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Pictures from the San Pedro Parade!
Happy St George's Caye Day to all Belizeans from the management and staff of The San Pedro Sun Newspaper.

Belize to Boast Renewable Energy Source
Belize is currently in the process of finding alternative energy sources to supply the national grid and decrease dependency on fossil fuels. The Public Utilities Commission (PUC), along with the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities (MESTPU) and Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) opened a bidding forum for entrepreneurs with energy producing projects called Requests for Proposals-Energy Generation 2013 (RFPEG). The bids closed on May 29, 2014 with the PUC receiving 57 potential projects, 22 of which were renewable energy solutions. By November, 2014 PUC will be awarding a contract. REPEG required projects to be able to produce a cumulative total of 60 mega-watts of Firm Capacity (Base Load and/or Intermediate Load Duty) and 15 mega-watts of Solar and/or Wind Generation Capacity. After diligent reviews, the bids were narrowed down to 20 potential projects, of which one will be chosen and financed for construction. According to the President of PUC, John Avery, these projects are considered long term solutions to Belize’s energy consumption and cost problems. “Some of these projects take years to get off the ground, so we’re doing this thing ahead of time. We’re not just looking at what we need immediately, but perhaps what will satisfy us for the next ten or fifteen years. It should be every country’s desire and objective to become energy efficient. We benefit a lot from being interconnected with Mexico, not only from the opportunity to purchase power from them, but we also need to be self-sustainable,” said Avery.

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FISHING REPORT: Week of August 30th – September 6th, 2014
It’s “slow season” around San Pedro. Restaurants and hotels usually take about a month off to rest and prepare for another year. Here at El Pescador we don’t have as many guests around as usual, but the ones that are here are fish crazed. And the fish don’t know its slow season, they only know about the wind and the tides. So anglers are out there some days without another boat in sight. It’s a time for these anglers to hone their fly fishing skills and find solace in their hearts. We were so pleased that Randy and Barbara decided to spend their anniversary with us. And we are delighted that newbies like Katie and Jennifer reached beyond their comfort level and found a ton of fun. As I write it’s quiet around the lodge. We had some rain and weather this morning – and yes, all 8 boats went out. But now, our angler’s have attacked the chicken wings and Beliken beer and there is a sleepy feeling as the sea is very quiet – and that precious warm salty air lays a blanket of peace over us. Thanks for a fun week everyone!

Belmopan Celebrations Calendar of Events
and parade routes

September Full Moon Concert
The SISE House of Culture is having their last Full Moon Concert of the Summer. The World Culture Band will be jamming. It's at the Cayo Welcome Center, and it'll start at 6:00pm.

This is the tenth day of September Twenty fourteen Anno Domini After 216 years we celebrate today The Battle of St George’s Caye Whether or not cannons were fired Or vessels were damaged It was a day that ended well With foreign aggressors withdrawn They never to claim our land again Now in twenty fourteen A spurious claim promoted By our neighbors to the west Our diplomats in air conditioned comfort Engage in condescending chatter The ICJ to decide the claim This claim is but a territorial fishing trip To catch all or half of Belize Or just some cayes and waters too We shall not be their bait boys Nor the ICJ their boat captain NO ICJ NOT NOW NOT EVER NO ICJ

Photos of Parade in Corozal

Pay It Forward at Screen on the Green
Pay It Forward is this month's movie for the Screen on the Green. It's free, and it starts at 6:00pm at the Governor General's Field.

Caoba Restaurant Grand Opening
Caoba Restaurant is having their grand opening this Friday. They are located at the corner of Bullet Tree and Joseph Andrews, and have been building for a while now. New building, new style.


Nunez Say's Faber Is Delusional and Needs Help
The fact that a report of assault was made against Minister of Education Patrick Faber made headlines last night on all media houses. While the report was withdrawn a few hours after it was made by 25 year old Belizean License Officer at the Ministry of Education, Nickesha Polanco, the fact remains that Faber was initially accused of choking Polanco while she was on the bed in one of the bedrooms of his house located in the Village of Lords Bank. The incident transpired between the hours of 2:30am and 3:00am on Saturday while Polanco celebrated her birthday party at the Ministers house. The police report stated that Polanco was utilizing her cell phone when Faber approached her and requested she hand over the phone. When she didn’t, he choked her. The report further stated that Faber grabbed Polanco by her hair, pulled her off the bed onto the ground and dragged her to the corridor. He then punched her twice to the right side of the face causing her to feel pain. As mentioned last night by Faber, the report was withdrawn since the incident did not occur the way it was reported. He further stated that and even mentioned the name of the individual he believes is trying to tarnish his good reputation. For context her is that clip.

Vice Chair BSCFA Say's PM Needs To Get Informed
Yesterday we showed you a clip of the Prime Minister in the House of Representatives where he criticized the BSCFA and its Vice Chairman, Alfredo Ortega for the recently reduced quota in the purchase of Fair Trade sugar, citing that the association needed to get its act together. And yesterday while we spoke to Ortega on the Commercial Agreement, we asked for his reaction on the matter. In the following clip, for context we’ll show you both verbal exchanges, that of PM in the House of Representatives and Ortega’s response. Honorable Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize “The Fair-Trade premiums are not paid to the poor cane farmer as you well know, they are paid to the Association and it is as a consequence of the irregularities and mismanagement of the Association that decertification has occurred for the second time in the short history of Fair Trade, what is in the window five years and this is the second time, the BSCFA lead by your people, people like Ortega who contested a PUP convention to try to become the standard bearer for Orange Walk North and lost terribly, people like Ortega and the one to whom he lost Munchi Cervantes, it is under the stewardship that people like that that the BSCFA lost its certification, lost its FLOCERT for the second time and I make the point again unless they can regain that certification it doesn’t matter whether the Fair Trade Premiums are reduced because if they are big or they are small they can’t get nothing, not a penny so tell them first of all to get their house in order.”

Toledo West Area Rep Schools Government On Crime and Poverty Issues
The crime situation in the country continues to send shock waves within the public as it has seeped into the districts as far south and north. The murder count continues to rise this year and there is concern for public safety from all sectors of the community. Among those expressing grave concern are members of the People’s United Party. Area Representative of Toledo West Oscar Requena stood in the House last Friday to reiterate the need for government to address what he terms an urgent matter. Oscar Requena – Area Rep, Toledo West “Mr. Speaker, this is a serious matter our women and our girls are suffering from a lack of security, a lack of security and respect for them, this is worrisome Mr. Speaker, this is disturbing and intolerable, the government, the government, this government has a social and moral responsibility to address this matter with a view of restoring confidence, security and respect for a women across this nation.”

Streets In Guinea Grass Upgraded With Assistance O/W South Area Rep.
Anywhere you go across the country you will hear residents complaining about the bad state the streets are in. It is the same scenario if you live in town or rural area and the fact remains that while in some cases the town councils and village councils do their best to remedy the problem the work on streets seems to be never ending. In the village of Guinea Grass the independent Village Council headed by Luis Jimenez has been doing its best to upgrade streets but without financial assistance from Central Government there is little that they can do. However, they have managed to get some work underway with the assistance of Orange Walk South Area Representative Jose Abelardo Mai. Jose Abelardo Mai- Orange Walk South Area Representative “They have also seek to find help with Central Government and the so called Standard Bearer for the UDP Juan de Dios Moguel who they claim has all the power and authority with resources and what’s not but he has never come forward to help and we are not in government as you may understand and the resources that he has access to are denied to us so we have to find ways and means to help the villages. In Guinea Grass we have asked ASR to help us and they provided the material and the chairman and his very active village council, hardworking village council, found some resource in neighboring villages of shipyard, they helped us with the excavator, they help us to transport the excavator and the loader, they provide a dump truck, we only paid a minimum for the white marl from the BSI pit to, ASR/BSI has been very helpful with that they provided the material and then today they are providing us with the grader so we are doing the big holes and we are filling those big holes.”

US Embassy Announces New Consular Fees
The United States Embassy has announced that fees for Consular Services will change as of September 12 this year. According to the release, the new changes mean that fees for most categories of immigrant visas will change, while fees for nonimmigrant visas largely remain the same. The fee for processing an application for Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship is increasing to reflect the true cost of providing this service. The release adds that the changes are being made in an effort to recover the cost of providing these services. It further states that, quote, “although most categories of nonimmigrant visa processing fees will remain the same, the fee for E visas (treaty-traders and treaty-investors) will decrease by $65, and the fee for K visas (for fiancé(e)s of U.S. citizens) will increase by $25.

Minister Of National Security Says Crime Has Nothing To Do With Poverty
Minister of National Security John Saldivar took the stand immediately after Toledo West Area Representative Oscar Requana wrapped up his presentation. According to the Minister, the PUP is misguiding the public. John Saldiver – Minister of National Security “They come up here and the talk about a call for unity and a call for all of us to put our heads together to solve this crime problem which we must admit is a problem but you can’t on one hand be calling for unity in solving this problem and then on the other hand trying to put this nation against its security forces, it cannot work. Mr. Speaker to come here on this house and try to say that poverty justify violence, justifies crime, how desperate that can these people be to want to get the criminals on their side by having the criminals believe that there is some justification to their action because they are poor.”

Senior Citizen Dies As A Result Of Traffic Accident
On Friday morning 88 year old Eluterio Chan, a resident of Ranchito Village Corozal was knocked down by a motorcycle that was traveling towards Orange Walk as he attempted to cross the highway between miles 83 and 84. Chan died on the same day while being transported to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital and today as his family laid him to rest we spoke with then about the incident. Here is what they told reporter Victor Castillo. Victor Castillo – Reporting Mile 83 and 84 on the Philip Goldson Highway in the Village of Ranchito Corozal District was the location where 88 year old Eluterio Chan was hit by a motorcycle heading towards Orange Walk, while crossing the road. The motorcycle was driven at the time by 32 Juan Samayoa of Orange Walk Town. The accident took place last Friday a little after 7:00 in the morning and Chan who sustained various injuries, was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital in a critical condition. He was being transported to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital for further treatment when he succumbed to his injuries.

Patrick JonesPJ

Granada removida de forma segura de un vecindario de la ciudad de Belice.
La policía en la Ciudad de Belice esta mañana removió otra granada de un terreno en el lado sur de la vieja capital. A eso de las diez a.m., actuando a base de inteligencia recopilada, oficiales de la policía, incluyendo el experto en explosivos […]

Cayo district listed as affordable international real estate investment area
After the bruising Belize took in the international media on Tuesday over the indictments of 6 individuals, including a Belizean, on a multi-million dollar stock fraud scheme, today there is a positive report in the overseas media. “Money Watch” in an article titled: “Top 10 international places […]

St. George’s Caye Day ceremony held in Belmopan
The official ceremony for the 10th September Celebrations were held at Independence Plaza with few residents in attendance. It didn’t hamper the spirit of the celebration because the well-organized ceremony was hype and had the attendance of Mayor Simeon Lopez and the Councillors, Mr. Khalid Belisle and […]

Grenade found in a yard on Mayflower Street
Police in Belize City this morning removed another grenade from a yard on the southside of the old capital. Around 10 am, acting upon intelligence gathered, police officers, including the BDF’s explosives expert, went to a yard on Mayflower Street where the explosive device […]

St. George’s Caye Day ceremony held in Belize City
This morning in Belize City, the Fort George Memorial Park was the venue where residents gathered as they have for the last 116 years. What was the occasion? To observe the anniversary of the Battle of St. Geroge’s Caye. The Battle which took place in the first week of September 1798, resulted in victory for local British settlers and their African slaves over invading forces from Mexico intent on driving the Baymen out of the settlement. At today’s ceremony, Mayor of Belize City Darrel Bradley called on those present to emulate the example of the Baymen who, despite a close vote in favour of defending the settlement, were shown to be nothing but united in their defence of what is now Belize. He explained that Belize as a nation has many challenges to overcome and like the Baymen, we are better off if we work together.

Traditional Fire Engine Parade held in Belize City
On Tuesday evening, Belize City residents came out for the traditional prelude to St. George’s Caye Day celebrations. The traditional Fire Engine Parade roared through the old capital’s principal streets, featuring participation from the National Fire Service, Police, BERT Ambulance Service as well as a float from Digicell. The Fire Engine Parade pays tribute to the work of uniformed services on a daily basis. Also taking place last night was a pair of concerts: “Gyal Powa” featuring a line-up of female artists led by Calypsonian Calypso Rose, and the Frankie Reneau annual concert based on his “Celebration” compact disc.


St. George’s Caye Holiday in Belize: San Pedro’s Uniform Parade
I love a parade. The drum lines, the loud music, the candy flying, the patriotism, the pageant queens, the kids…love it. But if you are a child in San Pedro? I’m not sure about the love. Today is a national holiday – to celebrate the Battle of St. George’s Caye. When a small group of British baymen and their slaves defeated the evil Spanish. I’m sure they were evil…and had those long waxed twisty evil guy mustaches. Kids have the day off from school in Belize but on Ambergris Caye, there is a catch. You need to be in the Central Park at 9am in your uniform for a mandatory parade. Most were still in a pretty good mood.

Celebrating Belize History: Happy St George’s Caye Day!!
The Battle of St George’s Caye, commemorated as a national holiday in Belize on September 10, was the defining moment in the birth of the country, bringing together a disparate group of individuals willing to risk their lives to foster a unified British Honduras and paving the road to the eventual creation of today’s Belize. The story itself, with a small ragtag group defeating a vastly superior professional Spanish military force over a week of fighting on one of the most picturesque battlefields on earth, is one of the more colourful chapters in an area and history long associated with adventure and romance. This is, after all, the setting for The Pirates of the Caribbean and countless other tales of swashbuckling and derring-do.

“Travelin’ Man” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Not much time for “breakfast” for the mosquitoes yesterday morning though. Oh no. I was going to be a travelin’ man. I was headed off to Belmopan to get my passport extended. Now I could have got either of the early morning water taxis to Belize City and caught a bus. Alternatively I could have flown to the Municipal Airport, got a taxi to the bus station and got a bus. But I chose the quicker, easier and by far more expensive travel option of flying all the way. At US$ 165 it is around US$ 110 more than the cheapest route (water taxi and bus) but … Rose dropped me off at Tropic Air shortly after 07.30 hours for the 08.00 hours departure (which, as it transpired, didn’t leave until 08.20 hours) and I was the only passenger on the seven seater aircraft.

23 Awesome Things To Do With Your Kids in Belize
Situated in Central America, the beautiful country of Belize is the perfect choice when looking for a family-friendly destination, as there are a plethora of things to do with your kids in Belize. As such, here’s 23 awesome things to do with your kids in Belize.

International Sourcesizz

'Where is the money?' Ernie Walter's investment opportunities in Belize a bust
You can't go far in Crescentwood without seeing the colourful and modern work of the late architect Ernie Walter. He and his companies say they've developed $2 billion in real estate, including condos, houses and commercial buildings over several decades. "I think Ernie was an individual that was larger than life. Very flamboyant, very creative and boisterous," said Brian Wall, a former colleague. What many Winnipeggers didn't know was that Walter had been in trouble with American authorities and faced mounting court actions over condominium developments in Belize. The advertisement ran on Jan. 11, 2009, in the Denver Post and was calling on investors: "Retire Smart — Purchase a sea front Caribbean lot, San Pedro Belize for $40,000 USD and earn rental income over $32,000 USD over next 5 years or swap it for a $500,000 condo and own clear title in 10 years from the rental income," it read. In a sting operation, a Colorado investigator communicated with a member of Walter's sales team over several months, posing as a prospective investor. The investigator was reportedly promised returns of 16 per cent over five years and offered $2,000 for bringing in other investors. In an email, Yaron Walter disputes the claims on the page, which he says was extracted from a marketing brochure and "is not a legal document." He adds that he was not a decision-maker on the Belize project. In December 2006, Wall and his family made their way to Belize to see his drawings come to life. Instead, he discovered something shocking. "Nothing had been done," he said. "It was bare land. I knew at that point that things had gone sideways…. You realize there's a possibility that there might be some fraud involved." Wall photographed the land that was supposed to be developed. He said a majority was swampland with mangrove trees, meaning the ocean floor would have to be dredged to fill it in. Wall said when he returned to Winnipeg, he confronted Ernie Walter. "I asked some very simple questions — what is happening with the work that I've performed?" said Wall. "I wanted to know why that work hadn't started."

Belizeans earns gold and silver in Masters Athletics
The North, Central American and Caribbean World Masters Athletics (NCCWMA) Championship was held in San Jose, Costa Rica from August 21-24. Costa Rican fans recognized that a Belizean stood a chance of beating the American favourite in the Shot Put and they sharted shouting and cheering “Belice! Belice!” Daland Jones, the Belizean, won the Gold medal in Shot the Put. Jones now qualifies to participate in the World Championships France next year. Lawrence Craig, also Belizean, won the Silver medal in the Triple Jump. Daland Jones Masters 55 category (55 – 59 yrs); Lawrence Craig, Masters 55 category (55 – 59 yrs); and Philip Andrewin 65 Masters category (65 – 69 yrs) were the three Belizean men who attended the Masters Athletics in Costa Rica. In 2010, Fred Evans received four golds for Shot Put, Triple Jump, Javelin and Discus.

Burgos strikes again as El Salvador defeats Belize
Rafael Burgos and Arturo Alvarez struck for second half goals to lift El Salvador to a 2-0 win over Belize in both teams’ final Group A match in the 2014 Central American Cup at BBVA Compass Stadium on Wednesday. The win gave the Cuscatlecos six points from three matches, the same amount Guatemala accrued from its opening two. Guatemala will face Honduras (3 points) in the Group Stage’s finale later in the evening. The group winner advances to the final, while the runner-up will compete in the third-place match and the third-place finisher in the match for fifth place. Each of those games will be played as part of a tripleheader on Saturday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Burgos put El Salvador in front three minutes into the second half after being freed on goal by Alvarez’s through ball. The Minnesota United forward took two touches on a long run before beating Woodrow West low and inside the near post from 13 yards. In the 69th minute, Alvarez put the game away when he finished a lengthy, ambitious run with a left-footed blast into the upper left corner of the net to give El Salvador a 2-0 lead.

Madonna's 'La Isla Bonita' a Fitting Tribute to Belize and the Beauty of San Pedro
After a recent trip to the Central American country of Belize and its beautiful island of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, I know what Madonna meant when she sang, "last night I dreamt of San Pedro ... tropical the island breeze, all the nature wild and free, this is where I long to be, La Isla Bonita." As a kid, I loved singing and dancing to the pop icon's 1987 hit off of her third album, "True Blue." Not only was it really cool to hear Spanish in a mainstream song (which I didn't realize was a thing back then), but it conjured a feeling of escapism to a mystical island and a romance with a handsome Latin, island boy. I remember how beautiful Madonna looked in that red flamenco dress and wanted to be her and be on the island of San Pedro. Well, as life would have it, I unexpectedly found my way there.

Belize Sees Huge Jump in Cruise Arrivals
Belize received 527,037 cruise passengers in the first half of 2014, according to data released by the Caribbean Tourism Organization. That represented a 36.9 percent increase over the first six months of 2013, according to CTO data. It was also the largest increase in cruise visits by any Caribbean destination with complete reporting for the first half, according to an analysis by Caribbean Journal. The next-highest increase was that of Cozumel, which saw a 19.4 percent increase in the same period. Belize was also among the fastest-growing destinations in the region on the stopover side, with 185,996 arrivals and an 11.8 percent growth rate.

What are the similarities between the Appalachian Forest and the Yucatan Jungle?
Marcella Kelly grew up in Hollywood and spent her summers being dragged to various national parks with her parents in a VW camper van, seeing the kind of big mammals — moose, elk and deer — easily encountered there. That early exposure to the outdoors, she now says, eventually led to career a studying elusive predators such as the cheetah, jaguar and coyote. Kelly, 47, is now an associate professor of wildlife in Virginia Tech’s department of fish and wildlife conservation and is leading two big projects: One, in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, is using radio collars, motion-sensitive cameras and DNA analysis of scat (i.e., animal excrement) to track coyotes. The other is using similar technology to study jaguars in a tropical forest preserve in Belize. What are you doing with the jaguars in Belize? We are trying to get at basic information on how long they live and their population size. We also are looking at the impact of sustainable logging on large carnivores such as the jaguar, puma and ocelot. We are looking in areas where there has been selective logging, no logging and more-intensive logging. The idea is to assess the impacts on jaguar density.

5 Reasons Tropical Islands Make the Perfect Setting for Your Second Act
It seems like practically everyone is retiring overseas these days. In a day and time when international expats are the new Florida snowbirds, you may be wondering how you can differentiate yourself in retirement and whether or not you can find (and afford) to blaze a trail through a new tropical frontier. Have you considered buying an island? Before you dismiss the idea as being completely far-fetched and unattainable, check out a few of the reasons island ownership is completely feasible and, in many cases, the absolute best option for today’s retirees. Many of the more populated islands like Ambergris Caye, Belize, have their own regional or even international airports. You can even own property in a more isolated place like Boca Chica, where access is as easy as a direct international flight to David, Panama, followed by a 45 minute drive and then a 10 minute boat ride to your own island.

Sharks Need Healthy Coral Reefs, 10-Year Study Finds
Healthy coral reefs, known for their brightly colored spiny and soft layers, may act as critical refuges and food sources for hungry sharks swimming through Australia's Great Barrier Reef, reports a new 10-year study that captured underwater footage of sharks. "Sharks need healthy reefs," Mario Espinoza, the study's lead researcher and a Ph.D. candidate in environmental science at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, told Live Science in an email. "It's a simple but powerful message."

Research identifies drivers of rich bird biodiversity in Neotropics
An international team of researchers is challenging a commonly held view that explains how so many species of birds came to inhabit the Neotropics, an area rich in rain forest that extends from Mexico to the southernmost tip of South America. The new research, published today in the journal Nature, suggests that tropical bird speciation is not directly linked to geological and climate changes, as traditionally thought, but is driven by movements of birds across physical barriers such as mountains and rivers that occur long after those landscapes' geological origins. "The Neotropic zone has more species of birds than any other region on Earth," said Brian Smith, lead author of the publication and an assistant curator at the American Museum of Natural History who started this work as a postdoctoral researcher at Louisiana State University. "The unanswered question has been—how did this extraordinary bird diversity originate?"

Ambergris Caye and Cayo in Belize are among the top ten places to Invest in Global Real Estate according to CBS News
Prime beachfront property doesn't have to cost a fortune -- you just need to know where to look


Video: Fish & Whale Shark, 3min.
Shot off of Belize

Video: Flight of the Macaw, 13min.
Scarlet Macaw's are endangered birds who, in Belize are further danger by genetic isolation, habitat destruction, and poaching. Xatero, poachers crossing illegally from Guatemala to cut Xate leaves and poach the resources of one of Belize's Natural parks.

Video: Belize Project Haverford School Video (FINAL), 6min.

Video: Miss World Belize top models, 2min.

Video: Destinee Dominique Arnold Reina de la Costa Maya Belize Photos, 3min.

Video: The Top Belize Souvenirs You Should Bring Home, 3min.
Belize is a hidden gem for adventure and relaxation. Its unique culture and flavors offer some excellent Belize keepsakes for you to take back from your trip.

Video: Lunch after Caving at Actun Tunichil Muknal Belize September 2014, 2min.

Video: Snorkelling at Xanadu Resort San Pedro Ambergris Caye Belize September 2014, 1min.

Video: Battle Of St. George's Caye Day Parade | Belmopan | Belize | September 10, 2014, 5min.