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The San Pedro Sun

Kim Simplis Barrow participates in the First Ladies High Level Forum
Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow the Special Envoy for Women and Children and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, had the honour of being a speaker at the First Ladies High Level Forum a side event held within the margins of the 69th United Nations General Assembly on September 23rd, 2014 in New York. The event was hosted by the Africana Women Working Group at the UN and supported by the Nigerian Consulate General in New York, the United Nations Population Fund, the Jewelry Institute of America and the Joint Office for the Commonwealth Permanent Missions to the United Nations.

Caribbean Export awards over $200K USD to agro-processing companies across the region
The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) announces the awarding of over $255,000 USD or �197, 000 in financial assistance to CARIFORUM agro- processing firms as part of the Regional Private Sector Development Programme (RPSDP) funded by the European Union under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF). "It is of paramount importance that food producers are able to compete on a global scale. This can only be achieved through meeting the stringent regulatory or certification needs for international food safety. The allocation of these funds will help these businesses in the first instance to get them export ready or be able to increase their exports to new markets. This is the boost that the sector in the region needs." expressed Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director of the Agency. The Agro-processing sector within the Caribbean is relatively fragmented and underdeveloped, comprising mainly of small and medium sized enterprises involved in the processing of traditional agricultural products for domestic use and export. There are a number of competitive constraints that currently hinder the expansion of the agro- processing sector, one of which is food safety requirements.

Island PUP celebrates National Service Day
As part of National Service Day, the Belize Rural South (BRS) People's United Party (PUP) held several activities to commemorate the Father of Our Nation, Right Honorable George Cadle Price. Throughout Friday, September 19th party members participated in several community service activities including a beach clean-up, town upkeep and visiting the elderly. Later in the evening, a procession was held. Party members departed from the BRS PUP office with candles, flags and George Cadle Price portraits on hand as they made their way across town core to the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church. Immediately after the procession, a mass of thanksgiving was held.

Ambergris Today

Trinidad Entertainer Machel Montano is One with Belize
Machel Montano, Trinidadian soca singer, record producer and songwriter, was in Belize from September 17 to September 22 as the Headliner for Belize's first ever Soca and Jazz Festival. The festival proved to be one of the most attended events in Belize. Machel proved to be a huge hit during the festival; one to remember. During his stay in Belize Machel had the opportunity to visit many popular spots of the country and he was very happy to share pictures and videos on is Instagram account. He obviously had a great time and Belize made a big impact on him. Tour company Chukka Belize assisted the organizers with sponsorship of transfers and tours for Machel and his group.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) will be hosting Coastal Awareness Week 2014 under the theme, "Planned Development Today for a Sustainable Coast Tomorrow" to be held September 29th 2014 to October 3rd 2014. CZMAI would like to extend a cordial invitation to you for your attendance and coverage of our official opening ceremony as well as the activities listed in our schedule of events.

FIU is demanding that you re-register any accounts that do international business!
FIU is demanding that you re-register any accounts that do international business! That includes resorts. Just found out that one of our accounts was closed even thou it was already registered with the FIU TWO damned years ago! No warning from bank or FIU! Is this fall out from this???? F S ! Jump through all the hoops, obey by the laws, pay taxes and now this? Hell our business was even recommended to the international financiers!

Compiled by Abdulmajeed K. Nunez. Violence cannot be stopped by locking people up That's government chickening out and passing the buck Violence is a behaviour, so we need to know our triggers We need to change our economic behaviour In order to change our political behaviour And when those are changed then we will see progression Dr Omar explained that violence is and outward manifestation Of pain, anger, misery, frustrations, feeling of abandonment and hopelessness and trauma Will Smith has a saying that "Black people Are the only people that spend money they don't have

First Ladies High Level Forum
Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow participates in the First Ladies High Level Forum at the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly: "Women's Reproductive and Sexual Health" Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow the Special Envoy for Women and Children and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, had the honour of being a speaker at the First Ladies High Level Forum a side event held within the margins of the 69th United Nations General Assembly on September 23rd, 2014 in New York. The event was hosted by the Africana Women Working Group at the UN and supported by the Nigerian Consulate General in New York, the United Nations Population Fund, the Jewelry Institute of America and the Joint Office for the Commonwealth Permanent Missions to the United Nations. (4 photos)

">International Archaeology Day Oct. 17th
Inclucing Archaeology Fair, in Belmopan

0 Belize Stories You May Have Missed This Weekend

Channel 7

Man Charged For Brazen City Murder
On June 13th, Tulio Pinelo Caceres was shot down and killed at the entrance of Pink's Alley - right in front of city hall and right across from St. Mary's Primary School. It happened in broad daylight - and its brazen-ness stunned even those city residents accustomed to violent crime. At the time, it was seen as a gang related hit since Caceres was from Taylor's Alley, a known gang neighborhood. And now, police have charged the man who they believe did it. He is Keyron Gibson, a 22 year old from Lord's Bank. Gibson spent the long weekend in lockdown, and after three nights, he was arraigned before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith in Court #1. He was read a single charge of murder and no plea was taken since it is an indictable offenses. He was remanded to jail until November 11, 2014. Caceres would have been a key witness in the murder trial for Dale Tillett which was held in July.

Junior Heredia Has a "Plan B" For "Zone F"
A week ago, we told you about the land and conservation dispute on San Pedro. The issue involved a housing project, which the Area Representative Manuel Junior Heredia intended to put in an area set aside as a Wetland Reserve, one which was never formally recognized by the Government. As we told you, this wetland area, which features mangrove forests and a sprawling lagoon, was supposed to be part of Zone F expansion for the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The plans were drafted up, and funding was already secured, but, supposedly because of Government red tape, the reserve was never signed into law by a statutory instrument. The environmentalists who have been following the project closely soon unearthed a planned housing area in part of the wetland reserve known as Sunset Cove. A survey was already commissioned, and the lagoon was parceled off, but the environmentalists sounded the alarm.

Valley Of Peace Farmers Reach Accommodation With Multinational
Six months ago, we first told you about the dispute in Valley of Peace village in the Cayo District after 31 small farmers went head to head with the multinational, Green Tropics Limited. The farmers complained that Green Tropics sprayed herbicides on their crops from a crop duster. They claimed that the company damaged over a hundred thousand dollars worth of their crops, which they wanted compensation for. Green Tropics countered that these farmers were squatting on the company's land, and so, the dispute had to be settled by the attorneys for both sides or it would end up in a drawn out legal battle. Well, the news tonight is after months of negotiation, both sides have arrived at settlement believed to mutually beneficial. This morning, we spoke with the attorney for the farmers, and he told us what that resolution is:

Another Teenager Charged For Unitedville Murder
In August we told you about the murder of 34 year old father of 7, Victor Vargas. It happened in Unitedville village and police charged 19 year old Joseph Vacarro a few days later. And now they have charged another teenager; he is 19 year old Steven Gomez and he was arraigned for murder today. He was remanded to prison and the matter was adjourned to 2nd November, 2014. The two teenagers allegedly got into a fight with Vargas; one of them held him, and the other stabbed him in the throat.

Bar President Takes On AG
On Friday September 5th, Government introduced the Legal Profession Amendment Bill in the House of Representatives. As we've told you this bill makes it so that a lawyer no longer has to be a member of, or pay fees to the Bar Association. It also appoints the Chief Justice as Chairman of the General Legal Council, taking the place of the Attorney General. Those goals seem simple enough - but the legislation, perhaps predictably, has run afoul of the Bar Association. The Association has compiled and submitted its many complaints about the Bill to the House Constitution and Foreign Affairs committee which was supposed to meet yesterday, but didn't. Today we did get to speak to the President the Bar about it. He stressed that the views he was expressing were his own and not necessarily those of the Bar Association:�

Former Bar President Says Compulsory Bar Membership Not Unconstitutional
The Prime Minister - who said he will definitely not renew his membership in the Bar association has told the media that under the constitutional provision for freedom of association, compulsory membership in the bar most likely cannot b enforced. But Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck told us that in the research done so far, there is no precedent which says that compulsory membership is unconstitutional: Andrew Marshalleck - Former President/Current Member, Bar Association "The doing away of compulsory membership is presumably being done on the basis that compulsory membership is unconstitutional. This is an issue that the bar has studied and has actually commissioned a legal opinion from and the conclusion is that it's not unconstitutional. So the need for the change starts from the wrong place. There is nothing that anybody can point to no decision in this region or decision of any court which demonstrates they compulsory membership in the bar association as presently provided by the legal provision act."

Bail Hearing For Bahamians Deferred
Bahamian Offshore Bankers Levin Leach and Rohn Knowles have been in jail pending an extradition request since September 15th. Today, their attorneys Eamon Courtenay and Godfrey Smith went to the Supreme Court to try and get bail for the principals of the now defunct Titan Securities. They appeared before Justice Denis Hannomansingh in a courtroom filled with their family members and media. Everyone was there except Leach and Knowles. It seems the paperwork hadn't been put together to get them to the city for their bail hearing. Their attorneys explained the snafu and why they think their clients qualify for bail:� Godfrey Smith, Attorney "There were informed that neither of the two gentlemen have been brought down from Kolbe Facility and in addition to that the other side asked for more time to be able to respond to our written submissions. The position is the matter is adjourned until Monday, the 29th of next week." Jules Vasquez "At this point has an extradition request been formally entered requesting your clients?"

DOE Says Water Taxi Did Not Hit Reef
Yesterday we told you about the San Pedro Water Taxi boat accident near an area called Coral Gardens. Well, we spoke to Kein Marin from the San Pedro Water Taxi today and he confirmed that it was a combination of inclement weather conditions and navigational issues that caused the crash. Apparently, the GPS failed and the boat captain had low visibility as result of the rain. It was also reported by the Department of Environment that the boat crashed into a rock, and not the Coral Gardens Reef area. They say the rock was miles away from the reef and the reef was not damaged. The company says it has taken drastic measures to ensure the safety of the passengers.

The Port, The Pacora and Merchants
And while the Port Authority is dealing with that matter, the private Port of Belize is dealing with angry importers who were stopped from clearing their containers yesterday. And it's because the Port has a dispute with one major shipping agency which has arrears - reportedly into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's the agent responsible for the CFS Pacora, which arrived two days ago loaded with 183 containers for various agencies and importers. But because of the arrears - the Port of Belize brought down the hammer and would not let any containers out of its compound even if they had been taken off the vessel and cleared customs. Today, Arturo Tux Vasquez, the CEO of the Port of Belize told us that they have reached an accommodation with Belize Shipping Agency and they are gradually allowing the containers to be released.

San Pedro Police Make Major Weed Find
San Pedro Police found one and a half pounds of weed in the Boca Del Rio Area of the island town. Today at around the 2:15, a team of San Pedro police comprising of Special Branch and the Quick Response Team searched an abandoned swampy lot and found a black plastic bag with the 1.4 pounds of weed. Island police say that a Hispanic man from the area found the drugs 15 miles north of the town, in the Bacalar Chico area and it is believed to have originated in Mexico. But the man wasn't in the area today and no arrest was made.

FFB President Discusses Team Failures In Nation's Cup
Two weeks ago, we told you about the dismal performance of the Belize National Team at the 2014 Copa Centroamericana. There were high expectations that the team was going to perform much better this time around, given that they had placed fourth in this tournament in 2013. But this time around, the Jaguars came in 7th out of 7, last place. Upon return, the players told us that their poor performance was foretold because the Football Federation of Belize did not call the entire team for preparation until a little over a month before, and the Head Coach, Leroy Sherrier, was not retained until 3 weeks before. Everyone involved blamed the executives of the FFB for this foul-up, but the media didn't get a chance to speak with the President to hear his side. Well, he returned to the country on last week Friday, and we caught up with him on Saturday. Daniel Ortiz asked him to explain why the team was organized at the very last minute: Ruperto Vicente, President FFB "What may have effected the players is the players went into this tournament expecting the same performance they did in the last central american cup. We have to understand going into these tournaments that we have to go in a lot more prepared mentally because we will not be looked upon as the underdogs as before, so we have to prepare more. What I can say though, is that our team performed admirably and they performed better than they did the last time around. According to the studies done that our team is the most improved team of the tournament. While Salvador came out as the youngest national team, our team came out as the most improved team"

Prison CEO Jones Moves On
Prison CEO Earl Jones, who had been at the Kolbe Foundation for over 4 years, has resigned from his post; his departure was effective last week Friday, September 19. Jones is currently out of the country, so, we couldn't reach him for comment. The Board of the Kolbe Foundation released a statement yesterday in which they offered an explanation. It says quote, "Citing personal reasons for this decision, Mr. Jones thanked the Board for the opportunity to have served, and offered to continue to advise the organization during the transition." End quote. He is recognized as one of the facility's leaders where "tremendous progress" has been made, but now the Prison is moving forward with the process of choosing a new CEO. In the interim, Virgilio Murillo will be the acting CEO. Jones reportedly had a difference of opinion with the Board over plans moving forward.

Two More Men For Gang Membership
Last night, we told you about the gang crackdown in which 7 men were arraigned for various offences, which tied them to the criminal gangs in Belize City. Well, yesterday, there were 2 other men, who we didn't tell you about that were arraigned on similar charges. Those men, 24 year-old Alexander Underwood and 26 Wababa Norales, are at prison tonight because Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart denied them bail on the charge of professing to be a member of a criminal gang. They are known to be linked with the gang known as SSG. Their attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd told the court that both men were picked up from their homes by the GSU, and they were told that they were being detained for crime prevention.

A Sprucing Up For Xunantunich
Xunantunich in San Jose Succotz, Cayo is one of the most towering, iconic and often visited mayan sites in Belize. And while it has been upkept and refurbished over the years, the site still needs work. And today that came in the form of a fifty five thousand US dollar grant from the Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation. It was awarded to the Institute of Archaeology to restore the Site. Director, Dr. John Morris discussed the details of the project. Dr. John Morris, Director, Institute of Archaeology "The Benque archaeological is a small to medium centre that is located within the confines of the town of Benque Veijo Del Carmen but it is actually a suburb of the main side of Xunantunich. It was discovered back in the 1930's and since then the town has grew and has encroached upon the land that are apart of the archaeological site.

Revisiting Winston and Busta
And while on the subject of iconic Mayan temples, we dug into our archives yesterday to find footage of Wilhelm Busta Leslie - The Rockstone Pond Villager who along with his buddy Winston found the legendary Jade Head at Altun Ha in 1968. Almost ten years ago, we went back to Altun Ha with them to relive the glory of their discovery, and reminisce about the legendary dig led by Dr. David Pendergast:� Jules Vasquez Reporting Little do we know how much we owe to the hard headed and stick to it I've-ness of two boys from Rockstone Pond. Walking into the main plaza at Altun Ha you might think these two men - both residents of the adjacent village of Rockstone Pond were accidental tourists. But in fact even as tourists and tour guides walk past them without even a second glance, Winston Butler and Wilhelm "Buster" Herbert are pivotal, central figures in the history of Altun Ha, the site that draws all these visitors. But these men are not even footnotes in the storied and gloried history of Belize's most visited Maya site. In fact they are forgotten, and now they want recognition.

Hon. Francis Uncomfortable But Not Completely Opposed To NICH Project
And keeping it on the subject of culture, last week Friday we asked Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca to state his position on the so - called Colonial Museum that Tourism Minister Manuel Herredia announced on the Tenth of September. Artist and former NICH President Yasser Musa called it quote, "retrograde, racist and disturbing." He called on the opposition to reject the project. But when we spoke to Fonseca last week he supported Musa, but didn't reject the project:� Francis Fonseca, Leader of Opposition "I completely agree with Yasir, it's a fool hardy decision. I have not obviously been briefed on the project by the government or by the ministry of tourism or culture but certainly I know as a former minister of culture that is not the direction in which we wanted to take culture. So we don't support that project at all but we have to hear more about it and I'm prepared to hear more about it before offering any further criticism of the project."

A Special Sign
A week ago, we told you about the newly mounted Belize Sign at the Seashore Children's Park in Buttonwood Bay. It's the brainchild of attorney Estevan Perrera who lives in the area, and it was officially recognized by the Belize City Council - and, for that matter, Soca artist Machel Montano who did his pose at the site. Well now, the BTB has decided to give it's endorsement of the sign, and today, the Minister of Tourism held a ceremony with Perrera. Now, he didn't get up on it like Machel but he told us that one of the reasons for embracing it is that the sign is in the official BTB colors: Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. - Minister of Tourism "Today we are here to witness the unveiling of this beautiful sign that showcases our beautiful Belize. If you see the colours it well reflect the logo of BTB and BTB is an institution of tourism but this park is a little different.

Channel 5

Bail Hearings for Bahamian Nationals Adjourned
Incarcerated stockbrokers, Kelvin Leach and Rohn Knowles, were scheduled to appear in Supreme Court this morning where bail applications were to have been made before Justice Denis Hanomansingh. But there [...]

AG Says U.S. Made Extradition Request…Attorneys Say No
But last week, contrary to what Smith says, in an exclusive interview with News Five, Attorney General Wilfred Elrington acknowledged that there is indeed a request being made by U.S. [...]

Attorney Andrew Marshalleck Speaks On Legal Profession Amendments
It has long been spoken of by Attorney-General Wilfred Elrington, but on September fifth, government finally moved to amend the Legal Profession Act. The proposed amendment would have two significant [...]

Bar Association President Says Amendments Are Scandalous…
Current Bar Association President Eamon Courtenay was far less subtle in his reference to the proposed amendments, in particular the change in composition of the General Legal Council. According to [...]

B.T.L. Reports Profit Performance - Figures Dismal
The Annual General Meeting of B.T.L. takes place on Thursday evening at seven o'clock to review the performance of the company over the twelve months to March 2014. As you [...]

Manuel Heredia Visits Subdivision Site in San Pedro
Last week News Five showed you a proposed subdivision in the Sunset Cove area four miles north of San Pedro Town. Forty acres have been surveyed for a total of [...]

Heredia Says He Supports Proposed Reserve Status…
There is some confusion which Minister Manuel Heredia seems unwilling to clear up where the wetlands of Los Bajos are concerned. When News Five spoke to Heredia last week, he [...]

Green Tropics and Valley of Peace Farmers Settle…
In March 2014, crops planted on thirty-two farms in the Valley of Peace area were destroyed, allegedly by herbicide. The farms, operated by the Valley of Peace Farmers' Association, were [...]

Five Persons Charged for Gang Insignias
  As many as five persons were before the court in the past two days on charges relating to gang affiliation. Brandon Tillett, the son of Cyril McFoy who was [...]

Still No Motive in Los Tambos Murder…
A post mortem examination was conducted this afternoon on the body of twenty-seven year old Guatemalan national, Manuel Ramos, who was killed over the weekend at his home in Los [...]

Welcome to San Mateo…San Pedro Subdivision Turned Slum…
San Pedro on Ambergris Caye is a renowned tourism destination, the favourite of foreign visitors from every corner of the globe. Nestled alongside the world's second largest barrier reef, and [...]

U.S. Embassy Donates to Preservation of Xunantunich…
The Benque Archaeological Site, an area surrounding Xunantunich, is an archaeological reserve that faces a number of issues pertaining to its preservation.� Not only is the Maya monument in danger [...]

Ambassador Moreno on Cultural Preservation Efforts
Established in 2000, the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation awards grants for the preservation of cultural sites, objects, collections and traditional forms of cultural expression, including music and dance, [...]

Ministry of Tourism Endorses Belize Sign
Estefan Perera and other residents within the Buttonwood Bay area constructed a Belize sign as an attraction to the Seashore Children's Park. The brightly colored signage easily became a well-liked [...]


DPM Promises To Upgrade People's Stadium For The Second Time
Belizeans all over the country were celebrating Belize's 33rd birthday on Sunday. National ceremonies were held in Belmopan City where all diplomats gathered to commemorate our Independence and in a few we will bring you the speeches of both the Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister of Belize who we must note promised a reduction in electricity rates for the year 2015. But first we bring you the coverage of the 21st ceremony here in Orange Walk where our local political dignitaries addressed the town. The official ceremony got underway with the arrival of political leaders followed by the inspection of the guard conducted by the Honorable John Briceno.Unlike the 10th of September, Deputy Prime Minister of Belize, Honorable Gaspar Vega, accompanied by a few of his supporters, made an appearance at the ceremony.

Mass Held In Honor Of George Price
On the night of Friday September 19th, Orange Walk residents gathered at the Price Avenue to honor the life of George Cadle Price, a fitting occasion at a place named after the renowned Leader Emeritus, as mentioned by Orange Walk Central Area Representative, John Briceno. Before the speeches, a liturgy was celebrated by Father Oliver Smalls. Following the mass, members of the People's United Party including elected leaders and standard bearers took to the podium to remember a great man. The following are a few of their thoughts as they remembered the struggles and achievements of the once Party Leader.Ramon Cervantes Junior - Standard Bearer for OW North"George Price, in addition to being a visionary, he was a great builder, he build on his vision, he not only spoke, he not only gave us a vision but he build on it and that is what has made us this great nation and this great people that we are today."

September Celebration Parade, a Huge Success
While Corozale�os held their carnival on Saturday, Orange Walk Town had a full house for this year's celebration. The streets of town were invaded by Orange Walkneos and visitors who came from near and far. Without a doubt there was an economic boost as hotels across town were booked, restaurants and vendors ran out of food and just about everything that was on sale, sold out. But back to this year's parade. It was bigger than ever before with more than 35 floats. The ambiance was that of festivity as spectators lined up to view the parade. And if you missed it here are the highlights. Carmelita Perez - Reporting In Orange Walk, there's nothing like the 21st day parade and this year was no exception. The parade was led by the Mexican Marching Band followed by political leaders of both parties.

Man Stabbed On Independence Day
The festivities over the weekend didn't go without incident in the crime scene and while we don't have many details, we have confirmed that two stabbing incidents occurred during the course of the weekend. The reason we don't have much details is because no one has made an official report to the police thus there is no police investigation ongoing into these incidents or information as to what transpired. One of the incidents we understand took place on Lover's Lane in Orange Walk Town around two in the afternoon on the 21st while the official ceremony was being carried out. We have images of the scene immediately after the stabbing where police responded.

PM Comes Bearing Gifts On Independence Day
As is customary, Independence Day in Belmopan was all about speeches by the two political leaders, Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca. Before an audience of elected ministers, dignitaries, other invited guests and the wider public Prime Minister Dean Barrow lauded the work of his political party as the present administration. The Prime Minister gave a glowing report of the state of the nation pointing to several initiatives, some new and about how much money is being pumped in the nation for infrastructural works across all municipalities. Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca was first on the podium and spoke on the general state of things in the country; taunting the incumbent and this is where the verbal sparring started between both leaders. Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "A growing political divide grounded in a troubling brand of governance which offers no regard or respect to duly elected representatives of the people who do not belong to the party in government. Political parties are important and necessary but once elected to government that political party and its leader have a solemn duty and obligation to serve the people of Belize wherever they may live and regardless of who they voted for."

21st Parade Ends Up With Tragedy, One Man Crushed By Trailer
The Independence Day celebrations fever in Orange Walk Town was shattered at the 21st Parade. Amid the enthusiasm, a tragedy unfolded on Dunn Street almost towards the end of the parade. Sixty-seven year old Santos Belarmino Uh was run over by one of the trailers as the parade moved along the street. The scene was one mixed with fright and confusion and we captured some images of the incident. While there are several versions of what transpired going around town, Deputy Commander of the formation here, Inspector Selvin Tillett, told us what their investigations have revealed. Inspector Selvin Tillett"A truck, Cuellos' truck was driven by one Domingo Cabanas of Concepcion Village when one Santos Uh, 67 years old of Otro Benque Road apparently heading towards the truck was given out rum and he fell and the wheel went over his head and died on the spot, and the driver of the truck has been served with a notice of intended prosecution."

Police Continue Investigation On Robbery Of Hung Yun Store
Orange Walk Police continue their investigation into the shooting that occurred on Friday near the Northern Regional Hospital. In our Friday Newscast, we told you about the fate of a thirty year old man who, along with another male person, robbed a Chinese grocery store but ended up being shot and killed. Police were called about three Friday afternoon and by the time they arrived, the body of thirty year old Leslie Kenrick Logan was being carted away by employees of the Northern Regional to the hospital. It appears that Logan, accompanied by another male of creole descent, robbed Hung Yun Store located at #2 Otro Benque Road at gun point. The men looted five hundred dollars in cash and two cell phones to a total value of $1,075. That however, was not the end of their heist as things took an unprecedented turn for the duo. Deputy Commander of the Orange Walk Police Formation, Inspector Selvin Tillett told us more about the incident.

Jouvert Held In Orange Walk For The First Time, a Huge Success
After a night of partying on the 20th, the celebration continued as early as 4:30 on the morning of September 21st as party goers witnessed the first jouvert to take place in Orange Walk Town. While it is a tradition in Belize it will apparently also become on for Sugar City as revelers took to the streets of town and got themselves covered in mud and paint. It was a first time experience for them as it was for us. Carmelita Perez - Reporting At the break of dawn on Sunday September 21st, while most Orange Walkneos were asleep, party goers bathed themselves with mud and paint as they took part in the first jouvert to hit the streets of Orange Walk Town. Completely covered in mud and with the excitement that categorizes jouvert revelers invaded the town as the real fun got underway without any rules or regulations.

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The Real Reason Why Machel Montano Was A No-Show in Orange Walk
The Orange Walk Carnival over this past weekend was certainly nothing short of entertaining for the residents and visitors to that municipality �but it could have proved far more entertaining had the Soca celebrity, Machel Montano shown up at the event as was arranged some days prior via one of the promoters. You might wonder why the musician's absence at the Carnival is even valid at this time considering that the celebrations are behind us now��but while the red, white and blue decorations and the patriotic songs and festive spirits may well be tucked away for next year, the disappointment faced by Orange Walk residents lingers, so much so that the matter has now being used as political ammunition in that northern municipality since the person who had arranged for Montano's participation in the Carnival is the endorsed Mayoral candidate for the United Democratic Party, Yvette Torres. The idea to have Montano in the Carnival was facilitated through Deborah Straughan, who came to Love News today to explain that the entire fiasco was due to the promoter being dishonest and not fulfilling his commitment to Torres and Orange Walk.

New Policy at Beverage Company Leaves Man Disadvantaged
There is a new policy at Bowen and Bowen Company Limited that we were just informed of today when a disgruntled customer came to our news centre to express his frustration and disappointment when he went to the Distribution Centre in Belize City to exchange a 5-gallon water bottle for cash. It is not something new to him as prior to today, he would have been given twenty five dollars cash for the Crystal water bottle�.but today when he went there in anticipation of the usual transaction, he was given only fifteen dollars cash and a ten dollar voucher which he can redeem at any Bowen and Bowen distributor or delivery truck for products from Bowen and Bowen Limited. Dennis, who wished to remain off-camera, says that he does not have a regular job and that when given the opportunity to clean yards, he merely collects bottles that he can redeem for money as an additional income for him.

Court News: Gang Affiliation, Robbery, Wounding and Theft
Two men, 24 year old Alexander Underwood and 26 year old Wababa Norales, who were arraigned yesterday before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart on charges of profess to be a member of a criminal gang, were denied bail and remanded into custody until October 22 when they were brought back to court today for a ruling as to whether they should be granted bail. Yesterday their attorney, Audrey Matura Shepherd, submitted that they should be granted bail because there were special reasons involved although the section under the law that they were charged, precluded the court from offering them bail. Shepherd said the special reasons were that her clients were held in custody for more than 48 hours before they were charged. She said the GSU went to her clients homes and picked them up. She said Underwood was told by the head of GSU that he was being detained for the prevention of crime. She said he was later told that he was being detained in their investigation into the murder of Cyril Robinson. She said that at no time Underwood and Norales made any admission that they belonged to a criminal gang. But despite her submissions, Magistrate Stuart ruled that there were no special reasons and that they should be remanded.

Data Shows Fall in Inflation Rate
The Statistical Institute of Belize, has release it latest figures for the month of August 2014. The SIB shares that the inflation rate for August was 0.9 percent, a decrease from 1.3% recorded in July. According to the Statistical Institute of Belize, the consumer price index for August 2014 stood at 103.6, compared to 102.7 in the same month in 2013. San Ignacio/Santa Elena had the highest inflation rate of the seven municipalities at 1.7 percent. Punta Gorda and Dangriga were both also above the national average with rates of 1.3 and 1.1, respectively. The lowest was recorded in Corozal Town, where inflation was only 0.4 percent. The average inflation rate for the first eight months of the year was 1.4 percent. The small increase in the August inflation rate was due to higher home rental rates, international airfares, and insurance premiums.

Courtenay: “We Need a General Legal Council That Is Not Under The Control of the Attorney General”
Some weeks ago when complaints were being brought against Arthur Saldivar as they pertain to his legal practice, it was brought to our attention the lack of performance of the Belize General Legal Council, which is the body tasked to deal with complaints or accusations made against attorneys in Belize. In our quest for answers as to why there was a backlog of complaints, we found out that there were some differences occurring between the President of the Belize Bar Association, Eamon Courtenay and the Attorney General, Wilfred Elrington. Up to recently, in the absence of the Attorney General the President of the Bar was within rights to call meetings of the council and deal with matters arising providing there was quorum�..but in a meeting of the Council on March 6, 2014, Elrington reportedly informed the members of the council that as the Attorney General, he will be chairing all subsequent meetings of the Council and that he will be responsible for setting the date and time for hearing of the complaints.

Belizean Journalist Hands Over the Nelson Mandela Book on Condolences
The Nelson Mandela Book of Condolences was handed over to South Africa's High Commissioner in Jamaica, Mathy Joyini by Adele Ramos. Ramos said she realized that after Mandela's passing on December 5, 2013, there was no such book for Belizeans to sign and thus initiated the project. Ramos handed the book to Joyina on Monday, September 22 at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. Ramos told High Commissioner Joyini that Mandela's impact was not only felt in South Africa, but across the world, and undoubtedly here in Belize. Joyini said that she would transmit the book of condolences to the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa. An electronic copy of the book has also been remitted to the High Commissioner, along with news clips with the reaction of Belizeans to Mandela's passing last December. In 1962, Nelson Mandel was arrested, convicted of conspiracy to overthrow the state, and sentenced to life imprisonment. He served over 27 years in prison but an international campaign lobbied for his release, which came in 1990. He became the President of South Africa at the age of 75 in 1994.

Bail Application Adjourned for Leach and Knowles
Two Bahamian nationals who owned and operated Titan International Securities remain at the Belize Central Prison today in Hattieville Village, Belize District, after court personnel slipped down and failed to send a removal order to the prison to have the men appear before Justice Hanomansingh for a hearing of their bail application. 34-year-old, Kelvin Leach and 29-year-old, Rohn Knowles are now forced to wait for the adjourned date as explained by Senior Counsel, Godfrey Smith, who is the legal representative for Knowles. GODFREY SMITH "Today was scheduled to be the bail application for the two petitioners Leach and Knowles and we got here only to be informed, or the judge, when we were ready to start the case we were informed that neither of the two gentlemen had been brought down from KOLBE facility and as a result, well in addition to that the other side asked for more time to be able to respond to our written submissions. The position is that the matter is adjourned until Monday the 29th next week."

VoP Farmers and Green Tropics Conclude Negotiations
In March this year, some farmers in the Valley of Peace area in the Cayo District were up in arms against Green Tropics Limited after hundreds of their crops died when the company conducted a fly-over spray with an industrial herbicide. It has been months of back and forth which all led to today, where an amicable solution was agreed upon by both parties, as explained by the attorney for the farmers, Andrew Marshalleck. ANDREW MARSHALLECK "Well there's been an agreement between both parties, both agreed to the terms and I think it works in the interest of both sides. In terms of exactly what it is from the farmers side, they're releasing any claims that they have based on any adverse possession of lands belonging to Green Tropics other than a 160 acre parcel that has been identified and they are also releasing any claims that they have arising out of the damaged crops. From the company's side, from Green Tropics side they have agreed to subdivide off a 160 plot readying it for agriculture and transferring title to the farmers. I think it's a positive step for both sides, it works for the farmers in that they now have legal title to land, a defined space, they know what their rights are and can continue their farming and it works for the company in that the squatting issue has been resolved, the crop damage issue has been resolved and this is without any admission of liability on anybody's part. They have regularized the relationship with their neighbors so it sets a positive framework for them to move forward."

Audrey Aims to Get Youths out of Detention and Into Classrooms
As we told you, Attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd is representing two men who were sent to jail without being offered bail after they were charged of professing to be a member of a criminal gang. Matura Shepherd argued in court today that her clients should have been offered bail under special reasons. Those arguments were soundly rejected by Magistrate Hattie Mae Stuart. While those two clients did not receive bail, Matura Shepherd has been working on a new initiative to get bail for young men under the age of 18 who have been remanded to the Wagner's Facility at the Belize Central Prison. The goal is to get 31 juveniles out of jail and into school in order for them to turn their lives around. Matura-Shepherd says that she has been doing so for the past three months and is asking likeminded individuals to assist her in any way possible.


Titan Securities executives wait for bail
On Wednesday, 29 year old Rohn Knowles and 34 year old Kelvin Leach, who have been in prison since September 15 after being picked up by local authorities at the Philip Goldson International Airport in Ladyville apparently trying to leave the country, were scheduled to appear in the Supreme Court seeking bail. They pleaded not guilty to failing to declare monies above BZ$10,000 to authorities and granted bail, but immediately detained on a warrant for extradition, though no corresponding request for extradition has been made. But the matter which was to have been heard before Justice Denis Hanomansingh was adjourned to next Monday, September 29. Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith, the attorney for Knowles, tells us why. Godfrey Smith - Attorney for Rohn Knowles "The non-event was that today was scheduled to be the bail application for the two petitioners Leach and Knowles. We got here only to be informed or the judge when we were ready to start the case, we were informed that neither of the two gentlemen had been brought down from the Kolbe facility and as a result�well in addition to that the other side asked for some more time to be able to respond to our written submissions. The position is adjourned until Monday the twenty ninth, next week."

Agreement reached in Valley of Peace
We have been following the efforts of the farmers of Valley of Peace, Cayo, to seek a negotiated solution with Green Tropics Limited over destruction of valuable crops by herbicide spraying which occurred some months ago. The farmers faced legal action for allegedly "squatting" on the lands, but news of a settlement has come through that gives both sides what they want. With more courtesy our colleagues at LOVE FM, here is attorney for the farmers, Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck. "There has been an agreement with both parties, they've both agreed to the terms and I think it works in the interest of both sides. In terms of exactly what it is from the farmers' side, they're releasing any claims they have based on any adverse position of lands belonging to Green Tropics other than a 160 acre parcel that's been identified. And they're also releasing any claims that they have arising out of the damaged crops.

One man shot to the chin in Belmopan
On the night of Friday September 19, 39-year-old Daniel Castillo of Belmopan� was at a bus stop near Wing Stop Night Club on Hummingbird Avenue, Belmopan, talking to a taxi driver. That is when a man �came from behind Wing Stop and shot Mr Castillo to the chin. Daniel Castillo was transported to t...

Robbery outside Pink’s Boutique in Belize City
On Tuesday morning in Belize City, the owner of a popular boutique was held up at gunpoint. We hear more from Raphael Martinez, Press Officer for the Police Department. Raphael Martinez – Police Department Press Officer "Another incident occurred this morning just about eleven o'clock...

Mothers demand justice for 5 year old victim of alleged sodomy
Contrary to reports made on Thursday September 18th of allegations that a child was sodomized inside a bathroom of Kush Lin Hah Primary School in Belmopan, we were later informed that the allegations were being made against St...

Orange Walk Carnival Ends In Tragedy
This year's Independence Day Carnival in Orange Walk saw a huge turnout as hundreds of people from across the country gathered at the center of town to bear witness to the annual event, which, regrettably ended in tragedy. The festive mood of the Carnival was cut short when sometime around 6 on Su...

Store Owner May Be Charged For Fatal Shooting Of Robber
Police in Orange Walk are contemplating possible charges for the owner of a Chinese superstore near the Northern Regional Hospital, after he shot dead one of two young men who robbed him�on Friday�afternoon. Leslie Logan Jr...

Belize celebrates 33rd Anniversary of Independence
The 33rd Independence Day Ceremonies were held in Belmopan with the usual pump and circumstance. The Prime Minister’s Address has become the highlight of the event in recent� years, as he has chosen to use the opportunity to reveal upcoming plans and, in a sense, bearing gifts for the Belizean peopl...

Patrick Menzies Detained by Police Following PM’s Speech

Immediately following the Prime Minister's speech, Belize Can's Patrick Menzies was hauled off by police. That is because Mr Menzies attempted to interrupt the Prime Minister's speech.According to Professor Menzies facebook report, he was detained for two hours.The event was captured on vide...

Objects Thrown At PUP Supporters During March
The Uniform Parade on Independence Day is a tradition observed by residents of Belize City every September 21. But we understand that�on Sunday�there was violence in a gang-affected area. Our sources in the parade tell PlusNews that the section of the parade where the PUP marched lacked proper pol...

Drowning In Dangriga
There was a drowning reported in Dangriga. On Saturday September 20, the body of Michael Humes of George Price Drive, Dangriga, was retrieved from the River near Tackle Stop Gas Station. According to police reports, a passerby noticed a body in the river, about 5 feet from the river bank, and with a...

Patrick JonesPJ

Friend charged with robbery and wounding
25 year old Julius Foreman of York Street is out on bail of $3,000 after appearing today in the #2 Magistrate's Court on charges of robbery and wounding. On September 20, Foreman, who works in the Tourism Village, is accused of causing a wound to undertaker Sanjay Pilgrim [�]

BELTRAIDE awards entrepreneurs
A few weeks ago 14 young and not-so-young entrepreneurs who participated in the Emprende project co-sponsored by the Belize Trade and Investment Service (BELTRAIDE), the Center for the Promotion of Micro and Small Enterprises (CENPROMYPE) and the Republic of China (Taiwan) received up to $14,000 in seed capital for [�]

Belize is represented at UN forum in New York
Belize had representation at an international forum on the assessment of the Beijing Declaration almost two decades after its adoption by the United Nations. Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow attended the forum which was held on Tuesday at the United Nations in New [�]

Man jailed for stealing from his mother
Jason Velasquez was given a jail term of 1 year for a charge of theft after he pleaded guilty today in the Belize City Magistrate's court. Vasquez is accused of stealing from his own mother. Court records indicate that he was removing household items from his mother's house [�]

More gang members face charges
On Tuesday no less than seven Belize City men who are alleged to be members of criminal gangs were arraigned on various offenses in the Magistrate's Court. Today, two more were remanded after Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart decided that there were no special reasons to keep them from [�]

Craftsman charged for stealing tricycle
A man who says he found a tricycle on the road is now accused of stealing it. 43 year old Raymond Codd, a craftsman of Taylor's Alley, pleaded not guilty to theft before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith on Tuesday. Codd is accused of taking a $200 orange-colored tricycle [�]

Funeral held for Orange Walk man who died during carnival parade
Funeral service for Orange Walk resident 67 year old Santos Belarmino Uh is being held this afternoon at the La Inmaculada R.C. Church. Uh was crushed to death on Sunday evening on Dunn Street as the Carnival parade neared completion. According to Orange Walk police, Santos Uh was [�]

Man charged for the murder of Tulio Caceres
Three months ago Tulio Caceres of Taylor's Alley was shot dead at the corner of Pinks Alley and North Front Street in mid-morning, going down under a hail of bullets. Now police say one of his neighbors was allegedly his killer. Taylor's Alley resident Keyron Gibson was read [�]

Bar President speaks on General Legal Council
Recently the House of Representatives discussed an amendment to the Legal Profession Act presented by Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington. While the move to deregulate membership in the Bar Association of Belize has grabbed the principal headlines, a function of the legal system that [�]

Titan Securities executives wait for bail
Today, 29 year old Rohn Knowles and 34 year old Kelvin Leach, who have been in prison since September 15, were scheduled to appear in the Supreme Court seeking bail. The duo was picked up by local authorities at the Philip Goldson International Airport in Ladyville apparently trying [�]


A Fish Eye in My Soup on A Stormy Day In San Pedro, Belize
So while it's been a DRY summer and thankfully dry for September celebrations, we are now getting a bit of rain. Over an inch fell early Wednesday morning, last night about half an inch and it's been sprinkling and overcast during the day. Wondering what EXACTLY that looks like on Ambergris Caye? Oh good. Were you wondering what docks look like in this weather? PERFECT. I took a few pictures yesterday while walking to town for lunch. Some businesses are closed for the slow season�some are being renovated or revived. The huge Island Supermarket has new ownership and they are doing lots of work.

Experience Nature At Belize Resorts
If given the chance (and the money), we all would want to stay in luxury Belize resorts. But if your love for Mother Nature is much stronger than your love for five-star accommodation, then eco Belize all-inclusive resorts are perfect for you. If you are looking for the best Belize beach resorts 5 star to stay in this beautiful country, we have a good selection of them for you.

Home Made Chicken Pot Pies
These chicken pot pies are very easy to make because I use leftovers to make the insides. I made the shell from scratch... You will have to have a little bit of patience as this dough is super flaky and you will have to be gentle with it. The pay off is worth it though.

Life by Water: Ambergris Caye, Belize
This is a photo blog on Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Tips for Easy Offshore Incorporation in Belize
Belize has developed into one of the most wanted nations for international business investment. The country offers safe and productive business environment to all types of investors be it big or small. The nation is keen to welcome foreign investors to invest in various sectors of Belize, including retail, manufacturing, medical, fashion etc� It shares healthy business relationship with top nations of the world. It is an English speaking country. It is an independent democratic in Central America. International business company is the most popular form of offshore business in Belize. Quick company registration facility is offered. Moreover, it offers to maintain high quality confidentiality in business formation. International business ventures that get business profits from outside the country are kept free from tax. The country has not signed any double tax agreement. The country offers various types of business formation flexibilities. Geographically, the country is closer to Mexico, Miami, Dallas Atlanta and Houston. It creates a perfect picture for international business corporation. The population of the country is very low, it Is not more than 300,000 people from diverse background. It is well-known for fast economic growth and political stability. Both Spanish and English are official language of Belize that provides satisfactory business setup dream possible. Offshore Company Formation

International Sourcesizz

World map perspective- MAP lovers
Maps of interest. 1. This map shows the world divided into 7 sections (each with a distinct color) with each section containing 1 billion people. 2. This map shows (in white) where 98 percent of Australia's population lives. 3. It may not come as a surprise but more people live inside the circle than outside of it. 4. This map shows what is on the other side of the world from where you are standing. For the most part it will probably be water.

Central America plan highlights energy, transport projects
A plan by Central American governments to boost economic growth in the region and cut illegal immigration to the United States foresees major spending on transportation and energy projects, according to a draft of the proposal seen by Reuters on Wednesday. The so-called "Plan of the Alliance for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle," includes projects mostly in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Here is a list of the plan's major projects: ELECTRICITY Doubling capacity of the shared Central American network of power grids known as SIEPAC, including the construction of a second circuit, as well as related electric substations. Reinforcement of SIEPAC's power transmission systems. NATURAL GAS Completion of natural gas pipeline connecting the southern Mexican port of Salina Cruz with the city of Escuintla in southern Guatemala, aimed at bringing gas to the Central American nations for cleaner, less costly power generation. The $1.2 billion pipeline was announced in January.

A properly licensed gallery of Alex Wild's amazing insect photography
Photographer Alex Wild really knows his bugs. That's because his love of the craft grew out of an appreciation for the insects, "an aesthetic complement to scientific work," as he notes in his bio. Wild is a biologist with a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of California-Davis, where he focused on ant evolution; he got serious about photography in 2002. Nowadays he's taught both science (entomology and beekeeping at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and skill (his BugShot insect photography workshops). On the other hand, places such as BBC Wildlife, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Discovery Channel, the Smithsonian, Popular Science, Scientific American, the Cleveland Zoo, Science, Nature, and a slew of others have properly licensed Wild's images. And if this list of clients doesn't speak for itself, his photographs certainly do. Ars was lucky enough to license a handful of them below.

13 family-friendly dive sites for your kids
If you've got young explorers at home who dream of swimming alongside Nemo or meeting a sea turtle up close, your next vacation may be the right time to introduce them to snorkeling and scuba diving. At coastal locations around the world, resorts and dive shops tailor programs for families and kids so they can begin chartering their course as the next Jacques Cousteau. If the land down under is too far away for a school break, try Central America. Belize is home to the second largest coral reef system in the world. Las Terrazas Resort, which offers oversized townhomes ideal for families that want the amenities of home, has an on-site dive shop with daily diving and scuba instruction. Kids not only can participate in the Bubblemaker program; they can become Junior Open Water Certified while on vacation. The shop also customizes dives for families to sites that include Ambergris Caye, The Blue Hole, Stann Creek District, The Elbow and Turneff Atoll.

Caribbean export awards over $200K USD to AGRO-PROCESSING COMPANIES across the region
The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) announces the awarding of over $255,000 USD or �197, 000 in financial assistance to CARIFORUM agro- processing firms as part of the Regional Private Sector Development Programme (RPSDP) funded by the European Union under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF). "It is of paramount importance that food producers are able to compete on a global scale. This can only be achieved through meeting the stringent regulatory or certification needs for international food safety. The allocation of these funds will help these businesses in the first instance to get them export ready or be able to increase their exports to new markets. This is the boost that the sector in the region needs." expressed Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director of the Agency. The Agro-processing sector within the Caribbean is relatively fragmented and underdeveloped, comprising mainly of small and medium sized enterprises involved in the processing of traditional agricultural products for domestic use and export.


Video: The Little Preacher Boy - Belize, 2min.
Let's travel to the country of Belize to spend a morning with Jaheel and Joseph in their classroom. Watch to see how these two students share their faith with their classmates! SHOW MORE

Video: Street Segments - Belize Expo 2014 - Busta Challenge, 4min.
Mek Mi Rich visited the Vega Distributors booth at Belize Expo 2014, and challenged a Mek Mi Rich fan to a Busta Challenge.

Video: Belize, 4min.
Con la segunda barrera de arrecifes m�s larga del mundo, Belice localizado al norte de Centro Am�rica, es un espectacular pa�s tanto para los deportes de aventura acu�tica, como para cualquier tipo de deporte de monta�a. SHOW MORE

Video: THREE TYPES OF LEADERS Message From San Pedro Belize, 6min.
There are three types of Leaders and they can be identified in these three simple categories: 1. People who know they are winners. 2. People who have potential to be winners and 3. People who are losers. The great news is that if we constantly work on becoming better and therefore regardless of where you are you can change for the better. The key is that it starts today so that you can be better tomorrow.

Video: Senior Steppers Dance and fitness group enjoying Caves Branch Belize!, 1min.
At Caves Branch there is an adventure for all ages! Here is the Belmopan Senior Steppers group enjoying the Caves Branch Pool area with a lively dance/fitness routine!

Video: Turneffe Atol, Belize Scuba, 11min.
Two tank dive, on Carnival Dream cruise.

Video: Caracol Mayan Archeological site, Cayo District Belize, Mayan Carving Explanation, 4min.
Mayan Ceremony for the Autumn equinox at the Caracol ruin in the Cayo district of Belize close to the border of Guatemala.

Video: Belize celebrates 33rd Anniversary of Independence, 5min.

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