So, the weather forecast says it will continue to rain tomorrow and Saturday. That's bad news for city residents in low-lying neighborhoods. They were already struggling this morning after last night's downpour. Courtney Weatherburne visited a few inundated neighborhoods this morning:..

Steven Young, Dean Street resident
"When the vehicles pass the water ended up in the houses, the people move out from downstairs because they say that water is going in the house and every time it rains the yards are full of water. They cement the streets and we appreciate it, but maybe they could dug a wider drain or something to hold the amount of water. If you notice I had to cement the floor of our house, turn it as a basin for water not to come in, but water is a funny thing, no matter what you do it still gets in and we had to cement the house all around because the water off the streets go in the yard. The vehicle pass and the water flash in the houses like you live y the seaside."

Louis Tucker, Passerby
"It goes in the house and out back."

The flood waters receded quickly after the rain stopped this morning.

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