Hi Sandy here, the Dog Groomer from Caye Caulker. I am in need of a Schnauzer to do the breed specific cut in order to maintain my certification with a professional grooming association in the States. We have one Schnauzer here on CC and I groom it but unfortunately she does not have the full coat that I need to do the breed standard groom. I have a Schnauzer X and do the eyebrows and face but I really need the skirting and hind quarters. I have seen many Schnauzers on San Pedro on my visits there. I will provide a free groom and throw in a few other things from my shop if you would kindly bring your pup here. I also have BOGO drink coupons for the Barrier Reef Sports Bar if that is some incentive too!
Please contact me if you could help me out with this. I can provide references from my customers on the Island if you would like. Sandy Weaver 600-4580 or [email protected] I will need to take several pictures of the dog, and several of me with the dog. None will be posted on the internet.

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