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The San Pedro Sun

Carnival 2014 - the people are ready.

Carnival 2014 (12 photos)

The Carnival madness in the city. (12 photos)

Guest Editorial: La Isla Bonita Telenovela is a pleasant reminder that Belize has talent
I think I told everyone who would listen to me that I would be honest and brutal about Belize's new telenovela. For starters, I am not a 'novelera' - and cringe at the campy stories and overacting portrayed at every turn on those popular soap operas. I also think we would all do so much better if we started demanding MORE. Just because something is all-Belizean doesn't mean the end product will be great. I can applaud the effort; I can acknowledge the hard journey it takes to get something done, but the final product needs to be damned good. (Yes, I'm opinionated!!) So of course, I made sure I attended the premiere of Belize's first telenovela, eager to see what all the hype was about. We'd heard of and reported on the casting calls and we'd all seen the filming around town. Naturally, that was some good build-up and I was in anticipation for the finished product.

Police Report
One minor has reported to the San Pedro police that he was attacked by three other minors on Wednesday, September 3rd at around 9:15PM. According to police, the victim reported that while riding his bicycle on Swan Street he was approached by three other minors and beaten up. A bystander saw the fight and went to assist the victim. As a result, the victim sustained injuries to the left eye, face and the right ear. Police are currently conducting investigations into the incident.

Ministry of Education Youth and Sports hosts September 10th Marathon
On Wednesday September 10th, San Pedro Town celebrated St. George's Caye Day with a host of activities, among which was a sports marathon held by The Ministry of Education Youth and Sports. The marathon coordinated by islander and national triathlete Kent Gabourel, comprised of three sporting disciplines including cycling, swimming and football. The day's activities saw juveniles, juniors and adults competing to win top place in their respective divisions. The first event for the day was cycling, whereby the four mile route took riders from the starting point at Calvio's Bike Shop at the Boca del Rio bridge, northwards to Grand Caribe Resort. The cyclists then returned towards downtown, circling the San Juan round-about on Pescador Drive and finished the race at Calvio's Bike Shop.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Jouvert 2014! (10 photos)
At 4:00 a.m. today Belizeans were hyped & ready for the annual paint & chocolate festival in the streets, "Jouvert 2014" - The start of CARNIVAL DAY 2014!

Miss Deb's Coming Soon
Miss Deb's food truck will be operational in October. Talk about meals on wheels. Follow them online to find out where the truck will be. The menu looks good. "We refuse to get stuck in a rut. We grab our inspiration at the market & cook it up on a whim... Selected from the local farmers market. We use fresh produce in all of our dishes. Fruits and vegetables are seasonal crisp and juicy."

Little Miss Pandy Show
The LIttle Miss Pandy Show will be Tuesday, September 16th, at the Cayo Welcome Center. The fun starts at 7:00pm. "Picking of this event to see who will be the next Little Miss Pandy Show Queen, 22 Little Princess will be vying for the title to be Queen. come out and support your queen, it will free of cost."


Elderly couple attacked during home invasion in San Pedro
An elderly couple was attacked in their home in the town of San Pedro, on the island of Ambergirs Caye. According to police reports, the incident occurred on the North side of the island at Cloister's Apartment in the Tres Cocos Area of San Pedro Town ...

Belmopan Market Resurfaced After Heavy Rains
Belmopan's Tuesday /Friday Market Vendors found themselves slipping and sliding in the mud left behind by the heavy rains. Marketing in those conditions became next to impossible on Tuesday and the vendors and customers were none too happy...

Belmopan Mayor Meets With Market Vendors
Last week Friday, Mayor Simeon Lopez, the Mayor of Belmopan, met with the Tuesday and Friday Market Vendors at the newly renovated Civic Centre. The meeting was supposed to be to discuss the way forward on this matter, which has dragged on for almost a year and half...

Security Guard in Court on Firearm Charges
Forty year old Leroy Salgado, a security guard employed by Anchor Security, was charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license when he appeared on Friday before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. Leroy Salgado pleaded not guilty to the charges and was remanded into custody until�September 30...

P.C. Dayton Sacassa has Extortion Charges Dismissed
Two persons, who accused 41 year old Police Constable Dayton Sacassa of extorting money from them to release them from police custody, failed to appear in court on Friday, ensuring that charges were dismissed against him. P.C...

Robbery at Orange Walk Town Business
A 44-year-old businesswoman of Orange Walk Town reported that on September 11, at about 2:15p.m., while inside her business establishment Darvi’s,� two man entered the establishment. One of the men was armed with a hand gun and pointed the gun at her while demanding money...

Corozal Police Destroy Large Marijuana Field
Corozal police destroyed a large marijuana field on Friday morning.� Sometime around 11:30am on Friday September 12, Corozal police visited an area about three and a quarter miles North East of San Andres Village, where they discovered a marijuana field containing 1,805 marijuana plants...

Owen Parham Found Not Guilty on Multiple Charges
Magistrate Herbert Panton has found 37 year old Owen Parham not guilty of attempted robbery, harm, aggravated assault and going equipped for crime, but he must pay a fine for resisting lawful arrest by Special Constable James Stewart. It is an unusual story because the two men tell very different ta...

Ministry Of Health To Improve Security After Four Vehicles Are Stolen
Four Government issued vehicles have been snuck out right from under the nose of the Ministry of Health in the past two years. Only a few weeks ago, we reported that a white 2008 Toyota Hilux was stolen from the Western Regional compound, and during this week, the fourth was robbed. Apparently the d...

Haulover Bridge Receives Emergency Repairs
Between�10:00 Thursday�night and�3:00 a.m.�Friday morning, the sole link to destinations north of Belize City was cut off...

MCC Grounds Improvements In Progress
The MCC Grounds is the primary sporting and activity venue for Belizeans in the wake of the still-incomplete Marion Jones Sporting Complex. But for the past few months it too has been under renovation, with improvements to the football field and general amenities...

New UB President Holds Faculty And Staff Meeting
There was an extraordinary meeting on Friday at the University of Belize Gymnasium, Belmopan, where faculty and staff members from all branches of the University met to discuss the current status of the University, and elaborate on the way forward. This was the first meeting of its kind to take plac...

The Reporter

Man shot on north side following Jouvert; murder
One man was injured in a shooting on Douglas Jones Street on Saturday morning. Reports are that the victim was near the Cinderella Plaza when a gunman approached him around 6 a.m. and fired a single shot causing his injury. Police investigations continue.

Vector Control Unit working to mitigate dengue cases
The Vector Control Unit in the Ministry of Health has increased its efforts to mitigate the recent spike in the number of cases of dengue fever. Chief Operator of the VCU, Kim Bautista told The Reporter on Saturday that the unit has stepped up its presence in targeted areas in the country where the cases have been occurring. "Belize City has been divided into nine zones, and efforts are concentrated in zones four and five which is on the south side," Bautista said. "We also have had increased presence in Corozal Town and Libertad Village", he added. Bautista said that apart from increasing presence, the ministry has extended the tenure of the part-time support staff hired to assist the Vector Control Unit from September to October. This he said was done to maintain a strong "on-the-ground presence" in focus areas.

Pantempters Steel Orchestra to visit Taiwan
The Pantempters Steel Orchestra is scheduled to visit Taiwan next week as part of a cultural exchange program that Belize and that country share. On Thursday night, the band members were guests to a dinner hosted by Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, Benjamin Ho. Ambassador Ho told the band members that his country is pleased to have this unique band for a second time, especially since pan music is something that is new to Taiwanese people.

Leopoldo Lopez on trial
Leopoldo Lopez, one of Venezuela's main opposition leader is on trial for allegedly inciting violence during anti-government demonstrations earlier this year. Lopez denies all the charges. Lopez, who is the head of the Popular Will Party, has accused the government of President Nicolas Maduro of jailing Venezuelans for seeking democratic change. Other opposition activists detained during protests earlier this year have also appeared in court in Caracas. Opposition leaders seized the moment and called for a big anti-government march in Caracas a few weeks later, on 12 February.

Patrick JonesPJ

Flooding in rural Toledo forces evacuation
Overnight flooding in rural Toledo forced the evacuation of over two dozen families just before dawn today. A heavy downpour that started on Friday night and continued into the early morning hours caused the river in Blue Creek village to break its banks and inundate multiple homes. Reports from residents say that the flooding started after 1 am and at its pead around 3:30 am, had pushed well beyond the bridge which was completely submerged. The manager of Ak'kutan Radio Aurelio Sho, who lives about a 100 feet away from the river, had his vehicle submerged by flood waters and early this morning a mechanic had to be brought in to rescue the vehicle which was almost washed away.

Friday night murder in Belize City
A man was shot and killed last night in Belize City. The victim has been identified as labourer Paul Morgan, believed to be in his forties. According to reports, the homicide took place on Tigris Street near to its junction with King Street. Initial reports are that Morgan was shot in the head and died while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez this morning issued an Incident Report saying that Morgan is 42 year old and a resident of Mahogany Heights.


Bartending 101 - Knowledge is Everything
So far so good for the first day of the Introduction to Bartending 101 course from the Belize Institute of Mixology, only one minor hiccup yesterday. Which is pretty good considering at 4:00am we got a total downpour and I lay in bed enjoying the rain and asking Chac (Maya Rain God) to please make that our one and done for the day. Our hiccup was, a projector that worked the night before when Luis checked it decided not to work the morning of the course. Thankfully Kama lounge came to the rescue with a working one and a make shift AV team including Cindy and I managed to figure out how to get the image out of reverse mode. In the 45 minutes we learned a lot, Mr Fermin Cho'c is a thourough teacher and very personable. He asked the students lots of questions, checked regularly that everyone was understanding and did demonstrations as he was teaching.

Maya Beach Bistro on The Placencia Peninsula, Belize Would Make ANYONE Happy
At the amazing Maya Beach Bistro and Hotel. In past year, the spot has expanded to a few more rooms & cabanas and the food is as amazing as ever. Two nights there was not enough. The sign from the street. I kinda love how low key it is. It in no way indicates how world-class-great the food is. A huge sitting area with a wrap around couch that I would like to make my new office. A full kitchen, bathroom, outside deck area looking right over the ocean. Air conditioning�and lots of windows to leave open to catch the serious sea breeze. My view.

Garifuna organizations worldwide organize to deal with discrimination
Ever since it was reported that there was discrimination taking place against Ms. Uwahnie Martinez an employee of First Caribbean Bank International for speaking her Garifuna language, the Garifuna people in Belize and in the diaspora have been outraged. Why? Because in the countries of; "Yurumein" now known as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize there has always been a history of racism and human rights violations against their people up to this very day. In Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Garifuna people's country was invaded and taken over by the French and British in the 16 and 1700's who declared an unjustifiable war against them and occupied their country as if it was theirs. The French even had the nerves to hand over their country to the British in the Treaty of Paris. When the British defeated the Garifuna people on March 11th, 1795, they removed them from the island to Baliceaux an adjacent island and left them there to perish and die. The lighter skin Garifuna people who escaped the removal, were ordered not to speak the language or practice the Garifuna culture no more through decrees that were passed by the British Crown. This has led to the complete lost of culture by most of the Garifuna people living in Saint Vincent today.

This Is How Belize Celebrates Carnival
It was an amazing sight as dancers paraded their carnival costumes in the streets of Belize City dancing to popular Soca rhythms. As one spectator put it. "It was a sea of flesh gyrating to sweet music".

International Sourcesizz

National Geographic Top 'Sacred Places' List: Belize Ancient Mayan Cave Ranks First
Imagine yourself deep inside the depths of the earth, waste-deep in chilly water surrounded by mountainous, mystical towers of stalagmites and stalactites, hundreds of bats hanging from above, large freshwater crabs, crayfish, catfish and tropical fish swimming beside you. A huge black spider lingers nearby in a crevasse revealing itself from the darkness as light from your helmet shines upon an ancient Mayan sacrificial site with a sparkling calcified skeleton. In the eerie silence and darkness, you find yourself further in the cave-like altar that's strewn about with more skulls, bones and pottery showing "kill holes" intended to allow spirits to escape. This brings your mind to strange places, making you wonder if you will be the next offering to the Gods of the Underworld. Welcome to "Xibalba," otherwise known as a "place of fear," and "the name of the underworld in K'iche' Maya mythology, ruled by the Maya death gods and their helpers." A place where ancient rituals and sacrifices were made and where Mayans believed the gods who provided rain harvests resided -- or just a place where I vacation. Sound wild? Well, it is and well-worth a trip to Belize to experience Actun Tunichil Muknal (Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre), or ATM, a true gem and archeologist's dream.

50 Stunning Places to See in Latin America (PHOTOS)
Latin America is made up of 22 Spanish and Portuguese countries from Central and South America and is home to many jaw-dropping sites worthy of anyone's bucket list. There are several stunning waterfalls that can be found in this region, including Angel Falls, the worlds highest waterfall, and Mocona Falls, which runs parallel, rather than perpendicular, to the Uruguay river. Adventurous tourists can head to Cerro Negro and "volcano-board" down Central America's youngest (but still active) volcano. Meanwhile, divers should head to Ambergris Caye and discover the beautiful reef that runs offshore of Belize.

Basketball and Football's Ancient Mayan Roots Reveal a Lethal, Ritualistic 'Ball Game' in Tikal, Guatemala
When Americans think of sports, some of the first things that come to mind are the NBA, the NFL, along with half-time shows, marching bands and cheerleaders, as well as tailgate parties and, of course, beer and buffalo wings. Many don't think of the ancient origins of the "ball game," or the first organized game in the history of sports, which dates back to 3,500 years ago in Mesoamerica (the subtropical region in Central America that includes Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador). On a recent visit to the beautiful countries of Belize and Guatemala, I learned that the Mayans were serious about their "ball game," so much so that it was a life-or-death competition as well as a "complex ritual based on religious beliefs." While Belize is home to some amazing Mayan archaeological sites, such as Corozal, Altun Ha and Lamanai) and my favorite, Actun Tunichil Muknal (Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre or ATM), my Mayan experience wasn't yet complete. So I decided to venture across the border into Guatemala, home of Tikal National Park, which is "considered the largest excavated site in the American continent" and "Guatemala's most famous cultural and natural preserve." In addition, five "ball courts" were also discovered there.

Stem cells for Haley Jones
21 year old Haley Jones suffered a debilitating stroke at birth and has suffered from Epilepsy since birth. Her seizures have progressed to grand mal and she continues to have break through seizures despite being heavily medicated. The medication causes memory issues and other unpleasant side effects and the seizures affect her ability to drive, work and live a normal life. In July of 2014, Haley received a stem cell procedure in Mission Viejo, CA using her own bone marrow and 10 million umbilical stem cells. While she has seen amazing cognitive improvements, she has struggled with a couple of breakthrough seizures since the procedure. Our original plans to start tapering her down on her seizure medications has been halted.


Video: Carnival Road March (September 13 , 2014), 3hrs.

Video: Belize 2013 small, 22min.
Me and sis on holiday in Belize - lovely

Video: Supa G at Belize's Belikin Bash September 2014, 3min.

Video: 10th of September Citizens Parade, Belize City, 6min.

Video: Legends Burger House Jam Night, September 2014 (Ambergris Caye, Belize), 4min.
Every Tuesday, enjoy the local beats of our local talent. Come join, and partake in our weekly Jam Night. It's a night of moonshine, ribs, dancing and fun. Legends Burger House, the place to be! SHOW MORE

Video: Miss Belize World Chantae Guy To Ecuador, 5min.
Bikini beauty 2012 - Chantae Chanice Guy recently represented our country at the Miss World 2012 pageant where she made history by becoming the first Belizean delegate to place in the top ten in the Top Model preliminary challenge.