The last time we told you about the MCC Grounds in Belize City was back in June when the National Sports Director, Patrick Henry, informed us that field was being surveyed and leveled. That was three months ago and during the time that has passed, seeds for high quality grass were planted. The upgrade has not concluded because the grass has not yet fully grown yet. Henry told us today that the works are expected to be finished by December.

Patrick Henry

"If you notice the grass is growing but it takes a process and we must say that the rain came a long at the correct time and as a result it is growing at a faster pace. While the grass is growing we are working on the towers, there will be four towers and each tower will be 47.5 feet high and those towers will replace the existing lampposts and on each tower there will be 15 lights, 3 sets of five so at the end there will be a total of 60 lights. Currently we have about 20 lights here at the MCC grounds on these posts so the lights , the brightness of the light will be by far greater than what we currently have. As I am giving you this update the towers are being worked on in Spanish Lookout. They are built already so next week they will be painting the towers. The piles for the towers are being worked on by Mejia's United, those will be ready next week and then there will be another sub-contractor that will put the piles in and cap the piles and right after that while the grass is growing the towers will be installed. What we are looking at is to remove all these hanging wires and using the towers the wires will then be run under and up the towers so as not to have all these wires hanging around at the MCC grounds. From there, and we say by December the field will be ready. Just bear patience with us we are working to the best our ability but we have to work along with the contractors and those that are doing the actual work. By the time the field is ready you will have something reasonably good to play on."

Reporter :"Why reasonably?"

Patrick Henry

"By far better than what we have. I say reasonable good because while they are playing there will be other works that will be taking place over the time so as the time so as to make sure that the field, the environment is actually suitable and conducive for football. We will be changing the fence, we will be putting in another bleacher or two but that would be going along while they would be able to use the field. Now of course we want to renovate again the inside of the building so that the teams could have a home and away kind of dugout/ changing room situation."

The cost to upgrade the sporting facility is estimated to be more than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.