Tonight there is one more story added to the list of police abuses coming out of last weekend. Justice of the Peace Grace Flowers told us that on Saturday afternoon a truck full of police officers picked up her nephew 19 year old Armani Bailey from in front of her home on West Canal. Instead of taking the young man to a police station, the officers allegedly drove him to Belizean Beach - at mile 4 on the Western Highway and did a sort of third world waterboarding! They allegedly put him a garbage container and attempted to drown him! We'll let her explain the whole thing:..

JP Grace Flowers, Aunt of victim
"I was up at my house, but a mind tell me to peep out and when I peep out I see the black 4Runner stop down the street, so I shouted and told my mom and my aunt to go and see who the police is harassing out there. When they went out there they said that it was my nephew Armani. So I ran downstairs went down the street and when I got there they had already search him. I said Armani let's go home. Then he started to explain to me that he didn't run from them because he didn't have anything. He was talking to me and the police jumped out the vehicle and ask him what the "f" are you saying. I said officer he is not talking to you, it is me that he is talking to, I am his aunty. We continue walk down towards my house, Armani went in the yard and I stood at the gate, the officers trailed behind us in the black 4Runner, drive past the gate, reverse back and jumped out, they said in fact we will take his r***. I stood at the gate still, they came and push and I told the officer why are you going in this yard. I told him that I am a Justice of the Peace and you can't be running up in our yard like this. He said that he didn't want to hear that. So he continue push and so I move. The officer hit my aunt who is 84 years old, push her down. If she didn't hold on to the post she would have fall flat on her face."

"I had a problem with that. They back my nephew, push him at the back of the 4Runner and was slamming the gate on his foot. I told them they cannot do that and so they let him pull in his foot. They took him and so I decided to put on some sensible clothes to go and see if it was precinct one they took him. My cousin trailed behind them in a vehicle and he call me and told me that they took him to Raccoon Street. Afterwards I was waiting for his (Armani) father to take me to the station. When I notice a while after Armani came. He was stink, filthy, dirt was all up in his head soaking wet. He said aunty you wouldn't believe what those men did with me; they took me up the road at 4 miles and they beat me, put me in a trash can, hold down my head with one of their foot, they tried to drown me because the trash can had in water. One of officers wanted to give him a head shot. Trapp, the other officer said no because too many people saw us when we took him, so they decide that they will leave me in the can and they drove off and went."

"They left him in the trash can. After they went he got out and he decide to walk. One feet with slippers he came with. A lady through the dirt road nearly by the Coast Guard Headquarters, she gave him $3 and told him to go by the roadside to catch a bus."

"I will put it to the extreme because I think this is wrong. They leave him up here and they didn't even check to see if something was wrong with him after they held him down in that dirty water. Something has to be done. We are going all out with this. We will see if we have any justice now. I have pictures of the officers who chance my nephew. We already went to the internal affairs and we will get an attorney because the officer Trapp he says that he would slap me, but I am telling you, for the record any policeman slaps me man or woman I will slap them back - that is what I have to tell them."

Marie Garbutt, Mother of victim
"I just want to pass a message to the commissioner to ask him to try deal with this matter because I think my son could have died and I wouldn't have known anything and they would have come and tell me that they found his body. The two police knows who they are and I just wish that the commissioner deal with it because I am going to deal with it as far as I could go. I have no problem if my child did something and he was to be charged. Let him face his charge, but since they didn't have any charges for him, they never took him into a station or a precinct or whatever - please commissioner deal with this matter."

Bailey's family has since made an official report to the police department and is now awaiting a response.

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