Denies It

Commander of the GSU, Inspector Mark Flowers went head to head with former two - term Prime Minister said Musa two weeks ago. And tonight, Flowers is making headlines again - this time he's accused of roughing up two women with a firearm while under the influence.

It happened on Wilson Street on Sunday night, September 12th. Flowers says he came upon a group of 15 children on the street at a few minutes to eleven and told them to go home. He says that's when two women claiming to be their mothers challenged him. He says he left and called the police to take care of the matter - without taking the children into custody. But the women say he was out of line, pulled a gun and made threats. They even captured him on cell phone camera! We spoke to the women this evening, and asking to appear off camera, they described to us what happened:..

Victim #1
"We were greeting Britney for her birthday and I notice that a car was following them from I was coming up the street, but I wasn't paying it any mind and the car came down one way follow behind them and it stopped. The man came out and start to clap and chased us home. We didn't pay it any mind because he was high and so we continued to talk and that was when he came out of his car and he string-up one of the kids. That was when I said "sir you don't have to do that." I said it two times and then he came and push. When he push me the first time I didn't move and then he push me again and then a third time he pull out a gun from his side and then this guy jump in front of me. When the guy jumped in front of me, he put the gun back in his pocket and string-up the guy into the chain-link fence and the afterwards that's when the children got frighten because they shouted "gun" and then I got afraid and went and call my sister from the house and they came to the front and so my sister call the police and then he got on his phone and said 'this is the commander of GSU Mr. Flowers, I need a Trooper.' He didn't know the name of the street because he was drunk and I said Wilson Street and then police came 5 minutes after and they ask who made the report, we ask who did they get it from and they said Tamika Wade, my sister said that me and she explain the story."

"Afterwards he (Flowers) and the driver of the police Trooper went in a corner, I don't know what they were discussing and afterwards they tried to put Britney into the Trooper. They told all of us to get in the car and so we said that we were going to the station to make a report - not knowing that they would drive us right down the lane and they told us to get out of the vehicle and that they will not take us because they said that it will not make any sense because they are the GSU and they are higher than us and so the case is not going anywhere. You could see that the man (Flowers) is drunk. We told them that we wanted to make a report, but the driver don't want us to go. The female officer wrote down our names and our addresses. I went to make the report today and I spoke to Mr. Rivero and he was very nice and he explained to me that they had already spoke to Mr. Flowers and that they scolded him. I really want it to go more than that because we were frighten because he had a gun and somebody could have gotten shot, or knock and I was really scared, I actually cry. I really want something get out of it and that just because he is high in GSU - I want him to be treated like a normal person because if it was somebody from the gang members or a normal person - they would have to go to spend their 3 months or however long because of a gun. I want them to treat him like that."

Victim #2
"First when my sister call me the young man come and tell me that a man is out there beating on my sister, but my sister doesn't have any man (boyfriend) to beat her. So when I came out I see the man and he has his hand on his left side with a gun. I don't know if he think that we came here to fight. He pull out his gun and I got on my phone and call 911 and he got on his phone at the same time and he said that he wanted a Trooper out here, it's the commander of GSU Mr. Flowers and he hang up his phone. The police Trooper came, but they responded to my 911 call and so they ask me the situation and I explained. The female officer said that she wanted to take us to write a statement at the Queen Street Police Station. The driver was talking to Mr. Flowers at the same time at the corner, we don't know what they were talking about. He came back and he tell the female officer in her ears that they can't take us to the station because it won't make any sense, so she told me that they have to take them, because as you look at the man you can see that he is drunk. I mean to say if the police officer could look at him and see it, why did man (driver) can't see it. Thinking that he would have listen to her and took us to the station, they put us behind the truck and drove right around the lane and told us to come out. The man said that they cannot take us to the station because nothing will come out of it because he (Flowers) is higher than us. That doesn't make any sense. If something like that happen they would have taken any other individual at the station. Why didn't they took him? He (Flowers) just drove off in his car and gone."

Flowers told us today that there is no truth to it, that he was not drinking and that in fact he was on his way from work. He says his only interest was to get the children off the street because Monday was a school day. Flowers also denies pulling a firearm - saying he doesn't even do that on criminals so why would he do it on civilians. He told us he is not bothered by the complaint, and says he expected worse.

They have made a formal complaint about his conduct to the Eastern Division command - but the police press office this evening could not confirm that he is under investigation.

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