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The San Pedro Sun

The San Pedro Sun wishes all Belizeans, at home and abroad, a happy Independence Day! (4 photos)

Two problematic crocs removed from Ambergris Caye
The American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) removed two problematic crocodiles off Ambergris Caye. The two crocs were taken off the island on September 11th to ACES' facility in Ladyville Village in the Belize District. The representatives of ACES said that the two female crocs were removed because they were being fed and the reptiles have lost all fear of humans; now associating man with food. According to ACES' Crocodile conservationist Chris Summers, the two female crocs had an approximate size of nine feet each. "They were in a lagoon behind an ocean side resort where development is going on. There is a restaurant out at the back and the construction workers have been discarding their scraps into the lagoon, which is essentially feeding the crocodiles. It might not be directly feeding them like it used to be with the tourist attraction [at Wasa lagoon], but it's still indirect feeding."

"Belize is at War": Renowned Belizean photographer Tony Rath documents Guatemalan incursion on Chiquibul
Guatemalan incursion into Belizean territory continues inside the Chiquibul Forest Reserve in the southern portion of the Cayo District and there doesn't seem to be any sign of stopping it in the near future. The illegal Guatemalans are tearing apart Belize's pristine forest without any fear for Belize's authority. It is a national issue that was experienced firsthand by Tony Rath, one of Belize's most well-known and respected professional photographers. Rath publicized an article on his experience, and it paints a very descriptive encounter of the illegal activities within Belize's territory. It is an experience that indicates that "Belize is at War, without even knowing it". According to Rath, he joined a few rangers from the Friends for Conservation and Development into the Chiquibul National Park on a reconnaissance mission for a larger project being planned in the future. But the photographer's mission gave him the opportunity to experience an encounter between illegal Guatemalans and the small group of seven rangers, who are tasked with guarding 1073 square kilometers of Belizean territory.

The $6 million elephant- GOB's Sunset boardwalk
Operators of large water taxis have made it a point to register their concern about the lagoon being too shallow for proper access, especially when their larger vessels are filled with passengers. When questioned about the concern of the water taxi operators, Guerrero said that it is something they are looking at. "When it comes to boats with outboard engines, there are no problems. But yes, that is a concern during low tide for the large vessels with inboard engines, because they draw much more water. If we are to apply the 'no wake zone' rule, they can make it slowly. The thing is that they like to plane as soon as they leave the dock. However there is a plan to dredge the area so that the larger vessels would be able to access the area without much difficulty," said Guerrero. The Mayor acknowledged that the water taxi operators also expressed concern about parking their boat in the area at night, an issue which is being discussed.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch September 27, 2014 Cleanup
A National clean up campaign effort organized by the Scouts Association of Belize is scheduled for Saturday, September 27. The Hol Chan Reserve has been asked to coordinate this clean up for Ambergris Caye. SACNW has been asked to participate in this effort starting at the Water Tower and working South � to 1 mile covering beach and roadway areas. Volunteers are asked to assemble at the Water Tower at 8am September 27. You will be given data cards to detail the types of trash collected.

BEL Restores Power Supply Following Nationwide Unplanned Power Interruption
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) apologizes for an unplanned power interruption which impacted Independence Eve festivities nationwide on Saturday, September 20, 2014. At 8:18 p.m., Belize's power supply was interrupted when a system trip occurred on Mexico's 230kV line, which provides power to Belize. Through the use of local generation sources, BEL commenced restoration of power supply to customers. Most areas in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts were restored at 9:07 p.m. via Blair Athol Power Company Limited (BAPCOL). At 9:38 p.m., Mexico's Comisi�n Federal de Electricidad (CFE) reconnected with BEL, which resulted in restoration to the Belize, Corozal and Orange Walk Districts. Power supply was restored to the Cayo District between 9:40 p.m. and 10:13 p.m.

Preparations are being made for the midnight flag raising and 21 gun shot salute. (4 photos)


PUP Leader says Address Root Causes of Crime
Since Wednesday night was a murderous night in Belize City, with three dead and 4 others injured from gunfire, the old Capital has been tense with the ongoing gang wars in the city...

Suspect Detained for Rape in Corozal District
A woman was raped in the Corozal district. A 23 year old Belizean Sales clerk of Corozal district reported that about 7:30pm on Wednesday September 17, she arrived at Carias Bar in Concepcion Village to have some drinks, where she met a male friend from her village...

Catholic Bishop gets injunction to stop concert at one of its schools
Lewd, rude, crude, and demonic are just some of the words used to describe Jamaican artist Alkaline. But someone decided Alkaline would make a great artist to bring into Belize to entertain the country's most vulnerable and impressionable. A concert featuring the young man, who has tattooed the wh...

Kim Passport in Police Hands
It was announced on September 11th that the Won Hong Kim Passport, key material evidence, according to attorney for the prosecution Kareem Musa, arrived in Belize with the Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse. Elvin Penner was freed of all charges on July 24th earlier this year, due to a lack of evi...

Remembering George Cadle Price
Three years ago , National Hero and, "Father of the Nation"�Right Honorable George Price,� died at 92 after failing to�recover from a fall at home. On Friday he was fondly remembered by those who knew him best and loved him most – members and supporters of the People’s United Party (PUP), who...

National Service Day Observed
It is not a public and bank holiday, but in the honor and spirit of the late Right Honorable George Price,� September 19 is marked each year as National Service Day...

Outgoing Mayor Looks To The Future
As we reported earlier this week,� Mayor of Belmopan, Simeon Lopez, was on Wednesday morning's Rise and Shine show,� where he discussed various issues pertaining to Belmopan and to his three terms in office. In that same interview, the Mayor also shared with us what he would like to see come to ...

Senator Godwin Hulse Concedes Senate is a “Rubber Stamp” for Money Bills
It is common knowledge that the Senate has been described time and time again as a "rubber-stamp" with no power or teeth.�� In an interview with Senator Godwin Hulse on Friday, he conceded that the Senate lives up to that description specifically as it pertains to money bills.

Thief Dies During Store Robbery in Orange Walk Town
Shots rang out in the vicinity of the Northern Regional Hospital, in Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk Town. Reports are that minutes before 3:30 Friday evening, the proprietor of, Hung Yun Store, a Chinese shop situated in front of the Hospital, took out his licensed firearm and shot in the direction o...

Police Seek Stepfather after accusation of Carnal Knowledge
A 14-year-old student of Roaring Creek Village, Cayo District reported that between the 13th and 23rd August, of this year her stepfather touched her inappropriately, and the following month he had sexual intercourse with her. A medical examination was conducted on the minor, where it was certified ...

Man Dies After Hit and Run
A hit and run accident has been reported in Orange Walk. The incident happened on Thursday, September 19, on the San Lorenzo Road. According to police, the dead body of an unidentified man was found off the road in a cane field...

Belmopan Police Recover Items From Burglary
The Belmopan Police Department is asking the Public's assistance in identifying the following items:� 5 golden necklace, 1 silver necklace, one gold in colour women's wrist watch, 4 golden clip-on bracelets, 1 silver clip-on bracelet, 4 golden women's bracelets, and 17 golden rings. Police ma...

Teachers and Children March in Belmopan

On Friday, over two hundred teachers, parents and their children got into the spirit of the September celebrations as they marched half way around the Ring Road in Belmopan...

Winners of Patriotic Video Competition Announced

For the last month, Belizeans had the opportunity to demonstrate their love of country through a social media video competition, organized by the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and the Belize Tourism Board (BTB)...

The Reporter

St. Luke's Methodist partakes in National Service Day activities
In tandem with National Service Day on Friday, St. Luke's Methodist Primary on Mahogany Street in Belize City held activities that reflected on the day's purpose. Acting Principal, Delone Fuller told The Reporter that the children engaged in doing activites for others, such as cleaning yards and distributing food. The children, according to Fuller, saved their own money to carry out the good gestures.

The Belize Times

Bold Leadership! - PUP serious about Change & Reform
Today, Hon. Francis Fonseca demonstrated that under his leadership it will not be business as usual for the People's United Party. At a meeting held this afternoon at Independence Hall, PUP Headquarters, the National Executive supported the Party Leader's decision to remove Arthur Saldivar as the Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North division. It was a difficult but decisive and necessary move. No Party would deliberately remove an elected candidate, but in the circumstances that Saldivar finds himself, it was prudent to act. Saldivar has come under heavy public scrutiny over multiple allegations of wrongdoing. These allegations involve Saldivar and clients he has represented or persons involved in legal matters with him. The public, tired of the blatant and multiple acts of cover up of corrupt act after corrupt act under the current UDP Government, is holding the Opposition PUP to higher standards.

Belize's Independence - 33 years after
As Belize prepares to celebrate its Independence, a little reflection and retrospection might be in order. This Sunday September 21st, we celebrate as a nation, the 33rd anniversary of this momentous milestone. There were many who believed, and probably some who still do, that Belize was not ready for Independence in 1981. Many were the predictions and forebodings of dark days and doom as a result of the bold step into self determination. The visionary statesman who we acknowledge as the Father of our Nation was not deterred however, and 33 years later Belize is still standing. Quite a few left because they were sure that we would not make it, but Guatemala has not invaded, the sky has not fallen and we remain free with all territories sovereign and intact. For many of us older heads, 1981 seems but a few short years ago. For the majority of Belizeans (census figures suggest that a majority of the population is under 30 years of age), Belize has always been independent. For those of us who can recall early Belize, the development and expansion has truly been amazing. The buildings have changed from wood to concrete, technology has us connected around the clock and aggressive tourism marketing has bared our secrets to the world. If Mother Nature still has well-kept secrets, certainly Belize would no longer be counted among them. Since Independence Belize has changed governments six times with our two main political parties sharing terms of office. The UDP is currently midway through their fourth term, having joined the PUP in winning consequence terms of office. Despite blaming the PUP for everything that has gone wrong in Belize, the figures now show that since Independence, the UDP has been as many years in office as the PUP. Obviously they have to share in the blame for the things that they continue to complain has not gone right for Belize.

IMF says economic future is "worse" than predicted – Unemployment on "upward trend"
The International Monetary Fund has The International Monetary Fund has sounded a loud alarm on Belize's economic future. Following the conclusion of the Article IV consultation with Belize, the IMF has said that the medium-term outlook for economic growth for Belize is "is worse than envisaged" and that real gross domestic product (GDP) growth would be weaker than anticipated in the near term. The IMF's warning comes just weeks after Prime Minister Dean Barrow was beating his chest, proclaiming that his Government is steering the country out of rough waters. The first financial quarter of the year (January to March) had seen the economy shrivel, with Gross Domestic Product at 0.4%. The second quarter (April to June) saw improved conditions, according to the Government, as GDP was reportedly 8.7%. But economic analysts have questioned the veracity of purported economic growth, indicating that it might reflect Government's infusion of funds into one small sector of the economy.

UDP sells underwater lots
San Pedro residents are disgusted at the UDP Administration's latest desperate political gimmick of selling out land submerged under sea water for votes. The BELIZE TIMES has confirmed that through the office of the Area Representative the UDP Government has been collecting $500 for each parcel of land which has been sold to prospective landowners. The major problem is that unbeknown to the buyers, the lands are below sea water, in an area known as "Los Bajos" located four miles north of the island. This latest scandal was exposed this week by concerned residents who spotted subdivision pegs and called out the media's attention. Now that is has been exposed, the scandal threatens to sink the UDP's plans. 40 acres have been proposed for this strange underwater subdivision. Pegs can be found along the mangrove area, marking where the plots of land have been carved out. One plot was even seen already fenced.

8 shot, 3 dead in 1 day
Violent crime erupted in the poverty-filled Belize City on Wednesday with four separate shooting incidents that resulted in eight people being injured and three killed. It started around 2:00 in the afternoon, at the corner of Dean Street and Euphrates Avenue, next to the St. Ignatius Primary School and near the St. Ignatius Church. A group of men were in a yard socialising and playing dominoes when an unknown individual approached them and began firing shots. The men scrambled and tried to escape the deadly assault, but 56 year old Cyril McFoy Robinson was not able to. He sustained a shot to the head. 45 year old Sean Cherrington was also shot on his leg. Witnesses say the gunman targeted McFoy. He was the only one sitting down and the gunman pointed the gun to his head before firing a shot. But other reports indicate that McFoy may not have been the intended target. He is father to Brandon Tillett, a known associate of George Street gang, who was among the men but managed to escape the attack. There was peace in the city following that shooting but only for a few hours.

Francis and the New Belizean Revolution!
The Hon. Francis Fonseca has worked close with the nation's foremost icon, George Price, long enough for many of the great leader's traits to have been transferred. Dedication to serve the Belizean people with humility is among them. You will never hear him beating his chest or boasting of accomplishments. Yet he is the one that took over the leadership of the P.U.P. from those tumultuous times of infighting and undermining and led the party to an amazing come-back from 4 seats to 14 seats in an incredible display during the 2012 general elections which was a P.U.P. victory were it not for the worst kind of political treachery. With typical low-key fanfare, he re-committed the P.U.P. to its core value of social justice at a time when poverty has reached scandalous proportions of near fifty percent and unemployment is a social and economic scourge. The U.D.P. has brought the proud people of Belize to a diet of nutritionless Ramen noodles and a life of begging, with handouts as the order of the day. The private sector is flat on its back struggling to survive and the economy is gasping for breath. A sick and aging Prime Minister has been swallowed by his own outsized ego and is embarked on sacrificing the good of the country for a third term in office. We live in the worst of times. Worse than that, there is no future in sight and there is no hope available to the nation.

BDF wins Interoffice volleyball champs
The Belize Defense Force won the 2014 Belize District Volleyball Association's interoffice championship with back to back wins against Digicel 4G in the finals at the Belize Elementary School auditorium over the weekend. In Game 1 Thursday night, Victor Hernandez, Juan Marin and Rasheed Pollard led the Digicel offensive, scoring points at the net on plays set by Emily Turner and Shanti Roches; while Amir Arnold and libero Eli Obando dug up saves and helped on receptions to win the 1st set 25-22. Otis Clother and Jael Clother came off the bench for the 2nd set, but the BDF's Ernest Broaster, Francis Usher, Oliver Longsworth and Pierce Coleman led a counterattack on plays set by Bobby Dee Usher to win the next 2 sets: 25-16 and 15-10.

Robert Mariano wins Weekend Warriors' A Cotton Tree race
Digicel 4G's Robert Mariano won the A division, Ernest Olivera won the B division and Stationery House's Ingmar Perera won the C division when Weekend Warriors' cycling club held the last in the second series of flats races for 2014, from Cotton Tree to Leslie's Imports in Belize City on Sunday. Here are other results: A Division 1st Robert Mariano - Digicel 4G - 2:00:00 2nd Mark Gentle - BCB/F.T. Williams team 3rd Kent "Bob" Gabourel - Benny's Megabytes 4th James Frampton - Team Santino's 5th Shelton Graham - Santino's 6th Vallan Symns - Benny's Megabytes 7th Jack Sutherland - Digicel 4G 8th Warren Coye - Taem Santino's 9th Eric Burns - Scotiabank 10th Stephen Bissett - Team BNE

Hon. Jose Mai carries out major public works in OW South
Even in Opposition the People's United Party is showing that it can get serious work done. Hon. Jose Abelardo Mai is a good example of this as he has been carrying out major public works in various communities in his Orang Walk South constituency. With the help of concerned residents, Hon Mai was able to open about 500 feet of drains in San Lazaro Village. This is to alleviate flooding that affects the homes of several residents. Hon. Jose Mai contracted the services of Carlos Padilla to excavate new and clear existed canals to reduce the effects of heavy flooding. Also in San Lazaro, a 3-mile road was opened and shaped using a bulldozer. This road leads to farm lands in the south eastern part of the village directly east towards the Rio Hondo. Some 50 persons doing mixed farming will benefit from the new road. About 3,000 tons of sugar cane that will be ready for harvesting will now have easier access out of the area for transport to the mill. A grader was used to level the road and leave ready to fill with white marl.

There was no battle of St. George's Caye in September, 1798. Neither was there a battle at St. George's Caye. It is stupid, in 2014, for the school children and the country to be told there was a battle and that the Baymen fought and won a major battle. It is equally stupid to be saying that if it were not for the victory at St. George's Caye, Belize would not exist. It is a fact that 32 Spanish ships carrying sailors and over 2,500 soldiers came to Belize in the area of St. George's Caye. It is a fact the Governor of Jamaica sent a small ship, the Marlin and about 200 soldiers from the West India Regent. It is a fact that a number of the Baymen used their small boats to go out to "defend" St. George's Caye. It is a fact that black persons were in the boats of the Baymen. It is not a fact that slaves fought, neither is it true they fought with puck-u-nuh boy sticks. Please remember that there was slavery in Belize up to 1834. In 1798, there were some free black people and there were some free coloured people. The Baymen used these to row the boats.

Residential lots for political gain the Belmopan case
The City of Belmopan was designed at inception to benefit from a Master Plan. Prior to the year 2000, this responsibility of stewardship and planning was resident in the Reconstruction and Development Corporation or RECONDEV and thereafter since 2000, to both RECONDEV and the Belmopan City Council. The RECONDEV ACT, Chapter 193, Revised Edition 2000 is designed to oversee the legal operational affairs of RECONDEV as the custodian of all the land in Belmopan. Consequential to the 2012 general elections campaign, RECONDEV allocated five hundred acres of land as residential lots in East Belmopan, near Maya Mopan, and required the selected lessees to deposit $1,200 per lot for Administration Fees. These lots were allocated without an official Lease document, pending due processing by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Amazingly there was no infrastructure put in place, meaning no streets, no drains, no water, and no electricity. The $1,200 paid by the lessees was supposed to be for this same needed infrastructure according to the RECONDEV and the Area Representative. Today, 2.5 years later, there is still no infrastructure, frustrating and unduly denying the hopes of the lessees to build their homes, most of them poor, hardworking and struggling Belizeans. The lessees were assured that the necessary infrastructure works would be carried out by the Belmopan City Council utilizing the deposits made by them. Nothing of the sort has happened to date.

Public Transportation for a More Competitive Economy
There is a small city in the USA named Portage, Michigan�.at the entrance is a big sign that boasts "Portage�.City of Economic Excellence". This is a high-ambition declaration by the leaders of that city. One of the beliefs held by the leaders is that the citizens should be able to move with ease and comfort, at the least possible cost. Movement, after all, is one of the basic characteristics/need of living creatures. Their public transportation system is very efficient and reliable, and includes modern air-conditioned buses that charge the citizens US$0.10 to go anywhere in the city. The pump price of fuel is around US$3.40 per gallon. In Belize, the pump price of fuel is around US$6.00 per gallon for premium fuel�..with around 45% of this cost going to government in the form of taxes. Without these taxes, the price of premium fuel would be around US$3.75 per gallon and diesel around US$3.60. Belize bus transport cost is US$0.05 per mile on average, serviced mostly by obsolete Blue Bird used and rebuilt school buses imported from US scrap yards�.and which are very inconsistent, dilapidated and routinely break down on the highways, leaving passengers stranded. This is about the same price per mile charged in Mexico for the A-class service on very reliable and modern Pullman buses with air-conditioning, toilets, tv and terminal services. Thus Belizeans are paying the same price, for less than half the service.

The Citizen Kim- Elvin Penner Immigration Corruption Saga (Part II)
We did examination of the Belize Passport Issuance System (BPIS) processing of passport number P0246777 issued in the name of Won Hong Kim (Kin) and we confirmed the users and approvers of Won Hong Kim (Kin) passport number P0246777 and we also noted that two BPIS user roles were assigned to Erwin Robinson as shown in Table below Since the steps to the Belize Machine Readable Passport Application and Issuance System (BMRPAIS) (section I to VIII) define the various BPIS roles as distinct and separate roles, we were unable to establish who gave access to Erwin Robinson to perform the roles of Data Entry Operator and Quality Control Operator at the same time, which is a violation of the passport application and approval process. While some roles are non-BPIS user roles, e.g. counter Clerk and Counter Supervisor. We noted Mark Tench served as Print Operator and delivery officer while Omar Phillips was the Counter clerk and Counter Supervisor. The BPIS also showed the status of Won Hong Kim's passport P0246777 was still at "QA passed". This was the case for numerous passports for which applications or persons authorized had signed for on the application forms as having received the passports, yet the system still had them at QA passed or QA override.

Everybody and their brother knows by now that Education Minister and Member for Collet Hon. Patrick Faber has been involved in another incident of violence towards women. It was a pretty shocking report that began to surface last weekend. I learned about it after church, since word had begun to make the rounds of what had allegedly occurred at the Lord's Bank home of Faber at a birthday party for a girlfriend of his who works in the Ministry of Education. I call the incident one of gender or gender-based violence. I believe that the term domestic violence sometimes does not capture the true nature of this pernicious and continuing problem in all societies. Nowadays we are hearing of the most horrendous incidents of violence against women in countries like Afganistan and Syria. Even the emerging Islamic State terrorists are said to kidnap and rape women and girls and use them as objects to be traded. Boko Haram rebels in Nigeria have kidnapped hundreds of girl children, with late and little response from national authorities and the international community.

Press Office Vehicle Crashed
The UDP have tried their best to hide an incident in which a Government Press Office vehicle ended up being crashed into a lamppost at the entrance of the George Price highway. UDP cronies have been abusing resources, with no intervention from their Government superiors and little exposure from the so called "independent" media houses. Alcohol and careless driving seems to have been the reasons why this latest incident occurred. Information to the BELIZE TIMES is that UDP crony, Fortunato Noble, was behind the wheels. Noble used the vehicle as if it were his personal ride. According to reports, Noble had been out late that night and when entering the city he veered into the lamppost.

Artist and Historian Yasser Musa recently shared a publication entitled: "The Road to Independence" which was published at the time of Belize's Independence in 1981. I have read it before but reading it again was inspiring and enlightening. It reminds us of the courageous, bold and uncertain path Belize took to Independence guided by our great leader and Father of the Nation George Price. But as George Price always reminded us, we must never forget that it was the great People's United Party and its members and supporters who served as the vehicle to take us on the road to Independence. The PUP provided the support structure for Mr. Price to carry out his life's work. It was the philosophy and core values of the PUP grounded in social justice which served as the foundation for Belize's Independence movement.

Police Office dies in collision
29 year old Constable Marvin died in a traffic collision between miles 3 and 4 on the Southern Highway, just outside of Forest Home Village. Around 7:30 this morning, Sedacey was driving his brown-in-colour Ford Escort car when it slammed into a Freight truck which was incoming from the opposite direction. Sedacey, who is a resident of Cattle Landing, died instantly, as the impact crushed the entire front of the vehicle. Sedacey was the only passenger in the vehicle. He had reportedly left from a wake that morning before.

Belize's Prime Minister is now poised to deliver yet another body-blow to the ribcage of the country's democracy .This move is yet another indication that he is chipping away at freedoms which are guaranteed by the Constitution of Belize. The PM is in a hurry to take advantage of his dwindling power base in the Legislature to introduce a Bill that could dismantle one of his powerful adversaries, the Belize Bar Association-an independent group of professional Attorneys spanning the national political spectrum. It is likely that he will be able to slide this Bill through the Legislature with his slim majority and with the full support of his voiceless minions who cow-tow to him in his over-sized Cabinet. With no back-benchers, he doesn't have to worry about anyone reining them in. The Prime Minister has the full support of his Attorney General and Foreign Minister who carries an inexplicable heavy chip like a log on his shoulder and a serious grudge against the Bar Association for calling him out for his Foreign Affairs bloopers and for his incompetence as Attorney General.

The National Colonial Museum????
The proposed National Colonial Museum by the government is mentally sick. It is a retrograde, racist and disturbing development. I urge the President of NICH, the directors of ISCR, and Archaeology to take a public stand against such a wasteful and disrespectful regal minded program. I suggest that some of that $14 million be spent on renovating the historic Liberty Hall on Barrack Road and convert it to a modern Museum of African heritage with a component for technology so that youths can engage in productive acts of creativity. And instead of blowing away all the money in Belize City, I propose that a Museum of Natural History and Botanical Garden be built in Belmopan near the University and George Price Center so that citizens, students and tourists too can experience the scientific knowledge about this land.

Silvaana Udz supports use of Garifuna language in public spaces
Please allow me to publicly express support to the use of Garifuna and other local languages in public spaces. Above all, right now, kwik, fast and hurry-APOLOGIZE! Yes, you, First Caribbean Bank � you who have, admittedly, sponsored numbers of Kriol, Garifuna, and other local cultural functions in the 17 or so territories you operate in. But that just does not matter anymore. Why did you allow this linguistic hurricane to bubble and boil from what, perhaps up until your reaction you could have handled with far more sensitivity, humility, and, well, just good manners, man! You see, me, Silvaana Maree Udz (nee Woods), avid radio, newspaper, and local TV news viewer, can only critically respond to media reports, as I was not in Ms. Martinez's shoes when you-First Caribbean Bank-were threading upon her dignity as a human being and when you were mashing up her right-her inalienable, fundamental, constitutional right-to use her language in public spaces. At the very, very least, publicly apologize to Ms. Martinez, to the Garifuna community, and to ALL Belizeans. Whether or not you feel culpable, or whether or not you feel protected by your own self-acclaimed inadequately-defined language policy, the reality is you have, whether advertently or not, hurt us. Not just "us" as your Belizean clients, but "us" as your Caribbean folk.

Patrick JonesPJ

Prime Minister clarifies interaction with gangs
Many Belizeans commonly believe that the Government's efforts with regard to stopping gang-related crime involve financial payments to gang members with the plea to "hold it down." On Thursday Prime Minister Dean Barrow was forced to clarify that matter for a reporter, which he did with some annoyance. [�]

FFB President dissects Belize performance in Central American Cup
The Belize Jaguars missed out on UNCAF championship glory in the recent Copa Centroamericana played in the United States. They could not get a win against Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, partially due to several mistakes and own-goals made by the players. Nonetheless, President of the Football Federation [�]

Church bends Alkaline to its will
Marine Sounds Entertainment has been granted permission, both by the Roman Catholic Church and the Supreme Court of Belize, to proceed with the first of two planned concerts for the Independence Day weekend at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium in San Ignacio tonight. This came after a in-chamber [�]

Injunction lifted, Alkaline concert to go on as planned
The temporary Supreme Court injunction obtained late Friday by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Belize, the Most Reverent Dorrick Wright against the planned concert by Jamaican dancehall artist Alkaline has been lifted. The injunction was lifted after a rare Saturday hearing by the Supreme Court, paving the way [�]

Queen of the Bay New York visits for September Celebrations
Queen of the Bay New York Evette Partis is winding down her first official visit to Belize. Partis was selected last month as the Queen of the Bay 2014-2015 in New York and as part of her official duties, she travelled to Belize to take part in [�]

Robber shot and killed in Orange Walk
Orange Walk resident Leslie Logan Junior was shot and killed on Friday afternoon after he allegedly robbed a business establishment at gunpoint. According to police reports, around 2:45 pm on Friday, Logan, Jr. and another man entered the Hung Yun Store on the Otro Benque Road and [�]

Roman Catholic Church obtains injunction against dancehall artiste
At 10 am today in the Supreme Court, an inter-parties hearing will take place between unusual opponents: Roman Catholic Bishop of Belize Monsignor Dorrick Wright and Jamaican dancehall star and journalism student Earlan Bartley, 20, also known as "Alkaline." Alkaline is in Belize to perform concerts in San [�]

PUP rejects National Colonial Museum at House of Culture
Earlier this week we brought you the comments of former NICH President and artist Yasser Musa who said Belize was taking several steps back by endorsing the building of a National Colonial Museum at the current Government House (House of Culture) in Belize City. The planned [�]

PUP will not turn back on Arthur Saldivar
Controversial former Belize Rural North standard bearer for the People's United Party (PUP) Arthur Saldivar did not take the news of his removal from that post earlier this week particularly well. He is accused of, but denies, taking over $900,000 in monies belonging to former clients Melonie and [�]

Gang Suppression Unit 'endorsement' will not curb crime, says PUP
Debate has begun on the new tack being taken by the Belize Police Department to arrest the spike in crime that saw a total of six murders dating back to last weekend. Essentially, the plan calls for more troops on the ground, with the spear points of the [�]


Finn Kardashian Does Central America: Episode Two, Guatemala
So once again it is time to check in our intrepid backpacker, Finn. Here he is in San Pedro living life Finn Style - "working" at Rojo Beach Bar. We've following him sailing along the coast of Belize and down to Livingston Guatemala. I'm going to post a map of that country now. Though my Central American geography is improving, it is by no means flawless. I mean�did you know that the second largest city in Guatemala is Quetzaltenango? Yeah�me neither. No chicken bus for me since am the biggest chicken in the world�I should be recognized by UNESCO for that! LMAO. Rio Dulce, just so you know, is full of boat people, OLD folks and yatchs. Now the anxiety even gets me more since I forgot my Itinerary. Do backpackers even travel with them or just a guide book or nothing at all�still trying to figure it out.

Thirty three years after that magic day on September 21st, 1981, this year's theme, "Industrious Hands, Intelligent Minds, Together for Belize," resonates throughout the country. For over three decades hard working, industrious hands directed by clever minds have created a nation that the world respects and Belizeans can be proud of. For such a small country Belize has a very big history. Let's take a brief look: A couple of thousand years before the birth of Christ the early Maya began to settle in what today is Belize. You wouldn't think a dense jungle would be the setting for such a complex civilisation to grow, but with rich soil, navigable rivers and the seas supplying abundant marine life and coastal trade routes, the Maya prospered and became one of the most advanced civilisations of the ancient world. But by the time the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in the 16th century, the mighty Maya civilisation was in decline, perhaps the victim of a combination of overpopulation, centralisation, and a series of crushing droughts. The Spanish Conquest soon put an end to this fascinating, enigmatic civilisation, and the Conquistador's religious zeal in wiping out all records of Maya thought, science and cosmology left us with only a vague outline of the Maya's prodigious achievements.

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His Highness the Amir congratulates Belize on National Day
His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has sent a cable of congratulations to the Governor-General of Belize, Dr. Colville N. Young, on his country's National Day. Their Highnesses the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah addressed cables of identical content to the Governor-General.

His Majesty sends greetings
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has sent a cable of greetings to Colville Young, Governor General of Belize on his country's Independence Day. In his cable, His Majesty the Sultan expressed his sincere greetings and wishes to the president and his country's people.


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Belize Ambassador to the UK's Independence Day speech at Belize House in London.

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What a great time to visit Belize - Happy independence day Belize! - Corozal Belize September Celebrations - Corozal Belize Carnival fireworks.

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Video: Big Flag Story, 10min.
I found the flag narrative that Mr. Sanchez put forth rather amusing for several reasons. He addressed the concerns many Belizeans still have about the flag, but I got a sense that with the benefit of time and him being cognizant of such concerns he crafted a suitable story. Mr. Sanchez mentioned that he and the late Everald Waight - two high ranking government officials with political connections - won an "open" competition to design the flag. In an Amandala editorial about Independence Day last year, the editor noted the refusal to introduce Belizean artists into the national symbols process. It is still hard for many Belizeans to believe that this was an open competition that two government bureaucrats (with perhaps little art background) won fare and square. And so from the onset the process for many seem to be rigged and the outcome preordained.