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The San Pedro Sun

Psychology Today: Domestic Violence
Women who are victims of domestic abuse remain in these types of relationship for a number of reasons: (1) Perhaps it's the only type of love she knows (these types of relationships can be learned); (2) Perhaps it's because she has nowhere else go (she could be thrown out the door tomorrow, or now, if she doesn't 'comply'); (3) Perhaps it's because she has no-one but the abuser to turn to (e.g., he pays the bills, she has lost her friends due to isolation and his controlling nature); (4) Perhaps it's for the children's sake, or, perhaps more importantly, (5) She lacks the self respect or self esteem necessary to gain back the independence she may have once had before the relationship began so many years ago.

Special Envoy of Uruguay visits Belize
Special Envoy of Uruguay H.E. Ambassador Gonzalo Koncke visited Belize on August 15, 2014 on a special mission. He was welcomed in Belize City and met with H.E. Alexis Rosado, CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and his team. In their meeting they discussed ways of enhancing bilateral cooperation between Belize and the Republic of Uruguay. Among other things, Ambassador Gonzalo Koncke confirmed the Government of Uruguay's support for Belize's candidate Ambassador Nestor Mendez for the post of Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS). This follows an earlier announcement by Belize to support the candidacy of Uruguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Dr. Luis Almagro for the post of Secretary General of the OAS, a decision that was reconfirmed during this visit.

New US Ambassador to Belize Carlos Moreno meets with the local media
The new Ambassador of the United States of America to Belize, His Excellency Carlos Moreno started his tour of duty in Belize in July. Since then, HE Moreno has been meeting with various sectors of the Belizean society. On Thursday August 14th, he met with the media for the first time at the US Embassy in Belmopan City. Even though he had spoken at impromptu occasions to the Belizean press, the Ambassador officially had his first round table discussion with various media personnel from The San Pedro Sun, Great Belize Production (Channel 5), Channel 7, Plus TV, Amandala and Krem Radio. HE Moreno addressed a variety of topics of interests, including Belize's territorial sovereignty and security, the visa status of former Minister of State Elvin Penner in light of the immigration scandal, the US support to gay groups and gay marriage, the lack of law for protection of media personnel in Belize, as well as the ongoing investigation into the brother of Belize's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Ambergris Today

$2Mil US Worth of Crystal Meth Taken Off Belize Streets
The Belize Anti- Drug Unit has made a major drug bust in Orange Walk Town worth $2Mil US dollars. According to the Police Report on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, at about 7:20 p.m. the Anti-Drug Unit intercepted a black Toyota Camry car with license plates OW-C-00623 which was seen swaying across the street. Upon seeing the police, the driver of the car sped off heading onto the Phillip Goldson Highway in the direction of Liberty Avenue where it was stopped. Both occupants of the vehicle attempted to flee on foot, however, police managed to apprehend both of them.

Belize Ranked Second Fastest Growing Caribbean Tourist Destination
At the beginning of 2013 the Belize Tourism Board embarked on a new logo and slogan campaign for the country that enticed visitors to the Belizean experience, to BE-lize (or Be Belize). The campaign has helped boost the country's tourism industry and catapulted the nation into the international spotlight with magazine spreads, network television highlights, advertising campaigns, celebrity visits and social media spotlights that are all about sharing the Belizean experience. Increasing numbers of tourists uncover Belize treasures - Figures from the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) show that Belize ranked the second fastest growing Caribbean tourist destination (behind only Turks and Caicos Islands) with an increase of 11.6% in tourist numbers in February 14, compared to the previous year. Belize registered 32,712 tourist arrivals in February: Travel and Tourism is expected to contribute an additional 4.1% to Belize's GDP in 2014.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Etymology for Ambergris Caye's name
Anybody expert on Belizean history think the following is plausible account of the history of Ambergris Caye's name?...I think I may have stumbled upon a more accurate etymology for Ambergris Caye. At least, I have a plausible alternative etymology to the current popular speculations. Apparently there is some confusion as to how Ambergris Caye got its name. What might be slightly misleading historians is the literal meaning of 'Ambergris': it is 'a wax-like substance that originates as a secretion in the intestines of the sperm whale, found floating in tropical seas and used in perfume manufacture'. (or in [slightly inaccurate] layman's terms: '[sperm]whale vomit') Why name an island after whale vomit? because it is/was very valuable:

Landlines, DSL interrupt Sun am Indigo to XtanHa

Attention all students, classes for the school year 2014-2015 will begin on: Monday, August 25 for Fourth Form. Tuesday, August 26 for First Form. Wednesday, August 27 for Third Form. Thursday, August 28 for Second Form. Hope everyone had a wonderful summer and are ready to work hard for the new school year! The summer holidays will soon be over and time to get down to some serious work at school. Power to the students in the struggle!

Market Vendor Computer Training
Beltraide's senior IT officer, Cayo's very own Keila Mai, came back home to train some of the market vendors about using computers for their businesses. Thanks, SBDC! "San Ignacio Training for Market Vendors in Computer Basics.... great job by our Senior IT officer at BELTRAIDE!"

Tourism Eco Camp: Xunantunich
The Cayo Tour Guide Association's Eco Tourism Summer Camp went well. Hopefully, it'll be happening every Summer. They have some great pictures from the trip to Xunantunich on their CTGA website. "The kids received a guided tour from Jorge De Leon 'Lion,' Alba Tut, and yours truly, Cruz Cambranes. The tour went well, just as planned. The questions certainly poured in. Down below you will find pictures of the tour. We later left the site and went to Nabitunich where they camped for one night. The kids and the camp leaders played a few games of volleyball."

Channel 7

Alleged Crystal Meth Smugglers Jailed
Tonight, the men who police caught with 120 pounds of Crystal Meth are in jail, after being arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate's Court. They are 49 year-old Belizean Ruperto Reyes from Orange Walk and 52 year-old Cuban Pascual Pineda from san Pedro. Police say that these men had at least 4 million Belize dollars' worth of the highly addictive drug in the back seat of the car they were in. They have since been charged with 1 count each of trafficking a class B drug, and they were arraigned after 4:00 this evening. Because of the seriousness of the drug they've been accused of trafficking, the case will be treated as indictable, and so no plea was taken. They've been remanded to the Belize Central Prison until September 30.

Brother Not Charged For Shooting His Younger Sibling
Orange Walk police are waiting for further instructions from the DPP in how to proceed with the criminal case, if any, against the man who shot and killed his brother by accident. As we told you 63 year-old Celso Moreno was out on a hunting trip with his brother 52 year-old Gumercindo Mendoza on Wednesday night at around 11 in the Yo Creek area. Moreno told police that they split up and around midnight, he thought he saw a deer, and fired his 12 gauge shotgun. It turned out to be his little brother Mendoza, and he died instantly from the injuries to his abdomen and head. But, while it was an accident, one man is still dead - so is it manslaughter? Investigators told us that if Moreno will be charged with any offences, the DPP's Office will direct them to do so.

Tour Guides Form Their Own Organization
The 2014 high season for cruise ships is on the horizon and the Tourism Board is trying to regulate affairs outside the often-chaotic Fort Street Tourism Village. Now, we are sure you've heard this story before since the BTB has been trying to regulate this hot zone for at least 8 years. But, the hustle and flow of the tourism village's economy and ecology seems to confound and defy any system that tries to impose order. So, this year's solution is to make the 60+ tour guides form their own union much like the taxi's - and much to the displeasure of four private master operators - who used to collect dues from the guides. That's what came out of this afternoon's meeting at the House of Culture where the man who would be president of the new association endorsed the new system: Efrain Cocom, President - General Tour Guide Assoc. "What is the reality is that there is one taxi association and 4 operator companies that are running the entire business out there and everybody have to find work under these bodies - pay their dues and the job that comes out does not goes to everybody, it goes for a certain few that have connection the tendering service that goes directly to certain people outside. So the idea that BTB has is a very brilliant idea and I think it would work if its fine tune to the point where the association is form that was once before where there was an association rather than companies and then these group of guys can vote for their own executive, remove their own president if necessary and follow under their guide lines."

Belize And Uruguay Discuss Impending OAS Elections
Ambassador Gonzalo Koncke Pizzorno, the Special Envoy of Uruguay, was in Belize a week ago on a special mission to improve relations between the both countries. A major part of his visit was to discuss how Belize and Uruguay will support each other in the elections for the next OAS Secretary General, to be held next year. A Month ago, we told you about how a Belizean might become the Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of the American States. Belize announced the candidacy of Ambassador Nestor Mendez for the post at the 43rd Summit of SICA, which was held in June in the Dominican Republic. Belize has decided to back the Uruguayan Candidate for the more Senior post of Secretary General, after the current Sec Gen Jose Miguel Insulza officially leaves office in May of next year. He's Uruguayan Foreign Minister Dr. Luis Almagro, and he's running against a former Guatemalan Vice-President President, Eduardo Stein Barrillas.

DCP Segura Did Check On The Accident Victims
6 days ago, Deputy Police Commissioner Miguel Segura was in an accident outside of Benque Viejo Town in which 54 year-old Yolanda Valencia from Succotz was killed. It has caused major public outrage because firstly, the second-most senior cop in the country was allegedly drinking and driving, and also because he was featured in that vile video which went viral. It shows him he was zipping up his pants and taking a leisurely drag from a cigarette a few feet away from the wreckage of the accident and Valencia's body. Segura has been harshly criticized for that behaviour, and members of the public say that he seemed to show little regard for the loss of life. Well, 7News has gotten hold of cell phone footage taken moments after the accident happened. Here's what it looks like. The horns are still blaring from the taxi, and as the civilian taping the scene gets closer, responders are trying to find out if the driver 28 year old taxi driver, Yanie Evan Cu, is okay. He informs them that Yolanda Valencia is dead.

The Winning Mobile App Design
Earlier this week, we told you about the PUC's Mobile Apps workshop - where 45 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 were selected to take part in the first annual innovation competition - an intensive one week course in mobile application design and development. Well, today the 45 participants of the PUC's Mobile Application workshop presented their apps. They were split into 8 groups and had only 5 days to create their mobile apps. And while today marks the closing of this year's program, Executive Director for Bright Path Foundation Bevil Wooding states that it also marks the beginning of a technological transformation in Belize. While Wooding reflected on the success of the 5 day workshop, the two 1st place winners shared the design of their prized mobile apps: Bevil Wooding, Executive Director, Bright Path Foundation "This has been a most incredible week of mobile innovation, creativity, determination - these kids it was said that they'd be running off after 5 o'clock to do other things surrounded by such temptations but every single night from Monday through Tuesday through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, they have put in the hours to present the apps that they will be showing this evening. This has been a fantastic experience and I think it's safe to say that Belize now have new innovators and new innovations that's going to shock the country and I think also express the region and the world."

Why The General Legal Council Is Nonfunctional
Last night we aired the comments from Attorney General Wilfred Elrington when he spoke on the General Legal Council. That's the body which is supposed to hear complaints from the public about attorneys who fail to live up to their professional obligations. But, there's a tremendous backlog and the body hasn't met since earlier this year - with both the Bar and the AG's office pointing fingers at each other. The Bar says he stopped them form meeting; he says they were conducting their work in a slovenly fashion. And as for the backlog, AG Elrington says the blame can't be laid at his feet because he's been travelling for...years(!):... Hon. Wilfred "Sedi" Elrington, Attorney General "While I'm in country I call the meetings, while I'm not in the country they were free to call the meetings and I can tell you that for 6 years I was more out of the country than in, so for 6 years they had a free reign to run the general legal council."

SICA Discuss Climate Change
A list of the countries most vulnerable to climate change in the whole world was recently compiled and it shows Belize at number 12, between Kiribati and Cambodia. Antigua and Barbuda is at the number one position, while St. Kitts is at #3, Bahamas is at 14, while Guyana is at 18, and Jamaica at 20. It's relevant this week because Central American Countries are meeting in Belize under the SICA Banner to discuss climate change. The Ministry of Fisheries , Forestry and Sustainable Development is chairing those meetings and CEO Adele Catzim Sanchez told us how Belize is positioned: Jules Vasquez "Is Belize particularly at risk in this climate change context, when we see that we don't see any other Central American country on this table?" Adele Catzim, CEO - Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries, Sust. Dev. "We are particularly at risk. It doesn't mean that the other Central American countries are not, it's just that we have been very active in doing the research and presenting that in the international forum. But if you were to listen to the discussions taking place this morning you would find out that in Central America drought right now is a major issue, so they have major economic losses that have come from not having enough rain to have the crops reproduce or to produce the crops and so this is one of the huge/large regional issues that is on the table here today. Even though Belize isn't suffering or doesn't have the loss and damages from climate change in the same way that it might be experience in the other Central American countries, we still see an opportunity for us to come together to support each other."

Dorado Charged With Gang Insignias; Claims Harrassment
34 year-old Angel Dorado, a resident of Mile 8 on the Western Highway is out on bail after police charged him for tattoos they believe to be gang related. Dorado is claiming police harassment and that police are trying to get him tied up in nuisance charges. Yesterday, police went to his home and searched him for illegal items. When they didn't find anything, they inspected him and found that he had several tattoos on his arm. They took an interest in 2 of them - namely the letters "O" on one arm, and a "G" on the other. That forms "O-G", as in "Original Gangster" - a term that's been in popular parlance, everyday talk and rap music since (at least) the early 90's. Still, police took that to mean that he is a member of one of the local bloods gang, and so they charged him with gang insignias. He was arraigned today before Magistrate Herbert Panton, where he pleaded not guilty and was released on bail of $500. He must return to court on October 30.

Citizen Train To Patrol With Police
The relationship between the community and the police is�can we say, "complicated?" The community wants the police to keep the peace, while many, justifiably, accuse the cops of causing war, with brutality and insidious tactics, pitting one rival group against the other. But, a new initiative called Citizens on Patrol is geared at restoring that relationship while peace and good order in society. Sounds like a dream, right? But, the orientation began today at Maude Williams High School and the coordinators discussed the importance and the expectation of the program. Rt. Superintendent Rudolph Orio, National Coordinator, Citizens on Patrol Program "In this 3 days we will be giving them police procedures, a little bit of law, observation technique and methods how to get things done in the easiest fashion and they will be getting training for the next 6 months on the job - in service training. So it isn't only the 3 days training that they will get, it is only an orientation today and tomorrow. The benefit for the participants is to build back morality that we have lost on a whole and them assisting the society. The benefits for them is that they will be satisfied that they have tried to help society at large in their safety and welfare."

Taiwan Will Sponsor September Fireworks
This year, your September fireworks and a whole lot more in the celebrations month is going to be underwritten by the Taiwanese Government. This afternoon the September Celebrations Commission received a donation of forty thousand dollars from the Ambassador of Taiwan. Co-Chair of the Commission, Diane Haylock said that the Taiwanese have been longtime supporters of the celebrations. Diane Haylock - Co-Chairperson, September Celebrations Committee "As everybody knows that Ambassador Benjamin Ho who is relatively new. As the ambassador he has live and work in Belize before but he is back this time as the ambassador and this is our first opportunity to work with him in the support of the work that we do. You know that its celebration time in Belize and as has been the case for quite some time the Embassy of Taiwan in Belize has contributed faithfully to the resources that we make available to do all the various activities that are carried out throughout the country of Belize and we are grateful to once again receive the contribution that they are making to the 2014 calendar of events. As you may know Taiwan is very big on culture and so I think that it is on that basis that they find it within themselves to make that contribution to our celebrations. And we are really grateful to them because you know our government always gives us a handsome amount, but it's never enough for all the things that we want to do and so as the national celebrations commission we go out and we find additional resources and I must say that the embassy of Taiwan has been a faithful supporter."

That MUSAID/Youth Orchestra Concert
As we told you earlier this week, a group of international music instructors has been in Belize over a week now, working along with young musicians at the Bliss. As a reflection of their work, the National Youth Orchestra of Belize and the musical instructors are putting on a concert tomorrow night. There will be a little for everyone who enjoys great music masterfully played and today they told us why you should come out. The concerts starts at 7:30pm tomorrow night at the Bliss and tickets are twenty dollars.

Channel 5

Another Video Surfaces Showing Segura's Immediate Response to Fatal RTA
On Saturday, there was a terrible road traffic accident near Succotz on the George Price Highway. Two vehicles were involved, one a small taxi and the other a Nissan SUV. [...]

BML to Receive Payment From City Hall for Five Weeks of Arrears
It's been a couple weeks since the clash between the workers of Belize Maintenance Limited and the Belize City Council. Things came to a head after City Hall went into [...]

Orange Walk Resident Robbed at Gunpoint
There was an armed robbery in Orange Walk Town on Thursday afternoon.� According to Vicente Bol, a customer service representative of Carmelita Village, shortly after one o'clock, while outside of [...]

Taxi Union Up In Arms About BTB Decision at FSTV
There is an ongoing rift between the Belize Tourism Board and the Fort George Tourism Zone Tour Operators and Taxi Union to report on tonight, following a meeting held today [...]

Union Executives Demand Audience With BTB Director
According to the union's secretary general Jimmy Robinson, the initial agreement was for them to be involved in the fine-tuning of those decisions.� Instead, the matter has been dealt with [...]

A Hundred and Twenty-five Tons of Sugar Lost At Sea
On Sunday, a barge belonging to Belize Sugar Industries capsized off the coast of Corozal.� Sinking along with the faulty vessel was almost a hundred and twenty-five tons of sugar [...]

Citizens On Patrol Program Launched by Police Department
The Citizens on Patrol Program, COPS, is an initiative by the Belize Police Department designed to enhance community participation and foster better communities. It's by no means a novel idea [...]

Douglas Hyde Named PR Coordinator for Eastern Division
The Eastern Division of the Belize Police Department has a new Public Relations Unit. That unit will be staffed by current Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez, newly appointed Public Relations [...]

Angel Dorado Arraigned for Gang Membership
Today, thirty-four-year-old Angel Dorado and nineteen-year-old Shaquille Baeza appeared in the courtroom of Magistrate Herbert Panton. The men, residents of the Mile Eight community, were charged separately for gang offences. [...]

App Competition Brings Out Belize's Finest Young Designers
Mobile Apps are everywhere�from smart phones to tablets and personal computers; they are made for just about everything including internet chats and Belizean dialect. This afternoon at the Ramada Belize [...]

Taiwanese Ambassador Hands Over Check to September Celebrations Committee
Taiwanese ambassador Benjamin Ho presented the National September Celebrations Committee with a check for twenty thousand U.S. dollars this afternoon to be used in defraying the cost of activities during [...]


Reimer's Feed Mill In O/W Robbed In Broad Daylight
Police are looking for two individuals who orchestrated an armed robbery at a local store in town and got away. The incident took place around one this afternoon when two men, one armed with a knife and the other with a gun entered Reimer's Feed Mill on Lover's Lane. Police report that the man wielding the gun hit the cahier on the head and demanded money. The cashier forcefully obliged and handed over an undisclosed amount of money. After receiving the money the men made good their escape on bicycles. Other than the cashier who sustained a hit to the head, no one else was seriously injured in the heist. According to police, the robbery was caught on tape. Orange Walk Police have not detained anyone and are looking for both individuals.

San Andres Chairman Discontent With BWS
The Chairman of San Andres Village in the Corozal District Is up in arms tonight and his vexation has a lot to do with Belize Water Services Limited. We understand that government has awarded BWS a portion of the land where the village's Community Center lies. The plan is for BWS to build a water reservoir on the land in order to improve its water services in the area and to expand into the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. Now, Chairman of San Andres Village, Glenford Melvin, welcomes the improvement of water services to residents of the area but he is disappointed with the company since they have been unable to tell the Village Council what other upgrades will be carried out by them in the area as agreed on three years ago when negotiations between both parties began.

Problems At Seventh Day Adventist School In Progresso
Late this evening, of group of about 35 residents, mostly parents from Progresso Village, took a stand at the Progresso Seventh Day Adventist School awaiting the arrival of the Union's Manager. The purpose of the gathering is to protest two teachers that they say is not competent for the job since their children's grades and educational development is lacking. We spoke via telephone to one of the parents and protestor of today's event. Anonymous - Parent/Protestor "The problem is that teachers are doing things out of the way and doing anything as they are supposed to do as teachers and whilst our kids are not learning anything they are doing, all kind of things and that is the reason why we went to the ministry of education, we have talked to the pastor and we are waiting there for an answer but the answer is that the same teachers are coming back here for September and we don't want that because it is a lot of problem, a lot of stress we are going through as parent are paying for the education."

Residents Of San Felipe Without Potable Water
This morning we received calls from residents in San Felipe Village who complained of not having access to potable water since Tuesday of this week. Our news team travelled to the village today to find out more about the situation. According to the Chairlady of the village, Cecilia Quetzal, the power to the pump was disconnected due to nonpayment. Quetzal says that the difficulties in meeting the electricity bill are due to residents failing to pay their monthly bill. CTV-3 News understands that there are a little over two hundred households connected to the water system and of that amount one hundred and ten are in arrears of three months and more.

Orange Walkeno Found Dead Inside Corozal Prison Cell
Tonight the Corozal Police formation has its hands full as it is conducting an internal and criminal investigation into the death of 47 year old Jesus Tamai. This morning at around 5:45, Tamai's lifeless body was discovered hanging from his black shirt tied to the window of the cell he was occupying. Today when reporter Victor Castillo visited the Corozal morgue, he caught up with Leading Detective Fernando Valladarez who expounded on the investigation.

Huge Bust Of Crystal Meth Made In Orange Walk
A Belizean and a Cuban National were arrested last night in Orange Walk Town after members of the Anti-Drug Unit intercepted their vehicle on Liberty Avenue and made a major seize of drugs from off the streets. The commotion on the very busy Liberty Avenue shortly after seven had residents duck for cover since several shots were fired, but contrary to reports of the shots fired at the men, police say they were warning shots made in the air. Still, the Anti-Drug Unit's quick response yielded a major find and its perpetrators behind bars. Reporter Maria Novelo has full details of the incident in the following report.

Hunting Trip Turns Deadly
One man is detained by Police for shooting and killing his older brother during a hunting trip on Wednesday night. The family of Gumercindo Ernesto Mendoza is still reeling in from the tragedy that unfolded sometime around eleven last night. Reports are that sixty-five year old Gumercindo Ernesto Mendoza and his brother, sixty-three year old Celso Moreno headed to their hunting grounds two miles South West on the Yo Creek Road. Mendoza's wife Rosa Elena Garcia spoke with us and says her husband left about a quarter to seven yesterday night and indicated that he would be meeting his brother at their hunting area. Moreno told police that he and his brother went in separate directions and stuck to that strategy until around eleven in the night when he sighted a deer with his flashlight. Moreno says he fired a single shot from his licensed 12 gauge single action shotgun which missed his target and hit his brother instead. Moreno also explained what happened to his family.


Accused gang member charged
Being a member of a criminal gang is an offence in Belize. But it is rarely prosecuted despite the sheer number of professed gang groups occupying most of Belize City...

Youth fined for false statement in shooting case
18 year old Troy Augustus agreed to plea guilty to committing a mischievous act in respect of a police investigation, after police found he lied about an aspect of his statement to police.Corin Corey was allegedly shot while leaving Elite Nightclub and the policewoman investigating the case was l...

Reimer's Feed Mill robbed in Orange Walk
On the afternoon of Thursday August 21,� Vicente Bol, of Carmelita Village, Orange Walk District reported that at about 1:00p.m. while outside of Reimers Feed Mill on Lovers Lane, Orange Walk Town , his attention was drawn to two men; one armed with a knife and the other with a firearm...

Lead in A &R robbery thanks to cameras
A couple of men took advantage of the high sales of the back to school season of A&R enterprise in Belize City, and robbed the establishment of over $13,500 in cash and valuable items...

Extensive investigations to be conducted in Corozal prisoner suicide
As we reported yesterday, early Thursday morning, a man behind bars was found dead at Corozal Police station and police are ruling it as suicide.According to police reports at around 5:45 on Thursday morning, PC Eustace Ordonez visited the cell block area at the Corozal Town Police station to bat...

Huge Crystal Meth bust in Orange Walk
It may be one of the largest crystal meth busts in the country of Belize, and it happened Wednesday night in the Orange Walk District...

Huge Crystal Meth bust in Orange Walk
It may be one of the largest crystal meth busts in the country of Belize, and it happened Wednesday night in the Orange Walk District. According to Police, on Wednesday 20th August at around 7:20 pm, while on Anti-Drug operation in Orange Walk Town, members of the Anti-Drug Unit attempted to stop a black Toyota car. ASP Tillett of the Orange Walk Formation filled us in on the details.

A & R Belize City robbed
As the summer ends, stationery stores are filled with costumers doing their back to school shopping. Two robbers took advantage of the season's high sales and robbed A&R Enterprise in Belize City at Mile 1 1/2 on the Philip Goldson Highway late on Wednesday evening. According to police, around 6:27 p.m., as workers were locking up for the night, the security guard was followed into the establishment by a tall dark-skinned man whose face was masked by stocking. He was carrying a firearm, which he had pointed in the left side of the security guard. Police Sergeant Edwina Armstrong, who is in charge of Criminal Investigation Branch for Precinct 4 Police based in Belama, narrates what happened next.

Man mistakes his brother for a deer and kills him
On Tuesday August 20, at 11:55 p.m, Orange Walk Police were called to an area 2 miles South West on the Yo Creek Road, where approximately 50 feet from a feeder road, Police saw the body of 65-year-old Gumercindo Ernesto Mendoza of Orange Walk Town, lying on the ground face up, with wounds to the hands, abdomen and the left side of his head. Police also saw a shotgun and a machete about a foot away from the body, and a head lamp on the person's head. His brother, 63-year-old Celso Moreno was on site, and told police what happened. ASP Tillett of the Orange Walk formation told us more.

Prisoner found dead hanging in Corozal Cell
A man was found dead hanging in a prison cell at the Corozal Police Station...

Vigil held for slain Hopkins teacher
On Thursday residents of Hopkins and the neighbouring communities of Stann Creek held a candle light vigil in memory of slain teacher Josephine Augustine, where they marched around the village calling out for justice. After the vigil residents and sympathizers alike held a small rally in the center ...

Armed Guatemalan men presumed robbers of San Ignacio business
On Wednesday August 20, at 4:00p.m., Police were alerted to a� robbery in progress in the El Pilar Area of San Ignacio Town. When police arrived at the scene, 52-year-old �Betty Cruz, of Bullet Tree Village, reported that at 1:00p.m...

Jason Williams beats assault charges
Alleged gang boss Jason “Soup” Williams is a free man, after charges of aggravated assault and discharging a firearm in public were dismissed at the end of a trial before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith...

Barge sinks with tons of sugar
A barge transporting raw sugar from the Tower Hill factory in Orange Walk to the Belize City Port sank On Wednesday, losing its entire cargo...

Did stress lead to Deputy Commissioner’s accident?
Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura’s steep fall from grace, in the wake of his traffic mishap on the Benque Viejo Road last Saturday, has resulted in a pause among senior officials of the Government of Belize, who hold to the line that he was properly and timely disciplined.

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Dangriga and Hopkins mourn Josephine
The peace and tranquility of the serene seaside village of Hopkins were shattered by a violent and deadly home invasion at about 5:30 Monday evening at the home of a nationally well-known couple, Dudley Augustine, 71, and his wife, Josephine, 47, and many people whose lives had been touched by the two well-remembered teachers are in shock and anger at the savage attack on Dudley, and the senseless murder of Josephine.Police say that two men of Hispanic descent went into the couple's vacation home and repeatedly stabbed both of them, then escaped in their vehicle. Robbery, police say, does not appear to have been the motive.

Police seize crystal meth worth BZ$4 million
The Anti-Drug Unit (ADU) have taken a bite out of the crystal meth trade in Belize after they intercepted approximately $4 million worth of the drug during an anti-drug operation in Orange Walk Town last night.As a result, two men were arrested and charged with drug trafficking. They will be taken to the Orange Walk Magistrate's Court tomorrow to be arraigned on the charges.ADU officers say that at about 7:20 last night, they intercepted a black Toyota Camry car with license plates OW-C-00623, which was seen swaying across the street.

120 to 125 tons of sugar sweeten the sea in Corozal
A Belize Sugar Industry barge carrying about 120 to 125 tons of sugar from Orange Walk Tower Hill Sugar Factory to Belize City sank in the area of Cerros in front of Corozal Town, and its cargo of sugar was lost.BSI authorities said that the barge carrying the sugar began to leak, which caused a rupture, causing it to go under.The incident occurred at about 7:00 Sunday evening between Sarteneja and Warrie Bight, but the operators were able to bring it to Cerros, where the barge went down completely, with its cargo of sugar.

2 robbers jack over 12 grand from A&R
Shortly before 6:30 yesterday evening, a pair of brazen robbers walked up to a security guard at A&R Enterprise Limited, located at Mile 1 � on the Philip Goldson Highway, and one of them stood at the door while the other put a handgun to the left side of the guard's abdomen and ordered him inside of the store.The bandits then held up the terrified employees and made off with exactly $13,509.31 in cash and items.The store supervisor reported to police that at about 6:27 p.m., a tall, dark-complexioned man with a stocking over his face entered the establishment behind the store's security guard with a firearm pointed at the security guard's left side, while his Hispanic accomplice stood at the entrance of the building.

Dengue hemorrhagic cases spike on Southside Belize City
Ministry of Health officials confirmed to Amandala today that the incidences of dengue hemorrhagic fever - a severe and potentially deadly form of dengue - have increased in Belize City, and particularly on the Southside, although the total number of dengue cases appears to be similar to last year's tally.Javier Alpuche, Senior Public Health Inspector, told Amandala that there have been a total of 105 dengue cases to date, with a notable spike since July 2014, but thankfully there have been no deaths due to the hemorrhagic cases, which are manifested with nose bleeds and bruise-like spots on the skin.

Case against Gilroy Usher, Jr., struck out for want of prosecution
Gilroy Usher, Jr., the son of People's United Party (PUP) standard bearer for Port Loyola Gilroy Usher, Sr., who had several charges pending in the Magistrate's Court from an incident in 2012, was able to [...]

Customs officer charged for manslaughter
A Customs officer was arraigned this morning at the Orange Walk Magistrate's Court in connection with the death of Onario Oba, 19, who was fatally shot in the face in Orange Walk five years ago. [...]

Police seek scurvy father and stepfather
Police are on the hunt for the father of a girl, 10, after he fondled her private parts, while the search is also on for the stepfather of a girl, 11, after he touched her breast. [...]

Editorial: The ebbing tide of integrity
There was one point in the New Testament when Jesus Christ was fasting alone in the desert, and Satan came and took Him up on the top of a mountain to show Him the riches and kingdoms of the world. Satan said, all these will be Yours, if, falling down, You will adore me. The story is a classic one, which may actually have more worldly meaning than religious significance.At the time of Christ, the Jewish people (not to be confused with today's Israelis) were in a colonial condition, oppressed by the imperial Romans. Leading the Jewish people were various of their upper classes, including a "king," who were collaborating with the Roman governor in the administration of Judea. According to the prophecies of the Jewish Old Testament, a Messiah from the House of David was supposed to come who would deliver the Jews from subjection.

From the Publisher
The June 1993 general election produced a stunning result in that the hastily-constructed UDP/NABR coalition defeated the heavily financed incumbent PUP by a margin of 16 to 13 in seats, even though the PUP polled 2,000 more votes overall in the 29 electoral constituencies.When the PUP went on to lose Town Board elections in March of 1994 by huge margins, there was a rebellion against what some PUP constituency bosses thought was the inordinate influence of Ralph Fonseca over party decisions. These dissident area representatives and standard bearers included Deputy PUP Leader Florencio Marin, Sr. of Corozal, Dan Silva of Cayo, Dr. Ted Aranda of Dangriga, and Senator Joe Coye of Belize City. I believe Johnny Brice�o of Orange Walk and Vildo Marin of Corozal were involved at some point in what we have called the "May 15 Movement." Cordel Hyde, who had recently won a constituency convention to become the chairman of PUP Lake Independence, and Senator Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, now the Belize Rural Central area rep, were members of May 15. Jorge Espat was an early visitor thereto, but he did not stay for long. The coordinator of May 15 appeared to be Bill Lindo.

Tennis News: 17-year-old Marco Mendez is Belize's No. 1 Male Tennis Player!
BELIZE CITY-This past weekend, the Belize Tennis Association hosted the prestigious National Men's Singles for the "Eric Eusey Trophy" at the Belize Pickwick Club tennis courts. In the first round, No. 1 seed Mike Sosa defeated [...]

Dangriga sports - Wagiya FC preparing for Premier League tournament
DANGRIGA-Boys and Girls U-12 football Here are some game results from the Dangriga Cancer Center Boys and Girls Club U-12 tournament that is being played at the Benguche Football Field. In game 1 last Thursday, August [...]

"Ladies" ready to defend his Masters crown
BELIZE CITY-Dedicated veteran long-distance runner, Anthony "Ladies" Flores stopped by the sports desk this morning to remind fans of the upcoming BDF Day Half-Marathon, which takes place next week Saturday, August 30. The 53-year-old Masters athlete, [...]

Belize submits provisional roster for Central American Cup
BELIZE CITY-We didn't receive the list this week from the FFB, but the CONCACAF web site,, says that all 7 UNCAF countries had submitted their provisional team rosters on Monday of this week "for the [...]

Paul's comments on Ambassador Moreno's statements
Editor Sir: With reference to your article, "New U.S. Ambassador meets the Press," which appeared in your August 17, 2014, issue and continued on pages 2 and 4. I would like to make a few comments. [...]

Don't build your house upon a ROC
Dear Editor, In MATTHEW 7:24-27, Jesus shares with us the parable about the two builders. In the parable, the foolish man built his house upon the sand whereas the wise man built his house upon the [...]

A letter from Mr. Linker
Dear Editor, Major Jones raised an important issue in his July 27, 2014 letter "Diaspora, what have you done for me lately." However, as a US citizen who has resided in this beautiful country since 1992, [...]

Belize faces heat over rights of Maya, LGBTI and migrant workers
BELIZE CITY-In a recent meeting held in Mexico City, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), an organ of the Organization of American States (OAS), called out Belize over alleged human rights violations against the Maya [...]

Miracle in Corozal
COROZAL TOWN-Antholyn Vellos, 16, of Corozal Town, has undergone a seemingly miraculous recovery after he was retrieved from the bottom of the sea in an unconscious state near the Corozal Town Wharf about 5:30 Saturday evening. [...]

The National Youth Orchestra assisted to step up
BELIZE CITY-The National Youth Orchestra and Choir of Belize has received assistance to enhance their performance, to sharpen their skills as musicians, and to improve the overall functioning of the orchestra. The choir and orchestra are [...]

Harold Stansmore Young passes at 79
BELIZE CITY-Today, Monday, at 2:00 p.m., funeral services were held at the Wesley Methodist Church on Albert Street for Harold Stansmore Young, 79. He was known to his close friends as "Fats." Officiating were Rev. Angus [...]

Canadian family threatens lawsuit against Belize police
SAN IGNACIO-The family of Jeffrey Furgula, a Canadian man who fell into a coma while in a jail cell in San Ignacio and who later died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City, says [...]

Customs officer charged for manslaughter
ORANGE WALK-A Customs officer was arraigned this morning at the Orange Walk Magistrate's Court in connection with the death of Onario Oba, 19, who was fatally shot in the face in Orange Walk five years ago. [...]

Two Haitians busted at PGIA with fake Belizean visas
BELIZE CITY-Two Haitians who have been living and working in Brazil were busted at the Philip Goldson International Airport when they attempted to enter Belize on Tuesday with fake Belizean visas. Donald Gedeon, 32, a Haitian [...]

Civil unrest in Succotz!
SAN JOSE SUCCOTZ-Acrid billows of thick, black smoke filled the atmosphere since early this morning near Mile 71 on the George Price Highway as an irate mob of almost 300 villagers from San Jose Succotz spontaneously [...]

The Reporter

Barge sinks with 120 tons of sugar
A barge containing 120 tons of sugar worth tens of thousands of dollars sank not far from Sarteneja in Cotozal shortly before midnight on Sunday after it took on water.The vessel, belonging to Belize Sugar Industries Ltd., was heading to Belize City where the produce was scheduled to be loaded for shipment abroad.The captain of the barge notified officials of the Belize Sugar Industries around 7:40 p.m. notifying that the the barge was taking on water rapidly. BSI instructed him to turn the vessel around and head for the company's docking facility in Libertad but it never made it.Even though the sugar was lost BSI has an insurance policy that absorbs that kind of loss.

Winning Applications decided in PUC mobile App competition
The Public Utilities Commission held the closing ceremony for the first-ever Mobile Application Development Workshop and Competition on Friday.At the end of the workshop the 45 participants presented the applications they built during the week and voted amongst themselves to decide which two were the best. The app Discover Belize, done by the team Bel-Cay, and Bel-Lingo, done by the team Living Speech, won by popular vote.The discover Belize app is a tourism sector tool designed to help tourists and locals find tourist attractions in their area, while Bel-Lingo is a language-based application designed to help tourists communicate with locals by teaching common terms in languages such as Kriol, Garifuna and Mopan Maya.

US court finds Argentina's plan to exit debt default illegal
A US court has ruled that Argentina's plan to exit its debt default as illegal. Argentina had planned ask investors holding defaulted bonds to swap them for a new locally issued debt.New York Judge, Thomas Griesa said the plan was "lawless" but he stopped short of finding the country in contempt of court.Argentina was trying to get around an earlier court ruling banning it from paying interest to investors who had accepted restructured bonds.Mr Griesa ruled that the country must first pay the hedge funds holding out for full payment on the bonds on which it defaulted in 2001.The hedge funds, which bought Argentina's bonds at a big discount after its economic meltdown and previous default in 2001-02, are owed an estimated US $1.3bn.

Protesters disrupt free flow of traffic, tourist travels in Western Belize
Protesters numbering almost 300 during the height of a riot in Succotz Village, Cayo on Tuesday successfully blocked the George Price Highway with tires and tree branches which they set on fire to demand swift action against Deputy Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura following […]

Over $12 thousand stolen from A&R
Thieves made off with over $12,000 after a robbery at A&R Enterprise Limited at mile one-and-a-half on the Phillip Goldson Highway at around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Sergeant Edwina Armstrong, head of CIB for Precinct Four, said the robbery was done by two armed masked-men. […]

Health sector plagued by political appointments, says PNP leader
People's National Party Leader Will Maheia condemned this week the various incidents of misappropriation of funds in the Ministry of Health, citing political appointments as one of the major causes. "There are too many political appointees in the ministry; this system creates an environment that […]

PG prioritised for multi-million-dollar sporting facility
Priority is being given to Toledo, oftentimes referred to as "the forgotten district," for a new multi-milliondollar indoor sporting facility. The process of procuring the architectural team has already begun, and according to Christy Mastry, general manager of Belize Infrastructure Limited, the architectural design […]

Lionfish coming to Carnival and plates very soon
Oceana Belize and the Soca Moca Carnival Band have teamed up to raise awareness about the invasive lionfish species and to encourage Belizeans to use it as an alternative food source. According to Oceana Belize Vice President Janelle Chanona, the invasive species is eating […]

Dengue spikes in Belize City
The Central Health Region has intensified efforts to spray and kill mosquitoes in Belize City after recent data has shown a spike in the number of dengue cases, particularly in the Southside of the city. Javier Alpuche, senior public health inspector, said their surveillance […]

Unitedville resident stabbed to death
Victor Vargas, 37, a resident of Unitedville, Cayo, died shortly after he received a stab wound to the throat early Saturday morning. Vargas' killer fled and remains at large after the incident which took place around 3 a.m. at the corner of Albert Street […]

Sizable amounts of weed seized during GSU raids
A series of anti-drug raids conducted by the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) over last weekend has yielded well over five pounds of marijuana, and in one instance, hand-crafted weapons and stingers. The last search inside a fenced lot near the residence of an alleged […]

DOE addressing oil spill problems in Belize
The Department of the Environment (DOE) is currently in the process of addressing problems of oil spills by updating and revising the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan through meetings with relevant stakeholders. Maxine Monsanto, acting senior environmental officer for DOE, explained to The Reporter […]

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights meeting in Mexico City for its 152nd special session has not minced words in expressing its displeasure with the Government of Belize over what it sees as serious human rights violations. Among the perceived violations are: 1. The legislation in place which criminalizes consensual […]

Police confiscate $2 million in crystal meth
Orange Walk police, who were on patron Wednesday night, intercepted a vehicle which they say was loaded with a stash of methamphetamine, popularly known as "crystal meth", worth around $2 million. They have also detained two men, a Belizean of Orange Walk Town and a [�]

Tragic accident claims life Test says Deputy Compol's blood-alcohol level was above legal limit
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura, 48, faces six criminal charges and is on suspension from duty following a road traffic accident at mile 71 on the George Price Highway that claimed the life of Yolanda Valencia, 54, and left her cousin, taxi driver, [�]

Visa Vetting Committee under scrutiny
The one-month old visa vetting committee has already come under fire, as two prominent organizations have taken issue with the fact that one of the committee's members was named in the leaked Auditor General's Preliminary report. Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry's President Arturo [�]

Patrick JonesPJ

Independent tour guides complain over reorganizing of Tourism Zone
While covering the handing over from Taiwan at the House of Culture we came across a sort of mini-protest on Regent Street. A group of independent tour guides had just come out of a meeting with the Belize Tourism Board concerning their continued operation at the Fort George [�]

Accused gang member charged in court
Being a member of a criminal gang is an offence in Belize. But it is rarely prosecuted despite the sheer number of professed gang groups occupying most of Belize City. Today 34 year old Angel Dorado of Western Paradise village on the George Price Highway faced a charge [�]

PUC presents future of mobile applications
This week young Belizeans from across the country converged on the Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel to learn about development of mobile applications. It is part of the Public Utilities Commission's Young Innovators Program which is intended to provide a forum for young Belizeans to showcase their talents [�]

Mostly fair weather and warm temperatures heading into the weekend
Moist and unstable conditions are currently influencing our weather heading into the weekend. The general forecast for Belize and her coastal waters is for partly cloudy skies tonight. On Saturday, skies will be sunny with cloudy periods. A few showers and isolated thunderstorms will occur over southern [�]

Youth fined for false statement in shooting case
18 year old Troy Augustus agreed to plead guilty to committing a mischievous act in respect of a police investigation after police found he lied about an aspect of his statement to police. One Corin Corey was allegedly shot while leaving Elite Nightclub and the policewoman investigating the [�]

Taiwan donates to September Celebrations
This afternoon the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) made its annual donation to help Belize celebrate the twin holidays of St. George's Caye Day and Independence Day. Some BZ$40,000 was handed over from Ambassador Benjamin Ho to Co-Chair of the National Celebrations Commission and President of [�]


My New (Temporary) Neighborhood: Tres Cocos On North Ambergris Caye, Belize
For the past two nights, I've been staying "up north" at the seriously well-appointed resort, Grand Caribe in one of my very favorite areas of the caye - Tres Cocos. I have always heard that it was named for three prominent coconut palms that used to stand in the area. Palms that marked the diving site and i think, a cut in the reef. Now it is beautiful San Pedro suburbia - the Greenwich, CT or Buckhead, Georgia of San Pedro. (AKA - the weathy 'burbs.) Large private homes, a very scenic sand drive and some really cool bars & restaurants. According to this map, the area that I call Tres Cocos is actually three different subdivisions - Tres Cocos, El Tesoro and Buena Vista. Again�who knew?I'll continue to call the area around the landmark Palapa Bar, Tres Cocos.

Unexplainable tech issue and San Pedro Help
On the topic of help, I recently had an interesting experience of taking someone to AA that needed a helping hand. While there I participated in reading aloud, met a couple of new people and had the privilege to listen to their stories. It was very rewarding to hear how far they fell and how well they are doing thanks to finding out AA was an available San Pedro. These people were all willing to make a decision that they wanted do better for the next 24h and to take the help available and improve their quality of lives.I can just imagine how difficult it is on the island, every direction you look you will find someone willing to have a drink with you and you can start your day buying alcohol as early as 6:00am if you know where to go. I have had someone once offer to buy me a drink at a bar and then go onto say he would only buy me that drink provided I chose alcohol not my first choice, a bottled water. I have also experienced a few places that do not sell bottled water - I know that is a plus for recycling but it is sadly one less option for those who do not want an alcoholic beverage.

Corruption in Belize courts
Tonight, there is a great deal of suspicion surrounding the actions of a senior court staffer, which suggest multiple, condoned irregularities within the lower court system.Gabriel Casey is a bailiff working for the Magistracy department, and his job is to go around collecting payments from defendants who are brought to court for civil suits. It usually involves individuals who prove to be difficult in honouring commitments with different business places like loan institutions or persons who've been sued and lost their case, where the court has ordered them to pay fines or compensation.Acting as an official enforcement arm of the court, Casey goes out and collects from those persons who owe, but the problem is, that persons he has collected from, claim that instead of depositing the money into the public purse or on behalf the finance institutions, he pockets it.We're talking about hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars, and from what 7News has been able to unearth through our investigation, there are several persons complaining that he misappropriated money that they gave him to deliver to the court as the collection agent.

Rugby: The First Four
The southern Districts have seemingly stormed ahead in setting up rugby football clubs in Belize, and the first four clubs have appointed organisors and are busy attracting players and volunteers through their social media campaigns.The Belize Rugby Board (Rugby Belize) has organized the country into two 'Districts' for domestic competition purposes; North includes Corozal, Orange Walk and Belize, and South covers Cayo, Stann Creek and Toledo.Hattieville United Rugby Football Union (part of the Hattieville United Youth Sporting Club), organized by Haddan Garbutt, is the headquarters of Rugby Belize.Rugby Belize plans to have a rugby football union in every major town throughout the country by the end of 2015, with a national team for sevens in place in time to commence training for the first big international sevens competition in 2015 / 16.

Explore Barton Creek Cave in Belize
Barton Creek Cave is about 45 minutes from San Ignacio Town. The tour is an exciting canoe trip into a remote cave formerly used by the ancient Maya as a burial site and for ceremonial purposes. A visit to Barton Creek Cave involves spending over an hour paddling canoes along an ancient Maya waterway inside the mountain.Your guide will point out skulls and artifacts as you pass between stalactites. The high ceiling, beautiful rock flows and cathedral chambers makes this cave a beautiful place to photograph.

These Breathtaking Images Will Convince You To Move To Belize

International Sourcesizz

How the Jaguar Saved My Life [Excerpt]
A love of the jaguar helped inspire one of the world's leading proponents for saving big cats. My earliest memories are filled with pain, embarrassment, and coming to terms with the reality, reinforced by adults, that I was one of life's broken creatures. Born with a debilitating stutter and placed in public school classes for "special" children, I found it easiest to live inside my own head and withdraw from the world of people as much as a child can. My place of greatest comfort in those early years was the closet in my room in my parent's New York City home. In this small, dark world, I felt normal, I wasn't scared to speak, and I could live out my fantasies. My companions, a little menagerie of chameleons, green turtles, garter snakes, and hamsters, were the only living beings around me that seemed to listen but not judge. They had feelings, but they too had no voice to express themselves. They were me.

Is the Caribbean Tourism Industry Looking Up?
By now, most (but not all) Caribbean countries have submitted their first half 2014 tourism statistics to the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). It makes for some interesting reading. Overall, the Caribbean recorded a weighted average growth rate of 5.2 percent in visitor arrivals during the first half of 2014 (some countries reported shorter periods, but all included the bulk of the winter tourist season). This sector performance reads like my old school report cards: Good - but could do better! Cruise ship arrivals also increased, but at a lower rate of 4.6 percent.Interestingly enough, about the same number of cruise passengers as stay-over tourists visited the Caribbean during first half 2014: 8.5 million versus 8.6 million respectively (not including Cozumel and Cancun). Martinique has shown huge growth in cruise ship arrivals; up 69.8 percent over the first three months of the year. Dominica and Belize, the nature destinations, also showed strong growth.

Lord Ashcroft, the mystery peer who is keeping the Tories guessing
The extraordinary life of Michael Ashcroft, the billionaire Tory peer and owner of the world's largest collection of VC medals, has gone through many phases. Today, he is a familiar figure in the Westminster village who will appear at social occasions without a tie, with hands in pockets. Although no one would call him an extrovert, he is willing to engage with people who do not share his world view.His website suggested that he considered the former British colony of Belize, south of Mexico, as home. He actually lived in the United States.Before he vanished from these shores, Michael Ashcroft was well known in London business circles as a hard-driving entrepreneur who could take over a failing company and make it grow at a speed that alarmed the more conservative elements in the City. An old article in Forbes magazine said that he started moving his business across the Atlantic in 1981, when Margaret Thatcher's popularity hit an all-time low and he feared the arrival of a left wing Labour government headed by Michael Foot.


Video: Flight of the Macaw Trailer, 1min.
A preview to my first documentary film: Flight of the Macaw. The finished documentary is to build awareness of the organization Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team in Belize as well as to the issue of illegal poaching of Scarlet Macaws, an endangered species, within the protected Chiquibul National Forest.

Video: Eljai Royal ---Irie Seabreeze---- Mellowvision, 3min.
Eljai is a Belize-born Reggae singer and producer This video Clip of Eljai Royal was done at the Irie Seabreeze Festival in Long Beach Cal. 2011 by Mellowvision..... ELJAI was born Lloyd Carlton McFarlane Jr. in Belize City, Belize. Soon after, his family moved to the countryside where most of his early years were spent. ELJAI has always been known for his humble and kind ways, joyous laughter and his spiritual enlightening conversations. At the age of five, ELAJI's family moved back to Belize City where he attended the Ebenezer Primary School Here he met new friends and discovered his hidden musical talent. Soon ELJAI was singing at school rallies and contests. His talent developed rapidly and he was encouraged by his friends and family to pursue his career in music.

Video: Belize Vacation, 4min.
GoPro footage from our trip to Belize this summer. Hol Chan snorkeling, Lamanai Mayan ruins, San Pedro

The Playground at Half Moon Wall, 10 yr old Jr. Open Water Diver celebrates his first shark dive. Thanks to Polar Pro Filters for bringing it all together with their awesome GoPro filter system.

Video: Corozal Town, Belize is luxurious town., 3min.
Cyril Uruwei, publisher of Belize In America interviews Mario Fisher, a Corozal Town resident who immigrated from the United State and settled back in Belize after several years.

Video: Changes in Latitudes Bed & Breakfast Inn San Pedro - San Pedro - Belize, 1min.
Changes in Latitudes Bed and Breakfast is located 150 feet from the Caribbean Sea and approximately a quarter-mile south of San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye. Guests must fly into Belize City international airport and take a connecting flight or water taxi to Ambergris Caye. Hotel amenities include bicycles, hammocks, an outdoor bamboo shower, a common kitchen, and the daily Belizean Breakfast with fresh fruits, juices, coffee, tea, and a hot entree. Guests have access to the pool, fitness center and Splash Bar at the Belize Yacht Club next door, as well as the use of the pier for swimming, snorkeling, sunning and rentals of Hobie cats, kayaks, sailboats, and snorkel equipment. Golf cart rentals are available and will be delivered to your door. Hosts can arrange fishing, diving, snorkeling, and day trips to local Mayan ruins. All rooms feature air-conditioning, ceiling fans, beach towels, beach mats, clock radios, private entrances, and private lockers for snorkel/diving gear. Rates include breakfast, local area coupons and a gallon of drinking water.

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