2 problem crocodiles were taken from San Pedro today. The two females are being relocated to the ACES facility in Ladyville. Croc expert Chris Summers told us more about the 9 footers:..

Chris Summers, Crocodile Conservationist - ACES
"We found these. There were in a lagoon behind an ocean side resort where development is going on. There is a restaurant out at the back there for the construction workers and they have been discarding their scraps in the lagoon which is essentially feeding the crocodiles. It might not be directly feeding them like it used to be with the tourist attraction but it's still indirect feeding which as we all know that feeding crocodiles takes away their natural fear of man which causes them to associate man with food which is when they become dangerous, so that why we are taking them to the sanctuary so can't be danger to themselves or to people."

"Seeing them is good, it's safely learning to co-exist with them, that's part of what our education program is about, so not feeding the crocodiles - that's the main thing. Do not feed crocodiles under any circumstances whether you are throwing it to them purposely and the big thing that's coming across now is improper garbage disposal. Like you are fishing at the water's edge and you are cleaning your scraps there, take them and discard them somewhere else. Do throw them right there in the water's edge because that again is going to attract crocodiles and main safety, dusk and dawn is not to be swimming because that's when they like to hunt. Stay away from the water and the water's edge at dusk and dawn."

One of the biggest catches was George, who weighed 14ft.

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