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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Kicking off the September 9th night's celebrations in San Pedro
, the Fire Engine parade, complete with fire trucks, San Pedro Cadets, Isla Bonita Elementary School's drummers and traffic wardens passed through the island's main streets. Tonight's Tribute to the Baymen program will feature culture and music at Central Park starting at 8PM! Don't miss out!! (6 photos)

Yumm o'clock at Mesa Caf�!
What can be better than a place serving amazing coffee and delicious food? NOTHING! And that's what you get at Mesa Caf�. Having eaten there before (stuffed burger) and loved it, and being a coffee junkie, I was quick to jump on the invite to sample some offerings. Mesa Caf� is owned by Australians Sheldon and Jo Florence, and they serve a variety of contemporary dishes, including a wide range of vegetarian selections. Honoring the title of "Caf�", Mesa also serves real espresso coffee (for the caffeine addicts) and teas (for the caffeine non-addicts). Sheldon is the master mind in the kitchen while Jo serves up some astounding coffee concoctions. It was a solo date for me, which meant more food for me, myself and I. Located at Vilma Linda Plaza on Tarpon Street, Mesa offers both indoor and outdoor seating. I opted for indoor, away from the blazing sun.

SICA Directors of Energy meeting hosted on Ambergris Caye
The Secretary General of the Central American Integration System (SICA), in partnership with the Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology and Public Utilities hosted a two day conference on Ambergris Caye. The meeting, held at Banyan Bay Resort on September 4th and September 5th, was comprised of directors of energy from all Central American countries and involved the discussion of a number of energy related topics. Opening the event was Belize's Minister of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities, Honorable Senator Joy Grant. In welcoming the delegates, Grant stated that the forum gives the technical directors the opportunity to look at energy related issues in the region.

Ambergris Today

Carnival Competition Extravaganza
On September 6, 2014 many gathered in Belize City to witness some of the most beautiful carnival costumes to grace the stage at this year's Carnival King and Queen Competition. Each team showcased their best costume performance to impress the judges, while the crowd cheered on. The pictures showcase the Erotic Mas Band on their winnings: 1st place Carnival Queen; worn by Mrs. Anita Hamilton and 2nd place Carnival King; worn by Brent Hamilton. Congratulations to the Erotic Mas Band on their winnings and keep it up.

Belize receives $30millionUS for Improved Road Infrastructure and Disaster Risk Management
The Belize Climate Resilient Infrastructure Project (BCRIP) will support the efforts of the Government of Belize to improve the resilience of critical road infrastructure against flood risk and to strengthen the capacity of relevant ministries to incorporate climate resilience and disaster risk management in their investment planning and implementation. They include the Ministries of Works and Transport and Natural Resources and Agriculture. "The Government of Belize is conscious of the social, economic and environmental implications of Climate Change and takes this opportunity to first, welcome the strategic partnership with the World Bank through this loan for the Climate Resilient Infrastructure Project," said Yvonne Hyde, Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. "This project will enable Belize to implement mitigation and adaptation strategies in the war against this global threat as it relates to the negative effects on Belize's economic growth and welfare of its present and future generations."

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

BELIZE IS AT WAR and doesn't even know it
The distant sound of gunfire in the rain forests of Belize is rare but not unheard of, usually a far off solitary hunter. But a 9mm unexpectedly going off close by in the middle of a jungle where there should only be bird calls and monkey howls is personal shock and awe. A few seconds earlier myself, 2 fellow explorers and two rangers were climbing, single file on what should have been a small, almost imperceptible trail in what I believed was one of the most remote, pristine and wild regions of Belize. But instead the trail was a 12 foot wide highway of horse hoofs, boot prints and trash up a steep saddle between two huge elevated sinkholes in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve of the southern Cayo District. Without warning, the ranger behind shoved me aside, anxiously whispered "get down, Xateros!" and in a single fluid motion slipped off his backpack, drew his 9 millimeter pistol and charged up the hill. BAM! BAM! There is a tunneling of perception - the shrinking of peripheral vision, a quickening of heartbeat and breath, a general slowing of motion - when the moment takes an unexpected and sudden turn. As my mind struggled to make sense of the situation - the adrenaline-fueled sound of the ranger's voice; his firm push; the kicked up stones and leaves from his boots as he flew uphill; angry shouting of "Alto! Manos Arriba!" and then the gunfire - fear, anger and instinct kicked in. Holding my camera close to my body so it would not swing on the shoulder strap, I ran uphill in a crouched position a good 20 yards behind the ranger just now disappearing over the saddle.

5th Anniversary Corozal Art In the Park will be the best ever!

216 years ago, days like September 8th and September 9th were absolutely stressful to say the very least. On September 10th, a volatile day in our country's history exploded. Many things have happened since the journey to Belize's Independence began then. Between September 3rd and September 10th, 1798, things truly became very interesting in the settlement of Honduras. The Spanish made a final attempt to take (British) Honduras by force. The English and a rough neck crew of about sixty five Baymen decided that they would not walk away from their home anymore. They found it unacceptable and they resisted with all their souls in defense of what is today our native land Belize. They resisted successfully and perhaps the most important outcome of this final Spanish-English battle on our shores was that the Spanish never again attempted to remove anyone from this land.

WILDTRACKS and the struggle to rehabilitate and release injured or illegally held "pet" monkeys in Belize. FOR MANY YEARS, BELIZE HAS STRUGGLED TO ESTABLISH A PROGRAM FOR THE REHABILITATION AND RELEASE OF ILLEGALLY HELD PET MONKEYS. SINCE 2010, A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION NAMED WILDTRACKS - LOCATED IN NORTHERN BELIZE - HAS BEEN ABLE TO TAKE IN ALL MONKEYS THAT ARE SURRENDERED OR CONFISCATED BY THE BELIZE FORESTRY DEPARTMENT, OR THAT ARE INJURED IN THE WILD. THE PRIMARY GOAL OF WILDTRACKS IS TO DRASTICALLY REDUCE THE ILLEGAL PET TRADE IN MONKEYS IN BELIZE, AND TO GIVE ALL RESCUED, SURRENDERED AND CONFISCATED MONKEYS THE BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE TO BE RETURNED TO THE WILD. DURING THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS I HAVE DOCUMENTED THE WORK DONE BY THESE DEDICATED WILDLIFE CONSERVATIONIST. HERE IS THEIR STORY. Northern Belize is a starkly beautiful land; dry most of the year, hot, rugged and unforgiving. Dotted by brackish lagoons, ringed by mangrove and blanketed by lowland forests, the ancient Maya Civilization somehow densely populated this region which today is mostly uninhabited. THE MANATEE REHABILITATION CENTRE Belize is a stronghold of the endangered Antillean Manatee, with an estimated population of between 800-1000. The Manatee Rehabilitation Centre was established to care for orphaned or injured manatees; to prepare them for their reintroduction into the wild; track their well-being for a short time after release; and to raise awareness of manatees in Belize.


Belize People's Front speaks on violence against women and children
The Belize People's Front, and it's Leader (The first Female Party Leader of Belize) Nefretery Nancy Marin are flabergasted by the tolerance for the abuse and violence against women by our elected officials. We refer to the recent report given by a young lady stating that she was physically abused at the hands of no less than the Minister of Education. The fact that he has not yet been arrested , he has not been reprimanded by the Prime Minister; that this young lady does not have a male figure in her life to give this "man" a dose of his own Medicine, speaks volumes regarding the amount of excesses we tolerate, and what is becoming "NORMAL" in our societies. We need to hold and place our women in a higher regard as we need to be cognizant of the fact that our actions influences the younger generations.

Field simulation exercise on Foot and Mouth Disease in the Cayo District
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) will be conducting a field simulation exercise on Foot and Mouth Disease in the Cayo District from 15 to 17 September, 2014. This exercise code-named "Baymen's Clan" is supported by the IDB and with technical assistance from the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), the Pan American Centre for Foot and Mouth Disease (PANAFTOSA) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). BAHA officers along with other key stakeholders including Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and the Belize Livestock Producers Association will review a draft Foot and Mouth Disease Emergency Manual to finalise it as the Belize Emergency Manual for Foot and Mouth Disease. Exercise "Baymen's Clan" will then have officers visiting 4 selected cattle farms in the Cayo District to investigate and control a hypothetical outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease. The experts from PAHO, PANAFTOSA and FAO will be evaluating Belize's field response capability and make recommendations to strengthen deficiencies identified.

PACT Challenge Chiquibul Expedition
his is a blast from the past. This great video from Daniel Velazquez was recently uploaded for everyone to enjoy. "2005 expedition into the Chiquibul, to create awareness on the wildlife poaching and looting issue by Guatemalans from Peten, funded by Pact, coordinated by FCD, documented by The Fosters wildlife films produced by Carol Foster shot by Richard Foster and Daniel Velazquez, expedition leader Lenny Gentle."

Channel 7

US Says Bz Offshore Companies Scammed 1 Billion!
Tonight, Belize's Offshore Banking sector is under extreme scrutiny from US authorities, and they have local police doing their work. The US Department of Justice says they are cracking the key play players in a billion dollar scheme to defraud US tax authorities. It's playing out right now at the fourth floor of the Matalon Building on Coney Drive at the office of Titan Securities. At 1:00 pm, three police pickups and the Financial Intelligence Unit swept in, reportedly to confiscate all documents and they may also arrest at least three persons who have been named in a US indictment. They are 51 year old Belizean ANDREW GODFREY, 34 year old Bahamian KELVIN LEACH and 29 year old Bahamian Rohn Knowles. Leach and Knowles are principals in Titan, while Godfrey also has an office on the fourth floor.

CWU Meets Regional Boss From FCIB To Talk Garifuna Ethics
For the past 2 weeks, we've been telling you about the controversy brewing at the Dangriga Branch of the First Caribbean International Bank about the use of the Garifuna language by two employees. The Garifuna Community has been quick to condemn the bank, declaring it a violation of their constitutional right and an affront to their indigenous rights. Bank Employee Uwahnie Martinez, who had been working at the Dangriga branch for 14 years, resigned last week, and took a complaint to her union, the Christian Workers Union, to challenge the management's complete refusal and denial that any restriction on the Garifuna language had been issued. With all the negative attention that the bank had been receiving, corporate managers in Barbados started taking notice.

PUP Says Faber's Private Issue Very Public
By now, you've surely heard all about Education Minister Patrick Faber. He was named in a criminal complaint by a 25 year old Ministry of Education staffer who appears to be his girlfriend. She says that she was having her 25th birthday party at his house on Saturday morning when he assaulted her. She made a police report saying he choked her, puled her by the hair and hit her twice. As often happens in such domestic cases, she didn't proceed with charges - so Faber was not charged. But, the court of public opinion is something else completely - and that's where he's come under major attack. Remarkably though, the PUP which you might think, would instantly seize upon such an opportunity to take down a ranking minister was slow to react. The party held a press conference on another matter yesterday, and the party leader didn't even want to talk about Faber when he was asked:.. Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Oposition "I have not heard anything. This is the first time I am hearing about any incident involving Patrick Faber and I have no desire to comment on that issue."

Police Stumped On Paulino Case
Last night, when we reported on the murder of 38 year-old Jason Paul Paulino, the outcome was that police hadn't made any arrests. Well tonight, that position hasn't changed, but police are working on trying to solve this crime. As we reported last night, Paulino was sitting with 2 other companions on an old refrigerator at around 10 on Sunday morning. He was socializing with 2 other companions at his house on Neal Penn Road when 2 men on a motorcycle drove up to his house. There were two men on the bike, and the passenger then pulled out a weapon and fired several shots in Paulino's direction. Police say that he tried to run, but he had already been hit by one of the bullets. When he fell to the ground, the assailant stood over him and fired several more times, jumped back on the bike, and both men made their escape. Paulino was injured in the head, right side of his abdomen, and his left shoulder, and though he was rushed to the hospital in time, doctors couldn't save his life. He died about an hour later while undergoing treatment.

JP Says Police Did A Third World Waterboarding On Nephew
Tonight there is one more story added to the list of police abuses coming out of last weekend. Justice of the Peace Grace Flowers told us that on Saturday afternoon a truck full of police officers picked up her nephew 19 year old Armani Bailey from in front of her home on West Canal. Instead of taking the young man to a police station, the officers allegedly drove him to Belizean Beach - at mile 4 on the Western Highway and did a sort of third world waterboarding! They allegedly put him a garbage container and attempted to drown him! We'll let her explain the whole thing:.. JP Grace Flowers, Aunt of victim "I was up at my house, but a mind tell me to peep out and when I peep out I see the black 4Runner stop down the street, so I shouted and told my mom and my aunt to go and see who the police is harassing out there. When they went out there they said that it was my nephew Armani. So I ran downstairs went down the street and when I got there they had already search him.

House Burnt Down, And Sonya Harris Can't Get Back To "Sam"
Last month we told you about Sonya Harris, a Gungulung area homeowner, whose house burnt down. It was dramatic because she accused her own nephew who was living there at the time. Harris claims that her nephew burnt down the house because she didn't allow him to sell weed there. He was charged for arson, but now, she is trying to rebuild her home and return to the US with her husband but, like the old song says, "after the fire, the fire still burns." Thing is, she and her husband, both live in the states; he lost all his documents in the blaze, and while she still has hers; she won't travel without him. And apart from that, she is having difficulties rebuilding her house due to a property dispute. She told us about these troubles today:.. Sonya Harris, Gungulung Resident "I went to do the papers in my name and it's in there. They took it at Belmopan, that's why they said we got to wait, now as I explain if the government or the president would get in touch with me, I mean I am homeless.

PUP Leader Says Saldivar Viral Video A Factor In Investigation
Last week Friday we showed you attorney and politician Arthur Saldivar's latest fiasco - it's a video posted on Youtube by one of his opponents - where Saldivar uses some off color language and gestures while he is being baited, allegedly by Boris Mansfled at Robert's Grove resort in Placencia. The video went viral on YouTube and it comes at a most inopportune time for Saldivar as he is under investigation by his own party for conduct unbecoming a standard bearer. Yesterday, his party leader said the video does factor into the investigation:.. Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "I have seen the video. As you know there is a process underway to deal with this issue. The report from the committee that was establish by the national executive to look into this matter should be forthcoming on Friday of this week and the national executive will discuss the matter next week. That's where it stands, we will deal with it at that time."

PUP Defends Mayor, Says PM Took Cheap Shot
But the real business of yesterday's press conference was to respond to an allegation made at Friday's House Sitting by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. He alleged that the mayor of Punta Gorda Town Anthony Fuentes had given the Toledo Teachers Credit Union to take money from the Town's subvention to pay a loan that Fuentes had. So, the allegation that he was using public funds to pay his private loan. Well, it's kind of true, but only insofar as those same public funds pay Fuentes's salary. You, the Toledo Teachers Credit Union gets the twenty two thousand dollar government subvention every month, and Fuentes gets paid out of that. Now, he has a personal loan with the credit union, and they take five hundred a month from his salary - which comes right out of the subvention. It could be seen as a "you say potato, I say potato situation" - but yesterday PUP leader Francis Fonseca says that it was a cheap shot by the PM- and an attempt to imply that there was impropriety when there is none:.. Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "A personal loan obtained by Mr. Fuentes even before he became the mayor of Punta Gorda. A salary deduction arrangement with the Toledo Teachers Credit Union. Every single cent of the monies which go to service the mayor of PG personal loan to service Mr. Fuentes' loan come from his personal salary as the mayor of Punta Gorda."

Rhys Back Behind Bars
23 year-old Nicholi Rhys, the man who was acquitted of probably the most brazen killing in recent memory, is back behind bars tonight after he was taken to court for allegedly snatching a man's gold chain. The complainant, Delon Lockwood, reported to police that on Tuesday, August 26, he was walking on King Street, when he was attacked by a man who struck him over the head, ripped his two thousand dollar gold chain from around his neck, and ran off. Police investigated the report for 2 weeks, and they charged Rhys with robbery. He was arraigned yesterday before the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, and though the offence was not committed with a firearm, Rhys was denied bail. He was remanded to prison until October 22.

Man Charged For Carnal Knowledge of Minor
Dyron Taibo, a chef from Bullet Tree Road in Cayo District, is in jail tonight after he was accused of sexual relations with a 15 year-old. The report picked up quite a bit of attention from both the police and the press. The girl reported that on last week Thursday, at around 1 in the morning, she was picked up in a taxi by one of her female friends who was with her boyfriend, and another man at the time. She says that the friend took her in the taxi to a hotel along the Northern Highway. The female said that her friend then dropped her off with the other man, told her that she would return, and she then left with her boyfriend. That's when the man allegedly invited her into one of the rooms where he had intercourse with her against her will. Police investigated the report, and it seems that they didn't accept her story that the sex was not consensual. That's because they charged Taibo with unlawful carnal knowledge instead of rape. He was arraigned before the Chief Magistrate late yesterday evening.

Sugar Roads Sweetening
The sugar roads, in December of last year, they were in major disrepair after the heavy rains, and they proved to be a major problem for farmers looking to move their cane from remote areas. The 2013-2014 crop season had to start with the roads in very bad conditions, since then, repair works have been ongoing. The companies Teichroeb & Sons and Constructora Mool S.A. de C.V. are reporting tonight that they are almost finished with the two contracts they were awarded. The company reports that their contracts were funded by the European Union under a program called, "Accompanying Measures for Sugar". They say that Lot "A" which runs from San Lazaro to August Pine Ridge, Orange Walk District is 85% completed. Also, Lot "C", which runs from San Narciso to San Victor, and Palmar to Guinea Grass in the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts is reportedly 75% completed.

The Tenth Is World Suicide Prevention Day
While you may be celebrating the Tenth tomorrow, you may also want to take some time for reflection because it's also World Suicide Prevention Day. Today Courtney Weatherburne spoke to Eleanor Bennett?from the Mental Health Program about how suicides can be prevented:.. Courtney Weatherburne "800,000 people from around the world die from suicide every year and it's the second leading cause of death among people between the ages of 15 and 29, so talk to us more about Belize's case." Eleanor Bennett, Coordinator, Mental Health Program in MOH "In Belize we have a suicide rate of about 5 per 100,000. So if I can track from 2011 - 2012 and 2013 - in 2011 our suicide rate was 10.6. In 2012 was 6.2 and in 2013 it was 6.5. When you disaggregate that by male and female we have a suicide rate of about 10 to 1, for every 10 male per 100,000 that commits suicide, 1 female per 100,000 commits suicide." Courtney Weatherburne "In the release it also outlines some of the preventative measures, but what are some of the signs and also are we knowledgeable enough and have enough awareness in Belize to recognize those signs?"

Spain Minister in Belize To Give and Ask Support
Spain's Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Latin America, Jes�s Gracia, is on an official trip to Belize and Nicaragua. He's visited the Prime Minister asking for support for of Spain's Candidate for the Security Council in the United Nations. And, today an MOU was signed between Spain and Belize in an effort to strengthen and boost the efficiency of one of SICA's commission OSPESCA which is responsible for fisheries and aquaculture. Minister of Forestry, Fisheries, Sus. Dev. Hon Lisel Alamilla commented on the importance for the MOU to the development of this sector. A representative from New Zealand was also in Belize last week asking for Belize's support for the same initiative.

Guatemala Has A New Foreign Minister
We have all gotten to know Fernando Carrera as The Guatemalan Foreign Affairs Minister who has been working closely with Belizean Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington on improving relations between both countries, but now, he's being replaced. Reports out of Guatemala say that President Otto Perez Molina announced yesterday that Carrera has been appointed as the new ambassador to the United Nations, replacing Gert Rosenthal. His replacement as Guatemalan Foreign Minister is Carlos Raul Morales. No telling yet how this wrinkle will affect Belize Guatemala relations.

Ministry Says Progresso Students Picking Beans
Yesterday at his meeting with the media - Education Minister Patrick Faber discussed all kinds of issues which are timely as the new school year begins. But at the Adventist School in Progresso Village - all that is by the way. Some parents at that school are fed up with the principal and refused to send their children to classes when the new school year started. Carla Alvarez the district Education Manager yesterday told the media that there are issues on both sides of this dispute:... Carla Alvarez, District Education Manager - OW "Yes we do recognize that there are some discrepancy there and yes there is mismanagement to a certain extent and the Adventist Mission has made the commitment to do certain kinds of intervention. For example they will have the local manager there every two weeks. The general manager has promised to be there every month and working along with the Ministry of Education I am sure that we can make drastic improvement."

Another Teenager For Western Diaries
Last week, we told you about how 2 minors were charged for a robbery which happened at the Western Dairy Ice Cream Parlor on Freetown on Friday, August 29. Well, tonight there is another young man who is in police custody who has been charged for that crime. The problem is that the police are unsure if he is 17 year-old, which would make him a minor, or 18, which makes him an adult. He was taken to court today to be arraigned, but because of the age discrepancy, it was postponed until Thursday. He will be taken back before court on that date, and we'll tell you in our next newscast if we can release his name and photograph. AS we told you, the robbery happened at around 4:30 that Friday evening. Four men were riding on bicycles when they pulled up behind Western Dairies on Heusner Street. That's where four men were loading up a cargo truck. Two of them pulled out pistols and ordered the men to lie on the floor. But, very suddenly, someone inside the store opened fire shooting the two teenaged robbers, while their partners in crime dashed off. In the course of their escape, a small .25 pistol was dropped in the process. The robbers also left bicycles behind.

Channel 5

6 firms and executives in Belize accused of a US $500 million tax fraud
Belize has been named in a five hundred million US dollar tax fraud scheme. For months, there have been investigations that various companies, including Titan International Securities were using Belize [...]

P.U.P. Says Faber Must Explain Assault on MoE Employee
Minister of Education Patrick Faber is taking significant heat at the moment. The senior U.D.P. Member of Parliament has been accused of assaulting two women during a party at his [...]

P.U.P. Call on Police to Investigate the Incident
The People's United Party has called on the police to carry out and complete an investigation into the matter. That seems distinctly unlikely, based on the response by the police [...]

Uwahnie Martinez Speaks Out
The plight of Uwahnie Martinez, a former employee of CIBC FirstCaribbean's Dangriga Branch, concluded this morning with the bank formally accepting her resignation.� This succeeds a meeting with firstCaribbean's regional [...]

CWU President Discusses Meeting with FCIB
CWU President Audrey Matura says the meeting was held to address three pertinent issues relating to Uwahnie Martinez's employment situation.� That discussion, she said, was chaired by Ella Hoyos, who [...]

FCIB Senior Executive Flies in for Meeting
According to Ella Hoyos, Managing Director for CIBC FirstCaribbean, the bank has a no discrimination policy where it concerns race and language; however, certain aspects of the policy will be [...]

Nasley Sommerville Hearing Postponed
On August fourteenth, after almost a year of so-called intense investigations, former Southern Regional Hospital Administrator Nasley Sommerville finally appeared before the Services Commission to determine her fate in the [...]

Shooting Victim Speaks Out Against Police
On Monday, we reported that both a criminal and an internal investigation have been launched by the Police Department into the shooting of a Baghdad Street resident over the weekend. [...]

Second Man Arraigned in A&R Robbery
A and R was robbed on August twentieth, just before the close of business at around six o'clock. Five days after the robbery, security officer Leroy Ciego was charged with [...]

Nicholi Rhys on Remand for Robbery
Twenty-three-year-old Nicholi Rhys, the son of a female police sergeant, is tonight on remand at the Belize Central Prison after being accused of robbing a man back in August of [...]

Belize Celebrates International Literacy Day
Monday was International Literacy Day, celebrated in schools throughout Belize. The focus is on reading, comprehension and writing, and to that end the Ministry of Education collaborated with the media [...]

Progresso School Issues Nearing Resolution
The 2014 school year opened a week ago, with students returning to classrooms across the country. Well, not all students. The classrooms at the Seventh Day Adventist School in Progresso [...]

Patrick Faber Speaks Out on Proposed Firearms Act Amendment
At the sitting of the House of Representatives on Friday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke briefly on the introduction of a bill to amend the Firearms Act. According to the [...]

Banak Street Grenade Revisited
A British A-One grenade was retrieved from the streets of the Old Capital last Saturday. The grenade was located at an abandoned house on Banak Street. While that operation was [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Petrocaribe Infrastructure Loan Needs House Approval
Late last month, Prime Minister Dean Barrow was asked about a twenty million dollar loan from Venezuela through the Petrocaribe Initiative which is being used for infrastructural works ongoing nationwide. [...]

Highlights of Expo 2014
The annual expo Belize market place was held over the weekend at the ITVET compound in Belize City. It's always a big deal, always crowded, always full of deals and [...]


Prime Minister Says BSCFA Needs To Get Its Act Together
There have been a number of matters that the Belize Sugar Cane Farmer's Association has had to face in the sugar industry and which can spell calamity in the industry. There are currently at least three pressing matters that they need to tackle starting with reaching a resolution to the revenue sharing of bagasse with BSI. Then there are the issues surrounding Fairtrade. These were brought up in the sitting of the House of Representatives last Friday. Corozal South East Area Representative Florencio Marin Junior is of the opinion that all stakeholders should come together to resolve the issue to ensure the survival of the industry. Florencio Marin - Area Representative Corozal Southeast "We can begin to resolve some of these issues it is not going to be easy, it won't be resolve easily at all, it is a very serious issue but we can begin to start to resolve it if we revised the sugar act and especially begin to clearly revise the marketing of our sugar, right now we have one person marketing our sugar, we need to have some adjustments into that, the farmers at the very least have to see where we are selling our sugar, we have a lot of information when you speak with the farmers they have a lot of information how the relationship with cane farmers and the cane millers in the Central American countries operate, how they market their sugar there are many different solutions you just have to listen to everybody in the table to resolve it and everybody have to come to the table for this."

Cattle Producers Able To Export Livestock To Guatemala
Last Friday in the sitting of the House of Representatives, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources, Gaspar Vega announced that there have been some good progress as it relates to livestock in Belize. Vega said that livestock producers are now able to export live cattle to neighboring Guatemala. Here is what he announced at the House sitting on Friday. Screen_Shot_2014-09-08_at_7.45.59_PMGaspar Vega - Deputy Prime Minister of Belize "Last week the Belize Agriculture health Authority, also known as BAHA and the directorate for animal health of the Guatemalan Ministry of agriculture signed an agreement governing the export of cattle to Guatemala and we are now working with the cattle producers to begin formal exports of lives animals into Guatemala. We expect that this new entry into Guatemala will hold a demand for Belizean beef and will certainly benefit our farmers and in extension the economy of our entire country."

Tour guides Undergo Training Under LICU Program
The La Inmaculada Credit Union has been implementing the Small Scale Enterprise Development in Agriculture and Tourism project since 2008 in the Orange Walk and Corozal communities. The project has various components including medium and small enterprise development, micro grants, and institutional strengthening among others. Under these are the trainings provided to many participants under the project. A part of that group is tour guides who have been undergoing training. Twenty-eight members of the Northern Tour Guide Association have been part of the latest training and over the weekend they went on a trip for the practical part of this capacity building. Service Provider for LICU under SSEDAT, Raul Cocom spoke more on the work.

New Scout Recruits Installed In Corozal
During a special ceremony this morning at the Mary Hill RC School compound in Corozal, the 11th Corozal Mary Hill Scout Group was officially sworn-in. Witnessing the installation were parents, executive members of the Scout Group, Mayor Hilberto Campos, students and other guest including our reporter Victor Castillo who filed the following report. Victor Castillo - Reporting From Beaver to Ventures, 20 children were officially sworn in as the 11th Corozal Mary Hill Scout Group in the Corozal District this morning. It was a proud moment for the new recruits who will soon learn that being in the group is not only about wearing a prestigious uniform, its also about learning basic skills that will transform them into good men and women of society.

Bag Drive Spreads To Solomon s School
Last Friday we told you about the Give a dollar back to school drive in which thirty school bags were handed to students from Saint Peter's Anglican School. This morning coordinators of this initiative were at Solomon's SDA Primary where they issued out an additional twenty-five school bags. Teodoro Chan is one of the organizers and told us about their project. Teodoro Chan "The initiative is just giving something back to the community so we don't really expect nothing in return just blessing right and just basically we just see it for the need of education for kids who really need it. We've been increasing with the help of the community and the people who donates whatever they feel in the can. Once God spear life we are going to continue doing it and take it as much as big as we can. We're planning to see if we can turn it into a charity fund organization."

Faber Says Someone Is Out To Get Him
But while the report is stating that Polanco has denied the incident, Faber says the incident did occur but not the way it was reported hence the reason why the report was withdraw. Patrick Faber- Minister of Education "A report was made and in fact I believe subsequent to that, that report has been withdrawn for the mere reason that the situation did not occur as it was reported. So it was withdrawn and so there is no issue there any longer. The reason why it was withdrawn is because in the first place it did not happen in the manner in which it was reported. "The young lady is my friend. All of you know that if fact my wife and I have undergone a separation - that is going in to almost a year now and we had an unfortunate squabble if you will, but nothing like what has been reporter.

Minister Of Education Accused Of Assault
On Friday it was Arthur Saldivar who made headlines with a video that went viral showing him using obscene language and gestures, tonight it is the Minister of Education Honorable Patrick Faber that is in the center of public scandal. According to an article released on the Social Media, a birthday party that took place allegedly at Faber's house in Lord's Bank Village over the weekend, turned ugly after he assaulted the birthday girl with whom he shares a relationship with.

Measures To Be Set At Progresso SDA School
Last week we reported on the ongoing turbulence at the Progress Seventh Day Adventist School among parents and the SDA administration for the removal and replacement of one teacher and the principal of the school, following serious allegations against them. On Tuesday of last week, some parents took the matter to the District Education Officer in the hope that the Ministry of Education would intervene. At that point, the Ministry was waiting in writing the decision from the SDA Management on the situation. We contacted District Education Manager, Carla Alvarez today who said that the management has outlined measures that will put in place. Carla Alvarez - District Education Officer, OW "He mentioned that the local manager will be visiting the school every two weeks to ensure that, especially that records are in place and that the administration is doing what it should be doing and the General Manager, Pastor Gillett has already committed to continue visiting the school at least ones per month so I think that in line with the fact that it is a denominational school, we need to see if indeed that will take place."

7 Year Old Accused 13 Year Who Tried To Sodomize Him
Tonight there is an extremely disturbing coming out from the Village of San Narciso in the Corozal District that has authorities working overtime in order to get the alleged perpetrator behind bars. A seven year old male child in the company of his father visited the Corozal Police Station, where the minor reported to police that on Thursday September 4th around 6:00pm he was at home watching television when a male individual walked into the house took off his pants and attempted to sodomize him. Today when we spoke with Andrew Ramirez, Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Formation, we were informed that culprit is another minor.

BSI And BSCFA Resume Discussion On Commercial Agreement
Today at the halls of the BSI Staff club, representatives from the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and the Belize Sugar Industry Limited's negotiating team met to renew engagements to conclude a new commercial agreement that will define a commercial relationship between both miller and producer. BSI/ASR's Financial Director Belizario Carballo says that the new agreement seeks to set clear terms and conditions in which to operate. Belizario Carballo - Financial Director, BSI/ASR "We are hopeful that at the start of the crop we will have in place a new agreement that will set clearly the terms and conditions on which we operate and that is what we all did today as you all now we had started this process quite some time ago but we got sort of bugged down on the matter of the bagasse payment and so we have now reengage with the purpose of concluding a completely new agreement that would include the matter of the payment for bagasse but that is just one component of this overall ne agreement...


The Significance of the 10th of September
Tomorrow marks the 216th Anniversary of the Battle of St. George's Caye. The day has been a bone of contention as some believe the battle never happened. Historian, Fred Hunter Sr spoke to us about the significance of the day and some of the controversy surrounding the day. Historian Fred Hunter "The whole country celebrated the 10th. 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, it was between the 50's and the 60's because when the movement of independence started every 10th the PUP's would take a wreath and lay it on Simon Lamb's grave because he was the man who started the centenary of the 10th. Because when the people now say there was no celebration of the 10th until the 100 celebration. No. Thirty years after the 10th there was also a celebration. 1798 to 1818, 1828 that was the first celebration of the 10th. Those who lived it experienced it. When the 100th anniversary came Simon Lamb being a patriot or what you want to call it, realized the importance of the tenth. If it wasn't for the tenth, if the tenth wasn't fought and wasn't successful we would be a part of Quintana Roo today.

Vehicles Donation to Southern Regional Hospital
The Punta Gorda Hospital is the recipient of a number of health support vehicles. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. Pau lMahung "Southern Regional Deputy Health manager Ruth McDonald was happy of the availability of vehicles on behalf of the Ministry of health. Toledo staff was pleased to comment on plans for the appropriate use of the vehicles." Ruth McDonald "I am happy to say that we have recently received three small health support vehicles, one of which will be assigned to Punta Gorda hospital, one to the San Antonio poly clinic and one of them is actually due to be reassigned to the Independence polyclinic. These three health support vehicles they were part of a donation from the Government of Dubai to the Ministry of Health in Belize and we are happy that we now have ours in Toledo. These vehicles will mostly be used for in town for things like Parades or for any patients that are within town and need to be brought to the hospital. We are also very happy to say that we received approval to purchase a van which we have now converted into an ambulance for the districts. This will improve the reliability of our ambulance service and assist with transportation of patients to the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga."

Renovation causing Problems to Market Vendors
Market vendors in Belmopan have been complaining about the pace of work being done at the Market Rehabilitation Project. While the project is ongoing, vendors have been relocated however according to them the site has a number of challenges especially when it rains. Love News spoke with Mayor Simeon Lopez who said while he understands the vendors' frustrations; the Belmopan City Council has nothing to do with the ongoing project. Mayor Simeon Lopez "The Belmopan City council is in no way in control of the project to renovate the civic center parking lot. We are trying our best to get our vendors out of that situation but every time we seem to get a little closer the timeline moves a little further backwards. Just yesterday there was a walkthrough of the area yesterday evening and I was advised that maybe the move would not happen until around the 26th of September.

Attorney Lisa Shoman says Minister of Education Patrick Faber should get some help
Yesterday, Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, responded to the allegations of him being involved in a physical altercation with a 25 year old female employee of the Ministry of Education. An initial report was filed at the Ladyville Police Station but was later withdrawn. Yesterday, Faber did not deny the allegations however he did say that it was withdrawn because the report was not accurate. It's a black eye for the ruling UDP Government as another of its ministers have been involved in another scandal. The People's United Party is now taking the opportunity to bring pressure on Faber and Prime Minister Dean Barrow. The PUP is calling on the Prime Minister to at the very least suspend Minister Faber from Cabinet pending the outcome of a full and proper investigation into this matter. The main opposition Senator for the PUP, Attorney Lisa Shoman, says Patrick Faber should get some help.

Christian Workers Union meet with CICB First Caribbean Bank
A meeting to discuss the ongoing controversy involving CIBC First Caribbean Bank took place this morning. As we have been reporting, now former employee of CIBC First Caribbean Bank, Uwahnie Martinez, alleged that the managers of the bank's Dangriga Branch where she worked here, instructed her not to speak her native language. Since the allegations first surfaced last month, several organizations have spoken out against the matter. Even the Prime Minister stated that if the allegations were true, it cannot be tolerated. The Christian Workers Union was demanding a meeting from the Bank's Head mangers and they got one today with the Managing Director for Human Resources, Ella Hoyos, out of the Bank's Barbados Headquarters who said her visit was three fold.

No contention with High Schools merged
A few months ago, it became public knowledge that the Ministry of Education would be amalgamating three Belize City schools namely Excelsior High School, Maud Williams High School and Sadie Vernon High School. According to officials of the Ministry of Education, the move to merge the schools' resources is proving to be beneficial. However, some parents had concerns that due to the location of the schools and the different city areas from which the different students would be coming from would pose a threat due to gang rivalry. According to Sister Caritas Lawrence of the Ministry of Education no contentions have been recorded in the schools so far.

Minister of Education Patrick Faber discusses School concers
The Minister of Education held a breakfast press conference this morning with the purpose to share the latest information on several important topics in relation to education in Belize. One of the topics discussed is Primary School Fees. Faber explained that the maximum amount of schools fees a school can collect is one hundred and fifty dollars and must be approved by the Ministry of Education. Minister of Education Patrick Faber "Primary school fees my friend are set by the school but are approved by the ministry of education via the Chief Education Officer. So there is no school that should be charging outrageous primary school fees or fees at any level that is receiving aid from the government or where it is a totally government or state-owned institution.

Problem being dealt with at the Progresso Seventh day Adventist School
Last week we told you that classes were back to normal at the Progresso Seventh Day Adventist School in Northern Belize after the parents and management were having issues. Today, during a media breakfast hosted by the Ministry of Education, District Education Manager for the Orange Walk District, Carla Alvarez, addressed the matter. District Education Manager O.W,Carla Alvarez "Indeed we received some complaints from the parents of Progresso and these complaints came to me in the month of July and we in fact conducted an investigation, I submitted a very lengthy report to the general manager of that particular school and I asked him because it is a denominational school and it is the management who is primarily responsible for it although it is a grant aided school and I asked the management to conduct an investigation.

Instructors at Toledo ITVET Unhappy with Manager’s practices
Instructors at the ITVET, Toledo, are expressing their unhappiness with Manager, Allen Genus. A press statement issued out by the instructors, state quote, "On May 28 in the middle of our investigation into questionable practices by the Manager, Allen Genus, the board was asked to question the Ministry of Education and determine who the manager works for and who he answers to before we proceed. We still have teachers who have received one evaluation in seven years and the manager has attempted to copy the one evaluation and submit it for seven times but was stopped by the instructors who wants a fair evaluation��. The manager is continuing to attempt to have employees teaching without a license, which is against the law! But the government seems to be turning a blind eye." Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, responded to the instructors' comments.

Stop order issued to Fire Victim Harris in the rebuilding process
About two weeks ago Sonia Harris lost her house in a fire incident. Her nephew has since been charged with arson in connection with the incident. Today Harris told Love News in the rebuilding process she is now facing challenges from officials. She said a stop order has been issued. Fire Victim Sonia Harris "Two or three days ago I got a call from a Mr. Williams and he said that he needs to find out what the situation is with my house. He said he was going to talk to Mr. King about the place. Well, I don't know if he got the chance to speak to Mr. King but he asked me if I applied for the land and I told him that I did. I went to Mr. King's office and I filled out a paper to get the land about over a month now. Now because I am trying to put back the place that was burnt down I had like four people that just came here. They said they were from lands and they told me that they want me to stop building my house." Harris says she has been on the land for 18 years without any problems. Harris said she has applied for her land papers and all procedures are in place.

Serious Allegations were made against MOE Patrick Faber
Serious allegations were made against Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, over the weekend. In fact, a complaint was made to the Ladyville Police Department, by a 25 year old woman, who alleged that Faber assaulted her during her birthday party which was held at his residence in Lord's Bank Village. Faber told the media this morning that the complaint has been retracted. Here is a bit of that exchange with the press. Minister Of Education Patrick Faber "A report was made indeed and was subsequently withdrawn." Reporter "Could you tell us the substance of that report?" Minister of Education Patrick Faber "A report was made and was withdrawn, hence meaning it does not exist."

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Police raid offices of Titan Securities
A police raid was effected this afternoon on the offices of Titan Securities on the fourth floor of the Matalon Building on Coney Drive. We understand police were out in numbers on the ground and inside the building, seeking the owners of the business who are allegedly wanted by U.S. authorities. Ti...

Uwahnie Martinez leaves First Caribbean Bank in Dangriga
Employee of CIBC First Caribbean International Bank Uwahnie Martinez of Dangriga Town was scheduled to leave her post by her own choice as of October. But her last day on the job, after 14 years, turned out to be today. She spent it meeting with superiors in Belize City, joined by representatives of...

PUP leader responds to allegations made against Punta Gorda Mayor
On Monday the People’s United Party (PUP) called a press conference to respond to allegations that Mayor of Punta Gorda Town, Anthony Fuentes, used Council funds to pay a personal loan at the Toledo Teachers’ Credit Union (TTCU)...

PUP leader says video of Arthur Saldivar is part of report
On Friday of this week, a report on the actions of suspended Belize Rural North standard bearer Arthur Saldivar will be submitted to the People’s United Party, whose National Executive will determine his fate at a meeting next week...

Raul Tush charged with Dangerous Harm following stabbing of Luis Tzib
Just an inch away from his wind pipe and Corozal Police would have reported its sixth murder for this year. On Friday September 5th�around 9:30 pm Corozal Police reported to a report in Patchakan Village in the Corozal district of a man suffering of stab wounds. Upon Police arrival they saw 45 year...

Belize City Mechanic shot and killed
A Belize City mechanic was murdered over the weekend. 38 year old Jason Paulino was sitting in a yard on Neal Pen Road around 9:55 a.m. Sunday with two other persons when two dark-skinned men on a motorcycle and the passenger fired several shots toward Mr Paulino...

Ministry of Education's staffer withdraws police report against Minister
A very serious allegation of assault has exploded in the face of Minister of Education Hon. Patrick Faber. According to a leaked police report published online and obtained by�PLUS News, a Ministry of Education staff member, 25 year old Nickesha Polanco, told Police in Ladyville that she was having...

San Pedro Fisherman latest murder victim on the island
There was a murder in San Pedro Town over the weekend, sandwiched between two in Belize City. We have already told you of the death of Jason Paulino, but police have made an arrest in the death of Rolando Espat. Gabriel Salazar, a name familiar to viewers, was charged with the murder. Superintendent...

Police find grenade on Banak Street
It has been a while since police have recovered hand grenades from the streets of Belize City...

Seven persons arrested in attempted robbery
Police have arrested and charged seven persons in connection with a�Friday�afternoon attempted robbery at the Fabers Road Snack Shop in Belize City. The Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), acting on a tip received earlier in the day, got a man to the scene on time to engage the would-be robbers and captu...

Police investigating police shooting of suspect in leg
This past weekend in the West and Orange Street area near Taylors’ Alley, police say they had to use justifiable force to subdue 50 year old Kent Skeet of Baghdad Street, shooting him in the left leg after he allegedly attacked a police officer while being searched...

7 year old boy almost sodomized
A 7 year old male child of San Narciso Village, Corozal District,� accompanied by his father, reported that on Thursday September 4, at� about 6:00pm,� he was at a house in the village� watching television when a male person took off his pants and attemped to sodomize. A medical examination was ...

Fatal traffic accident claims life of 88 year old man
There was a fatal traffic accident on Friday 5th September, between miles 83 and 84 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. A red Honda Motor Cycle with no license plates was travelling from Corozal Town to Orange Walk Town when Eluterio Chan, an 88 year old Belizean of Ranchito Village, was walking across ...

Minister of Education addresses education issues
Shaking off a personal near-tragedy over the weekend, Minister of Education Patrick Faber sat down with the press at the Belize Institute of Management (BIM) for nearly two hours, addressing several key issues in education. Topics ranged far and wide but the Minister kept coming back to the importan...

Belize loses both games to Honduras and Guatemala
Belize played two valiant games against power houses Honduras and Guatemala. In the first game against Honduras, Belize lost two to nothing, due to two auto goals, scored on Belize's goalkeeper Woodrow West. The second game was played in Dallas Texas on Sunday evening, where they lost two to one...


First GSU, now police "craziness!"
Police have confirmed that they have launched an investigation through their Professional Standards Branch into the shooting of Belize City resident Kent "Gigante" Skeet, 50, former football player and a resident of 33 Bagdad Street. Skeet was shot once in the left leg on Saturday, September 6, on Orange Street near its junction with West Street, as he was making his way home. The police report of Saturday, September 6, 2014, said that "while conducting operations in Taylor's Alley, police had to use justifiable force to subdue 50-year-old Kent Skeet of a Bagdad Street address by shooting him in the left leg after he allegedly attacked a police officer while being searched."

Jason Paulino, 38, executed
A mechanic who resided in Southside Belize City was cut down in a hail of bullets yesterday morning while reportedly sitting with a few of his colleagues on an old refrigerator on the street side in front of his home at #9 Neal Pen Road. At approximately 9:55 a.m., two dark-complexioned men on a motorcycle who were both wearing helmets, drove up and stopped in front of Jason Paul Paulino, 38, after which the passenger on the bike allegedly took out a pistol and unleashed a barrage of gunshots in Paulino's direction. According to police, Paulino attempted to flee, but fell in the process, and that was when the gunman got off the motorcycle, approached a wounded Paulino, stood over him, and callously shot him several more times.A mechanic who resided in Southside Belize City was cut down in a hail of bullets yesterday morning while reportedly sitting with a few of his colleagues on an old refrigerator on the street side in front of his home at #9 Neal Pen Road. At approximately 9:55 a.m., two dark-complexioned men on a motorcycle who were both wearing helmets, drove up and stopped in front of Jason Paul Paulino, 38, after which the passenger on the bike allegedly took out a pistol and unleashed a barrage of gunshots in Paulino's direction. According to police, Paulino attempted to flee, but fell in the process, and that was when the gunman got off the motorcycle, approached a wounded Paulino, stood over him, and callously shot him several more times.

Patrick Faber "escapes," with police help
A report made by a young woman who was throwing a party at the home of Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber, against the Minister, has been withdrawn, according to police, who have now said that they have "no comment" about the matter at a press conference this afternoon at the Racoon Street Police Station. The cordon of protection around the Minister was so tight that even Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez, refused to offer any information to the media. He even refused to provide a timeline between the time that the report was made to the Ladyville Police Station, and the time at which the complaint was actually withdrawn, which is standard information in a case of this kind. Martinez would only say that "A report was made indeed, and it was subsequently withdrawn."

Security officer fatally shot on Sibun Street
Today saw another slaying in the pitiless streets of Belize City, and the circumstances continue to puzzle the victim's family, since the young security guard, who was on the way to his workplace, was not known to have any ties to the streets or any of the notorious gangs that operate therein. After a slight lull in unremitting gun violence over the past few days, gunfire ruptured the morning's serenity on Sibun Street in the "Back-a-Town" area of the Old Capital, claiming the life of Corey Douglas Howard, 21, a resident of St. Martin De Porres. Howard, a security officer who had recently been employed at KBH Security, was reportedly ambushed and shot multiple times within sight of his workplace, where he had been heading to pick up equipment to go on the job.

CWU and CIBC meet Tuesday over issues at Dangriga branch
-A team of representatives from the Christian Workers Union (CWU) is scheduled to meet tomorrow, Tuesday, with management of CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, including Ella Hoyos, CIBC Managing Director for Human Resources out of its Barbados headquarters, to discuss the case of Uwahnie Martinez, a loans officer who has resigned amid controversy over directives allegedly handed down from persons within the bank restricting the use of her native language, Garifuna, on the job. The CWU had said at a press conference last Wednesday that it was giving the bank until 1:00 p.m. Thursday to respond to their demand for a meeting which would include Martinez and CWU reps, and not two separate meetings as the bank had proposed.

Dangriga area rep calls on Parliament to denounce discrimination against Garinagu in banking
Ivan Ramos, Dangriga's area representative for the Opposition People's United Party, strongly denounced in Parliament today what he said was an act of discrimination against two banking employees, after allegations that CIBC First Caribbean has tried to "stifle" speech in their native tongue, a form of disrespect Ramos said he had not seen in a long time. Ramos, the grandson of Garifuna activist and hero Thomas Vincent Ramos, noted in his statement that on May 18, 2001, the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) issued a proclamation designating the Garifuna Language, Dance and Music to be A Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It was the first such proclamation issued by the UN organization.

Penner and Castro removed by Committee of Selection
On the occasion of Friday's House meeting, the Committee of Selection led by Mesopotamia area representative Michael Finnegan removed Cayo North East representative Elvin Penner as chair of the Public Utilities, Transport and Communications Committee and replaced him with the Lake I area representative Mark King. Meanwhile, Albert Division area rep Herman Longsworth was installed as chair of the Public Service, Labour, Industry and Trade Committee in place of Belize Rural North representative Edmund Castro. Both Penner and Castro, who have acted as ministers of state or junior ministers, were at the center of a hailstorm of controversy in late 2013 over allegations of impropriety in public office.

The Empire in Central America
At the opening of the second millennium, the British were mere barbarian tribes fighting each other on their island in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean, and by the end of that millennium they had lost absolute control of the international empire they had built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. But the British earned a reputation during the course of the second millennium of post-Christian history as arguably the greatest and most successful warriors on planet earth. There was a famous British Empire still in place in the first half of the twentieth century, British Honduras was one of that empire's colonies, and there were British Hondurans who swore by the British and their empire. The Caste War of the Yucat�n, which began in 1847, only 26 years after Mexico had become independent of Spain, had significant effects on the settlement of Belize. The Caste War, in which the Yucatec Maya rebelled violently against the ladino-dominated status quo, catapulted the Santa Cruz Maya and the Icaiche Maya to prominence and power to the north and northwest of Belize. The Santa Cruz and the Icaiche taxed the mahogany contractors of Belize mercilessly, frightened Belize's settler elite with their violence, and eventually caused that settler elite to seek colonial status in the British Empire in 1862.

From the Publisher
I don't know if you really understand what Tony Wright has been trying to do, and how his efforts contribute to the building of our national consciousness as Belizeans. Tony Wright is trying to protect the Belize market for Belizean musicians. This is something that should have been done by our elected leaders, but it seems they are always too busy trying to enrich themselves. So it is that, 33 years after our political independence, Belizean musicians are not treated with the respect they deserve, as authentic artists, in their home country. This is painful. And the man who feels the pain inside more than anyone else, and keeps on expressing it, is Tony Wright. In talking about Tony Wright, I have to do a little talking about myself in order to show you how different our backgrounds and personalities are. Some of the official disrespect which has been shown to Tony Wright over the years is derived from the fact that the power structure in Belize assumes, because he broadcasts on KREM Radio, that he is pushing an Evan X Hyde agenda. And, you must understand that there are powerful people in this country who have hated Evan X Hyde's guts from the time he first began speaking out loud in 1969.

Fragmentary grenade found in the City
BELIZE CITY–Precinct 2 police are carrying out an investigation to determine the source of a British-made fragmentary grenade that was found in an abandoned house on Banak Street in the south-side of Belize City. Police said [...]

Patrick Faber "escapes," with police help
BELIZE CITY–A report made by a young woman who was throwing a party at the home of Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber, against the Minister, has been withdrawn, according to police, who have now said [...]

Ranchito resident dies in motorcycle accident
BELIZE CITY–An elderly resident of Ranchito, Corozal District, has succumbed to injuries he suffered after being knocked down by a motorcyclist this morning on the Philip Goldson Highway. Amandala understands that Eluterio Chan, 88, was hit [...]

Murder in San Pedrito, San Pedro
SAN PEDRO–Rolando Espat, Jr., 22, a fisherman of San Pedrito, San Pedro, is dead after a gunman shot him several times in the head and chest at about 12:30 Saturday morning. Espat was found bleeding from [...]

Cayo man, 33, detained for raping Belize City girl, 17
BELIZE CITY–A 17-year-old female from Belize City has reported to police that she was raped by a man unknown to her inside a hotel on the Philip Goldson Highway early yesterday morning. The incident reportedly happened [...]

First GSU, now police "craziness!"
BELIZE CITY–Police have confirmed that they have launched an investigation through their Professional Standards Branch into the shooting of Belize City resident Kent "Gigante" Skeet, 50, former football player and a resident of 33 Bagdad Street. [...]

Infamous firearm laws to be amended
BELMOPAN–Citizen Security in Belize, an October 2013 report of the Inter-American Development Bank authored by Jennifer Peirce and Alexandre Veyrat, said, "Licit and illicit circulation of firearms is a growing concern for Belize, particularly because the [...]

Homeless fire victims having a hard time
BELIZE CITY–Less than three weeks after the house of Sonia Harris and her family in the Gungulung area, along with almost all their belongings, was burnt down, the family is facing many difficulties. Harris and her [...]

7 persons arraigned for Friday's brazen robbery
BELIZE CITY–This morning, seven persons lined up in the small courtroom of Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith as their names were called and they were placed according to their appearance on the court book, before they [...]

Father & daughter win "B" race at Weekend Warriors September Criterium
BELIZE CITY–Approximately 35 cyclists took the streets in 4 different categories: Class C, Class B, Class A and finally - the Devil Takes the Hindmost Race, in the 6th Annual Weekend Warrior September Criterium yesterday on [...]

Updated report on Belize at CODICADER Games; Shanicka wins GOLD
BELIZE CITY–The following report was submitted today by Belize delegation head, National Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) President, Deon Sutherland, in reference to events held on Thursday, September 4, at the CODICADER Games in Guatemala: "In [...]

Final results for Battle of St. George's Caye Regatta 2014
BELIZE CITY–The 5th Battle of St. George's Caye Regatta was staged over the weekend of August 30-31 on the historic waters off St. George's Caye. The event was hosted by Belize City Sailing Club (BzCSC). At [...]

Corozal Wildfire Club plays youth basketball games vs Mexican teams
COROZAL TOWN–On Friday, August 29, at Corozal Civic Center at 10:00 a.m., the Corozal Wildfire Basketball Club (CWBC) hosted Caribbeans Basketball Club from Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. In the first game, in the 8-10 age group, [...]

Wayanuhaba Garifuna ya
August 29, 2014 Dear Editor Amandala, The controversy around First Caribbean Bank in Dangriga in regards to the use of the Garifuna language by its employee(s) is bigger than just bank employees speaking in the indigenous [...]

Regarding Major Lloyd Jones
Dear Editor, Major Lloyd Jones and his supporters are asking the most for Belize of its second class citizens – the Diaspora! Major! Your advocating for less rights for the Belizean Diaspora means you are advocating [...]

Major Lloyd Jones still missing the basic point
Dear Editor, Could you please publish this letter to Major Lloyd Jones? Dear Major Jones, You are missing the point because the issue is still about "the fundamental rights of citizens". All the citizens of a [...]

Infamous firearm laws to be amended
BELMOPAN–Citizen Security in Belize, an October 2013 report of the Inter-American Development Bank authored by Jennifer Peirce and Alexandre Veyrat, said, "Licit and illicit circulation of firearms is a growing concern for Belize, particularly because the [...]

Edmund "Roach" Roches passes
BELIZE CITY–Amandala has been informed that Edmund "Roach" Roches, 54, a resident of Lake I, was found dead in his house at 8293 Miller Street off Administration Drive at about 5:30 this evening by his friend, [...]

Homeless fire victims having a hard time
BELIZE CITY–Less than three weeks after the house of Sonia Harris and her family in the Gungulung area, along with almost all their belongings, was burnt down, the family is facing many difficulties. Harris and her [...]

Penner and Castro removed by Committee of Selection
BELIZE CITY–On the occasion of Friday's House meeting, the Committee of Selection led by Mesopotamia area representative Michael Finnegan removed Cayo North East representative Elvin Penner as chair of the Public Utilities, Transport and Communications Committee [...]

Barrow will leave the Bar
BELMOPAN–Prime Minister Dean Barrow told journalists outside the National Assembly on Friday that he will leave the Bar after new laws to remove the requirement in the Legal Profession Act for practising attorneys to join the [...]

Good news for ca�eros - for now
ORANGE WALK–After receiving the disappointing news that sugar conglomerate Tate & Lyle Industries will probably only be buying a minimum of 10,000 tons of Fair-trade sugar from local cane farmers for the next sugar crop season, [...]

Chryslin Gladden's accused murderers return to court
BELIZE CITY–Clement Bol, 23, the man who is accused of the gruesome August 2 murder of Chryslin Gladden, 16, a recent graduate and honor student of Wesley College, returned to court today, along with a 17-year-old [...]

Brice�o decries "measly" $10,000 settlement for baby deaths at KHMH
BELIZE CITY–Wrongful death lawsuits could result in awards of millions of dollars, but earlier this week, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) reached an undisclosed settlement with five of thirteen mothers who had lost their babies [...]

Jason Paulino, 38, executed
BELIZE CITY–A mechanic who resided in Southside Belize City was cut down in a hail of bullets yesterday morning while reportedly sitting with a few of his colleagues on an old refrigerator on the street side [...]

Patrick JonesPJ

Fuel Pricing & Tomato Competitiveness in Belize
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimated that, in 2012, Belize produced 1.7 million pounds of tomato on 96 acres of land, with an average yield of about 18,000 pounds per acre. That year, Belize ranked #85 in the world in terms of yield per acre�.with Netherlands being #1, producing a yield [�]

Ministry of Education engages media on education issues
The Centers for Employment Training are making a comeback of sorts in at least four of six districts. According to Minister of Education Patrick Faber, the program is designed to run concurrently with the ITVET program, but address a specific need - early school leavers without high school equivalency [�]

PUP demands Patrick Faber "come clean" on assault
Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Patrick Faber was accused of assault based on a complaint made over the weekend by a 25-year-old staffer of the Ministry and later withdrawn by her. Faber was alleged to have hit and choked the woman during a birthday party at his [�]

Belizean named in securities fraud indictment in the United States
Belizean national, 51 year old Andrew Godfrey, is one of 6 individuals named in an indictment on securities fraud today in federal court in Brooklyn, New York. Six corporate defendants, including a Belize-registered offshore company, were also named in the indictment. According to a report on the [�]

First Caribbean Bank releases Uwahnie Martinez; to review policy on language
Employee of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, Uwahnie Martinez of Dangriga Town was scheduled to leave her post by her own choice as of October. But she agreed with her employers to leave today after 14 years' employment. She spent it meeting with superiors in Belize City, joined by [�]

Police lower charge against accused sex offender
Because they do not believe, allegedly, that a 15 year old Belize City girl did not consent to intercourse with an older man, police have elected to charge Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio Town resident Dyron Taibo with carnal knowledge. Taibo, a chef by profession, appeared on Monday [�]

Garifuna rallying against discrimination
The issue of discrimination against the Garifuna people recently exploded on center stage following allegations that a First Caribbean International Bank manager prohibited the use of the Garifuna language in the Dangriga branch of the bank. It is an issue that Mayor of Dangriga Town Gilbert Swazo says [�]

New scouts sworn in at Mary Hill School, Corozal
New members have been inducted to the 11th Corozal Mary Hill Scout Group. Brief ceremonies were held at the school compound on Monday morning where 20 boys and girls were officially sworn in as members of the group. Present to witness the swearing in were parents, members of [�]

Ladrones asaltan abarroter�a de Orange Walk
Ladrones en el municipio de Orange Walk han hecho de las suyas en la abarroter�a Taisan en la Carretera a Palmar. El robo a plena luz del d�a se informa rindi� a los ladrones una desconocida cantidad de dinero en efectivo. Reportes desde el municipio de Orange Walk [�]

PUP demand apology for P.G. Mayor
On Monday the People's United Party (PUP) called a press conference to respond to allegations that Mayor of Punta Gorda Town Anthony Fuentes used Council funds to pay a personal loan at the Toledo Teachers' Credit Union (TTCU). In fact, says party leader Francis Fonseca, there are two [�]

Robbers target Orange Walk grocery shop
Thieves in Orange Walk town have targeted the Taisan grocery shop on Palmar Road. The broad-daylight robbery reportedly netted the thieves an undetermined amount of cash. Reports from Orange Walk town say that the robbery happened just before one o'clock this afternoon. Initial police reports say that [�]

Unstable weather in the forecast
Relatively moist and unstable conditions are dominating our weather heading into the second half of the week. The general forecast for Belize and her coastal waters is for cloudy skies at times with a few showers and isolated thunderstorms, mainly inland this afternoon and then over the south [�]

Empleada del Ministerio de Educaci�n retira queja contra Ministro
Se alega que el pasado fin de semana, el Ministro de Educaci�n Patrick Faber estuvo involucrado en un muy serio incidente de asalto. Un reporte filtrado de la polic�a obtenido por los medios locales incluyendo el Belize Media Group indica de que un miembro del personal del [�]

Police charge elderly man with assault of officer
This past weekend in the West and Orange Street area near Taylors' Alley, police say they had to use justifiable force to subdue 50 year old Kent Skeet of Baghdad Street, shooting him in the left leg after he allegedly attacked a police officer while being searched. Skeet [�]

GSU foils robbery of Chinese store; seven young men charged
Police have arrested and charged seven persons in connection with a Friday afternoon attempted robbery at the Fabers Road Snack Shop in Belize City. The Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), acting on a tip received earlier in the day, got a man to the scene on time to engage [�]

Pescador asesinado en el municipio de San Pedro
La polic�a en el municipio de San Pedro, Cayo Ambergris, est� investigando un asesinato ocurrido a primeras horas del S�bado. La victima ha sido identificada como Rolando Espat, Jr. de 22 a�os un residente del �rea de San Pedrito. Seg�n reportes de la polic�a, a eso de [�]

Asesinato en la ciudad de Belice
Un hombre fue muerto a tiros el Domingo por la ma�ana en la Ciudad de Belice. La victima ha sido identificada como Jason Paul Paulino de 38 a�os. Seg�n la polic�a, Paulino se hallaba sentado en un patio en la calle Neal Penn a eso de las [�]

Los estudiantes en Belmopan celebran D�a de la Alfabetizaci�n
Estudiantes de todas las escuelas de Belmop�n se reunieron en el Parque Independence el Viernes, 5 de Septiembre para celebrar el D�a Internacional del Alfabetismo. Los estudiantes, llenos de entusiasmo, vinieron preparados con sus carteles, que conten�an informaci�n acerca de Alfabetismo, Salud y Paz. Aunque el lema [�]


Ashley's Story: The Inspiration Center - Helping Kids in Belize
In the past year, Ashley has moved to Belize City and taken on a huge and important job at Belize's new Inspiration Center. I love following her on Facebook and seeing all her pictures and observations about living in Belize's gritty capital. She has an amazing ability to see the positive through the negative and I keep telling her that she needs to start a blog. A quote from the other day "Today I met an 8 year old boy who likes to go tarantula hunting despite the fact he said "Ms. Ashley, I'm only afraid of 2 things, spiders and clowns". I'm pretty sure I have the best job in the world." She's a busy lady (working, training for the Placencia "End of the World" half-marathon and getting used to a new place) but I'm lucky that she wrote this post for SanPedroScoop. It's good stuff. Here's Ashley (who also gave me a rundown, recently, of her budget living in Belize City.)

Belize Weather: Tackling Climate Change
Just like Faberge Eggs, hand blown crystal glasses, Ming dynasty vases and Mona Lisa's smile, Belize's environmental treasures are stunningly beautiful, extremely valuable and yet very fragile. Sometimes we're frustrated that the same care and protection that those other priceless items receive isn't given to the environment, worldwide and in Belize. However, as more and more people wake up to the realities of manmade climate change, attitudes are changing as well, and all over the planet people are taking measures to turn climate change around and mitigate the effects this global phenomenon is having on the planet We've previously written about local efforts, and are glad to see that a national policy and action plan addressing climate change was presented at the National Climate Change Consultation held September 4, 2014 at the Radisson Hotel in Belize City. Dr John Charlery, a climate change modelling specialist said, "Belize as every other country in the world is going to be affected by the changes in climate. The issue of course is to what extent those changes will produce effects which can be negative or positive maybe in some cases. There are some of them that we can immediately see." He then went on to highlight the issue of rising sea levels in relation to Belize's low-lying coast, cayes and spectacular barrier reef.

Hawkesworth Bridge: Myths laid to rest
The reason I had decided to write about Hawkesworth bridge and E. G. Hawkesworth was because you can't speak of one and not the other, but mostly because there is nothing that is truly written about both, allowing certain myths to settle in. In fact, for many years I had heard that the bridge was in South Africa before coming to Belize and reassembled. I myself, and I'm sure many other tour guides, are guilty of delivering this wrong information that was then spon out of control. We know now that it was not the bridge itself that was in Africa, but rather it was Sir Gerald Hawkesworth who was in Nigeria for many years before giving service to British Honduras; so therein lies the confusion. With this research I have answered many questions. I keep thinking about how many phone calls I have to make and how many emails I have to write to my past guests to correct myself that I had delivered wrong information all these years.

Happy St. George's Caye Day!
Every year on September 10th Belize celebrates the anniversary of the Battle of St. George's Caye, the day when the Baymen defeated the Spaniards in a fight to ascertain claim for present day Belize. Belizeans from every corner of the country dress in patriotic colors of red, blue and white and sing the popular song "The Tenth Day of September":

International Sourcesizz

U.S. prosecutors charge 6 with running $500 million money laundering scheme
Federal prosecutors charged six men Tuesday with running a complicated offshore scheme that allegedly enabled clients to manipulate stocks, avoid U.S. taxes and launder hundreds of millions of dollars. An indictment unsealed in federal court in Brooklyn alleged the men laundered some $500 million in proceeds from fraudulent securities transactions for more than 100 U.S. citizens and helped commit tax fraud. The men-all of whom reside in Belize, according to the indictment-concealed their U.S. clients' ownership in offshore shell companies over a five- year period. Some of the clients used the entities to mask transactions in order to manipulate stocks, and then launder the proceeds through the offshore accounts, prosecutors alleged. The indictment came after a two-year undercover investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation during which an undercover agent traveled to Belize to meet with the alleged conspirators and set up offshore entities. The agent explicitly told the defendants that he planned to use a sham company to manipulate stocks, according to the indictment.

Belize Firm Charged in $500 Million Tax-Evasion Scheme
IPC Management Services LLC, a Belize-based investment firm, and its founder were accused of a $500 million scheme to launder money and hide investments as part of a U.S. crackdown on tax evasion. Robert Bandfield, a U.S. citizen, was charged in an indictment unsealed today in Brooklyn federal court with conspiring to commit securities fraud, tax fraud and money laundering. Five other individuals and six companies are accused of taking part in the plan that involved as many as 100 U.S. clients, according to prosecutors.

Current Distribution of the invasive seagrass Halophilia stipulacea in the Carribean
Have you seen the invasive seagrass anywhere else in the Caribbean other that the flagged areas below? Please let us know by contacting us or completing our online form.

El Salvador vs Belize Preview
El Salvador vs Belize Competition - Copa Centroamericana Date: 10th September 2014 (11th in EU) Kick-off time - 01:00 GMT+1 Stadium - BBVA Compass Stadium, Houston, Texas Live streaming - bet365 El Salvador meet Belize at the BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, Texas this Wednesday evening to play their third match in Group B of the Copa Centroamericana 2014. El Salvador lost their opening game 2:1 to Guatemala before defeating Honduras 1:0 last time out. Belize lost 2:0 against Honduras in their opening match and followed that up with another loss against Guatemala (2:1).

Feds Charge 6 With Running $500 Million Offshore Laundering Scheme
Federal prosecutors charged six men Tuesday with running a complicated offshore scheme that allegedly enabled clients to manipulate stocks, avoid U.S. taxes and launder hundreds of millions of dollars. An indictment unsealed in federal court in Brooklyn alleged the men laundered some $500 million in proceeds from fraudulent securities transactions for more than 100 U.S. citizens and helped commit tax fraud. A person briefed on the probe said the amount of laundered money and the number of clients could be much larger and the investigation is ongoing. The indictment didn't name any of the U.S. clients. The men-all of whom reside in Belize, according to the indictment-concealed their U.S. clients' ownership in offshore shell companies over a five- year period. Some of the clients used the entities to mask transactions in order to manipulate stocks, and then launder the proceeds through the offshore accounts, prosecutors alleged.

DNA Testing Sheds Light On Bird Migrations
Migratory birds are declining across the Western Hemisphere. Conservation efforts are restricted by the inability to assess breeding grounds, migratory stopover sites and wintering areas. A major challenge has been the lack of an efficient method for connecting populations across the annual cycle. Every fall, countless birds migrate from their breeding grounds in the United States and Canada. The birds head south to spend the winter in Mexico and Central America. To see if they could detect genetic linkages, they examined DNA from 22 birds captured in five regions of the United States, sequencing 150,000 regions of their genomes. From a pool of a half-million genetic markers, they chose 96 that could best distinguish the birds. Then they compared them with those taken from a second set of 1,626 feathers from 68 locations across North and Central America. The results revealed six genetically distinct groups of Wilson's warbler. The study confirmed that birds breeding along the California coast spend the winter in southern Baja, and warblers in the eastern United States head for the Yucatan, Belize and Costa Rica. It also provided the first strong evidence that warblers in the southern Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau winter in El Salvador.


Video: Blue Hole Dive - Mayan Encounter, 3min.
A couple of honeymooners and a couple of coworkers hit the Blue Hole in Belize for a little full day adventure.

Video: 39ft Catamaran Delivery. Cape Town to Belize, 6min.
A video of our voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

Video: Tides, 4min.
Tides- Belize. Three friends fly fishing in the Caribbean

Video: MOU Belize and Spain, 2min.

Video: Mission to Belize's Chinese, 4min.
An introduction of mission to Chinese in Belize in Central of America. This teamwork is organized by Chinese Christian Mission (USA). The presentation is focused on a supportive missionary Desmond Ma, and the short-term mission team from Austin Chinese Church.

Video: Belize, 2min.
Peaceful mawning at Rumors Resort Hotel.

Video: Isla Marisol Belize Lionfish Highlights, 5min.

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