So, you may be wondering whatís so great about this Belizean version of tacos. Well, itís pretty simple; a Belizean taco follows the principle of Ďsimplicity is bestí. Our tacos are just a heaping helping of delicious shredded, stewed chicken and a cabbage or onion slaw rolled up in a hot corn tortilla. Perfection! Oh, I forgot to mention that every tacos deli has its own form of pepper sauce for those that need that extra spicy kick.

At Neriís, (my favorite breakfast joint in San Pedro, I ordered my usual $2 helping of tacos (six tacos). I usually get them to go, but sitting down to eat them is such a cool experience! OMG! They were so darn good! I downed them in record time, and even had to ask for another $2. The tortillas were soft and warm, and the chicken was oh-so flavorful! With a refreshing glass of lime juice, I was set to face the day!

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