The Northern Highway that goes through Corozal Town is in the process of getting a major make-over. The highway is being re-done all through town, beginning at the south end of 7th Avenue, and it will continue all the way to the north end of the highway near Santa Rita.

The project will take approximately a year, scheduled to be finished in June of 2015, to the cost of over a million dollars provided by the Central Government of Belize, Ministry of Works, who is responsible for the highways of the country.

There will be four lanes of the highway, with a sidewalk all the way through town. There will be pedestrian walks at major points, which will hopefully discourage "passers through" from maintaining unsafe speeds. Efforts are being made in the design to provide the best flow of traffic for people in town, such as using circles and round-abouts. Also, two types of drainage, boxes and Vs, should prevent any flooding or slippery roads.

The current section being worked on begins at the V of 7th Avenue and 1st Avenue when coming from the south, traffic being detoured from the highway after 9th Street South. It continues to 6th Street South, approximately three blocks.

People of Corozal will have to be patient while this major project takes place, then hopefully we will have a lovely, smooth thoroughfare through our town.

We found the workers and supervisors on duty to be very courteous to both pedestrians and drivers of vehicles. We thank them for their work.