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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Prime Minister Expresses Condolences to Family of Special Constable Danny Conorquie
Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow and the Government of Belize join the rest of the nation in expressing deepest condolences to the family of Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie, murdered in the line of duty while seeking to guard and protect Belizean patrimony. The Prime Minister has spoken personally to SC Conorquie's next of kin, and offered every assurance that the ultimate sacrifice made by this Belizean hero will not be forgotten. While nothing can bring him back or properly console his loved ones, the Government commits to looking after the financial welfare of his immediate survivors. At the same time as expressing sorrow, the Government of Belize also expresses outrage at the heinous nature of the killing, and condemns the perpetrators of the dastardly act. There are reasons to believe that Guatemalan nationals may be responsible for the shooting and this has been communicated to the Guatemalan Authorities and the OAS.

Da time fi Tea!
As you walk along the village roads or town streets you're bound to be graced with the delicious aroma of tortillas baking on the comal, fluffy fry jacks puffing over in a hot pot of oil, or Johnny Cakes being baked. Sniff a little more, and you'll catch the smell of fresh fried beans, perfectly seasoned fried fish, or that yummy stewed chicken or stewed beef from the afternoon's lunch. At the table you will likely be served a plate of hot fried jacks, or maybe flour tortillas, with stewed chicken or eggs and cheese-oh and let's not forget those freshly baked Johnny cakes with fried beans and eggs�To wash it down, a hot cup of coffee, black tea, or Milo with your Belizean "tea", if you please.

Guest Editorial
"A (stewed) chicken in every pot." So it was a bit later in the afternoon, already past lunch hour� Standing at the counter at Briana's this meant no wait or lines, but also the worrisome chance that all the food might be gone! The "lunch special" of the day certainly would be. So optimistically and politely, I asked, "Do you still have rice & beans? And if so, can I order two please, to go�" "Would you like white meat or dark?" replied the woman behind the counter, smiling. "Hmmm� dark I suppose, but it does not really matter." After all, I knew the effort behind each was the same -made with conscience and care, with respect for both the ingredients and the customer, the results being consistent and delicious. "Right now�" she said.

Sniffins celebrate 10th anniversary of purchasing The San Pedro Sun
Ten years ago today, on September 29, 2004 Ron and Tamara Sniffin purchased The San Pedro Sun from Dan and Eileen Jamison, who owned the paper for seven years. The island newspaper was first printed on March 14, 1991 and was founded by Bruce and Victoria Collins who sold it to the Jamison's in 1996. Publisher Ron Sniffin reflects, "Although it has been much more challenging than we thought, this has been among the most memorable and rewarding ten years of my life". According to Editor Tamara Sniffin, it's hard to believe it's been a decade since they made the life changing decision to purchase the paper. "It is hard to believe we have owned the paper for ten years now. We have seen so many changes on the island, and certainly lots of changes within the paper!

Letter to the Editor: San Pedro Junior College
Please allow us a space in your prestigious Newspaper for the following: On September 19, 2014, San Pedro Junior College joined the George Price Centre for Peace and Development in commemorating our National Day of Prayer and Service. We identified a non-profit organization, in this instance, the Roman Catholic Church, to donate our proceeds of the Bar-b-que Sale that we did for the purchase of a new keyboard. We need to mention that on this occasion, the San Pedro Lion's Club agreed to assist us in this endeavor as part of their community service. The following was the final breakdown of our fundraiser: Bar-b-que sale-$1040.00; Lion's chicken ceviche sale-$87.00; Lion's Bingo-$453.00. Our grand total of this first ever SPJC Community Service was $1,680.00.

Lions Roar
The Lions Mosquito Coast Park, located on the beach just south of the WASA Lagoon is a popular gathering place for families and friends to socialize and delight in the island life. Equipped with palapa-topped picnic tables, a playground for the kids, bathroom facilities, barbeque pit and dock, the seaside park is accessible by road or boat. Local tour guides also find it an ideal location for beach barbeques where guests can relish the grilled fish they just caught and take in the scenic area.

Ambergris Today

Rustic Luxury Defined and Tranquility Accented at Ga�a Riverlodge
Tranquility takes on an entirely new meaning at Ga�a Riverlodge as its remote location deep inside Belize's Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve brings you so close to nature, so much that you can feel, see, hear and pretty much taste it. Disconnect and disappear off the grid for a few days and see how it feels to absorb nature and experience tranquility in an entirely new way. Formerly named Five Sisters Lodge, the new Ga�a Riverlodge boasts 16 private caba�as that have a rustic touch of luxury eliminating all the televisions, air conditioning and electronic devices that generally distract us from fully appreciating our surroundings. Why the need to disconnect? Well the lodge delivers some of the most stunning scenery in all of Belize that will have you forgetting about everything else, but being in a 'nature state of mind'.

Belize's First Lady Hosts First Ladies Global Call to Action at United Nations
Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, the Special Envoy for Women and Children and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, hosted the "First Ladies' Global Call to Action Conference on Women's and Girls' Financial Health". The conference was a side event at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on September 25, 2014. Many of the World's First Ladies share similar concerns about the situation of the world's women and girls as it relates to their financial health. Mrs. Simplis Barrow was able to mobilize more than 25 First Ladies to attend.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Corozale�os, here is your opportunity to acquire a U.S. permanent visa.
There is a lot of buzz about the 2016 Diversity Visa Program, which facilitates immigration to the United States. If you have questions please log on to this virtual Q&A with the U.S. Department of State: Consular Affairs office this Friday, October 3. Starts at 8:00 AM in Belize.. Might be early, but as the old saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm!" Registration for the 2016 Diversity Visa Program opens Wednesday, October 1, 2014! Don't know how to register? Follow the link below for instructions. Then, on Friday, October 3, we'll take your questions about the DV Lottery live for one hour starting at 1000 EDT/1400 GMT. You can also ask your questions in advance by commenting on this post; we'll respond during the Q+A session on Friday.

Wildtracks Reports from Sarteneja Village
The first and second monkey passes have been going in to link the Satellite Enclosures with the Central Enclosure...this afternoon, one of the troops - probably Pancho and his ladies - will be allowed through to enjoy the new space...

Do you want to splurge? Conch (Caribbean Queen Conch - known as strombusgigas) Season Re-opens for Harvesting!
On October 1st, you can enjoy your favourite conch ceviche, conch fritters, conch skewers, conch soup, grilled conch, conch chowder, conch cocktail, etc at your favourite "hole in the wall" in Corozal, Consejo, Sarteneja, Copper Bank and Chunox. To all residents, visitors and friends of Belize and abroad, do enjoy the opening of the 2014-2015 conch season! Conch will be available for sale on Wednesday October 1st at the "Fisherman's Wharf" next to "Mother's Park" in-front of the Mirador Hotel in Corozal Town.

Belize Commemorates Caribbean Wellness Week - 2014
Government of Belize Press Office

Seminar on Industrial Designs and the Hague System
Belize Intellectual Property Office (BELIPO) will host a Sub-regional Seminar on Industrial Designs and the Hague System on October 16th & 17th, 2014.

New infoDev/World Bank Report: Green Industries Offer Opportunity for Small Businesses
As world leaders gather in New York City this week for the 2014 UN Climate Summit, infoDev / The World Bank Group is proud to announce a new report titled "Building Competitive Green Industries: the Climate and Clean Technology Opportunity for Developing Countries". This report quantifies significant opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries to generate profits and create jobs by providing solutions to local climate challenges. Download the full report and check out the accompanying infographic!

Power Outage Orange Walk Oct. 4
Power interruption, 8:00am to 2:00pm, Saturday, October 4: entire Orange Walk District. BEL to repair and replace equipment at Orange Walk Substation, replace poles and complete upgrades on Orange Walk power distribution system.

Tropic Air Belize switches San Ignacio operations
Tropic Air (9N, San Pedro) has switched its San Ignacio, Belize operations from Matthew Spain to San Ignacio ch-aviation schedule data has revealed. Despite the switch, the carrier continues to serve the western town from Belize City Municipal, Belize City Int'l, Belmopan and San Pedro with multiple daily flights on-board a Cessna (single turboprop) 208B Grand Caravan. Tropic Air offers extensive coverage of Belize domestically as well as flights to Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Invest Belize Magazine
Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) cordially invite you to the launch its 3rd Volume of Invest Belize Magazine!

Channel 7

Police Force Cayo Cop To "Come Again"; Danny's Killer Was Not (Necessarily) A Guatemalan
The funeral service for 20 year old Police Special Constable, Danny Conorquie was held yesterday in his home of Georgeville village. Conorquie was killed on Thursday at the Caracol Maya site, and the perpetrators are believed to be Guatemalan poachers - who were in the area illegally and cutting trees without a license. Police investigators are working on the theory - and it is a very disturbing one - that Thompson was killed merely as an act of retaliation against the state after a team of Belizean lawmen confiscated five horses and lumber form them earlier that day. Police say that Conorquie likely didn't have anything to do with it - but still was targeted for attack because he only had one other officer with him. So, Conorquie, who was assigned to the Tourism Police Unit, died doing his job, protecting 12 tourists and a guide who were on the site - without a BDF escort that day because the soldiers didn't have any working transport.

Matura Shepherd Leads Motorcade and Protest For Constable Danny
But even though the Prime Minister has expressed condolence and the BDF is moving into the area, a number of pressure groups and organizations say that they will go ahead with a protest they had planned in Danny Conorquie's name. One of the main personalities behind the protest is CWU President and attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd. She told the media this morning that you should come out and show your solidarity if you are outraged about how Conorquie lost his life: Audrey Matura-Shepherd, President - CWU "It is an effort being organized by the people of San Ignacio namely The Belize People Front and a lot of other NGOs and entities and with the support of the family of Danny Conorquie. What is happening is that they will meet at 9am by the Macal River Park and from there, there will be a motorcade to the border.

Contempt Heaped Upon Hon. Elrington
But, the first Government official who urged caution and restraint about the Conorquie murder was Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington. The cautious position was maintained in an official release from the Ministry of National Security who referred to the culprits as "Hispanic males." Today, when asked about it, Matura-Shepherd called out Elrington, suggesting that his handling of this delicate situation is trivializing the significance of Conorquie's death in the line of duty: Audrey Matura-Shepherd, President - CWU "There should be more than an apology. I have not yet even heard a public condolence issue. I have not even heard anything that they say they will improve their training, they will give them better support. I have not heard anything. I haven't even heard compensation to the family. I have heard nothing. There should be more than apology and to this nation and the minister of foreign affairs better be re-track his mad statement that he docent believe its Guatemalans or the evidence doesn't bear it. So is he saying that the police, the BDF and the special constable are lying?"

Bail For Bahamian Securities Traders
Bahamian securities traders, Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach, have been on remand to for over 3 weeks now, since Belizean authorities picked them up when they tried to leave the country on a chartered flight. Well, as soon as they meet a 100 thousand dollar bail, they will be free to go. That was the decision that Justice Denis Hanomansingh made this morning after hearing arguments from their attorneys and the Solicitor General's Office. Senior Counsels Godfrey Smith and Eamon Courtenay argued that Belizean authorities have been illegally detaining them since their arraignment for the financial charges, for which they were granted bail. As we told you as soon as they were arraigned before Magistrate Herbert Panton, they were served with a provisional warrant for their apprehension, and then sent to the Belize Central Prison.

Strong Complaint Of Abuse Against GSU
Early on Saturday morning a GSU officer on motorbike was knocked down on North Front Street while on duty. That apparently sent the hard charging unit into high alert mode - as they looked for the culprit - reported to be driving a pickup. The led them to pull over Allan McCoy, a mechanic who was leaving MJ's nightclub on West Collet Canal. He first saw an unmarked vehicle pull up - and he thought someone was trying to rob him. But it was the GSU - and he says they later fired shots in the air as he was trying to escape. They eventually forced him to pull over - and he told the media today that's when they put a beating on him. He explained the encounter in detail to us: Allan McCoy, Claims Police Brutality "Two of them grabbed me and threw me to the ground and handcuffed me; one of them put his knee in my back, on my shoulder blade and the other one or the same one, slap me on the back of my head and I told them that this is uncalled for because I am not resisting arrest in any way. Anyway, they ask where I was coming. They said, you know what you just did and I said no, please explain to me what you are arresting me for because as far as I am concern I was at MJ's bar and I've been there all night and I have proof and if you want to know just go over there.

Police Accused of Outrageous Abuse
There is another credible complaint of police abuse that came to our newsroom today. 22 year-old Tremane Ciego is furious because he says he was beaten up and robbed by police last night. He was heading home on North Creek; the gas station attendant had his entire week's pay on him after cashing his cheque, and he went to buy food at around 11 o'clock. He says that when he arrived at the intersection of Central American Boulevard, he was stopped by 2 police officers. What happened next, if true, is outrageous by any standard. He says that one of the officers pulled a gun and brutalized him. He then kicked him into the canal, and after the officers released him with no charge, they stole several hundred dollars from him. While explaining the entire encounter, he was so furious that at times, he could barely talk, but he walked us through the entire ordeal. Here's how he described it:

A Fortunate Weekend: Two Men Shot In Execution Attempts, Both Survive
Two men were shot this weekend; luckily they both survived. The first shooting was on Friday night after 10:00 near La Democracia. 21-year-old Joshua Daniel Martinez and his 16 year old sister had just alighted a Shaw's bus at the Democracia junction on the Western Highway. They were sheltering from the rain under the bus shed, when three men walked up and one of them fired six shots at them. Martinez was hit on the right arm and back. He is in a stable condition at the KHMH. Police have since arrested 20-year-old Adolphus Palacio of Mahogany Heights pending charges.

A Cobweb Of Cables Strewn In Street After Truck Snags Phone Line
There was a bizarre accident this morning at 8:45 - the likes of which we've never seen. It happened on Evergreen Street behind BWSL Headquarters in Belize City. A Grace Cargo truck was rolling on the paved Street - when the top of the trailer got snagged by a low lying cable across the street - one that looked to be a phone wire. The driver says he kept rolling, trying to slow down, but the first snag, caused all the wires to get lower, and that's when another thicker wire caught the truck, pulled it backwards and eventually almost tipped it over, causing it to lean precariously on three wheels, toppling unto a parked car - which kept the truck from falling over unto its side. And while that mini disaster of the cargo truck completely crushing the car was averted - it was a complete disaster on the street: the tension on the wires and the forward momentum of the truck snapped a lamppost causing it to tumble to the street at a right angle. From there it was like a domino effect with wires from BEL, BTL and the Cable Companies coming undone in chaotic fashion - leaving a cobweb of cables across the street.

Brazen Daylight Robbery of Marlboro Store
Yesterday afternoon, a Chinese Businesswoman and her husband were robbed in a brazen daylight robbery at their shop on Freetown Road. 3 men entered her shop through the backdoor, held them up at gunpoint, assaulted them, and robbed them $6,700 worth of cash, electronics, and personal items, and fled the scene. Police say that the couple were cooperating, but that didn't stop the gunmen from striking the husband in the head with the gun: Rafael Martinez, Police Press Officer "On the 28th September at about 12:45pm we had 3 male persons that went to #34 Freetown Road Malboro Shop owned by Belizean-Chinese business persons and they were held at gunpoint and robbed of electronic items and cash of over six thousand dollars and of course they guys they all took off and so far police have not gotten any one of them. We have not detained anybody, but we are following several leads regarding this robbery."

Heroes Of The Seas
On Saturday, OCEANA awarded two persons they call OCEAN Heroes, coral researcher Lisa Carne and Manatee expert Jamal Galvez for their efforts in protecting the marine environment. If you watch 7News you'll know Jamal well enough, but the OCEANA tram chronicled his work:� The Oceana Hero award was established in 2009.

Taking A Look At The Injured Coast
On the topic of Belize's marine life, the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute is hosting Coastal awareness week. Today the week of activities began with the launch of the State of the Belize Coastal Zone Report. CEO of the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, Mr. Vincent Gillett discussed the importance of this report in public awareness and marine resource management. Vincent Gillett, CEO, CZMAI "What we want to try to do as part of that management is to inform, educate as many people as possible about many of the various things that are happening in the coastal zone and most importantly we have to collect information data. We have to relate to the communities. We have to get information so that we can use that information and put it in a particular form so that we can use to educate as I said before and give guidance to our departments or ministries as to what is the best way what we should do.

Alleged Shooter Remanded
In our last segment, we told you about the shooting incident in La Democracia in which 21 year-old Joshua Martinez was injured. Well tonight, 20 year-old Adolphus Palacio is at the Belize Central Prison after being taken to court after he was accused of being the trigger man. As we told you, on Friday night after 10, 21-year-old Martinez and his 16 year old sister were sheltering under a bus shed, when three men walked up and one of them fired six shots at them. Martinez was hit on the right arm and back. He is in a stable condition at the KHMH. Police investigated the shooting, and they charged Adolphus Palacio Jr. with attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, and dangerous harm. Those charges alone would have been an automatic remand, but police additionally charged him with professing to be a member of the George Street Gang.

More Bad Luck For Arthur
And in one more bit of police news, Arthur Sadlivar's bad luck streak continued when his home in Camalote was robbed. Saldivar lives in Maxboro but says that on Sunday night at 10:30p.m. he visited his residence in Camalote and saw that inside his house was ransacked and realized that his house was burglarized and stolen were a Sony Bravia Home Theater System valued at $3,000.00, a Samsung Brand Digital Video Recorder valued at $5,000.00 and also damaged was a back-up power supply valued at $1,200.00.

Channel 5

Outspoken San Ignacio O.C. Puts His Foot In His Mouth
It's been four days since Danny Conorquie was murdered at the Caracol Mayan Site; on Sunday, he was laid to rest after an emotional funeral service. We have that story [...]

Supt. Dinsdale Thompson Forced to Retract Statements on Conorquie's Murder
All that talk about rising up and taking a stance…about protecting our land, possessions and lives against Guatemalans…was good for a round of applause at the funeral of Danny Conorquie. [...]

P.M. Barrow Sends Condolences to Conorquie's Family and Condemns His Murder
But late this afternoon, there was another statement. In the face of mounting public outrage at Conorquie's murder, the Prime Minister issued a release today. While stopping short of confirming [...]

Are Conorquie's Killers Indeed Guatemalans?
The fact is that unless one of the murderers dropped a notarized confession complete with finger-print, blood-sample, picture and proof of Guatemalan birth…it is unlikely that there will be any [...]

Friends of Conservation Advises G.O.B. to Crack Down on Incursions
According to Manzanero, all the entities that are regularly on the ground have gotten the wake-up call a long time ago, and the murder of Danny Conorquie is their worst [...]

Tour Guide Recounts Shooting Death of Special Constable
Following the murder of Conorquie, Caracol has been closed indefinitely by the National Institute of Culture and History. The site is one of the most visited in the country, but [...]

Conorquie's Death a Wake-up Call for Tour Operators at Caracol
While the murder of Conorquie is a tragedy, it is also a wake-up call. News Five has learned that only two tourism police officers are stationed at Caracol for two [...]

Danny Conorquie Buried with Honor in Georgeville
While the repercussions of last Thursday's murder play out in local and, hopefully international circles, all that is of no concern to Tourism Police Special Constable Danny Conorquie. He was [...]

Bahamian Stockbrokers Out on Hundred Thousand Dollars Bail
Bahamians Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach, both legally embattled financial advisers, are tonight with their families after posting a hefty sum to secure their freedom.� The duo had been in [...]

SolGen's Office's Haste to Honor Extradition Request Leads to Procedural Errors
According to Courtenay, the rush to incarcerate Knowles and Leach led to procedural errors being committed by government's attorneys.� For his part, Smith also confirmed that the extradition request has [...]

Protest Planned for Belize/Guatemala Border
The execution-style murder of Special Constable Denny Conorquie, by bandits believed to be of Guatemalan extraction, has resulted in outrage. Masses of Belizeans are very much disheartened and are up [...]

Audrey Says Government's Response to Caracol Tragedy is Sluggish
According to Matura-Shepherd, the apparent lethargic response by the government gives the impression that the matter is being taken lightly.   Isani Cayetano "In your opinion, do you believe that [...]

B.D.F. Volunteer Shot Near Democracia Junction
A twenty-one year old B.D.F. volunteer is tonight at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital awaiting surgery after he was shot multiple times on Friday night in La Democracia Village. Joshua [...]

Weekend Shooting Incidents in Belize City
There were at least three other shootings over the weekend; one on Neal's Penn Road, another in the vicinity of B.T.L. Park on Newtown Barracks, and a third on Curassow [...]

GSU Under Attack, Claims of Police Brutality Resurface Yet Again
Intimidation, violence, brutality, excessive force - it seems that almost every week these words are used where the Police Department's most elite unit is concerned. The Gang Suppression Unit is [...]

Was GSU Boss Mark Flowers Involved
According to McCoy after Flowers hit him a regular Police Officer arrived on thescene and that's when things immediately quieted down. That officer allegedly verified his claim that he was [...]

Legal Victory for Cotton Tree Resident, Land Returned and Compensated for Damages
In September 2013, forty-nine-year-old Rudolph Tucker returned home to hisCotton Tree property only to discover that it was no longer his.� The home, trees, and all his equipment had been [...]

PC David Griffith Arraigned for Manslaughter of Rasheed Elijio
Eighteen-year-old Rasheed Elijio was shot and killed in Punta Gorda Town in May 2013 while attempting to escape police custody.� He was reportedly shot to the left side of the [...]

Marlboro Shop Robbed
In addition to the shootings, there was other crime over the weekend. Just before one o'clock on Saturday afternoon, the proprietor of Malboro Shop located on Freetown Road, was robbed [...]

Ocean Heroes Awards 2014
OCEANA's Ocean Hero Awards were presented to two exceptional persons over the weekend. One of the awardees has spent years on the protection of the endangered manatee population and the [...]

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More News: Scroll up from here


San Ignacio OC Retracts Statement That Guatemalans Killed Conorquie
There is no doubt that the execution style murder of Danny Conorquie, the police special constable assigned to the Tourism Police Unit who shot and killed on Thursday September 25th while on duty at the Caracol Archaeological Site, presumably by Guatemalan Xateros who were encroaching in Belizean soil, has caused public indignation across the nation. We say presumably because while officer commanding the San Ignacio Police Formation, Assistant Superintendent of Police Dinsdale Thompson announced that the investigation into Conorquie's death has concluded that the 20 year old was not murdered by Belizeans but instead by Guatemalan's, he retracted that statement today. Of note is that Thompson made the announcement on Sunday as he attended Conorquie's funeral in Georgeville. But by this afternoon the media received a police report from Police press Officer Raphael Martinez with the headline reading, "Report from Superintendent of Police Dinsdale Thompson Officer Commanding San Ignacio formation.

Renovation Of The Orange Walk Central Park Soon To Commence
We have told you about the plans to renovate the Orange Walk Central Park. Today we can say that, that project is a lot closer to fruition as the Orange Walk Town Council has been informed that work should be starting by the end of this week. Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard spoke with us today and explained what should be taking place in the weeks to follow. Kevin Bernard - Mayor or Orange Walk Town "I understand that Coleman Construction has been awarded the contract to do the renovation of Central Park, on Wednesday as a matter of fact, at 2:30 there will be a soft launch of the actual works where I will be handing over the Park the project coordinator and then they will handing it over to the contractor so that work can commence and from what I understand immediately right after the mobilization of , the contractor will start to mobilize his equipment and so forth in the areas so that works can commence immediately the next day so we should be seeing a lot of activity in the center part of town so I would want to also ask our residence to bear some patience with us and as well those vendors that are around the park, there will be some inconvenience and those that will relocate need to relocate and so we just want to make sure that everyone if informed."

New School Building Inaugurated In Douglas Village
It goes without saying that a proper environment is conducive to good learning, especially for children. Part of achieving this is ensuring that children have a proper and well equipped school building and school administrators have strived to secure it. Today there is one more success story to tell as children in Douglas Village are now attending classes in a new building. Dalila Ical has the story. Dalila Ical - Reporting This is the new building for Our Lady of Fatima RC School. The new building encompasses five classrooms that will serve ninety children of Douglas Village. This morning, parents, teachers and several other invited guests gathered to officially inaugurate it. The project was completed with funds from Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust and Perenco which gave a hundred thousand dollars respectively to the project.

Belize's Oldest Political Party Celebrates 64th Anniversary
Today, September twenty-ninth, marks some sixty-four years since the establishment of the People's United Party. It's a big moment for members and supporters of the P.U.P. as they reflect on the history of the party. And while we couldn't be at the commemoration of the Party's 64th Anniversary when the National Party Council met in solemn session in Belmopan yesterday, we figured what best way to highlight the first Party's history than by speaking to those who knew and lived their legacy. Belizario Carballo recounts that he has been following the party since he was only 12 years old. He spoke of things from the devaluation of the BH dollar to adult suffrage to the leadership of Leader Emeritus and the late Rt. Hon George Cadle Price. Beizario Carballo - Member, Order of Distinguished Service "The people's committee came up the very day in other words the following morning a group of people which consisted of Mr George Price and Lee Richardson and Johnny Smith, Phillip Goldson, Nicholas Pollard and other people got together at Mr Prices' home in Belize City and formed what they called the People' Committee and they started agitating from the very beginning for Independence because they said you know the colonialism is not helping us at all and so they continued as a committee until September of that year and then on September 29th of that year, the People's United Party was formed so the People's Committee became the People's' United Party and since that time I have been hearing about them...

Corozal Free Zone Main Employer Of The North
According to the Statistical Institute of Belize, the National unemployment rate up to April 2014 was at 11.1 %. In the northern part of the country Orange Walk hosts 12.7 percent of the labor force while Corozal is responsible for 12.6 percent with one of the major employers being the Corozal Commercial Free Zone.According to CCFZ's Chief Executive Officer, Raul Rosado, currently the free zone counts with approximately 3,200 employees from both northern districts.Raul Rosado - CEO CFZ "The Corozal Free Zone is indeed the single largest employer for the north serving Corozal and Orange Walk, registered with us as direct employment is about 3200 employees not mentioning the indirect employment that it creates through the bus drivers that people on the transportation could bring these employees to the Free Zone, those who provide food for the people working in the Free Zone, but direct employment under our registry is about 3200 employees."

Mexican Nationals Pending Charges On Drug Trafficking
Four Mexican Nationals including a 16 year old minor are tonight behind bars pending charges of drug trafficking. On Saturday at around 11:10am, Corozal Police conducted a search at the residence of 25 year old Rodrigo Meza, located in the Village of Patchakan, Corozal. Nothing incriminating was found inside the residence but the same cannot be said for the yard where police found a bag containing two parcels of suspected cannabis weighing 109 grams and 128.4 grams respectively. Present at the time of the search were Meza, 27 year old Esperanza Ack, a 16 year old male minor and 24 year old Isaias Medina all of Mexican Nationality. The individuals are said to be from the Village of Ramonal, Mexico.


New CXC National Committee Appointed
The new CXC national committee has been appointed. Members are Chairman Alan Gennity representing the Ministry of Education, CXC Registrar Juan Vargas, Maria Johnston, Delthia Perez, Cruzita Castillo, Darnelle Sterling, Marlon Brown, Jane Bennett, Dr. Silvaana Udz, Marcelino Choco, Dawn Henry, Alfredo Mai and Leonard Mortis. The committee agreed to hold the twentieth annual CXC national awards ceremony on November 26 in Orange Walk Town. The ceremony serves to recognize students who excelled in the May June 2014 CXC examinations. The committee will serve for a period of three years.

Palacio Faces Charge of Attempted Murder
Twenty year old Adolphus Palacio Jr was charged with the attempted murder of 21 year old Joshua Martinez when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Palacio was also charged with dangerous harm, use of deadly means of harm and profess to be a member of the George Street Gang. Palacio was remanded into custody until November 11. The incident occurred on September 26 at La Democracia. Martinez reported that he had just got off Shaw Bus at the junction of George Price Highway and La Democracia along with his 16 year old sister when they were approached by 3 men while they were under the bus shed. Martinez said one of the men pulled out a firearm and fired 6 shots at him. Martinez was shot in his right arm and upper back. He was admitted to ward where his condition is said to be stable.

Mother Says Son Has Been Detained For 6 Days Now
The issue of police brutality is no longer a matter that is kept hidden out of fear for repercussions from the Belize Police Department. As a matter of fact, the last few weeks have been testament to the fact that the docile society that once existed is slowly diminishing as there have been numerous persons who have come forth claiming abuse at the hands of the police. While this story is not one of a person physically assaulted or abused by police, it is one of abuse nonetheless and injustice. Violet Sanchez is the mother of 24-year-old, Eustace Taylor and she relayed her plight to us earlier today. VIOLET SANCHEZ "The situation is that they picked up the young man and have them in the cell at the station for one whole week. I understand it is for one weed roach. I believe our policemen need to be better than this and not have the young men in the station like that. My son is an asthmatic and now for one week my son is in there with all that stench of urine and still this morning they were hesitating to bring them to court and when we go ask them something they have a whole lot to tell you.

Tuesday’s Protest Is Based on Facts and Not Emotions, Says Nancy
Twenty year old Danny Conorquie was laid to rest yesterday evening in his home village of Georgeville in the Cayo District. Conorquie was a Special Constable who was killed on duty as he was on patrol at the Caracol Mayan Site. He was gunned down by a trio of Hispanic men believed to be Guatemalans. Police believe that the culprits have already absconded to their home country. A protest will be held tomorrow morning at the Western Border and is being organized by the Belize People's Front. Nancy Marin is the President of the Belize People's Front. NANCY MARIN "Tomorrow is a day where Belizeans need to unite. We need to make the life of Danny Conorquie, as the first lawman to be killed by Guatemalans inside Belize territory, defending and protecting our country; we need to make that life worth the while and we need to make our government know that they will respect a Belizean life and they should respect it even much more than they respected the life of a farmer in Guatemala.

Arthur’s Family Home Burglarized
A suspected burglary occurred over the weekend in Camalote Village in the Cayo District. Correspondent, Angelica Cruz reports. ANGELICA CRUZ "Arthur Saldivar, Attorney- at-Law, told police that on Sunday night, September 28 sometime around 10:30pm he visited his family residence in Camalote Village, Cayo District. Upon his arrival he opened the front door, as he was doing so, he heard a fan blowing inside. He then opened the door and saw chair cushions and clothes scattered across the floor. The 52 inch flat screen television was also on the floor. He made further checks inside the house and noticed that the backup power supply was damaged because water from the sink was left pouring. A Sony Bravia home theater system and a Samsung Digital video recorder were also missing. Police investigation continues."


Fallen Officer laid to Rest; Superintendent retracts statement that Guatemalans murdered Danny Conorquie
20 year old Special Constable Danny Conorquie was laid to rest on Sunday September 28th at Georgeville Cemetery, Cayo District, following a well attended funeral service. About 300 mourners, were joined by a platoon of senior police officers, as they marched around the Village of Georgeville, Cayo, to pay their respect to a fallen brother. Danny Conorquie died in the line of duty on September 25th and was given a state funeral with a 21 gun salute. At the funeral, Superinendent Dinsdale Thompson, Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police Station, stood up to convey his condolences to relatives and friends of Danny Conorquie. He also took this opportunity to announce to the funeral attendees that 20 year old Danny Conorquie died at the hands of Guatemalans. -->

Patrick JonesPJ

Titan executives granted bail by Supreme Court
29 year old Rohn Knowles and 34 year old Kelvin Leach are making preparations, but have yet as of this evening to meet bail of $100,000 each set late this morning by Supreme Court Justice Denis Hanomansingh. This follows spirited arguments in his court by attorneys representing the [�]

Police commander retracts statement; PM reaches out to slain man's family
The officer commanding the San Ignacio police formation Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson has retracted a statement he made on Sunday afternoon during the funeral for Special Constable Danny Conorquie. While expressing condolences to the family on the murder of Conorquie in the line of duty on Thursday, September [�]

Cahal Pech Village Resort Launches Vision Quest to Xibalba Tour
Cahal Pech Village Resort, one of the largest hotels in San Ignacio Belize has just launched an intrepid cave tour called "Vision Quest to Xibalba." According to Peter Tonti, Chief Executive Officer of the resort, the Vision Quest to Xibalba is a special tour to the [�]

People's Rally planned for western border
The Belize People's Front (BPF) has rallied residents of the West and indeed all of the country to attend a rally at the Western Border on Tuesday morning, September 30. The purpose of the event is to protest the Government's seeming inability to develop a policy to police [�]

The September 28, 2014 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Special Constable Killed On Duty:
    A 19 year old Special Constable, assigned to the Tourism Police Unit (TPU), was today killed by suspected Guatemalan bandits. San Ignacio police informed of the receipt of the fatal incident report at around midday today, Thursday, September 25, 2014. The report indicated that about five minutes before 12 noon, a colleague of the deceased Special Constable heard what appeared to be the firing of several gunshots in the area of one of the mayan structures located about one hundred feet from where he was standing near another of the several structures on the tourist site. The colleague reportedly rushed to the scene where he reportedly saw a male person of Hispanic decent pointing a handgun at the Special Constable who was on the ground. He reportedly saw a second man picking up and taking possession of the Special Constable's service firearm being a pump 12 shotgun. A shot was reportedly fired at the approaching police, fortunately it missed its target. The two Hispanic men were joined by a third as all three fled the area.
  • Teacher Louise Passes:
    It is with profound sadness that we record the passing of another senior resident of our community, Mrs. Louise Bridget Lewis, 76, known to many as "Aunt Lou" or "Teacher Louise". Aunt Lou never recovered from a stroke she suffered while at home on Saturday, September 20. She was first rushed to the community hospital in San Ignacio and later to the Universal Health Services in Belize City where she passed away quietly at around 12:40 this Thursday morning. Aunt Lou is retired primary school teacher. Many are those of us who "passed through her hands". She was an avid member of the Catholic Church. She was one of the first lay ministers of the Sacred Heart Parish. She was a member of the choir and just loved to sing in church. She was the chief organizer of Easter events including the traditional procession and the Stations of the Cross.
  • Editorial: No Turning Back:
    Formed on September 27, 1973 the United Democratic Party (UDP) is this week engaged in activities commemorating the 41st anniversary of the formation of the party. The UDP was birthed through the amalgamation of the Phillip Goldson led National Independence Party (NIP), Dean Lindo's People's Development Movement (PDM) and the Liberal Party founded by Manuel Esquivel, Curl Thompson, Henry "Pa Hen" Young, Harrison "Sir Harry" Lawrence and Nestor "Net" Vasquez. Eleven years after its formation the UDP made history, in December 1984 when it defeated the George Price led People's United Party (PUP) in the first general elections after the September 21, 1981 attainment of Belize's political independence from Great Britain.
  • Neri Lopez Injured In Traffic Accident:
    Santa Elena resident, Neri Lopez, today remains at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital in a critical condition after he was knocked down on the George Price Highway on Saturday, September 20, the eve of our nation's independence. Acting on a report of a road traffic accident, San Ignacio police visited the scene in Santa Elena, where they saw an unconscious male Hispanic person, bleeding from the mouth, lying on his back in front of a blue Mazda Tribute SUV bearing l/p SI C-03191, with a dent on the right side of the bonnet.
  • Independence Day Murder In Los Tambos:
    San Ignacio police is investigating the case of a shooting death in the mainly Hispanic community of Los Tambos, Cayo. The initial investigation revealed that the deceased, Manuel Ramos, 27, Guatemalan naturalized Belizean and his common-law wife, Alba Luz Moralez, 36, were reportedly relaxing out under a shed when several gunshots rang out. Ramos fell to the ground dead and was later found with gunshot injuries to the chest, arm and chin, and died on the spot. The common law wife emerged with a gunshot wound to the leg. Ramos and Moralez were transported to the Western Regional Hospital where Ramos was officially pronounced dead while Moralez was treated and later released.
  • Galen University Appoints Dr. Cynthia Eve Aird As Provost Of The University:
    Galen University is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Cynthia Eve Aird, to the position of Provost of the University. Dr. Aird earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction and Administration with a minor in Higher Education from Boston College, Boston, MA. Dr. Aird is a skilled and dedicated educator and is currently President of Sacred Heart College, Cayo. With over twenty (20) years experience in the education sector, Dr. Aird developed a professional network amongst her colleagues in the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB), and the Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC). She has served in the capacity of President of ATLIB from 2008 to 2012. Dr. Aird was a founding member of the Belize Board of Teacher Education (BBTE).
  • Youth Invitational Karate Championships:
    The Cayo Shotokan Karate Club in conjunction with the Belize Karate Federation is hereby inviting the general public to attend and witness the Youth Invitational Karate Championships, to be held this Saturday, 27th September, 2014, 9am to 4pm, Sacred Heart College Auditorium, San Ignacio Town. This event will be held in commemoration with the Cayo Shotokan Karate Club's 24th Anniversary. Belize athletes will be competing against visiting athletes from El Salvador and Guatemala.
  • Opening Address for Senior Citizen's Week:
    The theme for this year's Senior Citizen's week is "LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND: PROMOTING A SOCIETY FOR ALL" The last week of September leading up to the 1st of October, the official International Day of Older Persons, is designated to celebrate and honor Senior Citizens. HelpAge Belize has set aside this week to review the progress made or lack thereof and to re-strategize if necessary improve the effectiveness and end results of the various programs and projects that we have implemented to benefit our older persons in Belize. Our Society has a lot to be desired in regards to the respect, protection and services offered to our Older Citizens both on the family and community level. Several Senior citizens have been murdered over the past weeks.
  • The 100 Thousand Poets For Change Movement For Peace & Sustainability:
    BY: Barrington Castillo Do you want to join other poets, musicians, and artists around the planet in a celebration to promote peace and sustainability and to call for serious social and environmental change 1) What kind of a change are we talking about? 2) I want to organize in my area. How do we begin to organize? "What kind of CHANGE are we talking about?" The first order of change is for poets, writers, musicians, artists, activists to get together to create and perform, educate and demonstrate, simultaneously, with other communities around the world. This will change how we see our local community and the global community. We have all become incredibly alienated in recent years. We hardly know our neighbors down the street let alone our creative allies who live and share our concerns in other countries. We need to feel this kind of global solidarity. It will be empowering.
  • Paraguay Bishop Livieres Sacked Over 'Abuse Cover-up':
    The Right Reverend Rogelio Livieres Plano has been dismissed as bishop of the diocese of Ciudad del Este Pope Francis has sacked a Paraguayan bishop who has been accused of protecting a priest suspected of sexually abusing young parishioners. The Vatican said that "the Holy Father has decided to replace Monsignor Rogelio Livieres Plano" as bishop of Ciudad del Este. It is the second time in a week that Pope Francis has taken disciplinary action over clerical sex abuse scandals in Latin America. He has promised "zero tolerance".
  • Common Cold:
    The common cold (also known as nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza, head cold, or simply a cold) is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract which primarily affects the nose. Symptoms include coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, and fever which usually resolve in seven to ten days, with some symptoms lasting up to three weeks. Well over 200 virus strains are implicated in the cause of the common cold; the rhinoviruses are the most common. Upper respiratory tract infections are loosely divided by the areas they affect, with the common cold primarily affecting the nose, the throat (pharyngitis), and the sinuses (sinusitis), occasionally involving either or both eyes via conjunctivitis. Symptoms are mostly due to the body's immune response to the infection rather than to tissue destruction by the viruses themselves. The primary method of prevention is by hand washing with some evidence to support the effectiveness of wearing face masks. The common cold may occasionally lead to pneumonia, either viral pneumonia or secondary bacterial pneumonia.
  • A Second Suspect Arrested For the Murder of Niko Vargas:
    Another19 year old man was today arrested and formally charged for murder in connection with last month's death of a man in the village of Unitedville. San Ignacio police today informed of the return, from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution, of the murder case file in connection with the August 16, 2014, murder of Victor "Niko" Vargas which occurred in Unitedville. The first youth to be arrested and charged was Belizean laborer, Joseph Vacarro, 19. The file however returned with advice for the police to arrest a second suspect resulting in the arrest and laying of a murder charge against another young man identified as 19 year old Belizean laborer, Steven Gomez.
  • First Ladies Global Call to Action Conference:
    Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow hosts the First Ladies Global Call to Action Conference Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, the Special Envoy for Women and Children and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Belize, hosted the "First Ladies' Global Call to Action Conference on Women's and Girls' Financial Health". The conference was a side event at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on September 25th, 2014. Many of the World's First Ladies share similar concerns about the situation of the world's women and girls as it relates to their financial health. Mrs. Simplis Barrow was able to mobilize more than 25 First Ladies to attend. The side event was also attended by other eminent guests who have an interest in and can support follow up initiatives at the country and global levels-making this forum a means to catalyze partnerships with the First Ladies, UN officials, philanthropists, impact investors and NGOs focused on Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality.
  • Mexico Frees Drug Lord's Nephew Martin Beltran Coronel:
    Martin Beltran Coronel was arrested in 2011 in western Jalisco state A Mexican court has ordered the release of Martin Beltran Coronel, who had been charged with organised crime. The court said due process had been violated. Mr Beltran Coronel, who is the nephew of the late drug lord Nacho Coronel, was arrested on 12 May 2011. The court said statements by witnesses had been "induced" and Mr Beltran Coronel's right to being considered innocent until proven guilty had been breached.
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Always different Belize Independence
Every time I have experienced the Belize Independence day parade it has been unique in many ways and this year was no exception. For starters among our regular crowd, there is far less ongoing partying involved since the days when we first turned up almost 9 years ago. Secondly many of us are happy to be more on the sidelines then right in the thick of things or marching behind a truck. I have watched it many different ways - up high, down low, followed from behind or dashed around to catch the front again. No matter where I was watching from and with who, it has always been a super fun time. This year We started out meeting up at Caye Casa then headed to Wayo's beach bar to catch everyone getting ready. After beach time, we did a split and most of the group headed off to Caprice at the Holiday hotel to be on the parade route and enjoy a cocktail. Paul and I opted to go meet Leisa at Lola's pub for sliders, football and a sideline view of the parade. It was not long before we got gridlocked by the parade and had to park on a back road by the lumberyard in town and make our way on foot.

SO THIS Is the Plan for That Sand Bar Off of Caye Chapel? Enchanted Belize
Each time I take the water taxi from San Pedro to Belize City, I pass this active construction site. On this tiny pile of sand less than a mile from Caye Chapel. Here's a picture I took a few years ago flying over Caye Chapel. And I circled where this "caye" is. I'd heard rumors that it was owned by a resident of Ambergris Caye and then that it was owned by the owner of one of the local water taxi companies. I heard it was going to be a resort�but how? It's�microscopic� This morning, I was clued in to the website for the project. HOLY MOLY! Take a look at this plan!

Keeping The Garifuna Culture Alive
Although commonly referred to as Garifuna, the people are properly called Garinagu and the culture and language are Garifuna. The Garinagu arrived in the early 1600s on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, eventually settling the southern coast of Belize in the early 19th century. Today, the Garinagu people struggle to keep their culture alive. It is the devotion of the Garinagu to their roots which sets them apart from the other ethnic groups in Belize. While many of them are professed Catholics, they have retained many traditions and rituals from their Afro-Caribbean heritage. Central to the Garifuna community is the belief in and respect for the ancestors. The Garinagu retain their powerful spiritual connection with the past generations of any family group through a ritual called Dugu. A spiritual leader called a Buyei or shaman presides over family members, who travel from all over the world to gather at the dugu meeting place called a temple. No expense is spared as fresh seafood, pork; fowl and cassava bread are prepared for days of healing, drumming, dancing and commuting with the spiritual world.

Experience the best of Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda, locally known as PG is located at the far end of the Toledo District. With a population of around 6000, it is a quiet place to escape the crowds in Western Belize and the Northern Cayes. However, don't let its quietness trick you into thinking there is nothing to do. For those willing to invest the time and enjoy the place, PG has unique experiences that the rest of Belize will find hard to match. So, if you're planning on visiting PG, plan for a long stay-you won't be disappointed. Here are the top 10 things to do in Punta Gorda. For those who come to PG yearning for sands and crystal clear water, all you need is a boat and Garbutt's Marine has plenty to offer. Located on the main road into PG, Garbutt's offers SCUBA and snorkeling, fly fishing, and expeditions to the many cayes and reefs off the coast of Punta Gorda. Excursions to the cayes can be booked for the day or multi-day with meals provided, and unlike the northern hot spots you can have a beach day with few to no other tourists around. Afterwards, enjoy a drink on Garbutt's patio while watching the iguanas lounge in the sun.

International Sourcesizz

CannonDesign, Arcturis showcase international design projects
Women-owned firm Arcturis is renovating Belize's international airport to improve passenger flow. According to Megan Ridgeway, an Arcturis principal, the opportunity to redesign the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport - 10 miles west of Belize City - arose via a referral from Belize's honorary consulate who is a Southern Illinois resident. Design began in mid-July. It will bring the existing 55,000-square-foot, single-story airport to up to 80,000 square feet. No project costs are yet available. The fast-tracked renovation is estimated to be complete by the end of 2014.

Airlines look for an edge in weather-radar systems
As their plane climbed away from Belize City, American Airlines pilot Brian Will and his co-pilot were ready to detour several hundred miles to avoid a wall of bad weather in front of them. Then, looking at the display on a new weather-radar system, the pilots saw a way to navigate between the storms on the Dallas-bound flight this spring. "We found the gap that the weather radar said was safe to go through," Will, who is also American's director of advanced technologies, recounted recently. "We didn't have a single ripple, and we flew straight through to Dallas." Shooting the gap saved the airline a costly refueling stop in Houston or New Orleans. The makers of the advanced radar systems promise to do the same for other airlines - along with sparing passengers from gut-churning turbulence and reducing lengthy delays.

Why birding is the best hobby
An email arriving in my birding mailbox last month had a certain air about it. The subject line read, "A Few Highlights from the Calumet Sewage Ponds."... Is this a great hobby or what? No really, it is, and I can prove it. That was among my goals when I agreed to be a guest speaker at the Glen Ellyn Lions Club. Public speaking isn't my thing; I'd rather write than talk. But what appealed to me most, besides a free dinner at Barone's, was that I'd be addressing people who probably had at most a passing interest in birds. Maybe, just maybe, I could get them jazzed about birds and birding by showing them what they've been missing. The deeper you get into birding, the more you'll want to travel. Alaska, Arizona, Florida and Texas. Belize and Costa Rica. South America. For birders, the chance to experience new species in unfamiliar habitats is irresistible.

Mayan culture the focus of UT Tyler trip in December
The University of Texas at Tyler, in collaboration with the Maya Research Program, will offer a public Friends of UT Tyler tour that explores the ancient and modern Mayan culture, Dr. Teresa Kennedy, UT Tyler Office of International Programs executive director, announced. Led by Dr. Thomas Guderjan, UT Tyler associate professor of anthropology, the "Maya Highlands New Year's Eve Tour" will feature certain parts of Mexico and Guatemala. Cost is $3,600 per person and includes ground transportation, room and board and most meals. There is a $500 non-refundable deposit. "During this 13-day journey, we will explore ancient Maya sites in the spectacular highlands of Mexico and Guatemala," said Guderjan, who also serves as the Maya Research Program president and oversees the Blue Creek Archaeological Project in Belize. "We will also visit the World Heritage site of Palenque and remote Tonina, explore the colonial cities of San Cristobal and Antigua and meet traditional Maya people who live our contemporary world." The Bureau of Consular Affairs selected September as Passport Awareness Month in order to increase familiarity with the United States Passport and provide helpful information and services to the travelling...

Manuel Villamor's Historical Mural Project
The final achievement with the Preservation and Promotion of Manuel Villamor's Historical Mural Project which began this past summer. The Corozal House of Culture has produced an informational brochure which supports this national treasure. The brochure deciphers the visual information of the mural, as well contains a biography of Mr. Villamor and a history of the mural itself which has undergone three transformations. Interested persons can pick up a free copy at the Corozal Town Hall or here at the House of Culture.


Video: My Mexico, 6.5min.
Mexico; Belize; Cuba

Video: Redefine the Classroom - Belize, 3.5min.
Island bungalows, azure waters, dolphin research, jaguar tracking, invasive species study, and so much more await you in our EPI Belize Marine Ecology Program. Push the boundaries. Redefine the classroom. EPI Belize.

Video: (New) American Airlines Takeoff from Belize, 2min.
Takeoff Belize en route to Dallas. Taken on September 28,2014.

Video: Voyage Mexique/Belize 2014, 11min.

Video: Wildtracks - Feeding Duke - Belize, 2012, min.
Duke was rescued by volunteers near Belize City and brought to Wildtracks early in 2012. Wildtracks and its amazing volunteers put an enormous amount of time, energy and love into his treatment and rehabilitation. Sadly Duke was never able to recover sufficiently to be able to eat enough on his own and be successfully released back into the wild. After more than two and a half years of daily loving care and treatment, Duke died on September 25, 2014. Wildtracks and its dedicated volunteers are also caring for other manatees as well as Howler and Spider Monkeys and other species, all with the goal of release to the wild if at all possible. Losing Duke is devastating but their work goes on to not only save but restore so many others to their natural habitats. There have been many successes and there will be many more. But Duke will be missed. Here's to Duke.

Video: Belize independence party (Orange Walk), 8min.

Video: Open Your Eyes (September 29, 2014), 60min.
Discussion on incursions into the Chiquibul Forest, on the heels of the shooting near Caracol. On Open Your Eyes, with Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director of Friends For Conservation and Development, Lt. Colonel Raymond Sheppard Chief of Staff of the Belize Defense Force, and Joe Awe, president of the Cayo Tour Guide Association and vice president of the BTIA in Cayo.

Video: 4 Ways to Enjoy and Relax in Belize this Winter Season, 2min.
Belize is a country filled with natural beauty, beaches and Maya culture. This winter season, consider spending your days in this country with Belize vacation packages. Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America. It is a country filled with natural beauty, white sand beaches, and ancient Maya culture. The Belizeans refer to their country as 'jewel' and they are proud of their diverse heritage. You can see Caribbean, Mayan, Asian, European and African cultures all over this small country.

Video: Incident At Caracol, 4min.
On September 25, 2014, a policeman was shot dead in the archeological site of Caracol in Belize near the Guatemalan border. This is what we recorded moments after the incident.

Video: WEBINAR: "Seeing is Believing: Catalyzing Community-led Marine Conservation.", 57min.
Seeing is Believing: Catalyzing Community-led Marine Conservation by Demonstrating the Economic Benefits of Fisheries Management in Madagascar and Belize Join Al Harris of Blue Ventures and Dr. Tom Oliver of the University of Hawai'i in a discussion of the economic benefits of periodic fisheries closures in Madagascar and the impact that these closures have had in catalyzing a groundswell of broader community-based marine conservation efforts throughout the country and further afield.

Video: Belize 2013, 43min.
A dive trip to Belize aboard the Sun Dancer !! in October of 2013. Sun Dancer II,Lighthouse Reef: Long Caye, Ridge, Sand Box, Chain Wall, Long Caye Wall, Site Y, Uno Coco, Silver Caves, Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye Wall, Dinner, Turneffe: Sandy Slope, Party, Credits.

Video: Scuba diving in Belize 2014, 43min.

Video: Redefine the Classroom - Belize, 3.5min.
Island bungalows, azure waters, dolphin research, jaguar tracking, invasive species study, and so much more await you in our EPI Belize Marine Ecology Program. Push the boundaries. Redefine the classroom.

Video: Down The STEEP Hill in Belize, 1min.
Behind the scenes filming in Belize.

Video: Street Segments - Belize City- Punta Cultural Challenge, 5min.
Dillon and Mek Mi Rich models Haley and Victoria hit the streets of Belize City. We found two young men who accepted a challenge.

Video: Green Hills Butterfly Ranch | Belize | Central America, 2min.

Video: Deborah Theus Sanchez!, 26min.
The eight episode of a documentary series called Belizean Legends that will profile Belizean softball legend Deborah Theus-Sanchez as she discusses with Belizean Legends host Bilal Morris about the quality of Belize's softball era in the 1970's where she was a part of the Gold Medal team that earned Belize's first gold medal at that time in the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1974.

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