Since its ground breaking back in January, the construction of the Muffles High School auditorium is well underway to its completion. And while the administrators at the school hoped to put it in use for this upcoming school year, plans were delayed a bit causing it to be under construction still. Today when we visited with Principal Maria Johnston, we were given an update on the progress.

Maria Johnston - Principal, Muffles High School

"We started construction late May early June and it is almost I would say 70% completed thanks to the generous contribution of the alumni, particularly the business community here in Orange Walk, the roof is coming in next week and that will cover 1000sq feet and it will equip with 12 bathroom facilities, a food dispensing area and a store room so we are very happy that we have accomplished so much and we are thankful to God because it hasn't rain and that also helped us to accelerate the construction."

Maria Novelo -Reporter

"I remember in the ground breaking ceremony you guys mentioned that it should be ready before the start of this school year."

Maria Johnston - Principal, Muffles High School

"Yes, I should have been ready for August but what kept us back was the lack of funding and the second one was trying to identify the contractor who would give us the best price and to do the background check it took some time."

The onsite contractor is Juan Molina. Johnston says they are aiming at the completion of the auditorium for November of this year.

The estimated cost to complete the project is $600,000. Johnson says when completed, the facility will be rented out for public functions to subsidize expenses.