Shipping from Miami

After looking into many options, by far the easiest method
for door to door service for large items leaving Miami to Ambergris Caye,
is the following:

1. Contact Mr. Benny Torres at Hyde Shipping in Miami
[email protected] ph:(305) 913-4949.
He will receive your items and quote you per cubic foot and provide
you with the necessary information for the customs broker in Belize City.

2. Contact Mr. Ernesto Perera , customs broker Belize City for over twenty years.
[email protected] ph: 501.227.3112 cl:501.610.1451
He will provide you with an itemized quotation from duty/taxes,
his fees ( very reasonable ) to delivering to the barge, barge fees
and final delivery to your home.
No surprises and he and his excellent team ensure delivery and
follow up right to your door.

(In the alternative, you may very well skip step 1 and contact
Mr Perera directly and he can take care of every step of the process,
including arranging the Hyde shipping. Contact him for details)

I visited Belize and went to the Hyde offices, Mr. Perera's offices,
the Customs House, saw the cargo unload area and the cargo warehouse.

It was very interesting and the coordination between all the points
just as much art as science facilitated by the friendliness and cooperative
style of Mr. Perera.

As mentioned the quotation from Mr. Perera will provide you with
a detailed quotation. Once accepted, and your authorization for him to
act upon your behalf, you will be provided with easy to follow procedures
on payment through the local San Pedro Atlantic Bank for duty/taxes and
one payment through the local Scotiabank for his fees. port fees and
barge/final island delivery costs.

Note: If you have an account with Atlantic Bank you can save a trip to the
bank by logging in and paying duty/taxes online.

Truly shipping made easy.

Thank you to all who helped.