Says initial research findings

A team of four biologists are on the island as part of a research project to gather information on crocodilian habitats, as well to determine the health of their environment. The team of four is headed by Dr. Marisa Tellez and they are in Belize via a research program at the Santa Barbara University in California USA, through a National Science Foundation grant given by the US Government.

Tellez and her team have been all over Central America assessing crocodilian habitats. While in Belize, they selected Ambergris Caye as their area of concentration, since the island has a large population of American Saltwater crocodiles. As part of the research, the team has been pumping out crocodiles' stomach and dissecting fish and crabs, looking for parasites in their bodies, which are an indication of the health of the environment. They are also assessing the effects of pollution on crocodilian habitats.

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