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Today's Belize News: September 16, 2014 #495746
09/16/14 05:45 AM
09/16/14 05:45 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Moses Coc murdered during street attack
26-year-old Jermaine Moody from San Pedrito area is in custody pending investigations in the murder of 31-year-old Moses Coc. Coc received a fatal blow to the back of his head while walking on Angel Coral Street on Saturday, September 13th at around 10PM. According to an initial report, the San Pedro Quick Response Team (QRT) responded to a distress call and visited the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II where they saw Coc bleeding profusely from the back of his head. Coc succumbed to his injury and was officially pronounced dead at 11:10PM. Further investigation revealed that Coc was out socializing with friends earlier in the night. At around 10PM, Coc and one male friend were walking in the direction of Swan Street towards Angel Coral Street. According to the male friend, a man of dark complexion ambushed Coc, hitting him on the back of the head with a piece of wood that resulted in the deadly injury. The attacker escaped, but was later caught by police.

Oasis Spa: Ditching the keyboards for a day of relaxation
Oasis is one of the newer establishments in San Pedro Town. A warm invitation was extended to us by the owner, and we were more than happy to accept. So we made our way along Fido’s pier to the cute cabaña styled spa. An extensive spa menu offered everything from Swedish massages to sun burn therapy, from facials to manicures and pedicures. There is surely something there for everyone looking for a bit of rest and relaxation. I opted for a facial while my amiga Janelle looked curiously at a contraption that sat on the deck. It was a massage chair, and so she was sold! She wanted whatever package came with that! As I lay waiting for my facial, I could only think of how much I needed this; an oily complexion combined with our lovely dusty island roads, yeah- I really, REALLY needed this. Dion, my therapist for the evening, started off with a gentle cleanser, applying from the chin upwards.

Island Students show Patriotism at Youth Rally
Students from across Ambergris Caye gathered at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium on Friday, September 12th foe the Annual Youth Rally. Hosted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the rally is held as part of the September Celebrations and thus was celebrated under the theme “Industrious Hand, Intelligent Minds, Together for Belize”. The students enjoyed musical and dance performances as well as an inspirational speech from the newly crowned Miss San Pedro 2014-2015, Michelle Nuñez. The rally commenced with the official protocol. The San Pedro High School (SPHS) Band performed an amazing rendition of the National Anthem, complete with wind instruments. The upper division students from San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School (SPRC) the led the crowd in the prayer of the Belize National Prayer. The program continued with SPHS student Trisha Strokes singing “My Home Land by the Sea”. Her singing was accompanied Terryil Godoy on keyboards.

Ambergris Today

Flashbacks: The Laid-back, Sandy Streets of the Fishing Village of San Pedro
A casual look at this Flashback Pic might get you wondering what part of the village in the 1970’s this could be. Or you might wonder whether this could be some other village of Belize. Could that building with a square water reservoir be the community center, now the town hall? Look at the huge hill of white sand that makes up the street- so islandish, so picturesque, so safe, so children-friendly. It’s gotta be San Pedro. Of course it is San Pedro! Why do you think Ramon Nuñez Jr. is cruising along enjoying the serenity of his village? Indeed it is that portion of Tarpon Street leading up west to the San Pedro R.C. School. Driving up that street today, you can see the sea but there is no hill of sand now. At the time there was no fence because there was no need to. On the left side of the street is Mr. Francisco and Mrs. Vilma Arceo’s humble dwelling with a typical San Pedro wood picket fence intended not to keep ‘unfriendly’ people out but to keep the chickens and the dogs in. This is the site of the once very popular The Hut Restaurant and now the Vilma Linda Plaza.

25 Years Ago: Things We Take for Granted – Speedboats
A speed boat is something that today we take for granted. Jump into a small speed boat, perhaps a mahogany skiff and in twenty minutes you are at your dive spot making deep skin dives looking for lobsters. Or perhaps you jump into your large speed boat equipped with diving gear and in forty minutes you are at the world famous Blue Hole ready to take your excited visiting divers for a breathtaking dive. Finally you might board into one of the water taxis and in one hour and twenty minutes you are already disembarking at Belize City ready to consult with your personal doctor, lawyer, or whatever business takes you to the old capital city. A speed boat is something that today we all take for granted. It is just there. But it was not always like that. Back in the 1940’s people in San Pedro had to patiently await the services of El San Roque, a cargo boat that travelled between San Pedro and Belize City mostly with coconuts for export. Later on in the 1950’s it was the Elsa P, captained by Felipe Paz, lovingly known as Tio Pil. The Elsa P took orders from two or three local business owners and sailed to Belize City shopping for the grocery stores. And because there was no other mode of transportation, passengers could get a ride to the city for 50 cents.

Pic of the Week: No Place I Rather Be
This week’s pick of the week features this beautiful traveler who is in love and waiting to reach her destination in the Cayes. As the refreshing wind blows through her gorgeous hair, she enjoys the view as the boat runs through the aquamarine waters of Belize. Picture after picture, she creates memories of her unforgettable vacation, while she sings out loud to the lyrics of Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne “Rather Be”

Elvi’s Kitchen Macho Burger Left Titleless
It was a bellyful of food and fun at Elvi’s Kitchen second annual Burger Challenge 2014 which took place this past Saturday, September 13, 2014, in connection with the September Patriotic Celebrations. Chef and coordinator Jenny Staines prepared the challenging menu for the competitors who came in all sizes and ages including one who flew in from the U.S. especially for the event. The burger challenge included one pound of bread, two pounds of ground meat, one pound of vegetables including onions, lettuce, and tomato all accompanied by one pound of French fries all to a total of five pounds. Elvi’s kitchen which was had a packed house expressed thanks to Belikin Beer and Traveller’s Rum for sponsoring the challenge which truly offered a bellyful of food and laughter to all competitors, clients, and staff. Congratulations to the winners and for those who won or came close to winning, there is always Elvi’s Kitchen Burger Challenge 2015 which will come bigger and better and tons of fun.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Partial Scope Agreement between the Government of Belize and the Republic of Guatemala
The negotiations on the Partial Scope Agreement (PSA), between the Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of Guatemala, were launched on November 22, 2004. Both countries signed the agreement on 26th June, 2006. In 2009, Belize deposited its Instrument of Ratification to the CARICOM Secretariat and obtained CARICOM’s approval of the Agreement and completed its internal process of ratification that year. Guatemala completed its ratification in March of 2010. With the exchange of information notifying the completion of the internal process in each country, the PSA took effect on 4th April, 2010, thirty days after Guatemala completed its internal process of ratification. This is Belize’s first negotiated bilateral trade agreement and one which takes into account the obligations to the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). This agreement has been seen as an opportunity to enhance trade and commercial relations for both countries.

Commentary: Garifuna organizations must devise a plan to deal with discrimination
By Wellington C. Ramos Ever since it was reported that there was discrimination taking place against Ms Uwahnie Martinez, an employee of FirstCaribbean Bank International, for speaking her Garifuna language, the Garifuna people in Belize and in the Diaspora have been outraged. Why? Because in the countries of “Yurumein”, now known as St Vincent and the Grenadines, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize there has always been a history of racism and human rights violations against the Garifuna people up to this very day. In St Vincent and the Grenadines, the Garifuna people’s country was invaded and taken over in the 1600 and 1700s by the French and British, who declared an unjustifiable war against them and occupied their country as if it was theirs. The French even had the nerve to hand over their country to the British in the Treaty of Paris. When the British defeated the Garifuna people on March 11, 1795, they removed them from the island to Baliceaux, an adjacent island, and left them there to perish and die.

Flavors of Belize Mobile App
Flavors of Belize has a new mobile app. It's free on itunes and Google Play. The launch coincided with the Carnival parade, and they had a great float. Olivera Rusu Photography got some great shots of it. "The Flavors of Belize App is a combination of our annual magazine, our cookbook, and our cooking show. We provide a free, easy to use guide on your phone that highlights accommodations, restaurants, & hotspots throughout Belize all conveniently separated by area and categories."

A Snapshot of Summer at GPC
Valerie Penner's 'A Snapshot of Summer' will be opening at the George Price Center this Friday at 7:00pm. Ms. Penner is one of Cayo's up and coming artists, and you'll definitely see something you like.

FISHING REPORT: Week of September 6th – 13th, 2014
Well, we have had some weather, and we have had some amazing things happen this week! The renovation is almost finished and the lodge is looking beautiful. We are super excited about our Ribbon Cutting party coming up to celebrate the new room additions on the 19th. To our guests this week – thank you from all of us at El Pescador for sharing your time and dreams with us. Your job is to go infect others with your passion for fly fishing. Yes, it’s a blast when the fish are put to your hands, but it is also very rewarding to see others go out and feel that same excitement!

Lilly the kinkajou gets freedom
Another Release! After nearly 3 months Lilly the kinkajou went from from intensive treatments back to freedom. It was fabulous to observe how she went from mostly lounging, laying on her back (picture on the left), eating and sleeping (she is nocturnal by nature so quite normal to sleep during the day when we are around...) to exploring the rehab cage (loving her tree log home) in the reserve for several weeks, before the door was finally left open for her to leave at her leisure, and return as needed for supplemental feeding (last picture). Thanks to the many helping hands in returning this animal to its wild home!

Win Cash Prizes! Best Float, Best Group
SIGN UP NOW at the San Pedro Town Council Office or call 226-2936 and ask for Ms. Lorna Vasquez.

Kids Talent Show
Santa Elena will be having a Kids Talent Show this Friday, starting at 7:00pm. It'll be at Joseph Andrews park. Happy September!

Channel 7

Death Of A Salesman In San Pedro
There were three murders over the weekend: 1 in the city on Friday; 1 in San Pedro on Saturday, and the third in Cayo on Sunday. We start in San Pedro, where 31 year old Moses Coc, a resident of Big Falls village in Toledo was struck repeatedly across the head and died. It happened at around 11:00 on Saturday night, when Coc and a friend were walking on Swan Street in San Pedro - and a man struck him from behind with a piece of wood. His brother told us today that he suspects Moses was being robbed:..

Paul Rubio Morgan's Street Execution
And while that was Saturday night in San Pedro, 24 hours earlier, Belize City saw a murder on Friday night. 40 year old Paul Rubio Morgan was killed in what police believe is a gang related execution. His family couldn't talk to us today, but police told us that they are looking at an underworld angle:... Supt. Hilberto Romero, O.C., Crimes Investigation Branch "Initial investigation reveal that he was in a vehicle on King Street on the passenger side when he was approached by a lone gunman who fired shots at him causing the said injuries." Jules Vasquez "Are you all aware if his murder had anything to do with the underworld trade in narcotics?" Supt. Hilberto Romero "At this time we have not established a clear motive. That is one of the leads we are following up on. He had been charged before for drug trafficking and that case is before the court. Perhaps we are looking at another angle gang affiliated, but we are still working on establishing a clear motive."

Titan Principals Bailed, Re-Arrested Pending Extradition
And still ahead - we'll tell you about the weekend's most shocking murder - a man who was beheaded in Duck Run village - allegedly because he once ran with a Guatemalan gang. That story is coming, but first to the latest development with the Offshore company called Titan Security. As we reported all of last week, Titan, and five other offshore companies based in Belize were named in a federal indictment. When the indictment was unsealed on Tuesday in New York, that sent the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Police straight over to Titan's offices at the Matalon Building on Coney Drive where police cleaned it out - down to the last garbage bin and stapler. But while their companies records were being confiscated for US Authorities, the owners of Titan, Bahamians 34 year old Kelvin Leach and 29 year old Rohn Knowles were free to go; they were not accused of any crime in Belize - and though the US said they would seek extradition, no request was forthcoming.

Guatemalan Gang In duck Run? Man Almost Beheaded
A Guatemalan's man past may have caught up with him in the remote village of Duck Run 3 in the Cayo district. On Saturday morning just before sunrise, Cayo police found 24-year-old Pedro Ariel Diaz Guien with his head almost cut off. Today, Monica Bodden went west to find out what may have led to this gruesome death:.. The decapitated body of 34 year old Pedro Diaz was found on this deserted road in the village of Duck Run 3 early Sunday morning. Ana Diaz - Wife of Decease "Saturday at 3 o' clock." Monica Bodden "Did he mention to you where he was going?"

The Karl Heusner Memorial treats more trauma and critical care cases than any other facility, private or public in the country. But, regardless of how many lives it saves, the hospital's public image will probably forever carry that taint of the 13 babies of May 2013 who died in the pediatric intensive care unit. A major part of turning the page is re-opening an expanded and refitted neo-natal intensive care unit. Work started over a year ago, and today, three hundred thousand dollars later, a ceremony was held to mark it's re-opening. For maximum publicity effect, the KHMH Administration joined that event up with the opening of an adult intensive care unit - the first dedicated one in the public system. We found out what difference both will make in the quality of care the public receives:..

SCA Makes History, Launches Bond
If you follow the news, you'll know all about the municipal bond launched by the city council in November of 2012. 20 million dollars of those bonds sold like hotcakes - mostly because the banks are offering very low interest rates on savings. That means individual investors and institutional investors have money but they don't have anywhere to put it. The banks are only offering 2% at most so when the municipal bond came along offering 3.5%, 5.5.% and 8%, well investors jumped at it. NOW Saint Catherine's Academy is hoping it can do the same. Now you may say, what's a school doing selling bonds? Well, they're making history. We found out more at the launching today:.. Ervin Perez, Legacy Fund Ltd. "This is the first educational institution in the English speaking Caribbean; we are talking Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica - all the eastern Caribbean - this is the first institution that is issuing an education bond for capital investment. This is absolutely historic. The purpose of the bond as Sister Mercy has spoken about is the artist rendition of a multi-purpose student center which will enhance student experience at this school and provide the school with opportunities and benefits that has been at this current time not available and the school St. Catherine's Academy, the board of governors have pledge for the security of this bond 7% of the gross revenue of the school which approximates to $172,000 for the first at least 3 years.

Carnival Was Sweet on The Streets
When you think about September in Belize, you think about the 10th, and the 21st but even more so the unscripted and boisterous Carnival Road March. Well, carnival weekend has come and gone but it has surely made a mark, not only on the road but in our memory. Now as you recover from the blazing "Carnival" fever, we bring you highlights from the break of dawn to the remains of Carnival day 2014. The winning bands took home cash prizes. In the Junior category Jump Street Posse got $7,000 and Sunshine Masqueraders got $4,000. For the Senior Large band category Erotic Mas Band took home $10,000. While Soca Moca got $5,000 and Mother Nature's Creation won $4,000.

Carnival Was Incident Free
But it seems everyone won on Carnival day. We say that because the day was mostly incident free. There was no grenade, spectators were safe, as were the revelers. But, it wasn't a Carnival Day miracle, it was the cumulative result of hundreds of police officers on patrol. Today the press officer told us that half the department was out there: Rafael Martinez, Police Press Officer "I must mention that it went for most part incident free and as you all know that this is the time when we spend enough energy from the police department to police Belize City. It has always been approximately 50% of our man power use to come down Belize City and that's including of course members of the Belize Defence Force as well to come down to ensure that we have a very safe September celebrations. This will actually continue up to 21st September and we do again encourage people out there if you see something, if you don't feel too secure about something please call the police department 911."

Killer Bees
In Corozal on Saturday a 66 year old Naturalized Belizean of Paraiso Village was attacked and killed by a swarm of Africanized Bees. Gilberto Manzanilla was riding his bicycle at about 11:45 in the morning on a street near a cemetery on Saturday when he was attacked by the bees. He died as a result of Cardio Respiratory Arrest due to multiple bee stings.

San Pedro Environmentalists Have A Major Issue
Tonight, environmentalists on San Pedro are sounding the alarm on a situation, which is developing on the Island. It includes a part of the island, which was supposed to be set aside as a protected area, but is now under threat of being used for housing development. The area has been closely studied and tested to check its importance to the marine ecosystem which surrounds Ambergris Caye. An environmental protection plan, known as the Ambergris Caye Wetlands Project Expansion, has been completed for at least 3 years now, and it has been before Cabinet for several months pending approval. That governmental approval has not been forthcoming, and that caused another problem to develop.

Gary's Going...
KHMH CEO Francis Gary Longsworth is leaving at the end of this month. He joined the hospital six year ago in July of 2008, and now he's leaving, largely as a casualty of the baby deaths of May 2013. It can be argued that it wasn't his direct responsibility to modify procedures after the first three babies died, but still, he was the man at the helm and the responsibility has been laid at his feet. So, now that he's leaving, we asked him if there are any hard feelings:.. Dr. Gary Longsworth, CEO - KHMH "When I ask for a renewal and I was asking for one year, that's was it. I mean it was denied. I was told I could re-apply, but I am not interested in doing that. Why should I do that? That's like redundancy." Jules Vasquez "So what's next for you?" Dr. Gary Longsworth, CEO - KHMH "A long break. I haven't had a proper vacation in many years, ever since I came to Karl Heusner in fact. I think the longest break I had was about 5 days at any given time, so I think it's time for a real vacation and then to see what's out there for me."

Hon. Marin On Stolen Pickups from MOH
And speaking of CEO's, ultimately who is responsible for the three Toyota Hilux pickups stolen from the ministry of health since July. We asked the minister of health today, where does the buck stop?:.. Jules Vasquez "How do you feel about all these stolen vehicles that continue and 3 already this year?" Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health "It is sad to say, but if you can notice all of these vehicles that are being stolen is based in Belmopan. There are some kind of group trying to do mischief or selling these kinds of vehicles. We are trying to put as much hand on it. Right now we are moving where the guard was some cameras. We are trying to see if we can get GPS in our vehicles because we don't know exactly who it is. We leave everything in the hands of the police. That's about it." Jules Vasquez "Sir, only your vehicles are being targeted. Obviously this is a Ministry of Health type thing and someone has to be held accountable. We can't even get a picture of these vehicles, nobody cares enough to say see a picture here. At least when the one was stolen from Central Ms. Melinda Guerra, I must praise her - call us in, gave us security footage, and gave us the picture of the vehicle. But in this case in Belmopan like everybody okay they thief a new Hilux, next."

Mek Mi Rich Launches
If you've been watching the ad breaks on the news, you've definitely seen the commercials for the new game show "Mek Mi Rich". Apart from the bizarre challenges we've seen people take on in the commercials, there are other ways to win big bucks, as much as half a million dollars. The show debuts tonight at 8:00 on channel 7 and Executive Producer Nima Nejat told us why you should tune in and participate. Nima Nejat, Executive Producer "Mek Mi Rich is an interactive game show where viewers at home can play and we created the game where just using your cell phone you can text in your numbers or you can text "QP" to 7424 and it charges your phone bill and you can buy a ticket. Every Monday and Thursday at 8pm we will do a live drawing, it's a very entertaining game show that we've created and at the live drawing you'll get a text message to see if you won money. Part of the game is called street segments where our street segment host Dillon Jones goes around to different parts of Belize and people do challenges for money. So you never know when we are going to be out on the streets. You never know what the challenges are going to be, but you have an opportunity to sit there and play a game and make money right on the streets. With the actual game we are giving away from one dollar to half a million dollars. We have a five thousand dollars prize as well and we have a bunch of other prizes that people can win. We also have a raffle where just by watching the game show you can play a raffle and win other really exciting prizes, maybe a trip to San Pedro, maybe like different electronics and things like that."

Channel 5

Indicted Bahamians granted bail, but are immediately rearrested for extradition proceedings
Tonight, two Bahamian nationals are behind bars pending proceedings for an extradition request by the United States government. Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach are accused in a Belize billion dollar [...]

Guatemalan national is chopped to death – his head almost decapitated
Turning to crime news. Three men were murdered over the weekend, in San Pedro, Belize City and in Cayo District. Early on Sunday morning, a Spanish Lookout resident was killed [...]

Paul Morgan is executed in the City
The body of forty-two-year-old Paul Morgan, who also goes by the name Paul Rubio, is at the Belize City morgue tonight. Morgan, who has a long rap sheet, was violently [...]

Bowen and Bowen employee is bashed to the head and killed
There was a murder in San Pedro over the weekend, allegedly the result of an altercation in town. According to the Police report, Bowen and Bowen employee thirty-one year old [...]

Corozal resident dies after being stung by killer bees
Up north, a swarm of killer bees viciously attacked a resident of Paraiso, Corozal over the weekend. Sixty-six year old Gilberto Manzanilla was riding his bicycle in the village just [...]

Government offering submerged lots in northern Ambergris Caye
There is a developing story tonight out of San Pedro where the government is offering submerged lots in northern Ambergris Caye.  As incredible as it sounds, there are numerous pegs [...]

K.H.M.H. turns 19
The national referral hospital has frequently been mired in scandals; as recent as two weeks ago the K.H.M.H. settled with seven mothers after their newborns died in the neonatal unit [...]

Thousands participate in Jouvert 2014
Just before dawn on Saturday, a massive crowd gathered in the area of the Belcan Bridge for Jouvert. The event has grown by leaps and bounds and this year, the [...]

The glitz and glam of the 2014 Carnival Road March
The Jouvert at predawn on Saturday made way for the grand 2014 carnival road march. With colourful costumes that seem to get bigger every year, the bands started the parade [...]

Police say carnival weekend without a hitch
The annual Carnival Road March saw thousands of Belizeans converge on the streets of Belize City.  Fortunately, this year it went without a hitch.  While the Belize Police Department will [...]

Volleyball and Cycling with Veteran Sportscaster James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.     We lead today with the BDVA interoffice volleyball championship which took center stage at the Belize Auditorium Friday [...]

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09/16/14 05:46 AM
09/16/14 05:46 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Belize Corozal Road In A Mess
There are a number of complaints rising from motorists travelling the Phillip Goldson Highway that passes through Orange Walk Town. Following the launch of the rehabilitation project, road works began almost immediately. But as the old saying goes, with progress comes problems. Aside from the inconvenient, yet necessary, road blocks, residents along the road have had to endure a stifling amount of dust rising from the road. Now, the showers over the last days have reversed that situation and residents and motorists alike have to deal with a muddied road. The rains have washed away much of the smoothed surface and the section that the Belize Water Services has been working on along the road side is also causing some problems. As a result of the complaints, we contacted the Ministry of Works to find out more about the progress of the road work and what is being done, if anything, to minimize the inconveniences to the public. Dalila Ical– Reporting The rehabilitation of the Phillip Goldson Highway passing through town is long overdue, but now that the project is underway, there are other concerns the public have. It goes without saying that before the public can appreciate a good highway they have to endure some inconveniences. The question now is how much inconveniences and can those being experienced now be lessened in some way.

Czl Police Destroys Huge Marijuana Plantation
One thousand eight hundred and five plants of cannabis were up rooted and destroyed today by Corozal Police. The drugs, ranging 3 to 6 feet in height, were found approximately 3 ¼ miles off the San Andres road around 11:30 this morning. Andrew Ramirez - OC Corozal “Acting upon information, Corozal police headed by Corporal Valladarez and a team of officers including officers from the criminal investigation branch and the Special Assignment Team we had visited an area about three and a quarter miles north of San Andres village in the Corozal district which resulted in the discovery of 1805 Cannabis plants ranging from the height of three feet over six feet in height, nobody was found in the area as a result the Cannabis plants were uprooted and lighted engulf in fire.”

Outstanding Northenos Awarded In Belize City
Distinguished men and women were honored at the 2014 Tribute to Belizean Patriots at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts held last night. The National Honors and Awards Act was passed on August 16th, 1991. Among those receiving the award were at least three individuals from the Orange Walk District. They include outstanding Belizean, the late Alfredo Martinez who has been awarded the highest Order of Belize. Mr. Martinez is also remembered as a past Rotaractor & most distinguished Diplomat. Another outstanding Orange Walkena who was awarded hails from Yo Creek Village, Mrs. Felicita Cantun.

World First Aid Day Celebrated In Belize
Saturday September 13th is being observed as World First Aid Day, abbreviated WFAD. With its global theme, “First aid heroes in daily emergencies and disasters”, the Belize Red Cross awareness campaign message is “Be a Hero, Save Lives”. In lieu of this, Red Cross Belize will be training interested parties in first aid. A release from the organization says that ‘First aid is the first step in the chain of survival during an emergency. Contrastingly, in many low- and middle-income countries, the percentage of people trained is extremely low. Preparing people with these skills also builds more resilient communities, better preparing neighbors and friends to act when the next disaster strikes,’ end quote.

Czl Fire Department Says Unlisted Number Is Cause For Them Not To Respond To Fire
Last night on our newscast we reported on the complaint made by Cecilio Mozaia against the Corozal Fire Department. Mozaia claimed that some three weeks ago his kitchen was destroyed by fire. His entire house would have been engulfed in flames if not for the assistance of neighbors because while he called the Corozal Fire Department for help they were a no show. Today reporter Victor Castillo visited the Corozal Fire Department and spoke with recently transferred Fire Chief Meshach Henry who preferred not to provide us with an interview but commented on the situation off camera.

Three Minors In Czl Detained For Theft
Three minors from Corozal are tonight under police custody for two separate crimes committed in the villages of Patchakan and Xaibe. 40 year old Adriana Medina, domestic worker from the village of Patchakan, reported to police that between Sunday the 31st of August and the 1st of September of this year thief or thieves broken into her kitchen and stole one black and purple female beach cruiser with serial number 12687j0329 valued at $235.00. When police visited the scene they found no signs of forced entry. Corozal Police have since detained a 16 year old minor from the village of Patchakan in the Corozal District pending charges.

American Couple Become Victim Of Home Invasion
A home invasion has been reported in San Pedro town and those targeted this time was a retired American couple and in the process, their neighbor was injured. According to reports, around 12:10 am today Douglas Kelly, 68 and his wife Gail Neal, 65, were accosted inside their apartment Tres Cocos area of San Pedro Town by a tall, dark skin man. The person wielded a knife and inflicted cut wounds to Kelly and Neal. While this happened, their neighbor, forty year old Thomas Fiorille, heard the commotion and came over to investigate. He too was attacked by the intruder and suffered injuries to his body. Despite the danger, a struggle ensued with the intruder who reportedly sustained an injury to his head. However, he managed to escape. After the entire ordel and an assessment of the injuries sustained by the victims, authorities report that Douglas Kelly sustained cut wounds to the wrist, hand, stomach and head. Gail Neal was cut over the left eye and mouth and Thomas Fiorille had a cut wound to the chest and wrist.

Domestic Violence, The Ugly Truth
It’s the question every survivor of domestic violence is posed, often incredulously: Why didn’t you just leave? The reality is that leaving an abusive relationship is often a herculean task that endangers the woman and calls for resources that aren’t readily available. This week, stories like these became part of a national conversation when an allegation surfaced of Minister of Education; Patrick Faber who was accused of attacking his female counterpart. Subsequently, a report was made to the Belize City police where shortly after the report was withdrawn. As the conversations surrounding domestic abuse continue to flood in, we hope this story will make it clear that “just leaving” often isn't an option. We hope this information will prompt people to stop asking why she stayed and instead begin asking how they can help. Maria Novelo reports.


Man shot multiple times and killed in Belize City
A Mahogany Heights resident, who was building a house in Belize City in gang territory, became a target on Friday night in the City’s latest homicide. Police found Paul Morgan, aged 40, also known as Paul Rubio, in his green and white Ford Explorer, in front of a King Street address near its junction with Tigris Street, around 7:55 p.m., where he had been shot by a lone gunman on a bicycle, who approached the vehicle from behind. Paul Morgan was shot in the head, chin and left eye and died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Superintendent Hilberto Romero fielded questions about the motive for the case. 4Superintendent Hilberto Romero – Police Department “At this time we have not established a clear motive. That is one of the leads we are following up on. He had been charged before for drug trafficking, and one of the cases is before the court. We have recorded some statements. We are looking for one suspect, one person of interest, at this time.


Man Seeks Help To Take Brother Home Following His Murder on Ambergris Caye
Meanwhile investigators on Ambergris Caye are interrogating persons on the island following the Saturday night murder of 31-year-old, Moses Coc. Reports are that just around eleven o’clock on Saturday night officers on the island were summoned to the polyclinic where they saw Coc’s body bearing head injuries that led to his death. The Hispanic salesman for Bowen and Bowen Company Limited, of a Sea Grape Drive address was reportedly walking on Swan Street with a friend around ten o’clock on Saturday night when he was attacked by another man and hit in the head with a piece of wood. Coc was taken to the polyclinic but he died just after eleven o’clock that night. He had been living on the island for an estimated six years, where he shared an apartment with two of his brothers; we spoke with one of the brothers, Juan Coc, who told us that it is a tragedy for his family.

St. Catherine Academy launches bond for construction of Multi-purpose student center
Today was the official launch of the St. Catherine Academy Mercy Bonds for the construction of the SCA Multi-purpose student center. The bond is for two million eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars, consisting of three series. Managing director of legacy fund Ltd Ervin Perez gave a breakdown of the bond and its structure. Legacy Fund Ltd, Managing Director Ervin Perez “First of all just to mention that it is extremely historic. This is the first time that an educational institution in the English speaking Caribbean, the entire English speaking Caribbean is using an education bond to do a capital investment project. As I mentioned in the press conference the bond is to finance the construction of a multipurpose student center approximately $2.9 million dollars. $200,000 has already been invested in the foundation.

Hospital’s CEO Says He Will Rest Following Expiration of His Contract
CEO of the KHMH, Dr. Gary Longsworth, is on his way out after his request for his contract to be renewed was denied by the Board of Directors at the KHMH. Today, we caught up with Longsworth and we asked what his next step is. CEO of KHMH Dr. Gary Longsworth “I am just grateful for the opportunity that I had to serve at this hospital and no greater things will be done after I am gone believe me because I think we have the caliber of people here that will continue to move it forward and if the government and ministry is prepared to assist there is no turning back its only going to get better.” Hipolito Novelo “Sir the CEO in the Ministry of Health Dr. Peter Allen had told the media that you are also welcomed to reapply, would you do that?” Dr. Gary Longsworth “No when I asked for a renewal and I was asking for one year that was it. It was denied, I was told I could reapply but I am not interested in doing that. Why should I do that? That is like redundancy.”

Senior Citizen Dies Following Attack of Killer Bees
A senior citizen of the Corozal District passed away this weekend after being attacked by a swarm of Africanized Bees also known as killer bees. Police reports say that the naturalized Belizean, Gilberto Manzanilla was on his bicycle riding near the cemetery in Paraiso Village when he was attacked on Saturday afternoon at around one o’clock. The 66-year-old was taken for medical treatment but he passed away. The result of his post mortem examination states that his cause of death was cardio respiratory arrest due to multiple bee stings. The Africanized honey bees are hybrids of other honey bee species and were first introduced in Brazil in the 1950s with the hopes of increasing honey production, which was accomplished except that the bees were especially defensive. In 1957, 26 swarms accidentally escaped quarantine and since then have spread throughout South and Central America.

Attorney Gets Bail for Bahamian Nationals Who Are Wanted By US Government
Two Bahamian nationals, 34 year old Kelvin Leach and 29 year old Rohn Knowles, who were each granted a bail of seven thousand dollars after they were arraigned today on charges of failure to declare when leaving Belize with more than ten thousand dollars, were whisked away by the police before they could meet bail. They were detained pending a warrant by the US government for their extradition. They and four others, including Belizean Andrew Godfrey, are accused of participating in a scheme which defrauded the US Government of one billion Belize dollars in taxes. Leach and Knowles were arrested on Friday, September 12, at Phillip Goldson International Airport as they tried to leave the country on a flight to Cancun. Leach had six thousand three hundred US dollars and Knowles had six thousand US dollars. They both pled not guilty to the charge. The prosecutor had objected to bail on the ground that they were not Belizeans and they were a flight risk.

Belize City Mayor hands over key to the city to young motivational speaker
12-year-old Anthony Gill is the youngest motivational speaker in the world. Gill who is of Belizean parentage has made Belize a yearly stop on his tour. Today he was recognized for the work he has been doing with the youths of Belize. Mayor Darrell Bradley handed over a symbolic key to the city. Mayor Darrell Bradley “The Mayor of the City presents this key to the city to Anthony Gill in recognition of your outstanding contribution to young people as a civic activist and motivational speaker. You’re an inspiration and credit to Belizeans everywhere. Presented by Mayor Darrell Bradley at the City Hall given on September 15, 2014.”

Police Finds Man With A Near-Severed Head in Western Belize
News of a brutal murder came out of western Belize yesterday when authorities responded to Duck Run 2 in the Spanish Lookout area of the Cayo District to find out what could have led to the near-severed head of a Guatemalan national that morning. Love News spoke to the Officer in Charge of San Ignacio Police Station, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Dinsdale Thompson, who furnished us with the incident and the current status of their investigation. ASP DINSDALE THOMPSON “Sometime after four on Sunday morning we received a report of a male person lying on Emerald Trail in the Duck Run Three, Spanish Lookout Area in the Cayo District. We visited the area when we received the call of a Spanish decent individual lying in that trail and we found it to be one Pedro Diaz, a Guatemalan who, when inspected, we noted that he had chop wounds to the neck area which almost decapitated his head. Investigations at this present moment is showing that Mr. Diaz was out with some friends socializing and the friends then took him home which after that, it is uncertain as to what happened.

Belize United Alliance Plans Introduction of Slate in Upcoming Municipal Elections
In just a few months it is expected that the political signage, promises and plans for good governance will seep onto the lamp posts, streets and homes in Belize’s nine municipalities countrywide, as elections are slated for March 2015. Over the course of the last few months, we have been keeping you updated on who will be bowing out of the political arena and who will be seeking re-election…….but coming forward with a slate of their own for the upcoming race is the Belize Unity Alliance. In a release issued by the organization, the Belize United Alliance is geared at providing support for alternative political parties and independent candidates, to endorse alternative parties and candidates in local and national elections and to advance the growth of the democratic process in Belize by means of education.

The Reporter

Belize Red Cross Society observes First Aid Day
The Belize Red Cross joined the International federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to observe First Aid Day. The day was celebrated on September 13 under the global theme “First aid heroes in daily emergencies and disasters,” with the Belize Red Cross’ educational campaign then being “Be a Hero, Save Lives.” During the observation the Belize Red Cross made a call to tne public to get trained in first aid, emphasizing that people without medical school qualifications can also save lives. “Every five seconds, someone in the world dies from an injury,” said Rodel Beltran Perera, communications officer. “In emergencies, 90 percent of lives are saved by local people”, he continued.

Patrick JonesPJ

Carnival weekend was safe apart from firearm discharge
According to Police, Carnival weekend was safe for residents and visitors to Belize City. The Police Department flexed its manpower from across the country into Belize City with some degree of success as reported by press officer Raphael Martinez. Martinez says that some 50% of the over 1,500-strong […]

SCA seeks funding through bonds for multi-purpose center
On Wednesday of last week, St. Catherine Academy in Belize City in conjunction with the Heritage Bank and Legacy Fund began to float what it calls “Mercy Bonds”, named for the Catholic order Sisters of Mercy which manages the school. The all-female educational institution intends to raise some […]

Robbery in Orange Walk; police charge one man
Police in Orange Walk have arrested and charged one of two men who reportedly robbed a business establishment at gunpoint. The incident happened on Saturday afternoon at Darvis store. The proprietor of the establishment told police that just after 2 pm on Saturday, two men, one armed […]

UDP endorses municipal slate in Punta Gorda town
The United Democratic Party (UDP) has endorsed a slate of candidates to contest the next Town Council elections in Punta Gorda on Wednesday, March 4, 2015. The endorsement convention was held on Sunday afternoon, with guest speaker, the Mayor of Belize City Darrell Bradley. The Mayoral candidate for […]

OpEd: Residential lots for political gain – The Belmopan Case
By Senator Patrick Jason Andrews: The City of Belmopan was designed at inception to benefit from a Master Plan. Prior to the year 2000, this responsibility of stewardship and planning was resident in the Reconstruction and Development Corporation or RECONDEV and thereafter since 2000, to both RECONDEV […]

Flooding interrupts Belize Territorial Volunteers trip to the border
The Belize Territorial Volunteers were hoping to raise the Belize flag on the Belize-Guatemala border over the weekend. But Mother Nature had other ideas. On Saturday the group of about 200 men and women, led by Toledo resident Wil Maheia , set out for the border in southern […]

Titan Securities executives wanted by the US are charged in Belize
Bahamian finance executives 29 year old Rohn Knowles and 34 year old Kelvin Leach were picked up by authorities at the Philip Goldson International Airport on Friday while trying to leave the country. They are, along with American Robert Banfield, Canadians Brian De Wit and Cem Can and […]

Ministry of Health addressing “mischief” of vehicle thefts
A fourth vehicle was recently reported stolen from the Ministry of Health, and specifically from its own offices in the East Block of the National Assembly. A white Toyota Hilux was taken over the St. George’s Caye Day holiday after being parked on September 9. It is a […]

Was weekend murder victim linked to drugs, gangs?
A Mahogany Heights resident who was building a house in Belize City in gang territory became a target on Friday night in the City’s latest homicide. Police found Paul Morgan, 40, also known as Paul Rubio, in his green and white Ford Explorer in front of a King […]

KHMH re-opens intensive care units
The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital was the center of scandal in May of 2013 when it was reported that an unusually high number of premature babies – 13 boys and girls – had died in less than three weeks. Of those, eight […]


Belize Resort Review: Midas Resort in San Ignacio Town
Immersing yourself in the relaxing environment of a tropical rainforest is the perfect way to escape from the stress and cares of your daily life on your upcoming vacation, and Midas Resort Belize is the ideal vacation destination. This charming resort provides you with a wide range of accommodations and friendly service in the heart of San Ignacio Town. When you think about your perfect vacation in Belize, you may envision yourself enjoying adventures that range from horseback riding through hills to careening on zip lines or cooling off in a gorgeous, cascading waterfall. You may also think about kicking back under the sun by a pool or relaxing on a lounge chair while you enjoy the sounds of the rainforest all around you. Midas Resort in San Ignacio Belize is strategically located to give you the best overall experience on your vacation. From the resort, you can take a short walk to the markets in San Ignacio, or you can walk a little farther to tour the Cahal Pech archaeological site. There are numerous tours available for you to join when you stay at the resort, and these give you a convenient way to get to know more about Belize while you make amazing memories on your vacation.

Simple Tres Leches Cake
This a moist, sweet and delicious version of Tres Leches Cake. It uses very few ingredients and is just the right size for a small family.

The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order
I’m reading this book and I must say that it is a real eye opener into the world that is really hustling and bustling around us, the same one we keep ignoring from inside our little bubble in our little corner. This is a must read and a valuable collection to any library. In these unprecedented economic times, the world is experiencing as a whole what most of the non-industrialized world has experienced over the past several decades. For a nuanced examination of the intricacies of the global political-economic landscape and the power players within it. Michel Chossudovsky takes the reader through an examination of how the World Bank and IMF have been the greatest purveyors of poverty around the world, despite their rhetorical claims to the opposite. These institutions, representing the powerful Western nations and the financial interests that dominate them, spread social apartheid around the world, exploiting both the people and the resources of the vast majority of the world’s population.

A woman – truly empowered!
By Marisa Alamilla As I sit to write this article I am in the waiting room at Belize Medical Associates with a friend as support while she undergoes a series of tests to find out why she is so sick. Being a single mom myself for much of my life I know intimately what she is going through. Being sick is one thing but being sick knowing that you are the sole provider, the base of your home, the only true refuge for your children is quite another. It’s easy for me to put myself in her shoes and realize just how hard this can and most likely will get and then I pray that I will be strong enough to go through this with her and be her rock in her time of need. My mind drifts to just a few short weeks ago when there was much noise about the 20,000 strong march for empowering women and ask myself yet again if this is just one case that fell through the cracks? I don’t believe that of course and it is one of the many reasons myself and others could not support such a march. For the record I was not one of the 3000 women geared up in orange t-shirts shouting that I believe in the empowerment of women or that we should stick together as women and support each other in times of need. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of women and feel that we must always come to the support and aid of our fellow women in need.

Finn Kardashian Does Central America: Episode One
My friend Findley Halliday aka. Finn aka. Finn Kardashian is a born and raised San Pedrano, a local celebrity and socialite (sometimes in his own mind), the bar manager at the beautiful and world-celebrated Rojo Beach Bar, North Ambergris Caye, a fantastic photographer and a creative, FUN, witty, worldly guy who is a blast to Crossfit with. Here we are working out together. He and his friend & co-worker Dani saved up money all season to backpack during their off-time. To see the world, to not spend TOO much money (at least that was Dani’s plan) and to do it stylishly (Finn’s plan). Anyone who knows this lost Kardashian knows that the idea of sleeping in a flea bitten hostel and eating ramen noodles with smelly German tourists would be repugnant to Finn. He SO enjoys the finer things in life.

ATM Cave in Belize: National Geographic’s Top Sacred Spot
The cave had a long history of ritual and ceremonies, including those involving human sacrifice to appease the gods. When the Maya were gripped by a long, devastating drought, sacrifices to Chac, the deity associated with rain, increased, resulting in the number of skeletons littering the floors of various chambers, Mr Young explained. “Unfortunately, the sacrifices didn’t work, as the Maya civilisation continued to collapse up to the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, who sealed the Maya Empire’s fate,” he said. Today, Actun Tunichil Muknal remains much as the Maya left it, with the Belize government allowing only a select few licenced operators to conduct tours under stringent restrictions developed to protect the natural and manmade features of the cave. Those measures are welcome, Mr Young said, especially with the ATM becoming more popular, having been the subject of a “Ghost Hunters International” television episode and various other articles and media. The recent National Geographic feature will undoubtedly attract more attention, Mr Young said. “We don’t mind the growing popularity, as long as it’s managed,” Mr Young said, “Greater attention should lead to even more resources to protect the ATM and perhaps discover more of Belize’s hidden underground treasures. “The Maya were one of the greatest, most advanced civilisations of the ancient world, and as it is part of our shared humanity, we’re happy to preserve and share the remnants of this fascinating civilisation with the world.

Wacky Weather Worldwide and a Weekend Massage
Wacky weather is a worldwide phenomenon right now, between the news and people I know in various places I have been learning a lot about weird September weather. For us here in Belize it has been par for the course with alternating heavy rains and sunny periods, for others it means a wide range of things from Aircon to UGGS. On Ambergris Caye we have a reprieve from the recent heavy rain, it got hot and sunny for a couple of days. Yesterday was perfect weather to get paraded on our way back to the Mixology Course and today we are enjoying with cloudy and scattered showers.

International Sourcesizz

Belize authorities have questions for John McAfee on the murder of his neighbor, but no arrest warrant
Anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee is wanted by authorities in Belize only for questioning on how his neighbor ended up dead with a 9mm round to the back of his head in 2012. But not for murder. “We’d like him to come back here and answer questions about Gregory Faull, but no, we don’t have enough to arrest him,” a special branch officer with the National Police in Belize told me during a brief interview recently in that Central American country. A second National Police officer in the town of Hopkins told me the same thing. In other words, there is no arrest warrant for McAfee, who now lives in Portland, Oregon after bailing Belize in a hurry in 2012 after authorities sought to question him in the shooting death of Faull, a former neighbor of his who McAfee suspected of poisoning his dogs. Faull was later found gunned down, and McAfee quickly emerged as a suspect.

Star ratings: celebrity-owned hotels
Francis Ford Coppola The movie director went to Belize in 1981 and fell for the pristine landscapes. He bought an abandoned highlands lodge, Blancaneaux, in the ­Mountain Pine Ridge Nature ­Reserve, restored it as a family hideaway and opened jungle-chic rooms to the public in 1993. Now, under the Coppola Resorts brand, he owns two retreats in Belize and one in the arty Palermo ­neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. But more intriguingly, he also has the nine-suite Palazzo ­Margherita in ­Bernalda, the town in the ­Basilicata region of Matera in southern Italy where his grandfather was born. The director of the three Godfather movies bought the palatial villa in 2004 and it is now rated as one of Italy’s leading ­boutique ­boltholes, ­complete with handpainted ­ceiling frescoes and one chamber ­designed in North ­African style in honour of his grandmother, who was born in Tunisia.

On Site at MLTU: Diving 101
The four best dive destinations with Delta Vacations are Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Belize and Bonaire. This is because the water is impeccable, and there is plenty to see in terms of coral, fish and wrecks. Belize: This destination is home to the famous Blue Hole, which is certainly on the bucket list of most divers. It is for a more experienced diver, as it is about a 90-minute to three-hour boat ride out to the hole, and it is very steep and rep diving. The Belize Barrier Reef System is the second largest reef system in the world, and is protected as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Delta Vacations has 15 properties in its portfolio in Belize, all EP style. One of the most popular is Ramon’s Village, which is a three-star resort with thatch-roof Tahitian-style bungalows.


Video: , 3min.
Belizean born singing artist Melonie Gillett is working very arduously on her musical career and has proven to be one of the very few consistent female artists in Belize. This she attributes to her love for music which she says comes naturally to her. Melonie has recently released her latest single “Pandemonium – All Ova the World”. Here is the video for you to enjoy!

Video: No Gossip, 5min.
Here is Michael Wagner's "No GOSSIP" Music video... This video was Directed by Ross Jordan -- Produced by Mellowvision & Edit Your Video... Camera's Mellowvision & Edit Your Video.... Please be sure "Like, Share and comment on this video" Thanks

Video: Carnival Road September 2014, 3 hours.
Carnival Road March, Belize City (September 13, 2014) For the latest news across Belize,

Video: Belize - San Pedro island - Mai 2014, 9min.

Video: Belizean Foods that are Perfect with Belikin Beer, 2min.
Aside from Belikin Beer, Belize is also popular for their local recipes. Check out their most popular food that should perfectly go with a cold bottle of Belikin. A trip to the beautiful country of Belize will not be complete with enjoying a bottle (or more) of Belikin Beer. But you should also know that Belize is also home to some of the most delicious Caribbean recipes. Belikin Beer is the official beer of the country, with other beers either heavily taxed or completely prohibited, so you should find it in any bar and restaurant. Make the most of your experience and drink this well-known tasty beer with any of these equally popular Belizean foods.

Video: Belize Carnival 2014 #4, 6min.
Hot and Spicy...the Belize City Carnival Road March - September 13, 2014. No one wants to go home!

Video: Carnival Belize 2014, 28min.
My personal pictures of my experience at Carnival 2014 Belize!!! Have not been as a spectator b4 so this was a nice change of pace for me....Hope you all enjoy the carnival through my eyes and from my prespective.....DMenace!!!

Video: Carnival Belize 2014, 52min.

Video: Nocybb110 - 43 - Guatebuena, Belize, 15min.

Video: Trip to Amergris Caye Belize, 8min.

Video: Progresso shores Belize, 11min.
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