For missing monies at Corozal Town Council

Earlier this year the Corozal Town Council was in hot water over a situation that involved the misappropriation of funds. As a result, an internal investigation was conducted. At the time Mayor Hilberto Campos did not say much, only that he would speak with us after the audit was completed. Today he shared those findings with us.


“The outstanding of course we have $13,495.00 which is still owed to the council. There are three people involved in the whole issue, nevertheless the revenue manager Mr. Garcia is the one that will be asked to come up with these monies or to pay back to the council so to speak. Yes they were terminated but we also have affidavits signed by Mr. Garcia before he left. When he was terminated he asked that he was going to leave the country but he was willing to sign an affidavit in which he practically confesses that he was involved in the outcome of the investigation and he also has committed to pay back which is why we will meet as a council to discuss the way forward to the next step which would be to either hand it over to the police for him to be prosecuted or to have him pay back this council. The important thing in this matter would be for us to get back the $13,495.00 outstanding to the Corozal Town Council. We kind of smelt that there was something wrong and we as an administration took the necessary measures against anything like this to happen again. As a matter of fact we have shared the different ideas with the audit department with respect to what measures are in place that we had taken since December which was when we started off the investigation for these things not to happen again. You cannot put your head for anyone and we don’t know what the future holds but people will always find a way but we will be there to make sure that the people’s funds are being taken care of and that these types of things.”