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Today's Belize News: October 8, 2014 #496552
10/08/14 06:06 AM
10/08/14 06:06 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Security guard stabbed and released of deposit bag containing over $130 Gs
A security officer was stabbed twice during a broad daylight robbery in downtown San Pedro. The security guard has been identified as Robert Assi, a resident of the DFC area of San Pedro Town. The victim was apparently attacked by two men as he was heading to make a deposit at the bank. The robbery occurred at the corner of Barrier Reef Drive and Caribeña Street sometime around 1:20PM on Tuesday October 7th.

Mexico and Belize announce bilateral actions
With the signing of three agreements and the announcement of a series of specific actions, this Friday took place the 8th Meeting of the Belize-Mexico Bi-National Commission. The Commission is the maximum forum of dialogue between both countries. Foreign Ministers Jose Antonio Meade and Wilfred Erlington led the meeting and announced the results after two days of work in Belize City.

Its A Jungle Out There!
I love nature, especially when it’s off the beaten path, so when an invite comes to go to Basil Jones, “Yes” is said without hesitation. Basil Jones is located in Northern Ambergris Caye, roughly about 12 miles from the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge, and is accessible either by land or sea. While traveling by boat seems more convenient and faster, you miss out on the unique ecosystems of Northern Ambergris Caye that you can only see through road. Basil Jones can be divided into three sections. To the east is a white sandy beach great for swimming and fishing. The center of Basil Jones is like a jungle with rich black soil and plenty of flora and fauna. According to persons that frequent the area, there are deer, wild boar, gibnut, chachalaca, foxes, raccoons and even jaguars. To the west is a complex and thriving mangrove swamp.

Santiago Tun honored as Officer of the Month for September
The Officer of the Month award for September was awarded to Police Constable (PC) 677 Santiago Tun. A small ceremony to commemorate the award was held for PC Tun on Thursday, October 2nd. As part of his recognition, he received several gifts, as well as a plaque displaying his photo placed at the San Pedro Police Station. PC Tun was honored due to his high level of professionalism, as well as his ability to attend to customers who can only speak in Spanish. “PC Tun is one of the few officers that is fluent in recording statements and tending to visitors that only speak/comprehend Spanish. This sometimes pose a challenge to the station as many residents of San Pedro are Spanish speaking. PC Tun is also very hard working, professional and dependable. He has never once complained about working overtime or being called off schedule,” said Deputy of the San Pedro Police Department, Inspector Henry Jemmott. For the month of September, it was noted that PC Tun was consistent and timely with his case files. He also ensured that all necessary investigations needed to complete his cases were carried out.

Ambergris Today

Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort Receives CTO Sustainable Accommodation Award
The Caribbean Tourism Organization in collaboration with TravelMole identifies Hamanasi as a dedicated leader in sustainable tourism - Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort was recently named winner of the Sustainable Accommodation Award during the 2014 CTO-TravelMole Caribbean Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Awards ceremony at the State of the Industry Conference in St. Thomas. The annual event recognizes individuals, groups, organizations and companies in CTO Member Countries that incorporate sustainable business practices during the previous year. This is the first time Hamanasi has received this honor.

Farewell Pete Graniel
We mourn the loss of a fabulous man of this community- a fisherman and also tourist guide. We celebrate the life of a fantastic husband and father- Pedro “Pete” Graniel Jr. Pete was born on the feast day of Saint Peter the apostle and fisherman and was aptly given the name of Pedro, which means The Rock. He indeed was the rock of his family and was a grandfather, uncle, cousin and friend whom everyone got to love. Blessed with a great sense of humor, Pete sought to make those around him laugh or at least smile as a means of making them and himself happy. Also blessed with tremendous charisma, Pete was able to embrace many tourists and enticed them to return time and time again. Indeed he was a man who loved the sea; no wonder he earned himself the title, “King of Wahoo”.

Education in Belize: Bullying in Schools, Need for Empathy

Rugby is Coming to Belize, San Pedro Club Gets Organized
Belize is the only country in the region not to have its own national Rugby Union, according to Tony Gillings, but he is the one person working diligently to change that and make rugby a reality in Belize. He arrived in Belize last week after having founded Rugby Belize to get clubs up and running across the country. Tony stopped by the office of Ambergris Today during his visit to Ambergris Caye to introduce Martin Dawson who is one of four organizers in Belize who will be in charge of organizing and administrating the San Pedro Rugby Club. Gillings is very excited for the San Pedro club as he knows that there is a large expat community on the island who will more than likely embrace the sport and assist in making it grow.

Ambassador of the Republic of China Hosted in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
On Sunday, September 28, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize, His Excellency Mr. Benjamin Ho, and his wife, made an honorary visit to San Pedro along with representatives of the Central America Trade Office (CATO), SpeedTech Energy and Sunmed Medical Group. They were hosted by Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Councilors inside the San Pedro Town Council. As part of their visit, representatives of both SpeedTech Energy and Sunmed Medical Group made a presentation of their products and services and how it could be beneficial for San Pedro Town.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Rehabilitation project at the Santa Elena border
The northern border rehabilitation project at the Santa Elena border in Corozal continues ahead in full steam with the upgrading of the road, drainage and traffic circulation infrastructure. The project includes the erection of an Entry Border crossing canopy, Exit Border crossing canopy, two traffic circles or roundabouts. One roundabout is proposed to bear the Gonzalo Guerrero monument and the second will bear our Belize Flag monument. The project is being carried out by the Ministry of Works and Transport through their Project Execution Unit. It is being built with funds from a Government loan through the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and is contracted via a joint venture between RJB Co. Ltd. and Imer Hernandez Development Company Ltd. The supervision of the works is being carried out by Professional Engineering Services Ltd.

Mexico and Belize Bi-national Commission Meeting
With the signing of three agreements and the announcement of a series of specific actions, this Friday took place the 8th Meeting of the Belize-Mexico Bi-National Commission. The Commission is the maximum forum of dialogue between both countries. Foreign Ministers Jose Antonio Meade and Wilfred Erlington led the meeting and announced the results after two days of work in Belize City. Foreign Ministers from Mexico and Belize signed the following agreements: • Memorandum of understanding in tourism cooperation. • Letter of intent between Mexico and Belize to improve the security and cooperation programs at the maritime borders. • Memorandum of understanding to strengthen the Belize-Mexico High Level Border Security Group (GANSEF).

Channel 7

UNIBAM Says Back Down Beenie Man
If you watch the ads on the news, you probably know that Robert Lee, better known as Bobby Chin or "Black Chiney," is having his Birthday Bash Concert two Saturdays from now at the Cahal Pech Resort in San Ignacio. But, now an advocacy group is trying to block him out much like how the Roman Catholic Church tried to block the reggae artist Alkaline 3 weeks ago. But, this time it's not the church, it's their arch-nemesis, the gay rights group UNIBAM - which, in a clever twist, is claiming common cause with the Catholics. UNIBAM's attorney, Lisa Shoman today sent a letter to the principal promoter Jordan Zabaneh warning the promoters that they must commit to a clean show, or else UNIBAM will seek an injunction against them.

Ebola Not in Belize, But Are Authorities Ready?
Tonight, health authorities all over the world are grappling to come up with an answer for Ebola, how to contain it - and how to prevent it from becoming a global epidemic. The virus is on the move with confirmed cases in the United States and Spain. But can it reach Belize? This country does get regular visitors from West Africa - and the Ministry of Health also imports medical professionals from Nigeria. But how realistic is the risk, and what measures can be taken to ensure Ebola doesn't get into Belize? That was the subject of a press conference this morning at the Central Regional Health Headquarters in Belize City - where the first thing Health Authorities said is that there is no Ebola in Belize. Dr. Michael Pitts, Director of Health Services "Quickly, ahm, there are no known case of Chikungunya in Belize and certainly there are no known case of Ebola in Belize. It's, at this current time its low risk but we take it seriously because any one case could lead to fatality."

Chik-V Surrounding Belize, But No Positive Test Yet
A much more real and present danger is Chikungunya - known as Chik-V. The outbreak of this virus has gone right through the Caribbean, and is now in the America's. It is widespread in Central America - and is literally knocking on Belize's door. Pitts explained:.. Dr. Michael Pitts, Director of Health Services "While we don't know of any case of Chikungunya in Belize, I must tell you that since we spoke the last time, Chikungunya has move through the whole Caribbean chain. It certainly has entered into Miami Florida area. We have seen Chikungunya now in Salvador, Guatemala, in fact over this last week at least 5 provinces of Guatemala has reported Chikungunya. Salvador has also reported. We haven't seen any reports out of Honduras. For Belize, we have no known cases."

Budram to Jail
37 year old Shane Budram - he's well known on Wagner's Lane, or, as it is called, "Jump Street" - and tonight he's been remanded to jail along with a 17 year old minor. Police say they were part of a group of 7 men who pistol whipped and robbed 41-year-old Businessman, Ignacio Villanueva on Albert Street West on Saturday night. At 11:45 pm Villanueva was walking on Wagner's Lane when he was approached by Shane Budram and seven other men who surrounded him. He says that Budram hit him on the head with a firearm and when he fell to the ground, Budram took his 30.00 dollars in cash, and other possessions including his Nike tennis shoes right off his feet. Villanueva ran away bare-footed. Budram and the minor appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano where they were read charges of robbery and one count of wounding. They both pleaded not guilty.

Maim Victim Family Says Machete Man did It Over a Female
Last night, we told you about 24 year-old Teakettle Resident Aldo Moro, who had his left hand chopped off by another man on Saturday. Moro told police that he was attacked by a machete weilding Shaylon Santos. Santos chopped him in the head and on the hand. Investigators told us that they believe that Moro had an old beef, but his sister called us this morning to set the record straight. She said that her brother's attacker had an old dispute with his friend, not him. It was, she said, a quarrel over a female: Carol Budna, Sister of Chopping Victim "Saturday evening around 6:45 my brother was out in the road socializing with one of my other brother and some of his friends and for some reason he decided to go to a Chinese store. While there he was attack by this young man. I wasn't there and so what I understood is that the young man have him the first chop in the back of his head and then he put his hand up when he notice that this young man was going to chop him again and that was when his hand was chopped off completely.

Five Years For A Firearm
20 year-old Allan Moody is at prison tonight serving out a 5 year sentence after he was convicted of firearm offences before the Chief Magistrate today. Moody stood trial in which police officers testified on January 30, at around 5:30 p.m., they were on mobile patrol when they visited the Jane Usher Basketball court. There, they saw Moody, who was in the company of other persons. They searched him and found a black 9mm pistol with 8 live rounds. He was charged with keeping an unlicensed weapon, and keeping unlicensed ammunition. Moody offered his defense saying that he had no gun on him, and he also called a witness to the stand who said that the gun was under the bleachers.

"Ding" Disappeared on San Pedro
A 20 year old from Belize City is missing and his family fears the worst. Keron Swasey known as Ding left home for san Pedro in April - and his mother reported him missing 5 months later. 44-year-old Shelmadine Swasey visited the San Pedro Police Station and told police that she last saw her son on Thursday April 24th 2014, at 2:00p.m.. That's when he told her that he was going to travel along with some friends to work in San Pedro. After that he called her in May and told her he would be on the island for another three months. That's the last time she heard from him and anyone knowing his whereabouts is asked to call the police. We note that Swasey is among at least three other young men who have been reported missing on San Pedro - which others have turned up dead - after working as "Playadors" - beachcombers for drug drops on the north end of the island.

Massive Floating Island of Garbage Washes Up In PG
This weekend is the Annual Fishermen's Festival in Toledo. This event normally attracts visitors from all over the country and tourists but this year, they might have to deal with an ugly environmental eyesore: a floating island of garbage has washed up on PG's coastline. It began accumulating this morning and according to Will Mehia, it spans about 3 to 5 miles from Punta Gorda to the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. He also states that based on the content of the trash, it appears to have originated from Guatemala or Honduras. We've reported on these massive islands of garbage appearing on coasts in southern Belize for years now, but this one is the largest we've seen.

Another Allegation Against Police
Tonight a single mother is complaining about police brutality after her son 22 year old Michael McDougal was beaten by police officers over the weekend. She said it happened on Saturday morning in Newtown Barracks - after police found McDougal with a .38 handgun. And while she is not condoning her son's actions, she says the police can do their job more professionally. McDougal was taken to the hospital for treatment and then remanded to the Hattieville prison. Margaret McDougal, mother of Michael McDougal "Somebody called me from hospital and told me that I must come to the station to see my son because my son is in the hospital. When I went there and saw him, he said that they whop him in his head, he said that his stomach was bruised up and he said when they turned him over they stomp him in his chest and then he said that it was two police that beat him up. They hold him already and they didn't have any right to beat him again. He is bruised up and burst up and he is in pain." This morning police visited the home of Margaret McDougal - looking for her other son 23 year old Jeffery McDougal whom they believe is responsible for the murder of 40 year old Paul Rubio Morgan - who was gunned down on King Street last month. McDougal has been missing ever since that murder and since then his mother says police have raided her residence in search of him over 20 times.

President of Court of Appeals Sues Welder
Manuel Sosa is a judge and the President of the Court of Appeal, the highest court within Belize, but he's making news tonight because he is suing a welder, Ysusf Muhammad Bilal, for injures that he received when Bilal's dog escaped and bit him back in 2007. Lawsuits aren't cheap, often costing litigants thousands of dollars, but if he wins, Sosa wants Bilal to pay him for lawyer fees, plus $113 dollars and 67 cents, which he had to pay for the doctor visit, and for the cost of his trousers which were torn when the dog attacked him. Sosa says that on August 17, 2007, he went to Bilal's welding shop at mile 3 on the Northern Highway. He was there to inquire about Bilal's services, burglar bars for the windows of his house. He says that he got out of the vehicle, entered the yard, and was attacked by Bilal's dog. He claims that Bilal was negligent because he was a customer, and the dog should have been secured so that it doesn't endanger anyone wanting to do business with Bilal.

The Mystery of The White River
Yesterday we told you about the Sibun River's ghostly, sickly colour and the effect it is having on the Gracie Rock community - which depends on the river for its livelihood. Villagers believe that quarry work, or what is legally classified as mining has created the discoloration in the river. But, the Geology Department - which is in charge of all mining activities - says they don't think so. The Department's Michelle Alvarez told us that the white colour we first saw in May was caused by a mining operation - upriver in the Bonanza area. But, that operation, run by Larry Flowers, has since ceased operation - and did not cause this spell of whitening. And neither did the other mining operation that sits on the river - that's the one in Gracie Rock operated by National Aggregates. Alvarez says none of them are to blame in this case and her department doesn't know what is!

Man says GSU Commander Crashed Into His Truck
Recently, the GSU Commander, Inspector Mark Flowers, has been in the news where 2 complaints were lodged against him at internal affairs. Tamra McFoy and Allan McCoy both alleged that Inspector Flowers behaved inappropriately. Well, Joshua Wade, a resident of Ladyville who works in Belize City doesn't have that large a gripe - but says Flowers did do him wrong. He says that he had his pickup parked on Crown Cone Avenue on Thursday night at around 8 p.m. Mark Flowers, who lives right next to his workplace allegedly slammed into it, denting the back of the vehicle. Wade granted us an interview last week Friday in which he explained the entire situation, but at the end of the evening, he asked us to hold off because Flowers promised to pay him for the damages.

Weed Found In San Pedro
Two men were charged today in San Pedro after police found weed in their apartment. This morning around 8:30, San Pedro police, the quick response team, CIB and the special Branch intelligence searched a room on Sandpiper Street in the San Juan area. They found a small pink plastic container with suspected cannabis wrapped in transparent plastic amounting to a total of 123.0 grams which is about quarter pound. Also found inside the plastic container was $656 in different denominations believed to be proceeds from drug sales. 55 year old Rene Gabriel Perez and 18 year old Nairo Perez were arrested and charged for drug trafficking.

SICA Meeting On San Pedro
Today the council on Social Integration in Central America held its 62nd ordinary meeting in San Pedro. The focus of SICA's meeting is on the development and cooperation among the region's Human resource. Belize was represented by Area Representative for Lake Independence, Hon. Mark King. He explained the importance of focusing on the development of people. Hon. Mark King "The emphasis is usually on the movement and exchange of goods and services, the removal of tariff barriers and such considerations which are all very important but sometimes the human beings gets lost. The beauty of social integration is that it places emphasis directly on the human being, the citizens and his/her concerns and welfare comes into sharp focus. It has incredibly played an important role in ensuring the development in our sub-region is people centered." There were 7 member states represented at the meeting including Belize.

Into the Wilds of Chiquibul
And tonight, we go back into our archives for another look at the complex issued bedeviling the Chiquibul forest. In July of 2013, Daniel Ortiz and Codie Norales went into the Chiquibul to see a 100 plus acre Guatemalan milpa farm within Belize. It's only a microcosm of the larger problem which Daniel took the hard road to find out about:.. Posted (July 25, 2013) It’s not quite like climbing Victoria Peak, but when you go into the Chiquibul, all the way to the Western Border, half the story is just getting there! Tonight Daniel Ortiz dedicates a whole story to that. As we showed you last night, he and camera-man Codie Norales went there, and it’s important to note because it sort of explains why the place is so abstract, because it’s so darn far! Here’s his story- Daniel Ortiz reporting The environment inside the Chiquibul knows no sense of urgency, it is lost in time, immune to everyday exigencies; in fact, time is just a means of measurement which the guides use to estimate how far they’ve travelled, and how much further they have to go. For us in the media, time is always of the essence, and being sucked into the tangle of green on a deadline day, was, at first disorienting.

Brit Millionaire Threw Fundraiser For Special Envoy
The Prime Minister's wife, Kim Simplis is making international news again - this time thanks to a big fish in Britain who threw a fundraiser for her. Arron Banks recently donated a million pounds to the UK Independence Party also threw a fundraiser for The Special Envoy for women and children. IT was the second annual Fund raiser Gala Dinner on Wednesday in the UK. Through this initiative they were able to raise 300,000 US dollars for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Mrs. Kim Simplis formed the trust in 2013.

Channel 5

G.O.B. Discuss Coast Guard Base with Americans
The Ministry of National Security has been forced into discussions with the US Embassy following revelations that a US-funded Coast Guard forward operating base on Hunting Caye is being built [...]

Did Guatemalans Build Joint Operations Centre on Price Barracks?
If it is not feasible to halt the construction of the forward operating base on Hunting Caye, the Ministry has committed to ensuring that it does not happen in the [...]

MoH Prepares for Ebola…Just in Case!
The deadly Ebola virus that has been traced all the way to Guinea in Africa, has made its way to as close as Dallas, Texas, where a man remains hospitalized [...]

ChikV Reported in Region, But Not in Belize
An outbreak of chikungunya fever across Latin America and the Caribbean was similarly reported in late-June.  While the spread of the vector-borne infection has been closely monitored in Belize, there [...]

Did Barrow know Guatemalan company was constructing BNCG base at Hunting Caye?
Do you believe the PM when he says he did not know that a Guatemalan company and nationals are constructing a base for the Belize Coast Guard at Hunting Caye? [...]

UNIBAM Wants Beenie Man Concert Banned
The concert by the controversial dancehall artist, Alkaline, was high in the September calendar of activities. But on the eve of the concert, the Roman Catholic Bishop went to court [...]

Muslim Woman Claims Religious Discrimination
There is a truly disturbing story to report tonight in which a Muslim woman claims she was denied access to court because of her religion. The woman, who asked to [...]

…And Seeks Legal Redress
As we said, the matter is disturbing, but the alleged victim of the discrimination has not chosen to stay silent. Supported by the Muslim community, she has sought legal recourse. [...]

Security Guard Stabbed…Robbers Get $130,000
A daring heist in San Pedro this afternoon has left a security officer hospitalized after he was stabbed twice while en route to make a bank deposit.  Shortly after one [...]

SP Police Bust Yields Drugs and Cash
Still in San Pedro, A search by a team of Police, QRT, CIB and Special Branch personnel at an apartment in the San Juan Area of San Pedro Town, yielded [...]

10 Years for Illegal Gun & Ammunition
Belize City resident, Allan Moody, is tonight serving his first night of a ten year jail term imposed upon him this morning in the courtroom of the Chief Magistrate, Anne [...]

2 Men Detained for Pistol-Whipping Businessman
We reported on Monday that a businessman is alleging he was pistol whipped then robbed by a group of men who surrounded him as he walked on Wagner’s Lane in [...]

Matura-Shepherd Calls Legal Act Amendments Misguided
On Wednesday the Senate will pass the bill for amendments to the Legal Profession Act, which means two things, really – one is that membership in the Bar Association will [...]

Belize City Man Jacked…Escaped Death
A Belize City man is lucky to be alive after he was accosted by two armed men. Sometime after ten on Monday night, thirty-six year old Jermaine Ottley arrived at [...]

Belize Audubon Society on Bird-watching
October is the start of the Belize Audubon Society’s Urban Bird Watch Program that connects Belizeans and visitors with nature through bird watching. The country currently boasts over five hundred [...]

Garbage Washes Up on PG Coast
And while bird watching is a positive event, down south, there is environmental degradation. Tons of debris are washing up along the coast in Punta Gorda. As these pictures will [...]

2014 Carnival Designers Recognized
The September carnival is now behind us, but there are side events that continue to take the spotlight. This Monday, the National Carnival Commission decided on who are the most [...]

Poaching & Illegal Logging in Belize
Tonight, we continue with the third in a series of environmental features on poaching and illegal logging in Belize by Guatemalan intruders.  In July 2012, former News Five reporter Andrea [...]


Smuggled Chicken Into Chetumal, Quintana Roo
A report aired yesterday on one of the media houses in Chetumal, Mexico has suggested that wholesalers who sell chicken may be smuggling chicken into the country from Belize. The suggestion goes further to state that this poultry from Belize can be contaminated and unsafe to eat. The report indicates that some wholesalers are selling chicken at a rather cheap price, somewhere in the vicinity of twenty-seven to twenty-eight pesos per pound which translates to somewhere over four dollars a pound. This is a concern as various wholesalers are competing for sales and the issue was raised because the actual marked price for chicken there is thirty-five pesos or more or almost six Belize dollars. The suggestion therefore was that some wholesalers were able to offer their poultry at a cheaper price because it was smuggled into the country from Belize. As we mentioned earlier too, the interviewee further suggested that this meat could very well be contaminated. Here is an excerpt of that story and the interview aired.

COLCHA Keeps Culture Alive In Corozal Town
For the past two consecutive years the “Corozal Organization Leading Cultural Heritage and Art” COLCHA, has been hosting its annual Festival de la Hispanidad y Mestisaje and this year is no exception. This year the event will take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of October at grounds of the House of Culture in Corozal. According to COLCHA’s president, David Ackierman, this weekend’s agenda is filled with activity starting off on Friday at 7:00pm with a Historical Lecture on Northern Belize. David Ackierman – COLCHA “This year we have change a little the dynamics of what we are doing this year and we are going to start at 7pm here at the House of Culture and we will be having a lecture done by Mr. Roy Rodriguez entitled the Evolution of the Sugar Cane Industry and its impact to the political structure here the northern Belize, then we continue with a concert on Saturday night, last year we started with the concert concept and this year we continue with the concerts concepts but this year we are having an international band by the group of Bernacolo, they are a group of seven and it is percussion and brass and they play music from the 80’s right up to modern times, and then on Sunday at 6pm we will have cultural presentations with a mixture of local artist and international artist.”

Our Lady Of Guadalupe R.C. School Received New Facilities
For years students enrolled at Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic School in Altamira Corozal have been forced to use dilapidated bathrooms, thus putting their health at risk, but not anymore because the staff and faculty of the school can boast of new bathroom facilities. Daniel Moreno, a concerned citizen, saw the need of the school and that’s where the initiative was born.Daniel Moreno – Concern Parent “I was informed that the school needed better bathroom facilities and God put it on my heart actually to go ahead and do this and I consulted with my team at a Crossing the Gulf Ministries and we decided to go ahead and constructed the bathroom.”Victor Castillo – Reporter“When you said this institute was in need of a well facility bathroom, how was the condition before you come in?”

What are The Symptoms Of Ebola And How To Prevent It
The second part of the Ministry of Health’s press briefing was to give the media a rundown on the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) which has been wreaking havoc in Western Africa. The current outbreak in West Africa, (first cases notified in March 2014), is the largest and most complex Ebola outbreak since the Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976. There have been more cases and deaths in this outbreak than all others combined. It has also spread between countries starting in Guinea then spreading across land borders to Sierra Leone and Liberia, by air (1 traveller only) to Nigeria, and by land (1 traveller) to Senegal. And while there is no known cases of the deadly Ebola virus in the Caribbean, officials say that the region including Belize should not rest on its laurels. Reporter Maria Novelo has this story in the following report.

Belize Is Free Of Chikungunya And Ebola But MOH Remains On High Alert
An excruciating mosquito-borne illness that arrived less than a year ago in the Americas is raging across the region, leaping from the Caribbean to the Central and South American mainland, and infecting more than 1 million people. Some cases already have emerged in the United States. While the disease called chikungunya or Chik-V usually is not fatal, the epidemic has overwhelmed hospitals in the Caribbean, cut economic productivity and caused its sufferers days of pain and misery. And the count of victims is soaring. The good news for Belize is that there is no known cases in-country, yet the officials at the Ministry of Health are taking no chances and remain on high alert. Reporter Maria Novelo has a related report of the Chik-V virus in the following report.Maria Novelo – ReportingThere are 3 diseases that were of public health importance to officials at the Ministry of Health’s press briefing this morning at the Central Health Region in Belize City. They are dengue, chikungunya and ebola diseases. And while dengue is an endemic in Belize, the Chikungunya virus has yet to be introduced in the country. Director of Health Services in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Michael Pitts, says they remain vigilant.


Challenges in the Health Sector Make Us Unprepared for Ebola, etal
The fact that KHMH is the only ICU that is the fact that we have on the ground. To get a new ICU we have to look at what it costs so we have to consider alternatives. What we need in our resource capacity we have to assess and see what we can use to give the attention. So if we can’t build another ICU what is the next best thing that we could do and I am saying that it’s a dilemma for us with one ICU but I wouldn’t want to have that ICU be utilized solely for Ebola and on the same time I have the gunshot and everything else. So some of the consideration is to have the separate ward where you would have a group of people identify to give the intensive care and you would have to isolate all the equipment. The equipment you use for Ebola we can’t come back and use it in your general ICU so that is what they are trying to work out. In some of the countries in fact even in Liberia what you are seeing that they put in place is field hospitals to give that kind of attention and those are some of the things that we are considering. Another thing we are looking at is that the airport in the past we had a building on the airport, it was wooden, but that decayed so we are trying to replace that to say that at the airport we could isolate people without allowing them to come to Belize City but then that is PGIA.

If Ebola Comes….Is Belize Only Theoretically Prepared?
“Clearly we need to have the airport authority on board with us because we believe if Ebola is to come to us it’s more than likely to come through that route. We also have to pay attention to the border points because that is our frontier so we can see that we need to have airport authority, immigration on board with us and of course the tourist industry. There is an international health process that we do, so, for the country we have been going through steps for several years to implement certain things to help protect countries against these emerging diseases. It’s not specific for Ebola but I believe in 2005 we signed an agreement of what we should do for these diseases. Externally they set a certain standard maybe because of what our resources are because we can’t meet the standard but we could work on the guiding principles that we use and that is why it sounds a little theoretical because we have to adjust down sometimes. I don’t believe we can reach what the US is doing but we certainly can level and reach something like what Grenade is doing.”

“Ebola is one of those diseases that have a high fatality. When you compare it to Chikungunya, Chikungunya has low fatality. So they are of importance because of two different reasons. Ebola is a disease that is transmitted by body fluids. It is not transmitted by casual contact but essentially body fluids that include blood, semen, saliva, urine and feces are the principle modes. The pattern that is emerging is that care givers and health care workers seem to be the people most at risk. How did Ebola get into the population? It got into the population through exposure to dead animals that were host for this virus or people eating uncooked game in those countries and the game includes; monkeys, shrews and other rodents.

Maheia Plans to Build on Borderline With Guatemala
Last week Friday, some forty Guatemalans crossed the Belize/Guatemala Border and threatened to burn down an outpost being built at Valentin Camp. Luckily the verbal exchange did not escalate to anything physical. Both the Prime Minister of Belize and Leader of the Opposition have addressed the issue. Today, Wil Maheai of the Belize Territorial Volunteers weighed in on the matter. Maheia criticized the current and past Governments in addressing any issue regarding Guatemala and Belize. Maheia also shared that the BTV is collecting funds to build their own station at the Belize Guatemala border down South. WIL MAHEIA “Once again we Belizeans continue to show weakness. There is no way in which we should have allowed that; in fact I am even more ashamed of being a Belizean. Those people came into our area, threatened our military personnel and left without anything happening to them. They should have all been herded together and arrested and charged. They can’t do that, this is our country. They should not have been allowed to go back to Guatemala freely.”

100K Goes Missing From Milo
One man is behind bars tonight and another is on the run with more than a hundred thousand dollars. Love News has confirmed that a brazen broad daylight robbery at San Pedro Town has left a security officer hospitalized. Information received is that security officer for Milo’s Center located downtown San Pedro Town, Roberto Assi, was stabbed multiple times by a pair of thieves. We understand that Assi was making his way on his bicycle to make a deposit when the robbers pounced on him on Caribena Street. The security deposit bag holding more than one hundred and thirty thousand dollars was stolen from Assi. One of the suspects was caught while the other man is being sought by police.

CITCO and Chamber Team Up For New Tax Regime
The Belize City Council has partnered with the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry to formalize a task force with the responsibility to restructure the trade license regime in the City. They have not been successful in doing this so Mayor Darrell Bradley, decided to extend a moratorium on increase of trade license for Belize City Business and property tax for Belize City residents. Here is how he explained it. MAYOR DARRELL BRADLEY “As a sign of good faith, we indicated to them, to promote this idea of certainty that we were going to issue a moratorium on any trade and property tax increases during this period when we are on the discussion with this new regime. So when that task force was put together and its made up of personnel from the City Council and personnel from the Chamber of Commerce, equal membership and senior people are on that task force, for example, our Director of Finance, Mrs. Ordonez who used to be the Head of the Income and Business Tax department; so she has very much knowledge on taxation and tax regime.

UNIBAM Wants Injunction On Upcoming Concert
The “Bobby Chin Birthday Bash” flyer has been all over Facebook. Robert Lee or “Bobby Chin” is promoting his birthday celebration that should take place on Saturday, October 18th, at the Cahal Pech Resort in San Ignacio. We say should because Bobby Chin’s Birthday Bash is receiving much opposition, specifically from the United Belize Advocacy Movement, UNIBAM. UNIBAM is taking offence and expressing concern over the songs that the guest performance, Beanie Man, will sing. UNIBAM’s Attorney, Senior Counsel, Lisa Shoman, told Love News that Beenie’s Man songs seeks to incite criminal activities against police officers and members of the LGBT community. Shoman sent a letter to Bobby Chin, requesting assurance that no such performance will take part that night. If that assurance is not forthcoming, Shoman, says that she has been instructed to seek an injunction to prevent the “birthday bash” from happening.

Dengue Cases Register at 705
In today’s press conference hosted by senior health officials, the matter of dengue was addressed. As it turns out, there are several cases reported in Belize particularly in the Cayo, Corozal and Belize District with south side Belize showing majority of cases. Dr. Michael Pitts spoke of the disease and reported cases. DR. MICHAEL PITTS “For this year as we monitor dengue, we have, up to the end of last week, reported 705 cases of dengue with about 187 cases of hemorrhagic dengue in the country. Most of the dengue cases we have seen are coming from the Belize District, Cayo District and Corozal District. In the case of Toledo there have only been 16 cases of dengue reported; Stann Creek District, 41 cases; Orange Walk District, 12 cases. Belize District has reported 365 cases, Corozal 170 cases and Cayo District 80 cases. In the past we saw most of the dengue occurring in the Belize District and Corozal and Cayo and at least for last year.

Potential of High Attack Rates for Chikungunya Exists for Belize
As with the news of the absence of Ebola in Belize, another sigh of relief can be had as the same news applies in the case of chikungunya. Health officials made the declaration this morning during a press conference held in Belize City. Director of the Health Services, Dr. Michael Pitts led this morning’s discussion. DR. MICHAEL PITTS “While we don’t know of any case of Chikungunya in Belize I must tell you that since we spoke the last time Chikungunya has moved through the whole Caribbean chain. It certainly has entered the Miami, Florida area. We have seen Chikungunya in El Salvador, in Guatemala; in fact over this last week at least five provinces of Guatemala have reported Chickungunya. El Salvador has also reported. I haven’t seen any reports out of Honduras. For Belize we have no known cases but we are actively looking for cases.” With no confirmed case of chikungunya in Belize despite its recent spread into the Caribbean, we can tell you that unlike with the Ebola disease, the Ministry of Health does seem to be on top of its game when it comes to the prevention of chikungunya. Dr. Pitts assured us that measures continue in an effort to lower the risk of contraction in Belize but that it is a community effort that will maximize their efforts.

Christmas in Roaring Creek Village
Christmas came early for a family in Roaring Creek Village. Correspondent Fem Cruz tells us why. ANGELICA CRUZ “Thanks to some kind hearted villagers of Roaring Creek who put one and one together, they made Derek McCoy’s dream come true.” DEREK McCOY “First of all I want to thank God for answering my prayers and thank God for these people; Mr. Fredrick Budna and his wife Ms.Budnah; Fredrick Budnah Jr.; Cory Williams and Luke Gentle; also Ryan Garbutt and brother Ian Mckoy and Paul Baizar. I was married for one year with a wife and a child and had nowhere to stay and God really answering my prayers I finally got my own house now and I need to thank God.”

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Jermaine Ottley Shot and Robbed in Belize City
Police are investigating a shooting incident and robbery that occurred on Monday, October 6th in front of a house at the corner of Allenby and Amara Streets, Belize City. According to reports, at around 10:00 pm, 36 year old Jermaine Ottley of Allenby Street was exiting his vehicle in front of his h...

Two Men Arrested in San Pedro for Drug Trafficking
Two San Pedro men were arrested and charged Tuesday morning for the offence of drug trafficking when authorities conducted a search at their residence.According to reports, at around 8:30 a.m...

San Pedro Police looking for missing person
San Pedro Police are investigating a case of a missing person. According to police, 44 year old Shelmadine Swasey of Belize City visited the San Pedro Police station where she reported that the last time she saw her son, 20 year old son Keron Kishane Swasey a.k.a...

Security Guard in San Pedro Robbed of Over $130,000
In San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, a security guard was attacked and robbed of over $130,000. According to reports, Security Guard Roberto Assi was at the corner of Barrier Reef Drive and Caribeña Street, sometime around 1:20p.m., on Tuesday October 7th. Mr Assi, who works for a collection agency, had i...

Improved Seating at School’s Football Field in Orange Walk Town
40 bleachers and 14 canopies newly built at the Louisiana Government School, in Orange Walk Town, are able to provide adequate and comfortable seating to spectators attending various sporting games often held at the school’s football field. The project was funded by the Belize Natural Energy Chari...

Garbage Washes Up On Beaches of Punta Gorda Town
There is a developing story coming in from the southern District of Toledo where a quite extraordinary amount of garbage has washed up on the beaches of Punta Gorda Town. PG correspondent Will Mehia reports that this is the worse it has ever been in all the years of living in Punta Gorda. According ...

Three Charged For Murder Of Harrison Smith
Police have charged three Belize City men with the murder of 32 year old Harrison Smith. On Friday night, October 3, around 8:00 p.m...

Lincoln Sabido Murdered In Belize City
30 year old Lincoln Sabido was a victim of gun violence in Belize City over the weekend. With more details here is Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez. “On Saturday night, at approximately 10:11 p.m...

Man stabs the mother of his children, then commits suicide
A domestic dispute in the Southern District of Stann Creek has left a mother in the hospital and a father dead. According to Reports, on Saturday October 4th, sometime before noon, 34 year old Nicole Swazo of Dangriga Town went to Seine Bight village to visit her children, who were in the custody of...

Police Seek 30-years-old Man For Alleged Rape Of 16-years-old Female
A 16-years-old girl from Belize City reported to police that she was at home alone around ten o’clock in the morning on Friday October 3, when a man known to her entered the house and raped her. A medical examination confirmed that the child was indeed raped, classifying her injuries as grievous h...

Businessman Dies In Swimming Pool
On Sunday October 5,  a naturalized Belizean businessman 21-year-old Jitendra Lakhawani, died in a swimming pool. Police investigations revealed that at about 2:30 p.m. that day, Mr Lakwani went to the Pickwick Club in Belize City, along with a relative, to swim and socialize. At about 3:25 p.m...

Guatemalan and OAS officials dispatched to Guatemalan village to deescalate tensions
On the heels of the murder of special constable Danny Conorquie, a group of armed Guatemalan’s accosted a Belizean construction site near the border. Since the death of Mr Conorquie there has been a recent spike of activity at the border. As we’ve reported,  on Tuesday last week, two hundred Beliz...

PUP Leader Says GOP Must Be Tougher On Border Security
Leader of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP), Francis Fonseca, and his colleagues had much to say in Thursday’s meeting of the House of Representatives, on the matter of border security in the wake of the killing of Special Constable Danny Conorquie. As with developments of armed incursion...

Charges Dropped Against BML Workers
On Monday morning more than 20 workers from Belize Maintenance Limited (BML) attended Magistrate’s Court for the expected dismissal of their cases. In August they had vehemently protested in front of City Hall on North Front Street after learning that at least 50 of them would be sent home because t...

Ground Broken For Belize City Drainage Improvements
On Monday, the Ministry of Works and Transport and the Belize City Council broke ground for a project designed to improve the City’s drainage in a key area. Under the eight-month project, a new canal will be constructed through Cinderella Plaza, from the corner of Douglas Jones Street and Freetown ...

Man Stabbed Following Argument In Belize City
There was a stabbing incident in Belize City on Friday night. The  incident happened on Green Street, Belama Phase Four, where 33-year-old Richard Smith was the victim. Police say Mr Smith was socializing with a man also lives on Green Street...

Man’s Hand Chopped Off In Teakettle Village
Belmopan police are investigating two reported chopping incidents; one resulting in the amputation of a man’s hand. Reports are that sometime around 6:00 pm on Saturday, 24 year old Aldo Moro of Teakettle Village, Cayo, went to buy at a store in Teakettle Village, Cayo, when he was assaulted by a ...

24 Years Old Man Charged After Chopping Incident In Salvapan
There was another report of a chopping incident which occurred in the Salvapan Area of Belmopan. According to reports, at about 10:45 pm on Saturday, 21 year old Edel Diaz, a Belizean Warehouse Assistant of Salvapan,  was reportedly socializing with some friends at a bar located on Cemetery Road, wh...

Shakeem Humes Charged With Aggravated Assault And Damage To Property
Shakeem Humes has been charged with aggravated assault and damage to property, for an incident occurring nearly three months ago. On July 17, Mr Humes is alleged to have pointed a firearm at Carlos McKenzie, who was in a vehicle belonging to the Government of Belize, and fired shots at him. Mr McKe...

Municipal Convention In Corozal Town Selects PUP Candidates For 2015
It was convention weekend in the Town of Corozal. On Sunday, October 5, 2014, the PUP Corozal Municipal Convention was conducted at the Civic Center. Two teams vied for the opportunity to represent the PUP in the upcoming Municipal elections in 2015...


Moya Street resident gunned down
Lincoln Sabido, 30, of Moya Street in the Lake Independence area, was shot to death around 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 4, while sitting on the verandah of a house on Flamboyant Street, by unknown gunmen. Sabido, who is well-known to police, had been employed on the ongoing road construction in the city. Police found him lying on the ground, with gunshot wounds in the head and body. He was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where he was pronounced dead at 10:30 that same Saturday night.

Johnnycake vendor gunned down during blackout
An opportunistic murderer took advantage of a countrywide blackout that occurred last night and during the power outage, put an end to the life of a johnnycake vendor who was riddled with at least five bullets under the cover of darkness. Police investigations suggest that at about 9:15 p.m., Gerald Palmer, 27, was walking through Grant’s Alley, which is located off Hyde’s Lane in north-side Belize City, when, upon reaching the corner of Grant’s Alley and Card’s Alley, he was accosted by a lone gunman, who first shot him in the leg and hand before blasting him with three more shots in the chest as Palmer made an attempt to flee for his life. According to Teral Palmer, who is the twin brother of the murder victim, Gerald had been asleep at their home at #20 Barrack Road, but got up during the blackout and had just left home when he was ambushed by the gunman.

Ex-lover stabs up woman, then hangs himself
A woman who had reportedly ended an abusive relationship was attacked and stabbed multiple times on Saturday morning in Seine Bight by her ex-lover, who then hanged himself. Police say that Byron Castillo, 33, a teacher, stabbed Nicole Swaso, 34, multiple times in the abdomen, chest and neck area at about 10:30 Saturday morning in front of a Chinese store in Seine Bight, and when she fell to the ground, Castillo ran to his house, and, believing that she was dead, put a rope around his neck, attached it to a beam in his house, and hanged himself. People in the area rushed Swaso to the Placencia Polyclinic. She was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in a critical condition, and doctors there worked diligently to save her life.

BDF soldiers “face off” armed Guat mob in Caracol
Chiquibul–A week and a day after the brutal murder of Tourism Police special constable Danny Conorquie on Thursday, September 25, at the Caracol ruins inside the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, the protected area was the site of an armed attack against Belize Defence Force (BDF) soldiers and a team of carpenters by an armed mob of about 40 Guatemalans last Friday, October 3, who threatened to burn down the new conservation post the Belizeans are erecting to stem the unrelenting tide of illegal incursions and encroachments by Guatemalans. Ret’d Colonel George Lovell, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, told Amandala that military reinforcement was called in to support the four BDF soldiers who were onsite. Lovell said that the BDF never retreated, but held their ground in the face of threats from the Guatemalans – who carried rifles, machetes and shotguns – that they would burn the conservation post down.

2 shot; 1 dead
Two men who were making their way towards downtown Belize City shortly after 8:00 this past Friday night were met with a hail of bullets which cost one of them his life, while the other is listed in a stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Police reported that they visited the KHMH at about 8:15 p.m. on Friday, October 3, and saw Harrison Smith, 32, of a Police Street address in Belize City, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his body, and Eustace Lewis, 23, of a West Collet Canal address in Belize City, with an apparent gunshot wound to the buttocks. According to police, Smith and Lewis were riding on separate bicycles on North Front Street when they were cornered by a duo of gunmen, also on separate bicycles, one of whom opened fire in their direction.

Why Belize is losing the war for Chiquibul
The recent tragic death of police officer Danny Conorquie has cast a spotlight on an issue that has not received the necessary attention from either the Belizean public or the government. A silent war is being waged inside the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, one that has been raging for many years. The enemy moves freely within the Chiquibul, operates with impunity and greatly outnumbers the nation’s security forces. They are consistently encountered by the Belize Defence Force, Belize Police Department, Friends for Conservation and Development, and other Belizeans who visit the Reserve. Many media reports have been made on this enemy and images of the damage they continue to inflict on the Chiquibul are broadcast to the world. The enemy of the Chiquibul has seized control of the forest and there seems to be nothing the Belize government can do about it. Belize is losing the war for the Chiquibul, and it is apparent that we are now losing the struggle for sovereignty over that part of Belize.

Editorial: Belize’s survival option
This newspaper has described the murder of the Belize tourism police officer, Danny Conorquie, on September 25 at the Caracol Maya site by invading Guatemalan villagers/bandits, as a turning point in the historical development of the Belizean psyche. That murder was followed eight days later by another invasion of Guatemalan villagers/bandits, who threatened Belizean builders and a small Belize Defence Force (BDF) detachment who were about the construction of an observation outpost within Belizean territory near the western border with Guatemala. Scholars and historians may decide that Belizean reaction on the ground to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) option, an option which was first accepted and proposed by the Belize and Guatemalan governments in late 2009, was the real turning point. No professional poll of the Belizean people has been taken, as far as we are aware, but it appears that the gut feeling of the Belizean masses is opposed to the ICJ option. If this is so, then it means that the Belizean people have become militant in their perspective on the Guatemalan claim to Belize.

From the Publisher
The British, the Americans, and the oligarchy of British Honduras were not happy with the Hon. Philip Goldson when he revealed what he remembered of the Webster Proposals in 1966 in what we Belizeans knew then as the “Thirteen Proposals.” British Honduras had been granted internal self-government by the British at the beginning of 1964, and we were supposed to be moving right on to independence. The Guatemalan claim to Belize at the time was the “Anglo/Guatemalan Dispute,” and both the disputing parties, Britain and Guatemala, accepted the United States as the mediating party. Washington appointed a New York City lawyer, Bethuel Webster, to draft proposals to end the dispute so that British Honduras could move on to an “early and secure” independence. The Hon. Compton Fairweather has said that it was the great Samuel Haynes who formed the British Honduras Freedom Committee in New York City.

The other side of the saga within the sugar industry
In what has now become a disturbing period of uncertainty within one of the country’s most vital economic pillars, the besieged sugar industry, and just eight weeks away from the scheduled commencement of the 2014/2015 sugar crop season between late November and early December 2014, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers’ Association (BSCFA) and factory owners Belize Sugar Industries (BSI)/American Sugar Refineries (ASR) remain at an impasse in their efforts to reach a definitive, refined commercial agreement due to major differences between them. Indications are that neither side is even close to reaching a fixed accord anytime soon, especially as it relates to the troublesome dispute over payment for bagasse, which has been a major roadblock in the negotiations among the industry’s stakeholders. The worrying situation, coupled with plummeting sugar prices in the international market, has prompted BSI’s multinational parent company, ASR, to dispatch a senior executive in the person of Mac McLachlan, ASR’s International Relations Advisor, in an effort to hopefully diffuse the volatile circumstances, but more importantly, to communicate ASR’s sense of urgency in its quest to reach a resolution and ensure the future of the sugar industry.

Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball Tournament results
The Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball Tournament 2014-2015 is in full swing, and we have received the results for games played at Bird’s Isle on Friday, October 3, and today, Monday, October 6. Only 1 game was played on Friday, and it was (M) St. John Vianney defeating St. Ignatius, 25-20, 25-17. Today, Monday, two games were played. (M) St. Martin De Porres def. Wesley Upper, 25-14, 25-15; and (M) Ephesus SDA def. Bethel Assembly, 25-18, 25-18.

Talking football – Part 2
The PLB Interim Committee is reportedly having a meeting on Wednesday of this week. While we wait for word on the new season, we continue with our football musing. BELIZEAN FOOTBALL COMPARISONS Thursday, March 8, 2007 (continued from Amandala of Sun. Oct. 4) Another question that needs to be asked is: why has professionalism in Belize not led to an increase in gate attendance, which would translate to better salaries for players, following the first few years of semi-pro? Instead, many clubs have folded due to financial difficulties, as fan turn-out during regular season games is abysmal. Teams that don’t make the playoffs have no hope of breaking even, and even champion teams have folded, or declined to return to defend their title, (New Site Erei, Sagitun?) due to financial problems. It is strongly suggested, from this scenario, that if the price is paid (in terms of gate receipts) to achieve excellence on clubs, they would be sustainable and continue to improve. But if top clubs collapse at their peak, due to financial constraints, only to then have to start all over again, this will naturally delay the rise of our football standard to match the higher ranked countries in the region.

Looking ahead to November 4
Belize’s National U-17 squad began training this past weekend, after postponement the previous weekend due to rains. We print the below reports to make our fans aware of the level of competition our boys can expect in next month’s Central American U-17 qualifiers in Honduras. Panama hosts U-17 tournament PANAMA CITY, Panama, Wed. Oct 01, 2014 Nearly two months prior to its participation in a Central American qualifying competition for the 2015 CONCACAF Under-17 Championship, Panama will host a friendly tournament starting Wednesday and running through October 5. Panama, U.S. U17s win again PANAMA CITY, Panama, Sat. Oct. 4, 2014 Host Panama and the United States each won for the second time in as many games in the Under-17 International Tournament, posting shutout victories on Friday at the Estadio Maracana. After a scoreless opening 70 minutes, the Panamanians netted four times in a 4-0 triumph over Costa Rica. Ronaldo Cordoba (70’, 90’) struck for two goals, while Leandro Avila (80’) and Adalberto Carrasquilla (85’) added one apiece.

Guatemalans attack at Valentin
On October 3, 2014, a mob of about 40 Guatemalans threatened to burn down a new conservation post which Belize is building at Valentin Camp, Cayo, inside the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, in response to incessant illegal incursions by Guatemalans who penetrate the area to carry out a range of illegal activities, including logging, hunting, looting of Mayan artefacts, and gold panning.

Patrick JonesPJ

Maya leaders take part in cultural outreach
Maya Leaders from 38 Maya communities in southern Belize have taken part in a cultural outreach seeking that they call spiritual support from the ancestors. A three-day pilgrimage of the participating Maya leaders culminated with a sacred offering at the great temple of Tikal. On Monday morning, the bus […]

Ministry of Health updates on threats from viral diseases
The Ministry of Health today hosted the press in Belize City to update on its efforts to fight three major diseases, one already making an impact and two others being monitored as a potential threat. We start with dengue, the fever spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. It […]

Study of violence prevention initiatives released
The Arias Foundation of Costa Rica is coordinating with Belizean social scientists to assess how Belize is addressing violence prevention. It has done similar work in other Central American countries and has engaged former education officer and consultant Nelma Mortis, a co-author of the Herbert Gayle Report on […]

Ministry of Health holds media briefing on Chik-V and Ebola
The Ministry of Health is at this hour hosting a media briefing in Belize City on Chikungunya, also known as Chik-V and Ebola. There are NO cases of either disease in Belize at this time; but with cases of Chik-V being reported in the Caribbean and Central America, Belize is on high alert, according to officials.


2 Beach parties and North Ambergris Road
New North Ambergris road pictures are further below from when I drove up there last week and the following pics get straight to the tropical beach party part. At the rate of 600 feet a week, it is coming along nicely now and there are 2 nice long stretches of paved road to drive on. Many islanders head to the lagoon side at Grand Belizean estates for weekend parties – our version of a cottage country drive. We ran into Miss Shelly, Miss Joy and their friend enjoying a golf cart potluck party under the shady terracotta roof so we parked our cart as close as we could and joined them. Karen and I walked the beach a bit for some pictures and treasure hunting. Unfortunately I did not find any Maya Artifacts to turn over to Jan Brown for the Marco Gonzalez collection. Still hoping I hit the jackpot with another piece like the full axe head that I found while exploring the back side of the island one day. We spent a good amount of time people watching and chatting – perfect Sunday activities.

Pig Tail at El Fogon Restaurant in San Pedro, Belize
El Fogon is a favorite restaurant in San Pedro preparing classic CLASSIC Mestizo and Creole Belizean dishes in a very classic way. El Fogon has expanded quite a bit over the last year. And though it was empty when I first arrived at about 11.50am, the place was pretty packed up by 12.15. In Belize, lunch time is lunch time. Mid-day. Noon. It’s as if everyone is programmed with some sort of internal clock that rings at that time. And just delicious food. The coconut rice is worth the visit alone. Moist and tasty. I went for a favorite of mine. Pig tail. A “meat” that is very popular in Belize. It is sold from a bucket called a pigtail bucket and though I am hesitant to show you a photo…but…how bad can it be? Here it is.

United Nations map now includes the State of Palestine
he issue of “statehood” of Palestine was settled in September of 2012 when the United Nations General Assembly voted by an overwhelming 2/3rd majority and U.N. General Assembly Resolution 67/191was passed. If we refer to the issue of the State of Palestine being on the official map of the United Nations, you will see that the West Bank and Gaza are demarcated with broken lines without mention of the State of Palestine before the date mentioned.2 ​On, December 21st, 2012, the United Nations Office Of Legal Affairs (UNOLA) circulated an internal memo, not to member-States or media, but to the United Nations Secretariat. In the last line of Article 8 of this memo3stated: which is now public, states:

Easy side: Preheat grill to 400° to 450° (high) heat. Rub 6 (1-inch-thick) ciabatta or French bread baguette slices with a garlic clove; brush with extra virgin olive oil. Grill bread 1 to 2 minutes on each side or until toasted Grate zest from lemon to equal 2 tsp.; squeeze juice from lemon to equal 2 Tbsp. Combine lemon zest, juice, tomatoes, and next 8 ingredients in a large bowl. Let stand 10 minutes. Toss with crumbled feta just before serving.

International Sourcesizz

IMF says economic growth may never return to pre-crisis levels
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut its global growth forecasts for 2014 and 2015 and warned that the world economy may never return to the pace of expansion seen before the financial crisis. In its flagship half-yearly world economic outlook (WEO), the IMF said the failure of countries to recover strongly from the worst recession of the postwar era meant there was a risk of stagnation or persistently weak activity. The IMF said it expected global growth to be 3.3% in 2014, 0.4 points lower than it was predicting in the April WEO and 0.1 points down on interim forecasts made in July. A pick-up in the rate of expansion to 3.8% is forecast for 2015, down from 3.9% in the April WEO and 4% in July. But the IMF highlighted the risk that its predictions would once again be too optimistic. “The pace of global recovery has disappointed in recent years”, the IMF said, noting that since 2010 it had been consistently forced to revise down its forecasts. “With weaker-than-expected global growth for the first half of 2014 and increased downside risks, the projected pickup in growth may again fail to materialise or fall short of expectation.”

First lady of Belize visits children at Tockington Manor School
EXCITED children from Tockington Manor School were delighted to welcome some very special guests to their school. Mrs Kim Simplis-Barrow, the first lady of Belize was joined by Ms Perla Pedomo, the Belizean high commissioner at the school on Wednesday, October 1. They were in the country to promote Mrs Simplis-Barrow’s charity, the Belize children’s Trust which held its annual fundraising gala at Old Down Manor later in the day. The Trust is helping to fund the construction of a new ward at the country's main hospital which will provide additional care and services for children in the country. The children were very keen to learn about the charity but also about Belize itself and had prepared Belizean flags during lessons to welcome their special guests.

HMS Argyll moves on to Belize
As part of her flag flying tour, the Type 23 frigate, HMS Argyll has sailed on from Mexico to the Central American country of Belize. Members of her company went ashore there and not only helped at the orphanage but also assisted the Belizean military with survey and training flights in her embarked Lynx helicopter. The visit was also an opportunity to host a capability demonstration and a series of briefings with the Belize Defence Force and Coast Guard.

Where Is My Money? Shunned Investors Search for Relief – CollectiveFX Goes AWOL
A financial services firm that claimed to offer near-zero pricing before the mainstream has suffered a major hit taking it into the minuses. CollectiveFX, a Belize-based entity offering FX trading on the popular MT4 platform, has recently shut down its systems and is unreachable. The FX broker formerly held authorisation under the Belize financial watchdog, the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. The move signifies the vulnerability the FX industry faces under the current operating environment. The broker is believed to have started its crumble in May this year, details show that the broker informed clients that it was undergoing ‘changes’ and withdrawals would take up to ten to fifteen days to process. Although clients raised alarm bells, several were unaware of the prospective problems that were to occur.

New World: Niel Petroleum Fails To Secure Funds For Equity Investment
New World Oil and Gas PLC Wednesday said Niel Petroleum SA has not secured the required funding from Al Maram Trading & Contracting Ltd to progress its equity investment in New World. New World shares dropped 48% to 0.222 pence per share Wednesday morning on the news. In September 2013, Niel Petroleum agreed to invest USD25 million in New World in return for a 75% stake in the oil and gas explorer which operates in Belize and Denmark. Niel Petroleum planned to buy the 2.19 billion shares in New World for USD25 million, while also providing a USD25 million debt facility. Earlier this year, Niel Petroleum made an initial USD4.8 million payment to New World.

The 100 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World in Pictures
The great blue hole of Belize continues to put Belize on the map. This time, the Belize Blue hole was listed as 1 of 100 most beautiful and breathtaking places in the world on website. “The entrance to Xibalba. The Mysterious Belize Great Blue Hole is a large underwater hole off the coast of Belize. It lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef,” reads the description of the Belize Blue Hole.


Video: Chupacabra Killed in Belize, 5min.
Mysterious Chupacabra killed in San Lazaro, Orange Walk Dist., Belize. How this fierce animal reached Belizean Lands? Mystery still unknown.

Video: Snorkeling with stingrays and sharks at Shark Ray Alley in Belize, 2min.
This is a video I took with my iPhone 5S snorkeling in Belize off of Ambergris Caye. The area "Shark-Ray Alley" was filled with huge nurse sharks and Rays. SHOW MORE

Video: I'm on a boat - Belize 2011, 5min.
Angela, Kenny, Gerry, Melissa, Steve, Maggie, Branco, Carrie, Purvis, Brian, Terrie, and Henry.

Video: Belize Medical Mission Trip 2014, 3.5min.
Members of The Water's Edge methodist church in Omaha, Nebraska along with nursing and pharmacy students traveled to Belize for ten days to set up medical clinics in four different villages. The story of their trip lies here.

Video: Honeymoon Done Right - GoPro - Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, 4min.

Video: Beaulah Gillett: Belizean Softball Player!, 20min.
The ninth episode of a documentary series called Belizean Legends that will profile Belizean softball legend Beaulah Gillett as she discusses with Belizean Legends host Bilal Morris how Belize beat the 1970's's softball world champions national team the United States in the 1979 Pan-American Games. Gillett was one of the players on the Belize national team that played an incredible game against the U.S. world champions through team work and collaboration with their pitcher Margaret Usher to win 2-1 over the United States. In an exclusive interview from Chicago where she lives, Gillett chronicled the Belize softball era with an incredible collection of softball memorabilia and spoke about how playing softball in Belize molded her whole life as a person, and how a country and a people supported her and her colleagues to succeed in a sport that gave the country of Belize its first gold medal ever.

Video: Truly Belize, 2min.
Truly belize - schoolproject 2014 Tourism Management y2.


Video: Belize 2014, 4min.
Life changing trip to Belize. We stayed at the Sleeping Giant Lodge in Belmapan, Belize, Toured the Mayan ruins at Tikal Guatemala, Tubed the underground rivers in central Belize, and swam with the shark, rays, and sea turtles at the Hol Chan Marine reserve near San Pedro, Belize. I hope you enjoy it.

Video: Snorkeling Kanantik Belize, 3min.

Video: Poaching & Illegal Logging in Belize, 10min.

Video: Belize 2014,, 5min.
San Pedro, Belize 2014 Vacation

Video: Belize and Guatemala, 4min.
Recounting of the adventures in the summer of 2014 through Belize and Guatemala.

Video: Belize Urlaubs Erinnerungen, 35min.
Für Taucher, die ein gewisses Risiko nicht scheuen und gern etwas Abenteuerliches erleben möchten ist Belize ein absoluter Geheimtipp. Die Belize Cays sind das zweitgrößte Korallenriff der Welt und liegen vor der Küste dieses flächenmäßig kleinen Staates in Mittelamerika. Aber die Tauchgebiete vor der Halbinsel Yucatán bieten nicht nur eine ungeheure tropische Vielfalt und Farbenpracht, sie sind auch bevölkert von Haien und das macht das Tauchen hier zu einem nicht ganz ungefährlichen Hobby. Die Landesgrenzen werden im Norden von Mexico und im Westen von Guatemala bestimmt. Die teilweise wirklich wunderschönen Strände am Golf von Honduras sind aber für einen Badeurlaub eher ungeeignet, weil sie teilweise komplett zugewachsen sind. Eindrucksvoll erheben sich die Maya Mountains im Landesinneren auf 1.120 Meter. Belize ist eine Ferienregion für Individualisten, die vom Tourismus bisher weitgehend unberührt geblieben ist.

Video: Moray in Belize, 1min.
Green moray eel hanging out in the clear waters off Belize.

Video: BELIZE DA FU WE, 5min.
Not a piece of land to anyone, lets come as one, Hit song from the Super Fura Band.....all the wa from sugar City Orange Walk.

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Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!

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