by a seemingly senseless and brutal home [...]

COLA appeals Penner case
The private prosecution of Elvin Penner, brought by COLA representatives Geovannie Brackett and Nedal McLaren, was thrown out at the Magistrate's Court level on July twenty-fourth. Penner walked out of [...]

Immigration Minister returns from Taiwan; still no Won Hong Kim passport
The best case scenario for the claimants would result in the summoning of Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, along with his file containing all evidence gathered from the alleged investigation [...]

Arthur Saldivar; another black eye
Well-known attorney and political aspirant Arthur Saldivar appears to be a magnet for publicity, all of it negative, lately. Tonight, he is in trouble with the law in Placencia, and [...]

Corozal Father accused of indecent assault on his daughter
It never gets any easier to report on stories involving sexual assault, and it is particularly disturbing when minors are involved. Tonight there are two such incidents, both in the [...]

Do you think that the police can properly investigate officers at the senior level?
And our question for tonight is: Do you think that the police can properly investigate officers at the senior level? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to [...]

B.D.F. sets record straight about brawl with at risk youths at Camp Belizario
Camp Belizario, for the past two weeks, has been the site of a training facility for at risk youths.� A total of thirty teenagers are presently enrolled at the camp [...]

Philip Castillo explains why the Unions’ Trust was delayed
For two fiscal years, from 1995 to 1997, increments for all public service workers were frozen. As compensation, the unions were given four hundred and eighty thousand shares in B.T.L. [...]

Unions disturbed by Government Press Release
Clearly stated in the agreement between both the unions and the government is that the monies be used to fund projects. But Castillo and National President of the Belize National [...]

Unions commence media round on B.T.L. Shares
Castillo and Palacio have been doing media rounds this week to sensitize public officers as well as the various unions and the general public about the types of projects that [...]

Where is Denvo Banner Duhaney? Is he dead or alive?
Have you seen Denvo Banner Duhaney? The twenty-seven-year-old resident of Lemonal village in the Belize District has been missing for approximately ten days and his family fears the worst. "String", [...]

Bring it! Down to 3 finalist
It's Tuesday and that means another round of competition in Channel Five's latest entertainment show, If You Can Sing It Bring It. After some eight weeks of competition, it is [...]


Custom Officer Charged For Manslaughter Five Years After Incident Occurs
A customs officer was charged for Manslaughter, get this, five years after the crime was first committed. He is 39 year old Charles Flores and was charged today by Orange Walk police for the shooting death of then nineteen year old Onorio Oba of San Victor Village. The incident took place in June of 2009. Reports are that Oba was part of a group that started a small riot when customs officers, accompanied by BDF soldiers, police and Anti-Drug Unit, attempted to seize contraband items from some people.

US Ambassador Speaks On Border Issue
Late last week the media was invited to a roundtable discussion with H.E. Carlos Moreno, US Ambassador to Belize at the Embassy in Belmopan. While the media was not allowed to record, the US Embassy provided the video that was issued on Friday. With assistance from our colleagues at Channel Seven, tonight we bring some of the Ambassador's answers to pressing questions from the media. At the start of the discussion, the Ambassador was asked to comment on one of the most controversial matters currently affecting Belize and that is on the Belize Guatemala border Dispute. The question was posed by Amandala Newspaper's Adele Ramos. Here is what she asked and the Ambassador's response.

LICU Invests In Education
Today, La Inmaculada Credit Union Limited gave three deserving students a chance at completing their secondary education as they were chosen as recipients of the institutions annual scholarship program. We met all three students and their guardians today and they shared with us their excitement upon receiving the good news. Brianna Cuellar - Scholarship recipient "I feel excited and thankful to God that he gave a sign to those people to revise my paper and that they gave me the scholarship, I want to thank them so much to give me this opportunity and I'll try not to waste or anything but to work hard. I am so grateful and giving God thanks so much for that because you know it is all because of God that it touched the heart of these people and we are so grateful for all these people that chose her and these other little children and the young ladies too right, so we know that we always have to put God in everything."

Marco Mendez Jr. Is Named Tennis Champ
Over the weekend, the Pickwick Club was the venue for the National Men's Singles Tennis Competition and Orange Walk was represented by Marco Tulio Mendez Jr. His dedication to the sport is taking him higher on the ladder of success and for him; the victory in the competition was an accomplishment in itself. We spoke to Mendez today about his experience. Marco Tulio Mendez JR- Single's Men Champ "It was very hard the competition, because of the weather it was so hot but I manage to pull out and do my best. I think it was first round, semi-finals and then finals and I manage to win three more matches." Maria Novelo - Reporter "Now tell us how long have you been playing?" Marco Tulio Mendez JR- Single's Men Champ "I have been playing tennis since I was I think about ten years since I started playing tennis."

Minister Hulse Visits Taiwan
Tonight Minister of Minister of Labor, Local Government, Rural Development, National Emergency Management and Immigration and Nationality, Honorable Godwin Hulse is back in Belize after visiting Taiwan for five days. During his visit, Minister Hulse met with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs His Excellency Simon Ko, Director General of Bureau of Consular Affairs Hon. Kung Chung-chen and the Acting Minister of Labour, Dr. Hao Feng-min.

Video Of Accident Involving Deputy COMPOL Goes Viral
Tonight, Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura remains in the hot seat. That is after he was involved in a fatal traffic collision that claimed the life of a passenger travelling in a taxi. Benque Viejo Police received information of the accident which occurred at mile 71 (on the outskirts of Succotz Village) on the George Price Highway on Saturday morning around 5:40. Upon arrival, they saw a grey pathfinder driven by Segura and a taxi cab with extensive damages to their front portions. Authorities say, Segura was travelling alone from the direction of San Ignacio to Benque Viejo whilst 28 year old Yanie Evan Cu, Taxi Driver of Kontiki Area, was driving his blue Toyota Corolla on the opposite direction. Cu had at the time, 54 year old vendor, Yolanda Valencia as passenger at the front seat. As a result of the impact, Cu sustained head and body injuries and was transported to K.H.M.H where he is listed in a critical but stable condition. Yolanda Consuelo Valencia sustained fatal head and body injuries and was transported to San Ignacio Community Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The video that went viral and shocked the nation is in the manner in which the unscathed Deputy of Police reacted after the impact. Here's is that clip

Deputy COMPOL Suspended From Duty
The accident involving Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura, which led to the death of one woman, has taken over social media and not in a good way. Today, following much speculations, the Police Department held a press conference with the Media this afternoon. In the beginning of the conference, police informed the media that Segura has been interdicted and suspended from active police duty pending the outcome of the investigation. Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie spoke more on the course of the investigation.

16 Year Old Nearly Drowns In Corozal
Tonight a 16 year old is lucky male from the Corozal District is lucky to be alive after he jumped off the Corozal pier to rescue one of his friends that fell into the sea. On Saturday August 16th, between 5:30 and 6:00pm, 16 year old Antholyn Vellos, a student of Corozal Community College and three of his friends were hanging out at the peer. While there, one of the individuals fell into the sea, and was about to drown. Vellos jumped after his female friend with the aim of assisting her, but according to family members he caught cramp in the abdomen causing him to go under water.

Family Of Ivan Cu Says Segura Must Pay
Today Belize City media got an opportunity to speak with family members of the taxi's occupants. Azucena Ku, is the mother of the critically wounded driver, Yanie Evan Cu who gave our colleagues at 7news an interview on eye witnesses account at the scene. Pedro Cu - Father of Ivan Cu"His hand are his hip are broken, his foot is injured." Monica Bodden- Reporter"I understand that he is conscious, but he isn't talking." Pedro Cu - Father of Ivan Cu"He is talking right now, but sometimes he doesn't want to talk, he just want to sleep."

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More News: Scroll up from here


Murder in Unitedville, Cayo
Here on Albert Street in Unitedville Village, Cayo District is where 36-year-old laborer was stabbed in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Accounts reaching Love News are that the deceased, Victor Vargas had gone to a wake in Georgeville Village and had recently returned to his village when the incident occurred. But following the incident, Love News has gotten two versions - one being that the was intervening in a fight that occurred and the second being that he was one of the parties involved in an altercation. We spoke to the Office in Charge of San Ignacio Police Station, Dinsdale Thompson, who says their investigation is yet to determine what led to the stabbing.

Rubio’s Murder Case Continues with ‘Demon Possessed’ Jamaican
died last week after being beaten. Today the man accused of his murder appeared in court. 32-year-old Jamaican National, Mark Dwayne Dallas was arraigned before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. No plea taken and Dallas was remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until October 2, 2014. Before Dallas was escorted out of the Chief Magistrate court room, she asked him how long he has been in Belize and that's when he said for 22 years. He said he is a Jamaican national and that he has been sick and is poor. He also claimed he is demon possessed. According to reports Rubio was injured during a fight un the Conch Shell Bay area. He reportedly discharged himself from the hospital and died a few days later.

Weekend City Shooting Not Fatal
Twenty two year-old Devon Bailey has been charged for the attempted murder of 31-year-old Charles Hines Jr. and 41-year-old Eldon Solomon. Just after before midnight on Friday, August 15, both Hines Jr. and Solomon were on Elston Kerr Street when they were approached by three individuals- one of whom was armed with a handgun. Police believe that it was Bailey who shot at the duo. Luckily both men are still alive as Solomon received a gunshot injury to his back and Hines Jr. sustained grazes to the head. Love News spoke to the aunt of Hines Jr., Elizabeth Howard, and Officer Commanding Precinct Two, Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson, on the shooting.

Belize and Taiwan Sign MOU to Combat Human Trafficking
Belize and Taiwan have signed a memorandum of understanding. (VO) Minister Godwin Hulse signed the memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, National Emergency Management and Immigration and Nationality of Belize, and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of China (Taiwan), relating to cooperation in Immigration Affairs and Human Trafficking Prevention. The MOU seeks to promote cooperation between Immigration Agencies of both countries on the issue of transnational crimes, and in particular human trafficking, through the exchange of information and promotion of capacity building. During his visit, Minster Hulse met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Simon Ko, as well as the Director General of Bureau of Consular Affairs Kung Chung-chen and Acting Minister of Labour Dr. Hao Feng-min. Minister Hulse also visited the New Taipei City Government and exchanged experiences about national emergency policies with an aim to exchange ideas and best practices for the further strengthening of bi-lateral relations between both countries.

Deputy Police Commissioner Interdicted Following Fatal Traffic Incident
The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura is officially on suspension from the Belize Police Department. The move comes about three weeks following Segura's promotion to Deputy Commissioner and was made following a fatal traffic incident that occurred in the early morning of Saturday, August 16. The incident has left a taxi driver seriously injured and a female market vendor dead. The top brass of the Police Force called a press briefing today to give the media a summary of what transpired and what this means for the department.

More Suspensions and Financial Irregularities in the Health System
The scandals surrounding the Ministry of Health have been many and it would appear the beat goes on. Today we can report two administrators within the Ministry have been placed on immediate suspension. This follows the discovery of more irregularities by the Audit Department. According to the Ministry, preliminary reports for the Primary Care Provider clinics in Dangriga and Punta Gorda have shown a number of irregularities.


Deadly accident on Highway; Deputy Commissioner of police suspended
Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura has been served with a notice of intended prosecution, after he was involved in a head on collision at mile 71 on the George Price Highway, which resulted in the death of one person...

Family of accident victims want justice
The victims of Saturday's accident are deceased 54 year old Yolanda Valencia, a mother of three, and 28 year old Yanie Cu, the taxi driver into whose vehicle the Deputy Commissioner of Police crashed head on...

Officials respond to video of Deputy Commissioner at accident scene
The video of the Deputy Commissioner at the accident scene has been widely circulated on social media. At Monday's press conference, three at the head table were asked if they had seen the video, in which Miguel Segura appeared callous and almost disconnected from the tragic scene.


Stinkin' police cover-up!!
A damning video taken moments after a fatal traffic accident in the early morning of Saturday, August 16, at Mile 71 on the George Price Highway, on the outskirts of San Jose Succotz, forced an emergency police press conference late this evening, hosted by Commissioner Allen Whylie, flanked by two top brass officials from the Ministry of National Security, in Belmopan. ComPol Whylie announced that Deputy Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura, 48, involved in the accident, had been placed on "interdiction/suspension," which is "effective immediately." Yolanda Consuelo Valencia, 54, died when Segura's grey Nissan Pathfinder collided with a blue taxi that Valencia was traveling in, at about 5:35 a.m. on Saturday.

Father of 7 stabbed dead in Unitedville
A fatal early morning stabbing incident that happened in Unitedville this past Saturday, August 16, has resulted in the untimely loss of a father of seven whose life was brutally cut short after he was reportedly stabbed twice in the throat during a casual night of socializing with his colleagues. The incident - which took place a short distance away from the victim' s house - occurred on Albert Street in Unitedville shortly before 3:00 a.m., and while relatives told the media that Victor Manuel Vargas, 38, ran several yards to seek assistance after the incident, he eventually collapsed and died a few minutes later on the verandah of a neighbor's house. His common-law wife, Ada Lemus, who spoke to KREM News on Saturday, said that she was appalled to find out that her spouse was dead, since she initially thought that he was involved in a minor incident.

Jawmaine laid to rest
Hundreds of mourners, friends, sympathizers, well-wishers, and family members of legendary cyclist Ernest "Jawmaine" Meighan proceeded along the Central American Boulevard, after having left the Central Assembly of God Church at the St. Thomas Street roundabout in Freetown to honor Meighan after his funeral services were conducted. His casket was transported in a horse-drawn carriage, with trumpets blaring in the funeral procession, acknowledging the presence of the champion, to be buried at the Lord Ridge Cemetery. Before being buried at about 4:30 Friday afternoon, Jawmaine's body lay in state in the church from 12:00 midday, and the funeral service started at about 1:30. At the service, he was remembered by many speakers who addressed the packed church to share their memories of him.

US Ambassador - crime situation is "quite terrifying"
Recently, Amandala demonstrated, using official statistics, that the rate of homicides in Belize City continues to show a persistent trend, with those crimes really being concentrated within 2 square miles of the City. In speaking with the Belize media at a roundtable last Thursday, August 14, US Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Carlos Moreno, described the Belize City crime phenomenon as "quite terrifying." We spoke with the US Ambassador about public discussions on the connection between the Belize City crime crisis and the importation of gangs-the Crips and the Bloods- from the USA into Belize. The deadliest parts of the City are actually the home turf of these gangs.

Woman killed in Hopkins home invasion
Late breaking news reaching Amandala tonight indicate that a woman was killed, while her husband has been left badly injured following a deadly home invasion that occurred in the coastal community of Hopkins in the Stann Creek District earlier tonight. We understand that the female victim has been identified as Josephine Augustine, and her husband, Dudley Augustine, is currently undergoing treatment at the emergency room of the Southern Regional hospital in Dangriga. Details are sketchy at this point, however. Three weeks ago, on July 26, a home invasion that took place on Mopan Street in Belize City claimed the lives of two tacos vendors, Carlos Mayorga, 52, who died on the spot after he was shot in the chest and in the back of the head, and Alida Ascencio, 42, who later succumbed two and a half days after

Caribbean exam results show improvements over 2014
Over 3,000 Belizean students who sat the May-June examinations offered by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC), at both the secondary and tertiary levels, performed better overall in 2014, compared to last year's performance. There were 100% passes in Home Economics, Physical Education and Sports, Clothing and Textile and Music at the level of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), and 100% passes in 23 subjects at the level of Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE), sat by tertiary level students. Grades I to III in CSEC and Grades I to V in CAPE constitute satisfactory grades, which are considered passes.

Governments and gays
The admission by the United States Embassy in Belize that they have been financing Caleb Orozco and the UNIBAM gay agenda clarifies a couple incidents for us. The incidents which took place in two known gang areas on Belize City's Southside may now be seen as attempts by Orozco and UNIBAM to provoke attacks against themselves in order to provide evidence of violent homophobia in Belize. In one incident, Orozco was assaulted and injured in the George Street Bloods area, and in other incidents, a transgender guest of Orozco's, a male dressed as a female, was chased by groups of youth in a Vernon Street Crips neighborhood. The status quo in Belize before UNIBAM's campaign to change the buggery law was one in which homosexuals had become so powerful that it was really as if that activity was de facto legal. In the last fifteen or twenty years, we can only recall two or three barely publicized incidents where homosexuals or lesbians were arrested by public officers, and these were people engaged in homosexual behavior in public places. Homosexual activity, once it is being carried on in private locations, is never disturbed in Belize. Marijuana smokers, at the seeming behest of the United States government, are targeted and hounded in Belize: homosexuals are not.

From the Publisher
At a historic press conference sometime between 1958 and 1959, in answer to a question from a foreign journalist, PUP Leader, Hon. George C. Price, said that if independence failed, he would give the northern part of the country to Mexico and the southern part to Guatemala. A lot of people who were prominent in public affairs back then are dead. On the PUP side, to the best of my knowledge, only don Hector Silva and Mr. Fred Hunter remain. On the NIP/UDP side, the only person I can think of is Compton Fairweather, and he was already living in Brooklyn, New York, though he was very much in contact with political developments in British Honduras. I mention the fact that very few of the political principals from that time are still alive because the comment by Mr. Price, sensational when it was made, is almost never recalled in the modern era for any kind of analysis. It is, of course, quite understandable why PUP officials and supporters would not wish to remember the statement, whereas the NIP/UDP side may feel that the achievement of Belize's political independence in 1981 made that strange Price statement irrelevant.

White cop fatally shots Black youth 6-8 times
Michael Brown-the unarmed teen who on August 9 was fatally shot six times by a white police officer, including what has been described as "a kill shot" to the head-could very well be a Belizean youth, and the tragedy of his death has brought to light the fact that like Brown, an 18-year-old youth of the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson in Missouri, USA, who was to start college in a matter of two days, black youth across the USA are far more likely to face threats, attacks and killings at the hands of the police than white youth. The predominantly Black Ferguson community, as well as supporters of other ethnicities, are not taking the latest police killing sitting down, and public protests continued to escalate over his killing by police officer Darren Wilson, whose family and friends say should be arrested for what they insist is an unjust homicide.

Passenger bus and pickup collide on the Philip Goldson Highway
A Ramos Bus passenger bus of Lords Bank, Ladyville, which was travelling to Belize City from Lords Bank loaded with passengers, was involved in a collision with a pickup truck near Mile 6 on the Philip Goldson Highway at about 11:00 this morning. No one was killed, but several individuals suffered various degrees of injuries. The driver of the pickup truck was seen bloodied, and was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital along with 13 passengers from the bus. The conductor of the Ramos bus told Amandala that at about Mile 6, a red pickup truck that was traveling in the opposite direction, from Belize City to Ladyville, swerved into his lane at an accelerated speed, and to avoid a head-on collision, the driver of the bus, Edward Harris, swerved to the left and ran off the road, but the pickup still slammed into the right front portion of the bus, causing extensive damage to the pickup.

Woman killed in Hopkins home invasion
HOPKINS-Late breaking news reaching Amandala tonight indicate that a woman was killed, while her husband has been left badly injured following a deadly home invasion that occurred in the coastal community of Hopkins in the Stann [...]

2 persons missing
BELIZE CITY-Two persons have been reported missing. One of the missing individuals is from Ladyville, while the other is from Belize City. Johanna Reyes, 15, who resides at the corner of Seagull and Racoon Streets in [...]

Police launch murder investigation after assault victim dies
BELIZE CITY-Two individuals are currently in police custody as law enforcement officers try to piece together the events that led up to the death of Oscar Richard Rubio, 38, whose initial assault was apparently overlooked by [...]

OW minor, 17, charged for abetment to commit murder
ORANGE WALK-A 17-year-old minor from Orange Walk was arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate's Court this morning after being charged for abetment to commit murder in connection with the death of Roy Bayliss, 18, of the [...]

It is difficult to find Jawmaine's killer, police say
BELIZE CITY-Police reportedly are having difficulty finding the killer of cycling icon Ernest "Jawmaine" Meighan, who was murdered on the morning of August 9 on George Street. According to Sergeant Isaiah Sanchez of the Crimes Investigation [...]

Police nab man who tried to swallow "an undetermined amount" of crack
BELIZE CITY-A man who had a small quantity of crack cocaine and tried to swallow it when he saw the police coming in his direction was charged with possession of a controlled drug and obstructing a [...]

Repeat offender gets 7 years for burglarizing cop's house
BELIZE CITY-A Belize City man who has three previous convictions for burglary, picked up his fourth conviction when he pleaded guilty to burglary at his arraignment before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart this morning and was sentenced [...]

Predawn prison raid yields weapons, drugs, cellphones, money
BELIZE CENTRAL PRISON-A predawn raid conducted at the Belize Central Prison by members of the GSU, the Special Patrol Unit, Quick Response Team and elements of the Belmopan police resulted in the discovery and confiscation of [...]

Belmopan Bandits in drivers' seat for UNCAF
BELIZE CITY-"To every cloud, there is a silver lining;" and an old Belizean saying takes it a bit further - "every disappointment da fi di betta." While disappointments are not to be desired, it is a [...]

Battle of St. George's Caye Regatta 2014. A new breed invading!
The Belize City Sailing Club cordially invites all Belize Sailing Association (BzSA) club members, sail boat owners, boat enthusiasts, advisors and spectators to participate in the Fifth "Battle of St. George's Caye Regatta," commemorating the decisive [...]

Lords Bank Sunrise – 2014 Rural Senior Female Softball Champions
BELIZE CITY-The Belize Rural Senior Female Softball playoff and championship games were all played on Saturday and Sunday in Lords Bank, where the hosts Lords Bank Sunrise prevailed in the championship series over Burrell Boom Orchid [...]

Kickoff times adjusted for opening and final rounds of Central American Cup Tigo 2014 USA
GUATEMALA CITY-The Central American Football Union (UNCAF) today announced that the match schedule for the Central American Cup Tigo 2014 USA, originally announced last month, has been amended. The dates, September 3-13, remain as previously announced, [...]

Belizean super-striker not home yet for practice - another "sick FFB joke?"
BELIZE CITY-The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) continues to reel following its most recent debacle, which cost the Belmopan Bandits, the Premier League of Belize (PLB) Champions, their golden opportunity to represent the country at one [...]

Patrick JonesPJ

Men arraigned for murder and attempted murder
Two Belize City men have been arrested on separate charges of murder and attempted murder. Construction worker Devon Bailey, 22, of Racoon Street, is accused of the attempted murder of 31 year old Charles Hinds and 41 year old Eldon Solomon on Elston Kerr Street on Saturday, August [�]

Man charged for shooting in public
While police are investigating the second of two shooting incidents over the weekend in Belize City, they have made an arrest. 26 year old Leon Garcia of a Victoria Street address has been charged with discharging a firearm in public. He pleaded not guilty before Magistrate Hettie Mae [�]

Customs officer charged for death of teenager
Five years ago in June of 2009, 19 year old Onario Oba of San Victor, Corozal, was shot in the face while part of a group of alleged contrabandistas. They were allegedly trying to recover $10,000 worth of uncustomed goods from a team of law enforcement officials from [�]

Repeat offender jailed for burglary at Broaster's house
Deputy officer commanding Eastern Division, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, suffered the indignity of having his North End Estate home burgled last week. But the Police Department - with help from in-home surveillance - cracked the case in short order and arrested and charged 39 year old Richard Codd, [�]

Small fire at Labour Department office in PG
A malfunctioning air condition unit is blamed for a small fire which caused minor damages to the office of the Labour Department in Punta Gorda town. According to reports, the Fire Service was called around 5:45 am after smoke was seen coming from the building. Firemen had to [�]

Demonstrators shut down the George Price Highway in Succotz
Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura has been arrested and charged for traffic related offences in relation to a fatal traffic accident on the George Price Highway on Saturday morning. For over five hours today, residents of San Jose Succotz village demonstrated and closed down the George Price [�]

San Jose Succotz residents demonstrate
Residents of San Jose Succotz village have blocked the George Price Highway in a demonstration calling for justice for a resident who was killed in a roat traffic accident on Saturday. They are burning tires on the highway and a passenger bus is unable to pass as is other vehicles.


Texas BBQ & Steakhouse: Tasty Meat with a Side Of Beans & Big Texas Personality
Texas BBQ is located right next door to Pedro's Inn, just south of town. A maybe 10 minute walk�15�from the town center. There is no sign yet�but that is coming. There's a large, impressive looking smoker on the front porch. I was there early and it wasn't fired up yet (with hardwoods and coconut husks) and wouldn't be for another hour or so. Chris, with a shrug, volunteered that his pitmaster called in with a hangover. Chris plans on doing volume. Getting 2 people served and charged under 5 minutes. "Bringing a bit of Sam Walton to Belize". If he said it once, he said it 20 times. It's all about volume.

Belize's Macal River - A Love Affair
When you think of having fun in the waters of Belize, the first things that come to mind are the stunning Caribbean coast, Ambergris Caye and the Belize Great Barrier Reef with the fabled Blue Hole and the world's largest atolls. However, there are a number of aquatic adventures to be found all over Belize; amidst the inland rainforests, up on Mountain Pine Ridge and even underground. To acquaint fellow water lovers with these watery treasures, we're beginning a series about wet and wild Belizean adventures. Here, as the first offering , is one of our absolute favourites. Ladies and gentlemen, meet: The Macal River

The SIRH is really looking great. They're almost done with all the remodeling. "The SIRH has done some serious remodeling over the last year. They have a new little sports bar, and are currently renovating their restaurant."

A simple guide to buying Real Estate in Belize
The Belize real estate market is currently hot and I'm here to answer a few of your concerns. You probably Googled this how-to guide because you either saw a Buy Belize commercial or personally visited Belize, dipped your toes in our turquoise waters, climbed the ancient Mayan ruins and ate rice and beans with our locals. Now you want to invest here and buying property is a great way. Initially it might seem like a daunting process but purchasing a land or home in Belize is not as hard as it may seem. How to buy property in Belize STEP 1: Begin the Search As with any good investment and even more so with this one, research is key. The best resources available to view current property listings in Belize include: Local realtor's websites - Find a list of registered Realtors at the Association of Real Estate Brokers in Belize Website. Bank foreclosure listings - This is a great resource for Belize real estate deals.

10 Sexy Things To Do On Your Belize Honeymoon
Last year in December, Belize got ranked among Google's most searched honeymoon spot in the world and we believe that it was due to Belize's immaculate beauty and natural attractions like the great Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, which is incredible for scuba diving and snorkeling; Belize's intact and unspoiled rain forests, which are ideal for hiking, mountain biking, zip lining and horseback riding; Belize's world class romantic resorts and hotels like Chabil Mar, the guest exclusive resort in Placencia, that offers an assortment of all inclusive romantic vacations; Belize's abundant and diverse flora and fauna, and, Belize's eclectic and colorful cultures like the Garifuna and Mestizo.

International Sourcesizz

Belize: Schulung in Frankfurt
Das kleine mittelamerikanische Land Belize l�dt am 3. September zu einer Schulung in Frankfurt am Main ein. Bekannt ist das Ziel unter anderem f�r seine Tauchpl�tze, es gibt aber auch viel Kultur und zahlreiche Str�nde. Neben dem Fremdenverkehrsamt sind bei der Veranstaltung Hoteliers vor Ort. Ein Abendessen und ein Gewinnspiel runden den Abend ab. Die Schulung beginnt um 18.30 Uhr im Restaurant Main Nizza.

A Reanalysis of the 1931-43 Atlantic Hurricane Database*
A reanalysis of the Atlantic basin tropical storm and hurricane database ("best track") for the period from 1931 to 1943 has been completed as part of the Atlantic Hurricane Database Reanalysis Project. This reassessment of the main archive for tropical cyclones of the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico was necessary to correct systematic biases and random errors in the data as well as to search for previously unrecognized systems. Methodology for the reanalysis process for revising the track and intensity of tropical cyclone data is largely unchanged from that of the preceding couple of decades and has been detailed in a previous paper on the reanalysis. Accurate Environmental Forecasting's numerical weather prediction-based wind field model was utilized here to help determine which states were impacted by various hurricane force winds in several U.S. landfalling major hurricanes during this era. The 1931-43 dataset now includes 23 new tropical cyclones, excludes five systems previously considered tropical storms, makes generally large alterations in the intensity estimates of most tropical cyclones (at various times both toward stronger and weaker intensities), and typically adjusts existing tracks with minor corrections. Average errors in intensity and track values are estimated for both open ocean conditions as well as for landfalling systems. Finally, highlights are given for changes to the more significant hurricanes to impact the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean for this time period.

The Central American Cup, which has implications for the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup and the 2016 Centennial Cup America, will be held in the United States for the first time this year, and those planning to attend or watch the games will need to take note of a few scheduling changes. The Central American Football Union (UNCAF) announced on Monday that the games will still take place on the same day as previously listed, but the start times of the games will be moved back. All first round games have been moved back by 30 minutes, while the final matches, set for Sept. 13 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, have all been pushed back by two hours. The competition is split into two groups. Competing in Group A are Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panam�, while Group B will feature Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Check below for the new schedule (all games times listed in Eastern time):

Association of Caribbean States supports development of SMEs in the region
The Secretariat of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) hosted a two-day Regional Workshop on Public Policies to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The meeting was chaired by Mr. Antonio Leone, Program Coordinator for the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA). Among those delivering remarks at the opening ceremony included His Excellency Ambassador Alfonso Munera, Secretary General of the ACS, and The Honorable Errol Mc Leod, Minister of Labor and Small and Micro Enterprise Development of Trinidad and Tobago. Ambassador Munera in his welcoming address expressed that the development of SMEs is one of the priority areas of economic development for ACS Member Countries. He further posited that the ACS "recognizes and appreciates the valuable role that governments in the region have played as part of its drive to establish national powerful strategies, with the aim of providing comprehensive answers to the difficulties facing SMEs."


Video: Central America, Part 3 - Belize & Mexico, 5min.
Scuba, cave diving, and lots of fun!

Video: If You Can Sing It... Bring It (August 19, 2014), 1hr36min.

Video: Blue Hole/Lighthouse Reef - August 3rd 2014, 3min.
Frenchies Diving

Video: Big Rock Falls Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Belize, 3min.
The Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve of Belize is home to several of these natural waterfalls that are spread deep in the forests and jungles of the country. Getting to them is an adventure in itself; some are just a short drive away, while others require a more intense hike deep into the forest. Either way, the prize of reaching these waterfalls and enjoying their natural beauty is very much worth it.

Video: Belize, 15min.
My Trip to Belize - El Progresso.

Video: Belize, 9min.
Liebe Gr��e Janine & Holger.

Video: Specialty Deep @ "The Blue Hole" Belize (ScubaDov Dive Profiles), 5min.
In this video we look at deep diving and some of the things to consider while under the water at different depths and times throughout the deep dive. We see footage from "The Blue Hole" dive site in Belize side by side with the dive profile graph and air integrated dive computer (VT3) data.

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