There was a bizarre accident this morning at 8:45 - the likes of which we've never seen. It happened on Evergreen Street behind BWSL Headquarters in Belize City. A Grace Cargo truck was rolling on the paved Street - when the top of the trailer got snagged by a low lying cable across the street - one that looked to be a phone wire. The driver says he kept rolling, trying to slow down, but the first snag, caused all the wires to get lower, and that's when another thicker wire caught the truck, pulled it backwards and eventually almost tipped it over, causing it to lean precariously on three wheels, toppling unto a parked car - which kept the truck from falling over unto its side.

And while that mini disaster of the cargo truck completely crushing the car was averted - it was a complete disaster on the street: the tension on the wires and the forward momentum of the truck snapped a lamppost causing it to tumble to the street at a right angle. From there it was like a domino effect with wires from BEL, BTL and the Cable Companies coming undone in chaotic fashion - leaving a cobweb of cables across the street.

It caused a 9 hour blackout, traffic blockage and major headache for the utilities - mainly BEL which had to untangle the mess and get the cables back up. A late evening report from BEL says that power wasn't restored until 5:10 pm because customers on five streets connected to three transformers were affected. BEL crews replaced damaged poles, power lines and equipment. The driver appeared to be not at fault since the phone line was hanging too low for a minimum clearance.

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