In opening to a new era of Leadership in the timeline of Belizean history, I'd like to start this communication with a quote:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
– Albert Einstein

Throughout our short history as a nation, we have consistently been on a never ending circle of electing one of two parties that have kept our nation at a near stand still position and at some points put our nation on a backward movement. We have been changing parties but yet our people and our nation have not made many significant progresses. Our Belizean people are so frustrated, angry and disillusioned that some have this feeling of hopelessness. The future of our nation is at stake and we will not sit idly by to see this trend continue in this century.

Today, we are faced with high unemployment and poverty rates, families living on $25.00 a day, high cost of living, huge international debt better known as the Super Bond a debt brought upon our nation by an uncaring few who benefited from it and left us and our future generations with a bill to pay for decades to come. This debt is currently sitting at $1.033 billion dollars and growing daily, forceful take over of private companies, a steady robbery of citizens Social Security savings for political spending and a claim by Guatemala to our beloved country that remains unresolved for centuries which puts our future as a sovereign nation in doubt; these to name a few from the never ending list of items resulting from 32 years of failed leadership, lack of vision, stagnation, minimal economic growth, inefficient governance and corrupt politicians in both the PUP and UDP. We cannot continue to change political parties to become our government and we see no significant changes in our people's lives and nation. Where did the Super Bond monies go and who were the people that benefited from it? Let me count the ways:

  • Can we find it in our infrastructure like utilities or roads? NO!
  • Can we find it in the improvement of education? NO!
  • Can we find it in the health care sector? NO!
  • Can we find it in better infrastructure to prevent corruption? NO!
  • Can we see it in providing better police, military and legal sectors? NO!

The answer to these questions will remain a resounding NO! Why? Because no matter how much glitter is put out in the public eye, the underlying fact remains that the work is done for the financial and political gain of the politicians, their relatives, friends and cronies who enacted them. For example, huge amounts are spent on building elaborate hospitals only for them to go without the equipment needed to provide quality care, in fact, even the leadership prefers to go abroad for treatment rather than using the infrastructure they invest in. A clear example of a government for some of the people and not all of the people.

For 32 years, both the PUP and UDP have turned their backs on you the citizens of Belize. How much longer will we allow them to destroy our nation and it's resources at the expense of the future generations of Belizeans. They are more responsible to the people who gave them the funds for their campaigns that the average Belizean citizens. This message is for each and every Belizean that deserves a better future, who yearn for a Belize where equality is first and foremost, where transparency and accountability are a reality and where instead of paying criminals to behave, they are getting real opportunities to be productive members of society.

For Belizeans that want to ensure that our nation have long term plans for the economic, educational, industrial, agricultural and technological growth of the our people and nation, the Belize People's Front is the only positive choice among all the political parties that exist in Belize today. Why? Because all the others have had their chances and have failed. Our party grew from grassroots people that represent the same demographic that is called "Normal Belizeans" as each and every citizens feeling the outcome of 32 years of failed leadership.

The Belize People's Front is committed to work with independent leaders to issue in an era of progressive post-partisan reform and will always hold true to our convictions, and commitment to synergetic deliberation, diversity of opinions and perspectives. We demonstrate an unwavering commitment to positive actions, innovative and practical long-term vision for Belize, whilst upholding Biblical ethical, moral values and principles along with social values and responsibility. With the above-mentioned commitment to serve the people of Belize, the Belize People's Front intends to present candidates with virtues and positive characters to contest the upcoming municipal and national elections. Our goal is to return the mandate of governance to the rightful owners, who are no other than you the people of Belize.

Effective immediately the Belize People's Front political party is on a passionate mission to take our country out of the hands of these individuals who have persistently failed us over the years. In an effort to provide some basis on which to work from, the following are some of our immediate goals to rescue our country and people;

  • Implement an immediate pay cut for elected area representatives and return those monies to working toward a better future.
  • Term Limits to a maximum of two terms for all elected Prime Ministers, members of the House of Representatives, Senators, Mayors, City Councilors, Town Board Councilors, Village Council Chairmen and Village Councilors
  • Increase our military strength and presence on our borders to stop the flow of illegal immigrants coming into our country, squatting on our land illegal occupation of our land, contraband and the stealing of our artifacts, mineral and natural resources.
  • Enact Civil Rights Laws to ensure that all Belizeans will be treated the same in our country and to establish an Equal Rights Commission comprising of all the ethnic groups in Belize to ensure full compliance under our laws.
  • Amend the Constitution of Belize to Return Permanent Secretaries to head of departments (removal of political appointees).
  • BPF candidates will sign a legally binding document that will enable legal proceedings' if found in improprieties or questionable acts.
  • Enact a land policy to ensure the sustainability and availability of arable lands for all Belizeans.
  • Enable Belizeans in the Diaspora to be able to vote and run for office who possess dual citizenship.
  • Ensure that we have an elected Senate with two Senators for each District and one to be appointed by the Governor General of Belize.
  • Enforce the constitutional laws to incarcerate any public official who imbibe in corrupt acts and breaks the trust of the people (we will not condone any illegal acts)
  • To elect our Attorney General for a period of Five years and to make him or her chief law enforcement official without any loyalty to the government but to the people of Belize. He or she will have the power to bring legal action against all government officials, civil servants and citizens of Belize. The constitution will be amended to read what are his powers and how much money the Legislators must make available to him without and hindrance to his or her duties.
  • Any person who attempt or engage in any act to stop the Attorney General from carrying out his or her duties, will be guilty of a felony namely; "Obstruction of Justice" which will carry a five to fifteen years sentence in prison depending on the gravity of the obstruction.
  • Promote assertive diplomacy regarding our territorial integrity where discussions will not include any land cession or loss of our sovereignty

In ending, I want to leave you with two quotes:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
– Edmund Burke

Revolution is about the need to re-evolve political, economic and social justice and power back into the hands of the people, preferably through legislation and policies that make human sense. That’s what revolution is about. Revolution is not about shootouts.
– Bobby Seale

Let's serve our beloved country by uniting and taking it back for our children and future generations of Belizeans.

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Best Regards

Nefretery Nancy Marin
Party Leader
Belize Peoples Front