BTL to double Internet speed for same price

During an address at the 2012's Business forum, the Prime Minister announced that BTL's internet cost for 128K speed would go from $49 to $25 per month. At the time, the cost of DSL Internet speeds were also doubled for the same price that meant that 1 megabit which sold for $300 was reduced to $140 per month. 2 megabits went from $500, to $240. That announcement was in November of 2012. Two months shy of two years, the Prime Minister, during his Independence Day address made the announcement that BTL would once again be doubling its speeds for the same price.

PM Barrow stated that as of October 1, the doubling of bandwith for the same price will commence. He noted that the government has also signed a statutory instrument which will make internet services zero-rated rather than exempt from GST. "This will allow all internet service providers to charge even less," said the Prime Minister. He continued, "Of course GOB takes a revenue loss in consequence. But it is well worth it as together with BTL we deepen all important internet penetration in this nation."

While that is the good news for those using internet services Prime Minister Barrow also noted that the other utility company which government nationalized is also doing extremely well. He stated that "dividends, frozen before the takeover, are now being paid. And SSB in particular, which had earlier invested the people's money in BEL shares, is happy to be finally seeing returns. The company made profits of $18 million in 2013 while actually decreasing rates to consumers by 7.9%, and there is every likelihood of further rate reductions in 2015".

The Guardian