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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: The Baddest Dog
“No; don’t give me any little lap dog, I want a dog that’s big and mean,” said the man sitting across the bar from me.” “My Chihuahua that I’ve got tied by the door may be little but he’s mean enough for a big dog,” said the guy sitting next to him. “He’s a great

San Pedro Sailing Club Participates in International Friendly Invitational Regatta
On August 16 and 17, the San Pedro Sailing Club hosted an International Invitational Regatta in the beautiful waters off Boca del Rio Park. Sailors from the United States, Mexico and Belize came together in the spirit of sportsmanship and enjoyed healthy competition while

Letter to the Editor: Karen Tote
Dear Editor, I wanted to commend The San Pedro Sailing Club for an exceptional regatta August 16 and 17. I can honestly say that this was the best regatta experience I have ever had and I have been to A LOT of regattas! Bryce has more than 85 sailing trophies!!! Bryce said he rated it

Doctor Love
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, My friend is in her mid-forties. We came to Belize on vacation earlier this year. On the flight back to the U.S. we […]

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Belize climate and tax advantages make it a retirement destination
Belize’s year round warm climate makes it a number one vacation, and now retirement destination. The Qualified Retired Person’s Programme provides exemption from taxes on income and import duties for expats living in Belize, adding to its attractiveness that includes plenty of recreational options as well as daily familiarities, like an easy currency exchange, for Americans. Following are 15 reasons to consider becoming an expat that makes Belize their new home away from home.

First Indian Diaspora Conference in Belize- Corozal (36 photos)
Courtesy Corozal Organization of East Indian Cultural Heritage (COEICH)

Mexican authorities report that Belize has been used as a base for Hezbollah operations.
n article in the Mexican Newspaper “Por Esto” indicates that federal and municipal Police in Cancun, Mexico were alerted to a suspected “Hezbollah” group travelling to that city from Chetumal. Mexican Police in the area reinforced several checkpoints but were unable to detect the return of the vehicle the group was travelling in. On Wednesday August 27th, Police in Chetumal detected a Mercedez Benz with Belize license plates BCC-4400. It was being driven by Hacsam Elsayetd and in the vehicle were three other passengers, including two females. According to data released, it is believed they would have had to check in at the Subteniente Lopez border entry into Mexican territory. The “Por Esto” resports that these suspected terrorists belong to the group "Hezbollah " who have been using Belize as their center of operations.

Policy Barring Garifuna Language is a Violation of Human Rights! People of Dangriga take to the Streets!
United Garifuna Association Inc. (UGAI) is now further looking into confirmed allegations that CIBC First Caribbean Bank has informed its Garifuna employees at its Dangriga Branch that only English must be spoken. This however was after several warnings were issued to the employee to desist from speaking Garifuna to customers and colleagues alike. It was with great incredulity UGAI learned of the violations of Human Rights of indigenous people that has been silently brewing at this well known Bank in Dangriga with regards to Garifuna employees. It has been confirmed that the Garifuna employees are told not to speak Garifuna, their native language in response to customers who are awaiting service and speaking to the employees in Garifuna. We are not certain if this is a nation-wide policy of the Bank but we have learnt this has not been the same in relation to the other many languages spoken in Belize but the bank has not responded at least publicly with any official correspondence as to what is the Bank’s policy and what it is ding to address the instruction given in relations to the speaking of Garifuna at the Dangriga Branch.

Miss Belize Takes 5th at Miss Freedom of the World
Congratulations, Jessel Lauriano! She took 5th place at the Miss Freedom of the World pageant. Check out the cool costume she had for the National Costume Competition. Way to go, Jessel!

Central American Volleyball Championships
The U23 Male National Volleyball team took 4th place at the Central American Volleyball Championship that took place in Panama. They took 4th place. Great job! In related news, the U23 Female National Volleyball team came in 5th at the Central American Volleyball Championship that was held in Honduras. "Team Belize (U23 Men) finished the tournament with beating Honduras 3-0 (25-20, 25-15, 25-19) in their 6th straight day of playing and hoping for favorable results in the other matches to get a chance at medal. Unfortunately Costa Rica lost knocking us out of medal contention. The team did a very respectable 3-3 record, placing 4th in the tournament. Their only losses to the 3 medalist, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador. For the tournament Denver Lino will likely finish statistically as the Best Blocker but the award is only given to Middle Blockers."

Yoga by Sera at JJ's
Yoga by Sera has changed locations, and now all classes are at JJ's, which is next to Cayo Twist.

Rebecca Stirm at Splendors of the Commonwealth
Rebecca Stirm is currently in London representing Belize at the Splendours of the Commonwealth event that kicks off London Fashion Week. Wow them with your Watercolour Wonders, Rebecca! "Thanks to the Belize Tourism Board, exactly one week from today I will be headed to London to show a segment of the new Watercolour Wonder collection at the CCLEF Splendours of the Commonwealth event taking place on the eve of London Fashion week at the Mayfair hotel! I am so grateful and excited for this opportunity to represent Belize and 'The Americas' on the runway in London next week!"

Belize Jazz and Culture Concert
The Belize Jazz and Culture Concert is coming to Cayo. It'll be held at the Jaguar Auditorium on Friday, September 12th, starting at 7:00pm. The first performance got great reviews. "The Belize Music Agency is hosting an encore presentation of the Belize Jazz and Culture Show (a BSCAP licensed event) which took place in Belize City on August 16, 2014."

BTB Customer Service Awards Presentation at SHJC
32 Tourism Management students from Sacred Heart Junior College received their Customer Service certificates from the Belize Tourism Board this week. Andy Bahadur and Dean Fermin Magana presented the awards.

The Reporter

Woman murdered in Toledo
Agripina Coc, 61, a villager of San Pedro Colombia, Toledo, is dead – the victim of a chopping. One of Coc’s relatives reportedly found her body shortly after 7 p.m. on Saturday near the entrance of the village, naked and with a large chop wound on her head. Francisco Coc, her husband, has said that she went out in the village on Saturday afternoon. Toledo police are asking the public to come forth with information in order to solve this murder.

Man shot dead in Belize City
Michael Usher was shot dead early on Sunday morning in Belize City. Usher was reportedly riding on Faber’s Road towards his house shortly after 4 a.m. on Sunday when he was gunned down. Police are pursuing one lead.

Conflict in Guatemala ends with departure of Jews
Conflict between an indigenous group in Guatemala and an orthodox Jewish group has led to the relocation of the Jews. 230 members of the Lev Tahor Jewish group were asked to leave San Juan La Laguna after meetings with elders of the Mayan community. The elders accused the Jews of shunning the villagers and imposing their religion and customs, undermining the Catholic faith that was predominant in San Juan La Laguna. The Lev Tahor had settled in the village six years ago in search of religious freedom. The group is now hoping to find a place to live somewhere else in Guatemala.

The Belize Times

DARREL’S LIE… – Gets A Contraband Black Eye
The high profile bust of an undisclosed amount of contraband liquor involving the co-owner of a very controversial bar that sits cosily on what should be a family/child-friendly BTL Park has revived a major stink for Belize Mayor Darrel Bradley. Back in January of this year, and then again in April, Mayor Bradley vigorously defended his Council’s decision to allow the opening of a bar on BTL Park known as Pier 1. This bar is owned by Joseph Kee and Deon Leslie. Leslie is a sitting Councilor in the same Belize City Council that granted the license that effected the running of the bar. When the bar got its official decoration, dressed up in the words “Lighthouse Beer”, the Mayor was still adamant that it wasn’t bar. But he couldn’t convince a very sceptical media. “No man, it's not a bar Jules,” cried Mayor Bradley. But Bradley has fooled no one. City residents are well aware of the shenanigans going at the City Council, where the lazy and do-nothing Councillors hogging up every opportunity to profit instead of letting needy Belizeans make gains. No less than three Councillors have business interests in the renovated BTL Park – all with the permission of the Council. The existence of Pier 1 sits as evidence of this UDP CitCo nepotism that stinks to high heaven. Now this week’s news of the contraband liquor bust has added a new twist to the controversy, and Mayor Bradley cannot escape.

Bad News for Sugar Industry – Tate & Lyle/ASR cuts sugar quota
The Sugar Industry, already faced with growing challenges, got bad news this week when a letter from Simon Gibbons, Senior Vice President of Tate & Lyle’s International Relations, informed that their demand for sugar will be reduced for the upcoming 2014/2015. The reduction is drastic, from 65,000 tonnes to 10,000 tonnes, which according to Tate & Lyle reflects the forecasts of their sales to the European Union, USA and Canada. The loss represents some $5 million. This is terrible news for an industry which expected a storm, but in 2017, when the preferential access to the EU market would come to an end.

Another attack on Plus TV – UDP Minister files law suit #5
PLUS TV, an independent media house that is based in the capital city of Belmopan, has made enemies in high places it seems, for simply speaking the truth. PLUS TV, which is owned by Pastor Louis Wade, has been the only morning television show that has consistently exposed major wrongdoing under the Barrow Administration for several years. This, it appears has angered UDP Ministers, who are now plotted to scrupulously bring down the independent media house at any costs. This week, Pastor Wade confirmed that his station was hit with its 5th lawsuit in just two years this week. This new legal attack comes from Minister of Forestry Lisel Alamilla, for statements reportedly made by a caller to the morning show some weeks ago. Wade said he was not sitting as the host of the show on the day the alleged statements were made.

Open Transgression
By G. Michael Reid. This week I feel compelled to revisit this issue that remains a thorn in the side of all Belizeans. With all else that has been happening, and with September upon us, this very serious issue must still not be allowed to fade into oblivion. September, after all, marks a full year since we allowed two foreigners to make fools of us and sell our patrimony away. September shall go down in infamy and even while we jump up and celebrate St. George’s Caye Day and Independence, we shall forever recall sadly this tale of betrayal and insult to our hospitality. Every time an election draws near, we are bombarded with platitudes, clichés and overworked buzzwords like “transparency”, “accountability” and “good governance.” In 2008, the current United Democratic Party was elected on just these promises; which as it turned out, were indeed a comfort to us fools. In his victory speech, newly elected Prime Minister Dean Barrow promised to “pull out a double edged machete” at the first “whiff of corruption”. Unfortunately, it seems that just a few short months into office, Mr. Barrow lost his sense of smell and misplaced his proverbial sword. He now lords over an administration reeking with the stench of raw open corruption but while we remember his promise of a sharp sword, he has produced instead a dull paring knife.

Jawmeighan Died in Vain
The cold bloodied murder of Jawmeighan two weeks ago sent shockwaves through the country. The shock-waves from this execution reached as far as the Belizean communities in the U.S.A. The investigation is over and no one has been arrested. No one has been charged and no one will be convicted. Ernest Meighan has died in vain. Our sources say that the Police know who pulled the trigger. They know who gave the order. They know why Jawmeighan lost his life. The Police know and so does the National Security Council. So does the Prime Minister who chairs the weekly meetings of the Council and gets all the crime and security briefings. Jawmeighan is now just another statistic. He is just another victim in the senseless city killings that target friend and family when gangs cannot exact immediate revenge on a specific target.

Belize U-23 volleyball team – gains respect in Panama
Belize’s national Under-23 men’s volleyball team was leading the Association of Central American Volleyball Federations (AFECAVOL) 2nd U-23 male volleyball championships with 2 wins, until they fell to 4th position after their 0-3 loss to Guatemala at the Jose “Beto” Remon Gymnasium in Panama City, Panama on Tuesday night. Guatemala won the match: 25-23, 25-20 and 25-17. Ivan Lino, the Best Blocker in the tournament so far, led the Belize offensive with 12 points, including 8 kills, 2 blocks, and he served 2 aces, dug up 2 saves and had 10 good receptions. Jaleel Lino had 9 kills while Marlon Salazar had one block. Setter Allwyn Mahung had 4 successful sets, while libero Raheem “Hende” Flowers had 3 good receptions and dug up 3 saves. Team Belize also profited from 17 errors by Guatemala, but made 20 unforced errors.

Belize Bank Blazers win softball champs
The Belize Bank Blazers won the Belize City women’s softball championship 19-3 by mercy rule in the 3rd inning over Beacon in Game 2 of the finals at the Rogers Stadium last Wednesday night August 20. Beacon collected only 1 hit off the Blazers’ pitcher Nicole Arnold, who struck out 1 batter and walked 3; but the Blazers’ diamond made only 5 errors: Beacon left 4 runners on base. Only Licia Ferguson, Vanessa Garbutt and Crystal Hernandez came home in the 1st inning.

Racqueteers win in Bros. Habet team table tennis
The Racqueteers’ Trevon Brown spanked Penholders’ Matthew Usher 3-0 and triumphed 3-2 over Marion Usher, and 3-1 over Jorge Espat. Zachary Garbutt won 3-1 against Jorge Espat and 3-0 versus Matthew Usher. The Brothers Habet team table tennis tournament organized by Belize Table Tennis Association continued has been heating up at the Belize Elementary School auditorium. Penholders’ Marion Usher won 3-0 versus Zachary Garbutt and 3-0 versus Asyel Lopez; while Espat won 3-0 versus Lopez.

Once a Laggard, always a Laggard
There has been a resurgence of the useless violence in the streets of the “old capital”. For some time, individuals including journalists and even persons in the field of psychiatry have identified root causes and the contributory factors to this social pathology. There is the suggested theory from the American Journal of Psychiatry that some people may be born with brain deficiencies which make them prone to violence. These deficiencies are said to be brought about because of insufficient nutrient; a result of being impoverished. These people are bred in economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods where poverty and joblessness exist. One writer even blamed “corruption” as the root cause of poverty, crime and other social ills. There is also the cultural surrender of traditional values of the communities to the emergent “CRIPS” and “BLOODS” culture. This transformation has led inevitably to loss of any possibility for these people mobilizing on their behalf. The communities or neighbourhoods become brittle causing the loss of respect for parents, grandparents, siblings, neighbours and even our politicians in government.

Belmopan market vendors up in arms!!! – After spending $2.2 million on new market, CitCo forces vendors to sell under rented tents
Over 80 vendors who sell their produce at the Belmopan Market are very angry at Mayor Simeon Lopez and the Belmopan City Council for what they believe is the maladministration of the market place. The vendors feel cheated by the City Council after over two million dollars were utilised to carry out a so-called enhancement project that should have seen major improvements to the market area. The funds were donated by the European Union, but two years later, the money has been spent and the vendors are stuck with a very messy situation. “…we were led to believe that an actual structure would have been erected. We would have been protected from rain. But we didn’t receive those things. Unfortunately we have been paying for a market that has not materialised,” said Janice Bain, one of the vendors who sells herbs at the market.

Last Saturday, August 23, 2014 our Party held its endorsement convention in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize Rural South for both our Standard Bearer and our 2015 Town Council Team. We were proud to give our full support to Mr. Elito Arceo as Standard Bearer and to Dr. Giovanni Solorzano as our Mayoral Candidate and leader of a dynamic team of councilor candidates who include sitting councilor Wally Nunez, Conchita Flota, Omar Guerrero, Alex Noralez, Mundo Nunez, and Marina Kay. The team is united and strong. We are all very familiar with the magical beauty of San Pedro and it’s well established and deserved reputation as Belize’s premiere tourism destination. But what is less well known and a closely guarded secret is the abject poverty that exists in several central, growing communities of San Pedro. On Saturday we visited these communities of San Pedrito, DFC Layout, and San Mateo.

Gregorio “Papas” Garcia” holds Back to School Fun Day
On Sunday August 24th 2014, the 4th Annual Gregorio “Papas” Garcia Back to School Fun Day was held at the People’s United Party office located on College Road in the Corozal Bay division. It was a huge success since this year approximately 600 children turned out to the event. As we are about to enter into another school year it is unfortunate that many children lack the basic supplies necessary to commence classes. Many families struggle to find the finances to prepare their children to return to school.

Tropic Air & Dangriga Town Council partner in infrastructure project
On Wednesday 26thAugust, 2014 works commenced on that strip of road from San Jose Street to the Tropic Air Office in Dangriga Town. This project is a collaborative effort between the Dangriga Town Council and its valued corporate citizen, Tropic Air. Mayor Gilbert Swaso had actively sought assistance from business organizations in Dangriga. Tropic Air answered that call and very shortly residents and visitors will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride when leaving the municipal airstrip on their way into Dangriga. The concreting of the street is expected to be completed by Thursday 28th August, 2014. The contractor has indicated that it will take an additional five days before it will be ready for use.

HOME ECONOMICS – Breaking down the Gross Domestic Product
By Richard Harrison The formula for calculating GDP is GDP = C + I + G + (EX-IM) C = CONSUMPTION I = INVESTMENT G = GOVERNMENT SPENDING EX-IM = EXPORTS – IMPORTS 1. C = CONSUMPTION In 2013, 294,000 overnight tourists visited Belize for an average of 7 days. 677,000 cruise tourists visited, each for a day. With overnight tourists consuming an average of US$80 per day…294,000 over 7 days would consume BZ$329 million. With cruise tourists consuming an average of US$50 per day….677,000, each for a day, would consume BZ$67.7 million. With Belize population at 340,000, each consuming an average of BZ$10 per day…..for 365 days, they would consume BZ$1,241 million. Total consumption would add up to BZ$1,637 million….with tourism consumption accounting for 24% of total consumption.

IN MY PERSPECTIVE – Errol Glenn Elrington, you are in good hands!
As I was thinking about this article I said to myself what would it take for me to get involved in any criminal activity like bank robbery or Medicare or Medicaid fraud? For me to even start thinking of doing something like that it would have to be a huge pay off that would cover all my expenses if I got caught…and if you are thinking of defrauding the United States Government you will probably get caught. So I will need to make sure my first racketeering experiment goes well and bring in the money to cover my expenses. My thinking is I would need at least two million dollars to make this worthwhile on my first outing. I will need to pay off my mortgage, pay off my two vehicles, all my credit cards, I will need a large sum of money to hire lawyers. For serious felonies charges like racketeering, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, health care fraud, falsely billing the US Government for services never performed… yes you will need a team of lawyers to get you off of these charges. So if you are thinking of getting into this racketeering business you better make sure your first heist has enough money to cover these expenses.

Ivy Mae Arthurs-Hamilton – Centenarian celebration: 100 years young
Ivy Mae Arthurs-Hamilton was born on August 31, 1914 to Ida Forsythe and Ernest Richard Lee in Spanishtown, Jamaica. She was an only child and her father was Chinese. En route back to Jamaica from Honduras, due to the Hurricane of 1931, their ship had to make a stop in Belize (then British Honduras) where they saw the utter devastation, not knowing that years later this would become her new home. A sickly childhood robbed her of the opportunity to complete academic education, but undeterred, she learned skills, plunged forward, and in travels with her mom, lived for a period in both Honduras and Cuba so she spoke Spanish well. Her marriage to a brilliant family friend, Granville Nathaniel, produced six sons, two born in Jamaica: Phillip and Owen – the latter (now deceased) known as a popular football player in Belize. After the young couple relocated to Belize in 1948, four sons were born: Sylburn, George, Earl and Glenford. There were three indispensable core elements to Ms. Ive’s philosophy of raising a family: firstly, instilling in her children the fear of God; secondly, giving priority and support to their education; and lastly, working hard. That which she had been unable to have in her childhood, she was intent on seeing them achieve, sacrificing to allow the next generation to reach a higher level.

Oil – Dangerously Low!
The oil money on which the Barrow Administration has been depending on is reaching a dangerously low point. The Government has refused to tell the Belizean people that Belize’s economy is crumbling slowly and if the oil revenues continue to fall, the economy will collapse. The UDP government has failed to attract investors to spur any sort of meaningful economic growth. The result has been greater poverty, a lack of jobs hence increased unemployment, crime and hopelessness. Instead of coming up with ideas to boost industries and create jobs, the UDP has chosen to be lazy. They have been sucking on the breasts of Belize Natural Energy, diverting millions of dollars which should go to education and community development to fund Government work. In 2010, the Barrow Administration’s oil revenues supported up to 11% of public finances with over $100 million. The Government has become extremely dependent on oil. This dependency has become unsustainable.

Patrick JonesPJ

Rainy weather heading into the work week
A Tropical Wave over the Yucatan Peninsula will keep maintain moist and unstable conditions over the country heading into the work week. The general forecast for Belize is for cloudy to overcast skies tonight along with some light rain. Monday will be mostly cloudy with a few […]

September Celebrations officially opened
Inclement weather proved not to be enough to stop Belizeans from welcoming the most patriotic month of the calendar, though in a different place than usual. The September Celebrations have for the past few years been traditionally opened on St. George’s Caye, but the venue was this year […]

Toledo villagers angry over murder of woman in San Pedro Columbia
There is anger and outrage in the quiet community of San Pedro Columbia, Toledo, following the brutal murder of a woman from the village. The body of 62 year old Agripina Coc was found late Saturday evening with multiple chop wounds to the head and face. Because of […]

Man murdered early this morning in Belize City
An early morning shooting incident has claimed the life of one person on Belize City. The murder victim has been identified as Michael Usher. Investigations found as many as nine 9 millimeter expended shells at the scene. The early morning homicide happened around 4:30 am on Fabers […]


Guava Limb Cafe’s One Year Anniversary Celebration Even More Beautiful Than Expected
Last November I visited the new Guava Limb Cafe – The Guava Limb Cafe in San Ignacio: A Chaa Creek Production – and was charmed. By the fresh, home-baked, organic foods, the staff, the attention to detail and the gorgeous view over the town park. My view from the balcony. I wondered if maybe they pay those school children to stand like that. It’s almost TOO cute. I arrived early – as I always do – a bit of daylight to take some pictures. The evening party was 6 to 10pm. I often wonder about early arrival to parties so this morning I checked with the guru. Miss Manner’s is steadfast in her opinion that arriving early is RUDE. She says that “Yes, it is better to arrive a few minutes after the hour than before. Eight minutes past the appointed hour is ideal. Twelve will also do”. Pfffft. Miss Manners CLEARLY has no Belizean blood in her. I was half an hour early and the bulk of the crowd…including the hosts…came 1.5 to 2 hours after the appointed “start time” (a very loose concept here in Belize.)

Belize Time!
What a beautiful place we live in. Not very many countries in the world can brag of being recognised in two regional areas – Central America and the Caribbean. People come here. People are hearing more and more about Belize; people are more and more recognising our geographical place on the world map – they are not thinking Africa and Asia anymore. People know where we are. Let me tell you why people come here: at the very least, its for our dusty roads and celestial artistic sunsets. People come here for our dusty roads that remind them of home but its unbelievable to them that they don’t recognise the tropical plants and fruits growing wild on our road sides. People come to Belize because it unwinds them – imagine coming to a land for the first time and we “drop” some English on you and not only do we speak your language but as a gift, you are received by the friendliest people on this planet – and maybe any other planet! People come here for our sea and beaches. People come here to refresh themselves in a geographically and geologically historical area of the world – a place where they can swim with Whale Sharks, Nurse Sharks and Sting Rays – on the largest Barrier Reef in the Western hemisphere.

Hezbollah in Belize for years
A Wikileaks cable dated April 4, 2008, purportedly from the U.S. Embassy in Belize, about terrorism suspects in Belize was released one year ago, on September 11, 2011. The cable suggested that a Pakistani-Belizean national was involved with drug trafficking, money laundering, and had possible ties to the dangerous Hezbollah and al-Qaeda terrorist networks.

International Sourcesizz

6 Extraordinary Islands You Can Rent for a Private Vacation
Private islands aren’t just reserved for the billionaires of the world. In fact, some of them are quite a bargain: Consider what you’re getting out of the deal, if you’re just willing to splurge! Private beach access, accommodations, a natural landscape all to yourself. Relax, swim, enjoy the wildlife, go boating, or do all of the above — for one whole week, it’s your island, and your island alone — so make the most of it! These six islands are by no means cheap, but they certainly are reasonable in exchange for the luxury of a private island getaway. Leave the cell phone at home and forget about your cares for a week. These islands are just a payment, a flight, and a ferry ride away! Whipray Caye is located 8 miles off the coast of gorgeous Placencia, Belize. The azure waters surrounding this island consist of excellent permit fishing opportunities, making this escape a fisherman’s (or fisherwoman’s) dream. Feel your troubles melt away as you unwind and enjoy island life. This island offers an optional full-service benefit, which involves a personal introduction to island life from owners Julian and Beverly Cabral. During your stay, be sure to take advantage of complimentary snorkeling equipment as well as the complimentary see-through kayak, which provides unforgettable views of the aquatic life around you.

Belize Brokerage MTrading Officially Joins the Financial Commission
FinaCom PLC, operator of, the industry driven neutral mediator serving the online foreign exchange and binary options industry, today announced its newest member firm- operated by ServiceCom Ltd. The Belize regulated broker is joining the growing list of members who have obtained membership status with the Financial Commission in order to provide customers with unbiased advice in resolving escalated complaints which customers cannot resolve directly with their broker.


Video: Making coconut oil in Mahajual, 19min.
I learned to make coconut oil in Belize and like to share it with people.

Video: Kate Upton | Beach Bunny Swimwear Shoot | Sanctuary Belize, 3min.

Video: Pogorilers in Belize, 9min.

Video: Belize Forest Zipline, 3min.
See the beautiful Belize rainforest zip line at the POV from a go pro!

Video: Diving The Blue Hole in Belize - April 2013 Shot w/ GoPro Hero3, 6min.

Video: Belize trampoline in ocean, 1min.