The International Atomic Energy Agency, the world’s center of cooperation in the nuclear field is proposing to establish a Nuclear Lab at the University of Belize in Belmopan. The idea of the lab is to promote safe, secure and peaceful nuclear technologies. University of the West Indies Professor of Applied Nuclear Physics Dr. Mitko Voutchkov explained the mechanism of the project.

Dr. Mitko Voutchkov – UWI Professor of Applied Nuclear Physics “The purpose of my visit is to visit the University of Belize on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Agency to advise on some application of nuclear science. During this project Dr. Luis and other staff members will be trained on radiation safety, they will get that exam and license and after that they will have to implement for the new staff members, they will be responsible for that. The purpose of the lab will accommodate a few pieces of equipment, x-ray machines, gamma ray machines and the equipment that can measure radioactivity in the water. So with these three equipment they will be able to develop applications in several areas in terms of monitoring contamination in the environment, food safety and security, health. In medicine for example if you go have a diagnostics x rays etc. so the lab it will oversee all these safe application but in the meantime it will be used for teaching purposes to set up a new program.” A lecture to introduce the project will be held tomorrow at the University of Belize Jaguar Auditorium at 9:15 a.m. The public is invited to attend.