The United Democratic Party will once again change the lives of Belizeans through infrastructure works come December when the new bridge, joining Chetumal Street on the Northside to what will be known as Lake Independence Boulevard on the Southside, is inaugurated. The opening of the bridge will have an immediate and considerable impact on residents of the surrounding communities both socially and economically.

For starters, those who reside in Belama and Buttonwood Bay will breathe a sigh of relief as the new thoroughfare will alleviate the morning rush hour traffic congestion between Haulover Bridge and San Cas Plaza. Motorists heading to work in Belmopan will no longer have to sit in traffic for upwards of 45 minutes simply because there was no alternative route. If you consider that those same motorists will save 15 minutes on their return trip, that's a whole extra hour a day which could be put towards a productive activity such as exercise. That's also 5 extra taps on the snooze button every morning.

If that's not enough, consider the money which will go back into the pockets of Belmopan commuters. The distance between Haulover Bridge and Lake Independence Boulevard given the traditional route is approximately 8 miles which is 16 miles to and from. Assuming the average vehicle gets 16 miles per gallon of premium gasoline in stop and go traffic, that is 1 gallon of fuel consumed everyday between those two points. At $12.40 per gallon of premium fuel, that's $62 spent over the course of a five day work week which translates to a whopping $248 saved in one month thanks to the vision of this UDP Government.

As for the Lake I community, residents will witness a sort of renaissance after being neglected by a PUP area representative for more than a decade. Businesses on the Phillip Goldson Highway will now only be a stone's throw away, vastly improving the quality of life for Lake I residents by saving them time and money. An international bus terminal is slated to be constructed along the boulevard as well as a main branch for The National Bank of Belize. The Lake Independence Community Resource Centre will also be erected in the vicinity. Not only will this stimulate the local economy, but this venture will generate hundreds of jobs for those living in the Lake I area.

The Guardian