Late Friday evening we received news that a man wielding a machete was chasing people around in San Pedro Ambergris Caye. The reports add that he was chopping people randomly. Today, police report that around 6:23 31 year old Tyrone Garnett, a Belizean Technician employed at BTL came into the San Pedro Police station to report that he was attacked by a man wielding a machete. According to the San Pedro Town resident, earlier that day around four forty-five he was driving a white Toyota Hilux Pick-up, property of BTL, on Angel Coral Street.

He was headed towards the Saca Chispa Area he says but just as he was passing the junction of Angel Coral and Ambergris Streets he saw a group of people running from out of Ambergris Street towards Angel Coral Street. Garnett says he remained where he had stopped and soon after a brown complexion male of Creole descent came up to the vehicle. The individual says Garnett, held a machete in his hand and approached the driver's side where he was. The person knocked on the window which was about three quarters way up, with the machete.

He then proceeded to push the machete inside the vehicle in an attempt to hurt Garnett. Garnett says he tried to avoid being hurt but in the process he sustained cut would to three of his finger on his left hand. According to Garnett, the window glass was broken. It did not take long when San Pedro police arrived at the scene and detained Garnett's attacker. A short video of the incident was posted on Facebook and here is a look at what happened second before the police arrived on the scene. Here is a look at that video and the commotion.

Police detained twenty year old Simon Velasquez, a laborer of Boca Del Rio Area in San Pedro Town. Garnett's injuries were classified as wounding and the value of the broken vehicle window is estimated at four hundred Belize dollars. In his report to police, Garnett said that he feared for his life and requested court action.