The San Pedro Sailing Club at Caribbean Villas would love it if you would enter your boats to participate in this event. We anticipate the race taking approximately 2 hours. The course will only be about 1 km. If successful we will be included in the Guinness Book of World Records. You need to sign up on line and then give us a call to co-ordinate. We hope you can join us. And don't worry, we will be finished with plenty of time to spare to join in with the San Pedro Independence Day parade.
Pit your sailing skills against 10,000 sailors taking part in one global race!

Race against Olympic sailing legends, World Champions and Americas Cup Skippers!

Race in fleets of over 400 Optimists or 900 Lasers!

Who wouldn't want bragging rights that they have sailed in the World's Biggest Sailing Race EVER?

On Sunday 21st September the San Pedro Sailing Club at Caribbean Villas will be taking part in a Guinness Book of World Records attempt of what promises to be the LARGEST SAILING EVENT IN THE WORLD. With currently over 10,000 sailors signed up in over 720 venues around the globe this will be a truly amazing event to take part in.


The race is set over a predefined course and every participant will receive an overall world position. Entrants will be racing against some of the biggest names in sailing ranging from Olympic gold medalists to America Cup skippers.

This worldwide event will be truly awe-inspiring for all participants and place Belize on the world map of sailing.

Our club is registered on Bart's Bash site here

The course will be a straight line reach and back so nothing too competitive. The faster boats should be finished in slightly over 15 minutes. If you would like further information please let me know...

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