One year ago today, the worst disaster to ever strike Ramonís Village Resort in San Pedro, Belize occurred with a massive fire destroying twenty-eight cabanas, Pineapples Restaurant, the Purple Parrot, Ramonís Gift Shop and the general offices, laundry and warehouse at the resort. Valiant firefighting efforts by the San Pedro Fire Department, San Pedro Police Department, citizens of San Pedro and the employees of Ramonís Village saved the resort from being a total loss.

Today, one year later, any trace of a fire has been completely erased and the iconic resort is flourishing with guests. The owners of Ramonís Village, Richard and Gina Headrick, along with Director of Operations Steve Sherwin, arrived at the still smoldering ruins of the resort on August 29, 2013. It was on the beach that day that a determined Richard Headrick told the assembled group of despondent employees that Ramonís Village would be built back bigger and better than ever before. Over the course of the next 101 days, hundreds of San Pedro craftsmen joined with the employees at Ramonís Village to transform the scene of a disaster back into a lush tropical oasis.

ďThe fire was a defining event, not only for Gina and I, but for everyone who had visited Ramonís over the years and fell in love with our resort and our fabulous employees,Ē notes owner Richard Headrick. He adds, ďThe rebuilding of Ramonís Village was a monumental task that was accomplished in record time and with an enthusiasm level by contractors and employees alike that I have not experienced before in my lifetime. We thank God and give Him credit for making possible the miracle that occurred in the rebuilding process.Ē

Steve Sherwin, Director of Operations for Ramonís Village, notes ďWe encourage all of our past guests and those people who have considered visiting Ramonís to come see what Ramonís Village is all about. We still owe a huge debt of gratitude to those in the San Pedro community who supported the resort and our employees during the fire and the subsequent rebuilding effort. We shall forever be grateful to them for the love that was shown to us and for helping us recover from what seemed to be an insufferable loss.

Employees at Ramonís Village met this morning at 8:00 AM for a remembrance service and time of prayer conducted by Roberto ďChiefĒ Sabido who works at Pineapples and is the Hellfighters Foot Soldiers Ė San Pedro unit leader. Ramon Nunez, the legendary host of Ramonís Village Resort, summed up the feelings of all of the employees at Ramonís, ďWe cannot say thanks enough to all of our guests who called, emailed or stopped in to check on us after the fire. We love our guests and consider them family. Of all of the compliments the resort receives, the most common one is Ė the staff at Ramonís Village is what keeps bringing us back time and time again!Ē