For the past 2 weeks now, we've been telling you about the internal conflict in the Football Federation of Belize executive. Truth is, a division in the executive has been flaring up for several months now, but none of the principals wanted to go public because that would be bad for the public image of football. So, the undercurrent of discontent stayed mostly out of public view for over a year, but recently, it stirred the direct intervention of FIFA and CONCACAF, governing bodies which could not ignore it any longer.

So, that set off a directive down the chain of command in the country's Football executives that a General Congress Meeting had to be held where all grievances must be aired out. FIFA and CONCACAF were looking to ensure that the administration of football would continue to progress. That General Congress Meeting happened last night at around 7 at FFB Headquarters in Belmopan. Our news team was there for an exclusive look at the issues. Daniel Ortiz reports:

Daniel Ortiz reporting
When we arrived, Members of the General Congress Meeting were filing into the main FFB Office area. It was the full - if not almost full - membership which attended. Infighting was threatening to destabilize the foundation of the new executive swept into office on a wave of reform two years ago.

All this aggravated by the fiasco of the Stadium not being ready in time for Belmopan Bandits to participate in Champions League. Things had once again come to a head, and tonight, there was an undercurrent of conflict ready to flow out.

In a 3 hour, closed-door session, the entire Congress placed every single adversarial issue on the table and everyone had their say.

When the meeting was over, the different aggrieved parties within the executive emerged with the appearance of appeasement.

Ruperto Vicente - President, Football Federation of Belize
"We had differences and we had difficulties, so those differences were discussed at the meeting, aired out and it was a very good meeting because everybody got to say what they had to say."

But before this meeting, the Executive of the FFB had a rift which was widening over failed or misguided policy decisions. On one side, there was Sergio Chuc, Marlon Kuylen and Cruz Gamez, and on the other, there was President, Ruperto Vicente, and General Secretary, Michael Blease. The main complaint was about what opponents feel is Vicente's management style, well-intentioned but not necessarily effective:

Daniel Ortiz
"The issue we are told is along the lines of its been described to us mildly as a benevolent dictatorship which you have the best interest of football at heart, but sometimes the advice you are given you tend to ignore it and some of them have bad consequences and then you must take the lick for that. How do you respond to that?"

Ruperto Vicente - President, Football Federation of Belize
"Certainly I am the president of the federation, every bad decision that has consequence I have to the responsibility for it and I don't shy away from responsibilities - I am the president of the Football Federation of Belize, everything that happens here, even if a football player commits an error the president must take the heat for it and I am taking the heat for those decisions that were made and certainly and those will continue to happen because decisions will be made that certainly are not fall right in the eyes of others."

Then, there's the issue General Secretary Michael Blease. He was appointed after the new executive was elected. In the day to day management of the FFB business, President Vicente acts as a sort of CEO of a Board of Directors, while Blease is the logistics and operational manager. Over the tenure his service, he's been criticized as being unable to handle all the business of Football. Some within the football community have even called for his removal and replacement.

Daniel Ortiz
"Mr. Blease, the appointed general secretary appointed by you as president of the executive, he has been able to do certain parts of his job, but there are other parts which he has fallen short and they have been those who have called for his removal. Would you describe for us your personal opinions of his competency as the general secretary?"

Ruperto Vicente - President, Football Federation of Belize
"Mr. Blease has improved, he has grown with this job. Removing Mr. Blease at this point will be of no benefit to this federation. Mr. Blease has been in training, Mr. Blease has developed the ability to carry out the work of the federation. Yes, he may not have all that it takes but he is doing an admirable job. He word hard and he does his best to do his job to the best of his ability and certainly FIFA has also indicated that Mr. Blease has improved. CONCACAF has declared that Mr. Blease has improved and me, I can tell you that Mr. Blease has improved and has grown with this job and with him only the best can come out of him now and looking forward to continue the work with Mr. Blease."

So, with all latent managerial issues dealt with, the General Congress will report early tomorrow morning to UNCAF Representatives currently in Belize about the outcome of tonight's meeting. The President is hoping to put these issues to bed and move on.

Ruperto Vicente - President, Football Federation of Belize
"The purpose of the meeting tomorrow is for us to again express to CONCACAF and FIFA what we've decided on tonight and that's the reason this meeting was important and certainly I am happy for the honesty of the members of the congress. They've done their part and so it is now up to the executive to do their part and move forward with football development."

But his detractors allege that he's pledged to change his management style before, but then fallen right back into it.

Daniel Ortiz
"What assurances you can give the nation that following this congress meeting where everyone got an opportunity to voice their issues with you, they will be implemented and that we can go back to moving past the previous administration because there is a theory that we may be regressing?"

Ruperto Vicente - President, Football Federation of Belize
"And that's the reason that the decision that we made today will be discuss with CONCACAF and FIFA officials tomorrow morning and so that in itself will concrete the changes that has been proposed and how we are going to move forward in football development in Belize."

Early this morning at around 7:00, the FFB Executives and the General Congress met with the representative from FIFA, in the person of Rafael Salguero, and Marco Leal, who was representing CONCACAF. They were specifically sent to Belize by CONCACAF President Jeffery Webb, to help resolve all issues within the administration of the sport.

We understand that at the meeting all the local administrators of the sport pledged that they had resolved all internal disputes, and that they were working together and going forward. With that outcome, the representatives left Belize later today after that meeting. So, that's where it's at tonight, a way forward, a pledge that all executive members would work with each other, and the regional football bodies looking closely to see that there are no future flare-ups.

Later on in the news, we'll show more from our interview with Vicente as he discusses Team Belize's preparations for the next week's 2014 Copa Centroamericana to be played at some of the biggest football stadiums in the USA.

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