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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe'S Woofer: Medical School
"How are you John?" "I'm doing great. Life could not be better." I was sitting on the deck at the Holiday Hotel drinking my coffee and reading my book when John walked in holding a cup of coffee in his hand. "Pull up a chair," I said. "We'll have a cup of coffee together and [�]

Police Report
On Tuesday, September 23rd, an underage male visited the San Pedro Police Station at around 5:01PM to make a report against a police officer. According to the minor, on Monday, September 22nd between 2AM and 6AM his mother, Mirna Judith Berganza was detained for a traffic offense. As a result the minor and a family friend, Saul Chavez, went to the station to see what was happening. At the station Chavez spoke to Police Constable #1139 Oscar Ramirez who demanded $300BZ for the release Berganza. According to Chavez, PC Ramirez arranged that the money be given to him at the round-about on Pescador Drive. At about 5PM on the same date, PC Ramirez caught up with the minor and Chavez again while leaving the DFC Area. PC Ramirez proceeded to demand an additional $700BZ. They informed PC Ramirez that they did not have the money and only had $300BZ. PC Ramirez agreed to take the $300 which was given to him. A total of $600BZ was given to PC Ramirez for the release of Berganza. ON Tuesday, September 30th at about 5PM a group identification parade was conducted where 36-year-old PC Oscar Ramirez was identified. PC Ramirez was formally arrested and charged for the crime of "Extortion".

Doctor Love
Dear Doctor Love, I have been in a relationship for over a year with a man. I love him and believe he loves me, however I think sometimes love is not enough. When we met and he asked me to be in a committed relationship with him, he let me know (most) of his skeletons [�]

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Passing of Mr. Pedro "Pete" Graniel
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its sincere condolences to the Graniel family on the passing of Mr. Pedro "Pete" Graniel. May his soul rest in peace and his family find the strength to overcome this great loss.


BSCFA Receives Training In Child Labor
The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association continues to take measure in ensuring the Fairtrade suspension is lifted. Today representatives of the BSCFA and other stakeholders in the industry took part in a training that focused on child labor, one of the most significant non-compliance found by FLOCERT in their audit conducted earlier this year. At that time the BSCFA was found with eight non-compliances and consequently was suspended. Today's training centered on child labor as several children were found harvesting cane during the crop season and this was deemed hazardous work for them due to the tools used. CEO Oscar Alonzo explains. Oscar Alonzo - CEO, BSCFA "We had delivered some corrective measures to FLOCERT on how we are going to deal with this issue of child labor in the sugar industry and one of the major things is that all the requirements that Fair Trade has relating to child labor is based on the ILO conventions which has been ratified by the government of Belize, now these conventions is incorporated as part of the laws of Belize so a greater awareness for our farmers of what these requirements are will enable us to try to avoid or try to prohibit and or eliminate child labor."

PM Says No Officer Is Above The Law
Yesterday after the House of Representative meeting was adjourned and as is customary, the media asked the Prime Minister a flurry of questions from national security issues, police brutality, to a domestic dispute allegation against his fellow Minister, Patrick Faber. One individual that stood out most is the contentious household name of Mark Flowers, who is the Commander of the much feared Gang Supression Unit who has been criticized by many Belize City residents for using excessive force and the complaints against him have been mounting. The PM assured the populace that if any wrong doing is validated, anyone found guilty will be dealt with. Honourable Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize "But Mark Flowers isn't the GSU man and while I've said and will continue to say that I think him to be an outstanding police officer; outstanding people do wrong things and if, I don't care who it is, if it turns out that there is merit to the complaints, then the inevitable consequence will have to follow."

Team Cruz Speaks On Their Plans To Move Corozal Forward
The PUP will be holding a convention on Sunday October 5th to elect a team to contest the municipal elections next year. In our previous newscast we spoke with one of the teams and tonight we present the second team which is led by Ruben Cruz who is running for the Mayoral post. Cruz spoke on why his team is the best choice for Corozal. Ruben Cruz- Mayoral Candidate, PUP Convention "We are the team for the people, we are ready to work for Corozal and we have been campaigning that to the people and they believe on us and we will not let them down and we are going to work for Corozal." Carmelita Perez- Reporter "What are some of the concerns that the people have express to you during the campaign trail?" Ruben Cruz - Mayoral Candidate, PUP Convention "The main one is the streets; everybody complains about the streets, the party in power has been trying to do something lately and it worst especially 7th Avenue, and so we need to come in March and put everything in order and one of our priorities would be that, the streets, all the area down town, all the streets outside the town, everything was a mess."

Sharing Precious Moments With Our Golden Citizens
Today we continue with our new feature of Golden Moments with senior citizens where we bring you a glimpse into the lives of the elderly in our community. Today, we visited with Leonor Vega of Otro Benque, who shared a bit of her life story with us. Maria Novelo reports. Today we continue with our new feature of Golden Moments with senior citizens where we bring you a glimpse into the lives of the elderly in our community. Today, we visited with Leonor Vega of Otro Benque, she shared with us a bit of her life story. Maria Novelo reports. Maria Novelo - Reporting Born in Belize City, 93 year old Leoni Vega has spent most of her life living in Corozal and Orange Walk but considers shugga citi her home. Vega shared with us how it was like growing up. Leoni Vega - Elderly Citizen "As a kid I was in Corozal because my father died at the age of three years and my mother went to live in Corozal Town and I was there until I was nine years old then I went to Cayo and I went to school and at the age of nine years I come out from school and went back to Belize city and had to work at the age of nine years and just twenty five cents a week I was getting and at the age of fourteen when I started to get seventy five cents a week but in those days with seventy five cents you could have buy the cloth to get your dress sewed."

PUP Demands Investigation Into Danny Conorquie's Murder
There is no doubt that the murder of Special Constable Danny Conorquie is very much fresh in our minds and measures need to be taken to protect our security forces in the vulnerable areas encroached by Guatemalans. Yesterday in the House of Representatives the Government of Belize announced that some measures have been put in place to avoid history from repeating itself and to offer heighten security for our visitors to the site. Opposition Leader, Francis Fonseca, called for justice and demanded some answers in his presentation to the house where he stated that heads of Government need to devise a unified strategy to combat the territorial unrest with the Guatemalans. Whereas the Minister of National Security John Saldivar provided answers to measures taken after a review of the situation was investigated. Francis Fonseca- Leader of the Opposition "The attack on Danny Conorquie Mr. Speaker is not only an attack on him and his family and the police community, but it is an attack on all Belizeans.

Tensions Heighten In Caracol Reserve As Guatemalans Invade Belizean Territory
Tonight there are disturbing reports coming out of the west. Around ten this morning information surfaced that as many as three dozen Guatemalans from a small village along the Belize/Guatemala border came into Belizean territory armed with machetes and threatened workers and their escorts from the Belize Defense Force. The workers are building on an outpost at the Valentin Site near Caracol. It is further reported that the group threatened to burn the building which is for Friends of Conservation and Development. Our Colleagues at KREM News assisted us with interviews from the group's Executive Director Rafael Manzanero and the Prime Minister. Here is what Manzanero had to say about the incident.

The Reporter

Man stabs ex then hangs self
A man reportedly stabbed his ex-common law wife then hanged himself. Details are sketchy but reports are that the incident happened in Seine Bight Village, Stann Creek on Saturday night. Police have not yet issued any information on this incident.

BEL identifies causes of Thursday night's power outages
The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) says that the fault of Thursday night's two power outages that caused coutrywide blsckouts was damage to a major structure on the transmission system in a remote area near Buena Vista, Corozal District. BEL says that the damage on this major system, which links the country's transmission to Comercial Federal Electricidad (CFE) caused a total system collapse and that local standby generating facilities were played a major role in restoring power supply to the country. BEL say that it relied on power supply the gas turbine at West Lake and Blair Athol Power Company Limited (BAPCOL).

Another unconfirmed fatal shooting reported
There are more reports of shootings in Belize City on Saturday night, one of which was fatal. The Weekend Reporter Online has also received a report of a drowning, and an incident i Teakettle Village in which a man losta hand. These incidents, however, are yet to br confirmed by police.

Credit Unions wrap up three-day workshop
Several credit unions completed a three-day strategic marketing workshop at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel on Sunday. The workshop, hosted by the Belize Rural/Finance Development Project and facilitated by the Trinidad and Tobago-based consultancy firm, Gbest Company Limited, was geared towards setting goals for the credit unions to achieve by 2030. Virgil Patrick, managing director of Gbest, explained that during the workshop the participating credit unions discussed concepts such as strategic marketing in the context of penetrating youth markets, as well setting performance targets and evaluation performance.

Mass grave discovered in Mexico
Mexican authorities have found a mass grave on the outskirts of the town of Iguala, where 43 students went missing on September 28. It is not clear whether the bodies found in a pit are those of the missing students, who were last seen being forced into police vans. The group had travelled to the area, in the state of Guerrero, to take part in a protest over teachers' rights. Police opened fire on their buses, killing six people. Twenty-two police officers are being held in connection with the shooting. Witnesses said that most of the survivors - all trainee teachers - were bundled into police vans before disappearing.

The Belize Times

NATIONAL INSECURITY! - Internal memo warning of "high risk" for Tourism Police was ignored
Belize's national security has been seriously compromised by a Government that has no ability to protect its people from domestic crime and violence or defend our borders from illegal invaders and encroachers. The cold-blooded murder of Special Constable 20 year old Danny Conorquie at the Caracol Archaeological site on Thursday, September 25th, at the hands of armed bandits believed to be Guatemalans was a tragedy that should have been prevented. An internal memo dated January 24th 2014, leaked to the media, Assistant Superintendent of Police Diana Hall warned the Commissioner of Police and officials of the Belize Tourist Board that her tourism officers were in a "high risk position" and "are not the ones who should be manning" the Caracol Mayan site security detail. According to ASP Hall her officers, equipped only with two shotguns, "are no match for our Guatemalan counterparts".

Men or Mice
The recent callous and as far as we know, unprovoked execution of a member of Belize's security forces has rekindled some deep and of late, almost dormant feelings of apprehension in the citizens of Belize. In some, it has evoked fear but in some, anger and in many, a feeling of patriotism and determination. Our issues with Guatemala go way back before any of us were born and for many years, presented a roadblock to our Independence. Guatemala has long claimed that Belize belongs to them as a consequence of some unfounded and inherited claim from Spain. The Father of our Nation was resolute in his quest and felt that we should not let the fear of any bully deter us from self determination. In 1981, we finally were given and accepted our Independence, albeit in the face of objections from many even within our fold. Many were afraid and those from among that number that could leave, left! Those who remained dug in and in spite of deep political tribalism and severe economic hardships have forged a nation from the vestiges of colonialism.

Editorial: Barrow Di Bruk Up Belize
He was only 20 years of age. Everyone spoke highly of him. He was an upright and good person. He came from a good family and during his short time on earth he made them proud of him. His goal was to become a member of the Police Department. He was already half way there as he was a Special Constable. What a handsome young man and dashing he was in his uniform. He is a reminder of the many good and wonderful Belizeans who populate the villages of our country. Then tragedy struck. A cold bloodied killer crept up from behind and shot him while he was on duty with tourist at the Caracol Maya site last week Thursday. "Oh Danny boy, Danny boy, the pipes the pipes are calling. From glen to glen and down the mountain side, The summer's gone and all the flowers are dying" Our hearts are broken, our nation is in grief and on behalf of our Party Leader and from all of us we offer sincere condolences to the family of Daniel "Danny" Conorque.

Cayo Shotokan Karate club hosts international youth karate championships
The Cayo Shotokan Karate Club celebrated its 24th anniversary by hosting an international, invitational youth karate championship at the Sacred Heart College auditorium in San Ignacio on Saturday, where the Belmopan branch of the club won the most medals: 11 golds, 12 silver and 16 bronze. Cayo's Caesar Dyck, bronze medalist at last month's CODICADER Games in Guatemala, won the 16-17 years age category kumite championship against Basil Brown of the Belmopan club in the final. Kevin Heredia of the Kazoku Club won the consolation match for the bronze against Kevin Godoy, also of the kazoku club.

Westrac FC drills Succotz IRKA 3-2
The Westrac FC of Spanish Lookout drilled Succotz IRKA 3-2 in the Cayo 1st Division football competition at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio on Saturday night. Brothers, Fredy and Elmer Herrera, led Westrac's attacks supported by midfielders Elvin Larios, Carlos Rosales, David Rodriguez and Brian Barrera, but Succotz IRKA got on the scoreboard first when the Westrac goalie Axel de la Rosa deflected a free kick to Salim "Piojo" Alfaro, who drove it into the net: 1-0.

Team BCB/FT Williams dominates Weekend Warriors' Boom circuit race
The British Caribbean Bank/F.T. Williams team dominated the Weekend Warriors' Burrell Boom circuit race, with Mark Gentle clocking 2:04:55 to win the A category on the 40-mile race from Leslie's Imports to the DataPro junction of the Burrell Boom bypass with the Philip Goldson Highway and back to Belize City on Sunday morning. Team BCB/FT Williams had 3 riders in the top 10 and 5 total in the top 20. Here are the results: 2nd James Frampton - Team Santino's 3rd Wilbert Jones - Benny's Megabytes 4th Chris Coye - invitee- 1st in B category 5th Barney Brown - Scotiabank 6th Jack Sutherland - Digicel 4G 7th Stephen Bissett - Team BNE

GSU AGAIN!! – Mechanic says GSU officers abused and threatened to kill him
Belize City mechanic Allan McCoy has accused the notorious Gang Suppression Unit of putting a hellish beat down on him. McCoy had left MJ's Nightclub on West Collet Canal on Saturday morning when a dark-tinted vehicle with no license plates drove next to his pickup truck and he heard shots being fired. He said he thought it was a robbery attempt, so he sped off. When he looked into his rear view mirror, he saw the flashing lights of a siren so, believing it was the Police, he stopped. It was law enforcement officers but not the regular Police. It was the elite, heavily-armed, military-trained Gang Suppression Unit which was on the prowl in response to a report that Police Constable Dejohn Cayetano had just been knocked down while driving a motorcycle at the corner of North Front Street and Douglas Jones Street. They learnt that the culprit was driving a pickup truck, which led them to McCoy.

Guatemalans build military base for Belize – Opposition Leader protests; blasts UDP Government for not being "awake"
The UDP has gone too far in allowing Guatemala to disrespect our sovereignty and dignity. It has gone too far, and has even cost the life of a young Belizean officer of the law, 20 year old Danny Conorquie. Now there's the news that the UDP is blindly allowing the Guatemalans to poke fun at us. In no other country would a Government allow an "enemy" state with whom it has a live dispute over territory and full sovereignty to meddle with its national security plan. Clearly allowing such a thing to happen is absurd, but not to the UDP. They are the mothers of absurdity. This Dean Barrow-led UDP Government is allowing a Guatemalan company and Guatemalan workers to construct a military base for the Belize Coast Guard at Hunting Caye. Hunting Caye, which is located within the Sapodilla Marine Reserve, falls right in the 12,700 kilometres of Belizean territory that is claimed by Guatemala. This is absurd! It is also very worrisome because the Prime Minister admitted today that he didn't even know that it was a Guatemalan company doing the work, even though the construction has been going on for over a year. That the Leader of the Government is asleep at the wheels while the "enemy" keeps "busy" is a grave situation. Clearly the Prime Minister has been on too many personal vacations in Miami.

BUSTED!!! – Barrow caught violating the Finance and Audit Act
The Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Dean Barrow has been busted by the Opposition, People's United Party (PUP) and the media, in particular Jules Vasquez of Channel 7. The PM has been exposed making excessive borrowing from the Petrocaribe Fund provided by the Venezuelan Government but not seeking proper approval from the House of Representatives for it. The UDP Government has been borrowing monies from the fund and spending without adhering to the Laws of Belize. The Finance and Audit (Reform) Act of 2005 requires that any effecting borrowing by the Government of Belize that is over or above ten million Belize dollars (BZ$10.0m), or the aggregate of the said sum in any fiscal year shall require a resolution by the National Assembly to approve such borrowing.

18 Cops in Interdiction for Alleged Misconduct
18 Police Officers are currently under investigation for alleged misconduct, according to Assistant Superintendent of Police Glen Rivero, who heads the Police's Professional Standard Branch. These officers are on interdiction pending the outcome of investigations being conducted by the Police. That number will increase after three more allegations surfaced of Police abuse this week. There is Allan McCoy who said he was detained and beaten up wrongfully by the GSU on Saturday morning. Then there is the case of 22 year old Tremane Ciego, who said that on Sunday night while he walked home from work, he was abused and robbed by two Police Officers.

From A Little Room in an Unpainted Building
A Spanish expedition setting out from Yucat�n to Chetumal in 1531, faces fierce Maya resistance from leader Nachankan who announced the tribute he would pay would be turkeys in the shape of spears and corn in the shape of arrows. Powerful British of the Bay in 1787 began to pass laws, which resulted in them owning four-fifths of all the land. This settlement was 86% African, just two years after the infamous St. George's Caye battle, a distorted figure since no one counted the indigenous Maya on the register, and the main reason they counted Africans was that they were still enslaved assets. In the 19th century the mahogany lords band their slaves from cultivating this land, a historical African tradition; and instead structured the economy on exploitation and extraction feeding the headquarters of the British Empire 5200 miles away. My young brothers this is a land of struggle and resistance to oppression. The British were constantly in fear of revolts and escapes. One such revolt in 1773 lasted five months and was only suppressed with help from a British naval force from Jamaica. In 1820 the British reported "two Slave Towns - long formed in the Mountains to the northward of the Sibun." On the white paper it says that slavery was finally abolished in 1838, but who still owned the land, and who controlled the power and wealth of the economic system that had been established and entrenched by empire?

The Loan Motion seeking to ratify GoB's unauthorized borrowing (and partial spending) of $228,000,000.00 BZ since September, 2012, in its recital is said to be in compliance with section 7(2) of the Finance & Audit (Reform) Act, 2005. Far from complying with the Act, the Loan Motion seeks to ratify/confirm an illegal borrowing and spending of GoB since September, 2012. The manner in which the borrowing and spending has been conducted is contrary to the intent of the Act and has defeated and frustrated the intent of the Act, which was to provide for better provisions regulating public revenue and expenditure (taken from long title of the Act). The manner of the borrowing and spending has precluded oversight, accountability and transparency of debts incurred by GoB, without the people's approval and consent (for that is what the National Assembly is). This is seen when these sections are considered: section 7(2), 7(8) and 7(9).

It is clear that all Belizeans are shocked and outraged at the cold blooded execution of Special Constable Danny Conorquie. We all feel deeply for his family, and we send our condolences. Initial reports about the incident are being shown by Police not to have been true at all. Police are saying now that evidence shows that Mr. Conorquie was shot in the back in broad daylight at his place of work and while in the service of his country. Could there have been a dry eye on Friday evening when we saw his relatives Jean and Jennifer Conorquie grieving, yet still showing extreme restraint and dignity in view of the incredible comments made by Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington about this incident? We all must be shaking our collective heads about how Hon. Elrington always seems to get it wrong. How can Hon.Sedi invariably manage to completely misjudge the mood of the Belizean people? How can he possibly sit there in his home and nonchalantly talk about this incident not being at all within his remit? How can he distance himself in such a cold and uncaring manner from the outrage we are all feeling? He must be completely tone deaf and aloof from the suffering of Belizeans. He called the incident a sad shooting. A "sad" shooting, Sedi? Why not a shocking and callous shooting? Why not a wicked and egregious shooting?

A Tribute to Ramon Cervantes Sr.
Let us speak of great men! On the 18th day of July 1942, a boy child was born to Florencio and Benedicto Cervantes in the village of San Antonio, Rio Hondo. He was named Ramon, and into his 72 years, just over three scores and ten, he was able to pack a lifetime of great achievements and service to his extended and nuclear family, his political family and his community. Although from very humble beginnings, he did not stop at a primary education but went on to secondary and tertiary achievements, and he passed on this quest for a sound education to his children. From very early on he became a staunch member and supporter of the People's United party, sharing with the Father of the Nation George Price the vision of one Belizean people and an Independent nation. He became a Standard Bearer for our great Party as well as a Senator and Mayor at different points in his career. In his later years he was a member of the Marshalls Community Service Corp and then our Order of Distinguished Service.

On Monday, September 29th, 2014 the People's United Party celebrated its 64th Birthday. Over these past 64 years, the PUP has been at the center of Belize's social, political, and economic development every step of the way. The PUP led the nationalist movement that charted our nation's course to self-government and political Independence in 1981. Every major achievement in Belize's history and development has come with the PUP leading the way. While the UDP cowered and said Belize was not ready for Independence, George Price and the PUP boldly led the way. It is the PUP who launched an aggressive Land Reform Program which took lands away from major foreign landowners and put them in the hands of the Belizean people. It is the PUP which built roads and bridges connecting all our district towns. It is the PUP that brought water and electricity to even the most remote communities in our country. It is the PUP that established Social Security and the National Health Insurance (NHI). It is the PUP that established our capital of Belmopan and created a sense of national unity through our flag, national symbols, National Anthem.

Green Tropics & Valley of Peace farmers settle land dispute
After months of legal fighting over land access and use, the farmers of Valley of Peace and representatives of Green Tropics, a private company that recently started in Belize, have reached a settlement that has restored peace in the community. In March of this year, the farmers accused the company of destroying their crops valued at thousands of dollars after the company carried out fly-over spraying. The company rejected the claim and launched its own offensive, accusing the farmers of encroaching on lands which they privately own. The company, furthermore, threatened the farmers to move out of the lands or they would seek legal recourse.


This Past Week on Ambergris Caye Has Been the Most Beautiful Ever
So September is over. The slowest of the slow period (or maybe it's tied with October)� the heart of the hurricane season (September 11th is the peak statistically when it comes to storms) and what I thought was an excellent month. I so love September celebrations. I also think we've had some pretty gorgeous weather. Yes it was rainy and grey for four days two weeks ago, but otherwise, it has been HOT and just incredibly blue. I've written a few posts about why you MUST come to Belize in September. And I stand by it. Here are some pictures from this past week�

A guide to diving Esmeralda Canyons
If you ever get a chance to dive into the waters in front of Ambergris Caye, make sure at least one of your dives is at Esmeralda Canyons. It is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful sites on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. For reasons that only an oceanographer may be able to explain, the sites there share a distinct geography that features hard coral ridges running west to east. These structures gradually extend and create deep canyons, like rows of bookshelves in a vast underwater library. Atop the hard coral that appears to have been built up by countless generations of coral polyps, soft corals speckle the landscape: sea fans rock back and forth to the music of the waves, and sea plumes dance, inclined into the direction of a gentle whispering current. Esmeralda reigns supreme in this area because it boasts its own collection of unique canyons plus a bustling community of nurse sharks, rays, moray eels and spiny-lobsters. A typical dive trip out to the Hol-Chan area, where the dive site is located, may take five minutes if you're diving off San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye. If your trip is leaving out of Caye Caulker it will take about 40 minutes and it is almost always worth the travel time.

International Sourcesizz

This illustrated guide makes marine protected areas fascinating

Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. Successful Bidder to Build New Generation on Grand Cayman
Fortis Inc. ("Fortis" or the "Corporation") (FTS) announced that the Electricity Regulatory Authority ("ERA") has selected the proposal of Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. ("Caribbean Utilities") (CUP.U), the Corporation's operating utility on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, to build new generation capacity in response to the ERA's request for proposals issued on January 31, 2014. As a result, Caribbean Utilities will develop and operate a new 39.7-megawatt ("MW") diesel power plant, including a 2.7-MW waste heat recovery steam turbine. The project cost is estimated at US$85 million and the plant will be commissioned no later than June 2016.

SPRFMO scientific Committee assesses jack mackerel quotas for 2015
Chilean delegates are attending the second meeting of the Scientific Committee of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (SPRFMO) held in Honolulu, Hawaii, which ends on Tuesday, 7 October. The Chilean delegation is composed of representatives of the Undersecretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SUBPESCA), the Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) and Institute for Fisheries Research. Maria Angela Barbieri, chief of SUBPESCA Fisheries Management Division stressed that Chile's participation in this event is very important. "The country is an important member of ths RFMO, in which discussions are held on the conservation status of a resource that is really relevant to us as jack mackerel and inputs for its management at the regional level are given," the official explained.


Video: Interpretation Of Belize National Anthem - Rene VILLANUEVA, Sr. [Love FM 98.1], 15min.
Ripped From Love FM Online Internet Radio By Mardo A. L. Urbina On October 4th, 2014; And Edited By Mardo A. L. Urbina On October 5th, 2014.

Video: Belize Zip Line September 2014, 3.5min.
Went on a Zip Line in Belize City, Belize.

Video: Hot Mama Angie Harmon Rocks Bikinis In Belize, 1min.
Hot Mama Angie Harmon Rocks Bikinis In Belize Hot Mama Angie Harmon Rocks Bikinis In Belize.

Video: French Lady Guest House - Caye Caulker - Belize, 2min.