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The San Pedro Sun

CITES requirements for monitoring and regulation of international trade in listed species of sharks and rays
Today the CITES requirements for monitoring and regulation of international trade in listed species of sharks and rays come into effect. Scalloped and Great Hammerheads are the Convention's most pertinent species captured in Belize. This means that Belize and our neighboring countries now need to track all hammerhead catches and trade (meat and fins) and require certificates and permits to ensure a sustainable and legal capture of these species. Belize had previously signed an agreement forbidding the commercial fishing of hammerheads capture for sale of hammerhead products). But since hammerheads are still caught and have been traded across borders, we must now prove that any trade is not conducted to the detriment of hammerhead populations. Note that there are no known sustainable fisheries globally for these hammerhead species and all research points to their numbers in severe decline and currently at very low levels. Thanks to Brian Skerry for the photo of a great hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran).

Wolfe's Woofer: Earplugs
"Jose!" I yelled, for the second time. "Oh, hey Mister Dennis," he said. "I couldn't hear you because this guy next to me is cutting lamina with a saw." "I noticed that," I said. "Jose, being around somebody cutting sheet metal with a power saw can make you deaf." "What?" he asked, and when I [�]

Ozone layer protection: The mission goes on
The theme for this year's celebration highlights the fact that there have been many successes in the battle to save the Ozone Layer. Many countries have achieved their targets in the phasing out of ozone depleting substances, but there is more that needs to be done. The various successes have resulted [�]

Moses Coc murdered in San Pedrito; police have one man in custody.
San Pedro police have detained one male for questioning for the murder of Moses Coc. Initial police information confirms that around 11PM on Saturday night, September 13th Coc and a male friend were walking on Swan Street in the San Pedrito area of San Pedro, and were heading towards Angel Coral Street. A lone dark-skinned [�]

Doctor Love
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, Since high school I have been in love with the guy who was my first true love. Two years after we graduated we [�]

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Miss Bullet Tree Pageant
Congratulations to Miss Manzanero, who is the new Miss Bullet Tree Falls. The Miss Bullet Tree Falls pageant, which was last night, was fun for everyone. DJ David was there to spin, and get some pictures of the event.

The Reporter

Hurricane strengthens to category 4
Hurricane Odile, a category 4 storm, is expected to make landfall the Baja California peninsula in Mexico on Sunday night and Monday. As of Sunday afternoon, Odile was located about 290 miles south-southeast of the southern tip of the peninsula, with maximum sustained winds of 135 miles per hour. The US National Hurricane Center's public advisory said that the eye of the storm is expected to move northwest over the next two days.

American media house gives shining reviews on Maya cave in Cayo
Latin Post, an American-based media house has released an article praising the Actun Tunichil Muknal (Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre) in Cayo. The online media platform which caters to over 3.5 million visitors, the majority being the Latino population of the United states, published a piece on September 13 entitled "National Geographic's Top 'Sacred Places' List: Belize Ancient Mayan Cave Ranks First". Apart from making reference to the cave ranking first in the prestigious National Geographic magazine, the article is packed with positive messages about the cave and Belize, giving the country more positive press to its largest tourism product consumer.

Patrick JonesPJ

Inundaciones en Toledo Rural obliga evacuaciones.
Inundaciones el Viernes por la noche en a�reas rurales de Toledo obligaron la evacuaci�n de m�s de dos docenas de familias antes del amanecer del S�bado. Un fuerte aguacero que comenz� el Viernes por la noche y continuo hasta la madrugada del S�bado causo que el rio de la aldea [�]

Man decapitated in rural Cayo district
A Guatemalan national was chopped to death early this morning in the Cayo district. The victim has been identified as 24 year old Pedro Ariel Diaz Guien. Police say they visited an area in the village of Duck Run 3 around 4:45 am today where they found [�]

Se pronostican mas lluvias.
La semana ha comenzado con bastante lluvia, a medida que condiciones h�medas e inestables persisten sobre nuestra �rea. El pron�stico general para Belice y sus aguas costeras es para cielos nublados con periodos soleados hoy. Esta noche estar� mayormente nublado. Chubascos por la ma�ana y tronadas se desplegaran a [�]

San Pedro man murdered; police investigation underway
Police in San Pedro town, on Ambergris Caye, have commenced investigation of a homicide in the municipality on Saturday night. The victim has been identified as 21 year old Moses Coc. Reports from San Pedro say that Coc and another man were walking on Swan Street around [�]

17 honored at Tribute to Belizean Patriots
The annual Tribute to Belizean Patriots has dual functions: it introduces Belizeans to the life's work of some who quietly serve their country and people from day to day with no expectation of reward beyond personal satisfaction; and it satisfies the legal requirement of the Government and people [�]

Forecast calls for rain
It is a rainy start to the new week as moist and unstable conditions persist over our area. The general forecast for Belize and her coastal waters is for cloudy skies with sunny breaks today. Tonight will be mostly cloudy. Morning showers and thunderstorms in the morning will spread to most areas during the course of today. Winds over the open sea and along the coast will be easterly at ten to twenty knots, with higher gusts. The sea state will be moderate, becoming rough at times.

Police officers investigate murder in Cayo
There are reports of a homicide in the Spanish Lookout area of the Cayo District. Reports received say that the body of a Hispanic man was found on the road in Duck Run 3. Preliminary information suggests that the man's head was completely severed. More details will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.


Belize City's 2014 CARNIVAL: PHEW. It NEVER Disappoints
Yesterday some friends and I hopped aboard the 11:30am San Pedro Belize Water Taxi to Belize City for one of the highlights of September Celebrations - the Belize City Carnival. It is a hot, crazy, sweaty, loud, gritty, fun event fueled by beer, body glitter, Belize energy drink - "Full Throttle", lots of attitude, TONS of attitude and very loud music. Even just watching is exhausting - THE HEAT! THE CROWD! - I'm not sure how these participants do it. And these costumes are no small feat. Fundraising begins months ahead of time. Bras and glitter must sell out country wide! It's definitely a labor of love. We arrived RIGHT ON TIME to watch at the very beginning�which would insure that I would be on a water taxi back home at the end of the afternoon.

"Dedicated to the one I Love" in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
I wrote this towards the end of July and thought that I had published it but obviously the emotional roller coaster I was on that weekend left me in a state of confusion and � But as I've heard John say quite a few times to Rose (she really is rather nice) "Better late than never". After my exertions early last week producing an edition I took a well deserved rest. I'm still fairly young and am definitely a novice when it comes to finding my way around John's iPad (well any iPad actually). I think I found this blogging thing a bit more of a challenge than I initially thought it would be. I suppose that's understandable though really given that my previous experience with and knowledge of the written word has been with Army reports. But I've enjoyed some "R and R" ( that's an Army term referring to "rest and recuperation") and I'm ready to give it another go.

Falling for Belize
Lebawit Lily Girma, who recently published the 'Jewel of the Jungle' article about Belize in Morning Calm, reflects on how she went about writing it. Well done, and, spoiler alert, nature was the key. There are a few pictures - not nearly enough since Cayo is known for its natural beauty - of Cayo in there. " My memories were like sheets of paper scattered on every corner of a desk. I had to pull them in, sort and get to the bottom layers. When I finally dug up that old, newbie version of myself, I was blown away. Because I realized that the very first thing that pulled me in and made me fall in love with Belize wasn't food, people, or even culture (even though they were certainly part of why I came to love the country). It was nature. Belize's great outdoors were like nothing I had seen before in my years of travel. More birds than tourists, more howler monkeys in forests than guides and more birds along riverbanks than boats. And the sensation that I was immersed in something bigger than myself."

FALLING FOR BELIZE Behind the scenes: The making of "Jewel of the Jungle"
When I sat down to write my first draft of a narrative feature on Belize for the September issue of MorningCalm (Korean Air) Magazine (see "Jewel of the Jungle," pages 36-42), I was thrilled. And then, I was puzzled. Where would I start? I had visited the Jewel so many times, lived there months on end, participated in numerous activities and met incredible people. Heck, I had even authored a 400-page travel guide. How would I distill all of that information into just a few scenes, step back into the past and show what Belize is like? When I voiced my dilemma to a fellow travel writer friend, with whom I often bounce ideas, I had a major a-ha moment. "I was thinking about all the amazing work you've done on guidebooks, where you really have to be the expert, don't you? And I think the difference here with narratives is that it's fun to be on more of a process of discovery�.where you might be feeling or experiencing something for the first time - and your description of that experience can invite the reader in and let them feel like they're discovering it with you. But those are just my rambling, Thursday morning thoughts! :)"

September Celebrations in Belize
Belize's Independence Day is one of the most important cultural events in the country. While the actual day is on September 21, the event includes festivities throughout the country for almost two weeks leading up to the national holiday. In early Belize history, the country was under Spanish rule, but Spain did not actually control the area due to a belief that it did not have sufficient resources to gain the country's full attention. Spain allowed British settlers into the area, and the British eventually gained a large presence. During the Battle of St. George's Caye, the Spanish and British fought for about a week in September 1798, and this essentially led to British rule of the country. The British held control over the area until it was granted self-government in 1964, and it was renamed Belize from British Honduras in 1973. Belize finally attained independence on 21 of September 1981.

Featured Cave of the Week: Actun Tunichil Muknal
In myths, journeys to the underworld are never easy, and after visiting Actun Tunichil Muknal (Cave of the Stone Sepulchre), you may feel that you have been through your own epic test. Access to the Maya sacrificial site within the cave involves hiking, wading, and underwater swimming, but nearly a mile (1.6 kilometers) underground you will reach the resting place of the "crystal maiden," a complete female skeleton that sparkles from eons of crystal calcification. The cave also contains Maya pottery shards, many showing the "kill hole" intended to allow spirits to escape.

International Sourcesizz

Former Taunton pub landlady buys Caribbean island paradise
A PUB landlady looking for her next challenge after selling up has bought a Caribbean Island - as you do. Willow Reed exchanged The Plough, in Station Road, Taunton, for a four-acre piece of paradise following the death of her mother, Virginia. After her arrival in January, Willow, 37, renamed the island, which is seven miles off Belize, Virginia Caye. It had been left to deteriorate for years following an aborted attempt to clear it and create a millionaire's island and resort. The lush green mangroves had been hacked back, the white beaches were littered with rubbish and the traditional buildings were rotting and near collapse. Willow said: "My aim is to restore the paradise with a limited budget, a passion for restoration, a love for the Belizian people, an army of continuously rotating volunteers around the world and locals who share my desire.


Video: Oceanic Society: Belize for Families, 11min.

Video: Honeymoon in Belize, 4min.
This is a video of our honeymoon in Belize and our thank you to you!

Video: Belize, 15min.
September 2014 - Sundancer II, Lots of scuba diving!

Video: Putting on my Politically Conscious Historically Conscious Hand Made Dashiki, 4min.

Video: Portofino Resort - Belize, 4min.
Het Portofino Beach Resort in Belize is bijzonder. Zon, zee, strand en bovenal een geweldige service! Genieten met hoofdletter G. Bij het samenstellen van een maatwerkreis naar Belize zullen wij deze accommodatie zeker aan u voorstellen.

Video: Belize Carnival 2014 #1, 10min.
The 2014 Belize City Road Carnival held on Saturday September 13.

Video:Belize Carnival 2014 #2 , 8min.
The 2014 Belize City Carnival Road March - Saturday September 13.

Video: Belize Carnival 2014 #3, 8min.
The 2014 Belize City Carnival Road March - Saturday September 13.

Video: Bernadine McDougal: Legendary Belizean Softball Player!, 25min.
The seventh episode of a documentary series called Belizean Legends that will profile Belizean softball legend Bernadine McDougal as she discusses with Belizean Legends host Bilal Morris how Belize beat the 1970's's softball world champions national team the United States in the 1979 Pan-American Games. McDougal was one of the players on the Belize national team that played an incredible game against the world champions through team work and collaboration with their pitcher Margaret Usher to win 2-1 over the United States. McDougal chronicled the Belize softball era that molded her whole life as a person, and how a country and a people supported them to succeed in the sport of softball.

Video: Scuba Diving in Belize City, Belize, 2min.
Scuba diving the reefs around Belize City, Belize on a Royal Caribbean excursion. Lots of fish, clear waters, and a little surprise at the end!

Video: American Airlines rough landing Belize PGIA, 6min.
Landing Belize from Dallas, couldn't take Dallas videos, I was in an md-80 and I was by the engine. Taken on January 17,2014.

Video: James Le Lacheur (as Werner Herzog) on the Belize Rainforest, 5min.

Video: Goff's Caye Belize, 2min.
Goff's Caye, 10th of september 2014.