Looking for Rose Smith, 68yrs. Old (approximately) born in Belize. Eldest child is Carol. Carol is married with children and when I last saw Rose (over 12 yrs. Ago) Carol worked at a bank in Belize. Rose's middle child is a daughter, who when last seen (over 12 yrs. Ago) lived in So. Ca, Palmdale/Lancaster with husband and daughter Keisha (who would be approximately 34 yrs. Old). She worked at UCLA. Rose has a 3rd child, who is a son, and at last contact lived in Los Angeles. If you can contact Rose, she worked for me and my family from approximately.1980-1993. She was my Housekeeper and Nanny to my children. I desperately want to contact Rose. Please let me know if you know where Rose is now! Thank you!!! Missy