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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

La Isla Bonita Telenovela - something different from Belize!
Three girls gussied up and watched a novela together. Here's our candid conversation about it. Mary: So us three girls got to dress up and go to a fancy party. I honestly was dreading it because I guess after my experience with Curse of the Xtabai (directed by the same guy who directed the telenovela), I wasn't sure what to expect. What were you expecting? Monique: I love soap operas and novelas, even though I don't really understand Spanish the plots always seem so dramatic, and definitely entertaining to watch. I was actually pretty excited to see La Isla Bonita, I love the idea that it was genuinely a community effort featuring familiar faces, and also that it would be in 'Spanglish', which was definitely a bonus for me. Janelle: Well to be honest I was just plain eager to see what all the talk was about. The first trailer looked good so I got excited and was excited for it to premier but then the second trailer came out and I was like "eh". So I went to the premiere with neutral expectations. I think at the beginning I was more excited about dressing up than the actual telenovela.

Kent Gabourel tops weekend cycling race
San Pedro star athlete, Kent "Bob" Gabourel took first place at the 2014 Belize City Council and Leslie's Imports September Criterium that took place in Belize City on Sunday, September 14th. The race was organized in collaboration with the Cycling Federation of Belize and saw the participation of cyclists of all ages from across the country competing to win amazing prizes. The race was divided into five categories, Female, Junior, Master, Master 4/5 and Elite. Gabourel participated in the Master 4/5 category taking the top prize. Preston Martinez took second place while Wilbert Jones settled for third; both cyclist are from Belize City. The race also saw several young cyclists under the age of 16 participating. According to event organizers, the race was aimed to encourage youth involvement in sports while promoting a competitive behavior.

GOB makes a quiet move to subdivide part of proposed reserve

Ambergris Today

Celebrity Spotting: Mexican Actor Luis Gerardo Mendez in San Pedro
Word got around that Mexican theater and movie actor Luis Gerardo Mendez was vacationing in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, after he posted a picture on his Instagram account of him riding a bicycle on the basketball court at the Boca del Rio Park. It was last week Sunday, September, 14, that Luis posted his first Instagram picture hinting that he was ready to go scuba diving. But it was until Tuesday, September 16, that he posted a picture of himself riding a bicycle at the Boca del Rio Park basketball court with the caption "La major cancha del mundo" (the best court in the world) with the hashtags #Belice and #San Pedro that his followers knew he was in Belize. Today he posted a picture of nurse sharks at Hol Chan Marine Reserve's Shark Ray Alley hinting that he is still on vacationing on Ambergris Caye. Luis' latest movie role is that of Estanislao Shilinsky in the romantic biopic Cantinflas that premiers in Mexico this week. The movie pays homage to one of Mexico's most beloved and legendary comedians and actors - Mario Moreno. The movie is loaded with well-known actors which includes telenovela superstars like Barbara Mori and Ana Layevska, American actor and Sopranos start Michael Imperioli and Oscar Jaenada (from Pirates of the Caribbean) who plays the titular role of Cantinflas.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

La Diosa Maya Presentation
The presentation of La Diosa Maya candidates was last weekend at the Cayo Welcome Center. Most every day this week there's something happening at the Cayo Welcome Center for the September Celebrations.. "The official presentation of the Finalist for ,'LA DIOSA MAYA BELICE' was a success thank the the gorgeous ladies that did a superb job. Special thanks to Mara Manzanero ( maras beauty salon) Damon Russell (photographer) Irwin Puc ( camara) and to the mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena and to everyone that assisted in making this event a one of a kind at Cayo welcome center."

BAY Concert at GPC
The Belmopan Active Youths are having a concert at the George Price Centre today.

Pre-Independence Cookout
The Guava Limb Cafe is celebrating the weekend right by having a cookout on Saturday. They'll have the BBQ grill going, and everything is 10% off before 5pm. "The Guava Limb Caf� family extends to you a cordial invitation to join us for a PRE-INDEPENDENCE COOKOUT!! **Our Patrons enjoy a 10% Patrotic Discount from 11am-5pm

Channel 7

Arthur Saldivar Removed As PUP Standard Bearer
The executive members of the PUP there are about 25 of them headed by party leader Francis Fonseca arrived at the PUP headquarter in time for the 2:00 pm meeting. Saldivar was called in at five minutes to four but directed into an ante-room to wait. Ten minutes later he was called up into Independence Hall and three minutes later he was back down, cool and collected If you missed it He said "I will be running in Belize Rural North" OSWIN BLEASE filled us in Oswin Blease, Belize Rural Public Relation "The chairman whispered to me that she was told that Arthur Salvidar's candidacy should be removed with immediate effect." Jules Vasquez "Sir is this an injustice for you all in Belize Rural North?" Oswin Blease "This is indeed an injustice for all of us in Belize Rural North. For one, Arthur Saldivar was not endured; Arthur Saldivar contested a convention where he won over 2 other candidates."

Saldivar Says He Will Run Independent
So that's the party's decision, and the immediate fallout. But what does the candidate, or former candidate have to say? Well, Arthur Saldivar called Jules Vasquez to the Radisson at 5:15 this evening where he explained what they told him when he went up to Independence Hall: Arthur Saldivar, Removed as PUP BRN Std. Bearer "My first reaction to it was simply to rise and leave. If that is the decision then the party has abandoned me. From my understanding of things, the report of the committee was not contemplated, it was not even considered. Because in retrospect, in actuality, the report did not yield anything, there is nothing there. The allegation were baseless and certainly once it was examined by those who was charged with responsibility, they recognised it was not a situation that would have warranted the outcome that came about today. So I'm as shocked as anybody else, but again, my constitution being what it is, it doesn't really phase me." Jules Vasquez "What's next for you?" Arthur Saldivar "Well, I am the standard bearer, I was elected by the people of the Belize Rural North. They came out, they gave me their vote of confidence to represent them and that vote of confidence is in respective to what ever political banner that may hang over my head at the particular day. I will be the member of a party, come election day and I will run for rural north. Now weather it is the PUP, that is up to the present leadership or what ever leadership takes over after the national convention. That national convention is going to be very interesting because our constitution requires that there must be one and all position are open for contesting at that time."

"BT" Targeted, His Father Killed
There was a murder in Belize City this afternoon. It happened at 2:00 pm, right beside St. Ignatius Primary School at the corner of Dean Street and Euphrates Avenue. Fifty six year old Cyril McFoy Robinson was shot to the head and succumbed to his injuries shortly after while 45 year old Sean Cherrington was shot to the leg and is receiving treatment at the KHMH. The men were playing a game of dominoes inside the yard of Robinson when a gunman pulled up and opened fire on them. Neighbors say they heard as many as 8 shots ring out. Witness #1 "We were playing dominoes, 4 of us. The man that died son was also around us. The man then come in the yard and start to fire shots and we started to run through the downstairs of the house. Cyril, who was sitting down, the guy just turn around and shot him in his head." Witness #2 "We play dominoes everyday. We come here just to play dominoes with each other. No trouble man, we just have a little business, a saloon here and all we do is play dominoes everyday."

Cop Killed In Southern Traffic Accident
Tonight, the Police Department notes the passing of one of their own after 29 year-old Constable Marvin Sedacy from the Punta Gorda Station died in a major traffic accident this morning. It happened at around 7:45, between miles 3 and 4 on the Southern Highway, just outside of Forest Home Village. It is unclear at this time how the accident happened, but as you can see from these photographs, Sedacy, who was driving the brown Ford Escort, ended up in the lane of this Freight Truck, and they had a head-on collision. Sedacy, who was the only one in the car, died due to the extensive damages he suffered from the impact which crushed and compressed the front end of the Ford Escort. Sedacy, who is a resident of Cattle Landing, which is just outside of Punta Gorda Town, reportedly left from a wake shortly before he ended up in this fatal traffic accident.

Mayor Says He's Current With BML
There's no forgetting the messy protest by 50 BML workers last month in front of City Hall. A truce was brokered when Government undertook to pay the huge arrears to the sanitation company on the understanding that City Hall would keep current with its debt. Well, 6 weeks later, BML is complaining that it has still not received payment after the early August agreement but Mayor Darrell Bradley disputes that report. Darrel Bradley, Mayor of Belize City Council "That is not the case. I have been meeting with BML's attorney who is Mr. Shebat and we entered an into an agreement with them in terms of how we are going to deal with the arrears situation. They took into account that they are being given 35,000 dollars per week, by the central government. On top of that the city council had agree to pay them 10,000 dollars at a minimum so that we don't go further into arrears with them. We also have them two 50,000 dollars payments to settle some of the bill.

Re-Examining Flowers Allegations
Last night, we told you about the allegation of abuse against the controversial commander of the Gang Suppression Unit, Inspector Mark Flowers. As we reported, 2 young women are accusing him of roughing them up as well as a group of children while under the influence of alcohol on Sunday night. Flowers categorically denies it, but these women swear that it happened, and have gone as far as to report him to the Police internal affairs. Last night, we spoke to them about the incident a few minutes before news time, and we were forced to air their comments mostly unedited. Tonight, we revisit that story to highlight the most important parts of the allegation. Daniel Ortiz has that story: The cellphone footage captures Inspector Mark Flowers standing in front of a vehicle, and he's signaling a vehicle to pass by. It's Wilson Street, and the position of his pickup tells us he has driven up-stop, against the flow of traffic. Victim #1 "We were greeting Britney for her birthday and I notice that a car was following them from I was coming up the street, but I wasn't paying it any mind and the car came down one way follow behind them and it stopped."

Laura Esquivel Back In UDP Good Books?
In March, former BTB Director Laura Esquivel Frampton was unceremoniously ousted from the most senior post at the Tourism Board when 7 managers orchestrated a palace coup and wrote the minister a letter of no-confidence. The fallout for the UDP was enormous; Laura is the eldest daughter of two term UDP Prime Minister Sir Manuel Esquivel and both he and his wife Lady Kathy resigned immediately from all Government posts and appointments. But now, it seems the party is offering Esquivel Frampton an olive branch. 7News has confirmed that she is being offered a senior diplomatic posting at the Belize High Commission in London. The timeline has not been confirmed but Esquivel Frampton told us she will take the offer and re-settle her family in the UK.

Abruptly Terminated GM Sues SSB
In June of this year, we told you about the Former General Manager of the Belmopan Branch of the Social Security Board, Anna Gonzalez, who was dismissed reportedly after a dispute with the CEO Richard Flowers. Well, Gonzalez has recently filed a lawsuit for unlawful dismissal. As we reported, Gonzalez was a staff member with 30 years at the institution, and our sources told us that she basically driven out of the institution's Belmopan Headquarters, where she had been the General Manager before her termination. We were told that she opposed to certain features of the ongoing Stategic Business Transformation Project. In her statement of claim, Gonzalez explains that on June 2 Flowers held a meeting with her and orally notified that she had been terminated. The reasons given to her in writing is quote, "a lack of leadership skills required for the Transformation Plan". End Quote.

Upgrading The Dump
Six years ago, 7News visited the Belize City dump and exposed an incredible underside to city life human scavengers living off the garbage of city residents. Fast-forward six years, and the place has been transformed, and fortunately so have the people. They're no longer scavengers, they're re-cyclers. And today we visited when they got Occupational Safety and Health and Basic First Aid Training. Courtney Weatherburne went into the archives to compare the old and the new at the dump: We are quite familiar with the mainstream commercial world in Belize City; the concrete jungle as it is called - the highly traversed and trafficked streets, the buzz and scramble for parking spaces school kids go home and the rush to simply to get home. Well there is another world that occupies the periphery of society, another type of jungle, where there is also a scramble but of a different nature� and that's the dump site.

Not At Biltmore...
Tonight, We have a correction to make on a story we aired in our last newscast. It concerns the incident with Gloria Nunez and a teenager, in which Nunez ended up being convicted of harm. Nunez was working at the hotel but only as a trainee under The Youth Apprenticeship Program. We must clarify that the incident she was charged for did not occur at the Biltmore but on Mahogany Street. The incident also occurred prior to her joining the Biltmore.

GSU Gets Gun
22 year-old Gildon Flowers, a resident of Antelope Street Extension, is in jail tonight after he was allegedly busted with a weapon by the Gang Suppression Unit. According to the GSU, several officers went to search his house on Monday for weapons or drugs. They say that when they arrived, Rivers opened the door and tried to dispose of a weapon that he had on him. They saw where it landed, and when they retrieved it, they discovered that the gun was a .380 pistol. He was charged with one count of keeping an unlicensed firearm, and he was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith today. Due to the nature of the offence, he was ineligible for bail, and was remanded to prison to prion until November 6.

GSU Gets Weed
That gun seizure wasn't the only successful operation that the Gang Suppression Unit made this week. On Monday, officers from the Unit went to the Belize Central Prison where prison officers handed over 2 bags of weed. The first bag contained 1 pound, while the other had 15.5 ounces. The Prison reported to the GSU that these drugs were confiscated during searches at the prison which happened between October 2013 and September 2014. The GSU handed over the marijuana to Eastern Division where it be destroyed. Also, officers of the GSU searched a bushy lot on Gill street yesterday morning at around 10. They ended up finding 1.012 kilos or 2.23 pounds of cannabis, which was found in to separate black plastic bags, which were hidden inside a green water cooler. Nobody was around, and so, the drugs were deposited as found property.

Landmark Sign In City
If you travel, or watch enough TV, you'll surely have noticed the impressive landmark signs in developed countries. Well, now you can see one of those signs right in Belize at the Seashore Children's Park. It is not quite as gigantic as say, the Hollywood sign in California, but it will serve the same purpose: to enhance the aesthetics of the area and to attract locals and tourists. Mayor Darrell Bradley discussed the impact of this project on the community. Darrel Bradley, Mayor of Belize City Council "One of the difficulties with this, is this all came about as a result of us discovering they were going to privatise this area. Residents had brought it to our attention, and through co-operating with myself, city council and residents in this community, we manage to make representations to the land department. We had very active community individuals, Steven Pererra who led the way in terms of making that representation so they had agreed to leave this area as a public space. And we recognise with partnership with the community groups, that if we wanted to be left as community space, then we had to enhance it.

Arthur Saldivar, The Broader Discussion
As you saw in our top segment, Arthur Saldivar has been, in his words, "abandoned by his party." But, that's not the end of it actually, it's quite far from anything near the end, we'd say. In an interview an hour after the decision came down Saldivar told us that, 1.) he will run as an independent, 2.) he may challenge the executive of the PUP at a convention and 3.) he may even take the PUP to court. Now, all or none of these may happen, but it all pivots on how much popular support Sadivar the politician can attract, because he no longer has the cover of a mass party. Today he told us his party is heading to tyranny:� Arthur Saldivar, Removed as PUP BRN Std. Bearer "There is a spirit of arbitrariness taken place and it can only lead to tyranny. So we our democratic processes to be given full effect. It cannot be that we have a tyranny in the PUP."

Alleged Arsonist To Court
Tonight, 39 Year-old Alden Sutherland, is out on bail tonight after he was taken to court for allegedly setting a vehicle on fire. Hector Choj, reported to police that on last week Saturday, at around 8:30 a.m., he parked his 60 thousand dollar Toyota Tacoma in front of his apartment on Youth for the Future Drive, and left after he properly secured. He says that at around 2 the following morning, he was informed by security guard who told him that someone set his vehicle on fire. That security guard led police to the man who lit the fire, and 3 days later Sutherland was charged with arson. He was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith today, and because it's an indictable offence, no plea was taken. The police prosecutor objected, but after consideration, Chief Magistrate Smith granted him bail of $3,000 and adjourned the case until November 5, 2014.

Channel 5

Arthur Saldivar Removed As P.U.P. Belize Rural North Standard Bearer
At ten minutes past four this evening, the political career of Arthur Saldivar, at least as a Standard Bearer of the People's United Party, came to an end. Following a [...]

A House Divided: Angry Supporters Stand Outside Independence Hall
P.U.P. Leader Francis Fonseca told the media that any opposition to the decision in the ranks of the Belize Rural North Executive is merely speculation. But it's actually much more [...]

Is Godfrey Smith to Blame for Arthur's Removal?
Blease insists that in meetings with the four member investigating committee, the Executive was told that there was no evidence against Arthur Saldivar. The Belize Rural North Executive claims that [...]

Arthur Saldivar Says There's Much To be Desired of Francis Fonseca's Leadership
Following the decision of the P.U.P. to remove him, Arthur Saldivar spoke briefly to the media at the Radisson Fort George. He says that it's not about the P.U.P., but [...]

Cyril McFoy Murdered While Playing Dominoes At Home
Just before two o'clock this afternoon, as many as six gunshots rang old in the area of the Saint Ignatius Primary School located near the Raccoon Police Station as well [...]

Sedi Elrington Speaks On Bahamians' Extradition Request
Bahamian nationals Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach remain on lockdown at the Belize Central Prison awaiting extradition proceedings. The US government made a formal request on Monday to have the [...]

Belize On Drug Transit List, Sedi Responds
While Elrington spoke candidly on the case against the principals of Titan International Securities in his capacity as Attorney General, he was unaware of Belize's designation as one of several [...]

Road Traffic Accident in the South Claims Life of Police Constable
Twenty-nine-year-old police constable Marvin Sedassey was killed this morning in a fatal road traffic accident in the Toledo District.� Sedassey's extensively damaged Ford Escort slammed violently into a freight truck [...]

Is Pier One a Restaurant or a Bar? Mayor Bradley Offers His Definition
Mayor Darrell Bradley has been lauded for the renovation and reformation of the B.T.L. Park, but criticized in some quarters for the Pier 1 Bar, a privately owned business on [...]

Mayor Bradley on Servicing CitCo's BML Debt
We also asked the Mayor for an update on the debt situation with Belize Maintenance Limited. When last we checked, the Council had been unable to make a lump sum [...]

What's the Fate of BML Employees Post 2014?
Of course, we also asked about the one hundred and seventy employees of BML, soon to be brand new employees of the Belize City Council. Or are they? It's no [...]

O.A.S. Releases Anti-Corruption Report on Belize
The Organization of American States Anti-Corruption Mechanism has released a fifty-five page report on Belize. It follows the visit of the Committee of Experts for the Implementation of the Inter-American [...]

Chamber of Commerce Awards Expo 2014 Participants
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry recorded what it says is its most successful Expo Belize Marketplace this year. With over two hundred booths-one hundred and fifteen of them [...]

Ryan Jones Appears in Court for Patricide Hearing
  After spending months behind bars, Ranchito resident Ryan Jones appeared this morning in the Magistrate Court to answer to a charge of murder.� Ryan is accused with the shooting [...]

Alden Sutherland Charged with Arson
After three days in lockdown, a construction worker was arraigned for arson before the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, this morning. Thirty-nine year old Alden Sutherland is accused of setting [...]

Mayor Bradley On Street Improvements
Mayor Darrell Bradley has a lot on his mind, with critical decisions to be made where sanitation contracts are concerned. But he's always to find a bright spot where infrastructure [...]

Solid Waste Management Hosts Safety Training for Garbage Recyclers
The Belize Solid Waste Management Authority has been instrumental in the implementation of transfer stations and the management of garbage at the dumpsite at miles three on the George Price [...]

New Signage for Seashore Children's Park
Last year, controversy arose over a park in Buttonwood Bay where an abandoned portion of it was in the process of being privatized. Residents in the area, who would frequent [...]


Mark Vega Back In The Supreme Court
Yesterday at the northern session of the Supreme Court, high profiled inmates were brought to court for their proceedings. Viewers may recall the highly sensationalized case against inmate Mark Vega who was accused in 2002 along with two others of holding up at gun point Enrique Petkau and his wife Susana Petkau while they were travelling on the August Pine Ridge Road.Enrique and Susana were shot and left for dead; the men then escaped in their victim's van. Enrique survived the ordeal but his wife Susana unfortunately succumbed to her injuries. The men are alleged to have then continued their crime spree in Corozal Town that same day when they kidnapped Jacob Rancheran and a female friend. While Jacob Rancheran managed to escape, the woman was brutally gang raped and later released from her captors that same night. The accused men also robbed Jasmine Restaurant in Orange Walk Town at gunpoint.

ASR Looking To Launch Eight Measures To Improve Sugar Industry
Previously we told you about the work being done to improve the growth and sustainability of the sugar industry and its stakeholders. Earlier this year, we aired the first Post-Crop Conference held by BSI/ASR. That event saw the participation of over 350 persons including cane farmers, business men and women and government representatives. Among the many topics discussed included increased efficiency and the reduction of the cost of production. For this to happen, BSI/SR has presented an action plan to overcome the challenges leading up to 2017 and beyond that consists of eight measures the company feels must be implemented. International Advisor for the ASR Group, Mac McLachlan gave us an update of that effort in a recent interview. Mac McLachlan, International Advisor ASR Group "We are in the process of formulating this eight point plan which looks at how range the different bottlenecks for industry growth some have to do with the mill, some have to do with the farmers, some have to do with the investment climate, some have to do with the regulatory environment in which the sugar industry operates, we are in contact with the government and we are in contact with the PUP about that plan and we hope that in the near future that we be able to launch that as a contribution to the discussion of where we need to go in the future."

Belize's Sugar Lower Than Other Producing Countries
But while there is talk of improving the industry, one very big challenge lies in increasing and improving the productivity of sugar levels. In comparison to the sugar producing countries in Central America and Mexico, Belize is strides behind. Using a chart, International Advisor Mac McLachlan elaborated on this. Mac McLachlan, International Advisor ASR Group "That the average yield of sugar cane in Belize is pretty much half of what it is in other Central American countries and that is one of the reasons why the cost of producing sugar is so high here and it makes it less competitive in the European and further more in the global market and the other telling point about this craft is that saying in the last two crops 2012/2013/2014 where a number of other countries have manage to improve the yield on their crop, all yields here in Belize have been left static, now what we need to do by 2017 is to have at least improving those yields to get up to be able to compete with other industries, this is just a snap shot of Central America and Mexico but we need those productivity level to rise now that takes investment for farmers it takes a consolidated effort by all the industry stakeholders to achieve that but that in essence shows the challenge that we are confronted with."

Forestry Department Discusses Protected Areas
The protected areas management was the topic of discussion this morning at a meeting held by the forestry department. In 2005 the department developed the protected Areas Policy ad system plan. Based on this plan, they established the protected areas secretariat, a body to oversee the implementation of the policy and system plan. Today representatives of the secretariat were in Orange Walk and gave an overview of the progress of the implementation of the plan. Officer in charge of the Orange Walk Forest Station Hannah Martinez elaborates. Hannah Martinez- Forestry Department "One of the initiatives right now of the secretariat is that they have two projects that are online and one is called the SNC project; Strengthening National Protected Areas capacity for the management for protected areas and the second is the KBA project which is the Key Biodiversity Areas project which is a project geared at strengthening protected areas that have strong treats to keep biodiversity for the country of Belize. It's going very well and as I told you it was developed in 2005 so we are couple years into the implementation of the plan and some of the good initiatives of this plan is the review of the legislation governing protected areas, you also have the consolidation of protected areas in Belize that is being undertaken under this plan, the plan also call for a more comprehensive protected area system, it also calls for developing partnership with our stakeholders for the management of our protected areas as well, the project as it stands for example the KBA project is in its initial stages and it has just commence and really and truly it will become fully in implementation in 2015 and it is a 6.28 million dollar project to be spread out through the entire country."

Will Streets In O/W Be Ready For Parade
You may have noticed that the Town Council is currently repairing the intersection that connects Progress Street and Cinderella Street and the buzz around town is the worry that it may not be ready for the Independence Day parade on Sunday. We posed that question to the Mayor to which he responded that they are looking to complete the works come Sunday.Kevin Bernard - Mayor, OWTC"We were trying to ensure that we could secure the cement for them to complete the casting of that section of Progress and Cinderella, we are hoping that we can get those in by tomorrow, we would wanted to have come in by this evening but if we are to get it we definitely will be able to complete the works so that we could have but as you know in cementing there are all kinds of methods such as acceleration and all these things so that it becomes firm and so we are hoping that yes we will be able to meet our deadline but remember as well we also have a children's parade on Friday, I believe though that that one we may not be able to accomplish by Friday so the children's route from what I gather may need to be altered a bit and so instead of going up Cinderella should probably take up St. Peter's Street and then continue down Progress Street but a part from that we should be able to able to secure those cement if we don't then we will have to make a slight adjustment instead of coming up Cinderella we may need to continue up Fonseca and hit San Andres and then come up on Munoz land and then hit down the main highway straight down from the police station, w hoping that we don't have to go that way but we will put all our efforts trying to ensure that we can put down the cement structure there by tomorrow so that they give it at least two days to heal and then have traffic pass on that area."

Three Vehicles Stolen From MOH Since July
Following much scrutiny about the deaths of 13 infants at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in May of 2013, the paediatric intensive care unit has since seen been retrofitted. While the circumstances surrounding this move cannot change the perception of the public opinion or provide consolation to parents who lost their babies, yesterday in Belize City the re-opening of the neo-natal care unit signalled a new leaf for the highly scrutinized public care facility. And while the new unit seeks to provide quality care for neonates and 800 thousand dollars was invested to revamp the unit, the interest of the media was shifted to the Ministry of Health administration after they had found out that another of the Ministry's designated and newly acquired Toyota Hilux was stolen from off their compound. This incident brings the total of stolen vehicles from the Ministry to 3 since July of this year. And while it raised eye brows and the incidents shrouded in mystery, our colleagues at 7news held back no punches when they interviewed the Minister of Health Pablo Marin about the incidents. Here is that exchange.

O/W Police Make Arrest On Robbery Case
Following much scrutiny about the deaths of 13 infants at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in May of 2013, the paediatric intensive care unit has since seen been retrofitted. While the circumstances surrounding this move cannot change the perception of the public opinion or provide consolation to parents who lost their babies, yesterday in Belize City the re-opening of the neo-natal care unit signalled a new leaf for the highly scrutinized public care facility. And while the new unit seeks to provide quality care for neonates and 800 thousand dollars was invested to revamp the unit, the interest of the media was shifted to the Ministry of Health administration after they had found out that another of the Ministry's designated and newly acquired Toyota Hilux was stolen from off their compound. This incident brings the total of stolen vehicles from the Ministry to 3 since July of this year. And while it raised eye brows and the incidents shrouded in mystery, our colleagues at 7news held back no punches when they interviewed the Minister of Health Pablo Marin about the incidents. Here is that exchange.

Magistrate Orders That Disclosure Be Provided In Rayan Jones' Case Or Else....
Today in the Corozal Magistrate Court, Rayan Jones made another appearance for charges brought up against him for allegedly killing his father, 53 year old Nick Jones, on January 2nd 2014.Jones was represented by Attorney Michael Peyrefitte who stood before Magistrate Hurl Hamilton and requested that a disclosure in Jones' case be issued by the prosecution or charges be withdrawn. Peyrefitte based his request on the fact that Jones has already spent over nine months in prison and there haven't been any signs of Corozal Police putting together all evidence and statements against him.

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Cyril McFoy Robinson Fatal Shot When Playing Dominoes
A brazen shooting incident left a man dead this afternoon in Belize City. 56 year old Cyril McFoy Robinson, was shot to the head while he was socializing on Euphrates Avenue. The murder occurred minutes before two o'clock, a short time before the students of Saint Ignatius Primary School were to be released. Reporter Hipolito Novelo has the story. HIPOLITO NOVELO "A group of family members and friends were in a yard on Euphrates Avenue playing dominos when about 2 o'clock in the afternoon a single gunman lurked up on the unsuspecting group and started blasting several shots at their direction." RAPHAEL MARTINEZ "Just a few minutes to 2 o'clock this afternoon we received some information of a shooting incident that occurred on the corner of Dean Street and Euphrates Avenue. Sadly we had a fatality in which 56 year old Cyril Mcfoy Robinson was fatally injured."

Saldivar: An Independent PUP?
With Arthur Saldivar out the race and with the party's expressed satisfaction in the outcome of their investigation, we are now left to ask the question, what is an "Independent PUP". WE posed the question to the PR Representative for the Belize Rural North, Oswin Blease. OSWIN BLEASE "I am a PUP, I believe in the policies of the People's United Party and I am disappointed with the actions that were taken today but at the end of the day I am still a PUP and if we have to run independent then we will be Independent PUPs." We do concede that the idea of an independent PUP may be an impromptu response considering the blow rendered to the Belize Rural North residents and party supporters but be that as it may, the PUP Chairman, Henry Usher, says that Saldivar should consider the full impact of his decision to run in the next general elections.

Belize Rural North PUP Committee Stands Behind Saldivar
So, now that Arthur Saldivar is out of the race, at least under the umbrella of the People's United Party, the Executive Committee for the Belize Rural North have made it clear that their loyalty is for the man and not for the party. Oswin Blease is the Public Relations Representative for the PUP Committee in Belize Rural North division. OSWIN BLEASE "It is a sad day for the PUPs in Belize Rural North to hear the result that was handed down from our Party Executive just a while ago. This is indeed an injustice for all of us in Belize Rural North. For one, Arthur Saldivar was not endorsed; Arthur Saldivar contested in a convention where he won over two other candidates. When the committee met with us we were informed by the committee of four that there was no information on Arthur Saldivar; that there was no information whatsoever; that the allegations against him were mere rumors and they were about to put facts to it. So that is surprising for us right now to hear that a position like that is taken by our National Executive. I was born inside the People's United Party, from birth I am a PUP, I will always be a PUP but you have a thing called Independent PUPs. Let me tell you this, this is something that will be happening, I believe that Arthur Saldivar will run in Belize Rural North because the Executive is standing behind him unanimously, the Executive is very strong and we are battle ready and many of us will be going into other divisions and contesting the divisions as PUP supporters."

Murder Suspect Remains On Remand
A suspect remains in prison while charges are yet to be levied in connection with the recent murder of a Toledo woman. Paul Mahung reports. PAUL MAHUNG "Since the murder incident in San Pedro Columbia village on August 30 and capture of a suspect on September 4th concern remains alive of the suspect's whereabouts and related charges. Deputy Commander of the Toledo Police formation Inspector Ernell Dominguez gave Love News an update." ERNELL DOMINGUEZ "The strength of commitment warrants PG police were able to detain one Miguel Choco who was also a suspect in the recent murder of Agrippina Coc of San Pedro Columbia Village. As a result of information received Miguel Choco was captured in the village of San Marcus and is presently still locked down at the prison as it relates to the warrant where the investigation into the murder continues. It is hopeful that sometime soon the PG police would be able to make some arrest in respect to that incident. Note Miguel Choco was known as a suspect in this incident, so far no charges have been read."

Mayor Says Donated Garbage Trucks Are Working Well
In August the Ambassador of the Republic of China, Taiwan, Benjamin Ho, presented three compactor garbage trucks to Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley. It was a donation to strengthen relations between the two nations. Bradley gave us an update on how the trucks are operating. DARRELL BRADLEY "We've used them in service and we are actually doing a partnership with Belmopan. I think they had difficulty with one of their garbage trucks. We routinely lend equipment also to other municipalities but the City Council does a night crew so even though we have Waste Control and we have BML, the City Council still has to pick up some of the shortfalls and so that vehicle is in use, those three vehicles are in use when we pick up the shortfall. We expect though that in the replacement of the service with BML that those things would be used twenty-four hours a day in terms of having to do the work that BML is doing for the city."

Mayor Bradley Responds to Reggae Street Complaint
But one street that is not on Bradley's list as yet is Reggae Street. Yesterday, we aired the plea from Reggae Street Resident, Dennis Wright, who says that for the past 20 years, City Council has refused in fixing Reggae Street. Mayor Darrell Bradley, says that Wright needs to be a bit more patient�. DARRELL BRADLEY "Well we had that in the southside area of our infrastructure; again when we finish this entire wave the Prime Minister had committed additional funding. We are working with the Area Representative who is the Honorable 'Boots' Martinez in terms of addressing some of the streets including Reggae Street. What I will say in respect to this and it may be a cop out but residents really just have to be patient. When we are doing the plan it's a process. We have 520 roughly in Belize City; we've done about 30 streets to the pre-pave status; so we are working. We can't get to every street, I know that there is a lot of complaints about significant areas in the city especially since the rains are besetting us but I mean it may be a cop out but we are asking people to have a bit of patience with us. We want to do the streets, if I had the money I would do all 520 of the streets but we just need to do a process. In two years we did the 130 and I suspect that within another year we can do more and more until eventually we get to all those streets."

PUP Removes Saldivar As Standard Bearer and Executive Member
The judgement, following the investigation launched by the People's United Party regarding Arthur Saldivar, was delivered this afternoon. FRANCIS FONSECA PUP's Party Leader "With immediate effect, Mr. Arthur Saldivar is removed as the Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North for the People's United Party and is removed as a member of the National Executive of the party." It was quite a blow to the star Standard Bearer for the People's United Party in the Belize Rural North division but despite the bad news, Saldivar walked out with head held high and very few words for the media houses that awaited his exit. The strong move against Saldivar comes about following several allegations that were made against him in the purview of his attorney-rendered services. While the media tried to get a clear understanding of the basis of the committee's decision PUP's Party Leader, Francis Fonseca told the press that he will not be releasing the details of the report submitted by the committee therefore we are unable to tell you if there were any truth founded in the allegations made against him or if the party was only looking out for the best interest of the party's image�.but whatever the case is, Fonseca told the media that due process was followed.

McKoy Freed of Charges; Complainant Says Police Forced His Statement
Deandre Mckoy, who is remanded on charges of murder and attempted murder, was freed of a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Senior magistrate Fraser dismissed the charge when the complainant, Akeem Augustine, who is also remanded on charges of murder and attempted murder, said that nothing like that happened and he was forced by the police to give a statement. The incident occurred in June 2012. Augustine, in his statement, said the Mckoy and another man, Lyson Cacho, pointed a firearm at him.

.380 Pistol Lands Man in Prison
Twenty-two year old Gildon Rivers, a resident of 96 Antelope Street Extension, was charged with kept firearm without a gun license when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Rivers pled not guilty to the charge. He was remanded into custody until November 6. The incident occurred on Monday, September 15. The police, members of the GSU, reported that they went to Rivers' house to search for firearm and drugs and when Rivers opened the door they saw him drop a firearm he had in his hand to the ground. The police said that when they retrieved the firearm it was a .380 pistol with no ammunition in its magazine.

Pier One: Bar or No Bar?
When the BTL Park was being built, controversy began brewing when parents were complaining that what was supposed to be a family area, was going to be disturbed by a bar atop the sea�..but Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, in his response at the time, said that there is no bar at BTL Park and that Pier One cannot be called a bar because food would be served. Here's now is his defense� DARRELL BRADLEY "Well I wouldn't concede that it is a bar for the simple reason that you can buy food there and I don't go there, I mean I go there if I'm in the park in the evenings like around Thursday or Friday but you can purchase food there so I wouldn't concede that. I will though say that the larger issue is the overall quality of the experience at the park and I am satisfied that the clientele, the ambiance and the atmosphere that the Pier bar generates contributes to the visitor experience there. I mean we monitor the park very closely to ensure that it is a success and I am satisfied that what is there at the pier together will all the other booths contributes. We did a lot of work in terms of selecting vendors, ensuring that there is a lot of diversity, I think that that facility there really adds to the visitor experience so that I am satisfied."


Murder reported in Belize City
There was a mid-afternoon murder in Belize City. The shooters, who visited a yard on Dean Street and Euphrates Avenue on Wednesday afternoon around 2:00 p.m., did not get their man, but they did end the life of another and sent a third to the hospital. According to Raphael Martinez, Cyril Robinson was shot in the head and died en route to the KHMH. Rafael Martinez - Police Public Relations "Just a few minutes to 2 o'clock this afternoon we received some information about a shooting incident that occurred at the corner of Dean Street and Euphrates Avenue. Sadly, we had a fatality in which 56 year old Cyril McFoy Robinson was fatally injured. Also injured in this shooting incident today, we have a 45 year old Sean Cherrington who was injured to the leg.

Part of Parking Lot at Belmopan Civic Center has to be recast
As we had reported last week on Monday September 8th, the Belmopan City Council held a walk through event with members of the European Union, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Works, to look at some “Minor details of some final works,” in preparation for the relocation of the Tuesday/ Fri...

Belmopan Market Vendors concerned with new developments
Some Market Vendors expressed concerns about these new developments at the Civic Center of which, we were told, they knew nothing of. At the last meeting with City Council which took place on Friday September 5th, they were told they would be relocated to the newly renovated Civic Center when the co...

Maya Mopan Bridge still not fixed
In August 28th, we told you about the deteriorating conditions of the bridge that connects the Maya Mopan Area with San Martin, and by extension the City of Belmopan. The bridge has been standing for well over 15 years...

Denny Grijalva to recover debt from Orange Walk Town Council
In July of this year, businessman, pastor and political candidate Denny Grijalva took the Orange Walk Town Council to court. Mr Grijalva’s company, De-Mar’s Stone Construction Limited, was hired by the former UDP-majority Town Council to pave several streets in the town, and charged them $188,000 – ...

Survey Pegs Removed in Santa Cruz Village
Santa Cruz villagers have been complaining about the surveying of some public lands in that community by the UDP caretaker and the Government of Belize, without any consultation with the Village Council, despite being mandated by the Village Council Act...

Controversial Subdivision on Ambergris Caye
Government authorities have been tightlipped about a proposed housing project in North Ambergris Caye forty acres for house lots to residents of the island. The trouble is, that the area in question, known as Sunset Cove, was supposed to have been part of an expanded Hol Chan Marine Reserve...

Belize attacks issue of Ozone Layer Destroyers
Most Belizeans have a refrigerator or air conditioning unit in their homes or offices – occasionally both. But few know that the gases used to power these modern luxuries can be harmful to them – and to their environment. Since the 1980′s countries have worked together to address the issue of ozone-...

Patrick JonesPJ

Yasser Musa speaks out on Government House project
On September 10 during ceremonies to mark the 216th anniversary of the Battle of St. George's Caye, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Manuel Heredia Jr announced plans for a $14 million upgrade to the Government House (House of Culture) in Belize City. It is part of [�]

Recyclers trained in health and occupational safety
The Belize Solid Waste Management Authority has been charged of the safe disposal of refuse for Belize City and towns along the western corridor from San Ignacio to San Pedro for several years now. But the unsung heroes of the project are the approximately 21 recyclers, ordinary Belizeans [�]

PUP says decision to drop Arthur Saldivar "in his best interest"
PUP Leader Francis Fonseca has said that today's decision by the party's National Executive to immediately remove Arthur Saldivar as its Standard Bearer for the Belize Rural North Constituency as well as from its National Executive was not easy. "It is never easy for anyone to sit in [�]

Cayo cyclist wins Junior Category of September Criterium in Belize City
San Ignacio resident Keion Robateau won the Junior Category of the BCC/Leslie's Imports September Criterium which was held over the weekend on the Albert and Regent Streets circuit in Belize City. Results published online are as follows: 5 Years and under: 1. Kyron Staine 2. Kaelie Burgess [�]

National Garifuna Council Belmopan Branch under new Leadership
The National Garifuna Council Belmopan Branch expressed heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Romaldo Lewis for holding the leadership of the branch for 4.5 years. Mr. Lewis has brought dynamism into the branch and brought back the strength the branch needed but now he is moving on to personal [�]

Fatal shooting incident in Belize City
A man was shot to death this afternoon in Belize City and another injured. The shooting happened around 2 pm at the corner of Dean Street and Euphrates Avenue. 56 year Cyril McFoy and 45 year old Shawn Cherrington were reportedly socializing in a yard, when they were [�]

PUP removes Arthur Saldivar as standard bearer
The main opposition People's United Party (PUP) today took the decision to remove Arthur Saldivar as its Standard Bearer for the Belize Rural North Constituency. Saldivar, who is an attorney at law by profession, was suspended late last month, pending an investigation into allegations of misbehaviour on his [�]

Home invasion reported in Xaibe village, Corozal
A Corozal woman was left shaken this afternoon after a home invasion at her residence. Delia Daniels who lives in Xiabe village, went to the neighbourhood shop around midday today and that was when a man entered her house through one of her kitchen windows. According to preliminary [�]

Orange Walk prepares for Independence Day parade
The Orange Walk Town Council is pressing ahead with infrastructure works, hoping to complete a major part of it in time for this weekend's parade route. Mayor Kevin Bernard says the remedial work being carried out on the intersection of Cinderella and Progress Streets is expected to [�]

Good weather ahead the next couple of days
Fair conditions are currently dominating our weather heading into the second part of the week. The general forecast for Belize and her coastal waters is for mostly sunny skies this afternoon. Tonight will be partly cloudy. Only isolated showers and thunderstorms are expected. Winds over the open sea and along the coast will be easterly to south easterly at 5 to 15 knots. The sea state will be light chop to choppy. High temperatures tonight will be around 88 degrees Fahrenheit along coastal areas; 93 degrees Fahrenheit inland and a comfortable 78 degrees Fahrenheit up in the hills.

Car and cargo truck collide; policeman dies
The police press officer Raphael Martinez has issued a preliminary report on this morning's fatal road traffic accident in Toledo. 29 year old Marvin Sedassey perished when a Ford Escort car he was driving, collided head-on into a cargo truck around 7:45 am. Police say that the fatal crash happened near mile 4 on the Southern Highway in Forest Home village.

Police officer perishes in traffic accident
One man died this morning in a road traffic accident on the Southern Highway. Preliminary information received say that a police officer Mark Sedassie, who was serving with the Traffic Department in Toledo perished when a small car crashed head on with a cargo truck. The fatal crash happened around 7:45 am in Forest Home village.


An Easy Journey From San Pedro to Orange Walk, A Town READY For Independence Day
Yesterday I planned a morning water taxi to start my trip to Orange Walk, Belize. Sugar City. An area of agriculture - primarily sugar cane - Spanish speakers, food, Mestizo culture, rum, Maya sites like Lamanai and the unofficial capital city of Belize's Independence celebrations. Many will attest that the parade on September 21st in Orange Walk is the best in the country. But since I will be enjoying my "home town parade" in San Pedro that day, I thought I'd check out some of the build-up. Check out the fair and the rides, the decorations�and how Orange Walk was preparing for the big day. Belize's 33rd birthday. We pulled into Belize City at about 11.20am and caught a taxi over to the bus station. An 11.45am local bus was practically empty and waiting. Almost too good to be true� It was the local�which means it can stop anywhere and everywhere. But luckily, once you get past Ladyville, this area is pretty sparsely populated. I walked towards the town center. I have only been here one time before - but again, I was surprised by how big Orange Walk is. A full blown fair is set up�that includes the BIG ferris wheel. The one that made me excited, then slightly scared and then sick a few months ago at the Belmopan Agriculture Show. This thing ain't for pantywaists�

Fajitas Texanas
Fajitas are usually made with either shrimp, beef or chicken, but sometimes you can mix all three protein and make this delicious dish called Fajitas Texanas. Please check out each of my individual videos listed below to see how to make each of the dishes.

International Sourcesizz

More Indians escape to Ambergris Caye, Belize for holiday
According to a recent study of travel trends, the number of Indians planning to travel abroad in 2014 has gone up by 21 percent compared to the previous year. Indians prefer travelling closer home with Asian cities dominating the 'Top 20 Destinations' and Asia being the 'Top Continent'. US takes number one spot in the 'Top Countries' category. The data reveals interesting findings in the 'Emerging Destinations' and 'Emerging Countries' categories with Ambergris Caye, Belize topping the list in emerging destination and China leading as the emerging country for travellers. Looking at the accommodation space, it seems Indians are moving away from being traditional holiday goers with respect to lodging preferences. The global statistics show that almost 30% favour options such as bed&breakfast, vacation rentals etc. versus hotels (70%). This trend is further reflected in the global room rates data with almost 50% outbound Indians opting for rooms up to INR 5000.

Give a man a fish
Beheadings. Beatings. Murders. Hassles. Friction. Ever broiling, ever toiling, it's a ball of confusion. Which gives me all the excuse I need to lay down, close my eyes, and go escapist, back to that enchanted afternoon in the perfect blue water of the Caribbean Sea, just off Ambergris Caye, the playground of Belize. There were six of us on this snorkeling tour, and we had parked in an area known for its sharks and rays. We were in the water, which was all of maybe five feet deep. The bottom was covered with grass, and in the grass, hundreds and hundreds of living conchs. The Conch Garden. Pretty neat. Captain Chuck told us to just hang around the boat, because he was going to load the chum bucket and throw it out there. He promised that things would get interesting soon after. In two minutes, three nurse sharks showed up to have a look. These are big fish, about seven feet long and unmistakably sharks. They are also completely cool with people, and we could swim near them without fear, which was nice. It was dramatic and fascinating watching them go after the free food in the bucket, unbothered and unfazed by our presence.

A Blood-Sucking Foe Lurks in Central American Caves
Kissing bugs, which can spread Chagas disease, turned up positive for human blood meals in caves in Guatemala and Belize. Since the dawn of our species, caves have provided humans with shelter and safe haven. And while caves today are more likely to attract tourists than settlers, Latin America's extensive cavern systems still frequently harbor weary overnight guests, from hunters to local workers hired to protect the caves against vandals. Some of those visitors, however, pay a steep price for that shelter-their blood and, potentially, their health. Kissing bugs are blood-sucking nocturnal insects that inhabit Central and South America. The amorous moniker arose because they often bite sleeping victims around the mouth. Even more worrisome is the fact that kissing bugs transmit Trypanosoma cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas disease. That malady-which can go undetected for years-causes life-threatening heart and digestion problems in at least 30 percent of its victims. It is the most costly parasitic disease in Latin America, where some 9 million people carry the T. cruzi parasite. Normally, kissing bugs implicated in the disease creep into people's homes at night or live in thatched walls and roofs. But researchers from the University of Vermont, the University of San Carlos of Guatemala and Loyola University New Orleans wondered whether caves might be another potential site of transmission. In Guatemala, people often use caves for religious ceremonies as well as for shelter, and caves in both Guatemala and Belize are popular tourist attractions. One cave in Belize is even a regular bathing site for both locals and tourists.

Caribbean arrivals increase 4.3% for first half of 2014
Increases in overall Caribbean visitor arrivals from January through June are on pace with the world average of 4.7%, thanks to strong numbers posted by 17 island countries. Arrival figures for six other Caribbean countries are stagnant or below those compared with the first six months of 2013. The Caribbean recorded an overall rise of 4.3% in visitor arrivals during the first half of this year, according to Winfield Griffith, director of research and information technology at the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). Close to 14 million stayover tourists visited the Caribbean from January through June, with nearly half (6.9 million) coming from the U.S., compared with 6.6 million during the same period in 2013, a 3.9% jump in arrivals from the U.S. market. Approximately 25 million travelers in total visited the Caribbean region in 2013. Griffith also reported an 8% increase in the cruise sector in the first half of 2014, topping 13.1 million passengers. For the winter period from January through April, four smaller countries reported double-digit growth, including Belize (12.4%), Grenada (13.6%), Haiti (14.9%) and Montserrat (35.4%), but their visitor numbers were relatively small to begin with.

Tech Hungry Looking for Technology Donations to Help Change the Lives of Children
An innovative technology and education charity which has helped to change the lives of 300 children has issued a rallying cry to help them grow. Tech-Hungry, based in Palm Bay, Florida, has developed an initiative which brings science and technology equipment to schools in some of the most remote parts of the world. "We want to help as many children as possible enjoy science and technology," said Mr Montelone, who is the President and CEO of Tech-Hungry. "Every child in the world could have access to the equipment that a lot of schools take for granted." The Tech-Hungry program has already helped two schools in Belize since being set up earlier this year. Calla Creek, one of the schools to benefit, was supplied with laptops, microscopes, solar learning kits, robot building kits, a telescope and a whole host of other pieces of equipment and accessories.


Video: Aziatic @ Belize's Mega Fest 2014, 5min.

Video: La Isla Bonita - Episodio 1 - Episode 1, 4min.
La Telenovela de Belize. Belize's Telenovela with English Subtitles En una isla caribe�a, llena de vida y belleza tropical nace una historia de amor, dolor, suspenso, obsesi�n, codicia y envidia. Producida en San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Su compra apoya la producci�n de futuros episodios. On a Caribbean island, full of life and tropical beauty unfolds a story full of love, pain, suspense, obsession, greed and envy. Produced in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Your rental supports the production of future episodes.

Video: Cave Tubing in Belize, 4min.

Video: Chilling in Belize, 1min.
piddling around on the pier...

Video: Belize (#1), 16min.
Scuba diving

Video: Hitler finds out... about the Boogie in Belize, 4min.

Video: Relocating a Crocodile -Belize, 7min.

Video: The Boys of Belize - 2014, 4min.

Video: Diving Blue Hole - Belize, 3min.
Uno dei migliori spot diving del mondo, di sicuro uno dei pi� pofondi . Tutti quelli che amano immergesi dovrebbero andare un giorno al Blue Hole in Belize anche se il cost è proibitivo: 280$ per 3 dives.

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